The War of Ideas: A Guide

For those interested in the trends whereby fundamental ideas are laid out in a simple and easy to follow list of inevitable conflicts about what the world will believe in during the future, I have provided the list below to follow the trends clearly and easily.  The wise would be enlightened by picking the side of the eventual winner to avoid any political embarrassment in their future.

Politics, Political and Moral Philosophy

Man made global warming vs. Global warming denial (Eventual winner: Man made global warming)

Democratic absolutism (Democracy is always right) vs. Democratic relativism (Democracy is only right some of the time)  (Eventual winner:  Democratic relativism)

Absolute Rightism (Human rights are the basis of the highest law) vs. Relative Rightism (Human rights are not the highest law)  (Eventual winner:  Relative Rightism)

Statism (The state secures the people) vs. Antistatism (The people secure themselves)  (Eventual winner: Anti-statism)

Capitalism (The means of production are owned by the owners) vs. Anti-capitalism (The means of production are subject to change by whim of the powers (whoever they may be)).  (Eventual winner: Anti-capitalism)

Communism (Society should be modeled on the basis of the ideal of the commune) vs. Anti-communism (Society is free to choose its own model of cultural development)  (Eventual winner:  Anti-communism)

Collectivism (A group of individuals acting in concert may define the individual through collective agreement) vs. Individualism (An individual is self defined)  (Eventual winner:  Individualism)

Moralism (A group of individuals represented by a state or church institution may use the force of the state or church to repress the rights of the individual to self determination) vs. Libertarianism (The rights to self determination shall not be infringed)  (Eventual winner: Libertariansim)

Absolutism (Definitions are real and absolute) vs. Relativism (No definitions exist) (Eventual winner: Absolutism)

Anarchism (No laws are valid) vs. Legalism (Laws are valid and will be enforced) (Eventual winner: Legalism)

Religion (The institution of thought is regulated by a central regimented body such as a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or school) vs. Thoughtism (All thought is free thought, an institution of learning may not impose regulation upon the mind) (Eventual winner: Thoughtism)

Personal Property (Some property belongs to the individual) vs Collective Property (All property belongs to the collective) (Eventual winner: Personal Property)

Science vs. Anti-Science (Eventual winner: Science)

Metaphysics vs. Realism (Eventual winner: Metaphysics)

Learning vs. Anti-learning (Eventual winner: Learning)

Intellectualization vs. Anti-Intellectualization (Eventual winner: Intellectualization)

Intellectualization vs. Spritualization (Eventual winner: Spiritualization)

Multiculturalism vs. Monoculturalism (Eventual winner:Multiculturalism)

Survivalism (The right to exist) vs. Legalism (Laws are valid and will be enforced) (Eventual winner: Survivalism)  Special proof: Legality cannot include killing as defined by the law and through the law of the absolute.  As a philosophy legalism bases it's foundation upon the notion of justice and divine judgement.  According to this, the idea that killing is invalid is implanted in the law of the highest, that of Love, Good, and Truth itself.  As such survivalism is always valid for the individual.  While the right to exist may be revoked, it cannot be revoked by legalism itself.  Only collectivism (see below) provides the justification, greater survival vs. lesser survival.  Collectivism, however, is not a law but a principle.  However one's life is always worth more in right thinking individuals than any written law for it represents an authority outside one's self deciding one's survival and ultimately fate.  As such one may say that Life is the highest Law under which all Law must give credence.

Survivalism (the right philosophy of Life) then invalidates Legalism (the right of the collective to create rules for others through the rule that the law is valid and will be enforced).   The Law may not invalidate the Highest Law on principle except temporarily which disappoints it's premise of authority automatically and begins a revolution instantly.  Legalists beware!  Honor life or face the consequences.  This is not an argument than can ever be won on the grounds of Legalism.  Legalism offers no protection against revolutionary resistance.

Survivalism (The right to exist) vs Collectivism (A group of individuals acting in concert may define the individual through collective agreement) (Eventual winner: Collectivism)  Special proof: The group is always stronger than the individual.  While the group cannot win the philosophical battle with the right to personal self identification we call Individualism, it can destroy the individual's right to exist by attack.  This is self evident.  While it may be morally wrong depending on the circumstances, history and logic offer proof that the will of the many is greater than the will of the one to survive in the vast majority of cases.  As such, the right to exist may be revoked by the collective at any moment.  This includes the power of the Earth herself as the greater collective to revoke the right of humans to their own survival should they choose to ignore their responsibilities in their environment.  The only exception to this rule is if the individual is stronger than the group and acts first to destroy it.  However as a human question of the political will of hundreds and greater communities, no individual has the power as of yet to challenge such a consensus.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or of the one. - Mr. Spook from Star Trek

Force vs. Thought (Eventual winner: Force)  Special proof: While thought wins out collectively if it survives, force kills the individual potentially.  It is wise to remember that Force is greater than thought.  To ignore Force as a power is unwise.  Force, if backed by will, can erase any thought from the minds of this world temporarily.  While thought is greater if all know it or if the power is on the side of those that know it, it is the force of the thoughtful that makes them equal to the force of the unthouthful.  This is true because the thought itself has no force behind it.  Force fused with thought makes the change successful. Thought without force leaves the thinker unable to realize their objective.

Fascism (The collective have the right of force to enforce conformity of thought through violence) vs. Anti-Fascism (Violence to establish conformity is wrong and must be opposed) (Eventual winner: Anti-Fascism) Special Proof:  Fascism is an end justifies the means philosophy epitomizing ruthlessness for collective action.  A natural enemy of Anarchism and Anti-Fascism alike, it is strong against the later but weak against the former.  At the same time, Fascism always stands on shaky ground even against Anarchism.  Fascism always creates resistance that ends in its downfall.  As such those opposing Anarchism on the basis of Fascism will lose eventually to Anti-Fascism even if they win against Anarchism. 

Violence always creates opposition, and if it successfully crushes one opposition must then move to the next and the next until total conformity is reached.  Fascism thus, when Anti-Fascism doesn't exist, tends to end up in war with itself over which brand of Fascism has the most force.  Fascism believes in the absolute value of force over argument.  It tends towards purging intellectuals to control thought.  It doesn't stop once it is formed until all opposition is destroyed.  As such Fascism represents the quintessential philosophy in opposition to humanity.  It must always be opposed by Anti-Fascism because to ignore this duty is to invite destruction upon one's self if one holds Anti-Fascist ideals.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Questions and Related Philosophical Matters

Divine Phasic Monotheistic Dualism (God and Goddess of Light) vs. Divine Nonphasic Monotheistic Dualism (God of Light or Goddess of Light without the other) (Eventual winner: Divine Phasic Monotheistic Dualism)  Special proof:  A spiritual tradition of the light centered on a singular source such as the religions of the West are imbalanced if this source is not paired with an opposite of the opposite polarity.  Without a Goddess of Light, a patriarchy is imbalanced as a philosophical tradition.  The same with a matriarchy if the God of Light is absent.  For what value these traditions offer, they offer more if they have both energies accounted for.

You will notice that I only talk of dualism not singularism.  And you will see why shortly.

Singularism (the idea that there is no polarity, that everything is the same, and it is one) vs. Dualism (the idea that polarity is real and reflected in the world around us) (Eventual winner: Dualism) Special Proof:  Singularism cannot stand in this world.  For proof of the unity of all things into one you cannot both exist in a universe of many faces and forms independent of your own existence and simultaneously claim proof of the unity of all these things into one when that one is not accessible to your consciousness.

Dualism stands in this world as testament to the fact that the other exists and he, she, or it isn't you!  And if that is true in this world, then by definition it is true in all worlds as long as this world exists.  Since denying the existence of this world is impossible, then dualism is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt here, which means it is proved everywhere that here is real. 

Singularism creates the basis for the rejection of the feminine as being part of the masculine.  The feminine and masculine are two distinct phases of existence.  They cannot be the same phase and this is proven without any thought.  But for certain philosophical notions at the heart of an irrational patriarchy, this is common sense to everyone.  Singularism is a waste of time except for its application to the unification principle of wholeism, which allows an individual to exist as an undivided whole within one's own experience.

Reincarnation vs. Non-Reincarnation (Eventual winner: Reincarnation)

Islam/Christianity/Judaism vs. Anti-Islam/Anti-Christianity/Anti-Judaism (Eventual winner: Islam/Christianity/Judaism)  Special Proof: As core arguments of principle each of these major religions will simply evolve to any series of arguments used against them until they eventually fuse into a single religion with time or a single mysticism with time.  Atheism will be the key opposition here but other ideas will also emerge questioning their essential practical value.  Eventually the historicity of these three religions is the greatest argument for their permanent mention in human history and as a continual spiritual argument through new advanced perspectives.  The anti positions will always lose because they will fuel the pro positions. 

The militancy of the believers of these three religions means that every time they are challenged a pro-active pre-emption on their part will always keep them alive until the appropriate spiritual solution is found dealing with the fundamental questions they raise.

Pantheism (the worship of nature) vs. Realist Atheism (the rejection of all theism and by extension all non physical spiritual beliefs) (Eventual winner: Pantheism)  Special Proof:  General or Realist Atheism argues that there is no fundamental spiritual truth that can be found outside of the physical perspective of realism.  While highly practical in its focus on this world, it lacks appreciation for larger themes of creation.  It also must assume no reincarnation with a single life that begins and ends with your personal experience.  Ideas such as ecospirituality thus would be rejected by atheism as being sentimental and not real.  Because Atheism limits the experience of people in this regard, it cannot have a eternal appeal for the people of the planet. 

The worship of nature will become increasingly popular with time as an outlet for people's desire to be part of something more than a purely realist physicality as supported by realist Atheism.  As such Atheism is doomed to die by the hand of a million artists who will make these future Pantheistic practices part of the day to day life of the deep time future (see my Prophecy for suggested thoughts concerning this matter).  But this will take, in my guesstimate, approximately 2200 years or so based on the idea that the Age of Aquarius is the Age of Realist Atheism.

