Kabbalistic Metaphysics: The Map of Internal Spiritual Relationships

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Kabbalistic Metaphysics: The Tree of Life and the Map of Internal Spiritual Relationships

By Chris Freely
In order to understand spiritual evolution it is necessary to construct a map to see how it takes place as part of a systemic understanding of beings as they are beyond the normal human understanding.  In this vein of reasoning over the years I used the Tree of Life from the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, which is the unparalleled resource for this approach.  The Tree of Life itself is a fundamental map to understand relationships in consciousness as they pertain to internal levels of consciousness within an experience.  All one requires really is the name of those levels and suddenly life itself is revealed to be an internal journey of a certain type within a certain context once one understand the rest of what is taught about our world and universe.
Everything in the cosmos is a Tree of Life and can be described with one.  This is the amazing versatility of the Tree of Life as a analytical tool for spiritual scientists looking to express the universe and everything in it through a thorough systemology.  There is a great, great deal that goes into this sort of analysis as the structure of the Tree of Life is not technically as limited as most works on the subject would have you believe.  The Tree of Life has the potential to have any number of sephiroth (the spheres in the diagram) that can be conceived creating a massive cosmic function, however for our purposes, quite fortunately, what we deal can be expressed with a few relatively easy to understand diagrams.  Here is an example of the use of the extended diagram by a mystic
We should start with the concept of the human being as an expression of the divine inner higher self, the angel within.  As an understanding a human is an angel who is living a material life in the dense 3d world of matter.  The purpose of this evolution internally is the evolution of the angelic soul until it reaches perfection.  This process, an emotional evolution, is the spiritual purpose of individual human lifetimes.
In order to conceive of this concept it is necessary for you to understand yourself as a spirit as opposed to a human that is only material.  As much as the material life we live is dominant, the evolution of the soul is demonstrated from the concept of a being that is transdimensional which is capable of abstracting the human experience into a more refined psychospiritual narrative of evolutionary development through mastery, a word I become familiar with through my teacher's ideas, though my father was himself also known to occasionally use the term mastery on rare occasions.  I, however, began to actually attempt the practice of mastery after my teacher perhaps shoved me back on the path of mastery that was implied by my father's ideas which he often did not quite know how to communicate to me properly.
Yet here I wish to show mastery of the idea of Kabbalah as a metaphysical system when properly utilized with the Tree of Life to show what we are essentially in spiritual analysis if we are to accept the idea that we are evolving spirits.  It is fairly obvious if you think about it that humans must be essentially classified as angelic spirits as a human being is an angel in incarnation without much debate on the matter if you take into account the idea that we have any transdimensional existence at all.  This essay is not a debate with atheists or materialists but is a map for those who wish to see the power of Kabbalah as a system of consciousness.
The basic tree of life absent of any labels that all metaphysicians should be more or less familiar with is shown below:
I have omitted all the standard labels from Jewish mysticism for which there are many websites dedicated to for those interested in that subject.  I will mention that the top sphere is called kether traditionally.  It represents the head and the highest within us.  The bottom sphere is called malkuth and represents the world in which we live and matter itself when used traditionally by most sources.  The most interesting sphere is the one that is not considered connected to any of the others which is  the one that is made of dotted lines.  This one, which is often omitted entirely in many Tree of Life diagrams is called Daath and represents that which is hidden and the mystery.  Each of these spheres is properly called a Sephiroth which is a domain of creation that exists as part of the kingdom of the most high whose name is not spelled out for serious Jews because to do so is sacrilege.
In my understanding of the cosmos, again, everything is a Tree of Life just like the one shown above.  Daath represents that which we do not know about ourselves and the mystery of us.  Once we awaken Daath within us, the tree of life itself changes within us.  However, this is a mystical subject for another time.
