The Fall of the Establishment Through Astrology

For those who oppose the establishment, the question astrologically is not only when are the bad times for the establishment sign Saturn, but also when is the organized resistance represented by Aquarius well aspected?  Conveniently everything is described by several major planetary patterns arriving soon.  The rise of the organized resistance and revolutionary action is inevitable with these planetary patterns.  The fall of the establishment is guaranteed although it will be a bloody mess before all the destruction stops.  For my version of what that establishment is I believe it will take 200 years to clean out the majority of everything that needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

The core pattern supporting the establishment is Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn temporarily supported from a trine from Uranus in Taurus to Saturn only.  The forces of revolution represented by Uranus are choosing to stay comfortable at this time in their walled fortresses and play the establishment's chess game by playing to the system at the times when Uranus trines Saturn.  The last trine was just last month from Uranus to Saturn.  This indicates that this election season is likely to be a lackluster one for the hopes of those wanting change from the existing order.  The resistance has chosen to say "I didn't sell out, I bought in."  Well with that kind of attitude you can see why we get nowhere with these sorts of things.  But hope isn't lost yet, it's still to come. 

Yet Uranus never reaches the trine with Pluto in Capricorn because Pluto leaves Capricorn before Uranus trines it.  And that's a disaster astrologically speaking for the establishment because when Uranus does make that trine it's going to make the trine to a Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of the resistance and revolution.  At that point the balance of power will shift away from the establishment and it will begin to lose gradually and periodically suddenly in shifts of power.

This brings us to the other good signs in the charts.  Saturn enters the sign of the resistance and revolution in March of 2020 for a short spell and again in December of 2020 for two years.  The real revolutionary forces will rise and impose order at this point, whatever order they choose presumably.  A massive shift in the world's establishment order occurs here in December of 2020 when Jupiter begins a two hundred year transformation with Saturn as they both conjunct for the first time since the 1400's in the sign of Aquarius.  This marks a complete shift from the Earth signs to the Air signs when the important Jupiter Saturn conjunctions will occur from now for 200 years with one exception in Scorpio.

In addition several other remarkable astrological conjunction functions happen that deprive the establishment of potential victory.  Mars never joins the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Instead it misses that point when it conjuncts Saturn at an astounding 0 and a half degrees degrees of Aquarius in April of 2020.  The establishment's power will attack first though as Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn first.  This occurs around the end of March of 2020 about the 23rd or so.  The establishment will attack here, and the resultant counter reformation of structure will occur quickly with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius.  From that point forward the resistance and revolution will have the advantage.

However it will be very tough going as the forces of revolution will be opposing the new revolutionary order represented by Saturn during this first entrance into Aquarius.  This means that the revolution will be divided against itself for the first years with lots of infighting and chaos.  This will be evident as Uranus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius.  The revolution in money which began with the entrance of Uranus into the sign of money, comfort, and women (Taurus) will be negatively impacting any established revolutionary organizations represented by Saturn in Aquarius.  The birth of the revolution is difficult and largely still-born.  Chaos hampers its consolidation.  However it has luck and law on its side with the Jupiter conjunction with Saturn.

The establishment is also hampered by a lack of astrological lucky breaks. They would need Uranus to trine Pluto before it leaves Capricorn.  and give them the advantage of having technology and/or revolutionary appeal with the people.  This they lack.  Instead Uranus in Gemini eventually makes the trine to Pluto when it is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius.  Woops.  Game over, man.  G.g., as they say.

When Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024 and stays there for almost 20 years afterwards the power shifts to the revolution and resistance.  As the revolution turns to the use of the powers of destruction and transformation, the establishment will be pushed back for 20 years.  Last time Pluto was in Aquarius it was the time of the French Revolution and off with their heads.  All throughout 2027 and 2028 Uranus in Gemini boosts the forces of the media to assist in the revolutionary destructive impulse of Pluto in Aquarius.  The establishment is going to be replaced by the new power rising through the forces of change.  The media will be on the side of that revolution probably after some media realignment.

It will be a great time but difficult time for those in the resistance.  And it will be a lousy time to be a drama queen represented by Leo.  The global ego is going to smashed down to bits with Pluto opposing Leo.  Uranus will boost the ego a bit here so there will be a balance.  This means the transformation will be gradual in this regard.  The establishment will be hit by a spiritual onslaught from Neptune in Aries at this time as well for 14 years starting in 2025.  This process will be an aggressive push by spiritual forces to bring down the establishment represented by Saturn.  That process while somewhat slow will decay and rot away the established order especially the idea that a balance represented by Libra, which Neptune will oppose, is possible.

