Peace and Equality Now: The Anti Prophecy

"We are not our thoughts, and so must not allow them to rule us."

There are two possible futures for humanity in my opinion.  The first is the possibility of peace soon, lasting forever.  The 2nd is some version of some of what I have written in my spiritual fiction writings I display here.  Tonight, for reasons of sadness, I feel the weight of what shouldn't be.  Things that don't have to be if we all believed in each other.   When I wrote some of what I wrote, it was with the knowledge that humanity was flawed by its very choices.  I will cover some of that here in this essay.

The heart and soul of this world are wounded.  Deep down I want that wound to heal more than anything.  But to get there is a massive hurdle past so many judgements and notions of self that only a miraculous understanding of the nature of Love itself offers any hope.  While I certainly believe that humanity will survive, the problem I have is that the survival I have seen in the worst possibilities is one full of seemingly needless suffering and hatred.

I don't know if any words are enough to turn around what has become the division, separation, and destruction between people.  It is enough to know that human unity can be the only solution to ultimate redemption for this world.  Yet before people can want that, they have to be shown the consequences of what it looks like if it isn't there.  That is the sadness of humanity.  A good friend of mine believes that as a collective, humanity must experience the escalation of its destruction until it wakes up to what it is doing to itself.

Seeing that in the lives of myself and people I know, I can't deny that the process seems to be set on that mechanism for whatever reason.  But can peace come now?  Do we have the strength necessary to finally stop the arguments?  There really isn't any need for any arguments anymore.  Not really.  If we all listened to each other, it would be quite obvious that one cannot both argue and listen at the same time.

Some of what I have wrote is about karma.  Karma is not an excuse to act like an asshole to someone.  I know this is one of the biggest problems of karmic doctrine.  True consciousness of karma finds a non violent solution to every karmic problem.  But karmic problems are not the problems of this world yet, as consciousness of that level of truth within our relationships is thousands of years off.  If we go by the astrological method for this idea it's the Age of Scorpio which is as far from now as the beginnings of known civilization are from us today.

Karma is a lousy excuse for creating a shitty world.  But I've seen what that kind of thinking can do having dealt with new age and metaphysical ideas for much of my life.  I was trained to think karmically because I was encouraged to find out the reasons for my current life's conditions by the very spiritual practices we call new age.  I do not recommend these practices to people because I have seen the destructive effects they have had on my own life and mental well being.  But people being what they are, they have a tendency to come up with excuses for being assholes.  Karma is the perfect excuse as any analysis of India's caste system will tell you.  Ghandi thought the same thing as did Buddha which is why he taught about nirvana and getting off the wheel of karma.

Could we put down our self hatred long enough to walk away from a future that involves more grief and suffering for everyone?  Can everyone stop thinking only of themselves long enough to do that?  That is the question that ultimately haunts everyone who has tried to get this accomplished.  Ultimately it will happen one way or the other.  The only question is how much suffering must occur before it does?  I have shown what is arguably the worst possibility in my spiritual fiction in terms of what is likely to occur with the current thinking of humanity projected out nearly 30,000 years.  Do we really need nearly 30,000 years to figure that out?  Do we need nearly 30,000 years to find out that every form of separation and control will ultimately lead to the exact same place, heartbreak.

I hope my spiritual fiction is just that, a fiction.  I hope we wake up all one day and say, yes, let's put all that bullshit behind us.  We don't have to think about karma.  One day when people remember they will remember.  But let's not ask ourselves that question, please.  Don't open pandora's box!  There's nothing more disturbing to me than the idea that people will one day try.  So if you must, then agree, don't open pandora's box until the Age it's meant to be.  I've suggested we don't open the damn thing till around 800 before the end of the Age of Cancer.  And if you do karmic research it shouldn't be till the Age of Scorpio and completely sealed records kept in the most secure temple anywhere then till that 800 year cut off point.

If you think this is a joke, then you really don't get how dangerous what could come out of knowing could do to you.  Everything is equal as long as no one goes around measuring everything.  That's what starts all the troubles in the world.  My penis is longer than yours.  Am I the prettiest one of them all?  Imagine that happening with all your past lives so you can discover who screwed you over and you get a general idea of the trouble with karma.  No one should go digging it up.  Astrology gives you a reason to keep the gates closed.  You think anyone's going to listen to that warning?  The warning is for your protection and for everyone's protection.

