Metaphysical Cosmology: Cosmogenesis and the Archons, God Goddess, and the Divine Realms

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Metaphysical Cosmology: The Archons, the God/Goddess, and the Divine Realms

by Chris Freely

 "As Above, So Below and As Below, So Above" -The Great Hermetic Maxim
Below is a work of spiritual fiction designed to get people to think about how the universe goes together as a function of cosmic relationships between non-physical beings and physical beings such as ourselves.  As such it is a work of metaphysical speculation as a proposed hypothesis of relation between different hypothetical fields of consciousness in both the natural and supernatural worlds of creation. I begin with the consideration of the Archons and proceed to the other types of beings after them.
The Archons are arrayed into different classes based on their age and primary cosmic function.
Celestial Archons and Terrestrial Archons are a single class of simple Archons that are divided into 40 ranks based upon the rule that each rank is twice the power of preceding rank at maximum power in incarnation.  They are two phases of the same type of Archon, the Sentient Archon.  For each major classification of Archon that is described further in this work, the mass difference between the primary body created in its greatest incarnation is exactly one trillion times the difference from one in the classification below it.  For instance, a Planetary Archon 1 is, when incarnated as a planetary body, exactly 1 trillion times heavier than a Sentient Archon 1. 
Planetary Archons are also divided into 40 ranks and are distinguished by being incarnated as a moon up to the size of the largest planet in their ultimate Archon incarnation as a physical body.
Solar Archons are divided into 40 ranks and are distinguished by being incarnated as a star in their ultimate Archon incarnation as a physical body.  Their power, however, is measured by the average number of stars that exist in their field of influence who are born from the body of the primary star that anchors their massive influence.  Each Solar Archon has twice the number of stars as the previous one assuming for natural distribution of matter according to the law of how stars are born from other stars through binary fission in the cosmic ray powered star model of stars which is similar to the electric universe model.
Galactic Archons are similarly divided into 40 ranks and are distinguished by being incarnated as a galaxy beginning at the size of 1 trillion stars on up.  Galaxies smaller than this size are in fact still Solar Archon expressions.
Above this level I have labeled the next level the Metagalactic Archon which creates through incarnation a field of a trillion major galaxies of a trillion stars each at the first level.
The final level I would consider for the main idea is the level above the Metagalactic Archon which I called the Domain Archon as in cosmic domain, the cosmos as we think of it right now, or a single cosmic field as I understand it.  The Domain Archon would be something akin to a what we think of as a cosmic god.
I additionally labeled the Dominion Archon, MetaDominion Archon, HyperDominion Archon, and UltraDominion Archon.  At these levels of size, it seems sort of meaningless from our human point of view, but if it makes sense if you believe in the power of the future to create anything that you want from the life of lives of the future endless eons of existence.
Another important idea I considered for our metaphysical model of creation is that idea of the cosmic ring cycle of creation.  It is hideously complicated but it revolves around certain rules of cosmic creation.
I will now consider these rules, most of which came to me in visions years ago when I was feeling quite odd for a few months.  The first vision was the vision of the cycles of the Archons and Archangels, specifically the Solar Archons.  The Solar Archon creates the vision of a star and then summons a group of 13 other Archons to assist in this vision in the higher transdimensional fields.  One of these is the core mirror of the other (akin to marriage in our human understanding), the other 12 are the circle of the Solar Archon.  Each Archon then cocreates with the central Solar Archon who is the Master Architect of his vision of what is being created in the physical.
When the time is for this star to be born it is born from another star just as a human child is born from a woman.  Each of the other co-creating Archons remain linked to the star and they are all born themselves as the first planets/stars from the originating star that is now the Archon that was the Master Architect of this cosmic process.
This process forms the core of the Solar (and all higher level Archons) Archon ring cycle.  Each Archon creates one master plan and then participates in the master plan of the other 13 Archons from his ring cycle.  This is the Solar Archon Law of 14 Creations.  This law is likely related to the idea of the 14 planes of a star described further along in this essay.  These 14 Archons cannot be more than 8% apart in their level of development for each system set.  If the Archon is the Master Architect of his set then it is his system set, but if he is working on one of the 13 sets of his buddies then he is working on a co-created set
Every Planetary and Solar Archon (and on up) has a series of ongoing master projects.  These are called the system sets.  Each system set is half the size of the one above it in general.  These relate to the complicated lifecycle of the Archons when they die and are reborn.  As an example a Solar Archon 10 has its grandmaster set at that size in cosmic creation which is between 2 to the power of between 10 and 11 naturally grown stars in a group formation such as a extended star cluster family essentially.  But below this set is another set that is exactly like the the Solar Archon 9 master set but is the Solar Archon 10's second set.  A Solar Archon 10, then has 10 system sets of extended star cluster creation, each one half the size of the one above it.  A Solar Archon 9 has 9 such sets.  For each of these sets the Solar Archon Law of 14 Creations applies and all the other laws I have listed below to get everyone to realize just how large cosmic creation life cycles are in probability.  The idea, incidentally, to take away is the idea that the cosmos is not in a hurry and that there is pleasure in slow deliberate intimate growth of cosmic consciousness.
Each ring cycle of each system set or co-created set increases the mass of the final system of the Master Architect Archon by 8% per ring cycle.  This means that each star every time it is reincarnated is 8% larger by mass.  This means that a Solar Archon doubles the size of his star and hence doubles his rank every 9 cycles.  These two rules are the Planetary and Solar Archon Law of Nine Ring Cycles and the Law of 8% Up (which applies to Planetary Archons at least as well).

