The Most Foul Game of the Glitterati

The glitterati, according to the conspiracy theory heads, are in league with the Dark Illuminati (as clearly distinct from the Light Illuminati) to fill you full of mysterious symbols that suck your soul out through the transdimensional vacuum pressure inherent in the void.  You see, what the Hollywood spirit suckers need is souls, souls, and more souls.  Any soul will do.  Yours.

The way to avoid this insidious mind control trap is to turn off the boob tube and move into the country and there preserve your precious bodily fluids from the evildoers by hiding.  If you're really good at hiding then the Hollywood freak brigade can't steal your coveted mojo.  

Let me tell you about the way this game is played, fool.  It's all about distraction.  If I distract you with my show, you won't be able to get off your ass and make a life for yourself.  I was warned about this clever dark side scheme years ago by an anonymous tip.  They said to me "don't fall for the show, fool, cause that's how they get you".  And it is.  The glitterati have been scamming us with their distractive anti-productivity mind control since Hollywood built its dark tower of projective hallucination with the curious help of some industrial corporate vampires looking to suck the life blood out of everything.  

But why, Madonna, why?  I trusted you!  You see, you can't really trust anyone on the big screen and their act.  Once they get you following them and worshiping them, you forget about yourself until one day you find yourself dead.  Wow, I bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?  It's always the glitterati that kill off the stragglers who spotted and avoided all the other traps the dark one puts out to trip up God's holy peoples.  It's in the dark manual, but I bet you didn't get the manual huh?  Yeah, there's a reason for that.  You have to join the Organization to get one.  Actually technically you have to climb up the ranks a bit and earn the right to get a glimpse at the manual.  They don't take kindly to those who say too much about what's in the manual.  Secrets, you understand friend, secrets.  

Technically only the head of the Organization can reveal anything without a price.  Just in case they appointed two heads to guard a third.  If that sounds mysterious, it's the way all this top secret dark info is really conveyed.  Everything is subtle allegory and dark shadings of the truth.  Getting to the facts is harder than pulling crocodile teeth.  In fact, there is some reason to suspect the crocodile is in on it too.  He's going to be really pissed when he realizes everyone else has been getting checks.

Subversion is the nature of the glitterati.  It's a quiet sort of pollution that goes unseen and unheard while it tears you apart inside slowly.  Only a sadist could come up with such evil, twisted stuff as Hollywood pumps out every day.  There are certainly not a few of those in the city of lost angels.  Just keep the masses distracted a little longer my dears and you will receive your reward.

Every day I see the face of another crummy political scum on TV or another glitterati sucking away precious planetary attention away from the crisis that we are all facing (you know nuclear weapons, death of planet from global warming, Fukushima, nuclear reactors everywhere, and child abuse) it becomes more and more difficult to stay positive.  It's really hard watching as a society is tricked into its own destruction by its own elites.  It's even harder to fathom why anyone would bother with the celebrity gossip sideshow that is obviously a distraction to keep our minds occupied with utter drivel.

Years ago my anonymous source, another one of my teachers in life, advised me that the whole purpose of the entertainment media complex was to keep everyone from thinking clearly.  It was designed by some devious individuals not just to make a profit, but to intellectually and spiritually corrupt our society to make it easier to control and subvert.  It was designed to make us want to be stupid idiots.  The young were purposely given false idols to worship that are the very worst examples of ordered functional human beings.  How would one explain the existence of Justin Bieber, may I be forgiven for mentioning his name.  But he is just the latest example in a long line of idols to be promoted for the apparent purpose of corrupting the nation's youth into accepting a primitive version of what it is to be human for the express purpose of keeping them primitive.  People who are kept primitive are easier to control

I don't believe in the Illuminati conspiracy theory.  I do believe, however, in the conspiracy of those in power that might have an idea to keep everyone stupid, dumbed down, and distracted.  It's very convenient as a trick. As long as the masses are thinking about what color hair they should be wearing, then the elite is never challenged.  So, what is it we are encouraged to think about?  Where is your next meal coming from (hint: it's from the elites)?  Shouldn't you be wearing more make-up darling?  Why did you miss your last haircut by several days?  Why didn't you shave yesterday?

Pretty innocuous stuff right?  Except there is a message loaded into every one of those statements.  The elite have a reason to promote everything and sometimes it's about status, sometimes it's about profit, but it's always to get you focused on what is meaningless to your best survival interests.  There is also a subtle pecking order to everything we deal with in our "free" society and those who are unconscious start playing it all the time (you know playing the pecking order game to see who they are ahead of in the "status" game).  I'm really good at spotting subtle fascist bullshit hidden behind apparently harmless stuff.  Only a fool sees apparently harmless stuff in our society.  Everything we do that we were told to do has built into it a reason why we were told to do it, and it was somebody's interest that got that message into our heads somehow.  That's why the devil is in the details, and why you're not supposed to ask questions about the details.  Shut your mouth and follow orders.  That's what high command wants.

But it's just not in your interest to listen to that.  You have to think for yourself because high command doesn't give two shits about you.  Not in this system.  You've got to think to know what is happening.  You have to understand the reason for the messages you are being given.  Is that a romance on tv or a subversion of your rights to make your own?  You see the con?  Turn the damn tv off.  Not only are we in a planetary crisis involving the whole of the human race, but the rat bastards on the screen are all out projecting their corruption and/or stupidity or incompetence on all of us.  The glitterati need to get some goddamn discipline and get in line with what people need to hear and stop playing this fucking game that is killing everyone.  Ambition is the route to death in this age.  Want something?  You're killing the whole fucking world.  Fix the damn thing first.  Stop wanting, and start fixing. 

If you're in Hollywood and you're worth more than you need to survive for the rest of your life then if you're making another movie (for what, more money? WTF?) while we are having a planetary crisis you're pissing me off for wasting your time, life, and most especially star power.  Do something useful to save this world instead of preening your fat star ego.  

It's not a movie you're going to see on the big screen, sorry darling.  The real message isn't for the lazy minded who want to hide in their hole and not wake up.  The world needs saving and it isn't going to be the Glitterati Army whose going to come to the rescue.  It's a fucking show, that's what those people do.  Life is work.  Work is hard.  But that's the real wealth.  That's the real show.  That's the real story.  I hope I have helped some of you wake the fuck up.  You really need to.  If it's a conspiracy, it doesn't even matter.  Just pull the plug on that bullshit and get a real life.  99.99% of the people on this planet are going to work for a living and .01% are going to live the Hollywood lifestyle or some version of it where they get to act vain and prance about because they are great at prancing.  

What they don't show you on all the movies is that for every one who makes it big there are a hundred who crashed and burned trying to get to be the impossible person.  It's a sick dream, you understand, that kills a hundred for every one that gets to be the special one.  Sobriety comes from looking at your life and serving through work and sacrifice.  It's not a popular message, but its the one that will save you from becoming a victim of the Glitterati.  It's not their fault entirely, they are what they are.  But I think one day there may be a disclaimer before every Hollywood movie and every TV show: Don't let this shit fuck up your life.  And, better yet, don't forget the real people in your life that mean more than any distant vague star that eats up your brain space from focusing on saving yourself and those closest to you.  

Want a star?  Meet one at the corner grocery market.  They are way more real and worthy of attention compared with those vague shadows we see on tv and on the big screen.  Everyone is a star in their own right.  Vicarious living is for the birds.

Cosmic Ray Powered Stars Vs. The Electric Universe Model Stars

You can download a copy of the essay for free here to help spread the word.