All that is known is angelic.  An angel exists in a space where all is known.  This means that when we look at a being such as an angel or other transdimensional being we don't see a Daath in the diagram.  So there are in fact two diagrams, one with Daath and one without.  When considering human evolution the angel is clear minded and not developing itself further as part of its cosmic overfunctions (which is a horribly complicated subject also not for this time).
Here is the angelic Tree of Life for angels which are obviously non-physical beings that live in higher dimensional space:
Tree of Life diagram of an angel living in the higher dimensions or transdimensional space
What we see above is an angel whether incarnating or not incarnating as a perfect being reflecting itself to itself.  This is not the same as it's self existing nature which is its very life as experienced through consciousness, but it's essential spiritual level in consciousness in its angelic realms above the physical planes of existence.  Here the angel knows the most high's master plan for it and is living tranquilly in its non-physical abode of harmonic self understanding.
The levels of consciousness reflected by the different levels here represent perfected forms of consciousness.  The exception to this is the kether, again the highest Sephiroth.  Here the angel touches the greater Archangelic spirit above it, but because its Archangelic mind and self are not open yet, it does not have a comprehension of that level of divine activity.   An angel is not an Archangel.  But it does have a sense of what is going on above it in creation and that its part in creation is related to the Archangel purpose for its station in existence.  That is the essence of its completion in the chain of being.
When we look at other Tree of Life diagrams this relationship will become clearer.  Every being in the cosmos has a limit in terms of its developmental level and that limit is implied by the name of the highest kether of its highest spirit in development as an absolute being.  However, for now let us continue observing the human level of this consciousness to know about how it works in theory.
Before an angel incarnates as a human, it must descend in consciousness from its angelic form into a human form.  The diagram above must now be looked at from the new perspective just before the inception into human consciousness as we study these abstract ways of seeing in order to focus our mind on what is happening at the higher planes in terms of this shift.
Tree of Life diagram for certain aspects of human and angelic evolution.  This is the abstract of the full angelic body without taking into account any Archangelic evolution occurring in the angelic body right before incarnation as a human being.
What we see above is the Tree of Life diagram for certain aspects of human and angelic evolution.  Each rectangular block above represents an extension of the Sephiroth (the spheres) above it.  The central block up the central pillar is the angelic path up towards the Angelic Spirit.  A human child of an angel who incarnates as that human is on that central pillar in the angelic path.  The lesser Angelic Mind and Self are only partial Angelic Mind and Self elements designed to guide us.  They are of course part of us, not separate guides though these do exist as well.
The lesser Angelic Mind and Self must be below the line of the full angelic spirit in order to be used by the human incarnation of the angel.  The human child as the lesser Angelic Spirit must stay above the line separating the rational mind and self because it uses these as it’s lower tools of self development.  Because it is the center (as Daath) of a tree of life between the Angelic Spirit and midline between the Angelic and Rational Spirits, it uses part of the Angelic Mind as it’s higher mind and part of the Angelic Self as it’s greater self while it uses the Rational Mind and Self as its daily functioning consciousness.  The rational mind and self thus must remain below the child on the larger tree while the lesser Angelic mind and Self must remain above it, but below the level of the complete Angelic Spirit which is the highest spirit guiding the development of the human through the human kether (the 1st sephiroth (sphere)).
You can see in the diagram above that the new future human incarnation will move one spirit Sephiroth down from where it was as the new mini spheres that are colored above will be the normal branches of the next Tree of Life diagram to be displayed.  The human is one spirit Sephiroth down from the Angel in its normal functioning because it no longer uses the complete Angelic Mind/Self as these do not drop down into human incarnation, and does not have immediate access to the Archangelic as these functions of creation are beyond its immediate concern.
