The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Light

A Brief History of The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Light

A Story from the Mendelbrot Universe

by Chris Freely 

In the aftermath of the fall of the Mendelbrot Imperial Biarchy there came the Empire of Light.  Even though the Legion of Darkness controlled the Legion of Light from behind a facade of falsehoods too numerous to name, it largely became a legitimate government in the aftermath of the Arkalkian and Luffanian evacuations that took 70% of the energy reserves of the Cosmic Tree with them.  The loss of this energy had annoyed the Legion of Light greatly.

The history of the fall of the Mendelbrot Imperial Biarchy and near destruction of homo promethean as a species was a long one.  It all began with the entry of the Cosmic Tree into the Iron Void, a massive rich void full of energy from cosmic rays from the surrounding systems.  The natural pattern of a void then took hold and the central systems of the Tree began to suffer from the lack of magnetic transfer potential from the neighboring systems that were now no longer there.  The result was that the cosmic ray pressure was absorbed by the Chaos Region which resulted in its massive expansion over many eons.

The early parts of this period before the Outer Cloud (the pre-chaos name for what was later called the Chaos region) fell out of Arkalkian Front rule or direction is known as the Late Golden Age.  It was a period of unprecedented economic activity throughout the Arkalkian Front.   Because the Iron Void was not a poor void the Cosmic Tree did not decay at all during the transit through the Iron Void.  During the Late Golden Age, this residual strength allowed for the natural growth of Arkalkian Front borders as the Outer Cloud expanded from 80% of the size of the Cosmic Tree to around 25 times the size of it.

The Late Golden Age lasted until around this time.  It was well known that the carrying capacity of the Arkalkian Front generally maxed out around 25 times the size of the Cosmic Tree.  It was during these times in the past that great crisis would happen.  Yet naturally the drift of the Cosmic Tree was anchored for the last 999,999,999,999,999 generations of power to it's sister systems so that it was known that 25 times the size of the Cosmic Tree was going to be about the maximum of the growth of the Outer Cloud.

Only three times before had the ratio of the Outer Cloud to the Cosmic Tree exceeded 30.  These instances occurred during The 1st Generation of Power, the 4th Generation of Power, and the Lost Generation of Power.  Each of these three periods had near death crisis for the Arkalkian Front, especially the Lost Generation's struggle which nearly destroyed the Mendelbrot Biarchy completely to where the Mendelbrots were forced to rebuild the Biarchy from scratch effectively.

But this was the prophesied quadrillionth Generation of Power when the Mendelbrots would reach their peak.   And the entry to the Iron Void had only come for two Cosmic Trees, the Pookarian and the Mendelbrot.  The Pookarian, however, was a much larger tree in the middle to late quadrillionth Generation of Power and much more capable of surviving the Iron Void.  The two Trees however would be alone for a long time and the Pookarians would struggle to survive during this period as well.   It was known by all of the Kay (the spiritual, scientific, and political elite effectively) at that point in whatever Arkalkian Front society they happened to live in that the future would bring with it the calamity that might very well destroy everything.  It was known the Pookarians would survive only for sure as their Cosmic Tree had the mass to sustain it's existence and the sentient ecosystems of the Pookarians were more unified and singular than the dynamic of the Arkalkian Front which caused problems sooner for the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.

The High Kay Khan, the Council of Masters, however was decidedly optimistic about what would be the end result for reasons they did not share always with the lesser Kay.  It was when that fear entered into the Kay that the late Golden Age ended and gave way to the Silver Age.  The Outer Cloud began to form newly separated Kingdoms from the Arkalkian Front.  The populations of the Outer Cloud exploded.  Political sectarianism began to appear.  The Outer Cloud grew rapidly from 25 times the size of the Cosmic Tree to 100 where it stopped growing for a short while.

The Silver Age lasted for as long as the Late Golden Age, which itself was only the 8th part of the Great Golden Age before the entry into the Iron Void.  It was during this Silver Age that the Outer Cloud broke away peacefully to form a patchwork of millions of political entities in the vast regions beyond the Cosmic Tree all of whom were still allied to the Arkalkian Front at the time.  Only the innermost part of the Outer Cloud remained part of the Arkalkian Front proper.

The Silver Age was followed by the Bronze Age when the Outer Cloud's allegiance to the Arkalkian Front gradually eroded.  During the Bronze Age, which lasted only half as long as the Silver Age before it, the Outer Cloud doubled in size to it's maximum 200 times the size of the Cosmic Tree.  The Arkalkian Front was forgotten by the farthest 2/3s of this vast region.  The Pookarian Cosmic Tree had a Outer Cloud that was 80 times the size of their Cosmic Tree and the contact between the Trees was lost near the end of the Bronze Age as it simply became too difficult to navigate the increasingly fractious outer regions of both systems.

War hadn't broken out yet, but there were arguments now over resources as the region of the Iron Void now being traversed was not as rich as that before it.  As a result growth plateaued and no further extra cosmic ray pressure was available, which is always a warning sign of the approach of cosmic winter.  And probes began to reveal that eventually the area of the Void ahead was not part of the Iron Void at all.  It was a poor void.  When this was discovered the Kay in the Mendelbrot Biarchy, The Tetragramaton Khanate, and the Perakian Hive panicked for the first time ever.  The High Kay and the Kay of Luffania, Arkalkia, Gnellgra (The Gnell), The Seraphim, and the Hebegyatians calmed everyone, but this panic was considered the great shiver of the Tree, for what was coming was the end for sure.

