The Science of Expanding Electrons

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The Science of Expanding Electrons
A Summary
The main essay on this website goes into the new theory of physics that considers the question of the nature of matter itself built on the work of Mark McCutcheon and the classical physicists that mostly proceeded the quantum physics standard model.  While you may be inclined to dismiss this idea as crackpot junk science if you read the whole of Mark's case and fully understand my additions to the concept you will begin to have an inkling as to what the future of physics, chemistry, and biology is going to be like. 
Here is a summary of the basic framework of the new theory:
1.  All matter is made of electrons which are spheres expanding in three dimensional space.
2.  All electrons expand creating the basis for the "four forces" of the quantum standard model paradigm.  Gravity is the expansion of atoms, made of electrons, into the space around it creating the appearance of the force by those who are not educated in the matter (see McCutcheon's book for his detailed walkthrough).  The strong force is caused by the expansion of protons and neutrons, also made of electrons.  The weak force is caused by built up pressure inside certain nuclei that cause them to be unstable to the some part of their configuration being not compatible with the general internal expansion of the electron.  And of course electromagnetism itself is a direct product of the expanding electrons forming themselves into electron clusters (what we call photons) and rivers of electrons (free electricity such as sparks, lightening, etc).
3.  The expansion of the electron is based on certain laws or principles.  I have delved into several possibilities.
That's it!  Pretty easy to wrap your brain around I think.  There are of course a huge number of implications that are much, much more complex that I deal with in my main essay.  The science, though, is quite clean on the matter. 

The Astrological Theory of Civilizational Themed Procession

Everyone likes a good plan, especially astrologers.  Most astrologers would more or less agree with the idea that when we come to this world we have chosen our birth chart or the circumstances surrounding our existence.  Now, I don't need to go into what is wrong with this idea too much to accept the hypothesis on a basic level.  I like order myself so I'll tip my hat to the idea as being at least partially true, reserving the counter argument for another time.

According to some astrologers and like minded meta-physicians there exists a procession of ages in which certain general themes are explored collectively as human beings.  The Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius for example.  Each age follows a certain theme.  In the Age of Pisces the theme was mystical spiritual ideas revolving around collective dreams such as Christianity or Islam.  In the Age of Aries, war and raw primal masculinity was the theme and the Roman Empire was an example of this.  Now the Age of Aquarius is supposed to be about consciousness, choice, freedom, and science among other things.

So if we are to believe in the procession of Ages as a marker of what we are generally supposed to be doing collectively through these themes, then why haven't we organized ourselves more completely around the idea?  Obviously we can say because the collective sleep of the Age of Pisces is not over yet and the Age of Aquarius hasn't quite kicked in.  I'm a man who likes clear themes I can relate to so I have agreed to the idea of these civilization themes and waves of change as expressed by most astrological thinkers.

I've had visions of the future ages in fact in my more pleasant moments looking at the coming Age of Aquarius time period and knowing it is full of challenges not mentioned by the fluffier version of New Age musing.  Technology is a major theme here, and also a pitfall.  The question of mastering technology, consciousness, science, and freedom is before humanity.  Also the Age of Aquarius seems to have us dealing with questions of identity and the right to choose who we really are.  I think there is alot that goes into that.  Our ride through the next 2200 years of Aquarian Age is going to be full of ups and downs.  Just like with the prior Ages also the expression of this new age will peak in a golden period and then decline towards the end of the Age just as we have witnessed in prior ages.  The decline of the church over the last 500 years is an example of this effect when the expression of the Age comes towards its end.

Ecological thinking and relation to the Earth is not actually technically an Aquarian theme, but one that belongs to the Earth signs and to a lesser extent the Water signs properly.  This return to the Earth consciousness is more properly an effect of the end of the Age of Pisces, but with Aquarius representing collective consciousness it is part of the general package of full consciousness of our existence as humans on Earth.  We certainly cannot separate the experience of connection to the Great Mother and Aquarius, the water bearer.  Strictly speaking however, Aquarius is a sign about friendship, not necessarily one of deep bonding.