Cosmic Ray Powered Stars Versus The Electric Universe Model Stars

By Chris Freely

Those who have read my core essay on the new science will be familiar with new concepts on the nature of the stellar evolution that have been presented.  These ideas are related to and very similar to the electrical universe model's version of how stars are created but with significant modifications based on the idea that stars are powered by external cosmic ray bombardment of their magnetic field instead of by electrical currents in the galaxy as in the electric universe model.  Another key difference in the two ideas is that I am using Mark McCutcheon's basic idea on the nature of physics, Expansion Theory, which eliminates the concept of charge as we understand it because expanding electrons do not need an imaginary positive and negative center to flow as rivers of current as conceived of in this model.  The third key difference between the electrical universe concept and the cosmic ray powered star model is the concept of hyperdense matter cores whereby the vast majority of stars have very dense cores at their hearts.  This changes the mechanisms of stellar and planetary birth from the electrical universe's mechanism which involves z-pinch effects in plasma as discussed extensively here.

In both models planets and stars are born from other planets and stars usually involving large explosions such as nova and supernova.  In the electrical universe model these explosions are caused by z-pinch effects in galactic electrical currents.  In the cosmic ray powered star paradigm explosions are caused by instability in the hyperdense matter core of the star caused by pressure changes most likely due to melting of the core over time as the amount of energy in the magnetic field increases and/or magnetic and electrical overload caused by the increasing amount of energy of the field over time.  Current conventional astrophysics, of course, believes that stars are powered from nuclear fusion and I deal with many of the problems with this theory in my core essay as well as in my cosmogenesis notes.  Supernovas are caused in conventional astrophysics primarily because of the iron catastrophe in current nuclear fusion models whereby any attempt to fuse iron will result in a failure to generate additional energy and cause the star to go supernova.

The electrical universe model also discounts the existence of black holes believing active galactic nuclei are plasma effects of the galactic plasma currents in the galaxy (once again focusing on z-pinch effects if I remember correctly).  The current cosmic ray model I have created incorporates very large stellar bodies which function as centers of galaxies, just not as infinitely dense singularities described by current astrophysics.  I have termed these objects dark quasars if not active and quasars as active.  Active galactic nuclei represent a midway point between a very active quasar and quiet dark quasar.  In this understanding "black holes" at the center of galaxies are very large stars essentially that are putting out most of their energy in the non-visible upper band of the EM spectrum (microwave on up) and occasionally burst into very powerful states where they release massive amounts of energy like a normal star except in a massive way.

In the cosmic ray powered universe there is no upper limit to how large these dark quasars can get as long as more matter can be incorporated into them through absorbing other objects presumably (though I suggest other less plausible mechanisms of matter gain as well in my core essay).  In this analogy of the cosmos, systems and cores just keep getting bigger up to infinity as we look at larger and larger slices of the cosmos.

Quasars would occasionally explode as very, very large supernovas that divide the quasar in two creating two new galaxies from the new cores.  We would need to figure out a way to tell which galaxies we see out in space are in the process of dividing and which are in the process of colliding in this analysis.  Also, another important assumption is that the primary means that stars and galaxies grow apart in the cosmic ray powered cosmos is radiative pressure from their light and cosmic rays.  Such an idea would suggest that when quasars split up, the process of the galaxies separating out would generally be quiet slow, though the force of the explosion that creates the new core may push it out quiet far.  I haven't done the math required to estimate, but observations of the galaxies with this idea in mind should be able to sort out what is what and how it's happening.

Additional ideas I discussed in my core essay deal with larger themes of Mark McCutcheon's Expansion Theory in light of the cosmic ray powered cosmic model.  One of the issues that I considered was the possibility of different expansion pressure levels in different areas of the cosmos.  This is not something Mark dealt with in his original theory but I believe it follows that depending on how the whole physical system is structured in light of the transdimensional structure of the cosmos in higher dimensions it might be possible to envision such a system where some regions of the cosmos had a different chemical periodic table and much higher densities of possible matter than others because the amount of expansion pressure would be much higher.  I could not satisfy this level of analysis in the time I've had so far, but have introduced it as a concept that should be considered in an expanded cosmology hypothetically.

The issues with this idea resolve a problem I had with the idea that the cosmos had to only have one possible set of periodic tables.  I believe Mark did deal with the idea that the rate of electron expansion could change in Expansion Theory in his original book by stating it may have been different in the past and could be different in the future.   Such change, of course, suggests that different regions of space could hypothetically have different rates of expansion for the electron.  I envisioned this on a very grand scale where the regions would be vast having the same general expansion pressure rate on the order of trillions of major galaxies, and there would be another universal region like this with a different rate nearby.  A detailed study of my essay and Mark's book is required to understand what I am talking about exactly without me going into excruciating details right now.

I also considered the possibility that changes in expansion pressure could occur in smaller settings than the original version I thought of.  We don't technically know enough to say whether or not different chemical systems exist outside of this solar system in the Milky Way.  We don't know enough to say if smaller systems could exist at different expansion rates because we don't know enough about the mechanisms by which expansion is controlled.  It is implausible in general that changes to what would appear to be the physical constants of the universe could be so easily altered in smaller regions of space or around smaller systems like galaxies, stars, or even planets, but we don't know enough about field theory to rule this out entirely.  We need to know more about the relationship between expansion pressure, volume , space, and hypothetical transdimensional fields such as the 4th dimensional etheric I discuss in the core essay.

I am generally skeptical of the possibility of any overly weird outcome in these areas that I have thought about, so generally I believe that the physics and chemistry based on expansion pressure and the periodic table we know are the same in, at least, this galaxy, and probably for some great extent in the extra-galactic space away from this galaxy.  I also believed that variations in expansion pressure would be very gradual and slow over the whole of a large area of space so that instead of having one area that was radically different from another, one galaxy might have one thousandth of one percent difference from the next one let's say.  However this is a function of my scientific conservatism on the matter.  We don't know what's out there and how it works and need alot of time to understand the new model before we can truly say what is possible with it.

Comparing what is known about z-pinch effects and using Mark's model of electron expansion, it would be possible to develop a physical mechanism explanation that shows why z-pinch effects do what they do.  It clearly is something to do with the flow of electrons like that of a river moving mass through pressure.  Once this idea is understood I think it will obvious what is happening from the new perspective.

Reincarnation, Order, and The Great Spiritual Investigation

The cosmos is not a disordered place intrinsically.   Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is good.  Yet to understand that good involves an unpleasant journey into the nature of universe itself.  The journey is different from the necessary desire to keep order itself.  The nature of the struggle that we find ourselves in comes from a need for personal justice and personal order.  This is why we fight.  Desire makes us choose what is obvious every time.  This also makes us predictable every time. 

The nature of the journey into the nature of the universe begins with the understanding that everything in the universe is real.  It comes from somewhere and it goes somewhere.  This is obvious on the surface of things.  We see this and know this.  It is intrinsic to apparent knowledge, which is the knowledge we derive from our physical senses and understand and map out with our fundamental minds.  What is not apparent is the transpersonal journey of everything everywhere through its self and then through the universe and universes of the cosmos in all its dimensional realms.  This is where mysticism and spiritual speculation step in to fill in the gaps between what we can know with our physical senses and what we can try to know through any higher senses or through higher states of consciousness.

Much can be considered in the mind without any of these senses active.  We can design possible solutions to these perplexing problems of metaphysics.  Many have been designed by dedicated mystics, philosophers, and seekers of knowledge.  Others have been discovered through some seekers active higher sense faculties revealing aspects of the order of consciousness that are relayed in a manner that is different than normal human consciousness often in the form of spiritual vision which takes a strange form to those who lack it in a few of the most developed individuals who possess these abilities.

