Towards Meaning

As we confront our insecurities and doubts we realize the importance of making space for what we find meaningful to ourselves in our journey.  Stripping away our insecurities slowly through our releasing of our dark has become the new ritual.  Feeling our own terror and fear we grow towards new possibility.  As we survive each new layer of revelation about our nature, something begins to change.  At first it is personal, just about you.  But soon you are joined by others, others who have seen the way.

The path is fraught with suffering.  The nature of our current human experience makes this a temporarily necessity.  There is no way out of experiencing some empowerment through facing our greatest injustices against ourselves.  These injustices have largely been internalized.  A false sense of being hardened into our very bodies showing us the potential of our unconquered spirit.  Survival reveals that we are capable of establishing ourselves again, that we are capable of rising up and embracing our power.  Each day we count our blessings that we have survived.  In this we learn gratitidue.

Meaninglessness confronts us with our desperation.  We need to change.  It is in our hearts.  With every beat we move closer to liberty from our condition.  With every breath we move our soul that much closer to being free.  And yet more is required.  A need to find meaning.

A journey is required.  A journey into darkness, where all things are made to stand still, where the mind and all its machinery is made to pause.  Why?  Perhaps deep within our soul has the answer but we have become too routine and mechanical to hear it clearly.  Yet, with each breath the revelation moves closer to being fully heard and felt.  It is something that we can commit to on our path.  It is something that is possible.

With this requires a leap into the unknown, the great terror from which many turn back at first.  It is no longer our luxury to run away from what is there.  It is no longer an option if we wish to survive.  So then, the die is cast, and our fate is sealed.  We must journey within and without to a place none of us has been before.  We could call this place hope, but perhaps it is simply home, the place where we live.  Housed in our flesh, lighted by a power within, we face our greatest fears.  It is here somehow that we will find our redemption.  It is here somehow that we are going to find victory, a triumph over our weakness and our hardness.  Or perhaps, accepting our weakness and hardness for what they are, find a way to use them to make life more bearable for ourselves and those we love.  A human solution for human problem.

We act deliberately now to find knowledge.  It is a necessity.  The quest for knowledge has never been more important than now, as our world dances on the razor's edge of doom.  What we need is answers.  Ones that are complete.  Ones in which we find meaning through survival and through success.  Survival and success blend together increasingly.  Just living in somehow an act of triumph.  And creating by whatever means is a celebration of our still beating hearts and still moving breath which must be interpreted as a sure sign that we are moving that much closer to the meaning we have all been searching for.  When we get there, I am sure there will be others, and so the journey and the tour of our condition as humans will be a small measure more complete through our communion.  And surely communion is something we are all yearning for after all this time alone.  We move forward then towards meaning, an experience of fulfilled expectations and much more than we can even imagine.

Conscious Conception

When we create, we make a choice.  In that process that leads to the moment of creation, which we call conception, our intention and focus are what partially determines the nature of what it is that is about to be created.  For everything that we create in this world, there is a corresponding sacrifice that is made to make that creation possible.  So then creation is an act of personal love where one sacrifices something one treasures in order to create something one loves.

Such is the nature of conception.  Yet in the process of creating we often forget to take into account the side effects of what will happen after we create what it is that we are creating.  Those side effects can be positive or negative to the degree we are conscious of our decision.  Yet having that sort of power inevitably leads to more demands for a more complete level of awareness to manage the ever expanding consequences of our decisions, and of course, their outcomes.  Hence the need for what is derisively shot down continually, which is ego.

The creative act involves being present in the moment to such a degree that one must commit to it fully in order to get anything out of it.  This means that what one treasures in terms of time must be given first and foremost to create a disciplined product, the focused measure of one's labor.  In addition to time, energy, and will, creation in this world requires motivation and determination without which the process will be dropped by anyone who doesn't like the experience of dealing with phyiscal resistance.  Yet everything we do in this world is bought at the price of having to experience the overcoming of physical resistance through the application of willpower and command of the will. 

