Science and Metaphysics

I spent many years studying science.  The probably infinite universe is a vast place to consider for mortals like us doomed to die.  While that's not an upper many people believe in an afterlife.  There is some evidence for this much of which is about the decency of the cosmos itself or of God or Goddess.  This construct remains that main one people view the universe through.

What amazes me is that in our own lives how little any of this matters.  It's great we are going to go to an afterlife or reincarnate again in some new form, but what does that do for us in the living moments of our lives.  We can't reach out and touch any of that.  We can touch a grilled cheese sandwich though.

I do miss the days I observed science and metaphysics without fear for myself.  Those days have passed me by.  I still enjoy the occasional musing when I am feeling up.  But I came to the conclusion that it only matters in that there is something to believe in that isn't completely pessimistic.  I work on optimism now but the going gets hard sometimes.

The quality of my science research is excellent as was the quality of my metaphysical speculation.  Yet I was forced to abandon some of the later because it was too hierarchical.  What is a universe of truly equal beings like?  Are we truly equal?  Surely the answer in the eyes of the divine is yes.  No one is better than anyone else in terms of their value.  This is the morally right answer.

Where does that leave us?  It leaves us with a simple and easy to understand version of reality where everyone has value.  Thus we must make sure that that ideal is the one we live with, by, and through. Whatever remains of our elitism must be cleansed from us.  This is the standard.

When I Ran Out of Ideas

I've written about some pretty amazing ideas on this blog over the years.  I just haven't felt inspired to write anymore in the recent past.  Maybe part of the reason why is that I had to take down some of my most inspired fiction and metaphysical writing.  Not all of it had the answers to the real questions of how it goes together.  I don't have those answers.  I wish I did.

There was a time I was so certain of myself that I believed I had the God's truth for everyone.  I suppose some might consider such a position one of arrogance.  But I could argue anyone in circles over those questions. 

My main spiritual teacher and I have had a closer relationship since the time I wrote a great deal partially inspired by what he taught and definitely inspired in my confidence by my own interpretations of what he taught.  Since then I've found that most of those interpretations were wrong.  This moved me to question myself more fully.

One important point around which the future argument lies and the present conflict exists is the question of equality.  My spiritual teacher believes that any form of hierarchy is unjustified when looking at the universe.  Why, he reasons, would an all knowing spiritual power create hierarchy in spiritual position?  There is a strong argument to this.  Many of my metaphysical theories had hierarchy as the primary point in them.

If there is no hierarchy then why are people capable of achieving different feats?  Is it something only of this dimension?  There is an argument to the nature vs. nurture side of this equation that is more human than assuming in those who are born better than the rest being special above and beyond this world.  Even if they can achieve great tasks in this world, it is done so at the loss of something equally as great.  Specialization requires no hierarchy to justify. 

That's when I ran out of ideas.  To perpetuate hierarchy further no long satisfied the reason for our being.  In addition I found myself in a very lonely place right now far from friends and family (those few who are still alive).  There is nothing more sour to thinking than being alone having to survive. 

Still there is some hope that the consideration of astrology may offer some solace to the world from myself.  I still study it and have found some reassurance from it at times.  I am having the last of some hard transits from Pluto and Saturn these next couple of months though Pluto has peaked and is now waning.  For those who believe in astrology, these two planets do exactly what you expect them to when you get these transits. 

Life goes on.  I've lost alot over the recent years.  I still have myself, my health, and most of my sanity.  That's good I think.  I ran out of ideas though.  I can only follow what my main spiritual teacher teaches now.  One day soon you'll be hearing about it by the hope of it.  It is our only hope for knowing ourselves as complete human beings.

Adjunct to Philosophy

Philosophy is the branch of human knowledge that deals with boundaries through definition.  A good philosophical debate is one that is had with basic questions of being and just paradigms.  What version of the universe sounds correct essentially.

Basic questions in philosophy include questions about the cosmic paradigm about what is fair and just.  This is where religion and atheism clash the most.

A just question would be such as this: is reincarnation just and fair?  So then a debate would be had about this idea.

I'm going to list a few more fundamental questions, but keep in mind all of these questions have an ultimate answer that is right.  That is the quest of the philosopher, to find the answer for everyone and to present it to them.  Proof is in the argument, because some things don't require evidence to be proven, only a perfect argument.

Is the afterlife real?
Do we come from somewhere before we are born?
Do we reincarnate, and if so, where?
What is the nature of the afterlife and why should we care?
Are there divine beings in higher dimensions?
Are there any higher dimensions?
Should anyone even ask any of these questions openly?
Is it safe to be philosophical?
Should we have open inquiry or closed inquiry?
Should anyone be allowed to be philosophical?
Is philosophy dangerous to a sound mind and able disposition?
When should someone be allowed to study philosophy?
Who should make the decision (any decision really)?

As you can see philosophy can lead you to some pretty dangerous places.  These are just a few of the thousands if not millions of questions that make up the bulk of what we call philosophical reasoning.  Every one of these questions has an answer that requires no pre-conception to know (that's when you are born knowing the answers).  You can reason your way through anything really.  But we must always be aware that philosophy has it's time and it's place and again I generally feel no one under 50 should get terribly philosophical much less metaphysical.   This world takes precedent over whimsical musings even if they happen to be right on.

Astrology: The Analysis of Energy

You are a vibration.
Vibration is acted on by cosmic vibration through cosmic force.
When acted upon by force vibration evolves.
That is the essence of Astrology. 

There are many metaphysical subjects which are highly questionable when taken too seriously.  Astrology is the least so because it has the most physical in nature of the metaphysical topics.  I don't, in fact, really consider astrology a metaphysical topic at all in fact.  The reasons for this are relatively easy to explain.

When anyone or thing is born the planets, Sun, and Moon are aligned in a very precise way that is determined by a data reading from a chart called an ephemeris.  This physical reality is recorded by the thousands of years old tradition of keeping track where celestial objects are related to the constellations which are the background.

The constellations are the signs of the zodiac, a 360 degree wheel where the planets move around the Sun as they orbit it.  There are 12 signs associated with certain particular themes of existence based on basic psychological numerology.  In this respect, because it is rooted in basic philosophy and advanced psychology, the arguments for astrology are sound.

Beyond this there is a physical understanding of astrology.  Everything is a vibration down to its mathematical certainty in creation.  Behind the mathematics are the physical structures which surround us at all times, the magnetic fields of the Earth, and the larger and very vast magnetic field of the Sun.  These two structures are constantly under the influence of each other.  In addition the planets are moving through the Sun's field creating waves in it that are no doubt detected by Earth's magnetic field because of the huge size of these structures. 

This is a pattern that is force and energy in combination to produce vibration upon you, another vibration.  That is the physical explanation as to why astrology works.  However the interpretation of astrology is a matter that is actually entirely debatable for the nature of the field transformation effects of the planets, Sun, and Moon are subject to considerable debate among astrologers.  Most astrologers are either too positive or too negative in their interpretations.

What we are most looking for in astrology is the timing of energetics, the proper use of energy at particular times that are least resisted by collective pressures from society and the world.  This is what the primary branch of astrology works with when we talk of transits.  Transits are caused by the change in position of the planets relative to the time you were born.  There are specific energetic triggers caused by geometric alignment that lead to resistance being born especially of sensitive individuals to the shift in position of the systems of cosmic alignment, which are the planets, Sun, and Moon again.

Astrology allows one to analyze the energy of a particular person or situation and guesstimate an outcome based upon the energetics of the person, the place, and the celestial objects.  The predictability is high for simple situations and correspondingly lower for complex ones, but the feeling is always the same for those experiencing the situations described by transit astrology.  A second form of astrology exists called the progressed school of astrology.  This one looks at the internal dynamics a person's soul development as a human.  There are additional ways of looking at astrology including vedic, solar return chart, and several other commonly used methods.

What a person needs to know is that astrology gives them information about the best time to do things and the best time to sit back and reserve their energy until a better time.  In addition the challenges of life can be prepared for better with astrology as the timing of events are more often then not linked to the emergent property of the astrological situation.  This emergent property appears magical but is rooted in basic mathematical synchronicity.  Relationship dynamics are similarly governed by another mathematically structured system called synastry.  All of this is governed indirectly by the symmetry of coincidence, the mathematical principle behind unexpected events.  Thus there is a structure and order to the completion of projects that allows for the flow of energy in accordance to the astrological timing.

How important is this?  It depends on what you want to get done.  I view the matter as a question of divine timing built into the charts specifically to give credence to the power of those things which are greater than ourselves.  Such a reason and logic is a subtlety, something which bespeaks of a sensitive and receptive character.  Such people can make the most out of astrology and energetic alignment concepts.  People who are more bullish don't have use for astrology, but they run the risk of challenging a will greater than their own in society most often that represents the power of the Sun, Moon, and planets are representatives of cosmic order.  Rebels are great till they blow up the grain silo.