Yet each of these routes to discovering the nature of what is real in terms of the spirit world and its usually invisible twists and turns have yielded some results for the would be investigator of spiritual phenomenon to develop better models of spiritual interaction with the physical universe.  The most important of these principles to consider is the route through which reincarnation takes.  This is because reincarnation and its processes would be the most critical systems to examine when dealing with the emerging and reemerging human soul in the world, assuming, of course, that one believes in this system of spiritual consciousness as opposed to the alternatives.

On the surface, your typical mob of skeptics is going to pronounce such a feat of discovery as following the path of the soul in reincarnation impossible.  Mystical investigations into the very fabric of the reality sounds ridiculous.  Surly, the skeptics will insist, everyone was Jesus in their own mind once they feel cool enough.  Or perhaps Jesus is just an archetype now, simply a being whose loving love and vital teachings on human goodness will always be remembered fondly and related to as the symbol of goodness for the masses who will continue, once properly elevated to the glorious status of intellectual, to employ the joy of Jungian psychological themes in their endless plowing of their shadows in search of Christ-y goals.  Lovely, lovely don't you agree?  We're going to need a lot more labels, so back up the consciousness truck and/or learn to speak Hindi (a language which is said to be much richer in psychological terms than English due to the nature of Hindu thought and philosophy). 

Well now that we've gotten to the bottom of the Jungian pit where the transpersonal dies an ignoble death, it should be obvious to many of you intellectual types that I'm not 100% convinced that a singular psychological perspective involving structured psychological themes as suggested by Jung is going to be the only version of reality we're all going to be celebrating as humanist semi-atheist quasi-normals after we get rid of those pesky religious zealots that keep insisting on other version of stuff.  Not that we should all sign up for any of those versions of reality either, be they ever so entertaining in their own ways.  I've designed my own version out of disdain for everyone else's because I don't like gaping logic or reason holes in my version of the universe. 

If you're like me in that regard, you like your version of the universe to make sense and for all the stupid plot holes to be filled with meaningful tidbits of connectedness which brings a warm and fuzzy feeling of spiritual security to your heart.  Yes, in fact, shit happens for a reason, the reason is good, and I know where this shit is going.  That brings security in a universe whose surface offers absolutely none of that.  If you want order, you have to go digging for it apparently.

Most people never get the basic cosmic security demand which is eternal life except through an agent external to themselves who they are now chained to for their lives.  Not that being chained to Jesus is itself the worst possible way that one could discover a basic fact of spiritual existence, since we all know how much he loved everyone.  Though you also get chained to Jesus's life story replete with some unpleasant end details.  And that story would be incomplete in the reincarnation version of reality.  Also it's technically incomplete in the other officially Christian version of the story which has an odd bit of special reincarnation in it for the big guy, his best bud Elijah, and old man Moses according to many interpretations of it. 

The trouble with the perfect Christian version of all this in a cultural context is that some flaky New Agers came along and started messing with the whole Christian psychospiritual thematic at some point.  However, the religious scholars will tell you that various versions of transmigration (a fancier name for reincarnation) were believed in by many early Christians before this idea was suppressed by the Church's official doctrines probably hammered out at the Council of Nicea.  Before any theories could be formed about complex reincarnation cycles, the whole matter was shut down.  Perhaps some ancient Knight's Templar speculated about such ideas, who can say?  But in popular consciousness it was the New Age movement that was largely a reinterpretation of Eastern religions, specifically Buddhism and Hinduism, that enabled the new round of speculation concerning reincarnation to come into focus for those who had an extra strong dose of obsession about these sorts of nuances.

Just as swarms of New Age neophyte philosophers were hypothetically about to tackle the problem of the formal framework for reincarnation theory, a new threat emerged in the form of militant atheism, which, no doubt, would wipe out the nascent speculation along with the new and old religions too as soon it could enforce it's own brand of reality.  Lead by a vanguard of dedicated inquisitors known as psychiatrists and a few psychologists our foray into spiritual consciousness would have to be delayed once more.  It's starting to look like the dark ages all over again in many ways with the inquisition in search of witches replaced by "mental health care professionals" as the new reality police holds the doorways to consciousness slammed shut for would be seekers of spiritual truth.

But, as I've said before, the questions won't die and the story won't die, so just as in ages before you have to do your seeking quietly if you need to.  For those of you who truly seek knowledge, the door is always open.  And, in all truth, most atheists aren't really all that militant.  Just a few.  Just nod your head and agree when you're around those and you can't get into any trouble. 

In any case, the search for frameworks to understand how the reincarnation process works in theory isn't very hard.  The internet is now full of much speculation concerning these ideas.  Putting them together in a meaningful way tends to lead to certain unavoidable conclusions from the data. 

The first core idea in reincarnation we encounter is the idea that the desire of the person is what drives the wheel of incarnation.  This seems easy enough to understand and apply.  If our desires create our reality a priorii to our incarnation as who we are, then by extension, our desires in our current incarnation shapes the future as well.  This concept of the soul is clear and is focused on what we want in terms of our lives.  What happens when something goes wrong then?

According to one branch of thought on the matter of why reincarnation doesn't always get us what we want is the "we are solely responsible for what we manifest in life" or the law of attraction school.  This idea is very popular in certain new age circles and is generally considered good by collectivists in general since it basically states that you can't blame the system for your life.  It's also popular with bullies because you can't blame the criminal for their crime.  If I were a really clever bully or a dark lord running an evil government I would be promoting this theory non stop all the time.  The problem with this idea is that it ignores the other person problem.  The other person is real and you have to deal with them.

Now, if two people with two desires come into conflict at the same time, how does reincarnation theory take that into account?  There are two ways of looking at it.  The first is that this a first time occurrence and new karma is being generated.  The second is that this a reflection of past life karma that is being relived to be perfected in this time.  In either case the outcome of the situation will determine the future karma consistent with the desires of the people involved in full consciousness. 

This is where the karmic dynamic of the soul becomes visible.  The desire to perfect a situation in that the best possible outcome for all is created is an inherent desire in good people.  Now, in wounded people there is no consideration for the best outcome for all, only for what they can get in the moment for themselves.  That shows two different desires present at two different perspectives in consciousness.  It is the will that determines the outcome in the physical, but the spiritual outcome for future lifetimes is the byproduct of the complex set of desires and connections that exist between the two souls and any other conscious beings present in the entire analysis.  Furthermore, there is in karmic analysis other levels of desire and connectedness to location, both physical and social, that may also be part of the process. 

The reconnection (that which will be in future lifetimes or even in the future in this lifetime) is created by the axis of the process which is the core desire of the conscious individual once the idea of reincarnation is accepted.  This reconnection is what creates the emergence of transpersonal relationships in consciousness, which is essentially the ability to recall what is real and not real about the relationship in terms of past life events and future life potentials.   Transpersonal relationships are what the universe is essentially made of in spiritual reasoning based on reincarnation theory.  These transpersonal relationships to the oversoul of the individual, their full transdimensional self as humans or perhaps even as cosmic beings, is what reincarnation theory is supposed to activate in individuals to bring them closer to what is real.

This brings us to a complex place in reincarnation theory where things get a little fuzzy.  The axis of desire is often very complex for very complex individuals.  Remember, it's that axis that is guiding the whole of the reincarnating zoo of people and places in this advanced version of reincarnation reality.  It's not just individual relationships that are being reincarnated simultaneously.  Groups of individuals are being sucked into this.  Communities, nations, and even whole worlds can get pulled into the desire.  The fountain of desire has not conceivable limit as to how large of a thing can be created from it.  All that is necessary is that is real and it is touched by the spirit through love.  Once love leaps forth from the heart to make the connection, that connection is eternal, infinite, and always in the process of being recreated.  Nothing can change that.

