The Machine of the Mind And Your Liberation

Ideas matter.  Everything I have tried to develop in terms of expression has come through the disciplines of thought known as argument and philosophy.  Semantics are vital.  This realization matters for everyone not just linguists.  Words are power conveyed as vessels of meaning or as vessels of distortion.  The use of words as blunts instruments of will separates the propagandist from the seeker of knowledge who allows words to flow from him or her.  Power is a vessel of knowledge that is not complete. Words are a form of power.  Knowledge cannot be defined (see my essay on the philosophy of knowledge for additional details.)  All words are imperfect vessels because knowledge must expand.  Knowledge can never be used.  It is not a category of thing and as such is not an instrument.

These sorts of nuances seem meaningless to the primitive mind, the mind of savagery that is the dominant mode of what can in the least sense be called "thinking" for the vast majority of humanity at the current time.  Crudity has a price.  Inexactness exacts a toll.  The price is not paid right away because of the nature of our world, but it is present none the less.  Everyone is amused at their own cleverness for having gotten away with sloppiness.  Except that what they were doing was noticed by intelligences greater than their own.

Power flows from the mind.  Its every ebb and current flowing over the nature of life grasping and taking in the shape and form of creation.  A master is not interested in the shallow projection of drivel that spews forth daily from the cacophony of garbage we call the media except to smell it's abominable stench.  Wretched, imperfect thought is a thing of ghastly disorder.  What sort of world do we live in with a the sludge of chaotic mindlessness that passes for intelligent conversation being daily driven into the minds of the hapless citizen who is drained of all reason and possible understanding by the vile spew that goes forth from the villainous ramblers.

Now before you, reading this, think you are above this sort of ill wrought disturbance weaving because you are a high and mighty graduate of some prestigious run of the mill Ivy League mind farm, I should warn you right now I'm of the mind to give you piece of it.  You, sir or madam, are a sloppy thinker and I can break you for fun no matter what you think you know in the realm of thought.  I've been keeping my mind humming like the proper engine of enlightened destruction that is prepared waiting for it.  Just give me a reason and I will unleash the full weight of annihilation upon your hapless pitiful excuse for mindedness and mindfulness.  Chances are you know next to nothing.

You are all a bunch of goddamn bullshitters.  I have listened to every corner of the waking nightmare called the internet and the endless whiny shitfest of ill reason for most of my life and I have simply had enough.  And if you think that is crude, and that I am being a hypocrite, well then you have no idea the proper use of well placed curse words.  I suppose you'll want to debate me on what it means to be a hypocrite!   Fat chance pointdexter!  How about you tell me what it means, and I tell what is wrong with you and your definition?  Think that's unfair?  Can't handle it?  Go back to your safe space!

If you read my wonderful essay on that matter of the philosophy of knowledge you will discover an important and often overlooked fat fact.  How fat is this fact?  It's positively ginormous!   Thought is inherently destructive.  That's right!  Why, you might ask?  Because thought is designed to destroy that which proceeds it.  Always.  You can't design a thought that does not displace or otherwise disturb an existing thought.  Try putting two thought forms in the same room and you'll get war in no time over which thought form prevails.  Thoughts are very aggressive things by their nature.  They jump at you from the page and pounce down the streets of your safe quiet mind making all kinds of racket and demanding attention like little bees buzzing and grasping at you.  "Look at me!," they say.  Every thought demands individual and precise attention of your conscious because it wants attention.  Lots of it too.

Ever tried to create a plan that just got bigger and bigger and bigger the more you thought about till at some point it has taken over your whole life and you can't even find the time to breathe?  That's the war machine of your mind at work building the armories of thought it wishes to project forward into the world to cover it with your personal brand of black.  Your mind is assembly plant for mental projectiles that you are readying even now to walk into your boss's office to "quietly" ask him for a raise.  Yeah right!  He or she is already on to your bullshit game.  Smells like Susy wants to rule the world, but just doesn't want to admit it.  Get in line Susy, the rest of us were here first!

