Metaphysical Speculation: The Gnosis of the Archons

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Metaphysical Speculation: The Gnosis of the Archons
 An Essay on Hypothetical Transdimensional Beings

By Chris Freely

In gnostic traditions which developed in the aftermath of Jesus's time period, there existed a series of speculations concerning non physical beings.  The most important of these ideas from the gnostic theories was the idea of the Archons.  Carefully reading the descriptions of these beings one can draw a great number of inferences from the descriptions which when sufficiently considered gives rise to a hypothesis of spiritual relationship between spirit and matter that puts these Archons at the center of creation.

Archons were considered evil by most of the gnostic writers and their modern day neognostic descendants simply because the idea of God's master plan required the existence of an opposition in the mind of many individuals.  This eventually lead to the creation of various themes of opposition to God by the Archons.  Later on the Catholic Church invented the idea of the devil in much the same vein.  Why is there an opposition between God and the Archons?  Let's take a look at a little gnostic lore to understand the underlying mechanisms.

In most versions of the gnostic lore, the Archons are in service of another being, Sophia, who created the Earth in an imperfect image.  Sophia is quite obviously a former Archon herself playing the role of a goddess for reasons that will become clear shortly.  Sophia is said to be responsible for the imperfection in creation from the human point of view, because the universe seems to be full of suffering.

The gnostics were very much anti-materialists who generally thought that life was suffering and that they had all been set up by some dark force to exist in this dimension of physicality.  Their doubt of the goodness of creation is very much in evident in their ideas about the universe which is one reason that gnosticism never was very popular outside of isolationist cults.  However, they needed to create some version of the universe where a dark and sinister force was responsible for their suffering in life, so they created their version of the Archon theory, which is the Negative Theory of Archons.

So what is an Archon exactly?  How can such a thing even exist?  Well any theologian worth his weight in salt would tell you that the universe isn't only physical and that spiritual forces are at work in our world that are beyond our ability to understand.  Except for that last part, I'm inclined to agree with the theologians.  Archons are described as beings that have agendas and desires like humans in which they greatly resemble the Greek gods.  This is not a coincidence at all, in fact, because the word Archon is greek for judge-king essentially as many Greek states were ruled by such a figure.

Thus believing in principalities and powers that ruled the universe much the same way that the highly Greek influenced gnostics saw the world being run was natural.  What prevents creation from being perfect?  Surely it is these dastardly forces similar to the governments of the world with secret sinister agendas to get what they want from the universe?  This all of course simply raises further questions about this whole idiotic business.

Archons, as far as any theologian can tell, could be any type of being that has an influence on the creation of physical worlds in the metaphysical that has a clear minded perspective on its agenda such that it can have a stake in how creation operates for its own design.  Any being that wished at some point to design its own world, star, galaxy, and any structure larger up to infinity and had managed to advance to the stage in soul development that it could participate in this process at higher levels of consciousness than the physical would would be considered an Archon.

As such an Archon would exist as a being that created by planning a priorii to the evolution of physical output of its thought.  In this an Archon is like a god.  And it is already clear that the Archon must serve a goddess such as Sofia.  This is well stated in gnostic lore.  The goddess creates the ground through which the Archons evolve their paths to destiny.  Otherwise, why would Archons bother to plan at all if they did not have a hand in the destiny of what was being created?

Yet there is another plan, greater than that conceived by the Archons or any lesser goddess that makes the matter of vital importance.  The plan of the One God would take into account the whole process involved and would insist upon the perfection of the beings in question.  As such God's purpose is not the perfection of mortal lives (which is their own responsibility), but the perfection of Archons!  God is the Archon's taskmaster.  If God demands perfection, the Archons must still shape creation by their choices because of what they want. God's perfection of the Archons comes through the idea that they must ultimately all perish and be reborn as greater versions of themselves.