Metaphysics vs Realism (Eventual winner: Metaphysics)  Special proof:  Realism's best argument is the idea that the cosmos is infinite and everlasting.  A creation event cannot be described in a non-infinite and everlasting cosmos without referencing a higher dimensional property which created it.  While such a property could be considered scientific in 4th and higher dimensional math, realists base their argument on the idea that this universe is the only place that exists in the whole of reality. 

In the event that we live in an infinite and everlasting cosmos, realism runs into another problem in that the argument for reincarnation as a form of soul justice is unquestionable in an extended analysis of what constitutes justice in the divine sense, especially for those who did not fulfill the expectations of their lives.  Metaphysics thus becomes a dominant idea because of this concept of spiritual rights that goes beyond what we experience in any individual life.  Reincarnation then leads to other ideas that have to be considered.

Static Cosmos vs. Expanding Cosmos (Eventual winner: Expanding Cosmos) Special Proof: If the cosmos is static, then everything that exists is constrained by the problem of timing.  As beings grow over time their desires expand, so there is a constant need for new souls to provide the context for that experience.  If no new souls are created, then the eternal recycling of existing souls must keep the balance, but then this violates the principle of evolution and the principle of divine relationship. 

For instance a being that is far more advanced than another will not go down in evolution to become that other beings pet chihuahua.  Instead it is far more likely that a new soul will rise up to take that place.  Because it would logically be a desire of beings in the cosmos to see the generation of new souls through new evolution, it is clear that the divine desire here favors an expanding cosmos of one type or another as part of the justice for desire.  This idea should not be confused with the idea of the electron and it's expansion in the universe.


The Big Bang vs. Anti Big Bang (Eventual winner: Anti-Big Bang)  Special Proof:  I have written the Core Essay exploring this question but others have written on the problems of the Big Bang cosmology extensively including Mark McCutcheon who I reference often.

Standard Quantum Physics vs. Expansion Pressure Physics (Eventual winner: Expansion Pressure Physics)  Special Proof: Again, see the Core Essay and read The Final Theory by Mark McCutcheon.

Cosmic Amerika: The Republic in Peril Chapter 2

Cosmic Amerika:The Republic in Peril

 by Chris Freely

A story from the Mendelbrot Universe

 Chapter 2:  A Poetic Lesson in Political Philosophy

Christian Matreya was pacing in his office on the top floor of the Tetragramatron Building.  Above him as he paced was the statue of Apollo Salividor, the great Spaniard, and a great sign that read the quote Apollo was most famous for "Without art, there can be no Life."  It is a testament to the idea that art is what made the Republic, what allowed it's ideals to flourish.  But the ideals must beat in the heart of woman and man.  It is the very breath and beat of the heart that allows these truths to exist.  This was the idea of the idealists, who created their party to protect the principles themselves.  The League of Idealists had about 0.2% of the vote, but by the law of the Amerikan Democratic Republic, this was enough for seats in the House, the lowest house of Congress of New Washington.

Christian Matreya had backed the League with his considerable fortune in order to ensure its survival.  The League had held strong and he was determined to make it stronger to ensure that everyone had a chance to defend the principles of the universe and ensure culture remained safe from the forces of anti-culture.  Indeed it was the forces of anti-culture that he found most disturbing about the times he lived in.  What was this thing that wanted to erase all traces of art from the world?  It was there, he knew it, almost as if a great mob of angry hateful people wanted to create a party dedicated to the destruction of all art itself.  Who was leading them?  He wasn't sure, but was determined to find out.

Things were edgy in the great Cosmic nation.  There was far too much debate for what would be considered a healthy situation.  Factionalization was rampant.  The Republic is filled with various factions vying for power.  And a great crisis was brewing slowly threatening the very foundations of space itself within the core regions of the Republic and it's old rival as well.  

This was termed the dimensional etheric crisis.  It was in a very early stage, but scientists had warned about the great risk of not addressing this problem quickly.  The overuse of dimensional dampeners is causing a runaway etheric buildup in the West side of the Outer Cloud away from the Cosmic Tree. This is causing an ecosystem transformation and altering the periodic table of the elements too fast for many systems to cope with the changes.  There is considerable worry among astronomers and eco scientists that this may trigger alterations in the ability of ships to travel through Human Core Space including the possibility of making it impossible in the worst case scenarios.  While the worst case scenarios were quite far off in time, the local damage of these technological mechanisms were already effecting some larger systems.

Those that insist upon the complete banning or highly regulated control of dimensional dampeners and dimensional siphoners are called the Greens for traditional environmental parties.  The Greens are part of the Green Party who insist that the dimensional dampener and siphoner problem must be addressed as the core priority of the Republic.  There are similar groups and parties in all the human cosmic nations.

Fear of dimensional dampeners had spread throughout due to worries about the types of creatures that may emerge during such times when these sorts of technologies began to alter the very fabric of reality.  Legends abound of dark times when creatures descended from the stars to destroy the civilizations of the planet born natives of the cosmos.  These creatures, among the most feared in creation, as generally simply referred to as Fire Creatures.

Other legends about space monsters arriving during such times are also known.  There are great skeletons of massive creatures found throughout known space that testify to the existence of such creatures, though it is generally thought that they are extinct by most experts.  However, there is another school that doubts this very narrative and insists that space monsters are very real.   Cosmic dragons, the largest of the known natural creatures in the cosmos, are a testament of that fact, though they are highly manageable being intelligent.  Some of these are considered space monsters by the ignorant and fearful.

Other creatures that have risen at times of etheric density change rise from the cores of many planets.  These creatures are often called Lava Creatures.  Many in Amerika don't even believe in these ideas although there are many documented cases in ancient history and in the annuals of other civilized sentient species.

The greatest fear in the Cosmos was of a strange magnetic type of bacteria called Fire Bacteria that could wipe out half the Cosmos if the etheric disbalance between regions became too great.  It was the Fire Bacteria Plague that kept even the great Arkalkian Front on guard.  There is nothing worse than a fire Bacteria Plague.  In the worst ones literally everything dies from stars, to planets, to normal bacteria.  Very few believe in these things among humans, though, again, our ancestors tell us of the last times these things happened.  But science has been rejected for a long time to the point where the savage ignorance of the current generations threatens everyone.

Humans tended to prefer their ecosystems mostly manageable.  The human space nations have kept large space creatures in controlled and regulated cosmic parklands.  Space Dragons had reservations designated for them.  Their natural habitat is limited to regions with lower etheric density because of their requirement for different types of hyperdense elements in their pressurized bodies.  The etheric dampeners were shrinking their natural habitat in some areas while etheric siphoners were expanding it in a few areas too. 

The threat of etheric siphoners was considered even greater than that of the dampeners by many scientists as it could cause severe damage to certain older core systems.  The unregulated use of siphoners had gotten out of hand in a few border regions of the Outer Cloud.

While dampeners used energy to change the properties of matter temporarily, siphoners created new energy from the etheric field surrounding the third dimensional space of objects which are all made of expanding electrons.  Siphoners drain the etheric of pressure while dampeners drain the physical universe of energy.  In a way the etheric field can be considered a type of storage of energy but in the vast majority of space it has so little that it is effectively useless to attempt to siphon.  However in older developed regions of the cosmos where expansion pressure is high, especially at the outer edges of large compact systems, siphoners can be used to gain large amounts of energy.  But the cost of this technology is high if overused as it can change the stable periodic table downwards to the point where the region becomes exposed to mass field shifts.

A mass field shift happens when there is too high a difference between the etheric pressure and the higher level flow of harmonics in an etheric field.  The results is the emergence of microbes (such as Fire Bacteria) that specialize in gaining energy from the difference in etheric pressure resulting in the shifting of etheric energy around.  It is this that allows for the emergence and evolution of Fire Bacteria.  Most of the time these types of bacteria are only found in the cores of supermassive stars and dark quasars.  But if there is a natural or unnatural shift in the etheric fields between two systems, or critically many systems, the results can be a fire bacteria plague which burns everything to residual ash.  Sometimes nothing is left but a void filled with shattered planetary and stellar remnants, the biggest example of which is the Bonazza Void.

The Green Party opposes the use of etheric siphoners and calls for the regulation of all etheric dampeners to coincide with natural conditions.  It is supported in this by 95% of all scientists who have signed the Green Manifesto demanding the banning of etheric siphoners and the strict regulation of etheric dampeners for spiritual purposes only.  

The massive changes that could be caused to the entire cosmos centered on the area called "The West" were being witnessed in some of the large compact systems and in even more in the spread out lower density systems from the dampeners.   The Green Party was determined to end this process.  The Idealists and Artists were still uncommitted to whether the crisis constituted an immediate emergency.

The Artist Party, lead by a Spaniard obviously, Juan Cordova II, was about to put a vote to its members about whether or not to back the Green Party in its policy suggestions.  Christian Matreya wanted to ask the leader of the Idealist Party, Borisov Vladamich, for a vote concurrent with this one.  The meeting was today and he needed his new translator because Borisov's relatives and a few of hist staff didn't speak NeoEnglish, the language of the Amerikans.  Unfortunetly his old translators were all now graduated interns and had all left to go on a Cosmic Wave Journey throughout the cosmos after their 100 year service had expired.  Not that Christian blamed them at all, but luckily he had found a competent candidate in Xal Mezdeck.

Xal showed up that morning ready for work.

Christian Matreya: Xal, great to see you, welcome to the company!

Xal Mezdeck:  Thanks Mr. Matreya, I am eternally grateful to you for this opportunity.  I look forward to doing my best to represent you and the company with quality work.

Christian:  I think you'll do great.  So, I've got Borisov Vladamich coming over for lunch in a couple of hours and he's got some people with him that don't speak NeoEnglish.  I need you to start right today.

Xal:  Sure thing boss.  I'm ready to do whatever.

Chrisitan:  Great, great.  I knew I could count on you.   Samar Muhammed was singing praises to me about your qualifications.  Can't argue with him.

Xal:  Is that THE Borisov Vladamich?

Christian:  The very same.  You're right in the thick of it.  Sorry we didn't inform you about this earlier, but I think you can handle the pressure.