This process will be greatly assisted by a Saturn conjunction with Neptune in Aries which will result in an increase in the spiritual order of the military occurring in 2026.  These forces will be destroying both the balance represented by Libra and the establishment represented by Capricorn.  The military will provide a key spiritual support structure against the establishment worldwide at this time.  However it will also beat down on society, also represented by Libra, ruthlessly at this time and again periodically for the entire Neptune transit through Aries.

Balance will not be possible while Neptune is opposing Libra except by the chance realignments that occur while Uranus is in the Gemini supporting Libra.  Once Uranus leave Gemini and goes into Cancer, however, starting in 2033, the establishment is screwed as Neptune will still be in Aries.  Here the forces of technology, revolution, and democracy directly oppose the establishment for the protection of the home, homeland, mother, and simple people represented by Cancer, which is incidentally the planet of the Kraken or Godzilla.  Now when Pluto gets to Cancer, you might very well see the simple people of the world go smashing the old order piece by piece for a prolonged period of time like a Kraken or Godzilla.  That's a long way off but for now with Uranus in Cancer and Neptune in Aries, it will be enough to see the establishment's force diminish significantly and it's position become untenable.

They only catch a lucky break that Uranus doesn't make the exact square to Neptune in the cardinal signs against Capricorn instead making the exact square in Leo (Uranus) and Taurus (Neptune).  It will be close because the conjunctions occur in the first one and two degrees of Taurus so the establishment will be under massive total pressure that nearly destroys it.  It only manages to dodge the proverbial bullet by inches.

And when it emerges on the other side of this time period it will be greatly weakened.  Only some spiritual forces represented by Neptune in Taurus will be supporting the Capricorn position which will allow it to make a degree of recovery.  But by this time the power of the revolutionary forces will continue to grow as Pluto continues its long journey through Aquarius not fully ending until 2044.

During this entire process other shifts will happen as Jupiter and Saturn make patterns to the main patterns represented by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the biggest forces.  The one I have examined is Saturn in Aries conjunct Neptune in Aries.  But Saturn also enters Cancer in 2033 giving the common simple people an established voice in the process.  Here it squares back to the very same Neptune in Aries that it made the conjunction with in 2026 so this is a process that starts in 2026 and comes to critical stressful turning point in 2026 again beating on the establishment from two directions.

The years after 2045 are better for the establishment for some time as the three heavy planets will be in supporting positions, but by then it will very much be a new establishment with new players and a new position.  Much of the old establishment will have been swept away by the changes and the erosion of what is weak and untenable.  And a new spiritual power will emerge with Pluto in Pisces.  It will certainly be a exciting time to see what is coming down the pike towards us as a human species. 

Now Is Not The Season For Looking Back

Those of you who read this site will note that I tend to vary my themes quite a bit.  It's not easy being a philosopher, scientist, metaphysician, mystic, writer, idealist, warrior, and prophet.  Try it some time and you'll appreciate the dilemma I can assure you.  It can get a little rough on the mind.  This little essay is on astrology.  La de da.  Since everything competent tends to fall into my lap, having had a rather delicious view of the whole sha-bang as they say, here's another demonstration of being right.

Astrology on the whole is a great subject.  Probably the most complicated of all subjects and mostly needlessly so by the very astrologers whose job it is to simplify the themes to easily understandable ideas for people that actually assist them.  Sadly the profession is filled with too many lazy, indifferent, or incompetent people as is the case with many professions nowadays.

Currently Saturn and Pluto, two very important "heavy" planets are transiting through Capricorn.  This is a time that conventional institutions receive a boost of power.  Saturn and Pluto support conventional institutions in this placement.  Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and a liar.

It's good but hard times to be a Capricorn.  It is a shitty time to be a Aries, Cancer, or Libra or if you have any major personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in those signs if they are in the aspect orb for Saturn and Pluto.  Since the aspect orb is very large for the squares (8 degrees) and the conjunctions/oppositions (10 degrees) most of you Aries, Cancers, and Libras are really looking forward to when these two heavy planets go and harass someone else.