What then is worth so much and is so precious that could demand this full and complete sacrifice of our precious selves?  Love of some thing, person, place, or idea is certainly partially an answer.  Yet beyond this is something even more magical and inexplicable.  A divine demand within our very soul that asks to be fulfilled.  A need to be more than what we are in this moment.  A need to grow into a more complete and fullfilling role by offering Love as a choice to others.  This sort of odd situation rarely comes up except in strange and often unfulling rituals such as what we currently call "romance" where the free loving spirit is often crushed under the burden of ritualized modes of relating and imposed expectations.  While the quest for Love itself leads to the conception of an unconscious mode of relating to Love through the objects of the quest, the true quest for Love only happens when we step out of the program of unconscious conception and accept our responibility as conscious creators.  This moves us from the mundane level of doing what is expected of us and expecting something or nothing in return according to our daily mood and into a space where our very being is fired up and ready to explode with pure genius. 

The nature of such an experience is divine because it is an internal relating to ourselves as a creator, a god of our own making.  This is more than just the weak willed "channeling" of the divine practiced by so called psychics.  This is a living, breathing godhood where you walk with yourself, being your own shepard, beleiving in you and your divine birthright.  It is not an easy path because of the world and its expectations.  The world doesn't beleive in your right to be free (right now at any rate) because people have a hard time relating to the true spirit of creation within themselves.  They shut down their divine nature because of the programming and then they blame those who acheive conscious creation within themselves out of fear that they will lose control to them.  Yet, this is what happens time and time again throughout history.  The conscious conception overpowers the unconscious conception because of the choice of the believer, the one that chooses.  All great ideas are first ridiculed, violently opposed, and then accepted as the gospel.  The path of the world's hypocrites remains that same as it always has been.  They will pretend to believe anything in order to gain something outside of themselves that validates their lack of inner worth.

Our societies have lost the power of conscious conception because they no longer believe in their own vision.  The west has lost its way completely in the dark.  There is no cause today for which people have any real great belief in.  Everything has become a means to an end, and that end has become an increasingly greedy and bad one for everyone.  It short, we are on the dead end path to nowhere. 

Yet, there exists a silver lining in all of this.  We still have the power to choose Love by enpowering ourselves enough to challenge this dead end outcome.  We still have time to breathe and make things right.  There is still time to heal yourself and your world.  In order to do this you must first believe in yourself enough to know that you have the power to change and make the world a better place.  This is essentially the only choice available other than to breathe and be a passive observer.  Everything else is not really a choice but an unconscious surrender of your authority to be complete in yourself to someone or something else outside of you.  And that is a insult to your divine heritage, and it cannot stand.  The alternative to being divine is to reject your divine nature and resume the pointless road back to the programmed life you have been lead to believe is actually yours by someone else who wants you to live under their rules and their control for their convienence.  Is that really what you want?  Somehow, I doubt it.  So then, you have the power to choose your fate up to the degree that you understand yourself and in doing so walking away from the illusion of life as it is sold to you to pursue life as someone who believes in their ability to consciously conceive an alternative.  That, dear reader, is the nature of the power within.  You can call it divine power if you'd like.  But it is found at the center of our very nature as beings, deep within your mind, heart, and soul is a real human being waiting to be born.  And all of creation works for the moment of the emergence of this conscious creator within, the real God, with all the splendor and awesomeness that makes the journey through your lies worth the trip. 

It is once again time for us to make a choice.  Are we going to surrender to self destruction or to our loving nature?  The choice seems obvious.  In fact, there really isn't any choice.  Everything in the universe points to the obvious and only your fears, doubts, and insecurities prevent you from seeing and beleiving in it.  You are the one, and it is time to rise.  Become the phoenix and doubt your true nature never again.

Love Poem for Fear

It is all I can say in the face of death and in the face of fear.
Fear, our worst enemy, which has taught us that life is still possible.
Even with everything we can't understand.
Even when so much has seemingly been torn away from us.

Even having conquered death, fear becomes our stalker.
It eats at our being, stealing our resolve.
It eats at our resolve, stealing our courage.
It eats at our courage, stealing our will.

And yet we face fear daily anyway.
With eyes of steel we face it.
It never goes away except when you face it.
And then somehow it vanishes only to appear somewhere else the next day.

It is a very mysterious experience
That fear has so strong a grasp
Yet so weak a presence
That it is here for such a short time.

What sort of divine trick is fear?
While it is here it is all consuming.
But it disappears quite completely
When we focus on it strongly.

Does this heart live on fear?
Is it made of fear?
Does fear make it's home in my heart?
Maybe it likes it there where it is warm and cozy.

Or is fear in the mind?
Stalking the corner of my doubt
The uncertain twin of my suspicion
The questionable ancestor of hatred?