Get thee to your lives!  The hell with any religious bullshit.  If we are going to build a world based on equality and peace, that shit is among the first that has to go because it does double damage to a person's life and sanity and to the world's security.  That is why I suggested the idea of humanist atheism being the official religion of the Age of Aquarius.  It gets rid of this problem.  People focus on their lives.  People who want to study the idea of karma get to go to a society where that will be their focus and hopefully they still teach how to be functional in your life in that place.  It's your world, find a just solution to the problem of people wanting to study this stuff, though reasonable I've suggested it's not something people should bother with till they are in their old age since it doesn't help the world if younger people are wasting their time trying to do this rather than to fix their lives, society, or world they live in.  I personally am not terribly interested in repeating the experience in this life of staring into my personal well of souls.  The damn thing is too deep.

But the fact of the matter is, we should hypothetically be able to have peace tomorrow.  If people could see past gender, race, religion, and all the other identities that put one group as different from another group.  I believe in only one identity, human identity.  Anyone talking about anything else isn't cutting it.  We have differences, but everyone's human.  Everything else is a game made to create a concept of privilege (hate) or milk a concept of anti-privilege (victim).  So then both those concepts end up creating an enemy, anyone who doesn't belong to that who disagrees with it.  So the argument starts.

Why argue?  You want to see what privilege vs. anti-privilege can do?  It can only end one way with the destruction of both in some titanic and futile war.  It's happened before and will happen again, hopefully for the last time.  But people love their grievances don't they?  Let's complain some more and see where that gets us.

We've all hurt each other in the quest to be right and in the quest to be perfect.  I don't want to be right anymore.  And perfection isn't worth the energy we waste on it.  Life has to be lived from the ground up.  Every day and in every moment making the choice to let go.  Let go your grievances.  Let go your privilege.  If everyone did that at once, only then would it be perfect.

The next thing to go should be the rules.  The rules are worthless.  They are designed to cage everyone.  If the rule makers gave up on the rules, then we could live from our authentic selves.  But how hard is that?  They'd have to admit they were wrong.  Oh no!  What's the alternative?  A massive destruction in some titanic and futile war.  When no one let's go, everyone loses.  Is that the future you want?  It's nearly 30,000 years of it.  Think about it.

Everyone's got some version of being right.  It's their justification for being wrong.  You see how twisted that is?  You have to be right to be wrong.  Only the people who can be wrong ever get it right.  That's what hurts so much.  I'm not in control.  Neither are you.  All you can do is show mercy or show hatred.  Which one do you think gets better results?

Happiness is a possibility.  Working towards it is an aspiration.  Building it is a mission.  That's the whole idea though.  You choose what you create.  Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard.  But it's the feeling of trying that makes the difference between a great experience and a lousy one.  Trying every day matters.  And your soul rewards you with that pleasant feeling that you've done it a service.  It's that easy.

One day you arrive at a place where everyone believes just that.  That's when you finally realize that old adage of the kingdom.  It's a place not of this world, but it's a place that's built out of it.  You only know it's real when you are there.  And if it's not there it's just a dream still.  The soul doesn't tolerate dreams forever, it wants to live there.  But to get there it has to give up on the idea that it is the only thing that matters.  It's a hard journey in this regard.  But there is no other solution possible, for we are all destined to become one.  Otherwise, why would you even be here?

But what that looks like, the oneness when it arrives, is anyone's guess.  It's a thing best taken in measures.  A measure of oneness for each moment, each day, each year, and each life.  That has to be enough.  For the troubles of yesterday and tomorrow are best left behind on this journey into Life.   There just isn't any time for them right now.  And that's exactly as it should be.

Wisdom, or sanity, is the understanding that everything that isn't right in front of you is an illusion.  That's where you are, and that's what it is.  And you have to take the steps necessary to make that moment complete.  You can do that by breathing.  You can do that by cooking.  You can do that by playing music.  You can do that by helping someone feel happy for a moment.  It's the same thing.  It's that tiny bit of light in small acts of kindness that keep the darkness at bay that Gandalf talked about in the Lord of the Rings.  He spoke wisdom.  You notice how that's different from saying he was right?  Right is a measurement.  Wisdom is just wisdom.