Collectively Cancer is the sign of the past and looking back.  I've got a moon there so I've been feeling the horrible effects of Pluto for years though it is almost out of the orb for myself.  Saturn is currently harassing my moon and I've got an inclination to dump the past and the whole let's remember everything forever inclination that a moon in Cancer gives one.  It ain't easy, let me tell ya!

As Cancer is the sign opposing Pluto and Saturn right now, collectively this is a time when our attachment to the past, the mother, and conservative ways is broken.  These are among the many things associated with the sign of Cancer which is getting hammered by the unpleasant duo of Saturn and Pluto. Once sundered there is no going back.  Thank Goddess for that!  We were really sick of having to watch the goddamn reruns in our emotional bodies anyway.   So long to useless trash I say!  I'd say burn it down too but you have to wait for a good Mars transit for that.

In any case, till Mars joins the ritual of annihilation we'll just have to go along with the existing show.  Believe me the collective doesn't want to have this experience.  It's fighting tooth and nail for every ounce of the way things used to be.  But dudes and dudettes, it's an over and done with deal.  Get over it.   This is a very important lesson for those with major influences in Cancer.  I can relate not just because my Moon is there but because the Moon is my most powerful planet.

Collectively the end of all nostalgia for what was is happening.  It is the end as the forces of destruction and structure oppose everything that was.   The past is being crushed and broken by the power of existing institutions of order and power.  This is also a very bad time to be a conservative because Cancer is the sign of the conservative way.  So all's not good news for the right, in case you were taking this as an essay on the political system as it exists through what is loosely called "ideology" but is in fact more akin to the people who want change versus the people who don't.

For many years I read how Pluto was going to destroy the establishment.  While it's in the sign of the establishment?  Hardly.  Pluto lends power to the sign it passes through so they get an extra wallop of power and will.  Notice the increasing power of the central order?  Notice how everyone wants to be in power now so they can wield that enormous "advantage"?  Yeah, the astrologers that said otherwise were fools.  I believed them till I did my own analysis and realized, nope, only an incompetent moron could fail with Pluto conjugating their planetary positions.  Oh, how I wish it were true, but it's not.  That's the way it is.

Luckily for all of us this transit of Saturn will end in 2020 when the increase of order of power of the existing order will no longer be supported by the planetary lords of that process.  Looking for the decline of the establishment?  Look to the transit of Neptune in Aries beginning in 2025.  That's when you'll see a new dawn starting in spiritual force.  It's a long way off for those of you wishing for something better.  But it's better to be sober looking at the truth than lying to one's self with bad half baked astrology predictions based upon a lack of logic.  Just look at what conjunctions are and you'll see that I'm right (as usual).

What this means is that power belongs to those that support the structure of order and opposes those who argue for a return to the past.  A return to the past is not possible with this transit!  There is no going back.  Pluto and Saturn are opposing it!  What they want is order at any cost.  That order means more rules, more control, and more domination.  If you can't get with the program, that process will steamroll you into the gutter.  Don't mess with Pluto or Saturn.  This is especially true when they will conjunct in the sky in January 2020.  The establishment will be at the height of its power.  Not a good time to be a ordinary human being on Earth.  Sorry, the news is the news.  Don't blame me, blame yourselves.

Consciousness is a necessary component of being alive on Earth.  Reading the signs correctly is another.  If you can't read the signs correctly, then you need to get out of the business of prediction.  Those who have been predicting falsely will also have their day.  They will be laughed out of the public square.  I'm not afraid of that because if I'm wrong then everything will turn out fine and everyone will forget about it.  But if I'm right, which I am, then you'll all see it happen.  The establishment will reach the zenith of it's power in 2020.  It's won't start a precipitous decline until Neptune reaches Aries when warriors of spirit will rise up to attack it.  That's 2025.  The future isn't written in stone, as I've stated before, but everything happens in cycles so what's happening on the ground will make this true.

You have been informed about the matter I trust now.  The story of the unconscious is one of patterns that repeat until one becomes conscious of them.  If you are conscious you can make a difference.  If you aren't, then you can't.   You're just another number then as far as the universe is concerned.  Get with it and learn or just be another loser.  That's life on Earth.  Wake up people! 

The Great Con: Fate

Fate is the greatest con job in the universe.  A bunch of lazy liars came up with the idea one day while they were dreaming up a better con to fool everyone into buying into something.  It was a sneaky ruse.  And the fools bought it like the suckers that they were.