As panic spread the Outer Cloud began to conserve resources.  It was the conservation of resources that caused the first arguments between the many societies of the Outer Cloud over the resources that could be rightfully harvested.  The rules held, barely.  But order began to break down at this point in cosmic history, known as the Shivering of the Bronze Age, or the late Bronze Age.

During the shivering, ship traffic in the outer regions dropped precipitously as no one wanted to fuel ships for travel any longer with the rumors of an imminent loss of the free energy provided by the cosmic rays.  Without cosmic rays from an external source, everything dies.  The size of the approaching poor void kept growing in the estimates.  Things looked very grim.  The final estimates of the Kay eventually came in.  Between 20 - 25% of the mass of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree would remain after the passage through the now named Zeitreia Void, named after the prophetess Zeitreia who predicted that the Mendelbrot system would last exactly a quadrillion generations of power.  Additionally it was estimated that only about 7% would actually be left if maximum usage was assumed by the sentient, semi-sentient, and sub sentient races which was almost certain.

It was known at this point by the Kay what would happen.  The Drow, those of the 2nd rank in society, would not be informed, but the majority of them knew what it meant as most were quite intelligent even if they did not know the Kha.  It was known what to do.  The Shadow Archives were opened, and the Dark Age began.

In the Shadow Archives, kept hidden and locked within the great Memory Core on Carpathia, the capital of the Mendelbrot Imperial Biarchy, it was revealed that the Kha had abandoned the Mendelbrots, Khanate, and Perakians.  Kha Dawn would not return to save them from their own karmic damnation.  It was written that only the Prometheans as a species would be allowed to exist under the protection of the Luffanian and Arkalkian Shadow Forces from these three doomed societies.

The Outer Cloud became known as the Chaos Region again as it had before during periods of collapse,  War broke out eventually in the Chaos Region.  The Arkalkian Front shrunk to the Ring Kingdoms and the Arkalkian Front proper as was always the case in these cycles in the prior Generations of Power.  The total power of the Chaos Region vs. the Arkalkian Front and Ring Kingdoms approached 100 to 1.  By selection and conflict the Chaos Region began to fall under fewer and fewer powerful central governments.

Eventually the Legion of Light emerged from the power struggles that took four total Outer Cloud Empires to cycle through.  The first three of these attacked the Arkalkian Front and lost rather quickly, not even being able to subdue any of the Ring Kingdoms.  The Legion of Light emerged as the 4th Empire.  This was an unprecedented situation in the history of the Cosmic Tree that the ultimate enemy emerged so early in the Dark Age cycle. 

The first 11 wars fought by the Legion against the Front were disasters for the Legion.  Losses were massive.  But each war the Legions commanders became smarter.  With each war their technology became more powerful.  The longer the time that went on, the more energy did the forces of the Legion accumulate in their reserves until they surpassed that of the front.  The Arkalkian Front was bound by honor to fight defensive wars only and the enemy territory was never occupied to allow those societies the rights to grow in their own way.  While this earned some good opinion of the Front in the Empire of the Light as it came to be known, those who showed a little too much good will were punished by the Empire's security forces swiftly.

For the Empire of Light was not what it appeared on the surface.  The Acolytes of Darkness ruled it.  They were out for karmic revenge against the societies of the Mendelbrot Biarchy, the Khanate, and the Perakian Robotic Hive for errors committed by these soul groups during the 4th Generation of Power for the first two societies and the Lost Generation for the Perakians.  These cosmic errors involved the great sex crimes of the 4th Generation of Power and the great cosmic purge of the Perakians who overdid themselves in zeal against the populations of some of the darker powers of the end of the Lost Generation history.

Despite warnings from the Kay of those times, these errors occurred.  Even though they had occurred so long ago, the issue of karmic justice became the basis of holding the Empire of Light together even against the grumblings of those who felt that the honor of the Arkalkian Front was perfect.  And yet, the five karmically perfect races of the Arkalkian Front knew that the other three were doomed with only the Mendelbrot society having elements of purity that were sufficient for them to avoid the ultimate doom of history of complete biological extermination of the Promethean metarace itself.

Yet honor bound they fought for their allies, these five karmically perfect metaraces and societies.  As the power of the Empire of Light grew the final three wars of the Mendelbrot era were fought.  The first was called the War of the Red Death, a long a brutal slog across 1/4 of the Chaos Region and all of the Ring Kingdoms.   After the War of the Red Death ended a long stalemate and border war against the Ring Kingdoms that ended in their destruction began.  This was considered greatest military loss of the Arkalkian Front.  This War is known as the War of the Black Death.  The Arkalkian Front recovered from the great battles of this war  and recaptured the area of the Ring Kingdoms at the beginning of the third war, the War of the White Death, but they were now of little value militarily.

But the Empire of Light was holding back its reserves and another massive stalemate war occurred as the Arkalkian front pushed into the Empire of Light's territory.  The War of the White Death was truly horrific beyond description.  Whole Cosmic Domains were vaporized in an instant during the height of the war.  Trillions upon trillions of galaxies vanished in an instant.  And the stalemate held for a third the length of the stalemate of the War of the Black Death.

But the Empire of Light finally felt the balance of power was fully in its favor, and in a tragic miscalculation from the point of view of its own soldiers and people it pushed for an all out attack against the forces of the Arkalkian Front.  This 2nd phase of the War of the White Death was brutal and total.

Rather than save the unwinnable situation the high command of the Arkalkians and Luffanians decided to save their civilizations and those of their fellow karmically perfect races as well as many, many Mendelbrot lives temporarily.  The Khanate and Perakians volunteered to die off to absorb the survival of the other 6 metaraces and buy them time.  Their forces went to the front to hold off the Legion of Light's advance. 