What does the damn machine want?  What are all these stupid thoughts for anyway?  At least partially it is to catalog our slavery and addiction to thought itself.  The very idea that you have to do anything in the morning is the first part of the lie you tell yourself every day to make yourself go through the same routine over and over just like the countless people just like you who do it for their whole lives never realizing there is a simply way out.

It begins simply as my teacher taught me.  It begins with the breath.  Seems like an odd place to start no?  What could the breath do that the mind could not, right?  But you see that is your mind tricking you back onto the treadmill to nowhere.  You could go down that road Neo, but you know where it leads.  Everyone on this planet needs to get off the brain train to nowhere.  It is destroying our world.

Ideas matter because without them we could not function as people or as a society.  Yet in the process of creating ideas we have created an unintended side effect which can be called intellectualizing the actualization of self.  This problem results in the loss of perspective of what matters and what is actually real.  The thought forms of the mind are no more than mental phantasms designed to drive us towards specific goals of existence.  But in this outwards expansion creating the goals, the root of our vital life force, the breath of life itself, have been discarded.  This is a tragedy because the breath is the true source of power behind the mind and the word.  You have to breathe in to get the air to form the words coming out of your mouth.  See the connection?  It is so much more than just that though.

When you consciously breath and touch and feel your every breath you connect to the real sensory you that is apart from the abstract mental you that exists to regulate your life. This abstract mental you controls your life because society has encouraged you to create this shell of a real person in order to function correctly.  This machine operates unconsciously for you as you go about your daily routines, however the constructed self image of you maintains another layer of illusion below the first layer.  My teacher discovered this unique bilayer in his research into our psychological makeup and I have found this teaching to be instrumental in understanding the nature of the illusion that keeps us enslaved. 

Freeing yourself is actually a rather lengthy process and first you have to understand why it is necessary for you to do so.  As a spirit you labor under the false sense of self that you have created in order to function in a less than ideal relationship to reality and to your true self or rather your higher self.  There is in fact a precise resonance that corresponds to each of these layers that is unique to each individual.

My position on the matter as far as readers of this essay are concerned is that conscious breath work is the first key practice of freeing your mind from the illusion of powerlessness that is created for you.  You think you're in power?  I beg to differ.  The difference between the ruler and the ruled is only in so much as the ruler grasps the power of consciousness greater than the follower.  Yet the conscious breath immediately inverts the power situation.  Breathing allows you to feel which opens up the intuition which allows you to see what is hidden by integrating with it.  With practice and discipline and a good emotional iq map it is possible to break down barriers to vertical ascension in position just from the point of view of your fat ego.  But the key of the process is to eliminate your vaunted sense of ambition itself.

Ambition is the cornerstone of the machine in the mind.  It is the driver of the wheels of enslavement.  It breaks the ruler and ruled alike because it is their enslaver.   A man or woman that is free of ambition is a free person.  This is not to be confused with pure desire which we call passion, but instead with the altered sense of priorities our society has created in us through the consumer culture but also through hierarchical polarization.

The mind as we understand it is ruled by projection.  First we begin with lack, the sense of valuelessness.  From here we find meaning in building security.  Yet because we lose the gift of the breath early in life due to forms of conditioning and perhaps just our own forgetting, we forget why we are building the security in the first place.  Our minds are largely handed to us by our parents and then by the schools we attend.  We are told what to think, not how to think.  When we learn how to think it is only after a long struggle with the conditioning of our very minds that we have been taught to turn against ourselves!  It is a lifelong struggle, the deconditioning of our minds.

We must examine, if we are to free ourselves, everything we believe about everything we know in order to ascertain the truth.  This includes the very nature of the ideas we have about the ideas we have.  In this the destructive nature of thought becomes very clear as stronger clearer thoughts begin to supplant and replace vaguer and weaker forms of thought.  Our society is going through this right now on a grand scale as older paradigm are coming under tremendous mental scrutiny breaking down the deception into its root elements and origins.  Make no mistake, we are the source of the error in the system.   No institution is sacred because we are the ones that built the machines of institutional mind control.  The institutions are irrelevant.  We should not talk of the state.  There is no state.  We should not talk of the church.  There is no church.  The revolution is entirely internal and yet has far greater and more profound consequences than any form of protest against any system.  There is no system.  You have lied to yourself!   If you call this anarchy, you are still lying to yourself!  If you call this nihilism, you are still lying to yourself!  Labels, labels, labels.  What should we call ourselves now?  Oh I know, the no-mind every-mind semi-virtual collective.  You see how clever it all is what we do now?  Forget the goddamn label and dump the stupid brand.  All of them!  Try breathing and feeling and remembering who you really are instead.  Turn the label making fabrication plant in your analytical pipeline off for good and start LISTENING.