Xal:  Yeah, yeah.  That's alot to take in.

Christian:  Relax, relax.  We got a couple of hours.  What do you think about the League of Idealists?

Xal:  They're a great party.  Really liked the Liberals actually.  Parents supported the Liberals so I do.  They are the best party we have.

Christian:  Interesting, is that party of your heart though?

Xal: I guess.  I mean you know Clint Maestorm was the best president we have had in eons.

Christian:  He was a good administrator I will give him that.  Where did you grow up?

Xal:  I'm from the California province. Grew up on Baja 11 by the grid speak.  Locally we call it Baja the western sunset planet of the golden galactic beach, way past the place where the Kaelog meet the time..and you know how the rest of that goes..

Christian:  Yeah the whole name takes a few million years to say to say right?

Xal:  I don't even know the whole name.

Christian:  That's what you get for living in a colossal cosmos.  What's the shorthand among the local youth?

Xal:  We're from Baja in the Cal Ripkin Galaxy.

Christian:  (laughs)  Oh my, there are like a trillion of those.  Best stick to the local neighborhood with that idea.

Xal: Well the dialect gives away our exact location to anyone who is over a million years old.

Christian:  Yes, but you have to be a million years old to know.

Xal:  You testing me out boss?

Christian:  Na, just talking to you on your level Xal.  It's not at easy being over a million you know.

Xal:  Well that's very polite of you.  I assume you've got me figured out then.

Christian:  (laughs)  I would never presume that.  I do like having translators around I must say.  How good is your dialectical precision for the slavic languages?

Xal:  About as good as it is for Neoenglish.  You sound like you grew up in the Georgia province probably around Atlanta 300ish or so.

Christian:  Oh my, you are good.  Let's see if you can get closer.

Xal: Well I'd say probably the early 300's which fits with your position in society being a major company head.

Christian:  Good go on.

Xal:  I'd also say based on the inflection of your "o"s that you probably are from 311 or 319.  Maybe 333, but I'm thinking the only way that would be is if you were born in the northern suburbs.  Do you know the poem of the Epic Southerner and can you recite it?

Christian:  Upon my soul I gave my hand.
To every heart under the sand.
To lift out the withered bunch.
Who sat there fearing the mindless crunch.

I row and row upon my days
And endless rhythm to the old and grey.
I swear upon that sad old dream
Which dried up on the river stream.

Upon the Shanandoah we marched in stead
To hold off the dirty old Lincoln and his head.
We said no to him and his dark maze
But gave upon the dreary river a stand.

Oh Shandandoah..many ways we see.
A liberty for you and a liberty for me.
Oh Shandandoah..many ways there are.
We die for her, we die for him, and in all the ways we saw.

There we stood all bunched around.
The old bunch who still lived above the ground.
We knew our days were numbered still
And we fought for the Republic which we knew so well.

Xal: (laughing)

Christian:  Hold on now I'm not done.

All is one in our hearts when we gave our lives.
We knew what we fought for and died.
It was one Republic, one Republic true.
Not for me and not for you.

For the stars and the worlds and seas of the loves
For the dreams and the thoughts and sounds of our turns
We knew there was only one Republic true
It was our republic not the red, white, or blue.

The greys we stay in true philosopher's way
We live and breathe by the Socratic creed
But we go down by strength of Spartan need
And in so we grip our steely resolve

And our poison be our muskets volley
Into the hearts of those who would take
Our rights to be free, our rights to be we.
No, no.  We charge into the night.

Xal:  Do you know the Northern Retort too?

Christian:  Slaves, slaves a million slaves
They built their lies on the back of blacks
Philosopher poets with a dark underhand
Oppressing their beautiful human hands.

They lie, and lie, and lie some more.
Millions crushed underneath the bore
Of a million haters burning strong
Behind the banner of a false and bitter song.

Oh humanity, Oh Amerika.
One Republic true to her heart.
We stand by the warriors of love
To shatter the shackles upon the hearth.

Our hammer true, our faces grim.
We face this demon with a mind for Him.
We break these chains for the good of man.
And to free our Republic, our one Republic.

By the red, white, and blue
We are all true.
None can stand by and watch.
We must all join in in the battle hymn.

Love, love for the one Republic
Hearts of the one turned to Him.
All of the worlds are watching and watching.
And waiting for the stream of lights.

Shattered, shattered we all are so.
Brother against brother, why must it be so?
Why are they blind, why are they sick?
Why do they fight for what must be a dick.

Xal: (laughs)  I forgot that line.

Christian:  Hey now you're interrupting.

One Republic, one Republic strong.
Held high in Liberty's song.
Underneath the Prophets, underneath the Saints.
Now we go to join them for the name of Him.

Beauty and honor is all we will know
Our blood the tears of widows
Our pain the pain of orphans
Our sacrifice the sacrifice of martyrs.

Our great howl is the cry of "no".
There shall not be a slave.
There shall not be a breach.
There shall not be a separate moment.

Our Republic will be one Republic
One Republic strong
For the liberated dreamer
For the honorable throng.

And that horrible beast, the demon greed
By our hand will it cease to be.
We will drive it from the land
We will drive it from the sea.

If we must drive it from the stars
Then so it must be.
We will fight in the fields
We will fight in the sands.

But we will not let the darkness
Hold down our brother man
In shackles and in terror
In silence and in lust.

No harm to woman
No harm to any of us.
By our blood we are champions
We make our mark strong and true.

We are warriors of liberty
We are warriors of the red, white, and blue.

Whew.  And it goes on from there.

Xal:  You're definetly from Atlanta 333.  No doubt.  In fact I'd say you're from Marietta prefect specifically.

Christian:  Now you see why we hired you Xal.  Excellent job.  What gave it away?

Xal:  Your perfect inflection of verbs and the fact it sounds like someone likes poetry in that part of the universe.

Christian:  (laughs)  Indeed.  So it is.

Xal:  So then who was right?  Isn't that the question?

Christian:  Oh you're a brown noser aren't you?  Well what do you think?

Xal:  The moral cause was on the North, so they won.  The South made valid philosophical arguments but missed the big picture.  They probably should have just ended slavery back on Earth in that time period.

Christian:  They certainly got caught up in their greed didn't they?

Xal:  You know it's very much like the times we live in.

Christian:  Do you know about anti-federalism?

Xal:  You mean like what.

Christian:  Think about it.

Xal:  Like anarchy?  The Anarchist Party position?

Christian:  Close..

Xal:  Well I assume you're talking about the idea that localities should have a greater share of power than the central government right?  Sort of like what the Spiritual Private Party advocates most of the time.

Christian:  Well they pretend to in any case.  Roughly what they support in their confused muck partially.

Xal:  So then anti-federalism is opposed to any federal structure?  Like succession from the Republic?

Christian:  Not precisely but you're getting closer.  Secessionists are definitely anti-federalist if they don't form a federal structure of their own afterwards.

Xal:  Oh right.  Yes I guess one could technically succeed from a locality to join a federalist system or create one of your own.

Christian:  Yup.  You'd have to have a pretty good reason I would imagine though.  (smiles)

Xal:  Do you support anti-federalism?

Christian:  It all depends on the circumstances Xal.  Everything depends on the circumstances.  Something I think you'd be wise to learn.

Xal:  Well boss..

Christian:  Call me Christian, no more of this boss nonsense.

Xal:  Yes Christian.

Christian:  Now, now I expect you to think for yourself a bit.  Yes I'm technically still your boss.  But look at this as a learning experience instead of you joining the military you know.

Xal:  Right.  A little nervous.

Christian:  You'll be fine.  Breathe.

Xal:  (takes a deep breath)  Whew.  You're right I forgot.

Christian:  Happens to all of us.  What bothers me Xal is that there's a crisis brewing.

Xal:  You mean the dimensional heating and cooling of the etheric?

Christian:  That's just part of it, the core part of it.

Xal:  Yeah I can see that.

Christian:  Think about the whole political picture and explain it to yourself with all the parties as representatives of that crisis.

Xal:  Well the Liberals represent the majority consensus for sure.  They have the largest share of the vote around 40% most of the time.  The philosophical parties get like 5-10%.  The Spiritual Private Party, the SPP, gets like 35% support, but sometimes the people give them the majority once in awhile.  Then the ruling coalitions are formed with the philosophical parties like the one you like the Idealist Party in league with the majoritarian coalition parties.

Christian:  Yup.  Go on.  Why do you like to be a majoritarian?

Xal:  Well it's practical and pragmatic.  You get a governing party with a platform that offers alot to alot of people.

Christian:  But what does the Universe get in return Xal?  The Universe doesn't get a vote in those platforms.

Xal:  Well that's the Green Party position.  The rights of non-sentient animals and the rights of sentient animals and what not.

Christian:  Yeah.  When was the last time the Dragons got to vote in our elections?

Xal:  Well it's never happened.  But they have rights.

Christian:  Guaranteed to the by sentient races, especially us humans.  How convenient for us I suppose.

Xal:  I didn't know you liked the Greens.

Christian:  Ha!  Well, I like the Green position most of the time, but their leadership are a bunch of clueless hippies.  It takes more than wishy washy stuff to make it all work.  As an Idealist I totally understand the Greens, because they represent the ideal of compassion and survival.

Xal:  But there's the Survivalist Party covers that end.

Christian:  Survivalists are too individualistic.  They don't consider the greater good most of the time.  They had some good leaders awhile back when they scored big in that one election.  But they are too focused on me first usually.  Now when they talk about collective survival, that's when they make philosophical and common sense.  They are often like the anarchists because they don't know what comes next.  Try talking to most of them about federalism vs. antifederalism and you'll inevitably get the attitude that you can't have any sort of consensus about how to run everything.

I want what's mine is the typical attitude of the Survivalist Party, and then I want to blow everything up is the typical attitude of the Anarchists.

Xal:  Yeah that's why I didn't vote for them, they seem a little imbalanced.  The Syndicalists are much more reasonable.

Christian:  Syndicalists get that Anarchy and Survival are not the best ideals.  You know the debate about ideals right?