The Luffanians had planned their survival for eons ahead.  It was said that Luffanians were best at hiding, building massively overpowered yet fragile ships, and reproducing quickly in times of war.  They were hideously good at their specialties.  Knowing that they could hide effectively if they had enough energy, they had been hording as much as they could.  The Arkalkians, who shared a long history connecting them to Luffania, also knew of this strategy and adapted their own version of this strategy eventually, especially the hiding part when they realized by the War of the Red Death that time was limited.

Arkalkians knew how to build fortresses and powerful long lasting warships and had the best military industrial system in the Front.  They had a decent knowledge of secret ship designs that could hide in the Void if built perfectly, much learned from the Luffanians.  Using the trick of harmonics, ships could plan their refuels carefully and hide all over the near Void.  But just to be sure both Luffanians and Arkalkians had ships built capable of reaching the now distant Pookarian Cosmic Tree.  They sent these ships first with 1,000 Mendelbrots especially chosen among their passengers.  This fortunate move is all that saved Homo Promethean for the Pookarian Cosmic Tree, though wild, was far from the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree and far outside the reach of the Empire of Light without massive ship engines of the type they simply could not build given the energy situation of the Cosmic Tree at that point.

With 70% of the energy of the Cosmic Tree made into ship cores of Luffanian and Arkalkian shadow ships over periods as far back as the 5th part of the 8 part Greater Golden Age, the ever watchful Luffanians once again saved everyone.  And these ships were designed with one purpose in mind, to hide themselves using their massive energy and dimensional shift technology to keep undetectable.  The technology wasn't perfect, but the Luffanians and Arkalkians were just going to wait the bastards out till they all starved of cosmic ray shortages.  Having a foothold in the neighboring Cosmic Tree allowed them to have options.  The Pookerian locals were wild but willing to accept a few ships and a few galaxies being shared in return for some favors.

But the vast majority of the Luffanian and Arkalkian shadow fleet was engaged in dodging the Empire of Light's hunters for a very long time.  Most didn't survive this period.  Only about 27% of the Luffanian Shadow Fleet and 19% of the twice as large Arkalkian Shadow Fleet survived.  Only about half of 1% of the fleet was in the Pookarian Tree.

During the massive buildup of the Arkalkian Shadow Fleet during the War of the Red Death, the other 7 races had to do most of the ship building and resupply on the front of the war.  This sacrifice however saved the Arkalkian Front.  The Cosmic Tree was doomed anyway and would only be splintered fragments of its former self after the entry into the Zeitreia Void.  Once the Golden Galaxy, the heart of the heart of the tree, was destroyed the Tree would effectively be dead. 

With the Shadow Fleets built and the plan complete, the wars to save the those doomed by these decisions was fought in honor, but not with 100% commitment as the Shadow Fleets did not participate in the battle.  There were simply too many bad feelings left over even in the Arkalkian Front about the errors made during the ancient times to risk the survival of the whole front in such a conflict.  The War of the White Death reached its emotional zenith with the engagement of the Khanate and Perakians in the great surge against the Empire of Light.  To their credit they managed to surprise the Empire's forces and even successfully pierced the defenses of the capital and laid waste to its military infrastructure.

Momentary the territory of the Arkalkian Front was nominally 25% of the Chaos Region, but the Empire of Light reserves began the counterattacks which destroyed the Khanate and Perakian military.  It was the Battle of the Sentimest, though, that was the pinnacle of the war.  Fought on the cosmic west of the Tree, the full might of the non Shadow militaries of the Arkalkian Front members destroyed the Empire of Light's main fleets and armies in a battle that lasted many eons.  But again, the Legion called up reserves, and threw another force into action.  The 2nd Battle of the Sentimest ended in the destruction of that reserve fleet, but the forces of the Arkalkian Front were exhausted at this point.  Less than 15% of the Arkalkian forces remained, and the Empire of Light called up its last emergency reserves and threw them into the fight under its best commanders.

The last stage of the War of the White Death had begun.  The Arkalkian Front was pushed back into the Border Kingdoms first, and then into the Cosmic Tree itself.  The Empire of Light had lost 85% of its available military manpower at that point, but the Arkalkians and Luffanians were the only forces left still capable of putting up real resistance.  The Seraphim had taken the brunt of the invasion into the Cosmic Tree itself and so their massive defensive forces were destroyed and their capital fell to the Empire of Light.

Even while this happened the Empire of Light went through a military revolution and the entire existing government was executed by enraged military officers for the disastrous losses they had suffered due to the mismanagement of the war.  The original estimates was that the Legion of Light should have suffered 25% losses rather than 85%.  The problem was caused by poor military management under the Empire's aristocratic factions.  The Acolytes of Destruction had finally decided to act to eliminate the government having watched the failures mount and having to bide their time until the government's security forces were too weak to defend them.

The last phase of the war was the invasion of the remaining 7 members of the Arkalkian Front from Seraphim space which was now almost entirely occupied.  The rest of the war, now under capable management, went according to plan.  All the capitals of the Arkalkian Front fell one after another except Luffania, which had mysteriously disappeared, again.

What had happened to Luffania, wondered the non Acolytes of Darkness among the Empire of Light forces.  But the Acolytes knew Luffania's secret.  And they went searching for it everywhere to catch their quarry which were the illusive Mendelbrots that had survived.

