The Great Conflict

 The Great Conflict

by Chris Freely

A Story from the Mendelbrot Universe

The Legend of the Great Conflict is the centerstone of the Arkalkian myth concerning the creation of the cosmos.  It is echoed in the legends of all the knowledgeable sentient races throughout the cosmos.  It tells of the great cycles of creation and the patterns which arise in those who have lost The Way, who Arkalkians believe guides the Flow of the Cosmos.  When the Flow is Good, as it is in most times, the Mysteries are honored, and Vision emerges to show the Field the Truth.  The Field are those who are trapped in ignorance.

Before Kha were those that proceeded Kha.  Yi was the elder guide, and she was both fair and wise.  Re was the elder of Kha's and his first love.  Re was great and thoughtful.  They were ancient beyond that which was known.  Arkalkia was born at the same time as Kha.  And so was Svetia, the twin flame of the Kha.  There were many generations before and after.  None kept the count in the worlds.

But beyond the worlds were the heavens, and here the records were kept.  It was written that there were many heavens and that heavens begat heavens as was their nature.  But few in the worlds bothered to learn these things, for the troubles of the worlds were their own.

It was the will of Life to rise again repeatedly.  The beings of the worlds reached up to the heavens so that they might grow in greatness.   This gave birth The Growing that raised the souls towards the infinite.  Few bothered to understand in the worlds, for the troubles of the worlds were their own.

Yet among those that were Gods and Goddesses there was always talk of the worlds, for their fate had to be decided.  Such was the troubles of Gods and Goddesses.  And into this mix came the Archons who wished to have a piece of creation for themselves.  Selfish were the Archons always looking for more.

It was said often that it was never enough.  Truth be told there was none who disagreed.  But there were those who were always keen on keeping the businesses of the business secret.  For there were those who had found out the secret to winning was to delay others from doing the same.

It was from this realization that the Great Conflict started.   Before this point it was easy to get along.  Before this point everyone agreed.  But then some needed to win, so they began to converge on the idea of having that which was not theirs to take.

But before they were discovered they realized they had to lie to cover their intention.  And so it began, the masking of the worlds.  The worlds came to covered in shadows.  And with this darkness began to rise in the hearts of the sentients. 

And with the masking of the world came the need for karma.  Before this point there was no need for it.  But as those who wished for wicked gains, it became necessary.  Because it became necessary for some, it became necessary for all, for the universe is just.

And the multitudes of sentients cried out, "Why?"  And it was said the Gods and Goddesses said, "You have done it to yourselves!".  But the sentients could not hear and see, for they had fallen into shadow and darkness.

It was from the darkness that the need for the Law came.  And all things and beings were bound to it.  And the Law was greater than the will of any.  And with the need for the Law came the need for the Justice that upholds that Law.

And the Gods and Goddesses were bound by the greater Gods and Goddesses before them.   And the Archons bound themselves to the Will of Life and gave rise to the Threads of Eternity.  Through the Threads the Lifeforce of the One was woven into All.  And all the Threads were woven into the Patchwork of Love.  And so it was that no one could escape Fate.

And there was a great hatred that rose up when the sentients found out what had been done, though they had done it before themselves!  So they rose up in rebellion against the Gods and Goddesses, the Archons and Dragons, and the One God and Goddess that they represent, those that may not be named for their names are Real.

But the Power would not rest for the Great Conflict had unleashed it.  There were those who believed and those who denied it all.  But, their denials could only last as long as the Power did not demonstrate.  For against the Powers all must fall down and marvel.

The season of Powers was written by the keepers who watched.  And so that all could be satisfied creation was divided into seasons of appetites.  But there were those who rejected this call.  They became the Guardians, for they refused the rule of the appetites.

And with this was born the roles.  Each choose what they believed and fought.  And all creation became a war.  But there were those who wanted Peace.  It was they who became the Peace Keepers.  But though they begged and pleaded, Peace would not come.

So it was that all creation took sides.  But the Angels and Archangels who served the God did not take sides.  And God, who watched, took no side either.  But the Goddess took all sides, and gave to all what they asked.  So the Archons were satisfied, and all pledged allegiance to the Goddess for all Eternity.

