Thought, Idea, Mind, and Ego - The Levels of Existence

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This file is greatly supplemented by reading my treatise on kabbalistic metaphysics as the map of our internal spiritual relationships.  This is especially true regarding the list of the levels of existence defined below.
If we divide consciousness into levels we get a map of existence similar to the one below.  Strictly speaking this is merely an abstract of what is out there in terms of reality.  This list is a combination of traditional metaphysics models, levels of creation in the cosmos through astronomical observation, and a smattering of my own ideas added for clarity.  For those of you on the non-complicated side of thinking, this list is probably not for you.  But for those who truly want to grasp the nature of creation as we know it and beyond, this list would be an excellent tool to consider just how vast it all is.  At the bottom of this file are additional resources that I have written which expand on the thesis here in the metaphysical analysis of creation as we understand it using the ideas of today fused with my own vision.
Thought, Idea, Mind, and Ego - The Levels of Existence

by Chris Freely
Protons/Neutrons/Magnetic Field Sheets/Atoms/Molecules/Rocks/Crystals/Organelles(except plastids, mitochondria, chloroplasts), Elementals in Incarnation- Organized Atomic, Chemical, and Organic Systems - Etheric Plane - Elemental/Mineral Mind/Soul - Thoughts- Communication - 4 dimensions - (Highest level is operating on is Mental Plane)
Cells - Eukaryotes (bacteria, archea),Single Cell Life, Tissues - Plants/Fungi/Multi-Cellular Protists/Animals Without a Central Nervous System - Organs - Basic non-incarnated Elementals living in the Etheric Plane - Lower Fairy Spirits in Incarnation - Astral Plane - Reflective Mind/Habit (Plant) Mind/Soul-  Ideas - Identification/Relation/Intention - 5 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Mental Plane)
 Animals With a Central Nervous System - Higher Fairy Spirits in Incarnation - Basic Non-Incarnating Lower Fairy Spirits Living in the Astral Plane - Mental Plane - Instinctive Mind  - Animal Soul - Instinct - 6 dimensions
Sentient Life Forms Lower Psychological Roles/Animals Higher Roles - Human/Sentient Rational Mind/Soul - Mental Plane - Masks/Egos or Rational Mind and Self - Reason/Thinking - 6 dimensions - (Highest level is operating on Plane of the Angelic Soul)
Human Life Forms Separation (Human Spirit) - Child - Human Spirit - Spiritual Self Reflection
Advanced Human Thought - Basic Non-Incarnating Higher Fairy Spirits Living in the Mental Plane - Buddhic Plane - Plane of the Angelic Mind - 7 dimensions - Human Higher Mind - (Highest level operating on is SemiDivine/Planetary)
Advanced Human Expression - Atmic Plane - Plane of the Angelic Self/Ego - Human Higher Self - Tribal/City Consciousness? - 8 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Divine/Solar)
 Evolved Human Synthesis - Sentient Archon - Angel -  Adi Plane - Plane of the Angelic Soul - Human Shadow - State/National Consciousness? - 9 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Galactic)
Large Moon or Planet - Planetary Archon -  Archangel - The SemiDivine MetaPlane - SemiDivine Mind/Soul - Religious/Civilization Consciousness? - 10 to 16 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is MetaGalactic)
Star/Star Cluster/Galaxy Smaller than 1 Trillion Stars - Solar Archon – Divine Archangel - Divine MetaPlane - Solar Mind/Self/Spirit; Stellar Soul - 17 to 23 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Cosmic Domain)
Galaxies Larger than 1 Trillion Stars/Galaxy Clusters and Superclusters/Larger Galactic Formations up to 1 Trillion 1 Trillion Star Galaxies (The definition of a MetaGalaxy) - Galactic Archon – Galactic Archangel -  Galactic MetaPlane - Galactic Mind/Self/Soul – 24 to 30 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Cosmic Dominion)
Metagalaxies and groups of Metagalaxies up to 1 Trillion Metagalaxies (definition of a Cosmic Domain) - MetaGalactic Archon – Metagalactic Archangel - MetaGalactic MetaPlaneMetaGalactic Mind/Self/Soul – 31 to 37 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Cosmic MetaDominion)
