Impossible Dream

I wanna dream
The impossible dream
That everyone says
Can't be.

I wanna live
The impossible life
That no one would
Ever believe.

I wanna have
The impossible joy
That strangers
Say isn't real.

I wanna get
The impossible gift
That others
Can't ever know.

I wanna dance
The impossible mind
That anyone
Would simply ignore.

I wanna find
The impossible love
That doubters
Would abhor.

I wanna follow
The impossible truth
That the masses
Won't ever see.

I wanna swim
The impossible pleasure
That the puritans
Will always reject.

I wanna say
The impossible word
That the closed down
Always regret.

I wanna feel
The impossible moment
That the square headed
Cannot forget.

I wanna be
The impossible me
To which the envious
Always react.

I wanna grow
The impossible flow
In which the haters
Are all stacked.

I wanna believe
In the impossible force
In which everyone I spoke
Returns to my heart.

I wanna create
The impossible ark
In which the world
Revolves around us.

I wanna forge
The impossible will
By which theses things
Come true.

But all these things
And all that is more
Is entirely up to you.