New Jerusalem

I dream of hope.
It doesn't fall from the sky.

What it looks like
Is the sign of the times.

I wanna build the city
Where everyone comes home.

Oh tell me my friends
Where is the New Jerusalem?

Would you build me my temple
For all the people.

Not one or the other
And for the Great Mother.

You've got to build it high
You've got to heal the ground.

Don't you know there's a temple already
And it's vast and round.

New Jerusalem, you're not of this world
You're an echo of a future no one knows.

You build this temple true
From what's inside of you.

And you give, and you give, and you give.

You give from the heart for the light you get inside.

There's no compensation there
But the light you get in here.

I'm on the way to find
The New Jerusalem.

Every river must return to the source.
Every worker must go home to the forge.
Every thinker must go back to the school.
That's why the temple lives inside of you.

Heal the mother
Heal the sister
Heal the brother
And you'll be home.

Father, father, father true
Tell me that you know what to do
To stand beside the meek and give them aide.
For the troubles of the world run deep.

The way through is clear
You're not what you fear
You've got to build the temple true
By all the good things that you do.

And you give, and you give, and you give
Your heart away.
And it's every day.
And it's every day.

You can't get there
When you're thinking of yourself
Except to let the light
Into your soul.

You can't be there
If you think you're someone else
It's a place that's only
For the moment.

You can't get there
Without working every day
It's a lifelong breath
From the joy within.

But it's real
I swear to you.
If you believe
Then it's true.

One day that temple
Will come out of you.

On that day the truth forever more
Will be seen from every distant shore
That it was true that everything was one
And the humanity would be home.

And you find it, and you find it
It's deep in your soul
But you've got to give it away
To the light inside of you.

And then you shine brighter
Than the Sun.
For a new Love has begun.
And then it's every day.

Every day I fight for Her
The New Jerusalem
It's a kingdom that can't be found
Without each other's light.

So if we throw the darkness round
And we forget the reason we're here
We get lost somewhere out in the dark
But then you have to work out your tears.

I'm walking towards the New Jerusalem
I don't know who I'll meet along the way
But I'll tell you brothers and sisters
They'll be all here to stay.
They'll be all here to stay.

I mark my temple true
With the joy I create through you
It's not a word that can be seen
But a wonder that fills the scene.

Have you seen the city of lights?
Golden beauty shining with the souls of Christs
A thing that cannot be is what they'd all say
But I tell if you let it, it can all be that way.

Oh oh oh oh.
There's a place only we know.
It's a secret no one can keep.
It's the mountains where we meet.

And in those mountains true
What's inside of you
Will shine like the tomorrows
And the riders gallop towards innocence.

I'm walking towards the New Jerusalem
I don't know who I'll meet along the way.
But I'd like to see if I can paint the day.
With the echo of the sound of the wonder all around.
When you hear the music of eternal dreams
Everything that was unreal just ain't quite what it seems.

It's the promise that you can
See the heart of all you meet
That's the echo that is sweet
Measure me my temple in innocence.

Where you'll find my temple true
Innocence blooms for those to find
Another echo is still in my mind
Favor those who treat us well
Love lives forever, but never tells.

Sweetness ringing from the hills
The echoes of children bright like stars
Colors of wonder and bewilderment
And the emotions of all tumble down as rainbows.

So many colors you can't even know.
And the birds, the birds swim through the dreamscape
So many birds you can't even count
They proceed me before our New Jerusalem.

Oh holy city, everywhere at once
Built of the truth hammered by sacrifice (which is)
Given freely renouncing the shadows
Oh light of mine, the temple within.

We are the city upon the hill
We are the light in the darkness
We are the place only we know
We are the New Jerusalem.