So then, reincarnation theory leads us to a very strange place indeed, where the past comes alive again just for the viewing pleasure of the one that is perfecting the universe in his or her own image.  That's an odd place to be don't you think?  Could such love be possible?  Surely, the believers amongst you already see what it is I am talking about.  It's simply too good to be true for the skeptics.  They will insist on their day of doubt as surely as the sun or rain comes.

Do we dare dream the impossible dream of a love so great it cannot be seen?
Until it is heard around the world and draws to it the galaxies up above.
Into its dance the dreamer is cast forever held in the eternal prance
Never to rise and break the pact, for love once drawn, forever does last.

Let's not get too sentimental though my sweets.  Our sad little world is rather disinclined to believe.  None the less we must still keep the faith in our own way.  Perhaps a little romance is still kindled in your dark hearts yet.  Let us still keep the fires alive.  Let us still hope for another dawn for our tired spirits.

Now back to the dry topic of spiritual discussion!  Whatever created the past is rooted further back in the past in both our normal understanding of events as occurrences in the physical universe and in the expanded spiritual analysis based on reincarnation theory.  There is required a concept of the self, in this analysis, that takes account the transpersonal nature of relationships in time and space as a function of the history of the soul and all its relations.  This core theme of reemerging spiritual experience amongst the same group of souls is a common theme of reincarnation theory in most contemporary accounts.  New souls not part of the existing network of relations, of course, must periodically emerge for every individual soul.  They are, however, new, and as a result, tend to be ostracized from the group if the time period the introduction occurred in are dark in some way. 

What this means is that new souls tend to introduce wounds into the soul that need to be healed in some way because they usually aren't as friendly as the old souls one has encountered before.  This is a reoccurring theme in creation in reincarnation theory.  Where do new souls come from?  Well, the universe probably has an infinity supply of them. They just live their many, many lives and one day you meet them.  It's part of the mystery of the cosmos which keeps things interesting.  But, of course, there is always a reason for their existence that is long and hideously complicated, perhaps as much as your reasons!  Just another facet of our spiritual reality that demands thorough exploration.  I've got my theories about this, of course, but I think I'll save that for another day in another essay. 

In conclusion, spiritual investigation is our birthright as beings who want answers.  Some people may have abilities through knowledge, vision, or remembering that enable them to realize truths regarding reality that may be difficult for others to understand being more frightened of the possibilities or perhaps being into saving the physical world from destruction at our current juncture in human history (we all should be really trying really).  Others wish to test their own intuition or conscious ability to try to discover esoteric ways of understanding themselves in unusual transpersonal ways.  In our search for answers we are bound to go down some rather unusual mental paths.  Sometimes we find the proof we have been looking for.  Other times, it is not entirely clear.  But still, the quest will remain for those who have a thirst to find what others would not care the least bit about. 

There are many contradictions in the current mainstream models of spiritual science.  Spotting those and analyzing them and comparing the differences is one way we can discover where ideas don't add up completely.  The only way to know for sure is to keep testing, just as with other sciences, and to keep thinking and coming up with better models.  Once you know, you know though, and the version will be free from logic and reason holes.  My advice is draw a map and share your conclusions through a book/dedicated journal or in a dedicated society that seeks those answers (preferably the former first and then the latter just in case someone wants to steal your idea except in societies where free discourse on such topics are forbidden).  If those who are true to the search for knowledge continue in their persistence, they must always be rewarded with that which they have sought for so long.

Reincarnation and Transpersonal Morality

If a person can see themselves as a spirit capable of reincarnating in any form at any time, it goes a long way to curing the problems we have today with race, gender, nationalism, and other ideas that divide people.  I've argued for this idea in my own circles for some time that if what it meant to be a human was transpersonal in the way that mystics see things, then all of the problems we have with divisions between us as human beings would disappear overnight.

I have also argued that if people could understand the nature of reincarnation and their own immortal nature then a large portion of the underlying causes for crime would also disappear as the individuals would see that attacking another person would only cause them to have to pay that person back in a future lifetime.  If everything you did to others was done to you or if you had to pay them back by being at their service in a major way, you would be far less inclined to commit crime.  Similarly those who attempt to escape life through their own violent death would also have to think twice if they realized they were immortal and the death they sought in the form of an escape wasn't actually possible, but that the pain they felt might be very real indeed and inescapable.  Such a realization might cause people to reconsider the ways in which they behaved.

For this simple idea reincarnation is a morally useful device for teaching people some degree of responsibility, especially those who tend to be self oriented.  If for no other reason than teaching the idea that one would return into new forms of you to not only fix what one couldn't fix for those who felt their lives weren't complete in some way, but also to rebuild what they took from others because of their selfishness.  In this way true justice is honored in some way.  The whole idea, though, when fully analyzed is very complex. There are alot of possible ins and outs to how karma would operate in this manner.

Karmic justice is not always an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.  This is because karma can be suspended in full consciousness if the people are fully conscious or living in a more conscious social system in this life and because karma can also be paid back on the light.  Good karma offsets bad karma.  Now for some crimes this can take a considerable amount of good karma, but there is an exact tradeoff possible in every scenario hypothetically.  This gets into some rather grizzly discussions as you might imagine, but because no crime is infinite in time, it must be stated that it is possible for someone to pay it back hypothetically.  However, because of my new ideas concerning the nature of karma, no soul can be guilty of a crime for which it cannot pay back in time because such a scenario would be unjust.

The trouble with the karmic system is that it generates long term positive outcomes, so the short term is always left hanging.  One cannot use karmic morality as a justification for every single thing one does in all times that one does them.  This would force a massive amount of thinking or psychic intelligence on people who simple would not be ready for that level of understanding.  At a basic level it is sufficient to keep things in order.  Because our lives here are based largely on creating a better world for all, most questions of exacting karma are best left to the more dedicated mystics or occultists.  Because we are in a planetary environmental and general survival crisis for our species, things like karma are not going to be high on most people's priority list and technically should not be until the danger of human damage to both the general environment and to humanity itself is arrested.

Our societies need various types of reforms in order for us to achieve higher levels of conscience so that life gets better and better for everyone.  Systemic solutions must still be created by the leaders of this New Consciousness.  It will take a considerable amount of work still.  Also those who are enmeshed in the old ways of thinking are presenting a great deal of resistance.  I believe the part that can be played by reincarnation theory is as I have stated.  The idea of reincarnation points to the idea that all forms of human life are interchangeable and that anyone can incarnate as anything to teach them the oneness in all.  This important lesson shows the futility of racism as an idea instantly.  You are that which you attack, so you cannot continue attacking.  This idea is independent of any individual injustice contained within systems such are religious notions of identity.

But even religion here plays a similar role in that reincarnation states that all religions belong to you automatically as you are capable of incarnating in the role of any individual member of any individual religion.  This universalizes the experience for the open minded and removes the barrier of fear between religions.  Now, of course, this does not excuse the abuses of each religion in whatever form they take.  I will not directly quote these abuses here, but these abuses are the reason why finding a universal answer to religious peace proves so difficult.  Yet both of these conversations must take place if we are to move forward and begin to remove the differences between people in a manner that is compassionate.  And these discussions must take place at the right time ideally.

I don't think we are a species are truly ready to deal with the mess that has been let loose by all the shit hitting the fan at once, which is what is happening in our world right now.  The issues are being dealt with in the worst possible manner which as as attacks on groups for the purpose of increase the hostility and division between people.  But, of course, all abuse creates this same problem.  There isn't an easy answer, but there is a clear one.  The process must be done in a manner that is timely and deals with the largest issues first, the ones that great the greatest immediate threat of harm.