The lesser Angelic Mind/Self combo instead serve as the human powers of the light to become more.  These are what humans call the higher Mind and higher Self, but these are lesser than the full Angelic Mind/Self of the consciousness of those who have passed on or of those who are about to incarnate.  The mind of the most high has filled these minds with the light of divine to show them the path thus returning them to their true angelic natures after they have passed from this world to the next.
So then the human when born has its spiritual life displayed through the Tree of Life below:
Tree of Life diagram for a human being with a conscience
The Tree of Life diagram above shows the human experience in its current level of development.  The lesser Angelic Spirit exists in the dark in the Daath in the diagram as a mystery prior to its inception in consciousness.  The spirit rises up from the lesser Angelic Spirit towards the greater one through the activity of the conscious breath of Life within and by the activity of the Higher Mind and Higher Self in this diagram called the lesser Angelic Mind and Self to show the connection to the higher planes of reality in the seamless stream of consciousness that is real from that point of view.
In addition this diagram shows the fundamental relationships of human psychology through the primary features of human consciousness that are dealt with on a day to day basis.  Human psychology is rooted in understanding and taming our instincts through the use of the rational mind.  Underneath it all is the root of human consciousness, the Reflective Spirit of what we call the personal unconscious or waking consciousness.  Like a mirror, the Reflective Spirit maintains the whole of the human psychic drama within a singular vessel of reflection.
The instinctive and rational levels of this diagram show the position of the animal kingdom within the human psyche.  The human being has developed its rationality to control its instinct.  Now the higher spirit demands that the rationality be controlled by the conscience to facilitate further evolution.  How is this possible?  Only through inner journeying into one's own mysterious experience at the deepest layers of meaning through emotion.  The completion of being occurs in that angelic sphere of consciousness that is our attempt to see ourselves completely as spiritual expressions.
The use of the Tree of Life can be used to analyze other types of consciousness such as animals and plants.  In humans the top level of kether is the Angelic Spirit, because humans are evolving a complete conscience as part of their experience.  In animals the top level is the evolving Rational Spirit as animals are evolving their ability to think still and their ability to abstract reality.  In plants, the highest spirit is the Instinctive Spirit which is being evolved to create a complete Instinctive Mind/Self that will be used when the plant spirit evolves over time into an animal.  These processes take vast amounts of time across many planetary evolutions.  The exact number is determinable by scientific analysis I believe because the cosmos operates like a spiritual machine in my understanding from the abstract view of the principles of creation.
Tree of Life diagram for an animal or a sub-sentient human without a conscience
The governing principle of the animal evolution is the development of the ego through evolution of the Rational Mind over time.  While the full human is dominated by the Reflective Spirit of consciousness, the animal and sub-sentient human is dominated by the Elemental Spirit of consciousness which is much more unstable.  This is shown by which type of spirit takes up malkuth, the lowest Sephiroth.
Animals, like humans, have souls, but they have animal souls as opposed to human ones.  In the higher dimensions animals exist as animal devas which are the animal equivalent of angels.  I also refer to this class of spirit as higher fairies which is the actual spirit nature of animal souls.  The animal soul as a complete vessel of consciousness is actually extremely sophisticated in these higher planes in the same way that the highest angelic self of you is much more sophisticated that the current human version of you.  This idea may be difficult to believe or understand for most I think for now.
Tree of Life diagram for an animal deva also known as a higher fairy.  This is the spirit of the animal long before it is born and after it dies in the higher transdimensional spirit realms.
Tree of Life diagram for an animal deva right before it incarnates as an animal or human without conscience. Notice the similarity in the structure to the human/angel pair.  All spirits have similar processes at work even those whose exacting diagrams I did not list in this treatise.