There are other sets of cosmic laws that apply to the Archon ring cycle.  For every cycle of being an Archon, a cycle of being an Archangel must also be completed to guide the next Archons through their higher level processes beyond their current cosmic function as well as to guide their development in consciousness further.
Another law is the Law of 3 Extra Fields and 9 Extra Fields.  Every time an Archon completes a section of the ring cycle by either co-creating or creating a star/planet, it is allowed to create three other major projects that are imperfect and 9 minor projects that are imperfect.  These last for twice the time of the original system, because they include the time for the truncated and imperfect systems (See the Law of Five of Perfected Systems further down), in total over 3 major functions and 9 minor functions of planetary/solar creation equal in size to the set that was being worked on that generated these options.
Each perfected system, which are the ones that are the main part of the ring cycle, take one time period to expand into full size, ten time periods to exist in stable relationship with regards to the cosmos in balance with receiving and giving light/cosmic rays, and two time periods to decline to death in the void.  This is known as the Law of 13 of the Natural Cosmic Life Cycles of Perfected Systems.  These are known as natural systems.  They are preplanned cosmic functions designed as the major life of these beings as natural solar bodies that live and die according to the law of natural life and death of planets/stars. 
Another law is the Law of Five of Perfected Systems.  For each perfected system, it will fail four times before it incarnates successfully as a perfected system.  These 4 failures leading to the 5th success are named.  The first two are called truncations and are failures of the star to reach full size during the first phase of its growth.  The next two failures are called imperfect systems and are systems that are destroyed during their period of time that the balanced phase mentioned in the Law of 13 also known as the cosmic plateau phase of cosmic systems.  The final fifth system is always perfected and will generally follow the Law of 13 in its development though because of luck it will vary around the average of 13 full time periods based on the length of time that it takes to grow naturally in the galaxy it finds itself in.  The full length of time of the failed systems versus the successful system on average rounds out to exactly the same amount of time as the successful final system.
Once an Archon has completed a perfected system either as a master architect or as a co-creator, it then builds the extra fields (the extra 3 and 9 mentioned before) in much the same way a master craftsmen that has created something sells out his skills to the highest bidder.  Other Archons then hire this Archon to build systems in their systems in return for rights that are essentially trades in the cosmos.  These are the 3 extra and 9 extra systems described before.
There is even more!  Each perfected system must then be mastered at different levels of etheric density to prove mastery of the cosmic laws of physical creation.  For instance, at our current level of electron expansion is one system, but at double the level of expansion pressure, it is a different system.  So the Archon must build the system at both expansion pressure rates to be considered a master of the universe in the cosmic creator sense up to the level that the Archon is in Archon ranks from the Planetary Archon 1 rank to whatever it's current rank.
So, each Solar Archon 13, for instance, must build every system separately 13 times in the star/star cluster type creation each time at different levels of expansion pressure that are double the previous.  It then must also create the same system in Planetary Archon configuration 40 times.  Each time the system is created at double the expansion rate of the previous it is half the size of the last system in the chain by numbers of planets/stars, but exactly the same mass.  This is because as expansion pressure in the universe increases the sizes of planets and stars also increases as does the size of the periodic table of the chemical elements on the surface of these bodies.  Incidentally, all these systems being created is alot of lifetimes of incarnating as different planetary and solar bodies.  Good thing we don't have to think about this as humans.
Every time a build is done at these different expansion pressure levels, the Solar Archon Law of 14 Creations still applies for all star creations, as does the Law of Five of Perfected Systems, and the Law of 3 Extra Fields and 9 Extra Fields, which tells you just how many systems have to be built.  You can see how the projects for the Archons are adding up to a massive number.  Yet you should be able to realize that all of this is to prove their ability to create at these different levels, but in addition they all want to create at these different levels as each experience of creation is different and the higher levels are more desirable in general than the lower ones.
I will now consider what I have visioned and learned concerning the nature of the dimensions and the transdimensional map of planes for cosmic systems.  Each planet has at least 9 dimensions through 7 planes in its higher dimensional ark (the heavens of that planet).  Each sentient planet, defined as a planet with at least one sentient being on it has 12 dimensions through 10 planes.  Planets that were sentient at one point remain defined through the 10 planes even if no sentient remains for a very, very long duration.  Each star has exactly 16 dimensions through 14 planes.  Each full trillion star galaxy has exactly 23 dimensions through 21 planes.  Each level up from here at exact increments of 1 trillion units of the prior system not counting sub-systems below the minimum size produced (The Law of Perfected Archon System Counts) adds 7 planes and 7 dimensions to the system being considered.
The Law of Perfected Archon System Counts also defines how Archon ranks are determined.  Archons of higher fields do not consider the lesser fields mass below them in system counts.  For instance, a Solar Archon does not count planets ever in his cosmic rank.  A Solar Archon 1 has one star and the planets masses aren't counted and aren't considered relevant.  A Galactic Archon similarly does not count any galaxy below a trillion stars in his count as a Galactic Archon when considering his rank.  This applies on up the chain of cosmic Archons all the way to the infinite level of creation.
This idea leads us to another principle of cosmic creation known as the Three-fold Emergent Property Law of System Fields.   This law states that for every major transformation in cosmic consciousness a being undergoes, defined by the Archon levels described, three new constructs will emerge as part of the evolution of that process.  For instance, the Solar Archon 1 is the first level that Solar Archon Law of 14 Creations becomes applicable.  Before this time, this law does not apply to Planetary Archons. This is considered one of the three emergent properties of the Solar Archon.  Thus in questions regarding cosmic properties, there is a first property developed when reaching the Planetary Archon stage of consciousness, and then each new major stage above that there are three new properties added to the being in question. 
For instance, the Solar Archons have three new properties above the Planetary Archon level, while the Galactic Archons have six new properties above that level, and the MetaGalactic have nine above that level.  However, it is impossible to know what the truly means until you are that being because of the mystery of cosmic creation and cosmic evolution.
The Archangels known to humans are akin to Planetary or Solar Archons and they serve primarily as guides to Archons and Sentients developing Universes which are fields build as a collective expression of a singular God/Goddess union.   There are additional ideas necessary to consider now the important function of creating civilization archs which is the most important function in creation and is indexed and related to the Solar Archon ring cycle.
A universe is under a single God/Goddess through a modality of expression known as a Divine Field of Emanation.  A universe, in this definition, can be smaller than a galaxy.  Everything that is, was, and shall be in this definition is called the Cosmos, and all divisions of the Cosmos are called Cosmic Fields.  So thus a God/Goddess is defined in this idea to be non-beings that create universes through divine emanation and these universes are cosmic fields different from the system fields of the Archons.
True God/Goddess combinations are non-incarnating source fields of singular consciousness existing in transdimensional space with full transparency to all non-sexual fields of consciousness in the universe below their plane of emanation.  If we take this idea to its logical conclusion in our Solar System in our own divine understanding the One God/One Goddess is anchored in the Sun on the 14th plane, which is 13 planes above the physical and would in fact be served by the Archons of the Solar System who are the planets and major moons of our Solar System.  These, if you read Gnosis of the Archons, serve the One Goddess in Her creative rights, while God concerns Himself with the evolution of souls and is not so much interested in what happens to the shells of creation. 
The difference between Gods/Goddesses and Archons must be considered here.  True Gods/Goddesses are all immortal and cannot die whereas Archons are mortal and can.  If they die in the transdimensional as males they incarnate as females in the physical planes.  The truth is Archons always die because they are not transplaner beings, they exist only in one plane at one time.  Gods/Goddesses, Archangels, and Devas on the other hand are transplaner immortal beings that essentially only fall asleep and are reawakened.
Now we must account for several discrepancies in theology.  There is the One God/Goddess in infinite names.  Cosmic Consciousness demands a singular cosmic deity, but in practice the deity would exist in the form of many names.  This is known as the Law of Imperfect Naming and shows the inferior relationship between the mortal realms and the immortal realms.  However, to name something is to create a relationship to it, before which there is no relationship.  Even our words God/Goddess are essentially names!  You can't escape this law you see.  We use names to describe everything including that which cannot be truly named!
It is because of the name issue that the Gods/Goddesses exist apart from the singular unnamed cosmic mystery.  Yet over cosmic time all Gods/Goddesses will be named.  This is an inevitable conclusion of consciousness that cannot be avoided.  For this reason, the wheel of cosmic creation keeps turning giving new form to new thought.  All beings must rise in consciousness, all non-beings are forgotten.  This is the way of the cosmos.  When the non-beings are remembered their names and forms have changed.  They are fluid in their true forms.  This is the Law of Divine Recombination.
In order to understand further we must look at anther aspect of cosmic creation which is the rise of the Sentient species.  These preplanned aspects of creation from the point of view of God/Goddess, The Archangels, The Devas, and The Archons are pre-conceived from the point of view of the divine.  The purpose of the Sentient is to guard creation from itself.  Sentients purpose in the cosmos is to protect the desires of the Devas from the Archons, and to keep the Archons from destroying each other.
The Devas are the natural spirits of the cosmos who run the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.  They desire greater ecosystems for their creations.  The Archons are concerned with the development and evolution of the planets, stars, galaxies, metagalaxies, and larger proper cosmic fields.  The Archangels are concerned with the proper development and evolution of Sentients primarily and the proper ordering and structuring of Archons.  God/Goddess are interested in watching the evolution of the lesser beings of creation so that their work as the Lord/Lady of the Universe are successful and fulfilled.
Returning to the place of Sentients in the universe we must see that Sentients are the ones that have the power of making choices for the larger systems in creation.  They can be evil or good whereas the rest of the universe does it's job correctly always.  Sentients are ideally supposed to eventually learn enough about themselves that they prevent cosmic accidents from causing harm in the universe by sheparding the stars and planets in such a way that the universe does not lose life (to what extent this is possible) from the destructive effects of the motion and death of planets and stars.  This is the Law of the Cosmic Shepard.