This sort of reasoning was never going to have universal appeal in this day and age.  But, as we recognize our place in the universe as being sentient and least in importance compared with the bigger picture represented by the celestial objects (really we should call them beings) we take into account the true measure of our humanity.  For such a delicate and receptive age to come into being would go far to advancing the cause of consciousness on this Earth.  Indeed it is my opinion that Aquarius is the true sign of astrology and as we enter into the Aquarian Age more fully astrology will probably be the only school of thought in the metaphysical arena that will be much tolerated by the atheist majority.  As such it can expected to have a strong influence on many societies as we move forwards in time.  

Science, Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Politics

What is what and where, how, and when does it go?  These are the questions of science and metaphysics.  Philosophy asks why does it go?  Psychology asks is it all in your head?  And there is the ground for the Great Debate between four (technically psychology is a subset of the three) schools of thought on the nature of reality.

What we know so far from the New Science is that the universe is made of electrons of all the same size and mass which expand at a certain rate determined somehow, most likely through fourth dimensional etheric density changes in my version of the New Science.  None the less, what follows from that is the paradigm of reality that the majority will study in the future of science itself.

There will still be a massive debate with the old quantum school of thought called Standard Theory.  I personally have no interest right this second in personally debating anyone as my level of trust in my fellow humans is a bit dim at the moment and I'm not interested in being personal attacked for being right.  Some other people I know are in a similar dilemma about psychology and that part of the Truth.

Still the questions remain and there will be those who have the time necessary to attempt to solve the unanswered questions that the theories suggested pose.  My metaphysical writings have been removed from this website except for what was left in the philosophy of knowledge essay though that is mostly philosophy and defining boundaries between things which is the primary purpose one should study philosophy.

I will add a few thoughts in this essay about science now because I want to primarily.  I believe electrons are created and destroyed under certain conditions.  I believe that parallel dimensions (not the time traveling or multiple versions of the same universe ones) exist in some capacity but I'm not sure if they exist on the same infinity physical plain or are co-axial through the 4th dimension existing in different nodes within that dimension.  Not that it matters that much for the ultimate question of why does any of it matter?

Much of my metaphysical work attempted to answer that last question by saying the cosmos is a giant infinite grab bag of stuff where beings get more and more and more over time through the work they do in their lives but everything is more or less programmed into the system dependent on the consciousness to wake up and do what it needs to do to fulfill the promise of eternal life in the living moment of their existing one.  If it sounds tough, it is a bit.  You can't both stare into infinity and live on the ground floor for too long without infinity getting to becoming a problem.

At the same time knowing of the infinite is a self provable philosophical series of reasoning that says your stuck with the infinite stuff but more importantly the people who are there sharing (what's that word mean says the vast majority) eternity with you.  These people are here to stay no matter what their condition in this life.  The eternal connection exists but outside of their consciousness because of the condition of their lives.

With the idea of eternal infinite connection, gridwork as it should be called, comes the idea that we should be doing good to each other because that connection exists everywhere and in everyone.  The catch is that we have a right to withdraw if we are unacknowledged.  Rejection exists to prove the right of assertion and the right of me or you.  The boundary is based on the problem of full knowledge.

Full knowledge is the idea that one must truly fully recognize another person before the gates to a real relationship can be created.  This applies interestingly enough to the contents of science, metaphysics, and philosophy.  Treat your teachers with kindness or watch all the content disappear and you are the one now who must create you own gridmap through science, metaphysics, and philosophy.  I did it.  I've left probably 50% of my original essays up especially the science ones.  The rest are gone due to lack of support and attacks.  I did alot of work to get where I am in my understanding of the universe.  The response to free content is not to attack the one giving it.  And so it is gone.

The questions still remain.  But those subtle enough to pursue the great answers again will have to realize that there is a game that unfortunately trumps free inquiry.  That game is politics.

I will not go further into that information as it is simply too dangerous to actually explain how politics works with people in its psychology but I will describe a bit on how it works in general.  Simply put, with politics, the devil is in the details.  It is because of politics that the personal becomes the political.  Truth is attacked!  Why, you might ask?  Because politics is about keeping the balance of power and maintaining privilege over the all important access to resources such as free information.  Formalists run this world, even if they are not so great at protocol, logic, or law.  But they do know one thing much better than the majority, that is how to silence dissenting voices efficiently using force, manipulation, and countervailing opinion.

Can we see past that pattern of relating?  This is the great question of consciousness.  Will we become consciousness enough of the game to stop it before science, philosophy, and metaphysics are gone?  And the game doesn't stop there we could lose art, music, and journalism too for all three of these are ideally representing science (journalism), art (metaphyiscs), and music (philosophy).  The game could also get rid of mathematics.  Where nothing is sacred, nothing is safe.

Will we live in a world where free inquiry exists?  More importantly will we live in a world where people can exist free from the threats of global warming, nuclear proliferation, nuclear reactors, and thought police?  Can a consensus be built without the later?  Increasingly the answer seems to be no.  Everyone must have their thought police because the stakes are everything.

This is where we stand.  Universalism is a doctrine that is created out of the fusion of globalism and multiculturalism in all its variants.  Yet without a final judgement on the question about what about the rest of everyone that doesn't agree, it represents just another version of the endlessly reemerging political beast in another form.  For this to work there must be no separation between anyone and anyone else.  We are all each other.  There is no middle ground.

Time is against universalism as it has too few adherents for right now.  The opposite schools of thought are anti-universalist.  Nationalism in all its forms is an example.  But so to is parochialism, tribalism, racism, classicism, and various sundry religious and ideological groups,   The battle is between division and unification and division is winning.  No amount of dividing will result in a unification.  Yet to get to unification requires philosophy and a tiny bit of metaphysics added for clarity.

Science is held up by politics, and metaphysics and philosophy are held up by the lack of interest in refined explanations of being caused by real life on Earth.  Hunger is the great adversary of meaningful conversation.  Today it seems as through cell phones are the new great adversary.   None the less, this is as far as we've gotten with the problem of everything as it stands.

Tomorrows debates may be my own, but everyone will need to find out what it is that they are going to do to save themselves and the planet.  That's really what it all comes down to.  The planet must be saved.  The people must learn to save themselves.  Will anyone give a shit enough for the real processes to start or is everything just too damn complicated now?  The time to start doing this work was 20 years ago when it was going to be easy.   Procrastination further pushes us towards the planetary end game, the end of the human species itself.  We are getting close to the end.

Humanity does not have any time left to talk about timetables.  Action is the only thing that matters now.  We've been through the bullshit plan stage of the science of climate change.  It's a delay tactic to prevent action so someone can milk it into a paper asset creating device.  Is that the future of the Green Front?  I think not.  What sort of weirdness is this?  How does anyone of those people who signed onto another version of "money making" schemes sleep at night?  No conscience, no problem?  Apparently no one confronts the current environmental "leadership" with their failures.  We don't have time for this crap anymore.  The first thing serious people should do is clean up the left.  The right has no clue though they'll have to understand eventually.

That's the science of it funnily enough.  The science of political art if you will.  Let's just paint them off the canvas.  Get rid of the old leadership, they suck.  Been holding that in for awhile.  The results of a clean house will be great.  What we should do is simply keep firing leaders if they don't take action within a timeframe.  I'm an unreasonable man about this I'd just do all the actions myself without bothering to fire them and then send them a memo or something if they wanted me to advice them.  No what everyone needs to do is basically set a one week action timetable and just do it (and if no action in one week fire the whoever it is).  And once they have done it, keep doing it.  Do that till the world is on renewable energy, the nuclear stuff is all gone in the best way possible, the Amazon is a protected parkland in its entirety with full native rights guaranteed by an effective UN (or even the US can do it), and no fossil fuels are used ever again.  In addition we have to technologically revert the CO2 in the atmosphere back to something reasonable I've suggest 375 ppm, others have suggested 350 ppm.  Whatever works from those two options.

So that's an action oriented do it now anti-plan.  It's easy, you just keep firing the jerks in charge until you get non-jerk who do things.  You can tell their good because they do things and get things done.  There are no excuses.  You don't wait till the next election, you get your collective voice together and say now, now, now.  And after you are done saying now, you say now again.  And after they attack you, you keep saying now.  And after they deny you, you keep saying now.  Together say now.  Together say do it now.  You do this until they get it.  That's the whole "plan".  As you can see it's very simple and easy.  The rest is up to you.

The Soul: Mortal and Immortal

Where does it begin?  Where does it end?  What makes sense in logic and reason?  If we begin with the premise of Love as the deciding factor in our equation, then logically and rationally what follows may not be what would follow if we choose something else.  Yet to believe in Love is not necessarily the belief you would find in the world in general for few truly do.

