The Prophecies of Chris Freely

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The Prophecy of the Deep Time

By Chris Freely

All prophecies are considered works of spiritual fiction.  Please do not take any of what you read seriously.  This is a work of entertainment only.  If it happens to be right..well..see the warning below.

Please note that this prophecy is constantly being added to, so come back in a year and see what new has been added in the text somewhere if you're really, really bored.

Warning!: The darker parts of this prophecy constitute a warning of what will happen if humanity is not conscious enough as time moves forward from the present.  As such as no time is this prophecy to be taken literally as the will of God, Knowledge, or Love.  It constitutes a set of information that can be deciphered, yet to be deciphered properly one must have the full set of knowledge concerning the nature of every human being who will construct the future.  Such knowledge is impossible to have as knowledge is alive in every one of us.  Beware!  All false prophecy begins with the idea that the future is set in stone.

While fatalism may be evident in this prophecy and the possibly of failure mentioned, it is the responsibility of the seeker to evolve beyond the limitations implied by the very ideas I am presenting.  As such, polarization against the ideas that are presented here is inevitable and anticipated.  But to judge this prophet as reckless or in any way manipulative of the future through this prophecy would be considered unwise.  You have been issued the standard prophetic warning.

Any use of this prophecy without including this standard warning as the intro will subject the remover to karmic penalties of a most unpleasant nature.  Do not tamper with this prophecy.  You will not like the results.  For the rest of you, enjoy the trip!

The use of the term patrifocal in this prophecy means in general a society where the male is seen as head of household, the provider and protector of the family through the warrior motif and the female is seen as the mother and raiser and defender of children and the bedrock of the household.  In this equal status ideas between men and women are not addressed on the roles of the male and female in the family.  In patrifocal societies men are seen as more desirable for certain profession and females more desirable in others.  Patrifocal societies generally see men as better choices for leaders than females.  A patrifocal society sees women's issues at the same level as men's.  Women are always respected in a patrifocal society, but not in always in a patriachial society.

The use of the term patriarchal is a society where the female is considered subordinate to the male in society as a whole.  She may or may not be respected depending on the conditions of the system which is defined as the type of patriarchy in formal analysis of types of patriarchies.  Patriarchy is a purely militarized social system that is designed to defend itself against other societies in total war or is a conquering society that is spreading its influence through war.  Patriarchy can be potentially peaceful, but the social system always exhibits a high degree of hierarchy and preparedness to deal with threats whether military or not.

Bifocal societies are societies where males and females are given full equal opportunity to do what they want in terms of any roles in society.  Properly structured bifocal societies do not discriminate between different sexes.  Each person is allowed to perform in their roles as they will and everyone is considered equal to their level of performance in said roles. 

Matrifocal societies are nurturing societies where females are considered better leaders and rulers than males.   Males are considered better at certain roles than females in matrifocal social systems just as in patrifocal social systems but men are not considered as equal in their ability to make leadership decisions.  These societies tend to be highly centered on councils or societies of women who decide by group consensus who receives what in society.  A properly structured matrifocal society regards men as of equal respect to women.  This is not the case in matriarchy.

Matriarchy is a social system where women are considered superior to men in most ways.  Matriarchy regards men as being incapable of leadership roles except in special cases typically involving brute strength such as military functions.  In matriarchy women are regarded as the superior sex mentally and emotionally because of their sensitive and practical nature.  However, not all matriarchies disrespect men.  It depends on how the matriarchy is structured and what type of matriarchy it is.

Now we may begin the prophecy as a whole. 

The current religions of the world will undergo massive change over the course of the Age of Aquarius.  Christianity in general will be reduced to only about 10% of the current level of self identified members within 1200 years and will remain at the level roughly for the rest of the age of Aquarius.  The largest surviving complete "Christian" society will be in area that is currently the the south central and southeast United States by 1500 years from now.  Christianity will also be reformed utterly as will Judaism. 

Atheism will almost entirely replace Catholicism in Europe.  Catholicism will remain strong in South America and the Vatican will be moved to Sao Paulo at some point in the future that cannot be determined yet.  The Catholic traditions will be reworked into a new complex doctrine that is influenced by the new spiritual ideas of the New Age as well as the trends of the new chivalry based "Christianity" that will the prevailing doctrine of the society and the emergent nation that will appear 200 years from now in the south central and southeast of the United States.  