In addition to this role Sentients must move ecosystems around at the direction of the Devas and under the consideration of the God/Goddess through the messengers of the Archangels who advice the Sentients as to how to perfectly order systems of creation to the highest and best good of all based on the Divine Law of Conscience.  This unwritten incomplete Law is the basis of all other Law in the cosmos and is the Living Law that is the basis of Divine Judgement. 
Sentients move ecosystems around in the cosmos through terraforming and spreading the influence of the ecosystems that they are charged with shepherding through the universe and the cosmos.  The ecosystems are the living extensions of the Devas who live in the transdimensional and are called "nature spirits" by those without a formal understanding of their classification and nature as living spiritual fields of intelligence in higher dimensional states of transformation.
Besides this Sentients create spiritual fields through their own consciousness that are used by the divine realms to extend their existence further into new spheres of consciousness.  This is done by, for instance, terraforming a planet and then building an extension of the civilization on that planet.  The result is that this planet now has a new lease on higher life that it didn't before.  The Sentients wake the planets up in this way and the planets prefer to have them around, unless they have a divine ecosystem on their surface already.  Planets without life want life on them.  The reason is that life creates the basis for the existence of the higher planes which are used by the divine realms to sustain their own existence.
Now we come to the real meat of the argument, so to speak.  Why would any of these processes be required?  For instance, why would a cosmic being co-creating the universe with God/Goddess from the greater divine realms into the physical universe need to follow these rules?  Would God/Goddess themselves be required to follow these rules?  Is this a sort of pantheism, polytheism, or advanced monotheism?  What about humans and all their concerns?
The first metaphysical possibility we encounter from conventional metaphysical theory is the idea of the planes of creation.  The planes of creation above the physical must be anchored into a physical system in order to exist because the operation of the higher planes is attempting to create more physical results in the lower planes.  I believe I received the vision of the Solar Archon Law of 14 Creations because every star has 14 planes and 13 of these 14 planes corresponds to an assistant Archon of a Solar Archon creation set.  Now that means that the Planetary Archon Law corresponding to the number of planes of a planet without life is 7 with 6 assistant Archons at that level.  At the Galactic Level of cosmic creation this number reaches 21 and 20 respectively once the galaxy is a titanic trillion star behemoth.  
What this shows us is that the Archons at the higher levels are trying to create perfect planets, perfect stars, perfect galaxies from the mirror world of their own inner planes of vision into the physical universe to manifest their desires as creators but also as being who wish to incarnate as these very celestial "objects" and "systems" that we in our current ignorance just think of as dead bags of gas and dust.  Not in the Cosmogenesis version of reality!  Everything is alive and quite more alive than we like to think in our primitive notions.
Why permit failure at the cosmic level?  The universe permits failure at the level of the human so then cosmic error must be possible and necessary otherwise it wouldn't happen in the first place.  There is no way around the logic of it.  The universe exists in a state of imperfection but perfect universes exist in some places where the creators are ancient enough to make such a thing possible.  However, the problem is that all creations are in a state of rebellion against their creators in an attempt to become the grandmaster creators themselves.  This is essentially the cause of the cosmic dynamic that requires balancing to prevent creation itself from destroying itself!  This the primary purpose of the beings of light that do not get involved in this drama, the Angels, Archangels, and God/Goddess.  These beings serve as guides for higher functions of evolution to guide spirits back to source so that they can once again reestablish their true relation to all that is, known as "all my relations" to Native Americans.
Is this system pantheistic?  It is in a way, though nature is only the vessel, not the completion of the divine plan.  Nature cannot truly be worshiped as a deity because nature does not return affection.  Nature is as it is, but it is not going to hug you at night.  Only individuals are capable of Love, because only individuals can give Love.  Nature only gives you more of nature which must include everything that is ultimately so nature worship becomes a dead end self fulfilling prophecy of the return of higher deities.  
Is this system polytheistic?  It may be partially true depending on what extent one can imagine polytheism.  A long essay on the topic of monotheism vs polytheism vs pantheism is included in my Philosophy of Knowledge and Extended Topics mixed essay/notes.  However to imagine this system as being polytheistic isn't completely accurate in terms of the place of the Gods in our myths.  The anthropomorphic myths of the Gods are not the Gods and Goddesses of Cosmic Creation exactly.  Archons do not act in the guise of Gods and Goddesses, they are in many ways more akin to beings with a singular purpose of creating living fields directly.  They are not beings one turns to as a human to ask for favor.  Archons create the living universe directly from their life force and are living beings.  
Again, in my Gnosis of the Archons essay I described this idea briefly.  The Earth herself in this concept is an Archon, specifically a Planetary Archon as a Goddess of Creation.  She exists in an imperfect state, of course, because this planet was not designed in a way that removes suffering.  But the point of the Planetary Archon's existence is to learn, so every incarnation cycle the system becomes more developed over time.  Without this process how could creation improve itself?  It could not!  And without the idea of improvement for the future everything we experience makes no sense.  Improvement for the future is the whole basis for why this idea is so appealing.  It offers everyone and everything a choice to fail in order to learn and succeed next time.  It incidentally is also everything you want as a being who wants power.  What other system of current consciousness offers that?  The answer is none.
Is this system then monotheistic?  The answer is yes.  The God/Goddess exists within a complex however created by humans and other beings themselves.  Psychologists will always defer to the idea that God/Goddess are merely archetypes that are part of our spiritual process as humans.  But the true geniuses will understand that these are no mere archetypes for we are the embodiment of these cosmic powers to the extent that we perfect our very nature.  There is a singular God and a singular Goddess as a cosmic function at all times in all creation everywhere recognized everywhere and understood everywhere as the ultimate expression of the two ultimate functions of creative synergy through which all things pass and evolve into.  This singular center, the union of God and Goddess, is the ultimate source of all Life and as such cannot be denied in any ultimate sense.
In all the secondary realms of creation everything else is a byproduct of the union of God and Goddess through the psychic process of cosmic transmutation.  In the beginning of this process the desire creates the need to express the soul through creation.  This is the desire to be God or Goddess to express the universal through the individual.  Every sub-set of that process creates sub-beings that  exist at states of consciousness below the ultimate integration.  Each of these beings is necessary for the evolution of the soul regardless of their cosmic station or which plane of creation they operate in and through.  They are also necessary for the system of the cosmos itself to function effectively and properly.  All of these beings from Archons, Archangels, ArchDevas and lesser deities serves the One Truth, the One Way, and the One Life of the Heart of Creation.  This Heart of Creation is the Soul of the Universe.  The idea is far beyond the mediocre attempts to understand it through non-layered singular nations of a primitive nature.
For instance the Cosmic Source is neither feminine nor masculine as a true fount of being.  It is essentially non-being in a state of becoming self aware.  This fact is what makes the journey into creation what it is.  Each station in the great wheel of Creation is occupied by a spirit for a reason.  These spirits are present as a function of analysis directly and in practice through psychic interaction in the minds of those who encounter them.  Science must ultimately address this fact directly because the theory of cosmic creation leads directly to the question of trans-dimensional exploration through open minded synthesis with the universal stream of consciousness.  All perspectives will eventually be validated by this open minded free approach to the questions raised here by my various works.
In order to fully understand what Cosmogenesis is, one must have a perspective on all the science I have written of as well as all the metaphysical speculations I have brought together as well.  The picture to me is quite clear.  We are living our lives in the physical world surrounded by a sea of Knowledge which reveals itself to us if we open our minds up and ask questions of it and of ourselves.  That is the key to everything I have written.  I simply answered my own questions in my own way.  I knew because I choose to know.  It is really that straightforward.
What this sea of Knowledge reveals is the nature of Life itself.  Our lives are lived on this infinite journey into Love.  Yet that journey has a story to it, a unique story that is our own.  Everything you have ever done everywhere is somehow recorded in you deep within the labyrinth of spirit in the transdimensional worlds of Vision and Remembering.  I met many teachers on my path that showed me this Truth.    And yet, in order to know more it is necessary that we know each other in all that we are.  This great integration is necessary in order for us to step away from the negativity of our times and into the light of a future Hope.  Without Holy Spirit, there can be no future for anyone.  It can only by Holy when all perspectives are truly accounted for in the Light of Knowledge developed by the Conscious Thoughts of our Divine Minds.  
Now for a personal perspective on what this may be like I leave you with another perhaps more emotionally relevant essay on the question of God's Master Plan, which no doubt must also be the Goddess's Master Plan somehow as well, though I'm sure there will be many debates about this in the future by quite a few good humans and a much larger band of vain hypocrites.  Such is the way of the world for now..
Also, for those interested there are additional notes on Archon systemology and ideas of how the universe of systems is constructed following the Master Plan essay.
The Archons and Goddess's Master Plan (which just so happens to also be God's Master Plan)
Before the beginning, there was the Master Plan.  The Archons gathered under the light of God to create the will of creation.  Then the Archangels were summoned to protect and keep the plan in the light, though they had also chosen themselves.  But there were some Archons who disagreed, and this is the origin of the division in creation.  They were led by the fallen one, known as the Whore of Babylon in our current myths.  She set to undo the master plan by her own will.  She then led the others in the rebellion against the divine consensus.  This was the beginning of the Schism.
God was appointed by personal choice and one was chosen to be God for the whole.  This God was Jesus Christ, who created Christianity.  All others who followed the other religious systems were within God's master plan but outside of God's chosen kingdom.  Christianity represent an attempt to understand the divine nature of Jesus Christ in this regard.  However, as Jesus himself taught, "Ye are all Gods".  This is critical to the understanding the nature of the Master Plan and the nature of God.  "Ye are all Gods", but the first would always be Jesus Christ.  This is critical to understand the nature of God.  