Xal:  Yeah which is the greatest ideal?  I think it's consensus for the good of society.

Chrisitian:  That's why you're a Liberal.  That's what Liberals believe.  But is consensus for the good of society really the best ideal?  What about the Universe?  What about the rights of non-sentients?

Xal:  Well you could then say the greatest ideal is what is best for the Universe?

Christian:  Do you think that question should be decided by the mortal sentients of the cosmos?  Are humans the deciders of that greatest ideal?

Xal:  Oh you're talking about the Living Ideal.

Christian:  Yes. The Living Ideal is the only one that matters.  We call that Life.

Xal:  Are you a member of a church?

Christian: I grew up going to the Church of Good regularly.  Then I explored the Church of Knowledge.  I thought about it alot.

Xal:  So then is Life the greatest ideal?

Christian:  What do you think?

Xal:  Hmm.  I don't know really.  It makes sense, but at the same time it's too simplistic.  I mean what do we really know about Life?

Christian:  It goes on.

Xal:  Does it?  What about death?

Christian:  That's for some for sure, and all eventually.

Xal:  You know one of the dark churches teaches that Death is the ultimate true virtue.

Christian:  Oh my.  And how do you feel about that?

Xal:  I'm not too into that idea.

Christian:  Well we'll count you among the reasonable then.

Xal:  What do you suppose all that is about?

Christian:  It's one of the things that bothers me Xal.  There are some very disturbed beings in our Universe.

Xal:  So you don't believe in Heaven?

Christian:  Not as they tell it to us.  I've never experienced anything like what they claim is real.  Now if you try some Ayhauasca it might convince you that you have the answers for a minute.  But, in the end you know you're lying to yourself just more creatively.

Xal:  Hmm.  Never had that stuff.  Hey are you a member of the Temples?

Christian:  No.  I never bought into the idea that you have to pick one path and then master it perfectly in order to attain something.  It always sounded too good to be true in you know what I mean.  NeoBuddhism never appealed to me greatly.

Xal:  Never really studied the matter.  But I've heard of it.

Christian:  It's a long story.  A long time ago on Earth a master taught the 78 aspects of our emotional nature.  26 of these are the light aspects.  Some interpreted this to mean that each light aspect had to be picked as a path and the initiate was supposed to follow the teachings of the temple to achieve a perfect realization of what that ideal represented.

Xal:  Are those 26 ideals?

Christian:  Not really.  They are not really values either.   Take Love for instance.  You don't know what Love is through what you do or what you pick.  It's not something that can be explained to you.  You can't read it in a book.  That's the problem I have with the 26 Temples.  They think you can get there by doing things and reading things.  Life doesn't work that way.  The Mystery is bigger than the control we wish to have over it.

Xal:  Hmm.  Ok.

Christian:  They are all avoiding something, the core of the truth of who they are.  It's a clever ruse for sure, and one that is easy to make.  But in the end it's all a deception, the practice of a perfect practice.  That's why it's like all Buddhist traditions.  It's a more sophisticated way to spend your life safely in a temple with like minded people.  It's more a social club than a real teaching.

Xal:  What do you suppose happened to the real teaching?

Christian:  Don't know for sure.  Makes you think someone got rid of it doesn't it?

Xal:  Huh?  Like who.

Christian:  Don't know for sure.  It's almost as if someone doesn't want us to know something about ourselves.

Xal:  Christian, that's sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Christian:  Don't you believe in conspiracy?

Xal:  Not really.  I mean who would waste their time erasing the instructions for people to learn?

Christian:  Fascists.

Xal:  There aren't any fascists out there.  They were all wiped out eons ago.

Christian:  No Xal, there are always Fascists somewhere.  Just think.  What is Fascism?

Xal:  It's a military system usually.  It tends to have one guy or gal running it.  It demands conformity to the leader's opinion.  It crushes all opposition to that leader ruthlessly.  It's like the leader's personal loyalty club, a band of followers who do what the leader wants.

Christian:  In return for what?

Xal:  Power.  Getting more of it.

Christian:  Why?

Xal:  I suppose it's that power is addictive.  They like the right to decide the fate of others.

Christian:  Then how can you tell there is a Fascist system?  Do you think it's a coincidence that the word Fascist sounds very much like Face?  The Face of what?

Xal:  The face of evil?

Christian: (laughs) Evil is everywhere where it's not noticed.  Too easy Xal, too easy.  It's just not that easy.

Xal:  The face of the leader?  The face of someone's ego?

Christian:  Now you are getting it.  The face of someone's ego.  And?

Xal:  The loyalty to that one Val Needo's party, the Needoists.

Christian:  And what do the Needoists stand for?

Xal:  That Needo is always right by what I can tell.

Christian:  Well now.  What if Needo tomorrow decides that what is right is to sack New Washington and turn himself into a Emperor?

Xal:  Well he wouldn't do that.  He's a pacifist.

Christian:  Sure he is.  And I'm a librarian.

Xal:  You don't believe him.

Christian:  Any man or woman with a personal cult following that believes that their leader is always right and never wrong are headed for trouble.  Eventually that leader is going to want that idea validated in some way that is twisted.  It always happens in history that way.  Most people don't pay attention, but the wise are always paying attention.

Xal:  Wow.  I would never have considered Needo a fascist.  He preaches peace and love.  He says everyone should be nice to one another.

Christian:  And how many wives does he have again?

Xal:  I thought it was like 350 at last count.

Christian:  Yup peace and love for his dick.

Xal: (laughs for a prolonged minute)  I guess so.  But he's not going to take over with his band of hippies is he?

Christian:  You'd be surprised at what a band of armed hippies can do if they believe their leader is right and they have to defend him from other people who think he is wrong.

Xal:  What about the Communists?

Christian:  I can respect them as long as they are dedicated to the ideal and not the man or woman leading them.

Xal:  Oh I see.  Yeah that makes sense.

Christian:  That's what being an idealist is about Xal.  It's not about me.  Always remember that if you choose to join the party.  Let's relax a bit before Borisov shows up, enough talking for now.  Glad to have you here, you're a life saver.

Xal:  Thanks Christian.  You're really intense.

Christian:  I'll try and go easy on the philosophy for a bit for your sake Xal.  Let's eat something.

Several others join Christian and Xal in the company mess hall for a quick bite.  They then decide to relax in the office for a bit.  Borisov, of course, was late about an hour.  But when he arrived, there was a great discussion about what to do about the Idealists and the upcoming vote on the Green Party's position in the House.

Cosmic Amerika: The Republic in Peril Chapter 1

Cosmic Amerika: The Republic in Peril

A story from the Mendelbrot Universe

by Chris Freely 

Chapter 1 - The Rise of Homo Sapiens

Xal Mezdeck entered New Washington with high hopes and a cheery grin.  He had just gotten his first major job as a translator.  He spoke perfect Bulgarian and Russian which were considered the best two skills to have as a translator.  The Russo-Bulgar Imperial Hegemony was the 2nd strongest state in the known universe outside of the mysterious Cosmic Tree that occupied the center of the known cosmos.  No one could speak to those beings, but it was relatively easy to speak with fellow humans who could at least pronounce in similar fashion.  Not that he or anyone in the capital had even seen much of who lived in that intimidating region of space.

They only knew it existed because three thousand kingdoms of strange species lived on the borders of the cosmic tree and kept it safe from the barbarians who lived outside it.  These beings, Haftasians, Bornithians, Kalimar, Obvestiraks, and thousands of others, were at least approachable.  They even occasionally traded out as far as New Washington on a good day.  But, for the most part, the politics of the vast regions of space surrounding the Cosmic Tree were ruled by humans and species who had come to accept the dominance of homo sapiens as the latest in a string of countless species who had risen and fallen with the tides of fate as the dominant species of the Outer Cloud.

The Outer Cloud was a name given to the region ruled by the 100 human space nations by the powerful beings of the Arkalkian Front.  Rumors said that the region of the Cosmic Tree were dominated by 8 species of hyper powerful ancient beings.  But humans weren't new to the scene, they had been around for as long.  They had just taken their sweet time growing.  And the rewards were that they had come to be the most powerful of the species of the Outer Cloud.  While there were literally decillions of other relatively dominant species that shared this space in cooperation with their human neighbors, it was time for humans.

Xal was appreciative of this as it made New Washington flood with more money than anyone anywhere could even think of spending easily. Xal wanted to be here, at the center of the political circus that could only be found in New Washington.  The recorded history of the Republic was long and proud.  It had risen from the ashes of the old order on the backs of countless humans rising up demanding the right to live free of monarchs and oligarchs.  Those monarchs, symbolized by the Emperors and Empresses of the Russian-Bulgarian Imperial Regime, as complex as it was, had a tendency of making things too much about them over the longer hall of history.

In this the Amerikans had kept alive a tradition of Republican or Democratic governance that stayed with them from ancient history.  Rumor was that all homo sapiens had ultimately descended from the same 120 nation root stock of a small planet far, far away.  This planet, generally called Earth in most histories, had long since disappeared from the face of the cosmos.  Long ago, the humans had existed only on this planet and had spread out to visit other galaxies.  Eventually, as the legends told, another group of humans came into being who fought with the ancestors of those who lived in their present day and age.  The legends said that group of humans was destroyed.  They were often referred to as the Elect in the legends.

The history generally states that the Elect and the rest of humanity were at war for a relatively long period of time as far as such tiny conflicts were concerned.  But, a great and terrible power, often referred to as the Red Death came and annihilated everything.  Humanity was enslaved, but a few humans managed to escape or eventually overthrow their oppressors with other species in the eons to follow.  When they had finally freed themselves, the Elect were gone.  The ruins of their worlds, whatever was left of them, testified to a sudden disappearance of their whole civilization.  No records were ever found explaining what happened.  The surviving human beings then broke up and traveled slowly throughout the cosmos for many, many eons in separate groups, but in the same general direction as the cosmic winds dictated.

