Biology and Consciousness Field Theory Framework

I have decided to dump my current project files out on the internet due to worries about my health.  These ideas are what I have come up with in terms of the future of science, metaphysics, and philosophy.  My goal in this life was to try and fuse these.  I have completed this project in my own mind but don't fear I don't have the time to finish my writing.  Not all of my ideas will be listed in these files as some of the advancements are not written down.  My own organization process in my own mind is complete but many of these files needed additional organization and have a few hypothesis to be reworked.  I do not feel I have the time and must post this information now.

The core hypothesis are to the nature of the universe and it's various levels.  In this I have adopted a complete hypothetical expansion of Mark McCutcheon's expansion theory to chemistry and astronomy and the resulting conclusions.  I have added metaphysical theoretical frameworks of higher dimensions to begin to explain the physical universe in a larger context, but these ideas additional work.  Dimensional and holistic field theory are the primary considered ideas.  Etheric space/field in 4th dimension is likely the explanation of expansion theory if we are not living in a complex giant computer system matrix type reality.  We probably aren't, though, this would also have to be examined thoroughly as a possibility.  However fields of consciousness can create better computers than any physical computer system if developed properly I believe through their own natural development.

I have begun to address the evolution of the soul in the context of spiritual evolution.  I have formed frameworks for consciousness field theory for those who wish to develop the idea of biological evolution through spiritual evolution further.  All of these spiritual ideas take into account the theory of reincarnation.  Many of these ideas deal with the delineation of levels of consciousness or hypothetical levels of consciousness in higher states beyond our own.  The scientific side can be considered separately at first and then can be synergized later.  Hard core materialist scientists may not like my inclusion of spiritual hypothesis, but the core science ideas stand on science alone independent of the metaphysical concepts.

In addition I will be adding my principles file in another post shortly which contains extensive deep philosophy and other ideas.  This is a backup in case I, in fact, do not survive much longer.  The work I have worked on has taken me years of thought.  I have further refinements and have left out much of my work on psychology out of respect for my teacher's wish for his ideas on psychology only be left to him to speak of on the internet when using his name.  Much of my current thinking is more refined and more scientifically bounded to proper reason, meaning that I consider things from a more thorough perspective.  But the thought experiments I have conducted should prove valuable for any student of reality at our current stage in development.

Good luck students of knowledge,

Chris Freely

Feel free to download the PDF below and read it at your leisure.  Simply hit pop-out and then download!