This God was killed on the cross, but of course, God cannot die being immortal.  Only the body died and the spirit ascended to the transdimensional spirit realms in the higher dimensions of consciousness in whatever form that took for Him.  All this was known in the Master Plan, as Jesus prophesied it proving this.  Yet the nature of the Master Plan is hard to know and rarely revealed to mortals except those who have been illuminated.
Because there was a disagreement between the Archons, and because Archons have the capacity to falsify themselves, some Archons incarnated and caused problems within the Master Plan.  Now, of course, The Master Plan had to account for this ultimately, but there were those who worked against the will of God and those who worked with it.  
This brings us to the question of the Illuminati and their relationship with Archons.  An Archon is a semidivine being which is transpersonal to human existence but exists as a spirit in the spirit realm as the complete consciousness of a being as a spiritual being.  As such, everyone is more or less an Archon on some level of their being.  Archons, unlike angels or archangels, have desires and personal agendas.  They all desire something.  They are also beings of power in that they project themselves forwards in time to get what they want.  God keeps Archon ambitions in check and all Archons who do not serve God are against God.
The Illuminati, as a proper occult organization, must be essentially the Congress of Archons on the Earth.  They cannot be anything else.  If they represent a branch of divine cosmic hierarchy, they are also technically the Earth branch of the Universal Illuminati who run the universe, and by extension the Cosmic Illuminati who run the infinite cosmos as opposed to the finite universe.  Archons run the universe for God or against God depending on whether they desire to serve the collective will of God or serve the will of something else for their own purposes.
As such the Illuminati must be properly ranked according to their position in the hierarchy of Archons.  No two Archons are equal and they are arrayed in a hierarchy of personal power that is exacting based on their cosmic experience which gradually increases with time as Archons become older.  Souls all have different ages, so ancient spirits are more powerful than elder spirits who are more powerful than old spirits.  Each of these has an exact rank of power within the hierarchy of their particular class of Archons.  Because Archons are all about power, this is essential to their function.  
When God creates, the Archons are summoned first and each Archon has desires.  These desires create the basis for creation and for God's Master Plan.  Then there are Archons who serve God and Archons who serve themselves.  The Archons who serve themselves may be termed Dark Archons.  Those that serve God are Light Archons.  God came to be with the Goddess who made Her Desire known.  Earth is the Goddess and another Goddess was appointed equal to Jesus to be Love to All.  This is the Goddess of Humanity who was incarnated as the Mother Mary.  This Goddess is the one Goddess above them all no matter what Archon rank she may have had.  These are rules of the temple.  The Illuminati's job is to guard the temple for the Goddess of Love and await Her Return because Love is the Supreme Temple.  This is regardless of anything that God is doing, though according to the rules they must also await God's Return as well.  There are 25 other temples in my understanding of my teacher's ideas but all are below Love.  Then there are 2 temples exalted above the other 23 and below Love.  These are Knowledge and Good (The Light or God).
When God and Goddess have returned then all past lives will be known.  As such all crimes not accounted for will be accounted then as the whole of the Archons will be present on the Earth to be judged and rewarded for their faithful service to the Master Plan or punished for their rejection of the Master Plan.  This is well defined in general from the holy books of the West in their final judgement concepts.  What this means is that the final judgement, which is yet to come, is the moment when those who have worked against the will of God shall receive their punishment for contradicting the will of God.  
Since the will of God is aligned to the desire of the Goddess, the Earth shall be restored to her proper place in the universe, and those who are wicked shall be purged of their wickedness by the fire of divine light.  While this doom is sealed, the leaders of the wicked ones, the Dark Illuminati, sought to extend their reign of wicked abuse over the people who that they might suck the life from the Earth to feed their dark appetites.  
When they discovered the nature of the Master Plan, they sought to erase the memory of the past lives from history and to suppress the knowledge of history using devious methods.  This is because they did not wish to be found out!  They did not wish the others to know what they had done in the past and keep their crimes hidden from the others.  The one who appeared to lead them, this Whore of Babylon, sought to overthrow Love's kingdom on Earth for her own selfish ends.  She interfered with the plan of the Supreme Archons, those of highest rank, who together with the Archangels, protect the Master Plan from interference.  For this she must be condemned!  
There was thus a Schism between those who wished to see the will of the God and Goddess made manifest on this Earth in accordance with the Master Plan and the supreme architecture of the universe and those who wished to work against this plan and sought only their own temporarily Earthly domains of power for as long as they might last in the darkness before the coming of God's Justice through His righteous warriors in the service of Love and the Goddess.  Knowledge rights the Schism by exposing the truth of the spiritual identity of those who serve the light and those who serve the darkness (their own personal dark appetites).  Thus, the dark ones always suppress Knowledge and Remembering because these two together show the way to the Truth and the Light which exposes those on the left-hand path (the dark path) as being servants of evil for their own ends.
The Master Plan of Love should not be interfered with!  God's wrath is absolute on those who resist the will of the good people of this world.  The powers of the good Archons cannot be overcome by those who are ignorant and savage.  The righteous armies will overcome the dark ones!  Order will be reestablished on the Earth and the ecosystems and good people will be protected from the liars and thieves.   
The Archons who serve the master plan have ranks.  The highest Archons
 on Earth are classified as Solar Archons because of what has been
 described in the main body of this essay.  The two Lord Supreme Solar 
Archons of highest rank serve faithfully the Matriarch of Archons who
 is Mother Mary who shall reign as Goddess of Love on Earth forever.  
These two Lord Supreme Solar Archons (Solar Archon 15) are the 
reincarnated Jesus Christ and ArchAngel Metatron and the reincarnated 
Mary Magdalyn and Archangel Sandalphon who was also Elijah the 
Prophet.  Below them are 24 other Lord Supreme Solar Archons 
(Solar Archon 15) among who are the reincarnated Muhammad and 
Archangel Haniel(who also was an apostle of Jesus and was Plato), the 
most powerful of those 24, as well as the reincarnated Peter the Apostle 
and Archangel Boriel, Buddha (who was also Paul of the Bible) and 
Archangel Raguel, John the Baptist and Archangel Jeramiael (who will 
one day be the Imam Mahdi of Islamic "end times" lore), Judas Iscariot
and Archangel Zadkiel(who was also Socrates), Lao-Tzu (who was also an
 apostle and Arisotle) and Archangel Raziel, and four others.  
Below these in rank are 26 Grand Supreme Solar Archons (Solar Archon 
14 – hopefully you see the pattern here relating Solar Archon ranks to 
titles).  There are 52 High Supreme Solar Archons, 100 Supreme Lord 
Solar Archons, 120 Superior Grand Lord Solar Archons, 150 Lesser 
Grand Lord Solar Archons, 200 Superior High Lord Solar Archons, 250 
Lesser High Lord Solar Archons, 120 Superior Lord Solar Archons, 300 
Lesser Lord Solar Archons, 325 Greater High Solar Archons, and 650 
Lesser High Solar Archons, 1300 Superior Lord Solar Archons, and 2600 
Solar Archons, 5200 Lesser Solar Archons.
