The Unchanging Ground of Spiritual Idealism

The future of our world isn't written in stone.  But the choices people make are inevitably the by-product of what they know or think they know about reality.  This is what makes prophecy possible in that people are as predictable as any other system in existence.  People make choices based on their essential nature.  It is for this reason that the idea of the inevitable rise of the secular humanism consensus of the next two millennia is easy to see and expect.

Yet what cannot be changed is the idea that the human is not entirely a physical being.  This idea, that which is called spiritual idealism, will continue to be a continuous and unwavering thorn in the side of secular humanists even as they attempt to oppress spirituality during certain parts of the future of the new Age of Aquarius.  Why would they bother to attempt to oppress anything?  To understand we must look at what makes a secular humanist atheist believe what they believe.

Humanism is the byproduct of certain inevitable thoughts against religion that is based on the abuse of power caused by the misinterpretation of metaphysical speculation by those who wish to use deception through the manipulation of spiritual information to control the way people behave.  The inevitable reaction against such a corruption of the spiritual tradition produces the anti-spiritual philosophy of material realism and its uncompromisingly reductionist ideology which simplifies all phenomenon to a byproduct of physicality.  Such an anti-spiritual philosophy is then easy to support through brutalism and extreme skepticism.  Since most anti-intellectual and anti-spiritual atheists are lazy thinkers and stupid bullies, this makes for an easy way to bully anyone with an alternative opinion.

And this is of course is easy because the party line of the majority is going to have a great deal of weight added to it by every me-too group thinker in creation.  Once all the mediocre minds have backed this position it will become very difficult for the spiritual minority to get a fair hearing about any real ideas without a substantial backup in the philosophy department.  And once the corruption cycle gets started where advanced mediocrity becomes instilled in institutional academia, you won't be unseating those high and mighty secular atheist humanist professors any time soon.  They like their cushy jobs.  So then if you want to be spiritual in some parts of the world in the future, you're just going to have to do it the old fashioned way, secretly.

Why, you might ask, can't we easily confront these people and their bullshit?  Well, it comes down to the fact that they are in charge and we aren't.  You see when you go against the grain of the big egos in charge, they come down on you hard.  So the trick is not to confront them until they have screwed up big time and then do so in a coalition of like minded causes.  This is the basis of successful political coalitions.  The future is political unfortunately, which will sadden many of you idealists.  But you'll just have to put your fat idealist ego aside for once and make a coalition that works.

Natural allies of spiritual idealists are eco-conscious atheists who will also be oppressed by the brutalist faction of atheists.  Artists are the most obvious natural allies of this coalition of consciousness.  Other spiritual idealists are also natural allies, though there is a great deal of animosity between some factions of the metaphysical community especially between groups with a long history of hostility between each other.  Eventually spiritual idealism will win the argument over the long run.  However, the dominance of materialist factions is assured for the next two millennia outside of certain open minded and richer cultures of conscious thought.

Spiritual idealism will remain the minority position and the majority will for a long time always default to its old habits of clinging to materialist reasoning.  In some ways this will actual be a benefit as much of the superstitious nonsense that passes for spirituality will be eroded considerably over the course of the next 2000 years.  That means when real spirituality begins to emerge again it will be strongly Earth based which will result in the rise of the eco-spiritual culture rooted in the love and protection of Mother Earth.   Such a culture will challenge the dominant secular humanist consensus and its excessively techno-industrial anthropocentrism.

Eventually over time spiritual idealism will return and incorporate the more elaborate holistic spiritual metaphysics described in many of my essays.  This elaboration will, especially in the Age of Sagittarius, lead to the completion of the historical arc that first leads from the old spiritual ideology of the past towards atheism and the secular humanist consensus and then back towards a new spiritual mindedness and spiritual idealism that refocuses the human mind on the more advanced notions of self presented as keys to unlocking the deeper intimacy possible through greater spiritual and mental integration.

This entire process will take considerable time, as I expect primitivism to be the dominant mode of existence on this planet as a psychological narrative for approximately 30,000 - 32,000 years.  The reason for this vast length of time is that psychologically and spiritually the human being lacks the desire to know itself deep enough in order to break the cycle of ignorance to what is truly real about creation.  The soon to come secular humanist consensus will demonstrate this fact clearly in its latest form.  Essentially the masses cling to the general narrative of each age without being touched enough by the spiritual elite to change from being followers to being leaders of their own spiritual journey into the super-conscious self.