The vastly modified Catholic tradition will exist in Latin America and the Caribbean until the middle of the Age of Capricorn, but the church will be weak during most of this long history due to incursion from atheism, more female centric doctrines such as witchcraft and variations of sorcery, and various New Age factions.  Despite it's weakness the church will tend to still rule the society of Latin America and will be the preferred religion of the upper classes until Latin America is taken over by the new power in the North.  This will begin to occur about 100 years before the last power bases of the Catholic Church will ultimately fall to the matrifocal social systems of the expanding 1st Matriarchy based in the current United States over 3500 years from now, about the year 5500, during the great rise of the Matriarchy that begins in the middle of the Age of Capricorn.  

Islam will experience a similar decline to where 800 years from now it will have changed utterly in the vast majority of its current territory.  Circumcision will largely be eliminated from the religion by 800 years from now and completely by 1200 years from now.  Similarly few Jews will practice circumcision beyond this time frame as well, or if they do it will an altered voluntary practice for young adult males only.  Islam will become very favorable towards women with the arrival of a great woman who will be born in Persia that will finalize the arrival of bifocal traditions in the Muslim world.  Only a few areas in the west of Africa and the Pakistan/Afganistan areas of Islamic tradition will remain patrifocal after the 1200 years from now.  Sharia law will be total reformed to support women and gay rights over the next 600 years throughout the Muslim world slowly.  

Of the ideas of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, four will stand the test of time for certain as core concepts for humanity as a whole.  The belief in Archangels will continue for all of human history either openly or in secret by some, so even as these religions of the West decline in adherents, the concept of Archangels as hidden guides of human society will remain in parts of the world. Eventually they will claim that Archangels are spiritual beings who live in transdimensional planes linked to the Sun in the sky.  The Archangels that we know will not change in their true forms though some of their names may change slightly.  It will be said that there are always 12 core Archangels and the 13th is one who is on Earth who was Mother Mary, Voice of Love.

The other ideas that will remain is the one God of the Elohim (who are the Archangels).  The concept of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah will be the core of scientific mysticism and metaphysical theory for all time as it represents a map of fundamental relationships in consciousness and is cosmically recognized by all conscious species everywhere in the infinite cosmos.  The light bodies of the 12 Archangels will be said to link together the Merkaba, the seat of the eternal One, the God that cannot be named.  The throne cannot be seen by the unworthy, but a few mystics will once again find their way back to vision of the master plan when it is necessary.  Within the Merkaba will stay the Master Plan of the one true God who through the Goddess shapes the fate of children of the Light.  

These four keys represent the mastery of the Masculine God.  Only with the four keys can one unlock the power of the One.  It will be said that the unnameable One God's messengers have all the power of the Pagen Gods and Goddesses when they return.  And there is also the Goddess of Light who always works with the God and never against him and is his eternal equal.  There is the Goddess of the Dark that embodies the Master Plan of Creation within which all is made and remade in the image of Light.  There are the Archons that keep the agreements of creation and shape the universe with their desire to rule the universes as they see fit.  And there are the mortals who do what they will regardless of the consequences.  When the unnameable One receives His true name, then will the Masculine again return to the Light.  Until then, the fall of Man due to his disrespect for women and the non-heterosexuals leaves this patriarchy broken and undone.  And we will not see a return of the power of the unnameable God until the Age of Sagittarius, but always in balance with the Goddess of Light and Darkness until the Dark Age to come.

Buddhism will also undergo a reformation but will also experience a decline in traditional practice.  Hinduism, though, will likely remain fairly strong until the end of the Age of Aquarius.  Many new traditions will be introduced slowly to this faith.  Patrifocal traditions will continue late into the history of the Age of Aquarius in east and southeast Asia and most of India.  Hinduism will be especially resistant to change in this regard but eventually it will become a bifocal society after a revolution in the middle of the Age of Capricorn.  The vast majority of China and all of Russia and parts of Eastern Europe, however, will remain patrifocal for thousands of years after this.  As patrifocal societies around the world shrink, the remaining areas will display an increased militant resistance to further inroads of non patrifocal traditions.