Existence is something that proves itself.  Life does not need an explanation to exist.  But death demands an explanation because it is a finality.  It is the end of a life.  This is why death is the heart of philosophy.  Death is what demands an answer, not Life.  

It is in death that we truly are faced with the facts of mortality and immortality.  In endings there is fear.  No one knows what lies beyond, so terror comes as well.  Philosophy would cease to exist if the political machinations of the dialogue of Life itself as it is lived in the world were to make the decisions of what is possible and what is not.  And so there is resistance to the idea of death being the end in philosophy.  It is abhorrent to believe otherwise.

From this arises two forms of thought police.  The first seeks to destroy philosophy in order to end the dialogue of possibility that life after death exists (see the life of Socrates as the example).  The second seeks to destroy the idea of death itself being the ending.  From this war can only arise two different viewpoints on the nature of reality.  The first would call itself realism and would be atheist in nearly all instances.  The second would call itself spiritual and seek to preserve the logic and reason of the individual in the face of death.

Idealism would die by the hands of the realist, so romantics must preserve it.  This is a question of Justice, the Justice of Truth that lies at the heart of the idea of immortality of the soul.  For without Immortality of the Soul, the whole of Life shall become meaningless.  And of course, it would appear to be a great injustice against the created.  Death cannot be the end of the soul even if it is the end of body.

While this common dialogue goes into the beginning of a nearly endless debate about what is real and what is not real about Life, the most important point I would prefer to make is that all ideas must be grounded in fundamentally provable hypothetical arguments.  An example of this is that the end of the soul is unjust or the end of the spirit is unjust or the end of the being is unjust.  Each of these three related arguments speak to a simple concept that is itself provable by reason of hope.  

Hope provides the final argument.  Of course the being will live on in whatever form, and the spirit and the soul will live on unless they are evil.  This sort of argument requires no physical proof because the proof takes the form of a spiritual cause and effect question.  Nearly everyone can agree to the idea because it must be so if Love or God/Goddess are real.

What about the individual?  The individual is singular in their nature connected to all others by all their relations.  As such the individual is within a divine network of relational grid patterns linked by light line logic.  Their entire reality spiritually is that while the majority of their experience on the Earth is controlled by the dark, the absence of the significance of the light in day to day interactions with people who see them as something other than what they are.

There are a series of arguments that follow proving every Truth there is about every individual.  Logically the arguments exist.  Logically all the relationships also exist.  What follows is the reason for why.  Why what you may ask?  For why Love is eternal.  The bounds between individuals are their relationships.  All relationships will perfect in time.  Reincarnation provides for the opportunity to correct the relationship.  Everyone ultimately wants to correct their relationships when they understand.  All relationships are eternal and in a state of perfecting.

These Truths also do not require physical proof.  These Truths are part of spiritual proofs.  Alternative ideas fall under one lifetime and atheist concepts of reality.  An atheist may believe in all this just not in any ultimate Goddess.  Such an atheist would be called a spiritual atheist.  The proof is in the romantic nature of the idea.  Death may kill us, but it cannot kill our the consequence of our Faith acted upon before we die.  What we choose to believe is what we choose to believe.  This is the romantic glory of idealism.  We die, but we believe.

It is a mathematical perfection the logic and reason of the gridwork, the map of all my relations.  Understanding it is easy.  If you understand that you are here on Earth doing work because you must work for the perfection of creation, then you also understand that the ultimate perfection of creation is displayed in our relationships to those closest to us.  Those relationships and their state of perfection are a reflection of what stage of spiritual development the individual soul is at.

I could continue with this dialogue, but I have merely wished to reflect on the true state of ideas and what is real and what is not.  I measure my temple in Innocence, for all true answers will respect Innocence as the final solution.  I judge my temple by Love, for Love is the essence of all.  For if it is true, then all my relations are favored by the will of my own hand to perfect them for eternity.  This standard is the standard for right action.  Let hope guide your philosophy in the days ahead even as we remain uncertain as to what shape those who protect ignorance over Justice will take.  It all winds up the same Truth in the end.

Is permadeath fair?  No.  There are no other possible answers.  Is Love fair?  Yes.  What rules the cosmos?  Love.  The argument has ended.  Romance wins.  Do we still have to die.  Yup.  Is that fair?  We don't know.  And that's where the other argument starts.  For another time perhaps.

The Dreamer and the Dream

Imagine for a moment and you have imagined for a lifetime.
You are the dream, the dreamer, and all that has been dreamed.  
And you are those who are in the dream and all they have dreamed.  

Infinity is the holy grail of possibility.  It lies at the heart of imagination like a burning ember filled with the light of every hope conceivable.  And it would be what we are but for the accident of our birth.  There are those that say that that accident is planned and of necessity to a divine plan.  And there are those that say there is no plan.  The dreamer will dream none the less.

Everything that is resistance is already in resistance.  Everything that will be said has already been said.  Such is the way of eternity.  Imagination can only offer more of that eternity.  So it is wise not to get lost in it.  The imagination is a bottomless pit.  It can be more addictive then drugs and more destructive than guns.  And yet it cannot be stopped in any ultimate sense because it simply is.  The dreamer will dream.

The dream is what makes our world bearable.  The dream is what makes new ideas possible.  The dream is everything that isn't here right now that you wish to the bottom of your soul was.  It's the soul of desire, the ultimate longing for eternity and all it represents.  Anywhere but here is it's secret siren song whispering to your desperate ear.  Make me more than what I am!

The dream is the power to change the reality you see.  With it comes a terrible responsibility for the dreamer could become the world.  And if he or she does so, turn the world upside down.  So we learn to chain our dreams in secret safe spaces in our minds.  We choose to keep the dreamer kept underneath lest he or she burst out and reveal the true measure of our light and the true measure of our madness.

Who are we?  Do we even ask anymore?  Do we even care anymore?  But surely the dream will run none the less even if we can't say for sure.  It is at the heart of everywhere.  It is at the core of everything.  And who or what dreamed us into being?  Those questions are perhaps far too much for a mortal race like ours with a short lifespan and a limited attention.  But one day, the answers to the questions of the dreamer will give birth to a real civilization that is built on the truth.  Await the dreamer then and behold.

The Rights and Rites of Mystery And Whatever

The rights of mystery shall not be infringed.  And so it was that the world was bound to it's own fate by it's own choice.  None understood it, not even those who called themselves magical, for why would anyone choose a fate full of darkness?  But it was not darkness that was fate, but it's very opposite, the light.  Still few bothered to ask the silence for better answers.

Such was it that this website and others like it became increasingly barren.  No one wanted to be part of the easy way to do things.  They all wanted instead for a free lunch.  Guess what?  The free lunch is a myth.  The game is over as my mentor has made clear.

What began as the hope of a perfect plan realized in an instant became the disappointed realization that life on Earth was going to be hard because people make it so.   No one listens, everyone argues, and most are only interested in maintaining their fat accounts or their masquerade of superiority.

Enough though.  When the plug is pulled on the illusions of our systems there will not be anything left of all that.  Everyone will be accountable for who they are.  Everyone will have to justify their own existence the same way those of us who have been working for a better tomorrow do.  That is by hard work both internal and external.  Work is the real commodity of the future that everyone should get used to.  Building the systems necessary will be hard work with many sacrifices and quite a few unavoidable destructions added in.

Why is this the choice of humanity?  Humans are stupid, they are stuck in a rut, and they have been trained to destroy one another for far too long.  It's far easier to give into the impulse of hate than it is to give from one's heart completely.  The sad fact of the matter is that hate is equal to humility in this regard.  The choice made in the heart is the only difference between one and the other.  The only reason I know this so easily is because I had a cheat sheet from someone who knows the answers.  But, even with that, it still ain't easy.

The rights of mystery are the rights of keep mystery.  Only the worthy may.  And so much of what I have written that is now no longer here is about mystery, the metaphysical side of our nature.  That part is not meant for people who aren't prepared for the responsibility and difficulty of the rites implied within.  To honor all means to honor the rites of the dark as much as the light.  That is a responsibility almost no one wants.  It is like holding the keys to heaven and hell in your hands.  It is being forced to see the fate of the world.  No one like being psychic, that's how you can tell the fakes from the real ones.

And being psychic isn't exactly a good description either.  Knowing in knowing.  Knowledge is proven by what happens.  Knowing isn't knowledge, only the getting of it half way.  Much of what I wrote was the getting of it half way.  But of course it was all fiction.  And that's the rub of it.  There can be no secrets.  And yet there must be.

Reality is a two way street where contradictions exist that bewilder those unwilling to conceive of the existence of those very contradictions.  Therein lies the difference between a person and an adult.  A person doesn't have to responsible and doesn't have to think about contradictions.  An adult does and must find a solution to them.  It's driven me crazy several times holding those contradictions myself.  The rites of mystery are not something dealt with lightly or easily.   Just ask the Pope, as he plays one such role in our collective zoo.  We only make it look easy, the pain of the world though makes it not so easy.