Reincarnation as an idea can't be advanced in the way I say in this concept of timing because it is considered offensive to some religious people who reject it.  However, it is still the easiest conceptual bridge to use to open any individual's mind to the possibility and make them realize the connection that is present.

As to the questions of solutions for universal peace on the planet and the resolution of the climate and ecological crisis created by technology, it will require alot of listening on everyone's part as opposed to the current projecting of hatred against other groups.  But perhaps we must see the consequences of hatred first as a collective in order to understand, once again, the necessity for better ways of dealing with each other.  Then, afterwards, we can have a discussion about karma, reincarnation, and how these horrible wounds are healed.  We cannot escape from our destiny to live our lives together on this planet and either create paradise together or perish together at each other's hands.  Immortality of the soul does not save one from the pain of failure to each other, rather it offers the chance to get it right again or suffer the same consequences until we understand the lesson.

Holistic Field Theory and Transdimensional Field Theory

You can download a copy of this essay here to spread the word.

Holistic Field Theory and Transdimensional Field Theory

By Chris Freely

When we think of an object in our world we tend to assume that this object exists as a separate thing in space from all other things.  This idea of an object as a thing onto itself independent of all other things is a unique perspective created in the human mind.  It is an assumption that objects exist independently of that which is real.  Yet what is real and what is not real cannot be easily determined by making assumptions in one's mind about the nature of reality or things.  In order to understand reality one must know what is real and what is not in terms of the totality of what is experienced by every single thing that is capable of experiencing within that frame of reference.

Yet every single frame of reference itself must have a larger context which must be considering in order to understand the full perspective.  For every mental experiment we create imagining objects, systems, people, worlds as separate little individual blips of consciousness or non-consciousness floating about in a sea of isolation, the reality of their connectedness to larger and larger systems becomes more and more apparent as we study the bigger picture of how they are related to everything else and everything else that could possibly be real.

When we study our reality we make assumptions about perceptions that are based upon the idea that our perceptions are created by our brain.  Our brain is believed to create the whole basis for our perceptions.  How this works is a complete mystery in any current scientific paradigm we use whether we use the standard model of quantum physics or the new paradigm of Expansion Theory forwarded by Mark McCutcheon.  This problem, which I noted in my essay about the apparently metaphysical properties of color and the other senses, is the problem of mechanically describing the means by which a mechanical system made of expanding electrons creates the phenomenon of color.  In fact, no mechanical property of a mechanical system hypothesized as purely an extension of mechanical motion can explain our perception of color, sound, taste, etc.

This forced me to consider a more radical concept that dealt with what appears to be emergent properties of a physical system, that of transphysical phenomenology.  Color, a non-physical property of a field of pure darkness made of expanding fields (electrons) appears to emerge from this complex system in consciousness built of what appears to be entirely unconscious elements onto themselves.  Yet the property of color may or may not be a truly emergent property of such a system as a brain and a pair of eyes with some neurons in between.  What if reality was, in fact, something transdimensional at a basic level and that only perception created the appearance of emergent properties independent of the transdimensional actuality of complex metaphysical relationship between 3rd dimensional reality, 4th dimensional reality, 5th dimensional reality, on up to however many dimensions that are required to explain the existence of the complex phenomenology that we see, feel, taste, and know.

The idea of the 3rd dimension as being a subset of higher dimensional realities is not new, of course.  But the complex interrelation I am trying to describe here is uniquely structured unlike anyone else has suggested.  How would a 4th dimensional property be expressed in 3 dimensions?  And what would differentiate a 4th dimensional property from a 3rd dimensional property?  Color is the easiest way of going about this analysis.  There is no dimension of color in height, length, or width, the 3 physical dimensions of matter.  This is the most obvious fact.  Yet the property of color must preexist any discovery of color by you or me.  Color then exists as a property of light in theory because light itself is nothing more than a bunch of photons (electron clusters in the new paradigm) which have no property of color independent of your brain's experience of coloring.  Your brain colors photons of a particular wavelength with a property, color, which does not exist within the photon itself.

Where did the color come from then?  What is its nature?  First, if color is not a physical property, then it must be a metaphysical property of something.  What is that thing?  That is the holistic field.  Particularly it is the holistic field of color that exists as part of your transdimensional reality.  That reality is transdimensional because all perception of experience is automatically not 3 dimensional, it is 4 dimensional because of a simple law.  This is called the law of the observer. If an observer exists in three dimensions, automatically there exists 4 dimensions.  The first three dimensions are the thing being perceived, the observer is the 4th dimension as both internally and externally the observer exists in a separate light line or self contained plane of experience internal to the observer's consciousness.  This light line is what creates the plane of interaction effect whereby when any event happens to an observer or conscious object something new is created in the universe internal to that observer or conscious object that never existed before.  That original experience is something that has never existed before until the event took place.  It also exists in a plane of experience that is a separate space from the physical 3-D universe, which is the very definition of 4th dimensional space in our current understanding of it.

I've gotten a little ahead of myself here, so let's return to color.  Color, in this concept, is an etheric property that is triggered by a type of transdimensional induction in a holistic field interpreter in your brain.  A holistic field interpreter is a field that emulates transdimensional properties through harmonic interactions through a process I call cascading.  Essentially our brains create a mirror of higher dimensional states through the impact of electrical waves in certain harmonious patterns interpreted by impacts to the cellular structures of the cells of our brain.  It is, essentially, a holistic field effect created by multiple fields in multiple layers, all of which together create the field of consciousness that we use in our day to day lives.

Color, however, is a universal property of consciousness that exists independent of our interpretation of color.  Proof of this is difficult to come by directly, but is quite obvious if you consider all the evidence presented by mystics and different analysis of the metaphysical realms (however pitifully inadequate) conducted over the centuries by dedicated researchers and not a few scholars maintaining what accounts exist of out of body experiences and initial experiences of the "afterlife".  Color is part of the holistic field that is already real.  In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is studied where the colors are analyzed in a manner that strongly suggests this divine nature as each sephiroth on the tree is clearly colored with an apparent relationship to all the other spheres.  These relationships have been written about extensively.

Colors of the Tree of Life suggesting a particular logical relationship
between white, grey, black, the primary colors, the secondary colors, and traditionally brown for the 10th sephiroth

I hypothesize that the traditional Tree of Life colors themselves show an origin of the relationship of colors whereby colors are created by certain harmonics related to light and its passage through veils of matter (represented by black) whereby primary colors emerge first and then secondary colors depending on various conditions of the inner harmonics of the holistic field interpreter system.  This harmonic creates a 4th dimensional color reaction in the 4th dimensional plane, the etheric.  We experience this as an ongoing 4th dimensional field shift whereby color appears to be a natural property of the physical universe which has no color intrinsic to it at all.

In holistic field theory, reality is connected to the interaction between fields that induce dimensional shifts detected in consciousness.  Transdimensional field theory states that all objects exist as transdimensional fields automatically and that the third dimensional position of these objects is merely a reference frame of their physical shells in physical 3 dimensional space.  With the combination of these two theories we see a world that is in fact, even at a basic level, essentially transdimensional.  Ideas, in this concept of reality and words are already 5th dimensional at least.  And the deeper and broader the concept that we are grasping with our minds, the more dimensions it has within and without.  Welcome to the real world 3d heads.

What Are Things: How Simple Questions Get Lost in the Chaos

Everything has a beginning.  That's what they tell us anyway.  As far as we can tell it's true.  Who could argue with such conclusions?  Well, some for sure, but let's not turn out to be those people if you know what I mean.