The dominant world religion of roughly half of humanity during the Age of Aquarius will be atheism.  Witchcraft will become very popular in North America.  Modern shamanism and other types of "magical" traditions will also gain adherents in both North and South America including sorcery, wizardry, voodoo, and various forms of pantheism or secondary derived polytheism with a pantheistic core construct.  New spirituality and mystic practices owing much of its concepts to "new age" and modified eastern religions will have an adherence of about 10% throughout the world as well.  In this group will be included practitioners of practical spiritual psychology, my name for an advanced series of related ideas concerning human psychology and spirituality taught to me and a few hundred others by my main teacher.  The child of this idea will eventually become the full consciousness of human spirituality over approximately 30,000 years.

The most important part of practical spiritual psychology will be the five tools of personal self mastery as taught by my spiritual teacher.  Each of these tools is unique to each individual who already possess them.  In addition there are expanded tools for those that need extra assistance with this understanding that was introduced to a some of us.  I do foresee this system being practiced by many millions, specifically the planetary spiritual elite, since there is not other system possible as it is rooted in the most solid spiritual science, the bedrock of each human soul that practices it through Knowledge and conscious effort.   The peak of this practice as I see it will be the very beginning of the Age of Leo when as many as almost two hundred million will be part of this experience.  After this time period the slow march of laziness and ignorance will dampen the practice somewhat as life will be so good that people will forget to do the practice and the system will fall into general disuse.  

But this system will return again and will be kept by the Mystery School, for it is the Mystery School of the initiates to self consciousness.   The Mystery School will have many competitors who teach lesser, incomplete, or even completely false versions of the teachings especially in less conscious parts of the world.  But the world will go through the changes through philosophical understanding and slow learning, but also through brutal conflicts.  The evolution of the Mystery School will produce spiritual works that facilitate the dissemination of spiritual truth in many guises especially through art, philosophy, and works of what appears to be on the surface, fiction.  But some of these works of fiction will be maps to the soul.  And there are those who will not like these expressions of spirit either and who will try and repress them for their own desire to keep humanity enslaved primarily to them.

The secular humanist consensus will emerge from the fall of traditional religion for about half the world as mentioned before.  This consensus will consist of a rejection of religion and spirituality and a focus on practical human concerns.  It will fit well with the technological and industrial processes that will be the dominant mode of existence for humanity.  It will work well to help alleviate the global warming crisis that will be the priority of the human race for the next 100 years.  Focus on this Earth as a survival issue will be overwhelmingly in favor of silencing "unnecessary" religious conversations.  Much injustice will be done in the name of survival by the secular humanist majority.  Many ideas will be silenced.  Many thoughts will be suppressed.  Many false faced pretenders will think that they have found the answer in perfect materialism.

Atheism will periodically suppress all forms of religion or new spiritual practices in many parts of the world during the early Age of Aquarius.  The atheist establishment will often take a dim view of any practices that even remotely hint at a life after death or any concept that is unusual from a purely materialistic point of view.  There will be a great conflict in science between those who are purely materialistic and those who are not who argue for some version of transdimenionalism.  Depending on political conditions alternative viewpoints will periodically be purged through various means of suppression.  In some cases this will be led by people who are interested in using atheist conservatism to maintain power against non-traditionalists (atheism will be considered the traditional dominant "religion" once established as such).  In other cases it will be done by those who are concerned about the negative influence of cults who base their radical beliefs on misinterpretations of transdimensional concepts.

Purges will tend to be non-violent rather than in previous periods of history.  Reeducation programs will be favored.  Violence will diminish considerably after the next 200 years.   Social harmony theory will bring an end to violence in China in combination with expanded influence of large movements for non-violence within 150 years.  China will experience considerable change in the form of the end of the death penalty there in about 100 years.   China will split in two sometime in the next 100 years to become two Chinas, one in the north and one in the south.  This will be due to conflict over ideology mainly and the rise of ecosprituality with strong taoist elements as a political entity. 

The communist party will rule the southern 2/3 of China for the next 150 years, but after Northern China splits off this society will be ruled by ecospiritual forces associated with the global Green Front (described later).  The Chinese Communist party will attempt to out-green the northern Green Front aligned China in order to co-opt their agenda.  The southern China ruled by the communist party will eventually fall around 150 years from now to its own peaceful revolution and China will be reunited again under a new ecospiritual community centered philosophy that prizes local community, harmony with nature, and spiritual philosophers.  Traditional Chinese social structures will be revived as well as traditional Chinese religious practices after this including Taoism, Buddhism, and even elements of Confucianism.   Atheists will eventually become more dominant beyond 400 years from now though and will suppress various spiritual traditions as being unscientific and not good for human wellness. 