The elite, in fact, have not even reached this stage as only a very few of the most dedicated spiritual seekers have gotten far enough to open the door to this stage in human evolution.  What this means is that spiritual idealism is not even the goal of this process but instead the awakening of the human psychic mind is the goal.  When this process is complete for each individual, they have access to super-conscious knowledge of their true nature as beings.  This will only be possible for the elite until this period of about 30,000 years from now when the general process may be attempted by all as part of the education of the human race of that time period.  While, of course, this is not set in stone as any prediction of the future cannot be, it does seem as though this amount of time will be required to establish the ground of what it is that humans will need to be aware of in order to truly move beyond the limited narratives of what collectively has been chosen as our personal expressions.

As such spiritual idealism is the hope that is the gateway that leads to the possibility of mass enlightenment.  With that mass enlightenment we can have a conscious civilization in the light of full knowledge of who and what we are.  This is the future.  But in order for it to be manifest a journey is required of every single human being and that journey will take about 30,000 years.  Some will get their first on their own and realize that the work is not done until everyone is equally psychic to the truth of their own and everyone else's true nature.  This is beyond what the New Age theorists have demanded because none of them possesses this level of consciousness because they cannot know the past lives of those who are around them.  This is in fact the critical test of knowledge for this level of consciousness.

Everyone must remember and everyone must remember the same thing.  And unfortunately this cannot be reasonably done until the planetary crisis that could kill us all (you know global warming, nuclear catastrophe, all that physical stuff, etc) is resolved.  And then, those who are ready first, the human elite, can attempt to put the pieces together one step at a time whenever the opportunity arises.  Most of this will be done in secret because the majority doesn't like when some people have advantages over them.  Until such time as the issues with the planetary survival problem and the problem with the masses resisting the rights of the more advanced minority to pursue the research independently of their fat egoic opinions, the longed for return of the Christ and full consciousness will have to be delayed.  I've written a "prophecy" about this on this website here.

There will be many that come along and claim they have arrived at full consciousness who have not.  Each time this happens a movement will rise and fall.  Over the course of human history this will occur until the prophecies are fulfilled in a manner such that the requirements of history are met.  Otherwise the ideas will have been shown to be unfulfilled and the spiritual test of the human experience will not be complete.  The prophecies represent the completion of this spiritual test.  When full consciousness is reached then the conditions of the prophecies will be met.  There are other requirements in consciousness described by my teacher and written of in the prophecy I have written in brief as I understand them.  These concepts must all be integrated in order for the future to be fulfilled in the manner that is correct, proper, and necessary.

The most important thing that is greater is, again, the survival of this planet, and for that the idea of the Green Front or Green Army is necessary.  This machine of consciousness will arise organically to deal with all aspects of the environmental crisis staffed by the leaders of consciousness and eventually championed by the people as well soon and will dominate the consciousness of people 80 years from now.  When this movement completes it's purpose the planet will be saved but humanity will be permanently divided into factions for 30,000 years until the fulfillment of the spiritual heritage of our species spiritual and psychic history.  This is, in fact, the only way any species develops anywhere in the cosmos.  It is, in fact, a prerequisite to demonstrate consciousness of this magnitude to be accepted into the ranks of a universal community of intelligent extraterrestrials who have had all these thoughts for longer than we and likely are awaiting the completion of our physical, intellectual, spiritual, and psychic mastery of our own species first.

Our answers to their questions one day will be the demonstration of our self knowledge and intelligence regarding our nature as what we are.  Once this matter is resolved completely, I believe these extraterrestrials will make themselves known to us.  Why would they even bother to say hello until we had truly answered the most basic philosophical, scientific, and spiritual questions of being?  By any measure few have even asked the right questions until I wrote my essays attempting to draw up what needed to be defined first in order for the tests of knowledge to begin.  It's going to be a long haul especially for the smarter among you.  And after that it's going to be a long embarrassing walk of shame for those of you on the dumber end of the cosmic spectrum.  Try not to kill too many of us, we just keep coming back for more.  My hat's off to reincarnation.  Spiritual idealism cannot be killed.  It is the unchanging ground of hope that one day the answers will be wrestled once more from the darkness of the journey through a world wracked in the belief that it is impossible to know the truth of spirit even when these truths are right there hidden behind the veil for anyone to reach out and pluck out.   All one has to do is breathe and the rest shall be revealed when the time is right.

Flow on dreamer.
Flow on schemer.

All these things and more shall you observe.
And when the flow goes back to home.

You shall know what's yours...