Dimensionality and Cosmogenesis: Some Hypothesis Considering Higher Dimensional Operations In The Physical Universe

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 Dimensionality and Cosmogenesis: Some Hypothesis Considering Higher Dimensional Operations in the Physical Universe

By Chris Freely

    Dimensionality is a subject which deals with the nature of reality in a mathematical way so that the actual layers of higher dimensions can be found using mathematical principles to detect their influence on the lower dimensions.  As all dimensions are connected ultimately in time, these realities can be studied through science and mathematics so long as the core principles are known.
    Basic three dimensional reality is based in the lowest level of reality.  This place is known as the plane of darkness or the plane of physical expression.  While matter has no dimensional limitation, the physical plane is a pure 3 dimensional realm.  The existence of matter is based on the prior release of energy by pre existing presences which add to the energy content of the cosmos.  This process continually unfolds from the lowest level of creation to the highest.  
    Expansion pressure creates the basis for matter in the physical three dimensional world.  Expansion pressure underlies the expansion of any matter in any dimension.  Physical matter is a vibration just as higher dimensional matter is a vibration.  The corpuscles at the core of this are called electron and are precise spheres of expansion which grow at the rate determined by the resistance of the etheric dimension in which they are embedded.
    The etheric resistance varies.  As it lowers the expansion pressure in the physical world increases.  Lower speed expansion pressure creates systems where the periodic table has fewer elements, light speed is lower, planets/stars tend to be smaller and of lower mass on average.  Higher speed expands the periodic table, increases the speed of light, make planets/stars larger and of higher mass on average, and changes the chemical properties of elements on the periodic table.  There is no limit as to how much the expansion pressure can increase.  Systems exist with periodic tables that stretch beyond the ability of the human mind to even represent symbolically in number streams with our largest known numbers.  Simple realities outnumber complex ones significantly.  
    Dimensionality allows us to observe the higher dimensional principles and how they operate in relation to this one.  Mathematical analysis shows us that the higher dimensions are rooted in the expansion pressure at the base.  The new energy of the cosmos is released at the base third dimension which then travels "upward" and outward in the higher dimensional matrixes of the etheric, astral, mental, and higher planes.  These vibrational states are where the human returns to upon passage from the physical world to the higher dimensions.  
    The origin of the expansion pressure of the cosmos is a great mystery.  What causes the electrons to expand?  What causes them to grow in "size" at all?  Is some great being sleeping and breathing the entire superstructure of the cosmic system in which we live (referred to as a cosmic domain once it reaches a minimum of about 1 trillion metagalaxies or so) or is the collective breathe of all somehow creating this higher vibration.  Perhaps it is the breathe of the etheric, astral, and higher dimensions that creates the inner vibration that moves the electrons?  Certainly the past has some significance here as I know that the consumption of various layers of the past memory are used energetically to create additional power for expansion through various means such as "big bang" and "little mini bang" type creation events which add energy to the cosmic system and allow new matter and energy into it.
    This sort of higher dimensional machinery has not really been explored as a plausible explanation that I know of.  The reason is because it is quite difficult to visualize the whole system in operation.  For instance, if we consider the plausibility of higher dimensional breathe influencing the physical expansion pressure and vice versa, we must propose a material means by which the structure of the whole maintains the same basic process throughout the entire cosmic domain.  The concept of higher dimensional etheric fields  which completely surround the entire local cosmic domain make sense.  How then would the etheric fields themselves exert an inner pressure while the expanding physical electrons exert an outer pressure?  These thoughts make conceiving of the idea in such a manner difficult.  However, the fact remains that the physical electrons are expanding and that the expansion must be kept stable within a large area in order for the laws of physics and chemistry to operate within the same basic parameters within a very large volume in order to continue the basic understanding of one physics and one chemistry for the cosmos as we know it.  
    Now obviously this is not the case for the infinite cosmos because many possible expansion pressures exist.  Yet for our local cosmic field (a cosmic field will have the same expansion pressure and etheric density) we must assume that there is some mechanism that expands the electron that is easy to understand and easy to figure out and at the same time we must also see that the etheric density is maintained throughout this cosmic field by some sort of etheric field which is essentially an invisible material shell ((that is not a magnetic field (which is also physical and composed of physical electrons)?)).  This shell must be made of something which also expands into the higher dimensions beyond it, the local cosmic fields' cosmic astral dimension which is also made of matter of an even higher vibration.  We must reason that the higher the dimension, the higher the vibration and the faster the basic expansion pressure of the matter of which that dimension is built.
    What this means is that we can ascertain the existence of higher dimensional matter.  We can understand the basic principle of expansion in three dimensional matter through the electron.  We are still, though, left with the mystery of solving the problem of what powers this electron expansion.  Thought and feeling must somehow be related because thought projected into a thought field will create whatever the thinker imagines though it requires energy from the field to form it.  Feeling responds to thought and vice versa.  A cosmic being is able to use the blank slate in such a way to create the necessary number of electrons, but another cosmic being must maintain the background density of the etheric in order for the electrons to expand at a certain exact rate.  Assuming a being can only have one attention, we have a requirement here of one God to think of the electrons and one Goddess to provide energy in the form of etheric density to keep them fueled.  Somewhat crude perhaps, but it is the beginning of an idea of a cosmos that isn't just an accident of mathematics and chance.  
    How then could the etheric provide energy for the expansion of matter?  If no etheric is present then the vibrations we call electrons would just disappear instantly.  If there is an expansion, there must be a medium of expansion.  This etheric presence then can be assumed to be a presence we might call a Cosmic Mother which allows the system to operate perfectly without fear of failure.  Without this presence of Love in the background of the cosmic system, then the system would certainly not even exist as the electrons require the medium to exist in three dimensional (or higher) form.  
    How large the actual cosmic field we live in is unknown.  Differences in the background expansion pressure would appear in the difference in light as we received it, but by no means would it be so obvious to our scientists right now.  Over time light tends to go red shifted anyway as it passes through magnetic fields, dust, ions, etc so that we would have to have far better instruments to even begin to try and map out where the boundaries of the local cosmic field is.
    In addition Mark McCutcheon noted that a different expansion rate changes the rate of gravity.  If an object was expanding at a higher rate than others it would fairly quick dwarf every other object in the known universe.  Singularly an object has no chance of behaving this way because objects from realities with higher expansion rates would automatically assume a lower expansion rate when they entered into a cosmic field with that different rate.  This idea requires some explanation.  If the rate of expansion is determined by the etheric field (from which comes etheric density again) in which a physical cosmic system is embedded, then the minute an object crosses from one cosmic field to another it will automatically assume the rate of the new system.  This means that in order for these systems (higher level expansion pressure and lower level expansion pressure) to exist in the same physical space, they must be embedded in regions of lower density so that they continue to remain in the same general orbit around each other and continue to remain at the same general physical dimension relative to each other.  

