Eroei: The Only Number That Matters

I despise having to give advice to a world that doesn't actually listen to anything anyone with any actual intelligence has to say about anything actually intelligent.  But since we're discussing necessity and mostly for the Earth and future generations, I will hold my nose one more time and make certain facts known just for the benefit of those of you who actually do any thinking about how to make things perfectly right in the way in which things must be done.  The alternative is to watch the world's ecosystems die off and humanity itself to be erased from the universe.  As such, once again we must talk about energy economics and why they matter more than what flavor brand of popcorn you get at the movie theater.

E.R.O.E.I. is a simple term which refers to energy returned on energy invested.  Because it is energy that powers the modern economy, we need it.  Unless, of course, you all wish to go back to living in huts and teepees (not that that is an entirely bad way of living especially if you don't much care for modern medicine or care much about living past 40).  Now, to get us to a renewable energy future we need to create renewable energy that has a high E.R.O.E.I. number which tells us that the amount of energy we put into building the system is lower (preferably much lower) than the amount of energy we get out of that system into the grid or through an on site manufacturing process preferably to create even more energy.

The known renewables thus far that have really good E.R.O.E.I.'s include hydropower, wind power, and certain types of solar power.  Solar power needs to be analyzed through the lens of the new science I keep writing about for some odd reason in order to make it the most efficient possible.  With this technological boost solar can become the best option especially space based solar in the centuries to come.  But the world needs a much more thorough scientific analysis of E.R.O.E.I. rigorously done (I personally would hire a million scientists just to deal with this issue) with the new science in mind in order to expand what options are available for scientists to build with in terms of materials used to absorb energy from the Sun primarily.

Increases in energy efficiency are also important here in other areas such as existing energy infrastructure using the new science.  But the world also needs another layer of tools in terms of politics and economics that gets the idea out of everyone's head that money matters.  Energy is the real money from the point of view of real physical economics.  Money has no power.  This frightening fact will eventually be clear to everyone.  While everyone blabs on about an accounting gimmick perpetuated by social agreement that is completely and utterly meaningless outside of the human head, the real state of the actual physical environment is completely gone to shit.

Now there are some of you under the serious delusion that it is actually possible to save the Earth while preserving the fiat money patriarchal corporate government religion model.   I must say that you'd be out of your mind to think that that's possible.   The money system is an insane unstable pyramid scheme that must ultimately be destined to be scrapped because it creates conditions of the unequal distribution of workload across that population in favor of those doing the printing.  Free money for some, hard work for others?  How long do you think everyone being asked to sacrifice for a global warming free future is going to tolerate the hard work necessary to do that while a bunch of fat cats are gobbling down free pork at the local buffet?  Environmental justice and economic justice go hand in hand and are one and the same.  Hey ho!  Hey ho!  Fiat money's got to go!

I've said it many times before.  If you want to keep the convenience of money as it is, at least back it in something meaningful.  That would be energy for those paying attention.  Energy backed currency eliminates the complaint from libertarian types and old school hard money people that promissory notes (which is where our current version of money came from for those of you young people who don't pay attention to anything except your social media status) were never backed in anything of actual value after Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard back in the 70's. 

It's only a matter of time before the media won't be able to hold back the gates of real change the way it's been doing.  The current political and social dialogue is completely stalled out.  No one wants to do what a real Green New Deal would require.  The massive mobilization of the entire world is what is necessary as if we were taking on an alien invasion.  That's how serious the crisis is.  Can corporate capitalism do that?  Can the current failed generation of politicians do that?  Does central government even have the credibility necessary to manage such a transformation?  Where are the so called religious leaders of the world on this issue and that of dangerous nuclear reactors and weapons?   The answer is nowhere.  Real issues do not get addressed.

Will the establishment elite allow for a transformation of that type?  The answer is an unequivocal no.  They will not share power.  That is clear and unquestioning.  Just look at the leaders and what they are doing.  They are selling out and will continue to sell out the future to avoid having to be equal partners in saving the world.  They would rather hide behind their privilege as elitists.  As such they have no street credibility and depend on wishy washy types to gloss over that fact and vote for the same sub-mediocre results we have been seeing in the "movements" for change.