Why, you might ask, as if you give a damn!  The answer, obviously, is that everyone needs something to sell.  You see that's the great trick behind the great con, the one that goes on everywhere as far as the eye can see.  You look out, and it's so obvious.  Everyone is lying, cheating, stealing, and trying to get away with it.  So then, if you see it clearly, why bother with the rest of the bullshit they sell?

Perhaps the people pleasing deceivers among you would insist that buying into their bullshit is what makes them happy.  No, I say, no!  You have all of you been deceived by your own stupid!  You must understand, your con job act isn't going to fool anyone except yourself maybe if you take it too far.

But think upon the matter of fate for a minute.  What is it?  How can it exist at all?  Well if everything were a giant computer system made by some mysterious cosmic powers then fate would be what it is that you will do in the program.  And there in lies the lie!  Choice is within the realm of your power.  Yet that has nothing to do with fate.  So then if fate isn't a lie, it's just a ruse.  It's irrelevant to the quest of life itself.

This is absolutely critical to understand.  Fate means nothing!  Nothing!  It's a mental phantasm your mind invents to keep you in compliance with whoever is selling the idea so that they don't bash you over the head for questioning orders.  That's what fate is in this world.  In the rest of the transdimensional reality, sure it's there.  But it's character that counts, not fate.  It's choice and character that moves the destiny of worlds.  Thus fatalism, accepting the idea of having no choice because of the mental abstract "fate", is the greatest sin against woman and man.

Another poor way of phrasing this idea that is commonly heard is the idea that "fate is what you make of it".  Now whoever came up with that particular line of what passes for "reasoning" should be fired..out of a cannon..into the sun.  I cannot stress that enough.  Fate is NOT what you make of it.  Choice and character are what make you, fate doesn't matter!  This is what I mean when I talk about the problem of pop philosophy.  A cynical man or woman might think that someone purposely misled everyone by twisting their minds with meaningless ideas so they could never get anywhere through the powers of thought control.  Who would do such a thing?  You'd be surprised.

None the less, whether by accident or conspiracy, fate is still the greatest con job in the universe.  The rest, as they say, though you shouldn't trust them even if they say it, is up to you.  Onward towards victory!