It is my opinion that the Aquarian Civilization be rooted in Eastern Europe.  I read a very interesting book one day in a New Age store written by some fantastic metaphysical investigator.  His research had lead him to give the next 4 ages and say where their base of power and maximum expression would be.  Eastern Europe was the one for the Age of Aquarius.  For the Age of Capricorn it was North America and specifically the area of the United States.  For the Age of Sagittarius it was China.  And lastly, for the Age of Scorpio it was India.

This is interesting for the question of themes as the Age of Pisces has clearly been dominated by Western Europe.  That time period has passed and slowly Eastern Europe will become more dominant over the next 1000 years or so.  Clearly science and technology must be important to Eastern Europeans in order to make their civilization the new dominant force over this new period of human history.

For those looking for a return to total eco-spiritual values in the manner of a true ecological society run by women, I'm sorry to say that based on my own research and visions you will have to wait for the full maturation of this vision in the Age of Capricorn.  I believe Capricorn represents the order of nature and is less inclined the technology like Aquarius.  The Age of Capricorn I believe will see the rise of a Matriarchy throughout much of the world based in what is currently the United States of America.  This Matriarchy will overextend itself and fall just as all civilizations do and will be replaced by a great philosophical and learned society in the Age of Sagittarius, where the vision of knowledge will at last be available in a balanced perspective.  This civilization will be based in China ultimately where a church of knowledge will grow to become vast.

Eventually this civilization too will become old and its mistakes will undo it.  Then an Age of Scorpio will begin and its civilization theme will be one of deep intimacy with all things intense and wild followed by a period of deep and profound healing lead by deep mysterious spiritual masters.

There is a much to these visions and of course there are additional Ages beyond these.  What is critical in understanding these themes is that the general trend is suggested by the nature of the sign in question but also by the condition of the human spirit and what is necessary.  While I think the full ecospiritual vision dreamed of by those who wish a return to the Goddess culture of what existed before patriarchy will come during the Age of Capricorn, much of the lesser vision of this idea will be expressed during much of the Aquarian Age.  But to see the full extent of what that means requires waiting until the Age cycle is correct.  No worries, just letting some of you know that these things take time.

Obviously Earth can't wait 2200 years for us to get the ecological question right so this theme is demanded of our collective consciousness now.  We must save the planet, but living in spiritual communion with it is something that is beyond our current condition as a species.  For spiritual communion on a national scale I think we will be waiting till the Age of Capricorn for the most part.  That doesn't mean we can't find that communion on a smaller scale if that is what we wish for individually.  Just don't feel too bad about it if you can't save every single one of the precious creatures that you would like to. 

Now that we understand the basic themes of these processions, you may ask why should you care?  It's about the flow of time and being in that flow.  If you work against the current you will be overcome by it.  Wisdom has taught me to look for the trends ahead of time so that flowing with those trends is much easier.  I don't argue with the astrological ideas that I read for this reason.  I see them as the trends of the future that are preordained by a higher power than myself.  It is, in fact, the need of humanity that must create these currents to be interpreted by mystics, astrologers, and other students of the occult mysteries.  There are other needs as well not so understood revolving around the nature of the soul and what it needs to grow and become more.

While these legends are present, we must look to ourselves to find the answers to the question of our daily lives and existence.  Thus while greatness comes in the flow of life and the life of civilizations built by humans, the greatness of the simple moment will have to do for most on most days in most lives they live.  Such is the way of things until such a time as consciousness is sufficient for us to exist in a greater state of being.  Much work is there still to do to build this temple of love in this world.

Nationalism and Antinationalism: The Quest for Perfect Propaganda

Nationalism is hot news with the new president of the US for 2017.  It's a funny thing really.  What is nationalism exactly?  According to some it's a theory about the way the world works in which everyone is born into a certain tribe of people that they must choose above every other.  Oddly enough Jesus Christ advised precisely against supporting one's family/tribe/close ones over strangers describing it as hypocrisy.  Is nationalism hypocrisy then?  It's an interesting question to say the least.