Do I fear with my mind or my heart?
Does fear begin with weakness or with strength?
Where does it come from and where does it go?
And if it is gone, why does it come back time and time again?

Perhaps it is the nature of our world
Yet thoughts of Love can chase it away.
Thoughts of belonging do make it recede.
But then we are all full of fear awaiting the arrival of it.

And yet Love is said to conquer all in the end.
As certain as the Sun rises.
As certain as the Moon rises.
Where Love is real, fear cannot exist.

Measures of Power

Have you ever wondered what makes powerful people powerful?  Is it the amount of fear and intimidation that they generate?  Is it the intimidation factor of standing in their presence?  What separates the powerful from the dis-empowered?

There is the power of doing things.  Yet when most people think of power they don't think of an architect, engineer, or cook.  No, we tend to think of people, usually male and European, who have large bank accounts and go to work dressed in strange looking suites that probably would have passed for the court fool's outfit before the mid 1800's.   Yet, these same funny looking outfits are supposed to display one's status in society as a "mover" and "shaker".  Public perception and reality, though are often quite different.  The vast majority of men and women in suits are nothing more than what we refer to as empty suites.  They are the messenger boys for those who hold the real power.

The power to make a decision is often considered to be an important demonstration of power.  But the real test of individual power comes from demonstrating commitment with follow through to conclusion.  "Getting what you want" thus is often the most immediate measure of someone's power in society as it demonstrates decision, commitment, and follow through.  This is one of the many reasons that money and power are often confused.  Someone with money often gets what they want just be using it.  However, things are never really that simple in reality.

The nature of power is more akin to a complex balance of force through command.  Individuals with great command can at times make large impacts.  However, few people, even heads of state, wield that kind of power in the present day.  This is because power must be exercised with reason and justification and in our present collective contradiction is subject to debate from media and the peanut gallery of the internet.  Because we do not agree, our systems are in paralysis and our heads of state cannot create plans that are effective because of the level of disagreement.

In order to wield power effectively, one must be quite clear about who one is, what one is doing, and what one is trying to accomplish.   Identity is the rock upon which power twists and turns.  Power is psychological in nature, it flows with the mind.  Knowledge is the root of power, and what one knows for certain can become a very powerful force for good or evil depending on how one chooses to use one's words.  Words convey the meaning and measure of power to those who would choose to align themselves with the powerful as followers, the minions, which are ever present around the masters of power.

Commanding the heights of psychological dialogue gives access to powerful mental motivators in human beings.  People make choices based upon certain preconceived values, whether derived consciously or unconsciously.  Knowing what those are allows a master of power to drive someone else's motivations to a forgone conclusion.  While the ability to manipulate others is often seen as a sign of great power, it is an even greater power to clarify someone else's thinking to the point where they see what it they must do given certain considerations.  It is easy for those with great prestige to manipulate others minds and wills to do their bidding, but much harder for them to secure the true loyalty through real commitment as leaders.  This is one of the great failures of modern politics.  Without loyal followers committed to meaningful projects our leaders no longer can command the loyalty and obedience of the people.  Power has been redistributed to groups whose interests are primary monetary.

The inevitable result is the expansion of monetary activity and the hoarding of monetary resources.  Yet money is not power and is a very poor choice of resources to hoard (not to mention that hoarding is a bad strategy in general in most real world situations).  Money is a disposable means of manipulating individuals who lack intelligence, and this means that it has no real value to the powerful except in the momentary convenience it may convey.  Tomorrow, those with real power could re-value the monetary system as they see fit.  This has happened many times in what we refer to as the 2nd and 3rd world in the form of a change of currency or hyperinflation of one form or another.   Those who trade in higher levels of power know this.  The weak minded are always one step behind.

How do we measure power?  It is by the yardstick of what we accomplish?  Is it by the our ability to destroy things that get in our way?  Is it by the number of followers we have lined up behind us?  Is it by the strength of the foundations of our position in society?  All of these constructs are ways to measure certain elements of position and possibility within the realms of power.  Yet power cannot really be measured for sure, it must be tested and tested again through use until its full measure is revealed in action.  Indeed, we do not know the limits of our power until usually we exceed it.  Such is the way of our nature. 

A Love Poem for Death

Though shadows and darkness
Stand between us.
Time and space
Distant wars.

Deep within
Always eternal
Our central sun
Beating proud.