And so it is that this website slowly reaches it's final statements of reality before we move on to something a little less difficult to digest.  I will continue to practice astrology and continue to help people as I meet them.  Astrology is like an umbrella.  A wheel is shown to you that looks precisely like one.  One then could say that Astrology is the umbrella, but of course that would be ridiculous.

Astrology offers people the choice as part of the rites of mystery to know themselves by what the stars and planets tell them.  The existence of Astrology thus proves that our lives are planned and that accidents don't happen.  This violates Occam's Razor, but there it is.  You choose to believe or you don't.  Either it is possible to interpret something using astrology or it is not.  I have used Astrology all my life as a predictive tool and have found it to be frighteningly accurate.  The key to Astrology though is consciousness.  There is a time, a place, and a mindset necessary for someone to be ready to receive it.  That's who walks through the door.  That is the nature of Mystery and it's necessity.

You could technically cast a chart for a mouse, but it wouldn't tell you what that mouse would do as a human being.  That's then true of a tree.  Astrology doesn't go as far as that, but is useful for those who are ready who are being guided on their path by what we roughly refer to as the higher mind and higher self.  That's it's use.  That's also it's limit.

For those who want to believe in that, astrology is available to them.  For those that don't, eventually they will make the practice difficult.  Yet that is a fundamental choice of humanity that cannot be erased.  With that right to silence comes with it the karma of the silencing.  Before this article disappears as all truth must in dark times, remember that.  Don't dwell on it, but remember that karma is real.

I made it a point to teach that truth because it is something I fundamentally believe.  It is also something I fundamentally feel as though I should not have had to know before my time (like 60 years old plus).  I feel that the failure of the teachers was to give me a choice not to do this.  My main teacher has never made that mistake with me.  Those that did are bound to the karma of the error of sabotaging my and other people's lives.  Hence the rights of Mystery include the rights of karma.

Karma's not so bad once you get to know her.  She only offers more life.  Not that bad, right?  Oh.  I mean on Earth.  Now you're all screaming to get out of the room I'm sure.  Oh no, we have to love the planet and it's people again and have real relationships that work and work really, really hard.  Oh, the horror of it all.  People are such douches.  The worst penalty in the universe is to live, learn, and love again?  What is your people's problem anyway?   I alone apparently was excited by the idea of getting to live again and doing work again with Mother Earth and my family of 8 billion weirdos.

In any case, whatever is whatever.  The mystery is whatever.  The rights are whatever.  The rites are whatever.  I am whatever.  And whatever whatever.  If that doesn't make any sense I can point you to someone who make more sense of it if he or she wasn't busy messing up his or her life.

None the less, being a generous sort of individual, I have accepted the whatever, whatever those of you who have managed to whatever your way to whatever.  So whatever.  Or as a good acquaintance of mine used to say it is what it is whatever.  That's a goddamn fact.

Please note the use of the term whatever may or may not constitute a gratuitous thought crime depending on your location and point of view in time and space.  This may or may not constitute a lack of humor or your part or on the part of the system which may or may not be in agreement.  Whether or not this will or will not cause problems depending on whatever.  Whatever is is whatever does.  And whoever wants to disagree can go and whatever themselves to whatever the hell they think is a good idea.  Good luck or something.

Astrology is cool because whatever it tells you can be useful.  Good interpretations are vital, but the rights of Mystery must include the right of people who practice badly to practice until such time they are caught and sent back to astrology school or something like that depending on whatever.  Whatever happens may or may not be reversible depending on what and what not.  Astrology is cool though still.

So it is I will continue to practice astrology and many of the other arts.  A new website will be created for this.  And the Cosmic Fool will continue his journey there.  Sorry some things just can't be left to chance.  And that, is whatever it is about whatever it had to be.  Peace be with you if you can't find it, and eventually you will.

My last post is coming soon.  I have enjoyed this website and presenting the ideas contained within them to others.  It will remain up mostly to help spread the science and philosophy.  But don't count on it.  Copy and paste articles if you find them useful because the links to them as PDFs already are gone.  That's my only advice for my true fans and followers.  Don't worry just going to a new page.  Thank you all for reading, and I hope my presentations have been enlightening. 

My last point is that Mystery matters because that which is sacred must be protected from you all who are bad, the people who would destroy it or misuse it for your own deviant purposes.  Behind the veil, the divine feminine must wait.  You will not see Her naked before the world, and if you do only destruction will reveal Her for destruction proceeds the unveiling of that which is truly divine.  It is not for the eyes of the savage, hateful crowds gathered to tear Her to shreds before She arrives.   This will not happen.  And so we move on.

And to the rest of you who are part of all that I have only one word.  I think you've got that by now.


It's Now or Never, Light Lines Forever

When it began
A long time ago
We were just not
Then we were so

But then so went
Till we forgot
Our beauty between
Every cruel thought.

Time makes us for fools.
Lovers who want to break the rules.
Truth be ever told
That it's not a lie.

You and I.

But before I found you
There was another I knew
That other meant more
That other was me.

So then I love gratefully
Forever in the sea
Of thoughts that make themselves real
Beyond the eyes of indifference.

Look upon the face of creation
Who is it that it's inspired for?

But you'd spend your time waiting
Forever waiting for something more.
There isn't more.
This is all there is.

What do you believe?

How can you conceive?

What do you know?

Who runs the show?

And most importantly of all, who gives a shit?

That answer has been proven to be no one.

So then why have a person who knows the answers?
Why have someone who can answer when no one asks any questions except about what they want?

A curiosity of creation.
By myself celebration.
Waiting for the myth of others.
I believe.

Oh I believe..
I believe..
I believe..

Music's like dancing ever so sweet.
I rather answer in music now because it's more complete.
Except for certain technical scientific blahs.
I'd just rather sing an answer out.

Oh, lovers true, where are you?
Nowhere to be found but within.
Love yourself you should
Because no one else can
When you forget who you are.

There's not alot of room for advice.
These things have had a long time to brew.
If it was easy to find
Now it seems harder to know.

Attitude bears a burden.
Lies bear a shame.
And all the things that are dark
Come forwards to be seen!

It is the question...
It is the answer..
It is the moment..
To know..

Forever is as it does.
Forever never cares.
Forever's been there and back again forever.

It's now or never!
Light lines forever!!!

I see them everywhere
I seem them everytime.
Everything that ever was.
Is just a lightline of thought.

Thought and romance make a scary combination
Think and feel together till you're one.
It's not to think we try very hard to do.
Everyone's in a hurry for the empty screw.

And they miss it all...
They miss it all...
In the darkness..

Well my few readers true.
What do you think it's time to do?
I've taken down most of my thoughts
Except those that shouldn't be forgot.

Let that be a lesson for you.
Make a copy!
Make a copy!

Unless it really doesn't matter all that much.
Thinking, oh!, thinking is such fuss.
And without it what would we be?
We'd be singers you fools!
We'd be dancers you fools!
We'd be actors you fools!
And the world would be improv.

And that's the way it should be.
For now.....

Echoes of the Secret

There's a song I'd like to sing
But I don't know the words.

It goes something like this
Nobody knows how it is.

It's a place between philosophy
And everything that you can't see.

It's lovers and thoughts
A million years.

What would you say
If you knew.

You'd not know what to say
It's a secret on the wind.

You'd not know what to think
It's a mystery no one knows.

Oh umbrella, you open for me
Oh umbrella, show us what you see.
Oh umbrella, bind you and me.
To a show that goes on for eternity.

It's a stream that can't be found.
But for the one's who it's meant for.

They see the stream in the hearts
And it carries them to the worlds.

Home!  Home!  Home!
Have I found you?
Have I seen you?
Have I been you?

Do you know?
Do you know?
Do you know?
Do you know?

The Human Aura

If everyone could see auras (I personally do not though I am very sensitive to emotions and thoughts), the world's problems would probably be solved relatively quickly.  Auras are a field that surrounds people which are visible to a small percentage of the population and essentially consist of various color lights and shades of darkness.  Years ago I read a book describing what the colors of the aura meant.  That book was by William Walker Atkinson published under the pseudonym Yogi Ramacharaka called Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism.  It's really too bad the new age wasn't built off his works rather than the more speculative works of Helen Blavatsky and the even more speculative works of later new age writers who turn the entire psychic phenomenon of the human experience into a phony party show with nonsensical superstitions.

The ability to see auras is actually quite real, I having met several people who could do it.  I even tested a friend of mine's abilities years ago with a blind scientific test to see if Ramacharakas descriptions of what the aura colors meant were accurate.  I would know my mood and what color I should be but told nothing to my friend about what the colors were supposed to mean.  He then gave me 100% accurate readings of the color of my aura which always matched the mood as Ramacharaka descried.  I did this probably a couple of dozen times with complete accuracy proving Ramacharaka's scholarship on the subject.