Nationalism, according to anti-nationalists, as an idea seems to revolve around the concept that we must support a particular brand of support that excludes the idea of universal brotherhood/sisterhood and enables a particular group free reign to privilege over others.  But is even this actually true?  Can one be a nationalist and still be true to a higher faith in all of humanity?  Of course, you must realize, the answer must be yes that you can.

It is unwise to abandon the idea of nationalism simply because some people have associated it with negativity.  This in and of itself is propaganda.  I will not take sides on this issue because both "left" and "right" are guilty of propaganda.  Lies distort the truth until one losses all sense of what is real.  This is the sad state of affairs for many in our world and nation right now.

Nationalism must be looked at as an idea of loving one's nation.  Anything other than this concept is foreign to what is just and good about our experience in this regard.  Loving one's nation does not preclude loving those of other nations.  If nationalism is worth saving as an idea from the clutches of the negativity which has been built around it we must return to the true spirit of nationalism in order to understand the predicament we face as a nation.

The trouble with nationalism is that it is one form of identity in which one's must know one belongs to a particular order of people.  Tribalism leads to sectarianism, which leads to breakdown of nations.  There are those who would demand that no sectarianism or tribalism be possible.  Those who would deny such choice are also in the wrong.   Nationalism is alot like marriage in that we can be serial nationalists without too much trouble depending on how we feel about our nation.

The question leads us to the local issue of the moment here in the United States of America.  Are we still Americans?  Do we still believe in America, the nation?  This question is a matter of choice before the broad public.  Many on both the left and right may be willing to say they belong to new nations.  The emergent California succession movement is an example. Of course, it is not just the "left" that is the cause of secessionist rancor, there were not a few in Texas who were quite ready to jump ship if Hillary had been crowned president.  You see, Americans have grown sick of each other.

Yet a free people have a free choice.  There are many questions to be asked and many that need answering before people decide that the American experiment is over for them whether they are left, right, center, or something confused.  Even Pat Buchanan recently discussed this feeling in one of his essays asking if we can remain a united nation with the "culture war" as he describes it.  He seems to have grave doubts.

Yet inevitably the problem begins that America itself must be claimed.  The other side will always be the trying to steal the national soul or some other such baloney.  You see it's like a bad divorce where the parties start lying and hating each other and fighting over all their possessions including what they call themselves.  I'd like to think that in the quest for the perfect propaganda to justify our bad behavior we would be above such petty kindergarten name calling and other crap.  Sadly, I don't see that as the case on the nightly news with everyone grabbing for their piece of the holier than thou propaganda pie.

Now obviously right this instant those radical secessionists are a pitiful minority that are clearly not supported by the whole nation because after all, why would our nation break apart?  Don't we still love the good old U.S.A.?  Or have we lost it somehow in our pettiness and misunderstanding?  It's still to early to tell but the news hasn't been good, and I get that sinking sensation in my stomach that this is it.  We may be going our separate ways from here on out.   It's a scary thought.  I'm not sure anyone is ready for that.  But look at the "left" and look at the "right" and tell me where is the middle ground here?  The center cannot hold.  I wish I could say otherwise, but things look grim for our great nation.

Can a national greatness conservatism, presumably what the new president will try to implement as this has been the dream of a few of the conservative visionaries included among his advisors, work to bring this divided nation together?   I think the fault lines of the bigger picture will make this difficult to actualize.  For one there is a great anti-capitalism among the "left".  Capitalism and nationalism only work together if everyone is getting rich in some reasonable proportion of income ratios.  There will be those who would challenge the ascertains of our leader on various grounds in the media.  Yet if the media is silenced then the center cannot hold as such a thing goes against the very core of American culture.  It is a catch-22, an unwinnable situation.  The media must be allowed to speak clearly and freely on the issues. Political censorship would cause an unfixable breach in public trust that would spiral into an unstoppable crisis.   Yet the new president must be given a chance to demonstrate respect to the media institutions before he is declared anti-democratic by the left.