Thoughts on the Basic Cosmic Set

Thoughts on the Basic Cosmic Set
During the course of my meditations on my visions, an idea was presented to me that the cosmos revolved around the theme of repeating patterns of evolving spirits incarnating as celestial objects and celestial formations rooted in singular celestial objects.  This idea was the idea of the planetary, solar, galactic, metagalactic, etc archon ring cycle.  Essentially, infinite desire should over time give rise to the experience of incarnation as a cosmic being who creates in the higher planes and then in the lower planes. 
The essential nature of the archon was thus visualized to be a being who lived on the etheric plane in a sort of preincarnation existence which lasted about half the full length of time of incarnation that would be created and lived a life in that plane rehearsing its experience before incarnating as whatever it was going to incarnate as in the physical.  The rehearsal was done with the others it was going to incarnate with a-prioii to the incarnation. 
As I studied the idea of the archons and allowed myself the flow of the mystery through the mystic experience of visions certain messages came to me regarding what it would require to prove the existence of this entire idea.  The primary concept around which this idea would be proven would be what I call the “Basic Set” or the “Basic Cosmic Set” which is the experiencing in creation that allowed a being to go from an electron in the cosmos to a full fledged lunar body, the planetary archon 1.  The exact dimensions of this planetary Archon 1 weren’t clear, but the general rule of a trillion times for each level of the cosmos and each level of higher consciousness is what I settled on as a formula observing the nature of what we see in the universe.
Logically, if we believe in reincarnation, then the number of cycles it takes for a being to evolve is essentially scientifically fixed to an average around which the growth of the being follows an expected path of development across multiple worlds of creation until finally they emerge as a full fledged Planetary Archon 1.
The science surrounding this should be based on a known mathematical formula based on the evolutions in the physical world first, and then in the higher dimensions second.  So, first we must understand the basic nature of the physical universe in all its aspects in order to understand the number of cycles it would take for a being to evolve in the cosmic hierarchy to higher stations of development.  Such an undertaking is not at all a light affair, but a rather heavy, if not the heaviest, set of thinking concerning the nature of the soul and how that souls evolves.  We are dealing with a science of reincarnation here that is exacting in its precision.
My essential idea of the basic set must be first analyzed in the context of how I personally see the physical universe’s cycles of creation.  I believe the physical universe functions essentially as the technological universe and the lower natural universe for the cosmos.  Here matter is the basic resource and all energy is tied to it as we well know hopefully by now.  The themes of the physical universe all revolve around the emergence of civilizations on planets that seek to go out into space and explore and colonize areas of development and create wealth for themselves and their future reincarnating selves in the context of a single civilization until such time as a cosmic disaster or rare ego based invasion of another species destroys them. 
The physical universe is ruled by the natural cycles of cosmic ray abundance caused by the natural cycles of rotation creating the seasons of the cosmos.  These seasons correspond to the periods of growth and expansion and contraction and shortage we would find in the cosmos.  Most of the cosmos is governed, in my guesstimate, by great cycles of peace which last 200 times longer than the cycles of war and 2000 times the cycles of heavy darkness (corruption). 
During the times of peace, the cosmos is ruled by different sets of principle discovered by benevolent cosmic citizens, the sentients, who have evolved full conscious civilizations and essentially treat the cosmos as part of a divine master plan.  These civilizations seek to catalog and know the cosmos and all the beings in it besides attempting to consciously and conscientiously grow their own civilizations as part of their cosmic rights.  Each time a being is born into an incarnation chain, the being in question lives a long series of lifetimes, possibly as long as trillions of years even in the initial emergences, in one of these groups.
Because the physical universe revolves around these patterns, it is rare for the existence of societies who wish to live a more primitive life such as those depicted in magical themes in our fiction.  These must exist, however, and it is my general opinion that the ratio in the physical universe between those who wish to live technological vs. natural "magical" lives is about 4 to 1, but that the definition of natural is different when considering the question of the nature of physical cosmic systems as per their primary drives.
This last part, a sort of strange argument for anyone who doesn’t live in my head, is related to the idea that of the “technological” peoples of the physical universe (they are of course all technological technically), only about half are truly technological in the sense of what type of universe it is they are creating.  Half of those technological people are living in a natural universe by preference, meaning that technology supplements an organic lifecycle for natural born beings.  These beings, thus, limit their populations to a certain amount to account for the idea that nature is primary.  They may use technology greatly, but they are not trying to turn the cosmos into a giant computer system run by robots.
The other half of the cosmos is either run by robots or is so pro-technology that natural systems are seen to supplement the maximum sustainable sentient population theory of development.  This is the true technological universe.  In that universe, it’s ultimate end goal is to create dyson spheres everywhere for the conversion of all matter into sentient populations.  The end result of this universe is an energy crisis and what I refer to as an Archon crisis because the stars are largely destroyed or completely chained to dyson sphere machinery in order to sustain massive populations, most often of robots and beings who have chosen to evolve as cybernetic organisms of various sorts.
