The Great Con: Fate

Fate is the greatest con job in the universe.  A bunch of lazy liars came up with the idea one day while they were dreaming up a better con to fool everyone into buying into something.  It was a sneaky ruse.  And the fools bought it like the suckers that they were.

Why, you might ask, as if you give a damn!  The answer, obviously, is that everyone needs something to sell.  You see that's the great trick behind the great con, the one that goes on everywhere as far as the eye can see.  You look out, and it's so obvious.  Everyone is lying, cheating, stealing, and trying to get away with it.  So then, if you see it clearly, why bother with the rest of the bullshit they sell?

Perhaps the people pleasing deceivers among you would insist that buying into their bullshit is what makes them happy.  No, I say, no!  You have all of you been deceived by your own stupid!  You must understand, your con job act isn't going to fool anyone except yourself maybe if you take it too far.

But think upon the matter of fate for a minute.  What is it?  How can it exist at all?  Well if everything were a giant computer system made by some mysterious cosmic powers then fate would be what it is that you will do in the program.  And there in lies the lie!  Choice is within the realm of your power.  Yet that has nothing to do with fate.  So then if fate isn't a lie, it's just a ruse.  It's irrelevant to the quest of life itself.

This is absolutely critical to understand.  Fate means nothing!  Nothing!  It's a mental phantasm your mind invents to keep you in compliance with whoever is selling the idea so that they don't bash you over the head for questioning orders.  That's what fate is in this world.  In the rest of the transdimensional reality, sure it's there.  But it's character that counts, not fate.  It's choice and character that moves the destiny of worlds.  Thus fatalism, accepting the idea of having no choice because of the mental abstract "fate", is the greatest sin against woman and man.

Another poor way of phrasing this idea that is commonly heard is the idea that "fate is what you make of it".  Now whoever came up with that particular line of what passes for "reasoning" should be fired..out of a cannon..into the sun.  I cannot stress that enough.  Fate is NOT what you make of it.  Choice and character are what make you, fate doesn't matter!  This is what I mean when I talk about the problem of pop philosophy.  A cynical man or woman might think that someone purposely misled everyone by twisting their minds with meaningless ideas so they could never get anywhere through the powers of thought control.  Who would do such a thing?  You'd be surprised.

None the less, whether by accident or conspiracy, fate is still the greatest con job in the universe.  The rest, as they say, though you shouldn't trust them even if they say it, is up to you.  Onward towards victory!