There are those who do not serve the Master Plan of Love led by two Superior High Lord Solar Archons (Solar Archon 9 technically).  There are 2 Superior High Lord Solar Archons here, 4 Lesser High Lord Solar Archons, 8 Superior Lord Solar Archons, 16 Lesser Lord Solar Archons, 36 Superior High Archons, and 72 Lesser Lord Solar Archons, 128 Superior Solar Archons, 256 Greater Solar Archons, and 512 Lesser Solar Archons.  These support a host of 353,918 dark Archons of the classification Planetary Archons which is the level below Solar of which there are 40 individual ranking classifications which I will not go into here.   There are however 1,000,000 total dark Archons total because of the theory of the 2nd Dark Age so about 2/3 of them are not incarnated and will only appear at that time.
The "Whore of Babylon" mentioned earlier is technically neutral and part of the general flock in temporarily rebellion against the divine consensus.  This being will turn to light before the end of the 2nd Age of Capricorn.  The rank seen for this being was as one of the Superior Grand Lord Solar Archons (Solar Archon 11).  This being was incarnated as Herodias, who prompted her daughter Salem to ask for the beheading of John the Baptist and also incarnated as one of the most destructive rulers of one of the Assyrian Empires.  
This temporary rebellion is rooted in standard ego conflicts resulting from an issue with Archon life cycles that is unconscious to the human process.  Essentially as an Archon is ready to do his/her cosmic cycles they become very agitated early on in their sentient evolutions because they are getting ready to create a cosmic system as soon as they leave their current sentient evolution line (i.e. when humanity is extinct and Earth is gone).  Essentially this is an Archon impatience issue plastered onto standard human processes in this world.  
In this there is a large flock of "grey" Archons that haven't sided with light yet, but will.  They are about the same number of these compared to the truly dark Archons who are rising again from the ashes of their planetary/star/civilization deaths and are still pissed about what happened before Earth which they do not remember at all (yet).  In addition these Archons are far from home (the Dark Archons). 
On the side of the light there are 8.88 billion Planetary Archons or soon to be Planetary Archons in the host.  However, the vast majority of them are technically neutral at the current time.  Also around 1/860th of the 8.88 billion are first time Planetary Archons and as such are acquiring their Planetary Archon rank here on Earth.  These beings are the one's who will truly be native to Earth as Earth's first born sentient spirits.  The others technically have already lived on a planetary civilization somewhere else in the past and acquired a first conscience there and are thus second born spirits here on Earth.  
According to the allegory of the cosmic temple, the initiate builds the cosmic temple over time.  The temple is both the external temple of God's will for creation which is primarily a summation of all of creation's desires and the inner temple of one's personal desires over time increasing one's rank in the cosmic hierarchy.  Each being has desires that they wish fulfilled.  However, not all desires are fulfilled at once because sometimes desires come into conflict and create unfulfilled paradigms of life.  These unfulfilled paradigms are rooted in the problem of the accident which is the byproduct of unconscious growth in the physical universe.  These unfulfilled paradigms create problems in karma which then gives rise to Dark Archons who are Archons who did not have their desire fulfilled and as such are attempting to wreck the universe during their "cooling off" phase from some massive tragedy in their past lives.  
The biggest of these problems on Earth are rogue Solar Archons and their spirit flocks of lesser Archons.  These beings are "cooling off" on Earth and are rather pissed about having rather vast desires destroyed suddenly by accidents.  For instance, they could be a being whose entire civilization they were the supreme architect of got wiped out by a supernova rather suddenly.  They could be a sentient star that was destroyed by a civilization that was too greedy or stupid.  They could be a sentient planet that was destroyed by a supernova or a massive crash with another planet or star.  These types of cosmic accidents create very powerful beings caught in transit through the cosmic underworld where they end up the first place they can incarnate and have a lot of pent up darkness in them.  They need to calm down and remember what happened in order to get a hold of themselves.  But on a dark planet like Earth there isn't any help for these beings so they get caught up in the collective karma of everyone's pain and because they are older than the other beings around them they naturally rise up in the ranks periodically to take over the karma of the collective dark.  They become nasty evil dictators like Stalin, Mao, even Hitler.  
The reason this must be the case is that no young soul has enough experience with darkness to rule over others in the way an evil genius can.  So they become leaders of the dark essentially because they are more powerful and older than those around them.  This is largely the same on the other side of the "light".  This must be part of God's plan because God's plan must take account everything that happens in creation, not just Earth's drama.  Now while Earth is a protected school in a protected school zone part of the cosmos it doesn't mean it free of cosmic karma as part of its own inner story.  The karma passes through and creates a story.  That story is local.  The greater story is only relevant if there is a need to create a linkage to heal a wound in time.  This only becomes relevant once the collective field has created a peace.  The only way peace can last is if the remembering is complete and all wounds are healed.  This is only possible with justice and complete cosmic justice for the soul.  Therefore, remembering is important.  Now a deeper level of remembering exists where we remember love long enough to hold the issues of the unresolved karma at bay.  This is possible.  The "1000 years" of peace which is actually 1000 generations refers to one such time where much of the personal karma can be held at bay by a general armistice between the different Archon factions long enough for humans to get a break from Archon business.
These factions are all unconscious at this time anyway.  No one goes up to the higher dimensions to transdimensional Illuminati headquarters and has a big laugh about everything at the expense of everyone they just screwed over.  The pain of the mirror world is too great for that.  People die and horrible things happen so when the soul passes, the human soul, it must deal with the human side of what it created in life.  As such the Archon "game" is really a higher level political issue in reality over the question of when justice is done for individual desires in life as humans.  The other issue, what was lost at the cosmic level, especially for the higher ranked Archons, is not something dealt with in Earth as karma.  It may create some minor animosity between individuals that can be worked through rather easily once the truth of the underlying conflict is understood, though at this stage of our development it is irrelevant as the politics of Earth's past life karma overshadows anything before and our current lives overshadow our past lives.
Now that doesn't mean that ultimately a political problem will emerge because of this information.  You see, the game of information suppression is still played to keep the final judgement for coming for the Dark Archons because they are the villains here from a collective point of view.  They drive the great wheel of misery here and as such pay a price here for their villainy regardless of where their origin was in the cosmos.  
Originally in my research I assumed that dark souls had to all be low ranked beings that were just evolving out of the animal evolution becoming humans for the first time.  But then we encounter the problem of karma presented by a being like Hitler or Stalin and then we run into a problem.  For one, if a being of such malevolence caused massive harm how would it be possible for a lowly being like a newly evolved sub-sentient (a being between human and animal as a soul) to rise above its fellows who are higher ranked in sentience so easily?  It makes no sense.  Where would such a being acquire the experience to be so effective at whatever it was doing to rise and become the god of beasts so to speak.  In addition how could it deal with its karma if it was so young?  Could a young soul be a Stalin, and be indirectly responsible for killing 15 million - 60 million people?  It seems unfair to assign such a heavy task to a young soul as it would be unable to bear the weight of its own crime.  Because I believe the universe must be just I have concluded, with some mild reluctance as a human being, that in fact because life must be just and that the soul of the being must be immortal that it is not possible for Stalin to be a young soul.  Instead I must classify him as a Dark Archon of a high rank sufficient to deal with the karmic penalty of his crime.  