Life is for the the living.
Death is for the dead.

Do we know each other still?
Or has that too washed away?

Mourning is for the mourner.
Loving is for the lover.
How soon does the Sun rise
On our eternal Heaven?

Together seems a long way away
When all was right with the world.
When all my relations
Were with me.

Sadness creeps in at the edges
Shadows casting demons through doubt.
Is our Love eternal?
As sure as the promise of Heaven.

Can we know in this mortal shell
Our true eternal nature?
Or is it forever clouded in grief?
Does torment really have a silver lining?

Where now is the promised reward
Of a life lived righteously?

Some say love is but a dream
Lived incompletely through moments.
Moments that are separated by eternal sadness
Or the torture of not knowing.

But is not the light within to guide us?
Is not God at our side?

If not, then surely Love must exist somewhere
Outside the hollow walls of our weary eyes.

We have waited long for the justice of a good tomorrow
One built on the bedrock of sacred being.
We have waited long for the Peace of Ages
Promised long ago by ancient men.

Is it long off still?
Must we still wait for our ship
While the storm brews
Our lives like dandelions blown randomly into the darkness.

Waiting forever is a painful processes
Perhaps it is because we have forgotten pleasure.
But somehow we remember the thought of it
So long ago when the world seemed right.

How now our meaningless rituals
Drawn out far too long
By those unwary and clumsy
Unaware of the approaching storm?

What manner of strength within
Gathered darkly with shades of black
Will we rest upon on the day of gathering?
Will we gather the grapes of gladness or of sorrow?

What manner of harvest is the bounty of eternal toil?
Or is such a question not worth asking?
Yet Love toils not, though it is buried
Underneath the paperwork of excessive thinking.

Ten thousand bureaucrats would erase
The work of a billion true hearts
So that the decendants of Heaven
Would only know a legion of read rules.

Red rules for the good, black rules for the bad.
And yet still this beating heart says
Love matters beyond and above
When this heart stops.

And yet the dark mind of man cannot know
Whether this heart continues to beat in Heaven.
Woe onto the ignorance of our times.
Woe onto the darkness of our lies.

Where is the healer for those that need healing?
Where is the lover for those that need loving?
Where is the savior for those that need saving?
Where is the breather for those that need breathing?

Where is the hero in this dark hour to bring us our hope?
Where is the mirror to show us ourselves?
Where is the echo to let us hear our thoughts?
Where is the river to bring us back our dreams?

Did our dreams just drift away
On the mist of shadows
Never to be heard from ever again?
Or will they return from beyond the grave?

How now do we know a second chance?
Or are second chances no longer in vogue?
When did we give up on second chances?
When did we surrender God's right to offer one?

Or perhaps man is God now.
Man, the dark God, bringer of evil, a shadow onto himself.
Where will this man go to find peace?
Where will this man go to become human?

And yet Love still seems real
And yet somehow far away and close at the same time.
Love is a mystery it seems
A thousand painful deaths cover it up.

Many swear by Love, the miracle.
But then what is Love without miracles?
It seems that Hope in this dark age is a miracle enough.
Where it springs from is beyond the understanding of man.

And yet Death creeps closer every day.
It's visage everywhere and on everything.
What is it that Death wants?
Is it a greedy beast or simply doing it's job?

After thinking, does Love arrive?
After doubting, does She show her face?
Is it Love that will save us, or nothing at all?
Is this race of man beyond saving?

If it is beyond saving, will we find some grace?
Does God still believe in second chances?
Or has she changed her mind
Because we are such monsters now.

Have be become monsters in the name of Love?
Are we the beasts that we have been looking for?
Are we the demons in the dark?
Are we the evil doers hiding in the shadows?

Will the shame of our faces drive us to death?
Will this heart bear the burden of all its lies?
Will it bear the burden of all the lies told besides
By an army of seemingly well meaning well wishers?

Responsibility weighs darkly on this heart.
Judgment weighs darker still.
The weight of the world is on these shoulders.
Fate weighs and is weighed in turn.

The fate of all is decided in small moments
Yet the burden of infinite fate
Cannot be laid upon the heart and soul
Of any being under the Heavens.

Thus we are left to save ourselves
And wonder if God will be there
When our turn comes to discover
What it is Death has covered up.

Time is always against us.
And Love is always with us.
Why is Love not enough?
Why is there always something more to demand?