And as certain as everything has a beginning there are those who love to question everything they hear about these beginnings.  Why did they happen?  What makes this thing the way it is and why ever did it show up here?  Most people settle on just assuming that everything more or less means nothing so they agree to just shut up and do their jobs.  Wonderful people those, may their sacrifices be long remembered.

As we consider the question of things, I like to point out some very fascinating facts that may concern those of you who are of a more metaphysical bend towards the whole notion of things and what they do and where they go when they aren't around anymore.  Just about everyone under the Sun out here outside of India just assumes they go poof and gone back into the great nothing or perhaps the void from which they came, though few talk about the void as it makes most feel uncomfortable with the fact most people call it "space" or some other such physically pleasing word.  Nothing wrong with voids mind you unless you get stuck there for too long and they suck your soul out of your corpse.

Now that I have tormented away the weak amongst you using my tormented filtering mechanism, we can properly proceed with the meat of the discussion: the matter of the nature of things.  Things exist because the universe apparently creates them which is an odd sort of thing for a universe to do on first realizing that, in fact, things seem to be generated from the universe, which at first glance, also appears to be a thing made of things.  Good God, things making things?  What sort of a whacked out jive is this place we popped into?  Are we just another of those damn things too? Well, that shit doesn't sound right.

Once upon a time in Greece some really square philosophers who were short on hot dates sat around and decided that things had to be more than just things.  In fact one of the biggest ones, Plato, talked about things being a subset of thoughts he called forms.  Interesting little tidbit (sentence fragmented noted you overly obsessed grammar nazis).  Much, much later another big headed philosopher in Germany, one of my favs to pick on in fact, Immanuel Kant, said that there was something called the thing onto itself whereby, radically, the objects in question actually existed!  This was a big step for philosophy and highly controversial as suggesting that reality was real was something of a major advance in radical notions about the universe.  Kant mostly ignored the depth of what he was saying apparently and focused on the less important idea that we couldn't really know what the damn thing was that we were looking at!  Seem crazy yet?  Well it's about to get positively insane next.

Technically, according to certain mystics, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent and possibly the guilty as well, had the nerve to suggest that one could actually feel the existence of the object!  These loons were positively committed to the idea that things might actually be real and you could prove it by "extending your etheric out" to feel the object, which roughly translated means feel the object with your extended perception in a way like touching it with your thought or with your aura presumably.  Physically this could be like extending the magnetic field around your body to touch the object in question.  Funny thing those mystics could just have touched the object with their hands and saved themselves alot of trouble.  None the less, the philosophers never got the memo, and the scientists by this time had decided that none of it was real in a real sort of way anyway since quantum physics proves that it's all just a stupid probability cloud.  (Though obviously McCutcheon destroyed that idea with his theory as described on his website and on this website here.)

In any case, the things are still here and so are we, so obviously someone's thought experiment in transpersonal existentialist nihilism has gone terribly awry.  Not to mention those damn bills, they haven't dematerialized either.  Clearly someone hasn't gotten the memo.  Perhaps we should complain louder.

So, if things are still here why do I care?  What am I gaming at here?  Well according to the idea that love creates everything in existence through magic, you're going to have a hard time proving that destruction is in any way real to life outside the physical appearance of life we have here in the physical universe.  This radical notion suggests that not only are all objects down to electrons real, but they all have spirit and eternal life simultaneously automatically granted to them as their spiritual heritage for existing in the first place as clearly they must have been summoned into existence for a purpose by a being that already had existed before them.  Yes you read that right.  That idea is called the Natural Theory of Love and Magic.  You'll not find a better one no matter how hard you squeeze your brain I can promise you that.  It's because it's the only theory that satisfies the requirement that the universe is good and serves a higher purpose.

But our universe doesn't appear to be magical right?  Well if it's governed by a law and everything seems to be following a law, what the hell do you think the law is?  If you said things, then obviously you didn't get it.  The law is not a thing but seems to govern them rather thoroughly wouldn't you say?  Try defying gravity next time if you have any doubt about the question.  It doesn't work!  Gravity is magic and gravity is law.  Sure it's governed by the expansion equation that Mark McCutcheon discovered in our new physics paradigm, but why?   Who the heck needs gravity?  Well the answer should be obvious if you think about it since it's here.  Everyone is the answer, Einstein!

Surely alot of details have been left out here, but I'm being dramatic to prove a point.  That point is it is impossible to create a version of the universe that fits all the criteria for a just and true perspective unless it includes the idea that all things are real and that they exist as aspects of themselves to evolve forward in time to birth new realities from their evolution.  And the reason for this is the one stickler of all metaphysical analysis I have seen so far, it is the emergence of desire in consciousness.  Once desire emerges in consciousness then desire must be fulfilled.  It's a divine sort of thing to realize that desire exists to be fulfilled.

This problem is what creates the paradox in reincarnation theory which states that in order for things to evolve, they must grow, but in order for them to grow there has to be new stuff constantly.  Desire is not the source of the stuff, but rather it is the reason that the stuff is summoned into being from the transdimensional into the physical universe (don't try this at home).  And the greatest divine trick of all in this new metaphysical concept is the idea that it is the memory of the past that creates the basis, in some way we don't understand yet, for new matter.  The memory of the past stored in what is called the unconscious, in the higher dimensional record system of the universe is a field in motion through other fields.  Every time fields interact they create new memories and these memories are stored in the transdimensional fields surrounding the lower dimensions and specifically here, the physical.

Alot goes into this idea, but the basic process results in the outcome that no experience is lost because it is stored in the cosmic transdimensional memory system.  If we believe in the basic afterlife narrative of most cultures on the planet, the review process of a person's life goes through this memory system.  Where does all the light go at the end of that experience?  Interesting set of thoughts, no?  With transdimensional experience comes the possibility of mechanisms of creation that are spiritual and, in fact, explainable to some degree with science and normal logic and reason once we understand what matter and experience do and in what proportion these changes occur at in different levels of consciousness field theory.  This requires alot of thought to work through, which I have to a great degree.  I believe this is what Kabbalah ultimately refers to especially the Tree of Life the more we understand it.

Reincarnation, in this idea, does not have an end goal.  It is a continual expansion of the soul until all its desires are fulfilled.  If you realize what this idea means you will be quite astonished at its vast complexity.  It is also a given fact that the desires can only grow over time after periods of rest between fulfillment or unfulfillment as the case may be.  Also this creates the basis for the karmic system as all desire must be honored.  This also means that because desire is endless, eternal life is automatic.

What are things?  They are fields that are born to serve those that have come before.  This is the infinite procession of life in the metaphysical understanding of it.  Beginning in summation a being is born as an object (most probably an electron which is the smallest object in the new physics paradigm of which everything is made) and evolves through a massive series of stages until it becomes a fully sentient soul at which point it has a self reflecting conscience capable of loving unconditionally and making spiritual sacrifices in full consciousness a priorii to a decision tree that is has become aware of.

Does this mean you were a teapot in some prior lifetime?  Perhaps.  What matters now is that the universe you live in needs you to continue to function as a cog within it.  Otherwise you wouldn't be here.  This mental trip into spirit has been provided to you at great personal expense to myself.  I spent a good part of my life looking deeply into the nature of it instead of pursuing normal human interests.  Keep that in mind if you wish to judge me too harshly as a few of you are apt.  It's not easy going into the deep.  It leaves you somewhat scared.  But it's worth telling a worthy soul that things will ultimately be ok in my own way.  Now get back to work fools.

Karma and the Atheist

The trouble with life in our physical 3-d world is that you can never know what's just around the next corner with your eyes alone.  You need some sort of fancy contraption like a drone to get you to see what's out there.  Or perhaps a remote camera operated from your personal headquarters of control to watch out and see who or what is coming to get you next.  Wouldn't it be nice if we all could have such technology at our disposal?  I'm sure the sign up list would be quite long on that one.

