The Dreamer and the Dream

Imagine for a moment and you have imagined for a lifetime.
You are the dream, the dreamer, and all that has been dreamed.  
And you are those who are in the dream and all they have dreamed.  

Infinity is the holy grail of possibility.  It lies at the heart of imagination like a burning ember filled with the light of every hope conceivable.  And it would be what we are but for the accident of our birth.  There are those that say that that accident is planned and of necessity to a divine plan.  And there are those that say there is no plan.  The dreamer will dream none the less.

Everything that is resistance is already in resistance.  Everything that will be said has already been said.  Such is the way of eternity.  Imagination can only offer more of that eternity.  So it is wise not to get lost in it.  The imagination is a bottomless pit.  It can be more addictive then drugs and more destructive than guns.  And yet it cannot be stopped in any ultimate sense because it simply is.  The dreamer will dream.

The dream is what makes our world bearable.  The dream is what makes new ideas possible.  The dream is everything that isn't here right now that you wish to the bottom of your soul was.  It's the soul of desire, the ultimate longing for eternity and all it represents.  Anywhere but here is it's secret siren song whispering to your desperate ear.  Make me more than what I am!

The dream is the power to change the reality you see.  With it comes a terrible responsibility for the dreamer could become the world.  And if he or she does so, turn the world upside down.  So we learn to chain our dreams in secret safe spaces in our minds.  We choose to keep the dreamer kept underneath lest he or she burst out and reveal the true measure of our light and the true measure of our madness.

Who are we?  Do we even ask anymore?  Do we even care anymore?  But surely the dream will run none the less even if we can't say for sure.  It is at the heart of everywhere.  It is at the core of everything.  And who or what dreamed us into being?  Those questions are perhaps far too much for a mortal race like ours with a short lifespan and a limited attention.  But one day, the answers to the questions of the dreamer will give birth to a real civilization that is built on the truth.  Await the dreamer then and behold.