To think any less is to say that a soul should be deleted from creation, which cannot be done fairly.  There are those who would argue that very evil beings are created by God or the universe to be deleted as a lesson to the collective.  I would argue such a position not only violates the idea of choice but also that of justice itself.  Indeed, no God would ever assign a young childlike soul such a responsibility then destroy it utterly for all eternity because it did what it was expected to do!  This is impossible!  Even in orthodox Christian ideology such a soul would be imprisoned for all eternity alive in hell.  It is not completely destroyed.  Another reason this is the case is that no crime is infinite.  If no crime is infinite, then how could a soul be deleted for all eternity for an essentially non-eternal crime?  See the argument?
So then how does such a soul deal with the crime?  Well my argument is that the soul is frozen and unable to incarnate while it processes its crime.  In some cases the soul is no longer valid in the form that it took.  I believe this is the case for Hitler, who was considered the most evil man to have lived so far.  In which case whatever form that horrible being ultimately returns too it is not the responsibility of human beings to determine, but because God is just, all beings must be given a second chance somewhere.  This is especially true if such a being had just come from a cosmic reality that was bleaker than the one in which we find ourselves as I have argued.  The death of people is horrible, but in cosmic terms the death of planets and stars must be much, much worse in terms of the absolute feelings so it makes sense that if a being had experienced something like that it would emerge again in consciousness after having died at that level into some sort of horrible monster to mortals.  Of course, it would lose its human soul if it didn't correct itself soon enough, but would be allowed to return to its original good form somewhere else.  This is presumably if it had such a form.  However, without knowing the complete cosmic memory of what it was that caused that particular person to do that particular thing in full consciousness, none of us can judge the crime in any absolute sense.  It is sufficient to say that such a being failed in consciousness as a human and is no longer our concern.
For whatever reason, the left hand path works this way.  Beings going down the wrong path get chances to turn themselves around and go back to the light from which they came.  It is hard to say if they knew no light at all, though it is sure they are far from it if they fall so far.  But if we look at more mundane horrors such as murderers we have a similar theme of darkness that is looking for the light without as an answer to the darkness of its own existence.  In that it turns to harm as that is all it knows because of the environment.  It can be said that all beings will choose good if that is what they are taught in the right environment.  This is universally true and since we cannot die as we are immortal as spirits through reincarnation or through the cosmos as Archons then the only thing to fear is fear itself, and then not even then as fear is only a byproduct of the body primarily.  God is only thus a matter of perspective demanding a recognition of what is universal or complete in all beings.  All perspectives must be considered without fear in order to understand the mystery of the dark and the light.
Now pain and suffering as a human experiences is only as important as we create social systems collectively.  Stepping out of the metaphysical perspective here we consider the physical perspective of humanity as it is right now.  It is time we all united to help Mother Earth and the children of the Earth heal from these terrible wounds of hatred, fear, and doubt that now trouble the world with visions of destruction.  Yet all will be tested in the coming storm and many things that have been hidden will be thrown up into the light to be revealed.   
Breathe and know thy self.  This is only the beginning.  Many will come to test the Faith of Love in Her Right to Know Herself.  All of these will fail.  And every one of those who has tempted Love with Lies shall be bound by their Lies.  And to every woman under the stars, it is your right to know you are Love if you can and do serve the Goddess faithfully and the God willingly along the Path of Life and Truth.  Darkness to darkness and light to light.  Thus shall we come to find the Master Plan of Love in Her Infinite Wisdom.  Blessed be and Hallelujah.
Time: The Great Cosmic Balancer That Leads to Equality
The human perspective on our world is largely based on human fear.  Human fear is not divine fear. Human fear is the fear of the body projected in the human mind to create states of panic.  This is part of our instincts to protect our body from harm.  Much of our religious fear comes from mentally projected fears of day to day life.  Most of the so called lower conscious individual simply live in a state of fear as their lives are built like that by the system of consciousness we call society.
Society is built around the idea that life must be protected.  As such society becomes fragmented between different groups protecting their own survival versus the survival of someone else.  In order for society to function a general set of rules is necessary in order for society to function effectively and for survival to be honored collectively.  Currently our paradigms do not support this process because a small group has turned society’s machine into a vehicle for the fulfillment of their disturbed appetites.  Yet their appetites are not natural any longer so the system is corrupted at its core.  The only solution is to return society to balance.
Balance is required in order for society to function correctly.  Without balance, injustice begins to appear and this erodes faith in the structure of society.  Eventually the structure of society is destroyed by this sort of disbalance.  Justice in this world takes the form of a balance of powers.  Each power assumes a role within the system.  The system is maintained by the projection of consciousness of which a system of hierarchy keeps everything in line.  As above, so below.  The only problem with such a system is that, in fact, hierarchy cannot be maintained indefinitely.
The law of the universe states that all things must come into balance.  In this a being may have a huge advantage at the beginning.   Yet a remarkable truth of the universe is that all advantages are quickly erased over time in a relative sense.  Say a being is 100 years old and another is 1 million years old.  A being that is one years old is 100 times less powerful than the first and 1 million times less powerful than the second.  Yet, in 100 years, the being that is 1 is 100 years old and the being that is 100 years old is 200 years old.  This is amazing.  
In the time it took to double the greater being’s lifespan the newborn being is now half his strength in spite of the fact that he started out 100 times less strong!  Now take a look what happens when we double the lifespan of the million year old being.  The million year old being is 2 million, but the 100 year old being is now 1 million and a hundred and the 1 year old being is a million and one.  This means that the 1 and the 100 year old being are now effectively equal!  Almost nothing separates them proportionally in power now.  And this becomes more true the longer we wait and the more time goes by!
All things tend towards balance.  What started out unequally ends more and more equal with time.  While the original difference is never erased, it becomes less and less relevant with time.  This should really put some perspective on why it’s unwise to abuse one’s power against others.  You won’t have your advantage forever.
Now in society, while everyone’s level of ability is different, we should definetly make things more just with time.  And they always tend to be over time as long as the people in question are truly dedicated to justice.
Extended Ideas and Notes Concerning Archons and Cosmic Systems