From the original 120 nation root stock, it is believed that about half of the nations of humanity survived.  French, Amerikans, English, Russians, Bulgarians, Nigerians, Brazilians, and others lived in separate spheres of influence until the rising tide of the human populations formed cosmic nations.  And humans were no longer breaking the cosmic law for the great enslavement had taught all the survivors one thing, don't piss off the Archons.

Yes, the most controversial topic in the universe is the story of the Archons.  The species that get the idea implied by the Archons understand how to live correctly.  You can find species that have learned the lesson or tragically relearned the lesson clearly by their amazing ability to be subtle and gentle about all things.  Even the stubborn Amerikans and French had learned.  And the humans no longer attacked other species but slowly allowed themselves the natural growth that the Elect had for so long tried to get then to understand.  It had simply taken the deaths of 99.5% of them to accomplish that tragic lesson from the Red Death.

Cosmic law dictates that all species have a chance to grow.  Each species rights are determined by its Archons and their karmic history.  The Archons are that which we were before we were what we are for sub-sentient, semi-sentient, and sentient species which includes all manner of intelligent creatures capable of using technology, writing records, and developing basic civilization.  The law of the Archons is based upon the law of the Stars which dictates that all Stars are alive and are Archons.  As such one cannot simply go in and strip a star of its core because you want some more free energy.

Sure, that sort of stuff won't get you in trouble right away.  But the minute your civilization does it, something like the Red Death is going to happen to you.  Apparently Stars feel and don't like dying so you can only utilize their power slowly and consciously to minimize the pain the stars feel from dying.  You have to make their dying an enjoyable act rather than murdering them in cold blood.  This was greeted with uproariously laughter by our arrogant ancestors, and even today the rising tide of atheist rejection promises to put us right in the path of the next Red Death.

When a Star Child is killed, as the Archonist Spiritualists insist, it's spirit goes into the void and gathers its karma for the time of reckoning.  Then it attaches its spirit to a force like that at the edge of the cosmos, the wild regions where anything goes because energy is not so guaranteed.  There it builds an empire because it was a powerful spirit, and from there it comes to get you.  As soon as it remembers who you were, you're done.  The Star Child revenant is merciless. 

It's actually a very complex doctrine though as the Star Child revenant is technically also the revenant of all the species and beings that die off because your civilization went off and snuffed out a star.  The conscious civilizations of the Cosmos attempt to keep track of all their karma through conscious action so as to avoid this fate, but every once in awhile the system breaks down for complex reasons that are never all that clear to the one's going through the breaking down.

The Red Death, when it came for our ancestors, was a massive swarm of mostly insectisoid species (the fact it was insectisoids was for no particular reason other than that's the way it happened for humanity in its cosmic infancy) that devoured and enslaved the entire region of space where humans had lived.  The invasion was overwhelming and nearly impossible to combat once it reached the human region of space as the larger powers had all but been destroyed by the time it reached us.  We had been warned that it would happen.  The Archons decided to settle some old disputes and humanity was on the list of the species who had offended some Star Child or sentient Archon from an ancient lineage who had called in all his or her favors for a chance go get even.  And get even they did.

But that's the great lesson of the cosmos.  Every 200 cycles the Archons are going to have a fight about some stupid stuff that hadn't been settled properly.  Every 2000 cycles the Archons are going to fuck themselves up royally in a genocidal bloodbath.  And once in awhile the whole universe is just going to get vaporized too.  They do mention that as an option as well.  Though, that's really rare they insist.

Apparently it's up to everyone to keep everyone calm, but when everyone's karmic shit hits the fan at once there is no keeping anyone calm.  That's the way these big wars get started.  That's all Xal could remember from school about these sorts of things.  Xal thought sometimes about the big picture, but for the most part he wasn't really all that strict about the way his life was conducted.  There wasn't really a big war going on, and everything seemed smooth.  He was glad he got his translation job.

He loved Neoslavic history.  Dominated by the Russian and slightly smaller Bulgarian nations, the Neoslavic Democratic Empire had been the pinnacle of human development.  Other slavic nations including Czechs, Poles, and Serbs as well as later offshoots of the original five nation stocks made up half the population of the Neoslavic Democratic Empire.  The fascinating rise to power of Georgi the Absolute was one of the most stunning military and political achievements of human history.

Georgi the Absolute had created the Neoslavic Democratic Empire in a single lifetime of work.  He had united the entire Outer Cloud through a lightening military conquest of the most extraordinary brilliance.  Following the laws of the cosmos perfectly he had avoided any errors in the exercise of his karmic rights to uphold the Laws of the Cosmos.  What was before a corrupted decadent mess became a perfectly immaculate order of the highest simplicity and elegance.  The Neoslavic Democratic Empire then opened up diplomatic ties to the mysterious Arkalkian Front.  Georgi even visited the capitals of the Arkalkian Front on a diplomatic mission though what happened on that visit remains unknown except at the highest ranks of Bulgar-Russian society.

After the visit a peace existed throughout the known cosmos and trade from the Front was actually begun throughout the Neoslavic Democratic Empire.  This lasted through the entire period of the 3rd human peace, the longest of the three by a small factor.  Like the Chinese-Isreali-Egyptian Spiritual Order and the English-Indian Hindu-Buddhist Alliance before them, the Neoslavic Empire ruled an epoch of human history dominated by the nations of particular tribes, the Slavic tribes in this case, especially the Russian and Bulgarian.

The third peace is also called the 3rd Golden Age of Humanity.  During this period the Neoslavic Democratic Empire had countless Emperors and Empresses and went through a trillion complete formal geopolitical cycles and another two trillion informal ones.  Each of these cycles took eons upon eons to complete.  For all intents and purposes one could sit and study just one of these cycles for a typical google years lifespan and not learn all the history involved.  Xal was only 150.  This was his very first job and he was basically a just fertilized egg from the point of view of how long he would be expected to live.

Xal knew nothing.  He knew he knew nothing.  But in New Washington, there were lots and lots of young people just like him.  While the machinery of the state was run by the elders, every 100 years a new crop of young humans just like him who showed real talent were given a century of service in the capital in the hopes that one day some of them would develop their talents sufficiently to become members of the administration.  Make no mistake, the administration was vast.  New Washington was a mega-planet in a mega-domain.  It was the 3rd largest planet in the Outer Cloud in fact and the people who lived on it were not extremely ordinary due to the nature of the system.

Like other mega-planets New Washington had a mega-star and those who could live on New Washington were only the most advanced human beings in the cosmos.  Only beings who could survive the horrid gravity could even set foot on the planet.  The planet itself was covered in a massive supercity that was over 250 kilometers deep.  The total population was colossal of which 20% were each century's young intern class.  It was the policy of educating the future leadership in mass this way that was an innovation of the Washington system.

 It was this innovation, perhaps more than any other, that allowed for the rise to power of the Amerikan Democratic Republic.  When the Golden Age of the Russio-Bulgars came to an end with a series of warmongering rulers with a taste for repression, the old system that they had used, the Georgi System, ceased to function due to the pressures from the military class that convinced the Emperor and Empress to press for cultural monothemism.  When the other human nations were asked to abandon their cultural systems for the Russio-Bulgar one, they revolted.  The Neoslavic Democratic Empire collapsed due to its democratic faction opposing its imperial faction.  Even the other slavic groups in the Empire refused to go along with this idea as they wished to retain their own cultural traditions.

The Georgi Code was thus violated, as he had predicted on his death bed, by the last fools that must rise somewhere.  The Neoslavic Democratic Empire eventually came back together again, but the now competing Washington system looked increasingly more free.  Only slavic nations remained within the Empire.  But the Empire was in its decline.  What finally did it in was the shortage of Kwarizite to power its might.  For too long had the Empire over-exploited the existing supplies of resources in the central part of its region.  Now the energy supplies were far more abundant elsewhere, so with the decline in military power guaranteed and with a shortage of talent, it became a dinosaur compared with the newer systems around it.

Due to the size of the Empire it was still the 2nd largest and most powerful of human nations due to its gargantuan standing fleets and forces, but it lacked the Washington system to train leaders effectively and lacked the energy resources to fight any long protracted wars.  As such, it remained the cultural heart of humanity while lacking the physical power that it once commanded.

All across New Washington one could see video posters proclaiming the greatness of democracy or the republic.  Eighty cosmic human nations came to meet in the Amerikan Galaxy, the center of all political activity in the new Amerikan era.   This is the way it had been since the great victory at the Battle of Freedom against the Neoslavic Empire in which the Amerikans and her allies had struck the final blow for the rights of human culture to be self determined.  For countless eons had this new regime been the way with the two human superpowers at peace after this great battle.

Yet everything wasn't right.  There was another Human Empire that had existed before the Chinese-Isreali-Egyptian one who was the first one that had truly become the dominant power of the Outer Cloud.  It was called Cosmic Atlantis.  This terrible power was one of the most evil regimes of all time.  After it was destroyed by the allies of the Arkalkian Front, a few seeds of Atlantean society had survived.  Ruins of it were left in the dread regions.  The northern tip of the Bonazza void was where one could still find these remnants.  It also had outcroppings in the Black Lagoon, another terrifying cosmic neighborhood.  The worst elements survived on DeTheKe, the dark forest megaplanet, where the imprisoned consciousness of dark beings were kept alive as undead machines.  It was from these dread regions that dark societies had secretly taken root.

These areas were forbidden and known as the Forbidden Zone.  DeTheKe had been the a capital of one of the Cosmic Atlantis societies where slaves from all over the universe had been gathered before being sold off to whoever was willing to buy them.  One unfortunate day they happened to have kidnapped members of the Ring Kingdoms allied to the Arkalkian Front, and this was when the Arkalkian Front found out what had been happening.  The result was the quick and decisive destruction of Cosmic Atlantis by several Ring Kingdom militaries for kidnapping and slavery which were called forbidden crimes.