Yet things aren't all neat and clear and the media is guilty of many corruptions of its own.  It cannot hide behind the concept of freedom of the press for other mistakes it may have made.  These glaring omissions, which have been visible from the "right" side of the political spectrum for as long as I can remember leave the media at risk of being hammered due to its own hypocrisy, immorality, treachery, denial, greed, etc.  The problem is our new president is very astute at spotting the dark side in others and exposing it when it is in his interests.

One such glaring omission is that the concept of free speech we are familiar with, one that is totally free from censorship, is a relatively new concept in American history.  This was created by the Warren Court during the 1970's if my memory serves me correct.  I learned this from Pat Buchanan and a few other conservative writers that decency standards were not considered censorship until this radical "cultural revolution" emerged in the 70's from "liberal" "cultural marxists".   While I do not consider myself a leftist or rightist, I was actually sympathetic to the idea that decency standards are acceptable so long as political speech itself is not violated, though honestly I tend towards thinking that even certain types of political speech is questionable as well.  For instance, I would not defend the right to call for genocide and would argue anyone calling for genocide probably belongs somewhere where their speech doesn't cause harm to others.

So then if the media is willing to harm society in order to protect the extended media right to, say, put out nasty hard pornography, or justify radical ideologies the promote harm to others, then the media is corrupted and call be called on it.  This leaves the media with very little room to maneuver.  It leaves us all, actually, with every little room to maneuver.  To understand the nature of the injustice committed here is something rather vast and difficult to wrap one's brain around easily.

If everyone is guilty then no one has an argument.  Hypocrites have no moral grounds to justify their own grievances.  If they refuse to look at how they are destroying the nation themselves, they cannot claim anything in terms of nationalism.  This applies to both sides.  Militarism, on the right, has the same destructive effect.  The right cannot destroy the nation on the ground of militarism for the sake of, say, certain military industrial complex interests.  It is all quite visible to the left you know.  You can't hide your hypocrisy in their hypocrisy and claim you're an angel selling death to the children of the world.  The stench of evil here is quite clear.

Has America become evil?  Have we lost our way still in the quest for that perfect propaganda to hide our wretched hypocrisy so we don't have to look at our own personal shadow self sitting there lying and covering up our selfish loathing and dirty desires?  Perhaps we can blame the Mexicans for this or the "rednecks".  You see no matter what this bullshit is quite old already.

I must agree that women have gotten the worst end of it compared to men because they have been the weaker party.  I support the women of the world rising up taking up their place as men's equals and betters.  This is something good.  Surely a nationalism worth keeping will acknowledge this, but then where are we going with nationalism?

What is America?  Where is this thing now we call America?  Is it a nation of people or is it just the slaves of a distant far removed unaccountable agency of control in Washington?  These questions brought our current president to power, so they are most relevant to our predicament as a nation.  Perhaps some think that being ruled from a New York boardroom on Wall Street would be less odious and oppressive than Washington.  Does that honestly even sound remotely reasonable?   Something is rotten here and has been for a long, long time. It didn't just get this way in 2017.  It's been this way as long as I can remember.

Personally I don't like to serve any masters other than my own.  It's my preference for being free.  I still believe that this is a free country capable of making the right choices on these difficult questions ahead.  I can't honestly see the American people bowing down to dictators for much longer whether they live in this city or that city, whether they are left or right, female or male, corporate or governmental.  It goes against the spirit of the age of Aquarius thing that so few ever paid enough attention to makes sense of.  The American people are ruled by Aquarius if you believe in astrology as the national chart of the US has the moon (the people in a national chart) in Aquarius.  I personally find this a hopeful sign despite the fact that the American people are not really supported by the system which they live in.  Luckily for them, there is a catch!

You see national charts are built around entities.  The United States of America is the chart and is not the American people.  While it is best and wisest to stick with the system one has been born in, if that system should ever prove too oppressive it can be slowly withdrawn from.  In fact you can even be with it while you are withdrawing away from it.  I suggest everyone stop fighting about it.  Long live the United States of America!  Our great government deserves that doesn't it?  I'm not joking either or trying to play you!  I'm quite serious.  How many hundreds of years has it been here in all its glory.  Even if the leaders of this system have made mistakes managing it.  If we are going to go our separate ways into new nations, I personally am going to honor the nation I was born in.  I'm an American by birth.