And why not?  After all, somewhere down in that disturbed brain of ours we know that somewhere out there is karma.  And karma is coming to get us.  Even that friendly atheist boy down the street who always smiles when he sees you.  It'll get him too.  

If you haven't realized the fear of karma, then surely you must live in an atheist paradise where the universe revolves around random chance happenings because the damn equation that runs this universe still hasn't quite sorted itself out thoroughly enough to grant you that $3 mil you've been begging for.  Well at least you're not like those New Age quackpot flakes who still think that the power of positive intention is going to be heard by the universe and drop them a free lunch just because they beg loud enough.  Isn't that what those fake pretend Christians do, but instead of the universe they pray to the big man upstairs.  You know, that guy.

That guy, incidentally, never mentioned anything about karma in his long speeches to those poor Jews who were forced to write down all his jabbering into that black book they hawk at every corner promising the transdimensional free lunch of a 1000 lifetimes if you buy into the John 3:16 bit for all it's worth.  All you have to do is accept the big guy's special kid into your hearts and presto instant eternity with everything you want!  Screw this place, I'm out.  Sold and sold by and by.  Or as they say in Kentucky "sign me up fool!".

Well since I've done my bit to save my eternal soul, I can move back upstairs with the old man and ask him a few questions about all this mess.  What's going to happen to all the atheists?  Will they be able to find their way through to the fat transdimensional paradise promised to all those Jesus freaks, but their own sick and twisted atheist version of it?  And what about karma?  Does the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in karma?  Or is that question just another con by that rascally devil?  Always busy tricking those believers into believing in the big con!  Does that guy ever quit?  I think we all know the answer to that question.

As I like to say, karma keeps on turning, and the illusion keeps on burning.  What would the atheist say about karma?  I figure the average atheist is, at heart, an escape artist.  He has no interest in being responsible for anything outside of this reality, if he really has an interest in any responsibility in this reality either.  I know how I feel about responsibility, so I have to cut those poor atheist bastards some slack.  They get hated on alot too, so they get some more slack for that as well.  

An atheist is, from what I can tell, free from the responsibility to care about what happens in the hereafter.  So an atheist wouldn't particularly care about karma or any responsibility to the future in this regard.  He or she would have to be a pure moralist or a person of deep conscience to give a shit about anything other than number one if he or she believed that death was the end of all things personal.  Such a position is almost admirable if you are into martyrdom and suffering.  What a heroic stand to take!  And in the midst of such a stark and empty conception of the universe and such a desolate sense of the human being.  Bravo!  Well played.

Alright, now that I'm done buttering you atheists up, obviously now I must insist that you answer some questions of mine.  If you believe that death is the end of all things personal to you and that you become nothing on demise of your body, then why do people cry when other people suffer?  Crying makes no sense biologically.  Your eyes aren't especially full of junk that needs to be purged when something bad happens to someone else.  Why does universal empathy exist in many people when such empathy makes no sense logically according to the biological definition of emergent properties of psychology through natural selection by differential reproductive success?  Is such empathy a temporary defect of human psychology that is a momentary glimmer of a shadow of projection that is bound to be erased through evolution?  Or is it a reflection of a deeper connection that is more real than the temporary illusion of separation defended by your ideology of choice?  What goes into that begins perhaps a journey into the nature of what is real and what isn't real in the context of emotion.  

Karma is an idea that states essentially that everything we do has a consequence for the future of everything however everything goes together and that the fruits (karma) of our actions (dharma) returns to us in many forms in the future depending on how everything goes together.  At a basic level one could presuppose the theory of karma that most people in the west talk about which is instant karma or the karma of this life as opposed to the karma of the eastern spiritual tradition which is the karma of many lives, what could be called simple transpersonal karma.  But because karma is a bitch, karma actually exists universally to all things around us which is complex or universal karma.  Watch out grabbers, the bitch is back!  And she is out to get you!

Now back to our line of reasoning here.  Instant karma is something the atheist could appreciate.  It says that for every action in this life an equal and opposite reaction will occur causing a increase in the probability of that action being done to the person who did it depending on environmental circumstances and various other direct factors involved.  If you go around attacking people, you will eventually be attacked if you do it long enough.  Instant karma is the general day to day balance of all the shit that happens in life.  Universal karma, on the other hand, addresses a major problem in justice in that if a person losses something in life they can't get back and they die permanently in atheism or go to heaven forever in Christianity, Islam, fill-in-the-blank, etc then how is it fair to them if they cannot get it back in this life?  That's the rub right there, the pebble in the shoe if you will, or the splinter in your mind (obviously the Matrix reference).  

The atheist must resolve this problem by stating "life's not fair, that's the way it is".  And that's where the debate ends for them if they are dedicated to the atheist way of thinking.  Unless they have become or graduated to being transpersonal atheists (an atheist who believes in life after death but still doesn't believe in God), but such a thought requires some serious mental monkeying around.  But for the rest of everyone the questions remains:  how is that fair?  And what happens if the person doesn't die satisfied with the results of life and yet still exists in the transdimensional reality as a soul and can incarnate again?  

That's where we get into some really interesting thoughts about how much trouble you can get yourself into by screwing up way too many people.  After all, you're counting on death to save you if you're a real scumbag aren't you?  If you looted the world and ran off with the goods, what happens if you don't die?  What happens if there is still a bill to pay later?  That would really suck for you, now wouldn't it?  And if you didn't believe in God or an afterlife, you see how that wouldn't help if the reality was you were an immortal transpersonal being and you've racked up a karmic debt.  So you see reality does matter, the question is what is real and how do we prove it if what is real is something we can't see, taste, touch, smell, or hear with our basic senses.  The devil is in the details my friends.  

I have way of proving that involves what I call the sense rule.  If it makes sense, its probably going to be a more interesting version of the universe than the one you held before.  If it's entertaining to your ear, it's probably the right answer if you keep going forward.  It's like Galdalf in the Lord of the Rings when he gets to the three doorways in Moria and can't remember the way.  He didn't know the right way to go but he followed his nose.  "The air smells less foul this way," was loosely what he said.  Bingo!  As above so below and on we go.

Life has to be like the artist, fun loving and expansive.  The blocks on the road have to be like karma, moments of self reflection.  When karma is done blocking, we are free to pass.  This can take time depending on alot of factors the primary one being the environment in which one finds one's self.  Eventually the block clears and things flow again.  But the key is to remain conscious of the change and shift in yourself.  Once in awhile you can force the issue.  But there is alot that goes into the process of dodging karmic bullets.  It's not for the weak minded.  

Even the atheist can admit we live in a big universe.  It might be infinite.  And if you believe in immortality it has to be!  You see what one switch of one's mind can do?  It's like the difference between heaven and hell within.  In one case you know heaven's real because you can believe in it and you can understand why it has to be.  In the other case you have to know that darkness and endings are real because they have to be.  Promise is the great hope of the infinite mind.  With it all things are possible.  And yet we live in a world where all of that is within.  You have to find it in yourself to believe in it in spite of everything that this world teaches you about what is real to it.  Darkness to darkness, light to light.  All the things we do are sanctified by our sacrifice.  We gave our lives to these truths so that they may be known to the world.

What can a good atheist do in the face of such nonsense?  I might even have convinced some of you to drop your doubt for a second.  But you'll be back to your old habits in no time.  It's too easy to be a non believer.  All I gotta do each day is say no to everything I hear.  God bless the easy way!  It's the way for me too!  Oh yeah, the boss needs some stuff on his desk by noon so no time for that religious quackpottery today.  So back to your job, fool.