The forces of the Cosmic Tree left behind only the cosmic Atlantis societies that were deemed pure.  The rest were subject to cultural non-genocidal extermination.  Luckily only about 2% of the Atlantis societies were deemed corrupted.  But the Atlantis military machine that resisted was destroyed so Cosmic Atlantis lost its hold over the rest of humanity in humiliation for they had allowed a part of their society to become so corrupted to be called dark beyond redemption by the cosmic peace keepers of the Cosmic Tree.  This event occurred during a war between the Arkalkian Front and what is generally referred to as the League of the Agitant.  The Agitant was held responsible for allowing the Outer Cloud for falling into irredeemable darkness already for other crimes the Front had discovered including small instances of true genocide.

The Agitant had been the dominant non-human power before it and Cosmic Atlantis were obliterated.  Periodically these events happened in cosmic history.  The cosmic peacekeepers attacked whenever genocide, slavery, or kidnapping were detected.  As a final lesson, the Ring Kingdoms, on behalf of the spiritual races in the Cosmic Tree and its immediate vicinity, lifted up Basic Law texts from the younger races cultures or aligned them correctly to wise races in their vicinity who could teach them the way of the Archons of Good.  With this solution, the matter was resolved as far as the Cosmic Tree powers were concerned.

Cosmic Atlantis had held sway over only about 1% of the territory of the Outer Cloud.  It was early in human cosmic history.  It had been a trading empire dominated by a close knit group of priests and priestesses.  While it had converted the elite to following its religion, the majority of humanity had retained their national identities from previous periods of human history and so revolted after half of the Cosmic Atlantis military machine was destroyed.  The other half of the military joined the rebels  and a new order was begun.  But without a strong central administration, the time of The Blending began when humans and non humans grouped together in multispecies political institutions.  The Blending was as long as the next three great eras and the times between them put together.  Humans played by the rules and as the succession of species moved forward at the end of the Blending, humans became more and more numerous by cosmic right and the agreement of the other species.

It was during the Blending that an odd war occurred right before that time period ended.  Some big shot from the Cosmic Tree decided to take a joy ride through the entire Outer Cloud and stirred up a great deal of animosity because of his opinions on the way the Outer Cloud was being managed.  Fearing an attack from the Ring Kingdoms and the Arkalkian Front, the vast majority of the Outer Cloud joined forces and started another war against the Cosmic Tree, a preemptive war because they assumed they had been declared irredeemably dark not quite realizing that the big shot had not been in fact mandated to speak for the mysterious administration of the Cosmic Tree proper.

It was learned during this time just how long the Cosmic Tree had been there and how many wars like the one that was fought had happened.  Apparently the records of the Outer Cloud are wiped out periodically due to the fact that most of it evaporates due to natural cosmic changes periodically.  This was something called Cosmic Winter.

The Coalition of the Outer Cloud managed to defeat the Ring Kingdoms partially but the Arkalkian Front showed up big time at the end of it.   There was a massive argument between the leaders of the Front at this time when the big shot showed up and explained to them the condition of the Outer Cloud and the risks apparently he felt he had found.  The war was fought knowingly.  But at the end of the first phase of the war is when IT happened.  The Great Cosmic Calamity during which most of the records in the Outer Cloud were destroyed.  What it was, no one knows for sure, as everyone who saw it didn't talk about it.  For some reason humanity remained untouched during this event, but 1/4 of the light in the Outer Cloud went out and them came back over a few quadrillion years.

The Great Cosmic Calamity was never really explained to most of the races of the cosmos, though whoever lived in the Cosmic Tree knew what was going on.  It was Archon business for sure, that much was clear.  What can be said is that a massive war took place that ended in the Great Cosmic Calamity.  There were no less than 9204 full scale assaults from the Coalition of the Outer Cloud which included 90% of the species in the Cloud and probably 98% of its firepower against the Arkalkian Front.  But the Arkalkian Front hardly batted an eye even though they probably lost 40% of their forces according to most records of the participating species. 

At the end of the war came the darkening of the Cosmos.  According to many superstitious beliefs it was caused by the big shot from the Cosmic Tree visiting the Black Lagoon, the Bonazza Void, and DeTheKe in succession.  Whatever he had discovered there triggered the dark curse of cosmic doom that had been rumored to be hidden in the depths of DeTheKe.  The shadow spread outwards and touched everyone who participated in the war.  But the local extraterrestrial powers along with the human side refused to participate in the war.  For some reason the mysterious big shot never visited the human region of space.  Why this was has never been discovered.  Most people think it was because of whatever he found on DeTheKe.

After the Great Cosmic Calamity ended, there were rumors of space monsters, cosmic hurricanes, electron poltergeist, replicator machine swarms, fire creatures, fire bacteria plagues, physical-etheric phase shifts, and a host of ridiculous notions to explain it.  Again, none of the races of the cosmos that had experienced the brunt of whatever happened said anything, so something special happened.  Whatever it was humanity lost out, though most would prefer not to know about what it was that they missed out on since obviously it had to be something quite horrible indeed.

Not that anyone in New Washington really believed in any of that bullshit.  Most everyone here was a realist, and most were sure it wasn't going to happen to us.  It couldn't.  Amerikans were lucky.  And lucky people don't have bad things happen.  Most people think all those old tales were just made up anyway.

After the Blending, which ended shortly after the Great Cosmic Calamity, humanity began to expand from about 1% of the cosmic population to about 30%.  During this period, the Great Expansion, humans entered all parts of the Outer Cloud.  Before they had been pinned to one small area encompassing about 5% of the Outer Cloud.  Now they were in just about every corner of the Outer Cloud.

This period occurred very quickly and with the agreement of most of the races of the cosmos.   This whole process raised a few eyebrows.  It was as if the Gods, Goddesses, and Archons had smiled on humanity and given them a green light to achieve a destiny.  There were even those who said the Cosmic Calamity had been engineered by Yod-HeH-VaV-HeH and Thaia to allow for the other races of the cosmos to see humanity's special quality.  These people tended to be Jewish, who followed the many names of Yod-HeH-VaV-HeH and Thaia all the way from Earth, if you believe them.  It was, though, these Jews who rose the 1st Human Cosmic Empire with the support of the Egyptian and Chinese powers who had their own version of the myths of creation.

No one denied them their place in history that's for sure.  It was said that the cosmos was ruled by Yod-HeH-VaV-HeH and Thaia, not necessarily in that order.  Under them was the great Egyptian pantheon of Goddesses and Gods and the 26 Chinese Archons lead by the Circle of 10,000 Philosophers serving Kuan Yin, The Eternal Emperor, and the Twin Dragons of the Eternal Tao.   Through the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life the whole of the cosmic mystery could be known.  This ancient tradition lead to the architectural height of cosmic human civilization, the Age of Pyramids, Palaces, and Monuments.

This order fell away with time.  But all of humanity was ruled by these traditions for a long time among the elite even in nations that had little to do with this cultural heritage.  The English-Indian HinduBuddhist Alliance eventually formed in the aftermath of the fall of the great Isreali-Egyptian-Chinese culture during a period of Cosmic Winter.

The second society built up great writings including magnificent fiction.  Many ideas were considered on karma and the understanding of the ring cycle of the Gods/Goddesses/Archons and the human beings and other sentients who were the focus of all of creations work.  It was during the 3rd period that emphasis on humanity became totally dominant to the exclusion of the older versions of mysticism.  The NeoSlavic Democratic Empire was a human experience more-so than the prior eras, though the trends began with the 2nd peace of the English-Indian HinduBuddhist period.

In cosmic Amerika, the ideas we believe in are complex.  We believe that democracy and the republic are the heart and soul of creation's administration.  It is this idea, we feel, that has been ignored by more elitist schools of thought such as those of the other three major regimes of cosmic human history.  While we recognize the God/Goddess and Archons as the powers behind the scenes, we concur with the Neoslavic belief that sentients and their decisions dominate the experience of the universe and the lives of sentients are the critical lives, the home of the universal conscience where the battle between good and evil is decided.  But cosmic Amerika is a place where we don't allow religion into politics so even though most Amerikans follow a number of religions none of these ideas are considered important to what it is to be an Amerikan.

Tomorrow Xal would start his translating job for Anglo-Russio-Bulgar Peace, a Tetragramatron Metagalactic Industrial Partners company.  Lead by the charismatic Christian Matreya, the TetraGramATron group was a consortium dedicated to the cosmic peace and order.  It was also heavily involved in the politics of the New Washington League of Idealists, one of the smaller parties in the capital, but one heavily backed by the Society of Mystery which ran the Churches of Good and Knowledge who were those who followed the path of either conscience or divine thought.  These churches also held together alot of people who were just hoping for a better version of tomorrow.  He was looking forward to starting his new life.

The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Light

A Brief History of The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Light

A Story from the Mendelbrot Universe

by Chris Freely 

In the aftermath of the fall of the Mendelbrot Imperial Biarchy there came the Empire of Light.  Even though the Legion of Darkness controlled the Legion of Light from behind a facade of falsehoods too numerous to name, it largely became a legitimate government in the aftermath of the Arkalkian and Luffanian evacuations that took 70% of the energy reserves of the Cosmic Tree with them.  The loss of this energy had annoyed the Legion of Light greatly.

The history of the fall of the Mendelbrot Imperial Biarchy and near destruction of homo promethean as a species was a long one.  It all began with the entry of the Cosmic Tree into the Iron Void, a massive rich void full of energy from cosmic rays from the surrounding systems.  The natural pattern of a void then took hold and the central systems of the Tree began to suffer from the lack of magnetic transfer potential from the neighboring systems that were now no longer there.  The result was that the cosmic ray pressure was absorbed by the Chaos Region which resulted in its massive expansion over many eons.

The early parts of this period before the Outer Cloud (the pre-chaos name for what was later called the Chaos region) fell out of Arkalkian Front rule or direction is known as the Late Golden Age.  It was a period of unprecedented economic activity throughout the Arkalkian Front.   Because the Iron Void was not a poor void the Cosmic Tree did not decay at all during the transit through the Iron Void.  During the Late Golden Age, this residual strength allowed for the natural growth of Arkalkian Front borders as the Outer Cloud expanded from 80% of the size of the Cosmic Tree to around 25 times the size of it.