Now all you would be secessionists out there I know your hearts.  I say to you love your government with all your heart, soul, and mind.  That's right, love big brother!  Do it.  Love the United States of America.  I do.  I can say I'm not a hypocrite in that.  It's all what's inside you see?  Love thine "enemy", remember?  And it's amazing what happens because we are not going to let our system of checks and balances die either.  Freedom is within my friends.  America is not an idea that can be destroyed.  It is not a nation than can be defeated.  With Love, all things are overcome.   Perhaps we can put our differences aside momentarily before some of us go our separate ways to find whatever nation it is that we belong to now.  But those who have mastered this thing will never, ever be anything other than citizens of the United States of America even if they now Californians, Texans, Nebraskans, Floridians, and who knows what.

I don't know what the future holds for us.  It is because it is the consent of the governed that defines all social contracts.  Choice cannot be removed from the equation.  Some call this anti-democratic because people must have a choice.  But choice is about the consent of individuals not about the will of the majority.  Never confuse democracy with being free.  They are two entirely different matters altogether.   Having said that the fate of the United States of America will be decided by the people of this nation of their own free choice in whatever manner they so choose.  No instrument of power will have any say in this matter except and in so much as it respect the rights of those people to self determination.  You can check Woodrow Wilson on that one.  It is self determination that cannot be undone.  I know what I have chosen in this regards is to honor the system I was born in fully and also to honor the choices of my fellow citizens in their quest for greater self actualization through whatever vehicles of consciousness they choose.  Let Love decide the matter at last so that you can all know yourselves more fully than ever before.

In the end all propaganda must fail.  All lies must be broken.  All untruths revealed to be nothing more that echoes.  We must all choose our fate and our destiny.  No man or woman can tell us what that is.  We are free nation.  We are free people.  That is what I know.  That is our spirit.  It is the spirit of the land of those who were here when this nation was built upon the bones of their ancestors.  And they are still a free people.  And their spirit and our spirit will be, at last, the same.  There are no words to describe this place we are headed to as a nation.  Many will be afraid.  Many will resist.  But the free spirit of our people will not be defeated.  Whether they are women fighting for freedom from misogyny or rape culture or men trying to work against forms of tyranny both great and small.  A free people does not need propaganda.  A free people is not for sale at any price.  We don't negotiate with pirates here.  Here we are sanctified by the darkness and the light.

Let this then be our rallying cry as we rise up against oppression great and small in all the things and people around us and above all in ourselves.  Let America be that shining beacon of terrible beauty yearning to breathe free again.  And it will as it must for that is the nature of us.  Let the other nations look on and let us teach them what is to be a free people with a free spirit.  Let the world marvel and understand.  The days of oppression are over.  We are now united in our resolution to throw off our chains and be liberated.  This is a NO day, a day of NON, where NOTHING treads forward but the echoes of choice.  We are united in our agreement right now that we must all be heard, felt, and seen in our day of sanctification that our grievances be aired fully and that our demands and desires be heard clearly and that our choices be honored to the core of all that we are.  America resolves to do this, I can feel it. Thus, I, Chris Freely, do honor this and allow it to be without resistance from me.  And if you are wise you would do likewise.  But remember to feel and breathe in case you may have forgotten in our days of darkness to come.

It will not be easy.  But, in the end, I promise you that whatever this dark time delivers it will eventually be worth the price that must be paid.  Honor your agreements and relations to remain honorable and honest.  Honor your self and your feelings of course.  This is collectively as well as individually.  And remember to love and do your duty to the best of your ability.

Breathe and be free,

Chris Freely

For Love of The Patriarchal Military Supersystem

The nature of the societies we live in can be named.  That's the wonder of words.  Like magic labeling something creates a conscious link between the form of the dark we feel to be present and the light of that mind that describes the situation.  While deep in thought the other idea I was able to name the nature of our "political" system on Earth.  Earth currently is a patriarchal military supersystem.