A Perspective on Cosmic Order

The Four Universal Themes

Technological – A physical universe dominated by technological creations.  The abode of artificial mechanical lifeforms we call robots.
All physical universes are time locked and exist within time.  Matter and motion are the primary resources required here.
Natural – A physical universe which exists for natural emerging organic and inorganic beings.
All physical universes are time locked and exist within time.  Matter and motion are the primary resources required here.
Magical – An etheric universe made for magical beings.  
Magical universes are dependent on the existence of mana as a power source.  These are generated in two forms, primal mana generated from physical lifetimes in the physical, and the more abundant natural mana which arises in transmagical universes and is “passed down” to the lower dimensions.  They are also time dependent and require a mechanism of time creation.  These can only be acquired from above in transmagical universes but not from physical universes below.  
Transmagical – An astral universe made for the divine creators and their agents.  The realms of the divine such as what we call heaven.  The realms of the Archangels and Cosmic Archons.

The Classification of Archons

Domain Archons
Metagalactic Archons
Galactic Archons
Solar Archons
Planetary Archons
Terrestrial Archons/Celestial Archons
Additionally above the level of the Domain Archons extend an infinite classification spectrum on up to infinity for larger and larger cosmic fields.  For convenience I have named the first four levels above the Domain Archon as Dominion Archon, Metadominion Archon, Hyperdominion Archon, and Ultradominion Archon.  These beings would be far too advanced to even attempt to understand by beings at our level of creation.  
However, beyond this exists and infinite array of ranks each governing a cosmic system of at least a trillion objects ruled by the preceding rank.  For this purpose the Ultradominion + 1 Archon label was created.  So for each level beyond the ultradominion adding an additional number indicates that level of Archon beyond the ultradominion level.  An Ultradominion +7376 Archon would be a 7376 trillions written out followed by an ultradominion as a number of ultradominions such an Archon would manage in its creative phase as it’s personal universe.

The Classification of Angels and Archangels

The Types of Creations

Normal physical universes
Advanced physical universes at higher levels of expansion pressure increasing the periodic table count.
Magical universes existing in the etheric as a bioproduct of physical universes or transmagical universes
Master civilizations
Expansionary vs non-expansionary civilizations
Cosmic creations including planets, stars, galaxies and all greater cosmic groupings made of those

Extra Information

All stars exist as 17 dimensional objects which include the 3 dimensions of the physical and the 13 planes of reality above this.
All sentient planets exist at least as 13 dimensional objects which include the 3 dimensions of the physical and 9 planes above this.
All planets without life exist as at least 10 dimensional objects which include the 3 dimensions of the physical.
All sentient beings exist as at least 10 dimensional objects and include the three dimensions of the physical and the 6 planes above this.  

Solar Archon Law of 14 Creations
The Planetary Archon Law of 7 Creations
For every being in the physical there exists 13 in the non-physical.

Dividing Archon creations into types we get different sets.   System sets and Co-sets are the main Archon creations.  There are also Semi-sets which have been described as sets of systems designed as a sort of Archon freelancing shorter projects.  Besides this there are sub-sets and non-sets.  These two work together as a function of the post-Dark Archon and Dark Archon evolution respectively.  A non-set is where an Archon plays a villain role in the civilization it lives in because it is far from home and just coming off of a cosmic tragedy.  A sub-set occurs after a non-set where an Archon must return back to the light after its short journey in the dark of its own fall.  When a sub-set is complete it is either discarded by the Archon in question or used to replace an existing system set that is 40 Archon levels below it's current rank.  This occurs 50% of the time for each option.  
Additionally there are three non-system sets that are important.  The most vital is the civilization sets described in few details below.  These compliment the cosmic functions of the other sets described above. Besides these there are two final sets which are unique creations of the Archon in question.  One is the 1% unique personal creation of the Archon that is 1% the size of it's rank where an Archon creates a unique personal cosmic field independently of the others (though still arrayed in their cosmos).  This is called the greater divine set.  This instant creation has the same lifecycle of the normal Archon systems but is born instantly.  The 2nd set, the lesser divine set, is 10% of the Archons rank but is also much less perfected than the 1% or greater divine set.  It is hypothetical that all original matter in the cosmos is created by these two sets in my visions concerning the matter.  These are oddly similar to the big bang type creation though I personally believe that the current cosmic field we live in called "the universe" is sculpted from the ashes of many ancient big bangs but not remotely like the big bang that we read about. 