Plants and plant spirits have similar diagrams which are added below.  Plants (and also multicellular Fungi) correspond to plant devas and to lower fairy spirits in the higher dimensional planes.  Each part of the various nature kingdoms in my understanding is filled with ancient and primordial spirits that govern in it in the same way Archangels are the essential governing agents of human evolution.  These ancient and primordial spirit beings are the ones who guide shaman in their understanding through the communication of the spirit realms.  In my Archon classification scheme these advanced beings are the Planetary Archon classified 37-40 and the Solar Archons (and above) which incarnate periodically as plant and animal ArchDevas which are the equivalent to Archangels.  
The way I understood this is that each animal or planet species is governed by at least a couple of ArchDevas.  Similarly larger groupings of the lower kingdoms of life as Biology understands them are also overseen similarly by such beings though there is much less activity at these lower levels. In metaphysical systemology the lowest being in the metaphysical spirit universe is the elemental.  Elementals correspond to chemistry and are the most simple beings possible.   They exist in incarnation as molecules up to cells at which point they enter what we would call the plant spirit kingdom once a true multicellular system is created.
Tree of Life diagram for a plant or any multicellular being without a nervous system
Tree of Life diagram for a plant deva also referred to as a lower fairy spirit.  This is the spirit of the plant long before it is born or after it dies.
We see the nature of the plant and the plant spirit realm from these diagrams when observing individual evolving plant spirits and their time in the afterlife.  What does a plant do in the afterlife?  I believe plants spend their afterlife in something I call fractal fields which is something some people who have experienced hallucinogenic effects of plant medicines describe vividly.  I'm not sure the exact nature of these fractal fields but they probably exist in that plane of reality as part of a complex spiritual dynamic of simplified evolutionary paths that are paths of being for these plant souls.  
You will notice that the bottom Sephiroth malkuth for the plant is something I have called the Atomic Spirit.  The atomic spirit is of course the spirit of an atom and plants and fungi directly deal with the atomic realm as they move around individual atoms into place in their bodies from the ground to wherever it goes.  There's one more level down to go to get below the deva level of consciousness to the true elemental level.  Elementals deal with the everything from the molecular level up to the level of a single celled organism such as a bacteria or basic protozoa.
Tree of Life diagram for a molecule, cellular organelle, or single cell
The most basic spirit known is the spirit of light.  This is the Photon Spirit.  But the most basic being known is the elemental which in nature is the molecule.  Once a molecular assemblage can self replicate, it is a cell and this is where the spirit of being truly begins.  Before this point in consciousness being exists as a fragmentation of being which is the way nearly all elementals live.  The elemental world is the root of all worlds in consciousness.  It moves between waking and sleeping states of being until the cell evolves.
Tree of Life diagram for an Elemental, the basic primal being of the cosmos
Questions about being below the level of the molecule, or the life of the atom and the subatomic universe must be considered here for balance.  The argument is that these fields exist as non-being but still are alive but are pre-conscious.  They do not have an individual consciousness but are real and self-existing as aspects of spirit itself.  This is probably a very complex thought beyond what I wish to think about myself right now.  But essentially all things are alive, but the smallest things are not conscious at all, but rather they are the non-conscious parts of consciousness in the purest sense of that expression of thought.  That which exists as non-being still exists, it is only a matter of time before it awakens.
Now we have finished the overview of the lower half of this Kabbalistic Metaphysics introduction.  This is only the fundamental framework for spiritual scientists.  The true understanding comes from actually seeing how it goes together as specialists in the various fields of study that we entertain as scientists or mystics.  There is much more that is not written than is written for now.
But we are not at the end of this discussion.  Now we should take a look up above the human spiritual level and back to the level of the divine, the Archangels, and The Archons to complete our systemology to the extent that is comfortable.  I will begin by connecting the dots from the different levels of what I have discussed in my other essays listed on this website.
An angel corresponds to a Sentient Archon in its Celestial Archon phase as opposed to its Terrestial Archon phase when it incarnates as a non-sentinent of some form or another.  An Archangel corresponds to a Planetary Archon.  A Divine Archangel corresponds to a Solar Archon.  These are our fundemental levels looking upwards from current standard human consciousness.

