The Science of Expanding Electrons

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The Science of Expanding Electrons
A Summary
The main essay on this website goes into the new theory of physics that considers the question of the nature of matter itself built on the work of Mark McCutcheon and the classical physicists that mostly proceeded the quantum physics standard model.  While you may be inclined to dismiss this idea as crackpot junk science if you read the whole of Mark's case and fully understand my additions to the concept you will begin to have an inkling as to what the future of physics, chemistry, and biology is going to be like. 
Here is a summary of the basic framework of the new theory:
1.  All matter is made of electrons which are spheres expanding in three dimensional space.
2.  All electrons expand creating the basis for the "four forces" of the quantum standard model paradigm.  Gravity is the expansion of atoms, made of electrons, into the space around it creating the appearance of the force by those who are not educated in the matter (see McCutcheon's book for his detailed walkthrough).  The strong force is caused by the expansion of protons and neutrons, also made of electrons.  The weak force is caused by built up pressure inside certain nuclei that cause them to be unstable to the some part of their configuration being not compatible with the general internal expansion of the electron.  And of course electromagnetism itself is a direct product of the expanding electrons forming themselves into electron clusters (what we call photons) and rivers of electrons (free electricity such as sparks, lightening, etc).
3.  The expansion of the electron is based on certain laws or principles.  I have delved into several possibilities.
That's it!  Pretty easy to wrap your brain around I think.  There are of course a huge number of implications that are much, much more complex that I deal with in my main essay.  The science, though, is quite clean on the matter.