With the capture of all the other territories of the Cosmic Tree complete, the Empire of Light set about resettling its citizens into the Cosmic Tree.  The 8 defeated races were to be restricted from reproducing.  Although it was discovered fairly quickly that there weren't any Khanate or Perakians anywhere.  They had all committed to the war effort and had stopped producing children long before the battle started.  They had committed conscious self genocide.  The Empire decided after discovering this to settle new colonists in these 2 territories, and to cruelly destroy the Mendelbrot region piece by piece over eons.  However the Mendelbrots had also stopped reproducing, so there was very little to be done.  The Empire of Light still destroyed the Mendelbrot culture, but because there were no promethean children anywhere, there was no ability to leave a legacy of enslavement.  Some of the more insane leaders of the Empire did try to clone Mendelbrots for the purpose of slave labor, but this faction was defeated in a purge against evil that happened after the main purpose of the Crusade of Karma was over.

The surviving Mendelbrots died off slowly.  During this time the other 5 races were treated as defeated people.  They were restricted in reproduction.  The Empire very quickly figured out about the shadow fleet when they realized the energy reserves of the Cosmic Tree's cores had all been depleted by mining.  The hunt began to eradicate the hidden fleets and the precious remnants of six civilizations they held in within their hulls.

But it was not long after this hunt began that the Cosmic Tree and its surrounding Chaos region entered the Zeitreia Void and the lack of energy became a survival issue.  The Choas region withered and died without the cosmic rays to sustain them.  The stars burned out.  The planets lost their light.  And everything on the edge evaporated over eons.  The Tree itself began to die off.  And with this the Empire of Light stopped its hunt of their ancient enemies and let them scurry off to die in their own way, as the Empire thought.

For the Empire saw this as the end.  But before things became too dire, the Empire ruled in its Golden Age that lasted for quite some time.  But population crisis and the shadows of revolution started to edge the Empire of Light towards destruction.  Eventually it fell to the same forces that had helped it, the division of power into smaller and smaller cultural centers that broke away towards the edges of the Chaos Region, now incidentally shrinking rapidly.

The energy crisis lead to panic among the younger races of the cosmos and those not too wise.  Demagogues rose outside the circles of the Acolytes of Destiny, now having changed from the Acolytes of Destruction.   And despite the best efforts of these Acolytes of Destiny, the Empire of Light and all its institutions were doomed to be eradicated by the forces of even less honorable people than they.

It was generally the opinion of the Legion of Light that the Luffanians and Arkalkians were almost entirely eradicated.  Their populations had largely disappeared with only about 2% of the original levels that the Empire had absorbed.  The same was true of the other three races of the Arkalkian Front.  The shadow fleets were probably out there but the numbers destroyed gave the Empire confidence that they would not be seeing the return.  In fact, the surviving Shadow Fleets had moved out far from the Tree and weren't approaching it at all.  They were just waiting for the return of cosmic ray pressure to start their move.

The Empire of Light fell to the rising tides of genocidal insanity within the Empire itself.  The Azp, the Kel, the Gnolls, and the Tresh were the four powers that rose up to confront the Empire.  These forces grew tired of being denied their rights to expand their populations in the face of declining resources.  These four powers rose, destroyed the Empire, and then fought each other until all was ruin everywhere.  The four sided war went on until the century where the cosmic ray pressure finally started turning around.  The Great Wall of Light, the sign of distant cosmic trees, was suddenly visible and all could see that the end of the Void had come.

The Arkalkian Front returned and the Promethean survivors from the Pookarian Cosmic Tree with them.  All of the other Prometheans had died.  There were only 1000 left.  They had died because species of the Kha would always place any people of any situation into ships based on their karma and their spiritual disposition.  This practice lead to the Prometheans being on smaller and less well protected ships of the shadow fleet all of which were destroyed.  It was a form of Cosmic Justice and the Prometheans had created the problem themselves in their past lives from their evil acts.  By the Innocence shall you sort them.  This was done because it was just.  But the 1000 that had survived, the purest of the Prometheans were now free of the karma of their species and could start a new species and a new order.

They founded one, the Freean species known as Homo Freus.  And from the Freeans after a few million years, a 2nd race came forth, the Thaians, Homo Inocus.  All that was once of the Mendelbrot civilization was gone except for the few Quackles that were left somewhere out in the cosmos to be found and the MetaQuackle that had saved a great deal of information about the civilization which had been stored with the 1000 Prometheans who had returned from the Pookarian Cosmic Tree.  A long New Age of Light began for all far longer and greater than any that had gone on before in the history of the peoples of the Kha.  The Thaians gave rise to the Thaian era of the new Thaian Cosmic Tree which grew from the surviving Dark Quasar cores of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  The Thaian Cosmic Tree became the Freean Cosmic Tree when the Freeans took over.  Each Generation of Power was rotated between the two new powers of the Arkalkian Front.

The Pookarians who had helped the Prometheans in the Pookarian Cosmic Tree had also migrated away from their more sophisticated Pookarian neighbors and joined the new metaraces in the new Cosmic Tree.  They also entered the Arkalkian Front after some discussion and settled where the old Khanate once lived.  This became the two godzillion Generations of Power rotated between the Thaians and the Freeans.  And the old Mendelbrot history as well as that of the Empire of Light became almost as nothing and forgotten in the ancient records deep in the vault of the planets of Innocence and Humanity, the capitals of the Thians and the Freeans respectively.  But that nearly endless tale of history is best told at another time as we are slightly short on electrons from which to manufacture a story.

The Legend of the Kha

The Legend of the Kha As Told by Luffanians

A Story from the Mendelbrot Universe

In the beginning was the Kha.  It spread it's light throughout the worlds.  And all things were born with it.  It is the essence of the light.  But then the worlds forgot the Kha.  And to hold those worlds together came the Redeemer who was of the Kha.  His name was Kha Dawn.