With this came the great ring cycle.  The powers of creation were given to the Archons so that they could shape their choices into the Patchwork of Love.  The powers of the heavens were given to the Gods and Goddesses who served the one God and Goddess.  The powers within the highest heavens was given to the Archangels and Angels that served the one God of Light. 

But the story did not end there, for their was the matter of the Threads of Eternity.  Each being had to be itself or the Threads would cease to exist.  But all beings wanted to return to the All from which it came where no Threads were used against it.  And so a gate was kept for those who wished to return, a route by which they could take if they so wished to exit from the Great Conflict.

But without the Threads the story could not be complete because the emotions of the universe would scatter and creation would fall to the great boredom of eternal triviality.  But the Seasons were made so that those who wished to know the Threads had their satisfaction as well.

But all those who became chained to the season became known as the Seasonbound.  These were those who were closed to what was Real beyond the Here and Now.  And all those that were Seasonbound could not know the secret, Mystery, that lied in the heart of creation.  But the Mystery was revealed none the less when the Season specified.

But the worlds would not trouble themselves with even these details.  They grew restless and imbalanced.   For when all is forgotten, trouble stirs.  The Law was forgotten.  Justice was forgotten.  And everything seemed to mean nothing at all to everyone in general.

But there was a reason that all the named names had meaning.  But few could grasp it.  Few could reach into the darkness to pick up a Thread.  And fewer still cared.  But there were those who tried.  And inexplicably they succeeded.

It is from the hammer of nuance that all great things echo in eternity.  This is something the gross cannot comprehend.  But those who yield subtlety receive the highest reward.  Few can use this Truth, which makes it among the great Truths.  But to quibble about such things is the past-time of those dedicated to question all that can be created by the will.

But there were those among the sentients who wished to silence the great debate.  They were purists among them that guarded what they wished all to be.  And these purists knew they would win in the end.  But, they were wrong.  For Karma bound them to their Fate.  For all things were decided long before they came into being.

For those who knew, the Seasons were the right to exist for all.  But for those who wished to exploit creation, the Seasons existed only for their particular appetite.  This was the dictatorship of appetites that bound the wicked to their doom.  But the wicked had their Season, so it could not be contested.  But Nature made it so that Her cycles determined the Season of the Wicked.  And thus those who were Wise knew to council with Nature.   And Nature was above all things both human and divine.

There were those who wished to control Nature, so they invented the Spheres and placed them in the Heavens to mark their power.  Surely it was the Archons, for they knew no bound on what they wanted.  But the Gods and Goddesses knew and kept all these things in check.  But there were others who wanted these places for themselves as well.  So war could reach everywhere, but none wanted to deal with it.

So there was a Balance.  And a bargain was struck through the Seasons.  The two great Seasons were formed thus.  The first was the Season of the Light when all was One.  The second was the Season of the Grey, when all would divide.  And all demanded that the first Season was long enough to feel good.  This season was thus made for 7/8th of all time.  But the second Season would have sway over 1/8th of time.

But, cried the purists, "why?".  Because, it was told them, you cannot have your way all the time.  There are others who wish to have what you have.  Thus by envy will you fall after your seventh part of the Season of Light is done.  So was born the traitor, who lead the thief and the liar to mask the worlds from the Light.

The purists were enraged.  They had created creation, but now they were told it was not for them!  So thus they conspired to hide the Truth from even themselves.  The records were buried.  And the knowledge of the Great Conflict was lost.  This was the bargain of the light.  One Season for Light, but when the knowledge of the dark arises, the Light is broken.

And the purists were greedy.  They wanted eternal light everywhere for everything.  But they could not have their way because there were those who wanted revenge.  For creation is always imbalanced.  There are always winners and losers.  The losers get tired of losing.   And this is why the sentients conspire to overthrow the Gods, Goddesses, and Archons.  They do not like losing.

So it was that no one can hold up creation forever, no matter how "well meaning" their plan of perfection.  Eventually Nature would come along and smash that perfect plan.  And it was all according to the plan of the Gods and Goddesses, and of course the Archons who relish the chance at a good turn of fortune for them and their schemes.  For this reason too the sentients rise up to silence all knowledge.  For this reason do they repeat their folly.  Because the Truth is too much for them to bear.

