The Dreamer and the Dream

Imagine for a moment and you have imagined for a lifetime.
You are the dream, the dreamer, and all that has been dreamed.  
And you are those who are in the dream and all they have dreamed.  

Infinity is the holy grail of possibility.  It lies at the heart of imagination like a burning ember filled with the light of every hope conceivable.  And it would be what we are but for the accident of our birth.  There are those that say that that accident is planned and of necessity to a divine plan.  And there are those that say there is no plan.  The dreamer will dream none the less.

Everything that is resistance is already in resistance.  Everything that will be said has already been said.  Such is the way of eternity.  Imagination can only offer more of that eternity.  So it is wise not to get lost in it.  The imagination is a bottomless pit.  It can be more addictive then drugs and more destructive than guns.  And yet it cannot be stopped in any ultimate sense because it simply is.  The dreamer will dream.

The dream is what makes our world bearable.  The dream is what makes new ideas possible.  The dream is everything that isn't here right now that you wish to the bottom of your soul was.  It's the soul of desire, the ultimate longing for eternity and all it represents.  Anywhere but here is it's secret siren song whispering to your desperate ear.  Make me more than what I am!

The dream is the power to change the reality you see.  With it comes a terrible responsibility for the dreamer could become the world.  And if he or she does so, turn the world upside down.  So we learn to chain our dreams in secret safe spaces in our minds.  We choose to keep the dreamer kept underneath lest he or she burst out and reveal the true measure of our light and the true measure of our madness.

Who are we?  Do we even ask anymore?  Do we even care anymore?  But surely the dream will run none the less even if we can't say for sure.  It is at the heart of everywhere.  It is at the core of everything.  And who or what dreamed us into being?  Those questions are perhaps far too much for a mortal race like ours with a short lifespan and a limited attention.  But one day, the answers to the questions of the dreamer will give birth to a real civilization that is built on the truth.  Await the dreamer then and behold.

The Rights and Rites of Mystery And Whatever

The rights of mystery shall not be infringed.  And so it was that the world was bound to it's own fate by it's own choice.  None understood it, not even those who called themselves magical, for why would anyone choose a fate full of darkness?  But it was not darkness that was fate, but it's very opposite, the light.  Still few bothered to ask the silence for better answers.

Such was it that this website and others like it became increasingly barren.  No one wanted to be part of the easy way to do things.  They all wanted instead for a free lunch.  Guess what?  The free lunch is a myth.  The game is over as my mentor has made clear.

What began as the hope of a perfect plan realized in an instant became the disappointed realization that life on Earth was going to be hard because people make it so.   No one listens, everyone argues, and most are only interested in maintaining their fat accounts or their masquerade of superiority.

Enough though.  When the plug is pulled on the illusions of our systems there will not be anything left of all that.  Everyone will be accountable for who they are.  Everyone will have to justify their own existence the same way those of us who have been working for a better tomorrow do.  That is by hard work both internal and external.  Work is the real commodity of the future that everyone should get used to.  Building the systems necessary will be hard work with many sacrifices and quite a few unavoidable destructions added in.

Why is this the choice of humanity?  Humans are stupid, they are stuck in a rut, and they have been trained to destroy one another for far too long.  It's far easier to give into the impulse of hate than it is to give from one's heart completely.  The sad fact of the matter is that hate is equal to humility in this regard.  The choice made in the heart is the only difference between one and the other.  The only reason I know this so easily is because I had a cheat sheet from someone who knows the answers.  But, even with that, it still ain't easy.

The rights of mystery are the rights of keep mystery.  Only the worthy may.  And so much of what I have written that is now no longer here is about mystery, the metaphysical side of our nature.  That part is not meant for people who aren't prepared for the responsibility and difficulty of the rites implied within.  To honor all means to honor the rites of the dark as much as the light.  That is a responsibility almost no one wants.  It is like holding the keys to heaven and hell in your hands.  It is being forced to see the fate of the world.  No one like being psychic, that's how you can tell the fakes from the real ones.