A patriarchy is a system run by men for those of you who need some basic education on this matter.  Men in patriarchies hold position in the command control hierarchy of the power elite through compulsive psychological projection of aggressive dominance.  This is natural in most animals due the facts of evolutionary biology (with obvious exceptions in certain insects and a few other examples).  However, this system, like all systems, is subject to periodic readjustments in consciousness to realign the power distribution because once the female of the species realizes her disadvantage she take certain actions to rebalance the equation.  This of course creates the anti-patriarchal consciousness of feminism which is of course a radical departure from balance itself.  But this reaction also creates the universal mean which is the source of the ultimate balanced solution to the patriarchal disbalance which began the disturbance in human consciousness creating the ideological beast itself, the patriarchal military super system.

Feminism, while not patriarchal, is still patri-form (that which resembles the primitive dominant father archetype) because it contains within it a radical attachment to hierarchical modes of relation.  It is also a very genderized ideology.  Hierarchy is a emergent property of masculine conflicts in nature to determine which male has mating rights within the male hierarchy (to what extent "rights" in animal societies can be said to exist in any formal manner whatsoever).  In so much as such a system is unconscious it is still natural as an emergent property of animal consciousness.  It is pristine in its primitiveness except for its rather grizzly side effects of destruction, and by extension in people, war and rape culture.  It is the realization of the horror that is the side effect of domination through brute consciousness that must ultimately cause the reduction of patriarchy in consciousness as a system and any unnatural emergent property reactions that is produces as a byproduct by sociological ideologicalization (such as radical feminism).

Balance is the nature of order.  Reactions are not the source of order, but ultimately derive from imbalances in perspective.  A complete perspective is required to resolve the complex permanently.  The anti-male and anti-female constructs are in fact useless negative reactions against reality that have no value.  Such extremism leads only to the expansion of the patriarchal military supersystem.  Even going so far as to be anti-patriarchal also feeds the system.  Patriarchy is a natural emergent property of a complex series of social necessities that drive its existence.  It cannot be destroyed by any external power because this will only fuel a new argument against the sectarian radicalism being presented.

Radicalism fuels sectarianism (which can be called factionalism) which fuels the military cycle of conflict.  The conflict originates because someone has decided someone else is the enemy and has effectively declared themselves anti-something which they have decided is dangerous or unnatural.  These series of steps are inevitable however so we cannot even judge the process of this judgement.  Every single piece of the consciousness that created the judgement is linked to every other single piece in a seamless whole that links the parts in final judgement.  It conclusion is inescapable and in fact that matter is doomed because of it.  This is then the the pronouncement of dooms of all the patriarchal mystery cults such as the prophets of the three major western religions.

While the doom is sealed, the contents of the doom is not specified as it cannot be.   Each of us has a choice to realize the value of existence in our search of the ultimate answer of the crisis in consciousness, that which my teacher describes as a separation from God, or our darkness.  This realization is individual and involves what is called a return to full consciousness, a waking from your personal nightmare a member of the patriarchal military supersystem cult or perhaps another type of cult as more than one variation exists.

To what extent it is valuable the idea of the patriarchal military supersystem is a universal concept of a fluid field of order that exists to determine how the resources of the world are divided between the factions of this grand illusion.  It is a supersystem because it has more than two nodes of power (every capital of every country and organization in the world is a node).  It is military because it's primary means of expression is hostile, aggressive, dominant, and ultimately destructive.  It, of course, cannot "win" over the alternative because it a system based on a world of archetypes whose opposites are contained in each other.  The inevitable doom of such a system is to fail because it cannot but fail.  Life is stronger that the illusion so ultimately all things must return to balance again.