Are we the greedy monsters?
Or are we just children who were never taught
The way to the heart and the soul?
Is our fate to judge the world?

Or do we judge God and ourselves?
Are we inadequate to our task?
How can we be when none was assigned to us?
How can we be when no one told us what to do?

Is it fair to question all of what we are?
Is it good to question all of what we have become?
Will we find a second chance buried underneath the unknown?
Or will we find our well planned execution instead?

If man is truly the master of his fate.
Then surely he has a choice in his life.
But we all know Death chooses for us in the end.
If Death is God's left hand woman, then where does that leave us?

Is there any difference between a Christian and a Jew?
Between a Athiest and a Theologian?
Between a black man and a white one?
Between a man or a woman?

Do we not face the same ultimate truth.
The ever approaching night that is Death.
It is our constant companion.
The one truth that our darkness can agree to.

Is it any wonder, with our constant companion
That we have forgotten everything of what is good?
That we have forgotten everything of what is happy?
That we have forgotten everything of what is beautiful?

This heart beats, but I don't know why.
Does it beat for me or does it beat for my lover?
Does it beat for God?
Let us hope it does not beat for the devil.

But if it does beat for the devil
It would be nice if he let it beat a little bit longer in any case.

Will we all be reunited after Death has opened the door
To eternal light or eternal dark?
Will I see the face of my lover, my sister, my brother, my mother, my father?
Will I know my friend after I am gone?

Is it cruel to imagine that I might forget?
Is it painful to think I might not remember?
Or have I become a shadow of myself
Stalking my own fears into madness?

Does God make people mad
Or should we blame the madman for his own confusion?
Or should society blame itself?
Would Love have helped, and could it still help?

Does society even know how to Love?
There are a million cures now.
There are a billion ways to diagnose a billion labels.
Yet isn't it Love that cures, or is that just the talk of a madman?

Perhaps what this world needs is another billion bureaucrats
Or perhaps a million fresh talking heads gossiping and poisoning.

Perhaps it needs to print more money and throw it at everyone
Maybe what this world needs is another hundred thousand politicians pretending to care.

Or maybe this world needs you to care.
Maybe it needs you to Love.
Maybe it needs you to heal.
Maybe it needs you to feel.

I would wager that if you wake up tomorrow
That it will be true
That the world with be better
Only with you.

And whatever lies beyond Death's door.
Whether shadow or substance or an unknown bore.
If you truly Love and give all you can.
Life will have measure, meaning, and fans.

And when we face the great unknown.
We hope we do with someone true.
We go alone to find our sense
Of what Death is without pretense.

Unbiased towards Death, I say to you.
I know not what it is.
I know not what it could be.
I know not what it will be.

All I can say to anyone now
Is that we should all Hope.
And that if we Hope together
I believe that Death will just go away.

Faith is odd in that Love makes sense of it.
Where the mind cannot.
And the thoughts don't do it justice.
But it all makes sense anyway.

And that is ok.

And since it is ok, it must be enough.

And if it is enough, then it is worth it.

Consequences of the Game

Everyone plays the game, even the one's not playing.  If you doubt this, then perhaps you haven't noticed the way the universe is constructed around you and within you to make this an inevitable consequence of making the decision to exist in the first place.  The beings all around us point to the inevitable rise of conflict over the future of creation.  War, the distant cousin of the game, makes its presence felt in our lives.  We rise up to meet the challenge of the oncoming rush to determine fate and destiny.  Our agendas are at stake!  Everything we have worked towards threatened by the sea of opposition within and without, we seethe at the ocean of creation as it eyes us wearily.  What is our agenda?  What is our master plan?

Planning isn't exactly the strong suite of our not so bright species.  Thinking past the next meal might, in fact, be considered to be a stroke of genius in many circles.  Whatever you think of that, the facts are that humans so far have not done a terribly bang up job of reigning in the forces of chaos and destruction.  For the most part, we are all stuck here on the ride for the moment, one perhaps that is far beyond our immediate ability to curb into any semblance of what might be considered a secure and well manicured mastery of environment or society.  Certainly we can say that incompetence is the rule of the day in one form or another.

