Holistic Field Theory and Transdimensional Field Theory

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Holistic Field Theory and Transdimensional Field Theory

By Chris Freely

When we think of an object in our world we tend to assume that this object exists as a separate thing in space from all other things.  This idea of an object as a thing onto itself independent of all other things is a unique perspective created in the human mind.  It is an assumption that objects exist independently of that which is real.  Yet what is real and what is not real cannot be easily determined by making assumptions in one's mind about the nature of reality or things.  In order to understand reality one must know what is real and what is not in terms of the totality of what is experienced by every single thing that is capable of experiencing within that frame of reference.

Yet every single frame of reference itself must have a larger context which must be considering in order to understand the full perspective.  For every mental experiment we create imagining objects, systems, people, worlds as separate little individual blips of consciousness or non-consciousness floating about in a sea of isolation, the reality of their connectedness to larger and larger systems becomes more and more apparent as we study the bigger picture of how they are related to everything else and everything else that could possibly be real.

When we study our reality we make assumptions about perceptions that are based upon the idea that our perceptions are created by our brain.  Our brain is believed to create the whole basis for our perceptions.  How this works is a complete mystery in any current scientific paradigm we use whether we use the standard model of quantum physics or the new paradigm of Expansion Theory forwarded by Mark McCutcheon.  This problem, which I noted in my essay about the apparently metaphysical properties of color and the other senses, is the problem of mechanically describing the means by which a mechanical system made of expanding electrons creates the phenomenon of color.  In fact, no mechanical property of a mechanical system hypothesized as purely an extension of mechanical motion can explain our perception of color, sound, taste, etc.

This forced me to consider a more radical concept that dealt with what appears to be emergent properties of a physical system, that of transphysical phenomenology.  Color, a non-physical property of a field of pure darkness made of expanding fields (electrons) appears to emerge from this complex system in consciousness built of what appears to be entirely unconscious elements onto themselves.  Yet the property of color may or may not be a truly emergent property of such a system as a brain and a pair of eyes with some neurons in between.  What if reality was, in fact, something transdimensional at a basic level and that only perception created the appearance of emergent properties independent of the transdimensional actuality of complex metaphysical relationship between 3rd dimensional reality, 4th dimensional reality, 5th dimensional reality, on up to however many dimensions that are required to explain the existence of the complex phenomenology that we see, feel, taste, and know.

The idea of the 3rd dimension as being a subset of higher dimensional realities is not new, of course.  But the complex interrelation I am trying to describe here is uniquely structured unlike anyone else has suggested.  How would a 4th dimensional property be expressed in 3 dimensions?  And what would differentiate a 4th dimensional property from a 3rd dimensional property?  Color is the easiest way of going about this analysis.  There is no dimension of color in height, length, or width, the 3 physical dimensions of matter.  This is the most obvious fact.  Yet the property of color must preexist any discovery of color by you or me.  Color then exists as a property of light in theory because light itself is nothing more than a bunch of photons (electron clusters in the new paradigm) which have no property of color independent of your brain's experience of coloring.  Your brain colors photons of a particular wavelength with a property, color, which does not exist within the photon itself.

Where did the color come from then?  What is its nature?  First, if color is not a physical property, then it must be a metaphysical property of something.  What is that thing?  That is the holistic field.  Particularly it is the holistic field of color that exists as part of your transdimensional reality.  That reality is transdimensional because all perception of experience is automatically not 3 dimensional, it is 4 dimensional because of a simple law.  This is called the law of the observer. If an observer exists in three dimensions, automatically there exists 4 dimensions.  The first three dimensions are the thing being perceived, the observer is the 4th dimension as both internally and externally the observer exists in a separate light line or self contained plane of experience internal to the observer's consciousness.  This light line is what creates the plane of interaction effect whereby when any event happens to an observer or conscious object something new is created in the universe internal to that observer or conscious object that never existed before.  That original experience is something that has never existed before until the event took place.  It also exists in a plane of experience that is a separate space from the physical 3-D universe, which is the very definition of 4th dimensional space in our current understanding of it.

I've gotten a little ahead of myself here, so let's return to color.  Color, in this concept, is an etheric property that is triggered by a type of transdimensional induction in a holistic field interpreter in your brain.  A holistic field interpreter is a field that emulates transdimensional properties through harmonic interactions through a process I call cascading.  Essentially our brains create a mirror of higher dimensional states through the impact of electrical waves in certain harmonious patterns interpreted by impacts to the cellular structures of the cells of our brain.  It is, essentially, a holistic field effect created by multiple fields in multiple layers, all of which together create the field of consciousness that we use in our day to day lives.

Color, however, is a universal property of consciousness that exists independent of our interpretation of color.  Proof of this is difficult to come by directly, but is quite obvious if you consider all the evidence presented by mystics and different analysis of the metaphysical realms (however pitifully inadequate) conducted over the centuries by dedicated researchers and not a few scholars maintaining what accounts exist of out of body experiences and initial experiences of the "afterlife".  Color is part of the holistic field that is already real.  In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is studied where the colors are analyzed in a manner that strongly suggests this divine nature as each sephiroth on the tree is clearly colored with an apparent relationship to all the other spheres.  These relationships have been written about extensively.

Colors of the Tree of Life suggesting a particular logical relationship
between white, grey, black, the primary colors, the secondary colors, and traditionally brown for the 10th sephiroth

I hypothesize that the traditional Tree of Life colors themselves show an origin of the relationship of colors whereby colors are created by certain harmonics related to light and its passage through veils of matter (represented by black) whereby primary colors emerge first and then secondary colors depending on various conditions of the inner harmonics of the holistic field interpreter system.  This harmonic creates a 4th dimensional color reaction in the 4th dimensional plane, the etheric.  We experience this as an ongoing 4th dimensional field shift whereby color appears to be a natural property of the physical universe which has no color intrinsic to it at all.

In holistic field theory, reality is connected to the interaction between fields that induce dimensional shifts detected in consciousness.  Transdimensional field theory states that all objects exist as transdimensional fields automatically and that the third dimensional position of these objects is merely a reference frame of their physical shells in physical 3 dimensional space.  With the combination of these two theories we see a world that is in fact, even at a basic level, essentially transdimensional.  Ideas, in this concept of reality and words are already 5th dimensional at least.  And the deeper and broader the concept that we are grasping with our minds, the more dimensions it has within and without.  Welcome to the real world 3d heads.