But there were those who would not accept the Kha of Kha Dawn, for they were now their own Khas.  At first there were 13 others, who are called the Immortals of the Kha.  Then there were 27, who are called the Eternals of the Kha.  Then there were 55 who are called the Powers of the Kha.  And onwards the spire of the Kha grew to encompass all those who would remember.

And in the crucible of Remembering was the universal story reforged so that the legend would not be forgotten.  For all had their own Kha, and in it they gave praise to what had gone on before.  This is known in the language of the Luffanians as the Reckoning of the Eeons.  And it is written that it is the fate of all worlds to face their Reckoning.

But the Reckoning shall come by the Kha, and of the Kha, by the choice of the Kha.  Those that know the Kha are known as the Kay, and from them are drawn the Kay Khan, the Holy Redeemers.  They are the Awakened Ones.  These are the Knights and Ladies of the Court of the Kha.  It is here that the Eternal Romance plays out it's drama.

In the eternal remembrance of the wholeness of the Kha, one and the same, eternally bound to fuse together into the force of the One Kha.  Remembered and whole shall the great power build to its crescendo.  And all those of the Kay must say in unison "KHA DAWN!"  And with this shall all that is separate be made whole. 

But it is not enough for those who do not know the Kha to say the words of the Kha.  The Kha is a path into knowledge and power.  Each finds their Kha in their own way.  And when they are first they are Kha Dawn the least.  But the first that came to us was always Kha Dawn the One True Emperor of Luffania.  But to understand is to know the Thought that made it so.

All those who do not know are known as the Field.  Those that accept the path of the Kha, but do not know the Kha are known as the Drow.  The Drow serve the Kha until they are the Kha.  And this is known as the Force of the Kha, what in most tongues of the lesser races of the cosmos as the Army of the Kha.

It is customary, by will of the Kha, that the Kay are organized in groups of 10,000, known as a Kaydom, lead by a Master Kay.  These Master Kays gather into the Council of Masters by will of the Kha.  The Kays are the eyes, ears, and hands of the Kha.   The Master Kays work as the mind of the Kha.  All is one in the Kay Khan, for the Kha is of one mind.  Those who do not know the Kha cannot understand the Kha.

And the powers of the Army of the Kha are half for the Kay and half for the Drow who outnumber the Kay by a factor of 100 to 1 typically.  And the rest of the Field are called the Daft.  It is the purpose of the Kha to exist.  It is the purpose of the Kay to support the Kha.  It is the purpose of the Drow to become the Kha.  It is the purpose of the Daft to learn to follow.

The way of the Kha is not the way of force.  The will of the Kha is always a counterforce.  The Daft create the force, the Kha creates the counterforce.  Because the Kha knows, it waits for the Daft.  The Daft attacks the Kha and the Kha blocks the Daft.  What allows the Kha to always win is the fact that the Kha always knows.  This the nature of Kha Dawn in whatever form He takes so long as he remains awakened.

The Svetia Kha must arrive though.  The Kha is destined for the Svetia Kha.  Without the Svetia Kha, the Kha can only be in contest with the Daft.  The Svetia Kha is the eternal mate of Kha Dawn.  In so much as He Knows, She Knows.  A Kha that is lost is known as the Destroyer of Worlds, a condition caused by the lack of the Svetia.  This is known as Kha Noctornus, the sleeping Kha.

It is said all Khas must go through the cycle of creating and destroying worlds.  But it is Svetia Kha that breaks the cycle of the creator-destroyer.  Once found Kha becomes Kha Shaktis, the Kha of Peace.  The purpose of Svetia Kha is to birth the Svetia and the Kha, thus renewing the cycle of life.  We Luffanians lay eggs for this, though other species have internal birth processes that serve a similar function.

In so much as the legend is told, it represents the beginning of the understanding of the Kha.   There are other species who are of the Kha, there are others who are learning of it.  There are other words in other tongues of deeper Truths still.  We Luffanians yearn to know more, of course.  And the lessons keep coming.  