So that's what's going to happen.  Sooner or later, that's the way the world is going to work.  I think it will take a bit of time, but then the truth will become obvious to everyone.  Culture will deepen to reflect all this Wisdom.  Understanding will come.  And at last The Great Game will finally be put aside.  There will be peace.  And so long as no one opens pandora's box, that's the way it will stay.  That's why I wrote of Bronze, Silver, and Golden Ages to come.  If we live by a Wisdom culture, we can keep the peace in my opinion.

What will humanity choose?  I don't know for sure.  I know the pull of identity politics in its many forms is a very difficult thing to crack.  That's an individual choice.  So in that respect, everything is predestined for everyone will choose what they will choose.  You can't force identity to change from the outside, the sacredness of choice must be respected.  The old and new identities that are being forged now are likely to remain deep attachments unless that Wisdom is born in the human consciousness completely.  It may be asking too much.  But I must ask.  Please, don't let nearly 30,000 years of time be wasted.  Embrace the human spirit, the completeness of being, and reject karma as the decider of fate.  It's the only path to a better world.

I need to add a very important caveat to all that.  It's the idea of honoring everyone completely.  There really shouldn't be any reason that all cultural traditions can't be honored if they themselves honor the human being.  Every single person has the right be honored in their completeness.  This eliminates the problem of people being persecuted for their beliefs.  You can't go out and persecute people who want to learn something a certain way.  But you can point out all the ways in which it is wrong and not a good idea.  If they still want to do it anyway, well, I still believe in choice as long as society itself remains balanced and functional.

The rough idea is that people only study metaphysical subjects within their cultural context that should ideally be late in life after their working lives are almost over.  In some cultures the idea has been, like in Judaism, that you can study kabbalah once you are over the age of 35.  That's because your life should be the focus of your life, then you study advanced notions of being.  The reason this is important is because to study it too early you can become like me, overly educated in metaphysics with a disbalanced life as a result.   While the ideas of metaphysics are simple enough to understand on the surface, the more you get into them the more you realize that it's a bottomless pit of information.

I've left this website up because I believe knowledge should be open to all for the moment.  This I do with the knowledge that the Aquarian Age (Aquarius represents Knowledge itself) has begun and knowledge should be open to all for just this moment because of that.  Or at least, knowledge should be open to all who can read it on time or show an interest in it.  I fully expect that by the Age of Capricorn and likely far sooner than that for most all of the knowledge will be no longer available in this form.  As such, this is sort of a treat for most as it's a glimpse into what is possible that will disappear one day exactly because it must.  Society cannot permit it to interfere with it's choices.  And so it must be, for we live by the will of democracy in this age and likely most future ages as well.

In many ways some would say it's ironic.  But you know, first amendment and all.  This is the education I got, free information and this is my conclusion.  I suspect that the idea of free information will survive somewhere after everyone thinks it through long enough.  But the truth is that the human mind is freed by the idea that we are not our thoughts.  And that is why all ideas are eventually hidden.  For first must you know yourself completely before you can dig deep into what is possible everywhere, for everything, and for everyone.  And nothing we think of is as real as an experience of having the truth revealed to us in other ways that are far beyond our instant understanding.

For instance, the human aura visible to many is not a thought, but a reality.  And while this phenomenon is psychic it is also physical.  Any of those realities are realities not sought after through thinking but experienced through gifts of a nature that are beyond thought itself.  Those born with the gift don't need to apply for a right to have it.  Each person has a right to be themselves.  That is part of honoring everyone completely.  Only the cultures who honor everyone completely will survive in the long run.

Peace and equality now means honoring each other.  Whatever path you wish to pick so long as it harms no one else is your right to seek.  But the focus of the greater whole of humanity must be on healing the planet and Her people.  All the rest can wait for later for the collective because of the crisis of environmental destruction, weapons of mass destruction, and the proliferation of nuclear energy.  These three threats are the dangers to humanity as a whole.  As long as we justify our will to destroy ourselves, these threats will ever prevent real peace from existing.  And so, we are left with the fact that information is still vital to the survival of humanity and as such it must be used responsibly to deal with that collective crisis.