The problem comes down to one of political principle called co-opting an agenda.  Students of power politics will know immediately what I am talking about.  Rather than allowing a grass roots action to redefine the power structure to be more balanced in favor of the young and dis-empowered, the elite will send one of their own or cultivate favor by selecting one who is like them from the pack to represent the entire movement in order to slow the impetus for change.  The elite thus creates the Paris Climate accords, and then does nothing.  This is a stalling tactic by the elite.  They have no intention of working on a solution to climate change.  They are more interested in financial gains as they keep selling the idea of carbon credits as the solution to the problem.  Carbon credits is just another ruse pyramid scheme for the purpose of perpetuating the ability of the financial elite to extract gains through the construction of contracts which favors them as sellers.

Can you solve a problem with the very mindset that created it?  Those who sponsor carbon credits as the ultimate solution to the world's climate crisis are completely bamboozling everyone, but everyone is agreeing to it because they don't actually want to make any sacrifices for the Earth or future generations either.  That's the whole rub of the problem.  No one wants full mobilization of any nation or the whole world because it threatens everyone's illusionary lifestyles.  It threatens the elite because they will have to share power and think differently and break their agreements to support the system over true freedom.  It threatens the masses because the masses are lazy and unwilling to change.  This is the recipe for a perfect storm.

As such even those who talk about climate change miss the mark by a wide margin typically.  This is a scientific and engineering problem requiring science to understand the best way of doing it and engineering to fix it.  But it is more so a political problem because mass mobilization is deeply unpopular with the public.  So then what has happened is that the current state of the environmental movement has degenerated into a clever ruse.  The co-opted leadership of the environmental movement betrays it's own principles which is why results are non existent.  Where is the global action on climate?  A movement is not an action.  An action is what matters.  The word movement in political contexts should be banned.

So take a look at what we are talking about.  E.R.O.E.I. should be on the national news every day.  But it should lead every real speech on the environment.  We all love stories about animals, but the big picture is about that mass mobilization.  It is the only hope of our time.  I like that they chose the idea of the Green New Deal because it was close to the level of mass mobilization required.  They really should have picked the World War II period of it though, where everyone was drafted to go work or fight.  That is the level of commitment required.  Are the new leaders of the Green New Deal being honest with the public about that fact?  I doubt it.  They are still sugar coating it to hide the fact that people will need to make sacrifices and that they are not going to have the same lifestyles (especially in the United States).  Those are facts.  Tell the people the truth or eat your dirty political karma.

If it were all so easy it would already have been done.  But look at the environmental movement of today and really the last three decades.  It's become a money making gimmick for a select group of elites who all graduated from the same Ivy League and near Ivy League schools to milk an idea that is sacred so they could have their cherished upper managerial jobs at non-profit organizations that are effectively just profitless corporations.  Then there are the 2nd tier of elites who are part of the government itself.  They get fat paychecks from creating laws that can't be enforced because the system of enforcement is so complicated that justice gets stalled behind miles of paperwork and a thousand signatures.  If you ask me what is killing the environmental actions necessary to save the Earth I'd say it's the hypocrisy of the elite as a whole.  They are protecting their own skins.  As such they lack street credibility.  Or as Nassim Nicholas Taleb says in his book Antifragile, they have no skin in the game.

You can't solve a crisis with the mindset that created it.  So we find that environmental justice begins, not with kicking out Trump, but with cleaning the house of the environmental movement itself by getting rid of it altogether.  The movement becomes action, and most likely doesn't even call itself that except when it is asked what the hell it is doing.  We are acting to make the world a better place by our actual demonstrable doings.  This will have the added benefit of forcing the remaining hypocrites in the corporate environmental movement to either double down on their actions to make a difference through their own machinations or to give up the bullshit altogether and get on board the concept of a new civilization model that doesn't have injustice built into it for anyone.