Thoughts on the Basic Cosmic Set

Thoughts on the Basic Cosmic Set
During the course of my meditations on my visions, an idea was presented to me that the cosmos revolved around the theme of repeating patterns of evolving spirits incarnating as celestial objects and celestial formations rooted in singular celestial objects.  This idea was the idea of the planetary, solar, galactic, metagalactic, etc archon ring cycle.  Essentially, infinite desire should over time give rise to the experience of incarnation as a cosmic being who creates in the higher planes and then in the lower planes. 
The essential nature of the archon was thus visualized to be a being who lived on the etheric plane in a sort of preincarnation existence which lasted about half the full length of time of incarnation that would be created and lived a life in that plane rehearsing its experience before incarnating as whatever it was going to incarnate as in the physical.  The rehearsal was done with the others it was going to incarnate with a-prioii to the incarnation. 
As I studied the idea of the archons and allowed myself the flow of the mystery through the mystic experience of visions certain messages came to me regarding what it would require to prove the existence of this entire idea.  The primary concept around which this idea would be proven would be what I call the “Basic Set” or the “Basic Cosmic Set” which is the experiencing in creation that allowed a being to go from an electron in the cosmos to a full fledged lunar body, the planetary archon 1.  The exact dimensions of this planetary Archon 1 weren’t clear, but the general rule of a trillion times for each level of the cosmos and each level of higher consciousness is what I settled on as a formula observing the nature of what we see in the universe.
Logically, if we believe in reincarnation, then the number of cycles it takes for a being to evolve is essentially scientifically fixed to an average around which the growth of the being follows an expected path of development across multiple worlds of creation until finally they emerge as a full fledged Planetary Archon 1.
The science surrounding this should be based on a known mathematical formula based on the evolutions in the physical world first, and then in the higher dimensions second.  So, first we must understand the basic nature of the physical universe in all its aspects in order to understand the number of cycles it would take for a being to evolve in the cosmic hierarchy to higher stations of development.  Such an undertaking is not at all a light affair, but a rather heavy, if not the heaviest, set of thinking concerning the nature of the soul and how that souls evolves.  We are dealing with a science of reincarnation here that is exacting in its precision.
My essential idea of the basic set must be first analyzed in the context of how I personally see the physical universe’s cycles of creation.  I believe the physical universe functions essentially as the technological universe and the lower natural universe for the cosmos.  Here matter is the basic resource and all energy is tied to it as we well know hopefully by now.  The themes of the physical universe all revolve around the emergence of civilizations on planets that seek to go out into space and explore and colonize areas of development and create wealth for themselves and their future reincarnating selves in the context of a single civilization until such time as a cosmic disaster or rare ego based invasion of another species destroys them. 
The physical universe is ruled by the natural cycles of cosmic ray abundance caused by the natural cycles of rotation creating the seasons of the cosmos.  These seasons correspond to the periods of growth and expansion and contraction and shortage we would find in the cosmos.  Most of the cosmos is governed, in my guesstimate, by great cycles of peace which last 200 times longer than the cycles of war and 2000 times the cycles of heavy darkness (corruption). 
During the times of peace, the cosmos is ruled by different sets of principle discovered by benevolent cosmic citizens, the sentients, who have evolved full conscious civilizations and essentially treat the cosmos as part of a divine master plan.  These civilizations seek to catalog and know the cosmos and all the beings in it besides attempting to consciously and conscientiously grow their own civilizations as part of their cosmic rights.  Each time a being is born into an incarnation chain, the being in question lives a long series of lifetimes, possibly as long as trillions of years even in the initial emergences, in one of these groups.
Because the physical universe revolves around these patterns, it is rare for the existence of societies who wish to live a more primitive life such as those depicted in magical themes in our fiction.  These must exist, however, and it is my general opinion that the ratio in the physical universe between those who wish to live technological vs. natural "magical" lives is about 4 to 1, but that the definition of natural is different when considering the question of the nature of physical cosmic systems as per their primary drives.
This last part, a sort of strange argument for anyone who doesn’t live in my head, is related to the idea that of the “technological” peoples of the physical universe (they are of course all technological technically), only about half are truly technological in the sense of what type of universe it is they are creating.  Half of those technological people are living in a natural universe by preference, meaning that technology supplements an organic lifecycle for natural born beings.  These beings, thus, limit their populations to a certain amount to account for the idea that nature is primary.  They may use technology greatly, but they are not trying to turn the cosmos into a giant computer system run by robots.
The other half of the cosmos is either run by robots or is so pro-technology that natural systems are seen to supplement the maximum sustainable sentient population theory of development.  This is the true technological universe.  In that universe, it’s ultimate end goal is to create dyson spheres everywhere for the conversion of all matter into sentient populations.  The end result of this universe is an energy crisis and what I refer to as an Archon crisis because the stars are largely destroyed or completely chained to dyson sphere machinery in order to sustain massive populations, most often of robots and beings who have chosen to evolve as cybernetic organisms of various sorts.
Once one understand the whole of this idea, one begins to see what the nature of the physical cosmos is like.  Luckily, those that live in the cosmos rarely allow for the mass development of the whole thing into a technological nightmare.  Instead, core regions tend towards more technology whereas outer regions tend to be more towards nature.  There is a boundary point between the two paradigms that are usually balanced.  This boundary point is the point at which sentient species use more cosmic rays than the cosmos produces to sustain natural star growth and development.  This is the critical boundary between the half of the natural universe that stays natural and the half that chooses to go technological.
In addition to these two parts, one in five regions in general remain “magical” which is natural with specific properties of elements that allows for the evolution of what we know as magic in our fictional stories.  These emerge from the incorporation of elements that are projectively radioactive into organic bodies which is easier at higher expansion pressures (see Mark McCutcheon’s the Final Theory or my essay on Expansion Theory which is the Core Essay on where more elements exist on the periodic table.  As a consequence of the requirements for more expansion pressure, these areas would be considered outside the safe boundaries of a natural universe anyway until such time as they evolve to incorporate the necessary technology or natural systems to overcome the problems of going from areas with one expansion pressure to areas with another (a very, very hard problem to solve even compared with building arrays of thousands of dyson spheres as far as I can tell). 
None the less, the basic idea is that the physical universe is divided into different domains of activity.  At the bottom domains with fewer natural physical elements occupying about 4/7ths of the cosmos a conflict exists between technologically developing species and natural developing species which divides the physical cosmos into two general areas that are defined by technology and nature even though both are dominated by species that are essentially space faring technology driven development oriented.  The balance of the cosmic good slightly prefers nature over technology, but at times technology is considered better usually for survival reasons as technology is hardier and better at surviving more conditions. The remaining 3/7ths of the cosmos is split between "magical" and "transmagical" regions dominated by beings that may have a greater inclination to avoid technology for a much, much longer time period and who have natural defenses against technology in the form of the natural properties of their universe which allows for a natural defense mechanism against beings who have technology from regions of lower expansion pressure density.  2/7ths of the cosmos is the region that is essentially “magical” and 1/7th is “transmagical” where powers such as what we consider to be superpowers may emerge naturally from the even higher expansion pressure of these regions of the cosmos.  The general idea is that transmagical is even more powerful than magical and represents what we might consider divine powers as opposed to ordinary magical powers.
