The Fall of the Establishment Through Astrology

For those who oppose the establishment, the question astrologically is not only when are the bad times for the establishment sign Saturn, but also when is the organized resistance represented by Aquarius well aspected?  Conveniently everything is described by several major planetary patterns arriving soon.  The rise of the organized resistance and revolutionary action is inevitable with these planetary patterns.  The fall of the establishment is guaranteed although it will be a bloody mess before all the destruction stops.  For my version of what that establishment is I believe it will take 200 years to clean out the majority of everything that needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

The core pattern supporting the establishment is Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn temporarily supported from a trine from Uranus in Taurus to Saturn only.  The forces of revolution represented by Uranus are choosing to stay comfortable at this time in their walled fortresses and play the establishment's chess game by playing to the system at the times when Uranus trines Saturn.  The last trine was just last month from Uranus to Saturn.  This indicates that this election season is likely to be a lackluster one for the hopes of those wanting change from the existing order.  The resistance has chosen to say "I didn't sell out, I bought in."  Well with that kind of attitude you can see why we get nowhere with these sorts of things.  But hope isn't lost yet, it's still to come. 

Yet Uranus never reaches the trine with Pluto in Capricorn because Pluto leaves Capricorn before Uranus trines it.  And that's a disaster astrologically speaking for the establishment because when Uranus does make that trine it's going to make the trine to a Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of the resistance and revolution.  At that point the balance of power will shift away from the establishment and it will begin to lose gradually and periodically suddenly in shifts of power.

This brings us to the other good signs in the charts.  Saturn enters the sign of the resistance and revolution in March of 2020 for a short spell and again in December of 2020 for two years.  The real revolutionary forces will rise and impose order at this point, whatever order they choose presumably.  A massive shift in the world's establishment order occurs here in December of 2020 when Jupiter begins a two hundred year transformation with Saturn as they both conjunct for the first time since the 1400's in the sign of Aquarius.  This marks a complete shift from the Earth signs to the Air signs when the important Jupiter Saturn conjunctions will occur from now for 200 years with one exception in Scorpio.

In addition several other remarkable astrological conjunction functions happen that deprive the establishment of potential victory.  Mars never joins the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Instead it misses that point when it conjuncts Saturn at an astounding 0 and a half degrees degrees of Aquarius in April of 2020.  The establishment's power will attack first though as Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn first.  This occurs around the end of March of 2020 about the 23rd or so.  The establishment will attack here, and the resultant counter reformation of structure will occur quickly with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius.  From that point forward the resistance and revolution will have the advantage.

However it will be very tough going as the forces of revolution will be opposing the new revolutionary order represented by Saturn during this first entrance into Aquarius.  This means that the revolution will be divided against itself for the first years with lots of infighting and chaos.  This will be evident as Uranus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius.  The revolution in money which began with the entrance of Uranus into the sign of money, comfort, and women (Taurus) will be negatively impacting any established revolutionary organizations represented by Saturn in Aquarius.  The birth of the revolution is difficult and largely still-born.  Chaos hampers its consolidation.  However it has luck and law on its side with the Jupiter conjunction with Saturn.

The establishment is also hampered by a lack of astrological lucky breaks. They would need Uranus to trine Pluto before it leaves Capricorn.  and give them the advantage of having technology and/or revolutionary appeal with the people.  This they lack.  Instead Uranus in Gemini eventually makes the trine to Pluto when it is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius.  Woops.  Game over, man.  G.g., as they say.

When Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024 and stays there for almost 20 years afterwards the power shifts to the revolution and resistance.  As the revolution turns to the use of the powers of destruction and transformation, the establishment will be pushed back for 20 years.  Last time Pluto was in Aquarius it was the time of the French Revolution and off with their heads.  All throughout 2027 and 2028 Uranus in Gemini boosts the forces of the media to assist in the revolutionary destructive impulse of Pluto in Aquarius.  The establishment is going to be replaced by the new power rising through the forces of change.  The media will be on the side of that revolution probably after some media realignment.

It will be a great time but difficult time for those in the resistance.  And it will be a lousy time to be a drama queen represented by Leo.  The global ego is going to smashed down to bits with Pluto opposing Leo.  Uranus will boost the ego a bit here so there will be a balance.  This means the transformation will be gradual in this regard.  The establishment will be hit by a spiritual onslaught from Neptune in Aries at this time as well for 14 years starting in 2025.  This process will be an aggressive push by spiritual forces to bring down the establishment represented by Saturn.  That process while somewhat slow will decay and rot away the established order especially the idea that a balance represented by Libra, which Neptune will oppose, is possible.

This process will be greatly assisted by a Saturn conjunction with Neptune in Aries which will result in an increase in the spiritual order of the military occurring in 2026.  These forces will be destroying both the balance represented by Libra and the establishment represented by Capricorn.  The military will provide a key spiritual support structure against the establishment worldwide at this time.  However it will also beat down on society, also represented by Libra, ruthlessly at this time and again periodically for the entire Neptune transit through Aries.

Balance will not be possible while Neptune is opposing Libra except by the chance realignments that occur while Uranus is in the Gemini supporting Libra.  Once Uranus leave Gemini and goes into Cancer, however, starting in 2033, the establishment is screwed as Neptune will still be in Aries.  Here the forces of technology, revolution, and democracy directly oppose the establishment for the protection of the home, homeland, mother, and simple people represented by Cancer, which is incidentally the planet of the Kraken or Godzilla.  Now when Pluto gets to Cancer, you might very well see the simple people of the world go smashing the old order piece by piece for a prolonged period of time like a Kraken or Godzilla.  That's a long way off but for now with Uranus in Cancer and Neptune in Aries, it will be enough to see the establishment's force diminish significantly and it's position become untenable.

They only catch a lucky break that Uranus doesn't make the exact square to Neptune in the cardinal signs against Capricorn instead making the exact square in Leo (Uranus) and Taurus (Neptune).  It will be close because the conjunctions occur in the first one and two degrees of Taurus so the establishment will be under massive total pressure that nearly destroys it.  It only manages to dodge the proverbial bullet by inches.

And when it emerges on the other side of this time period it will be greatly weakened.  Only some spiritual forces represented by Neptune in Taurus will be supporting the Capricorn position which will allow it to make a degree of recovery.  But by this time the power of the revolutionary forces will continue to grow as Pluto continues its long journey through Aquarius not fully ending until 2044.

During this entire process other shifts will happen as Jupiter and Saturn make patterns to the main patterns represented by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the biggest forces.  The one I have examined is Saturn in Aries conjunct Neptune in Aries.  But Saturn also enters Cancer in 2033 giving the common simple people an established voice in the process.  Here it squares back to the very same Neptune in Aries that it made the conjunction with in 2026 so this is a process that starts in 2026 and comes to critical stressful turning point in 2026 again beating on the establishment from two directions.

The years after 2045 are better for the establishment for some time as the three heavy planets will be in supporting positions, but by then it will very much be a new establishment with new players and a new position.  Much of the old establishment will have been swept away by the changes and the erosion of what is weak and untenable.  And a new spiritual power will emerge with Pluto in Pisces.  It will certainly be a exciting time to see what is coming down the pike towards us as a human species.