The Late Golden Age lasted until around this time.  It was well known that the carrying capacity of the Arkalkian Front generally maxed out around 25 times the size of the Cosmic Tree.  It was during these times in the past that great crisis would happen.  Yet naturally the drift of the Cosmic Tree was anchored for the last 999,999,999,999,999 generations of power to it's sister systems so that it was known that 25 times the size of the Cosmic Tree was going to be about the maximum of the growth of the Outer Cloud.

Only three times before had the ratio of the Outer Cloud to the Cosmic Tree exceeded 30.  These instances occurred during The 1st Generation of Power, the 4th Generation of Power, and the Lost Generation of Power.  Each of these three periods had near death crisis for the Arkalkian Front, especially the Lost Generation's struggle which nearly destroyed the Mendelbrot Biarchy completely to where the Mendelbrots were forced to rebuild the Biarchy from scratch effectively.

But this was the prophesied quadrillionth Generation of Power when the Mendelbrots would reach their peak.   And the entry to the Iron Void had only come for two Cosmic Trees, the Pookarian and the Mendelbrot.  The Pookarian, however, was a much larger tree in the middle to late quadrillionth Generation of Power and much more capable of surviving the Iron Void.  The two Trees however would be alone for a long time and the Pookarians would struggle to survive during this period as well.   It was known by all of the Kay (the spiritual, scientific, and political elite effectively) at that point in whatever Arkalkian Front society they happened to live in that the future would bring with it the calamity that might very well destroy everything.  It was known the Pookarians would survive only for sure as their Cosmic Tree had the mass to sustain it's existence and the sentient ecosystems of the Pookarians were more unified and singular than the dynamic of the Arkalkian Front which caused problems sooner for the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.

The High Kay Khan, the Council of Masters, however was decidedly optimistic about what would be the end result for reasons they did not share always with the lesser Kay.  It was when that fear entered into the Kay that the late Golden Age ended and gave way to the Silver Age.  The Outer Cloud began to form newly separated Kingdoms from the Arkalkian Front.  The populations of the Outer Cloud exploded.  Political sectarianism began to appear.  The Outer Cloud grew rapidly from 25 times the size of the Cosmic Tree to 100 where it stopped growing for a short while.

The Silver Age lasted for as long as the Late Golden Age, which itself was only the 8th part of the Great Golden Age before the entry into the Iron Void.  It was during this Silver Age that the Outer Cloud broke away peacefully to form a patchwork of millions of political entities in the vast regions beyond the Cosmic Tree all of whom were still allied to the Arkalkian Front at the time.  Only the innermost part of the Outer Cloud remained part of the Arkalkian Front proper.

The Silver Age was followed by the Bronze Age when the Outer Cloud's allegiance to the Arkalkian Front gradually eroded.  During the Bronze Age, which lasted only half as long as the Silver Age before it, the Outer Cloud doubled in size to it's maximum 200 times the size of the Cosmic Tree.  The Arkalkian Front was forgotten by the farthest 2/3s of this vast region.  The Pookarian Cosmic Tree had a Outer Cloud that was 80 times the size of their Cosmic Tree and the contact between the Trees was lost near the end of the Bronze Age as it simply became too difficult to navigate the increasingly fractious outer regions of both systems.

War hadn't broken out yet, but there were arguments now over resources as the region of the Iron Void now being traversed was not as rich as that before it.  As a result growth plateaued and no further extra cosmic ray pressure was available, which is always a warning sign of the approach of cosmic winter.  And probes began to reveal that eventually the area of the Void ahead was not part of the Iron Void at all.  It was a poor void.  When this was discovered the Kay in the Mendelbrot Biarchy, The Tetragramaton Khanate, and the Perakian Hive panicked for the first time ever.  The High Kay and the Kay of Luffania, Arkalkia, Gnellgra (The Gnell), The Seraphim, and the Hebegyatians calmed everyone, but this panic was considered the great shiver of the Tree, for what was coming was the end for sure.

As panic spread the Outer Cloud began to conserve resources.  It was the conservation of resources that caused the first arguments between the many societies of the Outer Cloud over the resources that could be rightfully harvested.  The rules held, barely.  But order began to break down at this point in cosmic history, known as the Shivering of the Bronze Age, or the late Bronze Age.

During the shivering, ship traffic in the outer regions dropped precipitously as no one wanted to fuel ships for travel any longer with the rumors of an imminent loss of the free energy provided by the cosmic rays.  Without cosmic rays from an external source, everything dies.  The size of the approaching poor void kept growing in the estimates.  Things looked very grim.  The final estimates of the Kay eventually came in.  Between 20 - 25% of the mass of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree would remain after the passage through the now named Zeitreia Void, named after the prophetess Zeitreia who predicted that the Mendelbrot system would last exactly a quadrillion generations of power.  Additionally it was estimated that only about 7% would actually be left if maximum usage was assumed by the sentient, semi-sentient, and sub sentient races which was almost certain.

It was known at this point by the Kay what would happen.  The Drow, those of the 2nd rank in society, would not be informed, but the majority of them knew what it meant as most were quite intelligent even if they did not know the Kha.  It was known what to do.  The Shadow Archives were opened, and the Dark Age began.

In the Shadow Archives, kept hidden and locked within the great Memory Core on Carpathia, the capital of the Mendelbrot Imperial Biarchy, it was revealed that the Kha had abandoned the Mendelbrots, Khanate, and Perakians.  Kha Dawn would not return to save them from their own karmic damnation.  It was written that only the Prometheans as a species would be allowed to exist under the protection of the Luffanian and Arkalkian Shadow Forces from these three doomed societies.

The Outer Cloud became known as the Chaos Region again as it had before during periods of collapse,  War broke out eventually in the Chaos Region.  The Arkalkian Front shrunk to the Ring Kingdoms and the Arkalkian Front proper as was always the case in these cycles in the prior Generations of Power.  The total power of the Chaos Region vs. the Arkalkian Front and Ring Kingdoms approached 100 to 1.  By selection and conflict the Chaos Region began to fall under fewer and fewer powerful central governments.

Eventually the Legion of Light emerged from the power struggles that took four total Outer Cloud Empires to cycle through.  The first three of these attacked the Arkalkian Front and lost rather quickly, not even being able to subdue any of the Ring Kingdoms.  The Legion of Light emerged as the 4th Empire.  This was an unprecedented situation in the history of the Cosmic Tree that the ultimate enemy emerged so early in the Dark Age cycle. 

The first 11 wars fought by the Legion against the Front were disasters for the Legion.  Losses were massive.  But each war the Legions commanders became smarter.  With each war their technology became more powerful.  The longer the time that went on, the more energy did the forces of the Legion accumulate in their reserves until they surpassed that of the front.  The Arkalkian Front was bound by honor to fight defensive wars only and the enemy territory was never occupied to allow those societies the rights to grow in their own way.  While this earned some good opinion of the Front in the Empire of the Light as it came to be known, those who showed a little too much good will were punished by the Empire's security forces swiftly.

For the Empire of Light was not what it appeared on the surface.  The Acolytes of Darkness ruled it.  They were out for karmic revenge against the societies of the Mendelbrot Biarchy, the Khanate, and the Perakian Robotic Hive for errors committed by these soul groups during the 4th Generation of Power for the first two societies and the Lost Generation for the Perakians.  These cosmic errors involved the great sex crimes of the 4th Generation of Power and the great cosmic purge of the Perakians who overdid themselves in zeal against the populations of some of the darker powers of the end of the Lost Generation history.

Despite warnings from the Kay of those times, these errors occurred.  Even though they had occurred so long ago, the issue of karmic justice became the basis of holding the Empire of Light together even against the grumblings of those who felt that the honor of the Arkalkian Front was perfect.  And yet, the five karmically perfect races of the Arkalkian Front knew that the other three were doomed with only the Mendelbrot society having elements of purity that were sufficient for them to avoid the ultimate doom of history of complete biological extermination of the Promethean metarace itself.

Yet honor bound they fought for their allies, these five karmically perfect metaraces and societies.  As the power of the Empire of Light grew the final three wars of the Mendelbrot era were fought.  The first was called the War of the Red Death, a long a brutal slog across 1/4 of the Chaos Region and all of the Ring Kingdoms.   After the War of the Red Death ended a long stalemate and border war against the Ring Kingdoms that ended in their destruction began.  This was considered greatest military loss of the Arkalkian Front.  This War is known as the War of the Black Death.  The Arkalkian Front recovered from the great battles of this war  and recaptured the area of the Ring Kingdoms at the beginning of the third war, the War of the White Death, but they were now of little value militarily.

But the Empire of Light was holding back its reserves and another massive stalemate war occurred as the Arkalkian front pushed into the Empire of Light's territory.  The War of the White Death was truly horrific beyond description.  Whole Cosmic Domains were vaporized in an instant during the height of the war.  Trillions upon trillions of galaxies vanished in an instant.  And the stalemate held for a third the length of the stalemate of the War of the Black Death.

But the Empire of Light finally felt the balance of power was fully in its favor, and in a tragic miscalculation from the point of view of its own soldiers and people it pushed for an all out attack against the forces of the Arkalkian Front.  This 2nd phase of the War of the White Death was brutal and total.

Rather than save the unwinnable situation the high command of the Arkalkians and Luffanians decided to save their civilizations and those of their fellow karmically perfect races as well as many, many Mendelbrot lives temporarily.  The Khanate and Perakians volunteered to die off to absorb the survival of the other 6 metaraces and buy them time.  Their forces went to the front to hold off the Legion of Light's advance. 

The Luffanians had planned their survival for eons ahead.  It was said that Luffanians were best at hiding, building massively overpowered yet fragile ships, and reproducing quickly in times of war.  They were hideously good at their specialties.  Knowing that they could hide effectively if they had enough energy, they had been hording as much as they could.  The Arkalkians, who shared a long history connecting them to Luffania, also knew of this strategy and adapted their own version of this strategy eventually, especially the hiding part when they realized by the War of the Red Death that time was limited.