Let us momentary consider the consequences of the game, for which it is necessary first to ascertain the nature of the game.  Games, as it so happens, are ruled by the astrology sign of Leo, which in and of itself should allow a person of sufficient intelligence and investigative capacity to gather the necessary conclusions on their own.  But, since many of you are of the lazy minded sort or perhaps the hurried sort, I shall summarize.  The game is about ego, which is about whatever it is that you choose it to be about.  The creative nature of play allows us to define ourselves in whatever manner we choose to whoever we choose anytime we feel so inclined.  How Leo-like indeed.

The game is always on.  As such, we don't get a break from it necessarily because we would like a break.  It simply doesn't work that way.  You don't get to unchoose when there is someone else involved.  You don't get to let yourself off the hook.  And you've been playing the game, even if you think you're just an innocent bystander amongst the sharks.  This all is a consequence of you being here in a human body dealing with personal, or what passes for human, conditions of being.  Welcome player!  Choose your fate if you dare.

The problem with the game is that there seems to always be some sort of collateral damage to people who weren't intended to get in the way of the agenda.  Woops, sorry just doesn't quite cut it.  What sort of trail of tears have you left behind yourself in the process of pushing your way through this world?  Perhaps you didn't realize there were rules.  All games have rules, you know.  What did you think?  This was all just going to blow over without someone having to pay a price?

Responsibility is something that is hard for the average real world gamer to quite wrap their little brains around.  Dabbling here in there in some white lie destruction was supposed to be easy and not so costly.  But it turns out people on the losing list of society's little game system have a long memory for injustices.  We're keeping score, you know.  Everyone is.  The universe is keeping score too.  Everyone should just hope that when the bill does come due it comes due in dollar signs or with a nice convenient monetary number attached to it.  Oh, but all bills don't come in fiat currency form now do they?  No, some debts just can't be paid with convenience.  Too bad for the debtors, then.  Me so sorry.

So to the winners of the game, I congratulate you.   You've all done such a marvelous job.  Game over, right?  Oh.  I guess the game doesn't end.  That might not be so good for some of you winners.  It seems that by playing you lost.  Guess you should have read the manual first.  Yes, I know there isn't one.  Just too bad, I suppose.  I'll get back to you on the manual thing maybe depending of how well I feel about it later on.  Until then, enjoy your spoils while they last.  Really, you should probably hurry before someone changes the rules, or perhaps even more disconcerting, the rules decide to change themselves..

Monkey Wrench in the Machine

Have you ever wondered why the world has stopped working?  Isn't it a little odd that it appears at times that it is working, but in reality everyone in the know knows that what appears to be progress is nothing more than a slow march to inevitable death.  So why has the world stopped working?  What changed from the time that everything had meaning and today.  The answers are actually hideously complicated at the same time mostly obvious.

Everything we do as beings has to have a reason that is clear to us.  When we step outside of the boundaries of what we understand we enter into the no man's land of the unknown.  It is here that we, as individuals or groups, can become lost.  We enter into commitments with powers we don't understand.  In this mortal world of matter, our unconscious commitments become our chains to hierarchy, race, corporations, governments, and religion.  We have been ordered to make those commitments by those above us in the hierarchy of patriarchy (or the vestigial hierarchy as the case may be).  Yet, in order to be completely on task with accomplishing our purpose in life, we must know what it is we are committing ourselves to, otherwise things begin to go horribly wrong.

People naturally want to do their duty to the collective.  Yet when that duty conflicts with other messages in our consciousness, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so.   Can anyone in their right mind follow a chain of command that does not do what is right for the collective?   Can anyone who feels good about themselves go along with orders that contradict their conscience?  The answer is that they cannot.  This is the conflict of morals, and it is the monkey wrench in the machine.

We are in moral conflict with ourselves in this day and age.  No one believes in the chain of command, yet we are still required to follow orders to get paid.  Yet those of us in the know know that we are not even getting paid anymore really.  In the haze of confusion, the cracks of the system are becoming more visible with each passing day, week, month, and year.  There is no justification for continuing to support the immoral process that is destroying all of us.  The conflict becomes clearer the more you think about it.  And the more you think about it, the less confidence you have about the future of the machine which is the system of order, the chains of duty implied by unconscious directive from the top to the bottom.

What is our duty?  What is our values?  What is our nature?  Is it to serve the machine that is bringing us all to ruins?  Can a man or woman of thought consider the possibility fully without becoming fully resistant to the notion of continuing for another day in contradiction?  Contradiction is what breaks the will.  It is the war with ourselves that we fight each day to decontaminate our minds and hearts from the parasites of bad agreements, bad ideas, and bad commitments.  Decontaminating ourselves we become free agents in a world that is sinking toward its inevitable demise because it cannot self direct.  It cannot make choices.  It is just a machine of consciousness made up of individuals capable of seeing or incapable of seeing.