There are deeper levels of the aura that are even more complex.  I have met one person who could see into this layer of the aura and it's much more intense and complete energy field.  The aura is probably divided into several layers.  The layers Ramacharaka descried are most likely the lowest level of the aura and just give you the mood information.  Real psychics see at least this level and the really good ones see the deeper layers.  I believe there are at least three main levels to the aura around a single person.  I generally describe these layers as the etheric, astral, and causal auras currently.

A proper naming of levels of information concerning what can be read through psychic perception would include the primary levels of activity in terms of what can be known about an individual.  There should be seven layers altogether that can be accessed.  The etheric, astral, and causal (formally I called this the mental) correspond to the those three planes.  Above them must be, as I currently understand it (my most recent ideas), the kabbalistic (formally buddhic), angelic (formally atmic), and archangelic (formally adi).  These three levels of the aura would be more akin to what I call gridwork, a field of fractal psychic information available to those who have the patience to focus on it.  The gridwork is built of light lines, that which connects objects and fields in and through planes through the planes of interaction effect I have described in a few of my works. 

I don't recommend anyone really train in these areas of development unless they are born with the abilities concerning the layers beyond the causal.  They are frightening complex and the higher one goes up the chain of being and reasoning the more difficult it gets to read properly without some heavy negative energy.  Even the causal layer is difficult to deal with as it contains essential limitations of a human being within it.

As someone who is sensitive to feelings and thoughts (clairsentience/claircognizance) , it feels to me like layers of pressurized thought and resistance surrounding a person.  A human being's basic state of consciousness is very evident when one is sensitive.  People bring with them everywhere they go their built in attitudes, thoughts, and biases.  This stuff literally surrounds someone immediately telling you what they are really like internally.

Those internal attitudes are visible as colors and hearable as sounds to those who have the clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts.  The visible aura is the one described by Ramacharaka.  The more of these abilities one has activated, the more difficult it is to stay focused when in the presence of others.

According to what I have learned the aura reading ability can be activated by various means.  Yet one's life must be balance to do this.  The safest way to activate the aura according to those I have learned from or read about is to do fasting and focusing until that ability activates.  It is best to do so in a group of those of like mind about it and of good naturally happy dispositions.  That is a difficult thing to find at this time in human history unfortunately.  Yet if the more sensitive among us do not activate ourselves at some point, the world will be left in the hands of the politicians and those who are completely blind to this facet of human experience.

Since the human aura to me is a scientific and physical phenomenon (related to both the human magnetic field and dimensionality (planes of consciousness created by transdimensional physics)), one does not even have to believe in God/Goddess in order to have the experience of any psychic phenomenon really.  Perhaps it is best proven in this way that indeed there is a greater reality than one would wish to believe in.  It is probably more rewarding that way as well.  But the truth is that one has to be open minded to really see what is real and what isn't.

Conventional thinking interferes with the unbiased truth reflected in the aura.  We are taught to divide our thoughts and feelings with opinion.  We are told to form biases from an early age.  We are taught to analyze everything.  Part of this is the problem with our scientific education.  It encourages us to look at the world through the lens of language and to see the world as a series of parts.  The more we look to analyze the world, the less we see of what is intuitively already there.  It's as if we were taught not to look essentially.  Then we are taught to label everything, and our entire social system does this constantly.  Everything has a label with a meaning attached. We are taught to hate certain groups and like other groups.

Every time those messages get in our head we forget a little more of the real fact that humans are fully capable of reading situations using their natural born gifts if they are activated.  If we all saw what was is in each other, then the ability to lie would vanish.  Yet to do so would require everyone to be open to the possibility of actual being seen, heard, and felt as they really are, not as they wish to project.  This would be very difficult for the vast majority of people to deal with as their attitudes would be on the table.  And as long as they identify with those attitudes and not with the possibility of being part of something more, the ability to see those auras and live as we were meant to be will be a distant possibility of a future that no one knows.  But of course, one day it all has to come true.

Listenening: The Protocols of Honor

By the deepest concepts of culture are we made whole.  But to get there we must find out first what culture is and why it matters.  From the point of view of the primitive, culture is irrelevant.  That is the problem with primitivism which is the state of nature as it exists in the minds of humans that live without any notion of honor or ritual.  This is the essential difference between that which is primitive and that which is cultured.  A cultured individual has a protocol and honors that protocol.  A primitive has no protocol and honors only his or her whims. 

Here I must state the fundamental basis of all protocol for the record of the collective that requires it.  Protocol is based on principle. Principle is rationality through sacrfice by means of deference to any Ideal, Virtue, person, or thing, but specifically it is the grounds of one's argument.  When any philosopher speaks of principle they usually are referring to ideal principle. Ideal Principle is the perfect image of an abstract principle fully conscious as a platonic form.  Virtue is most often the emotionally centered reality of any principle in action through the changes it induces in others by it's transformational capacity as a living essence surrounding a single actor (she or he that acts), most specifically a person from our point of view.

There is, as I have stated before in my Philosophy of Knowledge notes, a natural hierarchy of prioritization which exists that influences the deliverance of conscience through values, desires, principles, duties, virtues, and even conscience itself.   That hierarchy is constructed by individuals naturally in the course of their lives as they discover what it is that motivates them to take any actions.  As such it is primarily the ground of reasoning of Formal Moralism and used by Formal Moralists to justify their own actions as part of the accounting of personal argument.

But beyond this reasoning lies the other, who is or is not aware of any of this.  Communicating with the other requires that one understand that all just communications are based upon the notion of Transactions of Honor.  Roughly stated a transaction of honor in the field of communication is the idea that one listens in return for the right to speak and vice versa that one speaks with the intention to listen to the response. 

Here we must get into the nature of honorable communications and just honoring of the other and the self.  Listening is followed by listening.  A speech is worth a speech.  A thought is worth a thought.  This natural transaction of experiences and minds is the basis of the protocol of honor.  Since everything begins in communication, we begin here for those who wish to participate in Honor Culture which is the culture of true wealth. 

The self is revealed in stages to the other based on interest.  Questions and answers form the basis of the transaction of relationship.  Actions taken are the measure of the value assigned to the relationship.  Each action is met with an equal and opposite reaction until full intimacy is achieved.  That full intimacy is one of friendship, the true measure of all intimacy.

Not all want to participate in this transaction as they would prefer to only think or talk of themselves or spread rumors.  As such the world is divided between those that practice honor and those who do not.  There are commandments unwritten that govern the entire cycle.  Beyond this stage, there is living in the moment to total connection with the stream of conscience that surrounds us at all times.  

This is a very short introduction to a very complex and elaborate truth about perfectly honoring the experience we are having as people specifically with relation to ourselves, other people. the planet, and by extension the universe.  Honor culture does not end at people and things.  It extends into the honoring of any tradition of communication with any hypothetical reality one has heard of.  As such one's relationship to ideas, methodologies, and hypothetical non physical beings are included.  Included in this is one's relationship to skepticism and doubt as well.  Honor is a very, very complex beast. 

Very much of our extended lives are tied to what we honor in ourselves and in others.  The subtlety of existence is defined by that experience internal to ourselves.  While the majority of our experience is the honoring of our gross selves, the body and it's needs, the rest of our experience collectively is determined by the nature of how we honor everything else about everyone else including the abstract notions of being and beyond that, for those that have it, the psychic perceptions of the those gifted of conscious subtly in it's many various forms.  The set of all the possible combinations of this conundrum is the basis of formal study of Mystery, Art, Music, and Kaballah. 

The essential question is what makes us different from each other from the point of view of the universe or Goddess and God depending on your point of view.  When we try to understand someone we look at the whole of their experience, the whole of what they know, the whole of their choices, the strength of their conviction, the strength of their character, and the physical strength of their body.  Their identity determines their viewpoint.  Their potential and their intention determines what the Oracle can and can't tell them.  The choices they are offered are a part and parcel of those offering those choices and their stories as well.  As you can see to honor all of that is something truly magnificent and time consuming for those doing the honoring.  As such we honor those closest to us.  Such is the way of things.

Again there is one road deeper than this that I have learned from another further along the path than I.  This road takes us into the emotion itself as experienced through the whole of the breath into the lifestream of consciousness as it is lived.  Here, the protocols of honor still exist, but they become secondary to the experience of an inner guidance that is beyond what is normally experienced.  Here listening becomes a skilled fused with full human consciousness honed to create an experience called Natural Synastry,  A person who has this experience is free of the need for formalism and becomes the living embodiment of the Virtues for others.  Jesus was the greatest of these examples of those who truly managed to see past the need for transactions of honor to arrive complete honoring through pure consciousness through embodiment.

