Intimacy and Integration

Integration is the most uncomfortable experience.  Most people would prefer to be anywhere else than in the place that requires them to integrate with another person, especially if that person isn't like them.  There is little interest in becoming one.  Yet becoming one is the basis of all notions of both divinity and what we roughly call intimacy.  Without divinity the world is lost.  Without intimacy it is doubly lost. 

The future of our world hangs in the balance of understanding the nature of wholeness through integration and intimacy.  Far too many have closed the door on integration so that the disowned extended experience brings about integration through more aggressive experiences.  Societies are in a cycle of closing down and rejecting "the other" for the sake of maintaining those society's egos.  Yet this resistance to integration will only accelerate the destruction of the failed social systems of the West and probably most of the East as well.

It all begins with the destruction in personal relationships.  Intimacy has become a joke.  Listening is absent everywhere.  There is no interest in reaching out.  Now we all live in our personal wasteland, the byproduct of the isolation of our attempts to avoid true communication.  Everywhere I turn I feel the same dread feeling.  People are closed down.  And yet they are here to precisely learn how to integrate with others who are not like them.  This concept has been lost to the collective.  As a consequence, the dark rises up to demand integration.

The void within has become an ocean.  We are all drowning in our selves.  And everything we hear in our societies is to drive us further and further into our own personal narcissism and dysfunction.  The media feeds the beast.  The corporations feed the beast.  The cultural poison has destroyed our ability to be intimate.  Connection is gone and the center cannot hold.  There is nothing to hold on to.

Vanity has become our reason to wish for somewhere else to be.  Anywhere else will do.  Maybe we can all take a cosmic sleigh ride to a promised longed for dimension of our choosing.  Maybe there we can escape having to integrate with the hated other.  Understanding is just too much to ask of the pampered sons and daughters of privilege.  So, such sentiments are bound to unleash the rage, fear, hate, doubt, pain, and terror that the other brings.  Integrate with us, they demand, integrate!

But we, the privileged, are above integration.  We are above intimacy.  We stand here with our proud culture of fill in the blank that demonstrates that we are better than the other and have no need to understand them and their filthy ways. 

Intimacy has come to be replaced with intimacy with our fantasies.  Yet fantasies are empty and unfulfilled exactly because they aren't real because they are about things we know or think we know already.  They don't challenge us and in our laziness it has become easier to cling onto something unchallenging and familiar.  After all, why would we ever want to learn anything about anyone other than ourselves and the things we already know we like so much?

Insidious isn't it?  The creep of indifference.  One day you're a born explorer looking to learn everything about an interesting world, and the next day the world is as boring as the back of your hand.  Why challenge yourself even in the slightest?  It's so much easier to get up and hate everything that isn't like you.  Pretty soon human kind is going to become the universe's version of the Dalek.  Did someone utter something over there that sounded like a foreign word?  Exterminate!

Of course, it can't go on this way forever.  And the end result of our running away from what must be integrated, our opposite, is going to end exactly where we started.  Learning is essential, but why that is must be demonstrated clearly for the human race to understand, hopefully once and for all, that we can't live in a world where our personal version of heaven excludes the people we don't want to know.