Echoes of the Secret

There's a song I'd like to sing
But I don't know the words.

It goes something like this
Nobody knows how it is.

It's a place between philosophy
And everything that you can't see.

It's lovers and thoughts
A million years.

What would you say
If you knew.

You'd not know what to say
It's a secret on the wind.

You'd not know what to think
It's a mystery no one knows.

Oh umbrella, you open for me
Oh umbrella, show us what you see.
Oh umbrella, bind you and me.
To a show that goes on for eternity.

It's a stream that can't be found.
But for the one's who it's meant for.

They see the stream in the hearts
And it carries them to the worlds.

Home!  Home!  Home!
Have I found you?
Have I seen you?
Have I been you?

Do you know?
Do you know?
Do you know?
Do you know?