Quantum physics, already discredited as a theory, will be replaced by several modifications of Mark McCutcheon's Expansion Theory.  This theory will be used as the bedrock of scientific thinking for the rest of human history.  It will also be misused by materialist atheists to create versions of this idea that reject all transdimensional ideas and frameworks.  Expansion theory will be taught in every science school on the planet and those who contributed to it will become world famous scientists on par with the great founders of scientific thinking including those who developed the standard quantum physics model.  They will have been considered to be true scientific revolutionaries.  Many new technologies will emerge from the new scientific paradigm which will completely transform human life with regards to technology, industry, and medicine within the next 1000 years. 

Eventually a balance will emerge between radical atheists and spiritualists.  In about 500 years purges will become relatively rare except in Northern and Western Europe and China.  After about the middle of the Age of Aquarius no purges will occur for 800 years.  This will be a golden era of the Aqe of Aquarius which will be centered on an Eastern European Union.  Poland will be the most important country of the Age of Aquarius.  Poland and the Czech Republic will fuse to become one nation at first designed similar to the old Austro-Hungarian empire in terms of two equal nations joined together.

Poland will become the heartland of technological development and the internet about 1000 years from now.  This will begin the golden age of the Age of Aquarius similar to the Renaissance and Classical period of European history except it will be longer and much more developed culturally.  Eastern Europe will be like the Austria of today, the heart of world culture.  But it will be even grander and more sophisticated than the Austria of today.

Eastern Europe will become the heart of a world banking system around the year 3500 AD and will preside over the return of a new form of capitalism without debt called Command Capitalism as opposed to the current Laissez Faire Capitalism.  It will be a much more sophisticated and just version of capitalism based on the theory of dynastic ordained families.  It will be recognized in this system that the purpose of the economically empowered class is to facilitate the development of just outcomes for all.  And this will be practiced honestly until around the 4000 AD where corruption and degeneration will weaken the practices that make this system work fairly.

Sometime around the year 3500 AD the precursor to what will become the matrix system will be designed and tested in Poland.  A couple of hundred years after this a great computer genius will create a new operating system and a new hardware system which will advance computer science to the point where full scale full body virtual reality will be possible.  A team of great computer engineers will design this system under the direction of this individual as well as a new series of highly immersive computer games linked together through a unique gaming system concept.  He will be the father of the matrix's most important advances, but his contributions will be downplayed after his death similar to the way Tesla was not recognized for his achievements for a long time due to the politics of rivals and other political interests.  This man will also be remembered for being the world's first trillionaire if viewed from 2017 dollars.  He will also be regarded as one of the greatest game designers of all time. 

The matrix system will spread from this point until as much as 50% of the world is living the matrix lifestyle involving being plugged in for 8 hours at a time.  Some will become so plugged in that the matrix will be their life.  About 30% of the planet will be technology free.  The most important area of this free technology world will be most of South America (outside of Brazil's coast).  It is here that traditional use of ayahuasca and other indigenous medicines will continue and will play a pivotal role in the downfall of the matrix system that will ruin human society for the last couple hindered years of the Age of Aquarius.

A hero of the matrix will one day find a way to show the people that it is time to abandon excess dependence on technology and will bring the new leaders of humanity from the people free of technology.  These new leaders will bring justice to the matrix and end the corruption of their time.  Many of these new leaders will be women and this will be another moment for great women in our future history.  There will be a great vote that will decide to dismantle the matrix at the very end of the Age of Aquarius.  Humanity will return to being very, very Earth-centric in the Age of Capricorn.