Just don't piss off karma.  She's got her eye on you and your boss too.  What goes around comes around.

The Realist, the Intellectual, the Spiritualist, and Why Life Exists

It's all bullshit folks, and it's bad for you. - George Carlin

The question why is always a luxury next to the most vital question of how.  It is the how to do, make, or operate anything that concerns the realist as he or she goes about his or her daily quest.  For every questor seeking knowledge in this time in human history there is a hundred or a thousand that either don't have time to care or have no interest in knowing.  It is this very fact that makes the few that ask why so important. So then what is the answer to the question of why we exist and why is it so important to know?  I will return to that question shortly after discussion the matter of the conflict between the practical, the intellectual, and the spiritual.

To the realist or the practical person life is a series of events around a particular theme of existence written and scripted by that very same person.  Yet, the conditions of life make it so that often it appears as though the realist practical individual has no choice in the matter.  In fact, they largely don't as the nature of this world teaches through pain so makes most choice no choice in fact. 

This can be quickly demonstrated by an old Bulgarian story.  One philosopher was attempting to argue with two practical villagers about how in fact the atom was made of mostly empty space and hence was not real.  He kept on insisting to the villagers how this whole reality was nothing more than an illusion and that this newfound discovery of the empty space of atoms proved it.  He kept arguing and arguing with them and finally one of them took a 2 x 4 piece of lumber and hit the poor philosopher on the head.  Hence the man was now greeted with the facts of life and had hopefully acquired the wisdom of the realist.  

Life is mostly about routine, survival, doing, and work.  Mostly.  There is also ego which shows up after while demanding that its expression is vital and necessary.  It does it's big show, and everyone moves on.  Then we all return to the land of work and routine which provides for the vast majority of life's "show". 

The intellectual of course must have his or her day as to must the spiritualist to what extent the two camps can be separated into disparate fields of inquiry.  The two fields are, of course, rather similar in that often they are vague and full of speculation.  Yet the more one practices either discipline the closer one gets to the ultimate answers.  You see it's the questions that don't go away!

You can't get rid of the story, you can't get rid of the questions.  The trouble with realism is that it doesn't usually like either of these things.  Questions may make the realist question his whole purpose for existence.  Stories distract realists from their personal ambitions.  No one likes a story intruding into his or her personal story!  And yet the realists are the majority and in all likelihood the vast majority.

Even realists have stories that they believe in depending on how they grew up and with who.  There has probably been a creation myth of some sort with human "civilization" long before the Egyptians started it.   There where probably always skeptics even back then.  They probably didn't make their voices heard so loudly because the priests ran things in most civilizations and the king, pharaoh, or emperor probably liked having someone around insisting he had the gods right to rule.  Everyone under the Sun needs some justification right?  Especially if they are going around looting everyone else for sure!  

In any case it was unsafe to be a skeptical realist like the type we find in the modern world back in the day, so the skeptic had to hide behind just shutting their mouth and pretending that the king and his pack of priests had it all figured out.  During such times the realists were still probably the majority but many fools were born during such times who, being young and unacquainted with the nature of the lie, believed the lies the priests told them about reality.  It was such a blessing that science came along when it did and broke that whole pattern rather thoroughly or sort of thoroughly in some small circles in any case.

But then there were still those troubling questions.  Especially about life after death.  And why were some born lucky while others not so much?  Why did some seem to win life's lottery while others starved to death in the streets?  That didn't seem fair.  The realist would then have to add randomness into his idea of the universe to account for it.  Well, some are lucky, some are not, then you die.  That is the realist world view.

But what about, then, our desire for justice for our lives?  If there is no god to blame outside ourselves, then why are we here?  Randomness and chance universes poping out of nowhere?  Things poping into existence from the void?  What's a void anyway?  I can guarantee you it's probably not an interesting place for us to have poped into existence from it!

Before I get into any straw dog fallacies here, I'd like to get to the point.  The question is out there.  Why are we here?  And the answer has to satisfy to the pleasure of my ear.  Not just my ear, but anyone's ear.  You won't sell a version of the world that doesn't say pleasure to anyone.  It's just not possible.  Try it if you don't believe me.  It can't be done I tell you.  Perhaps it's a fallacy of human existence, but I think not.  I think it goes to the nature of the universe.  It was created from pleasure, for pleasure, and by pleasure.  And if it wasn't, then I'm sure you'll find you can't prove me wrong and any attempt to do so will only show you how out of touch you are!

It's a sexier version of the universe than is perhaps acceptable to our down and out times while we wallow in the mud of our misery.  Surely, it can't be so, the whiners will insist.  A universe built on pleasure?  Pfff...impossible is what they will say.  It can't be done!  It simply can't be done!

But ye of little faith!  Why not try once in awhile?  Why not try?  You see the game's in the flirt!  And I tell you the universe can't be any different!  It's inconceivable that it could be any sort of lost mathematician's calculation that went insane trying to count itself to everything.  No one could count that much I say, no one!  It can't be done!  It simply can't be done!  And surely those who try must be bored to death or bored beyond death.  I suppose in this day and age it's best not to be technical about these sorts of things.

If the meaning of existence is pleasure, then what the hell is all that other stuff that happens?  Well, as you should already well know, the devil is in the details.  You see you can't have pleasure without losing something.  Try it sometime if you don't believe me!  It can't be done I tell you!  If you drink too much you lose your sobriety.  If you screw too much you lose your stamina (if you're a man in any case).  If you eat too much you lose your nice figure.  You see?  What the hell kind of world is that?  You can't make this shit up folks, those are the breaks of being alive here on Earth.

So why does life exist again?  It's a long story actually.  All I can offer you is my understanding of it.  I believe life exists to evolve through pleasure in order to expand its ability to self actualize as centers of consciousness.  In this it forms relationships to others and expands its network of love.  As the network expands, so do does the karmic connection to certain realities that exist in transdimensional space outside of our third dimensional consciousness.  Because the process has no end once it begins for any individual, it is essentially an infinitely complex expansion of consciousness broken by periodic contractions in consciousness which continually grows the soul over eternity.  

As the soul expands it reaches new levels of consciousness periodically.  During this time the soul enters a crisis because it must integrate further in order to expand further.  Crisis cause the soul to temporarily cease growth in order to learn what has happened.  This is the birth of knowledge.  Without knowledge, growth would be always cease and fall back into nothingness.  Beings would be born, lose consciousness, and return back to the bottom of creation.  There would be no progress of the soul.  Without a progress of the soul we would live in a world that was defined by randomness as described in many current scientific paradigms.  Life would exist but as a trick.  You would be born, then die into nothingness forever.  Such an idea cannot be conceived as any attempt to do so results in resistance within the self.  The soul rejects the idea of life without an afterlife.  

The mind can hold the idea, which is why all skeptical realists are intellectuals.  Yet the darkness of their own idea is self apparent.  The advantage is that they can function in this world probably better than any spiritualist without alot of practical experience.  Having such a focus on this world is immensely useful.  It allows the mind's focus to be here and now.  This allows for easy access to success in this world.  The disadvantage of this position is that it does not allow for any access to any possible transpersonal knowledge if such knowledge exists.  The skeptic, if rigidly dogmatic, rejecting all spiritual speculation, also closes down access to any possible metaphysical knowledge that they may themselves may possess.  This may be good or bad depending on any number of scenarios drawn up by more creative thinkers.  Watch out!  There are artists ahead!  And they be messin with that realist big time..

Life surely exists for artists to torment the skeptic!  

Why is it so important to know why we exist?  Of course, that is the least important thing to know!  It's only important to know we live forever!  That I think is the secret of art.  That's classified above your need to know, so you didn't hear it from me.