Once one understand the whole of this idea, one begins to see what the nature of the physical cosmos is like.  Luckily, those that live in the cosmos rarely allow for the mass development of the whole thing into a technological nightmare.  Instead, core regions tend towards more technology whereas outer regions tend to be more towards nature.  There is a boundary point between the two paradigms that are usually balanced.  This boundary point is the point at which sentient species use more cosmic rays than the cosmos produces to sustain natural star growth and development.  This is the critical boundary between the half of the natural universe that stays natural and the half that chooses to go technological.
In addition to these two parts, one in five regions in general remain “magical” which is natural with specific properties of elements that allows for the evolution of what we know as magic in our fictional stories.  These emerge from the incorporation of elements that are projectively radioactive into organic bodies which is easier at higher expansion pressures (see Mark McCutcheon’s the Final Theory or my essay on Expansion Theory which is the Core Essay on where more elements exist on the periodic table.  As a consequence of the requirements for more expansion pressure, these areas would be considered outside the safe boundaries of a natural universe anyway until such time as they evolve to incorporate the necessary technology or natural systems to overcome the problems of going from areas with one expansion pressure to areas with another (a very, very hard problem to solve even compared with building arrays of thousands of dyson spheres as far as I can tell). 
None the less, the basic idea is that the physical universe is divided into different domains of activity.  At the bottom domains with fewer natural physical elements occupying about 4/7ths of the cosmos a conflict exists between technologically developing species and natural developing species which divides the physical cosmos into two general areas that are defined by technology and nature even though both are dominated by species that are essentially space faring technology driven development oriented.  The balance of the cosmic good slightly prefers nature over technology, but at times technology is considered better usually for survival reasons as technology is hardier and better at surviving more conditions. The remaining 3/7ths of the cosmos is split between "magical" and "transmagical" regions dominated by beings that may have a greater inclination to avoid technology for a much, much longer time period and who have natural defenses against technology in the form of the natural properties of their universe which allows for a natural defense mechanism against beings who have technology from regions of lower expansion pressure density.  2/7ths of the cosmos is the region that is essentially “magical” and 1/7th is “transmagical” where powers such as what we consider to be superpowers may emerge naturally from the even higher expansion pressure of these regions of the cosmos.  The general idea is that transmagical is even more powerful than magical and represents what we might consider divine powers as opposed to ordinary magical powers.
Now, beings would obviously want to incarnate in the more powerful regions of the cosmos, so there is a training time that occurs in the lower regions essentially by incarnation chain.  Want to incarnate in a realm of magic?  First you have to pay the entry fee karmically by being incarnated in a loser planet like Earth and finish the proving ground tests.  And what holds together who can incarnate where?  Well, that’s where the Archons come in, for they guard the physical realms as it is they who create them in their mind’s journey as pre-incarnate beings who serve the greater cosmic spiritual powers in planes above them.  Serve them well and you are rewarded and allowed to incarnate in their realms.  Serve them badly and it’s back to a dump like Earth where you have to relearn all your lessons all over again.  Well, not quite.  Actually, Earth is just a planet where everything is just starting up and we don’t any real magic except the kind old occult philosophers obsess over in their boredom. 
Now, cosmic cycles take a long time to complete so when one incarnates somewhere, that’s where you are for anywhere from hundreds of millions to trillions of years (for more ancient spirits the amount of time just gets longer and longer up to infinity in theory).  That’s where the basic set comes in.  Understanding the basic set is the key to knowing the answer of how long it is we spend in creation doing these various projects as part of the life of a particular group of souls as a particular sentient species in the physical universe. 
The basic set is built around the idea that beings are born naturally as electrons.  A certain number of lifecycles as an electron is required to evolve beyond that stage in consciousness when the electron is presumably destroyed for the last time and the spirit that is within it is processed by the creative powers of the transdimensional realms above the physical.  An electron evolves into something.  An atom evolves into something.  A being must spend a certain amount of time as a plant, and then a certain number of evolutions as an animal.  After that is must eventually evolve a conscience somewhere in the cosmos through ultimate selfless sacrifice to have a sentient soul body.  This is when it is now a Sentient Archon 1.
The difference in power from a Sentient Archon 1 to a Planetary Archon 1 I assumed was a trillion.  A sentient Archon 1 is a planetary bound spirit because there just aren’t that many asteroids around to allow for small bodies to exist in space in such large numbers as the math requires.  This creates one of the more interesting metaphysical problems of soul theory whereby the Planetary Archons and above are anchored to the cosmic chain of creation whereas the Sentient Archons and below are anchored to the planet’s world soul more so in order to incarnate their afterlives within it.  It’s a bit of a complex idea to get your brain around.  The whole entire basic set, when mapped out, is literally the science of evolution of the soul as a set of principles that tells you the mathematical relationship between these levels of creation and the math of the entire reincarnation system up until Planetary Archon 1.