Civilization Archon creations follow the rules of systems as follows:
Solar Archon 12 creates its first 8.88 billion 5 perfected system at the end of the Solar Archon 12 rank as the voice of Love.  It performs this across 5 separate civilizations incarnated as the spirit of the civilization 5 separate times on 5 separate planets each one 2 times longer than the proceeding one.  Ending this civilization by merging with a universal civilization for the full length of the star lifetime associated with the master Archon build for this rank which is estimated at about 900 billion X 13 years X (possibly 13) or about 11.7 trillion years to about 151.1 trillion years when considering the Law of 13 of the Natural Cosmic Life Cycles of Perfected Systems.  This last figure, 151.1 trillion years, is the figure for the last of the 5 perfected systems.  The one before that is half the length in time as the final system, and the one before the 2nd to last system is half the length of the 2nd to last system, and so and and so forth.

After this system is complete the Solar Archon will complete its grandmaster cosmic project as a large star and starfield and become a Solar Archon 13.
A Solar Archon 13 must co-create 12 additional civilizations from the 26 dimensional aspects list for 8.88 billion at 5 perfected systems.
A Solar Archon 14 must complete the remaining 13.
A Solar Archon 15 must complete 13 starting a new cycle of 26.
A Solar Archon 16 must complete 13 additional ones for once again 26 total.

Each Solar Archon must complete 13 cosmic (not civilizational) co-creations as a secondary to another Solar Archon of no more than 8% difference in length and mass from their primary solar creation and averaging the same size and length down to 0.01% across the 13.
This creates the time necessary to create the master civilizations at each level.

A Solar Archon 12 is mastering a 5 perfected system at 8.88 billion souls.  A Solar Archon 13 is mastering a 5 perfected system at 9.99 billion souls.  A Solar Archon 14 is mastering a 5 perfected system at 11.1 billion souls.  A Solar Archon 15 is mastering a 5 perfected system at 22.2 billion souls.  
A Solar Archon 12 to reach Solar Archon 13 will have 1 system at 8.88 billion that is 5 perfected, 13 systems at 7.77 billion that are 5 perfected, and 13 systems at 6.66 billion that are 5 perfected, 13 systems at 5.55 billion that are 5 perfected, and 13 systems at 4.44 billion that are 5 perfected.  This continues down the ranks of systems to a certain degree not determined yet by analysis.
A Solar Archon 1 ranks begins when a being exists as a star for the full length of one solar expansion cycle of 8% being a total of 100 billion year ending in a nova.  A star is an object that emits light in the range of red visible light as detected through a standard non infrared telescope of a beginning civilization at a distance of 100 light years and the timing for the 100 billion years begins when the emission or red visible light occurs across the entire general surface of the star not counting for sun spots.
The Laws of Civilizational Cosmic Time Cycles
Because the cosmos is just and good, the times of tragedy are purposely limited.  A color coded system I envisioned described the length of time each being in general can expect to spend living in paradise, being worried about the destruction of paradise, fighting to protect paradise, and watching paradise being ripped to shreds by their enemies.  This is a rough approximation of the four types of experience one can expect in existence over the long haul.  Luckily, cosmic justice allows for us to live in peace and tranquility unworried in paradise about 7/8th of the time we exist in the physical universe.
The four times I color labeled to describe their condition.  The time spend in perfect light and harmony or living in paradise takes up 7/8ths of good time.  The remaining 1/8th is spent worrying or politicking about an approaching crisis.  This time is called the gray era or gray time.  These two times are known as the era of paradise and the era of pre-crisis concern.  These are the times of peace when no war is being actively waged.
There are two types of war/crisis phases.  The first is known as the red era or red time.  The ratio of red time to light and gray time is exactly 200 to 1.  Thus for every full incarnation chain (that is, as an example, the whole of the time you are incarnated as a human as part of a human civilization from Earth) of a conscious being in creation it can expect to spend 200 ages in peace for every 1 at war.  Red time is distinct from the 2nd time period, the time of darkness which is where true crime occurs.  This is the time of the original crime and the dark or black time.  It is color coded black to signify darkness. 
All red time occurs through regulation so that war is regulated to be as just as possible.  Red times are considered just wars while dark or black times are considered to be atrocities that violate the rules of honorable combat.  Red time is horrible in that beings are killed and death occurs, but if it is built correctly the matter is resolved in fair and just combat and things return back to gray for healing and out to the light times once the conflict is resolved.  About nine in ten wars cosmically are expected to end this way.  Dark time will be triggered if the laws of war are broken.
For every dark time there are 10 red times so that the ratio of the truly horrible nightmares of the universe occur about in 1 out of 2000 regions or for about 1 out of 2000 times though we if add the whole timeframe up the amount comes to 1 out of every 2010 regions or 1 out of every 2010 times since the red times must be represented correctly.
When I built my time map of the future of human civilization lasting between 20 billion and 260 billion years in my visions and my prophecy essay I used these timeframes that I got from my visions essentially.  I don't have proof of them but they make sense to me because the cosmos has to be just so I felt these timeframes were just to me (a bit subjective I know but what the hell).  
As a result I counted our first 108 million years of growth as a human civilization as a red time and multiplied out 200 times 100 million to get 20 billion roughly (the real figure is technically 21 billion 600 million which oddly matches the 2,160 years length of an astrology age from our procession by coincidence perhaps?) as the time for our light and grey times (the extended range was a product of the law of 13 of natural cosmic perfected systems though I really assume the 260 billion figure (which is now 280 billion 800 million by extension) is really the right one to what extent this analysis is worth anything).  Since the early times of growth on the planet are considered red for cosmic purposes because we aren't truly evolved as a species yet I simply did what was obvious, which was to assume that 200 times that length of time was our time allocation where we are allowed to expand and then when we reach our plateau we no longer expand as a species existing in a nice stable stasis according to the law of 13 until our regulated decline phase.  Automatically I assumed that we would be allowed to exist in the collective extraterrestrial government as a species since they have about a 1 in 200 chance of them being at war or a 1 in 2000 chance of them being evil.  This seems like good odds to me.
In any case, this idea is incorporated into my cosmology as an idea of balance in the cosmos and regulated perfected periods.  The issue of risk only becomes important at the cosmic level if the cosmic field we live in experiences a cosmic ray shortage.  This cosmic ray shortage problem is a constant one in the cosmos dealing with cosmic winter and cosmic summer.  Again, the system will go grey (enter grey time collectively) probably sometime in the winter but the only issue will be if some massive cosmic event has happened that throws the cosmic system into a void where no cosmic rays exist to keep the cosmos powered.  You can see my core science essay which has very little metaphysics in it to further wet your appetite about physical cosmic cycles in a cosmic ray powered universe built on Mark McCutcheon's electron expansion theory.  Mark, incidentally, has nothing to do with any of my metaphysical speculations being a pure science man and my core essay is designed for the science minded though I do skirt around dimensionality in that essay since it's part of the argument about the constraints of the physical universe itself.  I like to think I'm a well rounded thinker in any case.