Here the dividing line is clear between the evolution of the conscious and the evolution of the unconscious.  Some are so enmeshed in the machine logic that they cannot fathom change.  They cannot understand transformation.  They are agents of the system.  They will defend it onto their last breath.  Yet for those who have taken the step to walk away from the lie, the contradictions are clear in that what they point to is an inevitable moment of choice where one must either become free or remain a slave to conditioning.  And as long as one is clear one will always choose the former over the later.

This is then what the great concealment is all about.  You cannot be allowed to know what your real choices are.  Everything in the system's programming is designed to offer you a series of false choices.  These choices serve the interests of those offering those choices, yet at the same time imprisons them in a karma of which, if they know the whole story, they would not be participating in either.  In short, the system is, from the point of view of a completely free being, a trap.  It offers only more of the same eternal loop where destiny is determined by birth into the same special classes of individuals who have been elevated in consciousness to the status of supreme specialness.  Yet this is all an illusion as everything we do and choose has clear and unavoidable consequences both in this world and in the next.  We are compelled to learn because we see what it is to which we are all being lead.  No one chooses to be a slave to support a system of specialness for the spoiled and rotten.  Such a system will never, ever be a permanent feature of any world or universe we live in because it goes against the nature of life.

And this unavoidable truth is what the system and its controllers cannot avoid.  It is the inescapable truth, the law of psychological gravity that underlies the whole of collective psychology.  If the contradiction inherent in individual personal moral crisis is the monkey wrench in the machine, then the blindness of the leaders shows that they do not have command over the very mechanism of reality that they must have in order to maintain their roles as leaders.  They have failed the test of duty by failing to be conscious of the nature of the system of which they are implied to be in direct ownership.  How can one own something one has no control over? 

Hence the inevitable outcome that stalks our collective fears and worries.  The end of the system.  It's inevitable collapse due to lack of conscious knowledge.  And of course, the rise of a new class of conscious leadership which must answer the crisis.  It is inevitable as the sun rises that a new order is not far from the horizon.  The drums are beating in the deep.  The mind is turning, ever turning in the heads of men and women.  Thought is forming that will manifest in transformational revolution.  Nothing can stop it now.  The conflict and contradictions revealed by the analysis cannot be erased.   An order built on lies cannot stand.  By their nature people fix problems.  When they notice them, they start working.  And hence, the leaders have no control over anything because conscious people making conscious choice are the ones who build worlds, not those who are in a reactionary reflex to protect personal interests.  The game ends when the selfish and self serving are deposed from the their positions of privilege.  It has happened before, and it will happen again, because that is the nature of evolution.

What will emerge?  What is the nature of our future?  It is people fixing problems the same way they always have, by making choices about who they are and what they do.  So the nature of the future is exactly the same as the past. When the machine breaks, we build a new one.  When we forget who we are, we set on a journey to discover ourselves again as it has been done from the beginning of everything everywhere.  It is a return to that which is fundamental and real, which is the journey towards meaning.  And it is the loss of meaning that has made our collective systems of consciousness (our "culture") irrelevant.  A new culture is needed.  A new spirituality to replace the old.  A new system of administration to effect true justice and understanding.  And all of which demonstrate that we need a new generation of leaders that are completely clear about their duties to the planet and its people.  If we are to rise and create humanity, a lofty word which to me means a self conscious self reflecting species of conscious and responsible beings, we will have to discard the shell of deception that has been cast upon us by a rotting, irresponsible cast of characters that has long outlived their usefulness to our species.  It is time to take out the trash and clean up the filth.  And all of this begins by becoming clear about who we are as individuals through the values we choose for ourselves.

There is a huge amount of real work that needs to be done.  At the end, we will have reappointed purpose back into our societies, reason back into our discourses, and vitality back into our relationships with each other and the planet.  What this means is that we are on the verge of the purging of corruption at all levels of our world from corruption within ourselves to the corruption at the highest levels of privilege (Note that I do not use the term Power).  It is time that we all started working from our highest sense of duty to perform the necessary actions to make this world whole again and fully healed for the future to meet us with gratitude.