Cosmic Domain and groups of Cosmic Domains up to 1 Trillion Cosmic Domains (defintion of a Cosmic Dominion) Domain Archon – Domain MetaPlane - Cosmic Domain Archangel– Domain Mind/Self/Soul – 38 to 44 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is Cosmic HyperDominion)
Cosmic Dominion and groups of Cosmic Dominions up to 1 Trillion Cosmic Dominions (definition of a Cosmic MetaDominion) - Dominion Archon – Dominion MetaPlane – Cosmic Dominion Archangel - Dominion Mind/Self/Soul – 45 to 51 dimensions - (Highest level  operating on is Cosmic UltraDominion)
Cosmic MetaDominion and groups of Cosmic MetaDominions up to 1 Trillion Cosmic MetaDominions (definition of a Cosmic HyperDominion) - MetaDominion Archon – MetaDominion MetaPlane - Cosmic MetaDominion Archangel- MetaDominion Mind/Self/Soul – 52 to 58 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is (Cosmic UltraDominion +1))
Cosmic HyperDominion and groups of Cosmic HyperDominions up to 1 Trillion Cosmic HyperDominions (definition of a Cosmic UltraDominion) -HyperDominion Archon – HyperDominion MetaPlane – Cosmic Hyperdominion Archangel- HyperDominion Mind/Self/Soul – 59 to 65 dimensions - (Highest level operating on is (Cosmic UltraDominion +2))
Cosmic UltraDominion and groups of Cosmic UltraDominions up to 1 Trillion Cosmic UltraDominions (definition of a Cosmic UtraDominion +1) - UltraDominion Archon – UltraDominion MetaPlane – Cosmic Utradominion Archangel - UltraDominion Mind/Self/Soul – 66 to 72 dimensions -  (Highest level operating on is (Cosmic UltraDominion +3))
And on up the infinite number of planes

Some Philosophical Musing and Notes Concerning the Nature of Thoughts and Minds as They Evolve Through Time and Space
    All these forms described in the list above are feelings as well in sense besides thoughts in mind.  The mental perception is an inversion of the sense of the vibration of the entity in question.  
    All forms, thoughts, ideas, instincts, thinking, egos, souls, and expanded souls in the upper realms are entities with self-existing identities.  They exist as objects onto themselves and exert change (unconscious or conscious) in the physical cosmos as well as within their own planes.
    The basis for the existence of the nonphysical planes is the lowest level of the etheric in which etheric waves propagate as matter expands in the ether.  The concept of matter expanding is from Mark MuCutcheon's The Final Theory.  Just as matter is expanding vibration in the etheric field, the waves created by matter in the etheric themselves create waves in each subsequent field into which each lower plane field is impeded.  The number of the individual planes is not known by science at the current time, as the theory is too new, however the ancient Egyptians had developed a system consisting of 42 subplanes within 7 major planes (John Gordon's Egypt: Child of Atlantis).  
    The major practical planes considering human development for now are:
The Physical Plane (level 1)
The Etheric Plane (6 sub planes and 19 (+1) levels) - 4th Dimensional
The Astral Plane (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels) - 5th Dimensional
The Mental Plane (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels) - 6th Dimensional
The Buddhic or the Plane of the Angelic Mind (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels) - 7th Dimensional
The Atmic Plane or the Plane of the Angelic Ego (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels) - 8th Dimensional
The Adi Plane or the Plane of the Angelic Soul (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels) - 9th Dimensional
    Above these planes exist the divine planes upon which the larger powers of creation operate.  These will be discussed in another work.

惡- Evil 善 - Good
An Idea: Mastery of Knowledge
"In the beginning was the Word (Idea?), and the Word (Idea?) was with God, and the Word (Idea?) was God."
    Thoughts are made of symbols/objects.  Ideas are made of thoughts.  Instinct is made of ideas.  Thinking is made of instincts.
    (Feelings are made of vibrations/sound.  Emotions are made of feelings.  Music is made of emotions.  Mood is made of music.)
    A thought cannot be isolated in consciousness.  A feeling cannot be isolated in experience.  Participation is required to validate any psychological experiment.  