At the end of institutional mind control there is a moment when you realize the ghastly error you have made your entire life.  As a systemic analyst I can only tell you the utter embarrassment of it all is simply beyond ridiculous.  Much of my life I tried to analyze the system driving at it every part and piece, it's every institution and hallowed principle, it's endless agents and factions.  On and on and on this went until one day I became utterly tired of the whole goddamn exercise.  I had mastered every form of political psychology known to man and understood the nuances of game theory down to the finest point only to realize that in my own breath and in the power of listening lay the answer to ending the very process I had set forth to destroy within myself from day one.  I had only made the error of projecting this idea out onto the collective in a vain effort to complete my almost meaningless superlative grand design education of the most sublime and subtle nature imaginable.  And standing there in the imagined hallowed halls of my own colossal mental palace of supreme majesty I threw it all down in harrowed realization of the futility of every manner of strategy and tactic I had devised and schemed over the course of a lifetime that felt like 30 lifetimes.  I had thought that much, I had felt that much.  And all of it would be a complete waste of time if I believed in any of it more than I believed in the power of my breath.  That is how much you have to believe in your senses in order to overcome the lie contained in your head.  Yet you have to listen to your own inner narrative until it breaks down under its own weight to get it.  This can be a rather lengthy process.

Every form of power imaginable is a vague and limited vision, the incomplete vision of a whole whose sum, greater than the parts, makes for a complete thought and that thought cannot be grasped by any means of projection or memorization.  It can only be known as a vessel of consciousness when pierced completely through and through by intuition whose primary vehicle of exploration is this breath because the breath moves the intuition.  The breath you can feel itself is not the whole of life, but it is the whole of you.  Yet breath is more than just your breath and my breath for we are all breathing in unison.  Without the breath, intuition becomes stale, and breaks down.  Female intuition is overrated because women do not practice the conscious breath.  Doing so rectifies this disbalance rather quickly.   Incidentally a man practicing conscious breath can out intuit the vast majority of women quite easily if they themselves are not engaged in this practice. 

Do you think it is possible to think yourself a woman or a man?  You are born what you are born, as any transexual person will tell you.  What you feel is what you are until you become something more.  Choice is based on desire which is based on you and who you choose to be.  The right of free choice shall not be infringed.  But all choice must return to the chooser, as it is intended to.   Anyone who says otherwise is infringing their darkness upon another.

The idea and point of this essay is that freeing your mind isn't necessary.  Your mind is already free.  It does it's job and that's wonderful.  You have to free yourself from identifying with the thoughts in your head, which incidentally is actually only part of your mind.  For convenience I have defined the concept lesser mind and greater mind in order to show you that this is not the end of mind or the emergence of a permanent no mindedness (which is impossible to sustain) but instead the breaking down of ignorance through applied reason, consciousness, and thoughtfulness.

Now before you go forth to offend the lesser minds of the universe with your new grand paradigm of 
the all knowing know nothing with all its trickster subtlety (I'm on to some of you people already you should be aware) you should note another vital and important lesson.  Listen before you argue.  This is because listening allows you to determine where the other person is coming from.  Also a wise person never wastes argument on people incapable of reasoning if they can actually determine what reasoning is and how to test for it.  Oh yeah, and about all that stuff I wrote apparently condescendingly at the beginning.  It's an attention getting gimmick to get you to the meat of the substance.  An old jedi mind trick if you will.  But if any of you punks think you can take me in a mind war, you'll know where to find me.  I'll be right here waiting for it and there's a really, really good chance I'll know you're coming.  Booyah!