Archons are divine creators like God, but they are not immortal.  They choose what they want and shape creation to their will, but they are not perfect.  Archons are thus all imperfect creators in the same way that God is a perfect creator.  But in order to become a perfect creator a learning process is required.  Without this learning process creation would be meaningless because there would be no responsibility in the universe for choices.  The Archons are responsible for the mistakes they make and are held accountable by the one God.

Archons always serve the Goddess faithfully because they must have a planet/universe to live in that they can manifest their desires.  The Archons choices are between serving God and not serving God.  Thus there are two classes of Archons, the Archons of the Light and the Archons of the Dark.  The Archons of the Light serve God faithfully, the Archons of the Dark serve themselves only and are bound to the Goddess until such time as they have remembered themselves sufficiently to return to the right path of Life.

As such Archons of the Light are the soldiers of the Goddess, but the captains of God.  They are very much like apprentice gods trying to master different aspects of their own creative power.  Yet they do this from a much higher plane of reality than some being practicing standard magic such as a wizard, sorcerer, witch, shaman, warlock, gridworker, or psychic.  An Archon is all of these wrapped into one and more. An Archon has the mind of the wizard, the heart of the witch, the soul of the sorcerer, the eye of the shaman, the hand of the warlock, the spirit of the gridwarrior, and the sense of the psychic.  In every aspect the Archon is divine capable of seeing the future and the past in time and space and creating change in the universe through that capacity.

In the transdimensional such a being would essentially be making suggestions about creation.  God would only insist upon the perfection of the plan and as such God thwarts the will of the Archon.  Yet it is the Archon's job to understand the nature of the challenge being presented by God in order to continue his perfection of the master plan.

An Archon exists in two states of being simultaneously so that an Archon is neither masculine nor feminine, but both at the same time.  But, in the higher dimensional state an Archon is always male to the field that he is creating.  What this means is that if an Archon is charged with the creation of a world by the source through Goddess, in his duties as a planner and projector of being he is always male until such time as those duties are finished.  However, the moment an Archon incarnates as a vessel of source the Archon becomes female.  What this means practically is that an Archon spends 1/3 of his time planning and 2/3 of her time being when considering a cosmic creation function such as the creation of a world/star/galaxy and on up to infinity scale of cosmic systems.

In practice this means that as a whole Archons are 2/3 female and 1/3 male across their ranks.  What does that look like?  Well, you living on a very large female Archon called Earth.  In practice this means that every single thing you see in the universe that is a naturally formed body including planets, stars, galaxies, on up to infinite scale are all female.  That should give a good boost to you women's rights supporters out there.  Everything natural in the cosmos is female.  Archons are male in the non-physical planes always.

Now in case you are confused, where does that leave beings such as the old pagen gods and goddesses?  Well, they are diving beings living in a divine realm and as such they are not planning in the metaphysical sense but are living, presumably, in transdimensional realms.  Archons do not live in transdimensional realms they live inside the gridwork in the same environment as another class of spirits you should all be familiar with: angels and archangels.  As such divine beings such as traditional gods and goddesses may be either sex, but Archons in higher dimensions are always male, and they are not to be trifled with either!  Unlike lesser gods and goddesses they are directly involved in the formation of worlds and so are incredibly powerful beings compared to other divine entities.

So what is the gridwork?  The gridwork is an extradimensional field composed of kabbalastic light lines built from the Tree of Life and The Merkaba.  It exists on the 8th plane known as the Plane of the Merkaba beyond the tradition seven planes of New Age lore.  Angles and the Archons of Light cohabit this plane working for the creation of the Cosmic Tree.  The Cosmic Tree is built on the 7th plane known as the plane of the adi in new age lore and is composed of fundamental human soul desires as well as the desires of the other spirits of the world in incarnation such as animals, plants, and even elemental forms such as mountains and rivers.