    (Consciousness transforms thought into experience through integration with self.  For instance the idea, red, is a color.  The minute you attempt to isolate the word red in your consciousness, you will see red as the experience.  Red, the thought, resonates to the experience of seeing red in your imagination.  Every time the word, red, is used, your unconscious mind creates images of red in your unconscious.  Which then is real, the thought of red, or the color red itself, or your association of the symbolic word red with the experience of the color?  The truth must be they are all real, but the underlying experience of seeing red is the root level of experience that is most real, because you saw red first before you learned the word red.  )

     (The great question of science is what is the thing onto itself, that is what is its complete true nature.  As long as science rejects the nonphysical component of the cosmic journey, only a limited understanding of the true nature of being will be revealed.  Science cannot explain consciousness at the present time, though efforts to understand have revealed much about the brain, they have not revealed how (from the current physical science's point of view) the brain creates consciousness.  It has been the argument of metaphysicians throughout the ages that the brain is a seat of consciousness in the body, not the source.  The difficulty of proving this has been the basis of resistance towards the idea of a non-physical reality creating and experiencing the physical one.  Spirit in matter means nothing to science as science does not recognize the idea of spirit, the nonphysical component of our self.)
    What is a symbol?  Symbols are vibrations of chita, mind substance.  Symbols are recognized by thoughts.  Thoughts are collections of symbolic vibrations that form the basis of meaning.  Thoughts are recognized by ideas.  Ideas are complex amalgamations of thoughts linked together by association.  Ideas are recognized by minds.  Reflective mind is a field of awareness that recognizes ideas and holds them together into complete self aware expressions.  Minds are recognized by egos.  A rational ego is one step below a sentient soul and consists of a self aware ideation, an "I am" which recognizes rational self from non-self.  Minds do not recognize self from non-self, they only recognize and organize patterns of ideas, they do not distinguish as they lack an means of division (between self and non self).  An ego can use a mind to recognize self and non-self which requires two minds to sort out the difference which a mind alone cannot do.  Egos are recognized by souls.  Souls are complete expressions of multiple self identifying egos under an umbrella of spirit.  It is the layers of the soul that is encountered at the edge of intellect where the ego struggles to attempt to identify self from non-self.  Here all ideology collapses and a whole emerges.  It at the soul level that we experience the greater expression of self beyond ego and duality.  The barrier in the human self between the human soul and the greater soul beyond was called Horus in the Egyptian Mystery religion (John Gordon's Egypt: Child of Atlantis).  This barrier is the barrier that the human ego cannot see beyond and thus creates the separation between the divine and mortal soul expression while in physical incarnation.  The fields beyond are thus not the subject of this work, but will be featured in future works concerning the higher levels of consciousness and the divine.
    In the same way that your ego-mind recognizes symbols, a cell will recognize chemicals through its chemical receptors.  The physical processes mirror the mental and spiritual processes in an application of the as above, so below law.  Each self organizing system has a spiritual as well as physical component.   
    Upon the Nature of Thought and Symbol And The Mind's Consideration of These
    The word (thought) b e l o w consists of five symbols in the English language.  It is a thought whose meaning (idea) is underneath or lower in position.  It is the idea component (of the reflective mind) that recognizes the meaning of the thought in English of the word b e l o w (i.e. it recognizes itself in the thought?).  The recognition of English is a language system that the mind uses to interface with ideas described in English thoughts.  
    Thoughts are patterns.  A rock is a thought as is a cell membrane.  Patterns are made up of vibrational symbols/substrates.  Symbols can be sheets/strings or spheres/points depending on whether they are 3d or 2d.  Light photons (quantum electron clusters), atoms, electrons, and magnetic field sheets are all living symbols we call vibrations.  
    A thought without ideas appears as chaos having no higher meaning.  For instance the word akslekvwops is chaos and has no meaning in our language.  It is complete gibberish, but through association with an idea it can suddenly have meaning and description if we use our power to write such a description in a sentence, paragraph, or paper concerning our idea regarding akslekvwops.
    Written words are sequential serializations of written symbols representing individual sound symbols for spoken words.  Written language is the system used to interpret written word thoughts into the spoken word thoughts of that language.  Meaning is understood above the level of language in the mind which is capable of association and can relate ideas to an underlying written or spoken thought.  When we lack this system of interpretation, words sound like noise.  