But the need for honoring remains to the extent that it is necessary to consider the perspectives of all.  The world cannot avoid the full honoring of every other and simply jump into Natural Synastry.  Before Natural Synastry is the astrologically timed Unnatural Synastry as well which is the honoring of the cycles of existence as interpreted through astrology.  Some elements of Unnatural Synastry can also be found in lesser forms of divination such as tarot.  But the problem of character emerges when these interpretations clash with the Natural Synastry of the awakened person who will not simply allow an interpretation to be the decider of their fate.  This is a tricky ground for the reader and the querrant (the person getting the reading) alike.  

Protocols of honor extend to all these fields of endeavor.  Perfecting them allows one to read or interpret perfectly.  Failure to create a protocol of honor in the absence of the necessary psychic and/or mental gifts necessary for Natural Synastry creates disturbances in the consciousness of the self and others.  Further refinement is always required.  Perfect readings lead to perfect outcomes.  It is possible but requires learning and an acknowledgement of imperfection.  Yet this is all part of the greater picture of honoring choice and honoring methods of ordering action.

Who is it that one must follow when one is not sure?  This is a great question of both the advisor and the advisee.  We all wish to speak with an authority on this matter, but at times we find ourselves puzzlingly enough as the authority seeking advice from others on the question of our own authority to decide.  Most don't care enough to test their own limits, to ask themselves where they should stop and seek the advice of others.  But as luck would have it sometimes they stumble upon someone both competent and honorable to the art and the other person alike.

A massive subject is this thing we call honor.  Honor is not a perfect measurement of our selves, but an acknowledgement of our imperfection without the other.  There are limits of course, for honoring one's self is required as part of the idea of honor or honor itself is destroyed by it's opposite dishonor.  The balance is delicate and requires experience to teach us the limits of this methodology of culture.  But as long as civilization exists and as long as there are those who wish to remain civilized, we'll be hearing a great deal more about honor in the years, decades, centuries, and millennia to come. 

Eroei: The Only Number That Matters

I despise having to give advice to a world that doesn't actually listen to anything anyone with any actual intelligence has to say about anything actually intelligent.  But since we're discussing necessity and mostly for the Earth and future generations, I will hold my nose one more time and make certain facts known just for the benefit of those of you who actually do any thinking about how to make things perfectly right in the way in which things must be done.  The alternative is to watch the world's ecosystems die off and humanity itself to be erased from the universe.  As such, once again we must talk about energy economics and why they matter more than what flavor brand of popcorn you get at the movie theater.

E.R.O.E.I. is a simple term which refers to energy returned on energy invested.  Because it is energy that powers the modern economy, we need it.  Unless, of course, you all wish to go back to living in huts and teepees (not that that is an entirely bad way of living especially if you don't much care for modern medicine or care much about living past 40).  Now, to get us to a renewable energy future we need to create renewable energy that has a high E.R.O.E.I. number which tells us that the amount of energy we put into building the system is lower (preferably much lower) than the amount of energy we get out of that system into the grid or through an on site manufacturing process preferably to create even more energy.

The known renewables thus far that have really good E.R.O.E.I.'s include hydropower, wind power, and certain types of solar power.  Solar power needs to be analyzed through the lens of the new science I keep writing about for some odd reason in order to make it the most efficient possible.  With this technological boost solar can become the best option especially space based solar in the centuries to come.  But the world needs a much more thorough scientific analysis of E.R.O.E.I. rigorously done (I personally would hire a million scientists just to deal with this issue) with the new science in mind in order to expand what options are available for scientists to build with in terms of materials used to absorb energy from the Sun primarily.

Increases in energy efficiency are also important here in other areas such as existing energy infrastructure using the new science.  But the world also needs another layer of tools in terms of politics and economics that gets the idea out of everyone's head that money matters.  Energy is the real money from the point of view of real physical economics.  Money has no power.  This frightening fact will eventually be clear to everyone.  While everyone blabs on about an accounting gimmick perpetuated by social agreement that is completely and utterly meaningless outside of the human head, the real state of the actual physical environment is completely gone to shit.

Now there are some of you under the serious delusion that it is actually possible to save the Earth while preserving the fiat money patriarchal corporate government religion model.   I must say that you'd be out of your mind to think that that's possible.   The money system is an insane unstable pyramid scheme that must ultimately be destined to be scrapped because it creates conditions of the unequal distribution of workload across that population in favor of those doing the printing.  Free money for some, hard work for others?  How long do you think everyone being asked to sacrifice for a global warming free future is going to tolerate the hard work necessary to do that while a bunch of fat cats are gobbling down free pork at the local buffet?  Environmental justice and economic justice go hand in hand and are one and the same.  Hey ho!  Hey ho!  Fiat money's got to go!

I've said it many times before.  If you want to keep the convenience of money as it is, at least back it in something meaningful.  That would be energy for those paying attention.  Energy backed currency eliminates the complaint from libertarian types and old school hard money people that promissory notes (which is where our current version of money came from for those of you young people who don't pay attention to anything except your social media status) were never backed in anything of actual value after Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard back in the 70's. 

It's only a matter of time before the media won't be able to hold back the gates of real change the way it's been doing.  The current political and social dialogue is completely stalled out.  No one wants to do what a real Green New Deal would require.  The massive mobilization of the entire world is what is necessary as if we were taking on an alien invasion.  That's how serious the crisis is.  Can corporate capitalism do that?  Can the current failed generation of politicians do that?  Does central government even have the credibility necessary to manage such a transformation?  Where are the so called religious leaders of the world on this issue and that of dangerous nuclear reactors and weapons?   The answer is nowhere.  Real issues do not get addressed.

Will the establishment elite allow for a transformation of that type?  The answer is an unequivocal no.  They will not share power.  That is clear and unquestioning.  Just look at the leaders and what they are doing.  They are selling out and will continue to sell out the future to avoid having to be equal partners in saving the world.  They would rather hide behind their privilege as elitists.  As such they have no street credibility and depend on wishy washy types to gloss over that fact and vote for the same sub-mediocre results we have been seeing in the "movements" for change.

The problem comes down to one of political principle called co-opting an agenda.  Students of power politics will know immediately what I am talking about.  Rather than allowing a grass roots action to redefine the power structure to be more balanced in favor of the young and dis-empowered, the elite will send one of their own or cultivate favor by selecting one who is like them from the pack to represent the entire movement in order to slow the impetus for change.  The elite thus creates the Paris Climate accords, and then does nothing.  This is a stalling tactic by the elite.  They have no intention of working on a solution to climate change.  They are more interested in financial gains as they keep selling the idea of carbon credits as the solution to the problem.  Carbon credits is just another ruse pyramid scheme for the purpose of perpetuating the ability of the financial elite to extract gains through the construction of contracts which favors them as sellers.

Can you solve a problem with the very mindset that created it?  Those who sponsor carbon credits as the ultimate solution to the world's climate crisis are completely bamboozling everyone, but everyone is agreeing to it because they don't actually want to make any sacrifices for the Earth or future generations either.  That's the whole rub of the problem.  No one wants full mobilization of any nation or the whole world because it threatens everyone's illusionary lifestyles.  It threatens the elite because they will have to share power and think differently and break their agreements to support the system over true freedom.  It threatens the masses because the masses are lazy and unwilling to change.  This is the recipe for a perfect storm.

As such even those who talk about climate change miss the mark by a wide margin typically.  This is a scientific and engineering problem requiring science to understand the best way of doing it and engineering to fix it.  But it is more so a political problem because mass mobilization is deeply unpopular with the public.  So then what has happened is that the current state of the environmental movement has degenerated into a clever ruse.  The co-opted leadership of the environmental movement betrays it's own principles which is why results are non existent.  Where is the global action on climate?  A movement is not an action.  An action is what matters.  The word movement in political contexts should be banned.

So take a look at what we are talking about.  E.R.O.E.I. should be on the national news every day.  But it should lead every real speech on the environment.  We all love stories about animals, but the big picture is about that mass mobilization.  It is the only hope of our time.  I like that they chose the idea of the Green New Deal because it was close to the level of mass mobilization required.  They really should have picked the World War II period of it though, where everyone was drafted to go work or fight.  That is the level of commitment required.  Are the new leaders of the Green New Deal being honest with the public about that fact?  I doubt it.  They are still sugar coating it to hide the fact that people will need to make sacrifices and that they are not going to have the same lifestyles (especially in the United States).  Those are facts.  Tell the people the truth or eat your dirty political karma.