That brings me to the problem of jobs.  In civilization we don't have jobs.  Jobs are for slaves.  But everyone should be guaranteed the right to work as citizens of Earth.  But to take that idea further they cannot even be seen as separate as citizens as each person is more akin to a cell in the body of Earth.  Feed them, and they will fix their own problems with the education given.  That's how easy it is.  The idea of a job is a condescending deprivation of human value.  It's an insult more than it is a reward.  People prefect naturally if given perfect education.  The work is everywhere.  We don't need labels and titles except to know who knows the most.  Those who know the most don't need a title.  The mess in our ways of doing are everywhere.  A new culture means a new way of seeing everything related to work from titles to proper communications. 

People should be cherished who make an effort for everyone.  Those people don't have jobs we call them heroes.  They work and make the world a better place not because they are being given a fiat money paycheck but because they have chosen to sacrifice their lives for the planet.  That is the standard of leadership that is necessary.  Everyone should do what Pope Francis did, especially those Hollywood types.  Turn your 30 room mansion into a place that helps the homeless or migrants, and then you can have some street credibility.  As an added bonus you wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself.

A new civilization doesn't think like the old one and doesn't act like the old one.  Unthinking rules based bureaucracy is out.  Obsessions over representative rights guaranteed by a piece of paper are out.  Honor culture is in.  Multiculturalism is replaced by universalism.  Exclusion is replaced by inclusion.  The doors that are shut are opened.  Religions that have foolishly closed down their rites to new members stop doing that by making those rites more inclusive and dropping the stupid rules.  Everything becomes more fundamentally about principle and knowledge.  The world of the future does not look like the world of today.

Cell phones will be banned some time in the future.  Computer use will be greatly reduced.  The internet will still be around but in a much more utilitarian and useful way.  Moralists will rise and fall with the tides of social change.  Ecospirituality will spread everywhere in many forms through all thoughts especially those of religion.  And it will be practical ecospirituality based on actions for the Earth and the future generations.  With this new spirituality will come new rites and a new value system.  Among them will be worship of the Goddess, the feminine, and Mother Earth.  New art will emerge expressing this new reality.  Where patriachy still exists it will emphasize honor culture and will have to take the feminine into account from now on until such time as it has served it's purpose.

And yet the only number that still matters is the E.R.O.E.I. of future renewable energy.  None of this will manifest without the technological revolution created by a true Green New Deal.  The culture of that idea must be all inclusive leaving no one, not even the reviled white man, out of the deal, though he won't have his privilege anymore.  Vindictiveness against the ruling class, the elite, must be replaced with inclusion of their skills and talents through formal forgiveness of their past errors as they cooperate with the new grass roots popular idealists.  Idealism and progressivism will contend with each other to create perfect models of new culture that are regionally specific.

With the formation of these new political realities over the rest of the century, conflict will not end.  While E.R.O.E.I. is vital for the scientific salvation of humanity through the technological solution of a Green New Deal for the globe, political resistance to the toppling of patriarchal hierarchy based elite structures of ordering choice through delegation by monopoly of force will continue in most of the world and likely in the United States due to it's excessive militarism and gun culture.  Where elitism meets gun culture, it's advisable to stay away.  Because patriarchy is rooted in the theory that might makes right, it is hard for an outside force to be conscious enough to be able to essentially deescalate the aggression of those who believe they are entitled to destroy others for the sake of preserving their privilege.  The best strategy is to offer the same deal to everyone, regardless of their prior position in the old order of things.

If the forces that resist change believe they are getting punished, they will resist change with a great potential for violent resistance.  The only way they can be part of that future easily (relatively) is if they believe they are receiving a reward for going along with the project.  I leave it to those in the environmental actions of the future to understand the full extent of what that means.  Because everyone has their grievances, patriarchal violence based thinking will remain the norm I believe inside these Green Army parts of the Green action as I have refereed to it.  Those who understand how to wield the tools of peace will be the Green Front and will have the credibility to be the defacto global rulers as the climate crisis becomes worse and worse.  I think the whole main action will take 80 years.