    Words are described in sentences, paragraphs, and papers which describe the idea that the word represents and signifies(for our purposes).  
    Example: Red is a color.  The sentence is an idea.  
    Functions of a sentence - noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, adverb.
    Ideas and sentences/paragraphs/papers can be classified.  Some classifications include declaration, definition, proposition, negation, and transformation.  
    This is that is a definitive declaration.  The word(s) is/am/are means identical so it is used in definitions and declarations.  
    Ideas express phases (oddly similar to phrases). Phases are moments of thought (simple fractal patterns).  We call phases by the terms nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs.  Phases are connected by verbs which present a connection.  Obama is president.  Moments connect to other moments through living memory, one form of which is the written word.  
    We will use a test sentence now to attempt to consider how our mind works in its three functions of reflecting, instinctive reaction, and rational analysis.  This is a test sentence.  The reflective mind absorbs the sentence because the reflective mind is the habit mind.  The instinctive mind feels bored by the sentence and then responds by saying "test sentences suck"!, rejecting the test sentence and all it represents.  The instinctive mind is the seat of the dark.  The rational mind asks a question, "what is it testing?" to which we will continue into a dialogue.  It is testing our grasp of mind and its functions.  "Does this test sentence give us ideas?"  Yes!  We see that the test sentence has brought our attention to the nature of an idea and how it creates thought.  We have stated a definitive declaration and proceeded to reflect on our various reactions to it using our mental faculties.  The original idea was precisely to use a test sentence to discover the nature of how we think at a basic level, and we have achieved a success doing so.  We may now bask in our own glory.
    Ideas are built of preexisting formations of thoughts.  The reflective mind creates ideas within itself to represent patterns outside of itself.  Ideas thus integrate patterns outside of mind into patterns within mind to identify these patterns for use of higher mind functions which manipulate these inner patterns we call ideas.
    The list below discusses Logic and Truth - lawyer logic for some infinite logic for others:
Symbol (Vibration)(Letter/Cuneiform/Hieroglyph/Characters(Chinese/Japanese/ETC)) Representation
Language (System of Symbols and Thoughts(Words/Collections of Sound Vibrations)) that Reflect Ideas (Meanings))
Word (Thought) Communication
(Sentences, Paragraphs, and Papers) Basic Meaning (Idea/Reflection) Identification
(A Book) Subject (Idea/Reflection) Relation/Intention
(Encyclopedia) Behavior (Instinct) Integration
(Library) Thinking (Reason) Analysis
(A City/State Library) Genius (Superconscious Reason) Mastery
(A Global Library) Supergenius (Metaconscious Reason) Grandmastery

Vibration in Form(3d) - Symbol
Thought in Form(3d) - Pattern
Idea in Form - Moment?

    Here we must limit ourselves to the analysis of the lower levels of experience we encounter as human beings learning about ourselves and our world.  The words we use become important when we are dealing with others and their darkness (as well as our own).  It is important when dealing with others to know how to expose darkness in their intentions and in our own intentions when we choose to interact with other human beings.  Being aware of intention is critical when being in a position where you are tested by someone's else agenda.  First, all agendas fall under the class of plans, so they are in fact minds.  A mind always has its own agenda.  The key is to know its agenda and approve or disapprove of its existence.  All plans/agendas/minds fall under the ego and soul in ranking and thus are subject to the power of our will.  Knowing this allows us to challenge plans that are weak and change them.  
    The lower follows the higher, while the higher serves the lower, thus the first shall be last and the last shall be first.  The lower emerges first, so it must be last in order in this realm, but the purpose of the higher is to serve the lower so that it emerges properly and develops properly.  Those that have gone before know the path, so they are the guides.  This is an occult law that applies at all levels of development.  
    Ideas and thoughts seek to replicate themselves.  All entities seek continuation and thus copy themselves.  This copying process causes expansion.  Expansion is the nature of life.