This, of course, cannot be a small system.  My first intuitions on the matter was that it would take hundreds of incarnation cycles on something like 800 initial planets or more to go from Sentient Archon 1 to Planetary Archon 1.  Now that isn’t math, but when I started doing the fuzzy math just with what I thought I knew at the time of probable lengths of time the numbers were still in the high hundreds.  That’s hundreds of sentient species alone that a being has to incarnate through not counting their transdimensional lifecycles as spirit beings in higher planes of creation.  When we add the math up in the larger estimates this is quadrillions of years just to get from Sentient Archon 1 to Planetary Archon 1 to earn higher permissions in cosmic creation.
The idea of needing higher permissions is based on the concept that the cosmos is ruled by higher dimensional beings who have mentally created the domains of the cosmos that we live in as sentients a-priorii to nature having formed them through its processes which occur within the context of the cosmic mind internally as a process.  In other words, nature’s machinery is on a lower plane of operation than the will of creation of the beings who shape the cosmos as it moves slower and within the context of the will of creation of the desires of cosmic spirit beings.  The planets and stars are these very Archons who have created themselves in the same way it is presumed that the lesser and tiny yet more able to determine their destiny sentients have created their lives in the higher planes by previsualization in the higher spirit bodies as angels(A common spiritual and New Age concept).  It is only by service to the will of the cosmos’s highest good that permissions to exist are granted by these cosmic gatekeepers who are older in general than those who live on the surface as sentients.
Another concept that is critical to understand about my paradigm is the idea of the cosmic voyeur god and goddess and multiple layers of cosmic voyeurism that excludes sexual domains of activity.  The desire to be cosmic god or goddess, not an Archon as they don’t actually observe the lives of other beings in such a way, is the desire to observe creation from a higher plane almost as if you were watching a living simulation.  It is the desire to create something that is a living simulation from your desire, the same as the computer programmer or story teller desires to see how things play out with his or her creations.  God and Goddess on this higher plane are, in fact, the cosmic voyeurs who watch over but don’t interfere with the creation which occurs within their spirit space and the powers that thought of what it was before it came into being.
The basic set has to account for this time as well, as beings do live out these sorts of experiences in lesser regards it is presumed before they become greater at this process, such as being the God/Goddess of a town long before one is a God/Goddess of a galaxy.  The cosmos is then linked together through these different fields of consciousness in higher planes of creation creating a sort of dynamic field of consciousness that is beyond the realm of physical humans to relate to or experience in any easy way except through advanced altered states of consciousness which have great cost to those pursuing them. 
Then there is the problem of the human ego that is beyond the scope of this essay which is focused on the idea of the basic set as the ultimate map of cosmic relationships in principle.  In order to know for sure it is necessary to observe the physical universe and construct a map of known relationships between essential ratios of physicality in creation.  One important fact, for instance, is what is the guaranteed number of planets that can be terraformed by a species such as ours in a normal natural galaxy based on the fair and just ordering of a species natural rights to express their highest and most obvious ambitions as having just arrived in a galaxy. Since 200 galaxies out of 201 are run by good species, it is logical that these species have already solved the formula and had conventions about this for hundred of millions, billions, trillions, or even quadrillions of years.  In other words, it is a known known because they have had time to think about it.  I had assumed the answer was probably a round number, most likely 1000, but we certainly can’t say for sure only that in all likelihood there is a figure that is known by whoever runs this galaxy as its chief power.
This critical question determines the average rank of the highest level being in a natural born civilization such as ours because the permissions have to line up with the Archon ranks to keep the synchronicity of the cosmos in balance.  While this is beyond the basic set, the basic set is critical to answering other questions concerning cosmic soul age of the more ancient spirits who are the oldest and most powerful of the beings on a particular planet, the planet’s natural leaders.  You should know them well by now, you are expecting one of them to return and bring about the Kingdom of God.  Do you think that Jesus Christ was an ordinary soul even if he was an ordinary human?  The answers should be obviously to anyone who studies karma, reincarnation, and the order of the cosmos.
It is generally assumed by myself that all the greatest human minds and hearts that have lived are the ancient beings here to guide the less old beings forwards in consciousness.  This is a common theme in evolution that teachers are present to guide others in their own understanding of their own place in the cosmos.  There are those who have gone forwards in consciousness in order to show the path to those that walk afterwards.  Now it would be great if this walk were over and the whole of humanity understood everything it needed to know about peace, but even the idea of eternal life is rejected by the human ego.
The idea of the basic cosmic set thus is left for generations of the future to solve.  It is a massive problem that no small order of proof must be forged to support.  As the atheist majority, representative of the human ego of the Aquarian Age, will reject this idea as being “childish” and beneath it’s egoic dignity to consider, it will be left to the more pure spirits of a more childish age to consider past the serious frowns of the worldwide dominant church of atheism.  Well certainly God is dead for the Goddess has risen!  But the voyeur God somewhere in a mirror world beyond ours is certainly laughing about the stupidity of human kind.  For now we will just have to live with the idea that all of what I have written here is just art, and thus sing the praises of scientific atheism as we explore the universe as humans in all it’s glory.