So how can you know if such a thing as gridwork exists?  You can say that it exists in abstract in a way in that all things share a fundamental relationship to all other things which they interact with, something I have referred to as the planes of interaction effect.  Hypothetically everything you have interacted with is a sequence of nodal changes in the universe sequenced as events in higher dimensional thought.  Changes you have created by existing are part of the very fabric of the universe which is that from which all things arise.  The nodes represent individual self reflecting interactions both gross and subtle depending on their degree and nature.

It is from these nodes that various spiritual realities take shape from.  This is a very complex subject and idea which I will not get into right now except that it does relate to our main thesis here.  Archons are beings who can safely ignore the nodes because they are not concerned with the details of the very small but only of the most essential.

So, which Archons oppose God?  Those are the Dark Archons, being lost in time and space who are trying to return to their former greatness.  They no longer recognize the light because they are caught up in their struggle to dominate all of life to their will.  Sound familiar?  It should, of course.  The example I like to use best is the dark lord Sauron.  The Lord of the Rings is a great description of some of the ideas I have presented here, especially the book itself along with the Silmarillion,  Within these works we can clearly see Melkor, the first dark lord who was Sauron's master, is a Dark Archon opposing the God of Middle Earth, the Iluvatar.  The other lesser gods and goddesses oppose the desire of Melkor to control the fate of Middle Earth, and that leads to a big war that was much, much bigger than anything we saw in the Lord of the Rings movies.

God's master plan calls for the creation of peace and unity through Love.  Any Archon that opposes this final resolution that is not basing their opposition on Justice is a Dark Archon.  God opposes all personal agendas.  The Goddess of Light allows them.  That is the whole basis of all of creation.  The God must say no, that is not perfect, and the Goddess must say but it must be allowed if it is a true desire.  This creates a conundrum in creation whereby everyone blames God for all the ills of the world.  But the Goddess was the one who let it happen.  So then, obviously in our male centered sick society we have to blame the Goddess now, right?  And this is why mortals, who are inherently just as selfish as Dark Archons and their demonic brethren, are not allowed to judge divine beings ever!  You can't even imagine why anything has to be anything in your current pathetic human form.  How can you understand the why if all you do is think about yourself and your suffering?  Mortal humans are so self centered and arrogant.

So do Archons cause the death of million of people?  No more or less so than the minerals that make up your body.  Just think if you didn't have a body, you wouldn't even exist.  Shouldn't you be thanking God and all the good spirits of creation for creating the basis of you in the first place instead of blaming them for your existence and lumping them into the same category as the dark spirits whom the vast majority of humanity have proven they serve instead of the Light anyway? 

Part of the idea of the Archons goes even further.  Archons are a necessary part of cosmic creation part of the ring cycle of the gods and goddesses and the universal cosmic process itself.  They are the most important stage in psychospiritual development of being as they are the demonstrators of personal creative power.  They all play their part in the cosmic ballet of light and darkness.  All beings of light will fall to darkness.  All beings of darkness will rise again in light.  The cycle of eternity cannot be broken by anyone, it is a law of nature.

The final stage in this realization is that every single human being will become over the course of cosmic evolution an Archon themselves.  When an Archon has mastered all her lessons, she becomes a goddess, a vessel of creation as a moon, planet, star, galaxy, etc.  One day after she has mastered another set of spiritual lessons in higher dimensional processes she becomes an Archangel serving a solar light god.  One day, after learning all God's lessons, this very same Archangel becomes a solar light god themselves and fully creates their own universe in the higher dimensions and watches it manifest from those planes.  And when you are done doing this, then you can finally and completely understand Jesus's words to the people of his time "Ye all Gods"  and "Even the least of you can do this and more".

This has all happened before and it will happen again.  Time and time again will you rise up the ladder of cosmic consciousness.  Time and time again will you fall.  And each day you discover Love is worth all the times you have spent looking for it.  This is the only Truth that is certain.

May the God and the Elohim, the Goddess and the Archons of Light watch over you all the days of your journey.  Blessed be and hallelujah.