    In the same way that the human soul becomes an angelic soul after it passes (with a very few exceptions), physical entities that pass become thoughtforms, ideaforms, egoforms in the upper planes before returning to their incarnation as physical beings.  The length of time spent in the afterlife for beings less evolved than humans is very, very short.  This does not apply to the spirits that manage these other evolutions however, as they do not incarnate just as many angels who act as guides and managers of the human evolution do not incarnate (based on their own choices before this evolution was designed).  
    All things have mind because all things have a consciousness.  Mind is required for consciousness to cause change in this world through energy.  Without mind no action is possible.  Mind is power because it uses commands (command will) to direct pure will.  It is consciousness and ultimately conscience (good) that masters power and has the capability to direct change through concentration and focus.  Every mind is inherently limited but potentially infinite.  Knowledge knows all minds because it is the source of mind hidden from it.  
    Crystal and simple molecules are the base thoughts in the mineral kingdom of life as physical structures (3d).  They are thus the base patterns of thought in form.
    Hydrogen is an idea.  An individual hydrogen atom is a copy of that idea, it is a living symbol/vibration, an expanding atom made of expanding electrons with one proton.  The idea of hydrogen was developed from our observations of the universe, so hydrogen as an idea existed before we discovered it and classified hydrogen.  
    Ideas preexist our discovery of them in the "Cosmic Mind" (an emergent aspect of knowledge Herself) or in Knowledge Herself.  Consider abstract subjects in this regard such as mathematics.  A circle, a square, or a quantity symbolized by a number are all preexisting realities that are discovered independently by each person learning them in school or on their own.  This is also true, though, of less abstract subjects such as engineering, biology, or chemistry.  An idea of a car preexists its discovery.  The idea of a cat preexists the evolution of the cat itself.  The idea of a chemical that was just discovered and manufactured for the first time also preexists its discovery and manufacture.  Ideas thus preexist.  This preexistence takes two forms.  The first is a physical object or class of things which exists currently in the 3d world of physical matter but has yet to be discovered.  For instance, we are currently discovering new planets in our galaxy at a very fast pace, which obviously preexisted their discovery.  North America preexisted its discovery by Europeans or even by Native Americans.  The 2nd type of preexistence is the preexistence of what Plato refers to as ideals.  I have mentioned ideals such as a circle or a square, but Plato believed that a table was a preexisting idea such that a perfect table, the ideal table, existed in the mind before it was discovered by human effort.  It is obvious that the principles behind any individual object or system, organic or inorganic in nature, preexists the formation of this object, class of objects, or system in physical matter in 3d.  This is why I state the idea of a cat preexists the emergence of the cat as recorded in the fossil record.  This is very important to realize when dealing with the creation vs. evolution debates of late.  
    Current biology does not deal with the concept of ideas or ideals in preexistence because biology only covers the physical emergence of organisms from random mutation and differential survival through differential reproductive success.  What this means to current biology is that even if the ideas preexist their physical emergence in 3d matter, they have no influence on the physical world, a physical world that itself must be an idea before it is created.  So if idea of the physical system exists prior to the emergence of any physical system, a philosophically valid argument that cannot be proven physically only rationally, how is it possible that the idea has no effect on the physical vessel which is based on its preexisting presence?  The question must then be asked, where is the preexisting idea realized in proof?  It is realized by the physical manifestation of that idea in the presence of a consciousness capable of recognizing it.
    Can the preexistence of an idea be proven?  Yes because the proof is based on a clear reason that whatever exists or will exist must already be present in the abstract realm of ideas, even if it has not been created as of yet or even if we are not conscious of it yet.  The unknown unknowns of the mind clearly show that it has an inherently infinite range of comprehension and understanding and that as we experience ideas they all come from outside of us in some measure or another.  The realms of infinite knowledge thus preexist us and our consciousness of them is inherently limited because of our limited condition as mortal beings and yet it is self evident that ideas are real and that we discover them in the process of expanding our consciousness to receive the understanding that is already present.  