From metaphysics we understand that the human level of consciousness is generally trending towards the angelic with the Angelic Mind and Self being the dominant fields of consciousness.  Above this level the Archangelic exists through the SemiDivine Mind and Self and the SemiDivine Spirit.  Even above this the Divine Archangelic, dealing with the God/Goddess directly, is known as the Divine Mind and Self and the Divine Spirit.  This relates to the Sun and the center of the Solar System as the core of divinity in understanding as a basic function of the natural relationships of the cosmos.

Angel - Angelic Spirit - Celestial Archon
Archangel - SemiDivine Spirit - Planetary Archon
Solar or Divine Archangel - Divine Spirit - Solar Archon

Now we can go further just to name what is else is above just as I have in my other essays.  

Galactic Archangel - Galactic Divine Spirit - Galactic Archon
Metagalactic Archangel - Metagalactic Divine Spirit - Metagalactic Archon
Cosmic Archangel - Cosmic Divine Spirit - Cosmic Domain Archon

And of course I have Trees of Life drawing out these relationships as well so they are easy to see. 
Tree of Life diagram for an Archangel or a Planetary Archon when not incarnated and not preparing for incarnation.  These two beings have similar responsibility levels in the Cosmos and share similar forms in this regard.
These diagrams bring up the question of what the nature is of the Semidivine and Divine realms of creation.  Yet these are very complex subjects that cannot easily be explained at our current levels of development as souls.  The Archangelic directly deals with questions of a SemiDivine nature which are mostly about the ordering of worlds internally including landmasses and large water bodies and management of the systems of consciousness of the three types of sentient incarnated beings sub-sentients, semi-sentients, and full sentients.  The Terrestial Archons on the other hand focus solely on the building of those worlds and the management of their realms built upon those worlds in higher dimensional planes as described in my metaphysical cosmology essay.  
The primary divine realm deals with the ordering of the worlds in relation to each other and the management of the solar system itself but goes further to the management of everything up to a galaxy of a trillion stars.  It is in every way divine and mastery of this divinity is the subject of the what we would call the gods and goddesses of higher creation from our point of view.  The Divine Mind is in most ways the mind of the star itself as it grows towards becoming a galaxy.  As such Divine Archangels are above normal Archangels just as Solar Archons who build stars through the fields of consciousness of the cosmos are greater than Planetary Archons who build planets.  My metaphysical cosmology essay describes a little of this from the Archon and God/Goddess point of view though I've really only presented a bare bones presentation there as food for thought.
Obviously higher orders of divinity exist and beyond the galactic realm is the concept of the Metagalactic realm and beyond that the Cosmic Domain.  Yet this is far enough for our purposes.  It is enough to say that there are infinite levels of creation and there is an infinite journey ahead for each of us into it.
Tree of Life diagram for an incarnated Sun or Star

This last diagram shows the general configuration of an incarnated Star.  It is important to note the terms I have used in the diagram as they apply quite extensively to an understanding of ancient Egyptian spiritual practices and apply to the lower human level as well.  The name of the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses was used during their mystery rites as described by John Gordon's Egypt Child of Atlantis book (though just for the record I have stated frequently I don't believe in the Atlantis myth except possibly as a cosmic memory fragment of something far removed from this Earth history of the last 5 billion years +).  
Each of these ancient God/Goddesses was used in the mysteries corresponding to the human level in such a way that demonstrated that Ra was the highest god as the Sun and Higher Spirit, Osiris the Higher Mind, Isis the Higher Self/Ego, Horus the Lesser Spirit/Child of God, Nephtys the Lower Self/Ego, and Set the Lower Mind.  
When applied to the level of a star I thought it wise to use the god and goddess names directly as the aspects as it gives an idea of the divine nature of such a being as a Sun compared to the human level.  We would in fact expect such a power as a great lesser god or goddess to represent these powers as expressed through the massive solar body of the Sun.  It would be fitting of a divine being.  As a complete expression we should remember that all these lesser states of consciousness and lesser gods and goddesses serve under the One True God and Goddess of Light who are unnamed and as such must be remembered to be less in scale than the true power of the One who is the infinite source of all.  
I have not provided all the diagrams I have, but have provided enough for those who have understood the ideas presented here and in all my other essays to fill in the gaps.  You can draw in the rest of the Tree of Life diagrams for yourself if you have understood the principles I have written of in my essays.  Blessed be and hallelujah.  

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