The responsible use of knowledge is to tell you that because it is where our minds should be focused now as a collective.  Individually, we should all strive to create positive thoughts because we are not our thoughts and have the power to create our own reality through them.  They are just a cloud around you, that's all.  If you identify with them too much, you become twisted into a warped version of yourself.  If you use them to create positive change in your life through directing your energies through the emanation of focused effort in your actual life,

We all face a thought crisis, it is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.  Our heads are filled with negative messages.  Yet these messages are not us.  We have the power to answer the negative messages with positive ones.  We have the power to create unity between people instead of division.  Each of these choices moves us further down the path to living the dream of a good life on Earth.  Everyone can change their mind.  All it takes is realizing you can actually create a positive outcome just by thinking it and then acting on the thoughts you need to in order to make that a reality.  It's really that simple.

I've tried to do that here by showing everyone that the choice between unity and division is stark and plain.  If you chose division you are saying I am divided.  If you chose unity you are saying I am uniting.  If you chose dishonor you are saying I am dishonored.  If you chose honor you are saying I am honored.  That's how identification with thoughts work.  Your thoughts become your reality.  The thoughts you emanate against destructive thoughts are the ones you are creating.  Achieving a goal thus is as simple as taking actions on a positive course of action by positive thoughts oriented towards a positive outcome.  Where does the negative go?  You still have to deal with it because it's an accumulation of negativity from the past so there is a struggle involved but also because you are destroying your connection to the past and everything you have believed in until now.  All you have to do is keep choosing good as you know best and that negativity fades over time in accordance to where you find your life at.  Then the real struggle is convincing everyone else that they should do that as well.

At the end of the day we can have the peace of forever or the peace of a thousand generations.  Either way, the idea that we are creating our own reality through our thoughts by constructing them knowing we are not them is going to be acknowledged.  I am thinking, but my thoughts do not think.  They are the product of I who can identify myself through my thoughts or they are the product of I who can identify myself as source of light in this world.  The proof is in the pudding.  Whatever you think you are, you aren't.  Choice makes this possible.  You can choose to live from either creating a better world and life for yourself and others or you can choose to identify with the external self as who you really are.

This is the problem with modern society.  Identity has become what one does, how much money one has, how big one's house is, one's title, in addition to all the nation, ideology, creed, religion, and everything else.  Yet all of that is simply thoughts.  Those things aren't the real you.  You identify with them and that causes suffering because all of that stuff can be destroyed.  Because you identify with all the parts of yourself that aren't you, you create a world in which you are constantly threatened.  You have to believe that you are all of those things in order for you to be afraid of losing them fundamentally.  Yet you aren't any of them!  That is part of the thought crisis.

People create this fiction about themselves and then suffer because it is all a lie.  Underneath it all that is what is causing the suffering of the world.  It is all a fake.  Your title is a fake.  You go around saying I'm so and so and such and such at Royal so and so.  But you know deep down you're not.  It's just a role you play.   The world is a stage and we are actors.  But most of the actors have completely forgotten that the act isn't them.  You're not the act.  You're the feeling underneath that act.

Identifying with our thoughts and roles as the real us can't go on forever.  Everything I have written is about a world where people believe in thoughts as them and roles as who they are.  The key to living in peace I believe is to remember that we are the connection between each other instead.  We are in need of an identity overhaul.  All the great spiritual teachers tried to teach some version of that.  Communicating with others in a true heart felt manner is the best way to bridge the gap between people.  But those who identify with their thoughts and roles will have to be convinced that it is time we moved towards a world where one's identity is based on our real feelings instead.  Those feelings are coming out one way or the other.

So thus, my final conclusion is this.  It's not going to be easy.  There's going to be alot of unpleasantness.  And each of us is going to have to deal with our own shit as it comes up.  But there's no choice in the matter.  This is a planetary crisis.  Everyone has to understand how to create a better life for themselves and others.  Each choice matters.  Every moment matters.  Every breath counts.  And every time you do the best you can do consciously makes a difference for yourself and others.  That's what it all comes down to.

Create unity and create peace.  That is the mandate.  There can be no other.  Honor everyone and listen to everything they say.  Show respect and be open.  Show warmth and be polite.  Be friendly and offer a hand to those in need.  Speak your mind by sharing your real feelings.  There is so much more though.  It's a big task living here now.  Share burdens fairly.   Order your life by those who are closest to you.  Choose who you associate with wisely.  Forgive and show mercy often.  And always follow your dreams to wherever they may take you.  That is the path.  There has never been any other.