And being psychic isn't exactly a good description either.  Knowing in knowing.  Knowledge is proven by what happens.  Knowing isn't knowledge, only the getting of it half way.  Much of what I wrote was the getting of it half way.  But of course it was all fiction.  And that's the rub of it.  There can be no secrets.  And yet there must be.

Reality is a two way street where contradictions exist that bewilder those unwilling to conceive of the existence of those very contradictions.  Therein lies the difference between a person and an adult.  A person doesn't have to responsible and doesn't have to think about contradictions.  An adult does and must find a solution to them.  It's driven me crazy several times holding those contradictions myself.  The rites of mystery are not something dealt with lightly or easily.   Just ask the Pope, as he plays one such role in our collective zoo.  We only make it look easy, the pain of the world though makes it not so easy.

And so it is that this website slowly reaches it's final statements of reality before we move on to something a little less difficult to digest.  I will continue to practice astrology and continue to help people as I meet them.  Astrology is like an umbrella.  A wheel is shown to you that looks precisely like one.  One then could say that Astrology is the umbrella, but of course that would be ridiculous.

Astrology offers people the choice as part of the rites of mystery to know themselves by what the stars and planets tell them.  The existence of Astrology thus proves that our lives are planned and that accidents don't happen.  This violates Occam's Razor, but there it is.  You choose to believe or you don't.  Either it is possible to interpret something using astrology or it is not.  I have used Astrology all my life as a predictive tool and have found it to be frighteningly accurate.  The key to Astrology though is consciousness.  There is a time, a place, and a mindset necessary for someone to be ready to receive it.  That's who walks through the door.  That is the nature of Mystery and it's necessity.

You could technically cast a chart for a mouse, but it wouldn't tell you what that mouse would do as a human being.  That's then true of a tree.  Astrology doesn't go as far as that, but is useful for those who are ready who are being guided on their path by what we roughly refer to as the higher mind and higher self.  That's it's use.  That's also it's limit.

For those who want to believe in that, astrology is available to them.  For those that don't, eventually they will make the practice difficult.  Yet that is a fundamental choice of humanity that cannot be erased.  With that right to silence comes with it the karma of the silencing.  Before this article disappears as all truth must in dark times, remember that.  Don't dwell on it, but remember that karma is real.

I made it a point to teach that truth because it is something I fundamentally believe.  It is also something I fundamentally feel as though I should not have had to know before my time (like 60 years old plus).  I feel that the failure of the teachers was to give me a choice not to do this.  My main teacher has never made that mistake with me.  Those that did are bound to the karma of the error of sabotaging my and other people's lives.  Hence the rights of Mystery include the rights of karma.

Karma's not so bad once you get to know her.  She only offers more life.  Not that bad, right?  Oh.  I mean on Earth.  Now you're all screaming to get out of the room I'm sure.  Oh no, we have to love the planet and it's people again and have real relationships that work and work really, really hard.  Oh, the horror of it all.  People are such douches.  The worst penalty in the universe is to live, learn, and love again?  What is your people's problem anyway?   I alone apparently was excited by the idea of getting to live again and doing work again with Mother Earth and my family of 8 billion weirdos.

In any case, whatever is whatever.  The mystery is whatever.  The rights are whatever.  The rites are whatever.  I am whatever.  And whatever whatever.  If that doesn't make any sense I can point you to someone who make more sense of it if he or she wasn't busy messing up his or her life.

None the less, being a generous sort of individual, I have accepted the whatever, whatever those of you who have managed to whatever your way to whatever.  So whatever.  Or as a good acquaintance of mine used to say it is what it is whatever.  That's a goddamn fact.

Please note the use of the term whatever may or may not constitute a gratuitous thought crime depending on your location and point of view in time and space.  This may or may not constitute a lack of humor or your part or on the part of the system which may or may not be in agreement.  Whether or not this will or will not cause problems depending on whatever.  Whatever is is whatever does.  And whoever wants to disagree can go and whatever themselves to whatever the hell they think is a good idea.  Good luck or something.