Now, beings would obviously want to incarnate in the more powerful regions of the cosmos, so there is a training time that occurs in the lower regions essentially by incarnation chain.  Want to incarnate in a realm of magic?  First you have to pay the entry fee karmically by being incarnated in a loser planet like Earth and finish the proving ground tests.  And what holds together who can incarnate where?  Well, that’s where the Archons come in, for they guard the physical realms as it is they who create them in their mind’s journey as pre-incarnate beings who serve the greater cosmic spiritual powers in planes above them.  Serve them well and you are rewarded and allowed to incarnate in their realms.  Serve them badly and it’s back to a dump like Earth where you have to relearn all your lessons all over again.  Well, not quite.  Actually, Earth is just a planet where everything is just starting up and we don’t any real magic except the kind old occult philosophers obsess over in their boredom. 
Now, cosmic cycles take a long time to complete so when one incarnates somewhere, that’s where you are for anywhere from hundreds of millions to trillions of years (for more ancient spirits the amount of time just gets longer and longer up to infinity in theory).  That’s where the basic set comes in.  Understanding the basic set is the key to knowing the answer of how long it is we spend in creation doing these various projects as part of the life of a particular group of souls as a particular sentient species in the physical universe. 
The basic set is built around the idea that beings are born naturally as electrons.  A certain number of lifecycles as an electron is required to evolve beyond that stage in consciousness when the electron is presumably destroyed for the last time and the spirit that is within it is processed by the creative powers of the transdimensional realms above the physical.  An electron evolves into something.  An atom evolves into something.  A being must spend a certain amount of time as a plant, and then a certain number of evolutions as an animal.  After that is must eventually evolve a conscience somewhere in the cosmos through ultimate selfless sacrifice to have a sentient soul body.  This is when it is now a Sentient Archon 1.
The difference in power from a Sentient Archon 1 to a Planetary Archon 1 I assumed was a trillion.  A sentient Archon 1 is a planetary bound spirit because there just aren’t that many asteroids around to allow for small bodies to exist in space in such large numbers as the math requires.  This creates one of the more interesting metaphysical problems of soul theory whereby the Planetary Archons and above are anchored to the cosmic chain of creation whereas the Sentient Archons and below are anchored to the planet’s world soul more so in order to incarnate their afterlives within it.  It’s a bit of a complex idea to get your brain around.  The whole entire basic set, when mapped out, is literally the science of evolution of the soul as a set of principles that tells you the mathematical relationship between these levels of creation and the math of the entire reincarnation system up until Planetary Archon 1.
This, of course, cannot be a small system.  My first intuitions on the matter was that it would take hundreds of incarnation cycles on something like 800 initial planets or more to go from Sentient Archon 1 to Planetary Archon 1.  Now that isn’t math, but when I started doing the fuzzy math just with what I thought I knew at the time of probable lengths of time the numbers were still in the high hundreds.  That’s hundreds of sentient species alone that a being has to incarnate through not counting their transdimensional lifecycles as spirit beings in higher planes of creation.  When we add the math up in the larger estimates this is quadrillions of years just to get from Sentient Archon 1 to Planetary Archon 1 to earn higher permissions in cosmic creation.
The idea of needing higher permissions is based on the concept that the cosmos is ruled by higher dimensional beings who have mentally created the domains of the cosmos that we live in as sentients a-priorii to nature having formed them through its processes which occur within the context of the cosmic mind internally as a process.  In other words, nature’s machinery is on a lower plane of operation than the will of creation of the beings who shape the cosmos as it moves slower and within the context of the will of creation of the desires of cosmic spirit beings.  The planets and stars are these very Archons who have created themselves in the same way it is presumed that the lesser and tiny yet more able to determine their destiny sentients have created their lives in the higher planes by previsualization in the higher spirit bodies as angels(A common spiritual and New Age concept).  It is only by service to the will of the cosmos’s highest good that permissions to exist are granted by these cosmic gatekeepers who are older in general than those who live on the surface as sentients.
Another concept that is critical to understand about my paradigm is the idea of the cosmic voyeur god and goddess and multiple layers of cosmic voyeurism that excludes sexual domains of activity.  The desire to be cosmic god or goddess, not an Archon as they don’t actually observe the lives of other beings in such a way, is the desire to observe creation from a higher plane almost as if you were watching a living simulation.  It is the desire to create something that is a living simulation from your desire, the same as the computer programmer or story teller desires to see how things play out with his or her creations.  God and Goddess on this higher plane are, in fact, the cosmic voyeurs who watch over but don’t interfere with the creation which occurs within their spirit space and the powers that thought of what it was before it came into being.
The basic set has to account for this time as well, as beings do live out these sorts of experiences in lesser regards it is presumed before they become greater at this process, such as being the God/Goddess of a town long before one is a God/Goddess of a galaxy.  The cosmos is then linked together through these different fields of consciousness in higher planes of creation creating a sort of dynamic field of consciousness that is beyond the realm of physical humans to relate to or experience in any easy way except through advanced altered states of consciousness which have great cost to those pursuing them. 
Then there is the problem of the human ego that is beyond the scope of this essay which is focused on the idea of the basic set as the ultimate map of cosmic relationships in principle.  In order to know for sure it is necessary to observe the physical universe and construct a map of known relationships between essential ratios of physicality in creation.  One important fact, for instance, is what is the guaranteed number of planets that can be terraformed by a species such as ours in a normal natural galaxy based on the fair and just ordering of a species natural rights to express their highest and most obvious ambitions as having just arrived in a galaxy. Since 200 galaxies out of 201 are run by good species, it is logical that these species have already solved the formula and had conventions about this for hundred of millions, billions, trillions, or even quadrillions of years.  In other words, it is a known known because they have had time to think about it.  I had assumed the answer was probably a round number, most likely 1000, but we certainly can’t say for sure only that in all likelihood there is a figure that is known by whoever runs this galaxy as its chief power.
This critical question determines the average rank of the highest level being in a natural born civilization such as ours because the permissions have to line up with the Archon ranks to keep the synchronicity of the cosmos in balance.  While this is beyond the basic set, the basic set is critical to answering other questions concerning cosmic soul age of the more ancient spirits who are the oldest and most powerful of the beings on a particular planet, the planet’s natural leaders.  You should know them well by now, you are expecting one of them to return and bring about the Kingdom of God.  Do you think that Jesus Christ was an ordinary soul even if he was an ordinary human?  The answers should be obviously to anyone who studies karma, reincarnation, and the order of the cosmos.
It is generally assumed by myself that all the greatest human minds and hearts that have lived are the ancient beings here to guide the less old beings forwards in consciousness.  This is a common theme in evolution that teachers are present to guide others in their own understanding of their own place in the cosmos.  There are those who have gone forwards in consciousness in order to show the path to those that walk afterwards.  Now it would be great if this walk were over and the whole of humanity understood everything it needed to know about peace, but even the idea of eternal life is rejected by the human ego.
The idea of the basic cosmic set thus is left for generations of the future to solve.  It is a massive problem that no small order of proof must be forged to support.  As the atheist majority, representative of the human ego of the Aquarian Age, will reject this idea as being “childish” and beneath it’s egoic dignity to consider, it will be left to the more pure spirits of a more childish age to consider past the serious frowns of the worldwide dominant church of atheism.  Well certainly God is dead for the Goddess has risen!  But the voyeur God somewhere in a mirror world beyond ours is certainly laughing about the stupidity of human kind.  For now we will just have to live with the idea that all of what I have written here is just art, and thus sing the praises of scientific atheism as we explore the universe as humans in all it’s glory. 