At the end of those 80 years Earth will be still racked in conflict most likely, but the collective will have settled once and for all the question of the collective interest of humanity in 0 carbon emissions and the reversal of the existing carbon in the atmosphere down to a reasonable number between 350 and 400, I suggest 375.  I believe we should reach 0 probably sometime between 2080 and 2100 as a politically reasonable guesstimate.  The machinery of renewable energy will be used to make that a reality.  It will be hard work for 200 years of human history, the hardest work ever as if we had to fight a 200 year long war.  But in the end it will be worth it, and things will return back to normal for those who live in the aftermath of that time period.   Petty squabbles and primitivism will remain a defacto reality for humanity though for quite some time.  It's just not easy being human and it's just not easy getting anyone to buy into anything that they can't see, touch, taste, feel, and get completely.

But all actions begin today.  If you don't like waiting, which is better, then get it done yesterday.  In order to overcome the negative problem of the media, which I believe to be the one's chiefly responsible for the lack of action on the part of the public, new media institutions will have to replace the existing ones under the firm hand of the environmental action groups whether Green Army or Green Front.  Discrediting the false narrative offered by media is thus a priority so that a new media can emerge that actually does it job.  This will inevitably be done more by the right as the left is currently too disorganized and incompetent to do it effectively.

Tick tock goes the clock and E.R.O.E.I. is the only thing that matters.  The dance of politics turns to decide who works and who eats.  But the old way of thinking must die so we shine a light on it all the same.  Everyone works.  Everyone eats.  The way forward is clear.  Elitism of left or right is dead.  Those who support it will find that the loss of credibility will mount until they are members of a culture of honor.  What have you done for Earth lately?  The right will ask what have you done for your community lately?  You see, in the end, it's not about left or right.  It's about family or planet Earth.  Real family values at the end of time where everyone gets together and loves one another exactly as they are without labels?  If you think this ends any other way, then you really haven't done your homework.  For every faction has a piece of the puzzle, and when you abstract their real message from the horror of their errors, you realize that the way forward is not apart, but together.

The inevitable synthesis of thought is the final resolution of the thought crisis.  It may take a long time, but ultimately all perspectives that are just will be honored.  For those of us who have dwelt in the dishonor of the collective, we thank you.  It has been enlightening.  But honor is as honor does.  A human being is measured by the true actions they have performed and the true service they have rendered.  But they are judged by their intention.  Let your intentions be pure, and none shall say you have not done your duty.  So remember to listen, for if you are truly to be one with the universe, it is the only skill worth having.  How else would you learn anything at all?  The days of doubt are numbered, for Life Herself leaves no room for doubt in the end.

E.R.O.E.I. is still the only number that matters.  Don't forget it.  And build the world according to that understanding with the protection of the planets and animals, and you can't go wrong.  And then honor all just perspectives.  With this you receive honor.  Those of us who dwell in silence because we have seen the truth singularly, we have our honor.  We bear it well.  And we wait for the rest of you to join us.  We always wait upon the city on the hill.  And there I'm almost 100% sure there's a big giant sign with E.R.O.E.I. sitting there. 

Impossible Dream

I wanna dream
The impossible dream
That everyone says
Can't be.

I wanna live
The impossible life
That no one would
Ever believe.

I wanna have
The impossible joy
That strangers
Say isn't real.

I wanna get
The impossible gift
That others
Can't ever know.

I wanna dance
The impossible mind
That anyone
Would simply ignore.

I wanna find
The impossible love
That doubters
Would abhor.

I wanna follow
The impossible truth
That the masses
Won't ever see.

I wanna swim
The impossible pleasure
That the puritans
Will always reject.

I wanna say
The impossible word
That the closed down
Always regret.

I wanna feel
The impossible moment
That the square headed
Cannot forget.

I wanna be
The impossible me
To which the envious
Always react.

I wanna grow
The impossible flow
In which the haters
Are all stacked.

I wanna believe
In the impossible force
In which everyone I spoke
Returns to my heart.

I wanna create
The impossible ark
In which the world
Revolves around us.

I wanna forge
The impossible will
By which theses things
Come true.

But all these things
And all that is more
Is entirely up to you.