The Astrological Theory of Civilizational Themed Procession

Everyone likes a good plan, especially astrologers.  Most astrologers would more or less agree with the idea that when we come to this world we have chosen our birth chart or the circumstances surrounding our existence.  Now, I don't need to go into what is wrong with this idea too much to accept the hypothesis on a basic level.  I like order myself so I'll tip my hat to the idea as being at least partially true, reserving the counter argument for another time.

According to some astrologers and like minded meta-physicians there exists a procession of ages in which certain general themes are explored collectively as human beings.  The Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius for example.  Each age follows a certain theme.  In the Age of Pisces the theme was mystical spiritual ideas revolving around collective dreams such as Christianity or Islam.  In the Age of Aries, war and raw primal masculinity was the theme and the Roman Empire was an example of this.  Now the Age of Aquarius is supposed to be about consciousness, choice, freedom, and science among other things.

So if we are to believe in the procession of Ages as a marker of what we are generally supposed to be doing collectively through these themes, then why haven't we organized ourselves more completely around the idea?  Obviously we can say because the collective sleep of the Age of Pisces is not over yet and the Age of Aquarius hasn't quite kicked in.  I'm a man who likes clear themes I can relate to so I have agreed to the idea of these civilization themes and waves of change as expressed by most astrological thinkers.

I've had visions of the future ages in fact in my more pleasant moments looking at the coming Age of Aquarius time period and knowing it is full of challenges not mentioned by the fluffier version of New Age musing.  Technology is a major theme here, and also a pitfall.  The question of mastering technology, consciousness, science, and freedom is before humanity.  Also the Age of Aquarius seems to have us dealing with questions of identity and the right to choose who we really are.  I think there is alot that goes into that.  Our ride through the next 2200 years of Aquarian Age is going to be full of ups and downs.  Just like with the prior Ages also the expression of this new age will peak in a golden period and then decline towards the end of the Age just as we have witnessed in prior ages.  The decline of the church over the last 500 years is an example of this effect when the expression of the Age comes towards its end.

Ecological thinking and relation to the Earth is not actually technically an Aquarian theme, but one that belongs to the Earth signs and to a lesser extent the Water signs properly.  This return to the Earth consciousness is more properly an effect of the end of the Age of Pisces, but with Aquarius representing collective consciousness it is part of the general package of full consciousness of our existence as humans on Earth.  We certainly cannot separate the experience of connection to the Great Mother and Aquarius, the water bearer.  Strictly speaking however, Aquarius is a sign about friendship, not necessarily one of deep bonding.

It is my opinion that the Aquarian Civilization be rooted in Eastern Europe.  I read a very interesting book one day in a New Age store written by some fantastic metaphysical investigator.  His research had lead him to give the next 4 ages and say where their base of power and maximum expression would be.  Eastern Europe was the one for the Age of Aquarius.  For the Age of Capricorn it was North America and specifically the area of the United States.  For the Age of Sagittarius it was China.  And lastly, for the Age of Scorpio it was India.

This is interesting for the question of themes as the Age of Pisces has clearly been dominated by Western Europe.  That time period has passed and slowly Eastern Europe will become more dominant over the next 1000 years or so.  Clearly science and technology must be important to Eastern Europeans in order to make their civilization the new dominant force over this new period of human history.

For those looking for a return to total eco-spiritual values in the manner of a true ecological society run by women, I'm sorry to say that based on my own research and visions you will have to wait for the full maturation of this vision in the Age of Capricorn.  I believe Capricorn represents the order of nature and is less inclined the technology like Aquarius.  The Age of Capricorn I believe will see the rise of a Matriarchy throughout much of the world based in what is currently the United States of America.  This Matriarchy will overextend itself and fall just as all civilizations do and will be replaced by a great philosophical and learned society in the Age of Sagittarius, where the vision of knowledge will at last be available in a balanced perspective.  This civilization will be based in China ultimately where a church of knowledge will grow to become vast.

Eventually this civilization too will become old and its mistakes will undo it.  Then an Age of Scorpio will begin and its civilization theme will be one of deep intimacy with all things intense and wild followed by a period of deep and profound healing lead by deep mysterious spiritual masters.

There is a much to these visions and of course there are additional Ages beyond these.  What is critical in understanding these themes is that the general trend is suggested by the nature of the sign in question but also by the condition of the human spirit and what is necessary.  While I think the full ecospiritual vision dreamed of by those who wish a return to the Goddess culture of what existed before patriarchy will come during the Age of Capricorn, much of the lesser vision of this idea will be expressed during much of the Aquarian Age.  But to see the full extent of what that means requires waiting until the Age cycle is correct.  No worries, just letting some of you know that these things take time.

Obviously Earth can't wait 2200 years for us to get the ecological question right so this theme is demanded of our collective consciousness now.  We must save the planet, but living in spiritual communion with it is something that is beyond our current condition as a species.  For spiritual communion on a national scale I think we will be waiting till the Age of Capricorn for the most part.  That doesn't mean we can't find that communion on a smaller scale if that is what we wish for individually.  Just don't feel too bad about it if you can't save every single one of the precious creatures that you would like to. 

Now that we understand the basic themes of these processions, you may ask why should you care?  It's about the flow of time and being in that flow.  If you work against the current you will be overcome by it.  Wisdom has taught me to look for the trends ahead of time so that flowing with those trends is much easier.  I don't argue with the astrological ideas that I read for this reason.  I see them as the trends of the future that are preordained by a higher power than myself.  It is, in fact, the need of humanity that must create these currents to be interpreted by mystics, astrologers, and other students of the occult mysteries.  There are other needs as well not so understood revolving around the nature of the soul and what it needs to grow and become more.

While these legends are present, we must look to ourselves to find the answers to the question of our daily lives and existence.  Thus while greatness comes in the flow of life and the life of civilizations built by humans, the greatness of the simple moment will have to do for most on most days in most lives they live.  Such is the way of things until such a time as consciousness is sufficient for us to exist in a greater state of being.  Much work is there still to do to build this temple of love in this world.