Arkalkians knew how to build fortresses and powerful long lasting warships and had the best military industrial system in the Front.  They had a decent knowledge of secret ship designs that could hide in the Void if built perfectly, much learned from the Luffanians.  Using the trick of harmonics, ships could plan their refuels carefully and hide all over the near Void.  But just to be sure both Luffanians and Arkalkians had ships built capable of reaching the now distant Pookarian Cosmic Tree.  They sent these ships first with 1,000 Mendelbrots especially chosen among their passengers.  This fortunate move is all that saved Homo Promethean for the Pookarian Cosmic Tree, though wild, was far from the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree and far outside the reach of the Empire of Light without massive ship engines of the type they simply could not build given the energy situation of the Cosmic Tree at that point.

With 70% of the energy of the Cosmic Tree made into ship cores of Luffanian and Arkalkian shadow ships over periods as far back as the 5th part of the 8 part Greater Golden Age, the ever watchful Luffanians once again saved everyone.  And these ships were designed with one purpose in mind, to hide themselves using their massive energy and dimensional shift technology to keep undetectable.  The technology wasn't perfect, but the Luffanians and Arkalkians were just going to wait the bastards out till they all starved of cosmic ray shortages.  Having a foothold in the neighboring Cosmic Tree allowed them to have options.  The Pookerian locals were wild but willing to accept a few ships and a few galaxies being shared in return for some favors.

But the vast majority of the Luffanian and Arkalkian shadow fleet was engaged in dodging the Empire of Light's hunters for a very long time.  Most didn't survive this period.  Only about 27% of the Luffanian Shadow Fleet and 19% of the twice as large Arkalkian Shadow Fleet survived.  Only about half of 1% of the fleet was in the Pookarian Tree.

During the massive buildup of the Arkalkian Shadow Fleet during the War of the Red Death, the other 7 races had to do most of the ship building and resupply on the front of the war.  This sacrifice however saved the Arkalkian Front.  The Cosmic Tree was doomed anyway and would only be splintered fragments of its former self after the entry into the Zeitreia Void.  Once the Golden Galaxy, the heart of the heart of the tree, was destroyed the Tree would effectively be dead. 

With the Shadow Fleets built and the plan complete, the wars to save the those doomed by these decisions was fought in honor, but not with 100% commitment as the Shadow Fleets did not participate in the battle.  There were simply too many bad feelings left over even in the Arkalkian Front about the errors made during the ancient times to risk the survival of the whole front in such a conflict.  The War of the White Death reached its emotional zenith with the engagement of the Khanate and Perakians in the great surge against the Empire of Light.  To their credit they managed to surprise the Empire's forces and even successfully pierced the defenses of the capital and laid waste to its military infrastructure.

Momentary the territory of the Arkalkian Front was nominally 25% of the Chaos Region, but the Empire of Light reserves began the counterattacks which destroyed the Khanate and Perakian military.  It was the Battle of the Sentimest, though, that was the pinnacle of the war.  Fought on the cosmic west of the Tree, the full might of the non Shadow militaries of the Arkalkian Front members destroyed the Empire of Light's main fleets and armies in a battle that lasted many eons.  But again, the Legion called up reserves, and threw another force into action.  The 2nd Battle of the Sentimest ended in the destruction of that reserve fleet, but the forces of the Arkalkian Front were exhausted at this point.  Less than 15% of the Arkalkian forces remained, and the Empire of Light called up its last emergency reserves and threw them into the fight under its best commanders.

The last stage of the War of the White Death had begun.  The Arkalkian Front was pushed back into the Border Kingdoms first, and then into the Cosmic Tree itself.  The Empire of Light had lost 85% of its available military manpower at that point, but the Arkalkians and Luffanians were the only forces left still capable of putting up real resistance.  The Seraphim had taken the brunt of the invasion into the Cosmic Tree itself and so their massive defensive forces were destroyed and their capital fell to the Empire of Light.

Even while this happened the Empire of Light went through a military revolution and the entire existing government was executed by enraged military officers for the disastrous losses they had suffered due to the mismanagement of the war.  The original estimates was that the Legion of Light should have suffered 25% losses rather than 85%.  The problem was caused by poor military management under the Empire's aristocratic factions.  The Acolytes of Destruction had finally decided to act to eliminate the government having watched the failures mount and having to bide their time until the government's security forces were too weak to defend them.

The last phase of the war was the invasion of the remaining 7 members of the Arkalkian Front from Seraphim space which was now almost entirely occupied.  The rest of the war, now under capable management, went according to plan.  All the capitals of the Arkalkian Front fell one after another except Luffania, which had mysteriously disappeared, again.

What had happened to Luffania, wondered the non Acolytes of Darkness among the Empire of Light forces.  But the Acolytes knew Luffania's secret.  And they went searching for it everywhere to catch their quarry which were the illusive Mendelbrots that had survived.

With the capture of all the other territories of the Cosmic Tree complete, the Empire of Light set about resettling its citizens into the Cosmic Tree.  The 8 defeated races were to be restricted from reproducing.  Although it was discovered fairly quickly that there weren't any Khanate or Perakians anywhere.  They had all committed to the war effort and had stopped producing children long before the battle started.  They had committed conscious self genocide.  The Empire decided after discovering this to settle new colonists in these 2 territories, and to cruelly destroy the Mendelbrot region piece by piece over eons.  However the Mendelbrots had also stopped reproducing, so there was very little to be done.  The Empire of Light still destroyed the Mendelbrot culture, but because there were no promethean children anywhere, there was no ability to leave a legacy of enslavement.  Some of the more insane leaders of the Empire did try to clone Mendelbrots for the purpose of slave labor, but this faction was defeated in a purge against evil that happened after the main purpose of the Crusade of Karma was over.

The surviving Mendelbrots died off slowly.  During this time the other 5 races were treated as defeated people.  They were restricted in reproduction.  The Empire very quickly figured out about the shadow fleet when they realized the energy reserves of the Cosmic Tree's cores had all been depleted by mining.  The hunt began to eradicate the hidden fleets and the precious remnants of six civilizations they held in within their hulls.

But it was not long after this hunt began that the Cosmic Tree and its surrounding Chaos region entered the Zeitreia Void and the lack of energy became a survival issue.  The Choas region withered and died without the cosmic rays to sustain them.  The stars burned out.  The planets lost their light.  And everything on the edge evaporated over eons.  The Tree itself began to die off.  And with this the Empire of Light stopped its hunt of their ancient enemies and let them scurry off to die in their own way, as the Empire thought.

For the Empire saw this as the end.  But before things became too dire, the Empire ruled in its Golden Age that lasted for quite some time.  But population crisis and the shadows of revolution started to edge the Empire of Light towards destruction.  Eventually it fell to the same forces that had helped it, the division of power into smaller and smaller cultural centers that broke away towards the edges of the Chaos Region, now incidentally shrinking rapidly.

The energy crisis lead to panic among the younger races of the cosmos and those not too wise.  Demagogues rose outside the circles of the Acolytes of Destiny, now having changed from the Acolytes of Destruction.   And despite the best efforts of these Acolytes of Destiny, the Empire of Light and all its institutions were doomed to be eradicated by the forces of even less honorable people than they.

It was generally the opinion of the Legion of Light that the Luffanians and Arkalkians were almost entirely eradicated.  Their populations had largely disappeared with only about 2% of the original levels that the Empire had absorbed.  The same was true of the other three races of the Arkalkian Front.  The shadow fleets were probably out there but the numbers destroyed gave the Empire confidence that they would not be seeing the return.  In fact, the surviving Shadow Fleets had moved out far from the Tree and weren't approaching it at all.  They were just waiting for the return of cosmic ray pressure to start their move.

The Empire of Light fell to the rising tides of genocidal insanity within the Empire itself.  The Azp, the Kel, the Gnolls, and the Tresh were the four powers that rose up to confront the Empire.  These forces grew tired of being denied their rights to expand their populations in the face of declining resources.  These four powers rose, destroyed the Empire, and then fought each other until all was ruin everywhere.  The four sided war went on until the century where the cosmic ray pressure finally started turning around.  The Great Wall of Light, the sign of distant cosmic trees, was suddenly visible and all could see that the end of the Void had come.

The Arkalkian Front returned and the Promethean survivors from the Pookarian Cosmic Tree with them.  All of the other Prometheans had died.  There were only 1000 left.  They had died because species of the Kha would always place any people of any situation into ships based on their karma and their spiritual disposition.  This practice lead to the Prometheans being on smaller and less well protected ships of the shadow fleet all of which were destroyed.  It was a form of Cosmic Justice and the Prometheans had created the problem themselves in their past lives from their evil acts.  By the Innocence shall you sort them.  This was done because it was just.  But the 1000 that had survived, the purest of the Prometheans were now free of the karma of their species and could start a new species and a new order.

They founded one, the Freean species known as Homo Freus.  And from the Freeans after a few million years, a 2nd race came forth, the Thaians, Homo Inocus.  All that was once of the Mendelbrot civilization was gone except for the few Quackles that were left somewhere out in the cosmos to be found and the MetaQuackle that had saved a great deal of information about the civilization which had been stored with the 1000 Prometheans who had returned from the Pookarian Cosmic Tree.  A long New Age of Light began for all far longer and greater than any that had gone on before in the history of the peoples of the Kha.  The Thaians gave rise to the Thaian era of the new Thaian Cosmic Tree which grew from the surviving Dark Quasar cores of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  The Thaian Cosmic Tree became the Freean Cosmic Tree when the Freeans took over.  Each Generation of Power was rotated between the two new powers of the Arkalkian Front.

The Pookarians who had helped the Prometheans in the Pookarian Cosmic Tree had also migrated away from their more sophisticated Pookarian neighbors and joined the new metaraces in the new Cosmic Tree.  They also entered the Arkalkian Front after some discussion and settled where the old Khanate once lived.  This became the two godzillion Generations of Power rotated between the Thaians and the Freeans.  And the old Mendelbrot history as well as that of the Empire of Light became almost as nothing and forgotten in the ancient records deep in the vault of the planets of Innocence and Humanity, the capitals of the Thians and the Freeans respectively.  But that nearly endless tale of history is best told at another time as we are slightly short on electrons from which to manufacture a story.