God of Sarcasm

As I sit here and breathe into my lungs, an understanding slowly dawns upon me about the nature of the beast that is humanity.  Without consciousness, without breath, man and woman descend into the most barbaric sorts of notions about reality.  The idiocy that spews forth from the thoughts of everyone from the lowest to the highest born amongst us prove the uselessness of the egoic way which is everywhere, saturating every thing.

You think you're above ego?  You think you've reached a state of mind where you can truly say that you are the master of your self?  Yet, if you can't shut up for five minutes, don't you just prove just how wrapped up in ego you are.  You can tell whose a self absorbed idiot quickly after you meet them in this regard.  Self absorbed idiots love to talk about themselves and their ideas, yet offer nothing more concrete in terms of advancing knowledge than the certainty that they are right.

The world is full of big headed thinkers who have thought their way into a box, though I use the term thought in the loosest possible sense.  It's rather an incredible thing really how many "experts" we have in this age.  They are paraded before us on shows run by big shots to tell us the next big thing every day all dedicated to selling us another plastic version of reality wrapped in mediocrity.  Has thou not heard, the answers are within?  But what's inside now but the brain train to nowhere, a endless tunnel of cell phone streams to nothing.  What's at the end of that promised paradise but another false face with a false promise and a fake thing for us to grasp onto for five minutes before the next dose of mind numbing gets us back on track to reach back into nowhere.

It's an amazing thing the perspective one gets when simply breathing and feeling, and all the world doesn't do it either.  It's like you're in a different universe inhabited solely by yourself and all the knowledge in the universe.  You get to bask in your own personal pocket dimension of feeling, and the rest of humanity is like a transparent sea of illusion.  You know you've gotten it when you see it.  Then, suddenly you've become the God of sarcasm in your own personal hate space dedicated to burning off the ocean of stupid.

You've got to understand the dedication it takes to walk the path of redemption.  You've got to believe in yourself enough to see that brief glimmer of light between dealing with the people who are shadows.  They reach out from their unconscious near undead state of wanting, wanting, wanting forever trapped in their pettiness.  It's a madness for sure that afflicts the modern lost human wandering the deserts of their own thoughts.  Each day brings a new distraction to take them further and further away from their souls which are found in their breath and in their feeling. 

The cell phone is arguably among the worst inventions in human history, having successfully zombified an entire generation of young people.  It would be glorious to see the damn things banned forever and we just go back to land lines.  I'd sign up for that plan in about 20 seconds.  Sadly, I think I'd be one of the few.  You know back in the day there was this thing called the sky we looked up into, and there were these things called people who we would look at and talk to.  You've gotta understand how insane it all is.  The only cure is to see it.  The only cure is to remind yourself that breathing, feeling, talking, caring, and looking at nature is your ticket out of the zombie zone.

It's not something that is meant to last.  You see the state of humanity, and you know this to be true.  Deep down, you know what is happening is wrong.  In your heart you have to know it.  Otherwise what good is having a brain?  Surely, something has to be done to stop the slide into indifference and more cell phone staring stupidity.  But, we'll just sit around and watch a generation be destroyed by technology instead.  I suppose someone will figure out how to profit from that too until they too are destroyed by the nothing they create.  It's a vast thing that destroys everything that isn't awake.  It's called life.  You'd be wise to try it sometime.