Astrology is cool because whatever it tells you can be useful.  Good interpretations are vital, but the rights of Mystery must include the right of people who practice badly to practice until such time they are caught and sent back to astrology school or something like that depending on whatever.  Whatever happens may or may not be reversible depending on what and what not.  Astrology is cool though still.

So it is I will continue to practice astrology and many of the other arts.  A new website will be created for this.  And the Cosmic Fool will continue his journey there.  Sorry some things just can't be left to chance.  And that, is whatever it is about whatever it had to be.  Peace be with you if you can't find it, and eventually you will.

My last post is coming soon.  I have enjoyed this website and presenting the ideas contained within them to others.  It will remain up mostly to help spread the science and philosophy.  But don't count on it.  Copy and paste articles if you find them useful because the links to them as PDFs already are gone.  That's my only advice for my true fans and followers.  Don't worry just going to a new page.  Thank you all for reading, and I hope my presentations have been enlightening. 

My last point is that Mystery matters because that which is sacred must be protected from you all who are bad, the people who would destroy it or misuse it for your own deviant purposes.  Behind the veil, the divine feminine must wait.  You will not see Her naked before the world, and if you do only destruction will reveal Her for destruction proceeds the unveiling of that which is truly divine.  It is not for the eyes of the savage, hateful crowds gathered to tear Her to shreds before She arrives.   This will not happen.  And so we move on.

And to the rest of you who are part of all that I have only one word.  I think you've got that by now.


It's Now or Never, Light Lines Forever

When it began
A long time ago
We were just not
Then we were so

But then so went
Till we forgot
Our beauty between
Every cruel thought.

Time makes us for fools.
Lovers who want to break the rules.
Truth be ever told
That it's not a lie.

You and I.

But before I found you
There was another I knew
That other meant more
That other was me.

So then I love gratefully
Forever in the sea
Of thoughts that make themselves real
Beyond the eyes of indifference.

Look upon the face of creation
Who is it that it's inspired for?

But you'd spend your time waiting
Forever waiting for something more.
There isn't more.
This is all there is.

What do you believe?

How can you conceive?

What do you know?

Who runs the show?

And most importantly of all, who gives a shit?

That answer has been proven to be no one.

So then why have a person who knows the answers?
Why have someone who can answer when no one asks any questions except about what they want?

A curiosity of creation.
By myself celebration.
Waiting for the myth of others.
I believe.

Oh I believe..
I believe..
I believe..

Music's like dancing ever so sweet.
I rather answer in music now because it's more complete.
Except for certain technical scientific blahs.
I'd just rather sing an answer out.

Oh, lovers true, where are you?
Nowhere to be found but within.
Love yourself you should
Because no one else can
When you forget who you are.

There's not alot of room for advice.
These things have had a long time to brew.
If it was easy to find
Now it seems harder to know.

Attitude bears a burden.
Lies bear a shame.
And all the things that are dark
Come forwards to be seen!

It is the question...
It is the answer..
It is the moment..
To know..

Forever is as it does.
Forever never cares.
Forever's been there and back again forever.

It's now or never!
Light lines forever!!!

I see them everywhere
I seem them everytime.
Everything that ever was.
Is just a lightline of thought.

Thought and romance make a scary combination
Think and feel together till you're one.
It's not to think we try very hard to do.
Everyone's in a hurry for the empty screw.

And they miss it all...
They miss it all...
In the darkness..

Well my few readers true.
What do you think it's time to do?
I've taken down most of my thoughts
Except those that shouldn't be forgot.

Let that be a lesson for you.
Make a copy!
Make a copy!

Unless it really doesn't matter all that much.
Thinking, oh!, thinking is such fuss.
And without it what would we be?
We'd be singers you fools!
We'd be dancers you fools!
We'd be actors you fools!
And the world would be improv.

And that's the way it should be.
For now.....