Now Is Not The Season For Looking Back

Those of you who read this site will note that I tend to vary my themes quite a bit.  It's not easy being a philosopher, scientist, metaphysician, mystic, writer, idealist, warrior, and prophet.  Try it some time and you'll appreciate the dilemma I can assure you.  It can get a little rough on the mind.  This little essay is on astrology.  La de da.  Since everything competent tends to fall into my lap, having had a rather delicious view of the whole sha-bang as they say, here's another demonstration of being right.

Astrology on the whole is a great subject.  Probably the most complicated of all subjects and mostly needlessly so by the very astrologers whose job it is to simplify the themes to easily understandable ideas for people that actually assist them.  Sadly the profession is filled with too many lazy, indifferent, or incompetent people as is the case with many professions nowadays.

Currently Saturn and Pluto, two very important "heavy" planets are transiting through Capricorn.  This is a time that conventional institutions receive a boost of power.  Saturn and Pluto support conventional institutions in this placement.  Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and a liar.

It's good but hard times to be a Capricorn.  It is a shitty time to be a Aries, Cancer, or Libra or if you have any major personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in those signs if they are in the aspect orb for Saturn and Pluto.  Since the aspect orb is very large for the squares (8 degrees) and the conjunctions/oppositions (10 degrees) most of you Aries, Cancers, and Libras are really looking forward to when these two heavy planets go and harass someone else.

Collectively Cancer is the sign of the past and looking back.  I've got a moon there so I've been feeling the horrible effects of Pluto for years though it is almost out of the orb for myself.  Saturn is currently harassing my moon and I've got an inclination to dump the past and the whole let's remember everything forever inclination that a moon in Cancer gives one.  It ain't easy, let me tell ya!

As Cancer is the sign opposing Pluto and Saturn right now, collectively this is a time when our attachment to the past, the mother, and conservative ways is broken.  These are among the many things associated with the sign of Cancer which is getting hammered by the unpleasant duo of Saturn and Pluto. Once sundered there is no going back.  Thank Goddess for that!  We were really sick of having to watch the goddamn reruns in our emotional bodies anyway.   So long to useless trash I say!  I'd say burn it down too but you have to wait for a good Mars transit for that.

In any case, till Mars joins the ritual of annihilation we'll just have to go along with the existing show.  Believe me the collective doesn't want to have this experience.  It's fighting tooth and nail for every ounce of the way things used to be.  But dudes and dudettes, it's an over and done with deal.  Get over it.   This is a very important lesson for those with major influences in Cancer.  I can relate not just because my Moon is there but because the Moon is my most powerful planet.

Collectively the end of all nostalgia for what was is happening.  It is the end as the forces of destruction and structure oppose everything that was.   The past is being crushed and broken by the power of existing institutions of order and power.  This is also a very bad time to be a conservative because Cancer is the sign of the conservative way.  So all's not good news for the right, in case you were taking this as an essay on the political system as it exists through what is loosely called "ideology" but is in fact more akin to the people who want change versus the people who don't.

For many years I read how Pluto was going to destroy the establishment.  While it's in the sign of the establishment?  Hardly.  Pluto lends power to the sign it passes through so they get an extra wallop of power and will.  Notice the increasing power of the central order?  Notice how everyone wants to be in power now so they can wield that enormous "advantage"?  Yeah, the astrologers that said otherwise were fools.  I believed them till I did my own analysis and realized, nope, only an incompetent moron could fail with Pluto conjugating their planetary positions.  Oh, how I wish it were true, but it's not.  That's the way it is.

Luckily for all of us this transit of Saturn will end in 2020 when the increase of order of power of the existing order will no longer be supported by the planetary lords of that process.  Looking for the decline of the establishment?  Look to the transit of Neptune in Aries beginning in 2025.  That's when you'll see a new dawn starting in spiritual force.  It's a long way off for those of you wishing for something better.  But it's better to be sober looking at the truth than lying to one's self with bad half baked astrology predictions based upon a lack of logic.  Just look at what conjunctions are and you'll see that I'm right (as usual).

What this means is that power belongs to those that support the structure of order and opposes those who argue for a return to the past.  A return to the past is not possible with this transit!  There is no going back.  Pluto and Saturn are opposing it!  What they want is order at any cost.  That order means more rules, more control, and more domination.  If you can't get with the program, that process will steamroll you into the gutter.  Don't mess with Pluto or Saturn.  This is especially true when they will conjunct in the sky in January 2020.  The establishment will be at the height of its power.  Not a good time to be a ordinary human being on Earth.  Sorry, the news is the news.  Don't blame me, blame yourselves.

Consciousness is a necessary component of being alive on Earth.  Reading the signs correctly is another.  If you can't read the signs correctly, then you need to get out of the business of prediction.  Those who have been predicting falsely will also have their day.  They will be laughed out of the public square.  I'm not afraid of that because if I'm wrong then everything will turn out fine and everyone will forget about it.  But if I'm right, which I am, then you'll all see it happen.  The establishment will reach the zenith of it's power in 2020.  It's won't start a precipitous decline until Neptune reaches Aries when warriors of spirit will rise up to attack it.  That's 2025.  The future isn't written in stone, as I've stated before, but everything happens in cycles so what's happening on the ground will make this true.

You have been informed about the matter I trust now.  The story of the unconscious is one of patterns that repeat until one becomes conscious of them.  If you are conscious you can make a difference.  If you aren't, then you can't.   You're just another number then as far as the universe is concerned.  Get with it and learn or just be another loser.  That's life on Earth.  Wake up people!