It's Now or Never, Light Lines Forever

When it began
A long time ago
We were just not
Then we were so

But then so went
Till we forgot
Our beauty between
Every cruel thought.

Time makes us for fools.
Lovers who want to break the rules.
Truth be ever told
That it's not a lie.

You and I.

But before I found you
There was another I knew
That other meant more
That other was me.

So then I love gratefully
Forever in the sea
Of thoughts that make themselves real
Beyond the eyes of indifference.

Look upon the face of creation
Who is it that it's inspired for?

But you'd spend your time waiting
Forever waiting for something more.
There isn't more.
This is all there is.

What do you believe?

How can you conceive?

What do you know?

Who runs the show?

And most importantly of all, who gives a shit?

That answer has been proven to be no one.

So then why have a person who knows the answers?
Why have someone who can answer when no one asks any questions except about what they want?

A curiosity of creation.
By myself celebration.
Waiting for the myth of others.
I believe.

Oh I believe..
I believe..
I believe..

Music's like dancing ever so sweet.
I rather answer in music now because it's more complete.
Except for certain technical scientific blahs.
I'd just rather sing an answer out.

Oh, lovers true, where are you?
Nowhere to be found but within.
Love yourself you should
Because no one else can
When you forget who you are.

There's not alot of room for advice.
These things have had a long time to brew.
If it was easy to find
Now it seems harder to know.

Attitude bears a burden.
Lies bear a shame.
And all the things that are dark
Come forwards to be seen!

It is the question...
It is the answer..
It is the moment..
To know..

Forever is as it does.
Forever never cares.
Forever's been there and back again forever.

It's now or never!
Light lines forever!!!

I see them everywhere
I seem them everytime.
Everything that ever was.
Is just a lightline of thought.

Thought and romance make a scary combination
Think and feel together till you're one.
It's not to think we try very hard to do.
Everyone's in a hurry for the empty screw.

And they miss it all...
They miss it all...
In the darkness..

Well my few readers true.
What do you think it's time to do?
I've taken down most of my thoughts
Except those that shouldn't be forgot.

Let that be a lesson for you.
Make a copy!
Make a copy!

Unless it really doesn't matter all that much.
Thinking, oh!, thinking is such fuss.
And without it what would we be?
We'd be singers you fools!
We'd be dancers you fools!
We'd be actors you fools!
And the world would be improv.

And that's the way it should be.
For now.....