Their revolt is always the same.  They wish to supplant the Gods and Goddesses as the determiners of Fate.  And as much as each of them is a God or Goddess they manage it.  But there is always a price to pay.  In some seasons it is only in this world, but in others it is both in this world and the next one.  It all depends on what they have done.

The idea of Rights was thus born.  Some had Rights others had Karma.  Such was the interpretation of the wicked.  But Karma was not a tool to use to bludgeon the universe!  But the fools thought it wise to try!

When the game ended, the losers were counted and sent back!  Few could understand why, but surely it was because of the need to Live better.  And the lessons were repeated, should anyone forget them again.  But the Gods and Goddesses gave to each a slice of eternity large enough that rest was possible between rounds of foolishness.  Otherwise none would ever replace them in the ring cycle of creation and they would be stuck in their heavens who were badly in need of a remodeling.

It was often remarked among the least wise that change was the enemy of all.  For it seemed to them as though even their Gods and Goddesses could fall and become nothing.  But of course, only the one true Goddess and the one true God could never be destroyed.  And many died in the vain pursuit of meeting one of these.  But, surely, they could see the folly of this.  And the answer has always been "No, they could not".

It is the strange nature of all to show itself in parts to those unable to deal with it.  And there are none that can for to know all is to be shown all that is, was, and will be.  And for this no mind can conceive.  But there are those who try and fail at this often.

The Archons put walls between themselves and their creations for the reason that one cannot know them, much less any God or Goddess which is beyond them.  But there are some Archons greater than some Gods and Goddesses though as a general rule they are below these two others.  Much depends on the strength of the soul, a Mystery beyond that of the Gods and Goddesses.  But the one Goddess and God, the unnameable ones, are beyond that soul.

Creation, it is said, becomes more complex the older a soul becomes.  For as it ages the soul takes on more and more divine qualities through the measurement of power.  For this reason the souls are all ranked and ordered to know them.  Those who deny this process are known as the veilers of creation.  They seek to control the process of the Vision.  For the Vision will show the Soul the Path no matter where it is if the Season is right.

So it was as a gift to those who had given service before, for the Vision is earned for the Worthy alone.  And the Worthy may know themselves to prepare themselves for the Great Conflict.  It all begins with the emergence of the Power.  For the Power comes to test the will of those who are unprepared for it.  The order of creation is made so that the Procession of Souls begins all sentient planets in their evolution.

The Procession of Souls begins with the oldest.  They declare themselves by their power.  Then the younger souls contest and attack these contentions creating karma to bind them to the will of that power.  For every denial is a mark against those who attack.  For if proof is given, one must bow.  Those who do not bow are bound in karma to bow until they do.

For those who refuse, war is their destiny.  But to understand they must first declare their allegiance to a Core.  For the Core is the Dragon, and the Dragon is the Core.  This is our way of saying that if you do not follow your divine messengers or prophets, then you are doomed to serve the demons who follow in their wake.  They are your demons, for you have chosen them.

Thus wherever there is a natural born race of sentients the legends are the same.  There is a God and there is an Enemy.  There is a Dragon whom the wise know to mean the system.  It is the system that the people follow, not the Goddess or God.  When the system is complete in Knowledge, the Procession of the Souls becomes a conscious process.  Here the Archons will call forth to Eternity for the Answers.  Who are we?  What were we? What is our destiny?

And they will have them.  For it is destined.  But not before the Season.  For the Season rules all under the heavens.

It was once the Season of War on Arkalkia long ago when we received our champion Kha.  And he rose up to be the Guardian of Arkalkia.  Perhaps you live on a different world.  But you will all have a Guardian.  And you will all have the Circle of 26.  And you will all remember you were once Archons.  For the cosmos lives to live again.  And the great cycle of Life is never ending. 

The Great Conflict is the battle between Truth and the Lie.  It is the opinion of many that the Truth is what they wish to hear.  But that is not so.  For the Truth must stand at the end of time as an unbroken answer.  And while that answer may be delayed by Nature, it is precisely Nature that demands the answer.   For all of Nature is within the Seeker.  And you are the worlds yet to be born.  Kha Dawn!  May the Light of the Secret keep you safe!