The Karma of Bad Dharma

Karma is a complex business.  It would take me a few thousand pages to describe what I suspect I know about it.  But since getting to the point is important in this ever speeding post modern hyperworld we live in, I would summarize some conclusions with a few simple points.

Karma basically isn't a great thing unless you like fixing mistakes you've made.  Since we have all made some mistakes we should all be very happy to know that we can fix them theoretically.  But in truth fixing problems is quite an annoyingly painstaking process that most of us would prefer to avoid altogether.  This is understandable given how our world works at the current time.

Karma can't however simply be discounted or reduced to nothing.  The screw over job that you've gotten from some questionable people in this lifetime or that can't simply be erased.  No, nothing less than justice demands fair compensation for your unpleasant experiences.

So the universe's solution is to create systems of consciousness that allow for debts from the past to be repaid.  Hurt one person, and you don't just get of the hook.  You get stuck in your bad karma so that lifetime after lifetime you are forced to fix the error that you created in the first place.

I don't like delivering the bad news.  It's nothing I relish with great eagerness.  But the fact of the matter is that you will pay off the things that you have done, and sometimes, for the things that you failed to do.  Such is the world of karma, just like the world of dharma.

Dharma is a Hindu world that means essentially "duty".  We all have duties to perform.  Yet we are all responsible for our karma.  We are also all responsible for what we create.  This complex situation creates a series of inevitable consequences to everything that we have done and haven't done.  This situation extends to collectives and individuals.  No one escapes from karma in the same way that no one escapes from dharma.

There is however, a catch.  The catch is that if you create a system of consciousness that is sufficiently advanced in its ability to create good, then you can short circuit karma through an advanced system of dharma.  A system of duty that is fully conceived is a system of duty that becomes karma light (not karma free).  However, because of the Law of Karma, failure to create that system becomes a debt against everyone who hasn't realized this yet.  Ignorance of karma does not protect you from karma.  Ignorance of dharma does not protect you from dharma.  Just as you in this physical world hopefully know that wishful thinking doesn't erase the pain of being here.

The karma of bad dharma is something easy to understand.  It is nothing less than the indictment of a world that failed us, the children of the Earth.  Because bad dharma begets bad karma, you can't simply wish away all the destruction created by the consequences of past actions and inactions catching up to you.  Everything is ultimately catching up to everyone all the time.  What this means is that our societies will inevitably collapse because they are against the true nature of the universe which demands that all societies evolve into higher forms of dharma or die back to a full reset.  Personally, I don't like full resets as it means all progress we have accomplished so far as a pre-civilization must be done over from scratch but without convenient forms (relatively speaking) of electrical energy.  But such may be the consequences of the legendary incompetence of the fallen people of this age. 

According to dharma, trying is lying, only results matter.  And dharma demands nothing less than perfect results.  In that respect dharma is cold and inhuman.  But karma is cold or hot and nasty business in either case.  The thing karma cares about is getting what is due.  The emergence of a system of good dharma is inevitable in the evolution of consciousness.  The only question is whether the planet will survive long enough to allow it to emerge in this retched society of people that we deal with at this moment of pre-human history.   Time is always against us, and the world's stupidity is taxing our humanity right out of existence.

Perhaps it should have been engraved in some holy book somewhere "thou shalt listen."  But the details seem to have flown the coup along with every other meaningful measure of real progress a long time ago.  Intelligence is, at best, a rare gift in this fallen age of waste, corruption, deceit, and incompetence.  Those that have it would argue that is more a curse having to live with the total wreck of a system the we deal with daily and knowing how utterly incapable of change our system has become.  None the less, spiritual messengers have somehow managed to say a few things to a few people in the hopes of moving the collective karma forwards.  Occasionally slightly innovative dharmic systems have even popped up out of the collective stupid through the herculean efforts of a few dedicated spiritual warriors.  It has been far too long since our last innovation.  Our socities no longer function effectively for human needs though there are arguably few humans among the masses of people who are more like clever beasts than anything resembling a proper human being, and perhaps even fewer among the corrupted, decadent, and ignorant "elite".

So the ideas that are the bedrock of our way of life have failed, and society is simply too slow, stupid, and incompetent to recognize it.  And karma will still take it's pound of soul, the same as dharma will take its pound of flesh.  The world turns, the karma burns, and the price will be paid by everyone.