To what extent the idea can be mastered, the concept of this system is an exercise in the great intellectual bullshit of our times, that which is called Game Theory.  For those familiar with systems analysis, the root of the problem is that in Game Theory everyone must be assigned an agenda and collusion towards the common good is almost a miraculous occurrence.   If we assume such a cynical view of the world that is based on misrepresentations of true motivations then we become a victim of our own analytical machine.  I was educated in that manner in political science, and practiced my Game Theory to perfection.  If we do in fact live in a patriarchal military supersystem it is not because it is ordained by nature (we are not animals) so thus it is because we choose to remain cultists to the creed of domination and subservience.  Such systems can never be at peace because attempts to redistribute power will consonantly be occurring.   Game theory thus can only have one plausible end, the end of the game itself as rational actors, i.e. thinking people, will eventually realize the futility of the sectarian process itself.

All secterian conflict must converge on a singular unity.  This is inevitable.  No amount of resistance can prevent this.  The reason is that order is derived from singularity of consciousness, what we call agreement.  Even when we agree to disagree we must still agree, do you see?

I am certainly encouraging reformists, I am one of them.  However, the process of reform must occur with a general understanding of how it is that resistance to the solution exists and must acknowledge the source of that resistance as being legitimate in consciousness.  How can it not be?  This is not, however, a call for universal forgiveness or tolerance of evil, but instead an open invitation to consider the possibility of universal peace from full acknowledgement of the legitimacy of perspective and full justice to all aggrieved parties.  How this justice emerges in consciousness is not the property of any one individual but instead is the understanding of what justice is and how it must come about.

No single person can define personal justice for anyone, no matter how great.  And all must be judged in the end to be redone and reforged anew to make that which must be more perfect with every age of our lives as humans.  Such a process is a master work of each individual understanding this deep resonance to the truth of our singularity in spirit.  We are one, but that is not so easy to experience as a simple mantra for we must be one with the pain in everyone in order to understand.  This is not an easy journey, but it is the source of true love in our souls.  Without this, we are lost, drifters through the ideological menagerie of our clever escapism.  Now, it is 2017 and we must awaken to this truth.  We are no longer safe in error for much pain will be unleashed until we truly learn who we really are..  And, of course, we will.

With Love and Knowledge,

Chris Freely

Normal and Your Children

Normal.  Its an odd looking word isn't it?  Seems innocuous on the surface.  So benign and non-threatening.  What everyone wants to be inside just like everyone else.  Right?  Except it's a lie, of course.  No one really wants to be like everyone else.  That's why we have heroes in life.  People we want to grow up to be like.  You know what's different about heroes?  They most definitely aren't normal.  Who really wants to be normal?

Which is what makes the whole normality movement the strangest thing I have ever encountered.  Why are parents trying to make their children normal?  Well that's just plain stupid!  If anyone ever actually had a real discussion about what "normal" means it would go right straight to the realization that what's normal for some is perfectly odd to others.  So why the obsession with normality among so many parents?

It's a form of control which can't be missed.  Why would anyone want to worship at the alter of normality?  Does normal mean right?  Does normal mean good?  Does normal really mean anything at all?  There are many, many words that are pure garbage.  Normal is one of them.  Using the word means you have no idea what the word means.  You can't, because how can anyone define normal for anyone else?  How can they really define normal for themselves?

Then there is the kissing cousin to normal, safe.  The other thing every parent wants their children to be.  Safe makes sense, but its a loaded word full of loaded meaning.  Loving your children does mean keeping them safe.  But safe from danger, not from growing.  That is the one thing you can't keep your children from experiencing.  Growth.  Growth is going to happen whether you like it or not, and it most certainly is going to happen outside that arbitrary box we call normal.

Safety is something I believe in.  Good parenting requires good instruction.  Those that listen become wiser.  Listening to your children is wiser than ignoring them like so many do out there.  Communication is the heart of the family.  If its missing then something is missing.  Your family is the center of your life.  When family isn't talking, something is wrong.  Family should always be talking and be in communication with each other.  That is the cornerstone of all our problems in the world.

You must talk to your children, not at them.  Normal is talking at your children.  Normal is control that isn't right.  Normal is shaming your children into conformity.  Normal is abusing your power as a parent.  Never use the term normal with human beings.  It is unwise.  It is also unwell.