    In this case it is easy to prove that we do not know the physical cosmos and that we are in the process of discovering the ideas in physical 3d matter which are planets, stars, galaxies, which are currently known unknowns (up to a point).  We know these systems are out there, we just haven't located all of them yet.  Yet the great discoveries of science to come, advanced technologies in health, space travel, electronics, communication, are also similarly "out there" awaiting our discovery of the physical or higher principles that could make them work.  They can also be shown to preexist.  If we look then at biological systems, if were to start genetically engineering them (putting aside ethical considerations just for this experiment in reasoning), we would see that there exists preexisting ideas regarding the breeding and development of animals and species which also preexist our discovering and utilizing them effectively.  New breeds of animals or plants thus preexist our discovery of how to create them and we discover the principles involved and discover them in the process of assisting their emergence from the current genetic stock of whatever animal or planet we choose.  These animal and planet forms preexist in the world of infinite knowledge and likely have similar examples in the Cosmic Mind.   Similarly if we examine species before they emerged in the fossil record, we can clearly state that the idea of these species preexisted certainly in knowledge.  Yet apparently no one engineered these as far as current science is concerned.  Could ideas themselves be involved in the engineering independent of any other conscious agency?  
    Since all ideas exist inherently as possible variations on general ideal themes, it must be said that every possible permutation of a form preexists its emergence in the physical world of 3d matter.  What this means is that every possible variation of a cat exists as an idea.  Every color, shape, and size of cat exists in the world of possibility as a preexisting idea that can emerge from the cat family (the larger class/ideal of a cat).  Knowing this we can see that such a general ideal, if applied to creating a species by a higher dimensional conscious agent of species development (the intelligent designer) would produce a result that was not specific.  Any type of variation of cat could emerge if it followed the rational development of physical biological processes in 3d matter as described by current science.  The question then is, does the ultimate form of an individual breed, subspecies, or species of cat preexist in the world of power (mind) to the exclusion of other forms and ideas so that the emergent breed, subspecies, or species follows the lines of preexisting choice made by a conscious agents of change?  Since we have established that all ideas preexist in knowledge, and that this includes all possible variations of an ideal form, then we must ask does the form that emerges from a process of species evolution and development occur through a random process of mutation or from a guided process of emergence based on choice?  And then by what mental mechanism of power does such a choice create the emergent form above and beyond the standard understanding of natural selection.  If we choose to reject probability and randomness as a cause, or to assume that all species have emerged through accidental mutations, then what are we saying about the mind and its ability to shape the course of events in the Cosmos?     
    (Are minds dimensions?
    Are egos dimensions?
    What are dimensions?)
    An ascii symbol does not emerge as a separate expression except by the interpretation on a word processing program running on the system.  Before this it was a string of 1's and 0's totaling 1 byte which is 8 binary bits.  (256 possible characters).  There is no space in code which consists of a long string of bits.  Segments of code memory are allocated into blocks by the File Allocation Table (FAT) of a computer system.  The division is established outside the main memory fields as a organization of the contents of the disk.  The individual memory fields in the main memory are one gigantic string without the FAT organization.  What this means is that computer memory is interpreted through the system using mechanisms, otherwise it would not be able to convert a massive single string of 1's and 0's into any meaningful activity that we could use.  All of the files that we see are actually File Allocation Table structures that maintain organization of the contents of the hard storage memory into allocations so that they can be tracked and used by the operating system and the programs that run through the operating system.    Thus the file allocation table sets boundaries on data strings which we call files.  
    In biology (see The New Biology), genes are similarly separated so that they can be executed by the system.  Genes, however, have special codes which separate one gene from another.  There is nothing similar to a FAT table for genes because the separation of the one string (again) of D.N.A. in a chromosome is done through special stop codes and other terminating gene sequences at the end of each gene.  Also each gene is proceeded by start codes that are interpreted when it is time for that gene's program to activate the creation of a protein.  
    System interpretation of symbol strings  
    Bits are switches in computer memory that are transformed by the system.  Bits are 0's or 1's.  Bytes are always 8 bits in length.  Operating systems and cpu's process a certain number of bits.  A 64 bit system process 8 bytes per CPU cycle, while a 32 bit system process 4 bytes.  Each 8 bit byte is a vibration, just as a symbol, atom, photon, or electron.
    Geometry of matter
    Geometry of logic and mathematics
    ((Measurements of thought - Logical systems vs physical systems - abstractions and game universes.)Unknown intelligence saved for later analysis)

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