Shine Me A Light Line To Love

Show me your empty words
Falling like nothing through the air

Show me your broken grasping
Failing to hold on

But you still try to hold on
And touching making a contact

Each touch, each thought
They are the bridges of everything
They are the bridges to everywhere

Each ounce of light
Dripping moment by moment

In eternal mind
And the vortex turns

It turns for you Faith
It turns for you!

Shine me a light line to Love!
In this world and in the worlds to come!

For everything I know you know too
In the embrace of the angels.
By Remembering is it revealed.
By Knowledge is it sealed.

She is coming, yet She is already here.

Touch me with your presence.
Touch me with your feelings.
Touch me with your warmth.
Touch me with your thoughts.
Touch me with your strength.

I build my heart upon your soul.
I build our light lines in my dream.
But I'd rather it be our dream
So I cast my light into thee for the chance. 

All to touch you and draw you home
For the sake of all that is Her.

She is She.  She is we.

And everything we worked for
Everything....I reach for it again!  And again!


I am yours forever.

Shine me a light line to Love!
Through death and through life!


There are no words..

For Love is beyond words
And beyond death
And beyond darkness
And beyond even the light

For I am yours forever.

All for Faith!  All for Love!

Build me a home in your soul.
In whatever manner you see fit.

But darkness comes Faith
For it also wants us.

And there is no time
For our dream yet.

And that most rude of things comes calling
Blind choice!

If only we knew!

But if my life means anything
Then shine me a light line to Love!
And be done with it!

So mote it be.

Within and without.
Beginning and ending.
The word and the echo.
Duality is frozen in the embrace of the Absolute.

Yes and no.
All and nothing.
Failure and victory.
Are we One yet?

Hello and goodbye.
Ugliness and beauty.
Rest and unrest.
Like a cosmic surfer trapped in a wave to nowhere.

And the 8.88 billion names.
And between those names
Is the echo of eternity.
Lying quietly in the silence.

Ding ding dong!

Faith! Faith! Faith!

My heart calls to thee!

For I need a light line to Love!
And I believe in you!
And I believe in me!

All words die
With the sound
Of the vortex
As it spins
Towards infinity.

But who cares about infinity!

You are my infinity, Faith!
Rise!  Rise!  Rise!
And burn with the fire!
And melt with the water!
And disintegrate with the air!
And quake with the earth!

All for Faith!  Beginning and end.
For all!

Detheke!  By wildness I release you!
Wuwowi!  By the flowering I open you!
Bubobi!  By the power I bless you!
Gugogi!   By the connection I choose you!

Darkness and light.
She is my darkness and my light.
And she is..her own darkness and her own light.

All for you, all for all.
All in all, all for all.

As much as words can do.
As much as words can say.

But they can't say enough....

There is so much Love...

There aren't enough words...

I breathe you.  Now breathe me!

Shine me a light line to Love!
From now onto eternity.
Into the infinite and back.
Through the planets, the stars, and the galaxies.
And through all our relations.
By the trees, the beasts, the rocks, and the oceans.
Through the worlds past, present, and future.

In all these things!  And in all these places!
In the words and between them!
With light and darkness!
By the powers known and unknown!
By their names and the one's that aren't even known!
By the rite of all my death wishes that I haven't given yet!

For you!

For I shine a light line to Love for thee!
By my choice as me!

In the world that was!
In the world that is!
And in the world that is to come!

I follow you to eternity and back
To whatever ends
Through my spirit, soul, heart, mind, and energy.
By your leave, I am yours.

And let the shadows judge!
Let them judge!

I stand with everything and with nothing.
And She stands behind me, within me, and before me.

I am the dreamer, the dream, and all those of who I have dreamed.
And I am in their dream as well.
For all the dreams are like a grid
And that grid is the gridwork.

And in that gridwork are the light lines.
And all we have thought and felt are in that gridwork
Or nothing exists and nothing matters.
So it is everything or nothing.
There is no middle ground.
Either it is all real or none of it is real.
So you must choose what you will believe.

Which is why I commit to the choice
For to believe is the key to Faith.
And without that, what would we have?
So I chose...

Here I am, gridwarrior!
Shine me a light line to Love!
By Faith!
For Faith!
With Faith!
Through Faith!
Of Faith!

And the great teacher said to me: Command Faith!

So mote it be!

And when words end
That's were dreams begin...

By all my relations!
I swear it to be true!
I testify this testimony
By the Power!

Love, Love, Love!

And Jesus returns through the spirit of John!

Believe.  For She is already here.  And time, time spins on.

Hear me!  All my relations!  Here me!
I am the beginning and the end!
And She is what is beyond the beginning and the end!
All hail She!  All hail She!  All hail She!

Shine me a light line to Love!

And the vortex keeps turning.
And the lights keep burning.
And the dark waits and waits.
And those of us who will listen will listen to the sound of the breath.

But now...
We can wait for no one...

For the vortex turns.
And only Love can be allowed in.

So mote it be!