The proceeding diagram shows the basic idea.  Because the systems are embedded in a lower etheric density region that means that the etheric bubble around system 1 expands at the same rate overall as system 2's because etheric fields' expansion is determined by the larger etheric field in which they are embedded.  At the same time the etheric bubble around system 1 keeps the local physical laws the same within the bubble.  
    A secondary effect of this line of reasoning is that the size of an electron is basically irrelevant because its expansion is based on the etheric field.  If the electron doesn't exist once there is no etheric field present, then the electron is basically a product of the etheric field and the energy of the creation of the electron itself which itself is an act of divine thought or natural act, either of which can be understood scientifically.  
    The vector of an electron's motion is important however because the speed of an electron is continuous regardless of the etheric field through which it passes.  An electron moving at light speed does not double its speed when it crosses into a region where the etheric density is half of the previous region, but the light speed in that region is double.  The electron is now travelling at half the local light speed.  
    An electron could be thought of as trapped light.  We see the electron as light if light happens to strike our eyes, but the electron has no light of its own.  It is an expanding vibration of darkness that when registered by the mind is released as light into consciousness.  
    Dimensionality is also one way of measuring the flow of energy in the cosmos.  The creation of new matter is hinged on the conversion of higher dimensional memory into material force and power.  This process occurs because memory is shunted to higher dimensions as the soul grows so that lower dimensional memory begins to accumulate redundancy.  This redundancy is useable to higher dimensional beings through the creation process.  Each dimensional shell of being keeps a memory copy of a being's experiences and creative efforts.  As the being grows the lower dimensional shells can be copied into the cosmic memory through their relations and then used to create as it holds tremendous amounts of memory in the form of information.  Information is the basic commodity used to create new systems or to, much more commonly, add additional information (i.e. electrons) into existing systems.  The whole system should be simple to understand though it would contain a great many steps to see the bigger picture.
    Consciousness copies experience into the higher dimensional vessels of the soul.  We know this from religion.  A person’s previous lives are stored in their own cosmic memory as well as the general records of the humans on Earth referred to as the Akashic Records.  These memories of the experiences are not contained in the physical bodies on the surface of planets but instead are kept in the background higher dimensions.  They can be accessed occasionally for information, but for the most part are useable only in very future incarnations as Archons (see Archons in other writings).  While the higher dimensional matter is rarified similar to higher expansion pressure realms in the physical, it still contains a great deal of information and energy.  This information is embedded into the planet as well as the general consciousness of the local universe.  
    The "natural" addition of new matter occurs either at a star's core where expansion pressure in gigantic magnetic fields allows for the deposition of additional matter and energy or at the magnetic field boundary where cosmic rays deposit energy into the magnetic field of the star as the impact it and are slowed by the mass transfer in the same way a ball shot through air slowly loses its momentum to friction while releasing heat.   The energy exchange reduces the cosmic ray to an ion or much reduces it speed while the magnetic field gains energy at the ray's expense.  Whether the energy transferred changes on impact into new electrons or does this when the magnetic fields are compressed into new atoms of hyper dense elements in the core of the star (or released into electrons that flow in currents that then are transformed into hyper dense elements) is a question that must be addressed by creating the mathematical model or addressed by those that can completely follow the logic to give us a final answer (perhaps myself later on when I get the chance).  In either case new matter and energy must enter into any cosmic system in order for that system to grow.
    Growth is a given in any cosmic system.  Without growth the system of development cannot expand.  Growth occurs naturally within because a being will expand its consciousness over time due to its experiences.  In the physical world, however, more energy must come from outside the system.  In an infinite physical system we can avoid this issue to a degree, but ultimately we see the need for additional energy and matter if we are to create an idea of an expanding cosmos which we create as our own.  Ultimately the answer, I believe, must come down to what we create ourselves and what we experience ourselves because without that input we cannot be said to have actually earned our own place in the cosmos.  Time, it can be shown, would give us everything if we had the ability to know how to make use of it.  Learning is inevitable because the soul expands with time.  Progress is slow but steady.
    As to how a soul could create a system from itself, it is as easy as performing the age old thought experiment of create your own universe in your imagination.  Given enough time any good being could do it and create anything.  The question of experiencing it as a participant, however, creates some issues as to who is going to whole the whole damn thing while you go ride around in it.  Of course, that problem is solved by the fact that you aren't the only one in this cosmos and that hopefully by then you have some friends to solve the equations for you.  You'll probably have to hold their gigantic cosmos for them one day though, so don't think you are getting off without doing your part.