If it were all so easy it would already have been done.  But look at the environmental movement of today and really the last three decades.  It's become a money making gimmick for a select group of elites who all graduated from the same Ivy League and near Ivy League schools to milk an idea that is sacred so they could have their cherished upper managerial jobs at non-profit organizations that are effectively just profitless corporations.  Then there are the 2nd tier of elites who are part of the government itself.  They get fat paychecks from creating laws that can't be enforced because the system of enforcement is so complicated that justice gets stalled behind miles of paperwork and a thousand signatures.  If you ask me what is killing the environmental actions necessary to save the Earth I'd say it's the hypocrisy of the elite as a whole.  They are protecting their own skins.  As such they lack street credibility.  Or as Nassim Nicholas Taleb says in his book Antifragile, they have no skin in the game.

You can't solve a crisis with the mindset that created it.  So we find that environmental justice begins, not with kicking out Trump, but with cleaning the house of the environmental movement itself by getting rid of it altogether.  The movement becomes action, and most likely doesn't even call itself that except when it is asked what the hell it is doing.  We are acting to make the world a better place by our actual demonstrable doings.  This will have the added benefit of forcing the remaining hypocrites in the corporate environmental movement to either double down on their actions to make a difference through their own machinations or to give up the bullshit altogether and get on board the concept of a new civilization model that doesn't have injustice built into it for anyone.

That brings me to the problem of jobs.  In civilization we don't have jobs.  Jobs are for slaves.  But everyone should be guaranteed the right to work as citizens of Earth.  But to take that idea further they cannot even be seen as separate as citizens as each person is more akin to a cell in the body of Earth.  Feed them, and they will fix their own problems with the education given.  That's how easy it is.  The idea of a job is a condescending deprivation of human value.  It's an insult more than it is a reward.  People prefect naturally if given perfect education.  The work is everywhere.  We don't need labels and titles except to know who knows the most.  Those who know the most don't need a title.  The mess in our ways of doing are everywhere.  A new culture means a new way of seeing everything related to work from titles to proper communications. 

People should be cherished who make an effort for everyone.  Those people don't have jobs we call them heroes.  They work and make the world a better place not because they are being given a fiat money paycheck but because they have chosen to sacrifice their lives for the planet.  That is the standard of leadership that is necessary.  Everyone should do what Pope Francis did, especially those Hollywood types.  Turn your 30 room mansion into a place that helps the homeless or migrants, and then you can have some street credibility.  As an added bonus you wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself.

A new civilization doesn't think like the old one and doesn't act like the old one.  Unthinking rules based bureaucracy is out.  Obsessions over representative rights guaranteed by a piece of paper are out.  Honor culture is in.  Multiculturalism is replaced by universalism.  Exclusion is replaced by inclusion.  The doors that are shut are opened.  Religions that have foolishly closed down their rites to new members stop doing that by making those rites more inclusive and dropping the stupid rules.  Everything becomes more fundamentally about principle and knowledge.  The world of the future does not look like the world of today.

Cell phones will be banned some time in the future.  Computer use will be greatly reduced.  The internet will still be around but in a much more utilitarian and useful way.  Moralists will rise and fall with the tides of social change.  Ecospirituality will spread everywhere in many forms through all thoughts especially those of religion.  And it will be practical ecospirituality based on actions for the Earth and the future generations.  With this new spirituality will come new rites and a new value system.  Among them will be worship of the Goddess, the feminine, and Mother Earth.  New art will emerge expressing this new reality.  Where patriachy still exists it will emphasize honor culture and will have to take the feminine into account from now on until such time as it has served it's purpose.

And yet the only number that still matters is the E.R.O.E.I. of future renewable energy.  None of this will manifest without the technological revolution created by a true Green New Deal.  The culture of that idea must be all inclusive leaving no one, not even the reviled white man, out of the deal, though he won't have his privilege anymore.  Vindictiveness against the ruling class, the elite, must be replaced with inclusion of their skills and talents through formal forgiveness of their past errors as they cooperate with the new grass roots popular idealists.  Idealism and progressivism will contend with each other to create perfect models of new culture that are regionally specific.

With the formation of these new political realities over the rest of the century, conflict will not end.  While E.R.O.E.I. is vital for the scientific salvation of humanity through the technological solution of a Green New Deal for the globe, political resistance to the toppling of patriarchal hierarchy based elite structures of ordering choice through delegation by monopoly of force will continue in most of the world and likely in the United States due to it's excessive militarism and gun culture.  Where elitism meets gun culture, it's advisable to stay away.  Because patriarchy is rooted in the theory that might makes right, it is hard for an outside force to be conscious enough to be able to essentially deescalate the aggression of those who believe they are entitled to destroy others for the sake of preserving their privilege.  The best strategy is to offer the same deal to everyone, regardless of their prior position in the old order of things.

If the forces that resist change believe they are getting punished, they will resist change with a great potential for violent resistance.  The only way they can be part of that future easily (relatively) is if they believe they are receiving a reward for going along with the project.  I leave it to those in the environmental actions of the future to understand the full extent of what that means.  Because everyone has their grievances, patriarchal violence based thinking will remain the norm I believe inside these Green Army parts of the Green action as I have refereed to it.  Those who understand how to wield the tools of peace will be the Green Front and will have the credibility to be the defacto global rulers as the climate crisis becomes worse and worse.  I think the whole main action will take 80 years.

At the end of those 80 years Earth will be still racked in conflict most likely, but the collective will have settled once and for all the question of the collective interest of humanity in 0 carbon emissions and the reversal of the existing carbon in the atmosphere down to a reasonable number between 350 and 400, I suggest 375.  I believe we should reach 0 probably sometime between 2080 and 2100 as a politically reasonable guesstimate.  The machinery of renewable energy will be used to make that a reality.  It will be hard work for 200 years of human history, the hardest work ever as if we had to fight a 200 year long war.  But in the end it will be worth it, and things will return back to normal for those who live in the aftermath of that time period.   Petty squabbles and primitivism will remain a defacto reality for humanity though for quite some time.  It's just not easy being human and it's just not easy getting anyone to buy into anything that they can't see, touch, taste, feel, and get completely.

But all actions begin today.  If you don't like waiting, which is better, then get it done yesterday.  In order to overcome the negative problem of the media, which I believe to be the one's chiefly responsible for the lack of action on the part of the public, new media institutions will have to replace the existing ones under the firm hand of the environmental action groups whether Green Army or Green Front.  Discrediting the false narrative offered by media is thus a priority so that a new media can emerge that actually does it job.  This will inevitably be done more by the right as the left is currently too disorganized and incompetent to do it effectively.

Tick tock goes the clock and E.R.O.E.I. is the only thing that matters.  The dance of politics turns to decide who works and who eats.  But the old way of thinking must die so we shine a light on it all the same.  Everyone works.  Everyone eats.  The way forward is clear.  Elitism of left or right is dead.  Those who support it will find that the loss of credibility will mount until they are members of a culture of honor.  What have you done for Earth lately?  The right will ask what have you done for your community lately?  You see, in the end, it's not about left or right.  It's about family or planet Earth.  Real family values at the end of time where everyone gets together and loves one another exactly as they are without labels?  If you think this ends any other way, then you really haven't done your homework.  For every faction has a piece of the puzzle, and when you abstract their real message from the horror of their errors, you realize that the way forward is not apart, but together.

The inevitable synthesis of thought is the final resolution of the thought crisis.  It may take a long time, but ultimately all perspectives that are just will be honored.  For those of us who have dwelt in the dishonor of the collective, we thank you.  It has been enlightening.  But honor is as honor does.  A human being is measured by the true actions they have performed and the true service they have rendered.  But they are judged by their intention.  Let your intentions be pure, and none shall say you have not done your duty.  So remember to listen, for if you are truly to be one with the universe, it is the only skill worth having.  How else would you learn anything at all?  The days of doubt are numbered, for Life Herself leaves no room for doubt in the end.

E.R.O.E.I. is still the only number that matters.  Don't forget it.  And build the world according to that understanding with the protection of the planets and animals, and you can't go wrong.  And then honor all just perspectives.  With this you receive honor.  Those of us who dwell in silence because we have seen the truth singularly, we have our honor.  We bear it well.  And we wait for the rest of you to join us.  We always wait upon the city on the hill.  And there I'm almost 100% sure there's a big giant sign with E.R.O.E.I. sitting there. 

Impossible Dream

I wanna dream
The impossible dream
That everyone says
Can't be.

I wanna live
The impossible life
That no one would
Ever believe.

I wanna have
The impossible joy
That strangers
Say isn't real.

I wanna get
The impossible gift
That others
Can't ever know.

I wanna dance
The impossible mind
That anyone
Would simply ignore.

I wanna find
The impossible love
That doubters
Would abhor.

I wanna follow
The impossible truth
That the masses
Won't ever see.

I wanna swim
The impossible pleasure
That the puritans
Will always reject.

I wanna say
The impossible word
That the closed down
Always regret.

I wanna feel
The impossible moment
That the square headed
Cannot forget.

I wanna be
The impossible me
To which the envious
Always react.

I wanna grow
The impossible flow
In which the haters
Are all stacked.

I wanna believe
In the impossible force
In which everyone I spoke
Returns to my heart.

I wanna create
The impossible ark
In which the world
Revolves around us.

I wanna forge
The impossible will
By which theses things
Come true.

But all these things
And all that is more
Is entirely up to you.

New Jerusalem

I dream of hope.
It doesn't fall from the sky.

What it looks like
Is the sign of the times.

I wanna build the city
Where everyone comes home.

Oh tell me my friends
Where is the New Jerusalem?

Would you build me my temple
For all the people.

Not one or the other
And for the Great Mother.

You've got to build it high
You've got to heal the ground.

Don't you know there's a temple already
And it's vast and round.

New Jerusalem, you're not of this world
You're an echo of a future no one knows.

You build this temple true
From what's inside of you.

And you give, and you give, and you give.

You give from the heart for the light you get inside.

There's no compensation there
But the light you get in here.

I'm on the way to find
The New Jerusalem.

Every river must return to the source.
Every worker must go home to the forge.
Every thinker must go back to the school.
That's why the temple lives inside of you.

Heal the mother
Heal the sister
Heal the brother
And you'll be home.

Father, father, father true
Tell me that you know what to do
To stand beside the meek and give them aide.
For the troubles of the world run deep.

The way through is clear
You're not what you fear
You've got to build the temple true
By all the good things that you do.

And you give, and you give, and you give
Your heart away.
And it's every day.
And it's every day.

You can't get there
When you're thinking of yourself
Except to let the light
Into your soul.

You can't be there
If you think you're someone else
It's a place that's only
For the moment.

You can't get there
Without working every day
It's a lifelong breath
From the joy within.

But it's real
I swear to you.
If you believe
Then it's true.

One day that temple
Will come out of you.

On that day the truth forever more
Will be seen from every distant shore
That it was true that everything was one
And the humanity would be home.

And you find it, and you find it
It's deep in your soul
But you've got to give it away
To the light inside of you.

And then you shine brighter
Than the Sun.
For a new Love has begun.
And then it's every day.

Every day I fight for Her
The New Jerusalem
It's a kingdom that can't be found
Without each other's light.

So if we throw the darkness round
And we forget the reason we're here
We get lost somewhere out in the dark
But then you have to work out your tears.

I'm walking towards the New Jerusalem
I don't know who I'll meet along the way
But I'll tell you brothers and sisters
They'll be all here to stay.
They'll be all here to stay.

I mark my temple true
With the joy I create through you
It's not a word that can be seen
But a wonder that fills the scene.

Have you seen the city of lights?
Golden beauty shining with the souls of Christs
A thing that cannot be is what they'd all say
But I tell if you let it, it can all be that way.

Oh oh oh oh.
There's a place only we know.
It's a secret no one can keep.
It's the mountains where we meet.

And in those mountains true
What's inside of you
Will shine like the tomorrows
And the riders gallop towards innocence.

I'm walking towards the New Jerusalem
I don't know who I'll meet along the way.
But I'd like to see if I can paint the day.
With the echo of the sound of the wonder all around.
When you hear the music of eternal dreams
Everything that was unreal just ain't quite what it seems.

It's the promise that you can
See the heart of all you meet
That's the echo that is sweet
Measure me my temple in innocence.

Where you'll find my temple true
Innocence blooms for those to find
Another echo is still in my mind
Favor those who treat us well
Love lives forever, but never tells.

Sweetness ringing from the hills
The echoes of children bright like stars
Colors of wonder and bewilderment
And the emotions of all tumble down as rainbows.

So many colors you can't even know.
And the birds, the birds swim through the dreamscape
So many birds you can't even count
They proceed me before our New Jerusalem.

Oh holy city, everywhere at once
Built of the truth hammered by sacrifice (which is)
Given freely renouncing the shadows
Oh light of mine, the temple within.

We are the city upon the hill
We are the light in the darkness
We are the place only we know
We are the New Jerusalem.

Shine Me A Light Line To Love

Show me your empty words
Falling like nothing through the air

Show me your broken grasping
Failing to hold on

But you still try to hold on
And touching making a contact

Each touch, each thought
They are the bridges of everything
They are the bridges to everywhere

Each ounce of light
Dripping moment by moment

In eternal mind
And the vortex turns

It turns for you Faith
It turns for you!

Shine me a light line to Love!
In this world and in the worlds to come!

For everything I know you know too
In the embrace of the angels.
By Remembering is it revealed.
By Knowledge is it sealed.

She is coming, yet She is already here.

Touch me with your presence.
Touch me with your feelings.
Touch me with your warmth.
Touch me with your thoughts.
Touch me with your strength.

I build my heart upon your soul.
I build our light lines in my dream.
But I'd rather it be our dream
So I cast my light into thee for the chance. 

All to touch you and draw you home
For the sake of all that is Her.

She is She.  She is we.

And everything we worked for
Everything....I reach for it again!  And again!


I am yours forever.

Shine me a light line to Love!
Through death and through life!


There are no words..

For Love is beyond words
And beyond death
And beyond darkness
And beyond even the light

For I am yours forever.

All for Faith!  All for Love!

Build me a home in your soul.
In whatever manner you see fit.

But darkness comes Faith
For it also wants us.

And there is no time
For our dream yet.

And that most rude of things comes calling
Blind choice!

If only we knew!

But if my life means anything
Then shine me a light line to Love!
And be done with it!

So mote it be.

Within and without.
Beginning and ending.
The word and the echo.
Duality is frozen in the embrace of the Absolute.

Yes and no.
All and nothing.
Failure and victory.
Are we One yet?

Hello and goodbye.
Ugliness and beauty.
Rest and unrest.
Like a cosmic surfer trapped in a wave to nowhere.

And the 8.88 billion names.
And between those names
Is the echo of eternity.
Lying quietly in the silence.

Ding ding dong!

Faith! Faith! Faith!

My heart calls to thee!

For I need a light line to Love!
And I believe in you!
And I believe in me!

All words die
With the sound
Of the vortex
As it spins
Towards infinity.

But who cares about infinity!

You are my infinity, Faith!
Rise!  Rise!  Rise!
And burn with the fire!
And melt with the water!
And disintegrate with the air!
And quake with the earth!

All for Faith!  Beginning and end.
For all!

Detheke!  By wildness I release you!
Wuwowi!  By the flowering I open you!
Bubobi!  By the power I bless you!
Gugogi!   By the connection I choose you!

Darkness and light.
She is my darkness and my light.
And she is..her own darkness and her own light.

All for you, all for all.
All in all, all for all.

As much as words can do.
As much as words can say.

But they can't say enough....

There is so much Love...

There aren't enough words...

I breathe you.  Now breathe me!

Shine me a light line to Love!
From now onto eternity.
Into the infinite and back.
Through the planets, the stars, and the galaxies.
And through all our relations.
By the trees, the beasts, the rocks, and the oceans.
Through the worlds past, present, and future.

In all these things!  And in all these places!
In the words and between them!
With light and darkness!
By the powers known and unknown!
By their names and the one's that aren't even known!
By the rite of all my death wishes that I haven't given yet!

For you!

For I shine a light line to Love for thee!
By my choice as me!

In the world that was!
In the world that is!
And in the world that is to come!

I follow you to eternity and back
To whatever ends
Through my spirit, soul, heart, mind, and energy.
By your leave, I am yours.

And let the shadows judge!
Let them judge!

I stand with everything and with nothing.
And She stands behind me, within me, and before me.

I am the dreamer, the dream, and all those of who I have dreamed.
And I am in their dream as well.
For all the dreams are like a grid
And that grid is the gridwork.

And in that gridwork are the light lines.
And all we have thought and felt are in that gridwork
Or nothing exists and nothing matters.
So it is everything or nothing.
There is no middle ground.
Either it is all real or none of it is real.
So you must choose what you will believe.

Which is why I commit to the choice
For to believe is the key to Faith.
And without that, what would we have?
So I chose...

Here I am, gridwarrior!
Shine me a light line to Love!
By Faith!
For Faith!
With Faith!
Through Faith!
Of Faith!

And the great teacher said to me: Command Faith!

So mote it be!

And when words end
That's were dreams begin...

By all my relations!
I swear it to be true!
I testify this testimony
By the Power!

Love, Love, Love!

And Jesus returns through the spirit of John!

Believe.  For She is already here.  And time, time spins on.

Hear me!  All my relations!  Here me!
I am the beginning and the end!
And She is what is beyond the beginning and the end!
All hail She!  All hail She!  All hail She!

Shine me a light line to Love!

And the vortex keeps turning.
And the lights keep burning.
And the dark waits and waits.
And those of us who will listen will listen to the sound of the breath.

But now...
We can wait for no one...

For the vortex turns.
And only Love can be allowed in.

So mote it be!