There will be many great messengers to come as described by my spiritual teacher.  Each of these will represent an aspect of humanity to itself.  They will be called the Voices.  There will be 26 different Voices each expressing the spirit of a single emotional aspect of our existence.  My teacher personally named these 26 aspects of our existence as well as the other 52 each related to the ones below in groups of three.  The Voice of Good will represent Conscience.  The Voice of Love will represent human Love for itself and all Life.  The Voice of Knowledge will represent thought and mind.  The Voice of Holy Spirit will represent unification.  The Voice of Command Faith will represent true conviction.  The Voice of Remembering deals with the past and our connection to it.  The Voice of Truth deals with the source of all life within and the power of clarity.  The Voice of Life deals with the need to preserve nature and our connection to it.  The Voice of Divine Judgement deals with our ability to discern the mystery from the substance and making good choices.  The Voice of Justice represents the embodiment of our need to balance our actions in life and overcome obstacles to achieve satisfaction.  The Voice of Vision will represent our ability to see clearly through our gifts.  The Voice of Sense speaks of our natural centers of consciousness and how to make use of them through centerdness and balance. The Voice of Blessing will explain the true power of communication.  

The Voice of Humility will demonstrate true humility in a way that cannot be expressed in words.  The Voice of Divine Grace will bring beauty and harmony back into the world.  The Voice of Flow will teach us the flow of nature and life.  The Voice of Enthusiasm will bring joy back into the world.  The Voice of Listening will show us how to truly hear what is real from what is not.  The Voice of Passion is the embodiment of open heartedness which takes in both the light and dark and above all else cares.  The Voice of Liberty will show us what rights really are.  The Voice of Free will break down the barriers to openness in a way never before seen.  The Voice of Innocence will purge the world of corruption in both thought and emotion.  The Voice of Worthy will decide the fate of money and show us the true path to prosperity.  The Voice of Purpose will bring back our sense of direction as a species.  The Voice of Awake will bring our dead spirits back to life so that we may breathe free again.  And finally the Voice of Wisdom remind us how to remain calm in our lives and will teach us how to prioritize the affairs of our lives and the world in crisis.

The role of the voices is much greater than is indicated by my short description and each will expand greatly upon the nature of what is being taught about existence.  Each of these Voices will arrive at the time they are needed.  All will return many times as required. A formal lineage of Voices will be created so that the office of the Voice will be created to pass down the tradition from master to apprentice.  This will lead, if successful, to the Temple period where the 26 dimensions have become 26 temples.  It is likely, however, that this will only remain a myth and a mystery school at first as resistance will be great at times until much later than the next three Ages of human history.  There are those who will attempt to fulfill the prophecy of the 26 temples early.  Their efforts will be partially successful. 

A woman will come from Persia around 850 years from now who will be the embodiment of the power of the Goddess.  She will found the great school of Knowledge where the masters will meet to learn.  She will be the Voice of Knowledge and come in the spirit of Mary Magdalene, not her reincarnation.  She will establish the great school that will teach the great minds of the world.  She will be the most knowledgeable person in history (until surpassed in the Age of Sagittarius) and will be considered the hallmark of the power of women and the greatest female example for women afterwards again until the Age of Sagittarius.  They will call her by the title the Theia, for she will be seen as the Goddess of Divine Light's representative on Earth as Daughter of the Goddess in the same way that Jesus was considered Son of God.  

She will travel the world founding schools.  The great schools will be in a city in China, Tehran in Persia, a city in India, London, and Warsaw.  In addition another branch will be opened in Omaha that will be very influential later in history.  She will be surrounded by the greatest minds in history who will be taught by her primarily in Tehran, Persia but later in London when they have accepted her at last.  She will help bring down a corrupted government in Persia and that is how you will know her.  This is one who will not be argued with.

She will argue for the bifocal tradition of balance between men and women and for the ability of anyone to achieve greatness.  She will support the talented and the talents of everyone.  She will reform the way society works as has never before been done.

The United States of America will only be 1/5 the size in about 200 years.  This remaining part of it will rename itself distancing itself from the history of the former government and society.  The Constitution will have been rewritten by this time.  About 300 years from now this US rump state's dominant religions will be witchcraft and atheism.  There will be a tenuous relationship between these two factions.

This administration and society will exist in the current midwest containing all or part of 15 current states and will have it's capitol at Omaha, Nebraska (as predicted by Dolores Cannon).  It will called something like the Free Society of America.  It will be a largely Goddess worshiping society that will adhere to a degree of equality for the sexes, but the administration will tend to run by women (about 70%).  Remanents of patriarchy will be tolerated as a religion only, but most of these will have moved out to other more conservative parts of the former United States.  This society will be highly isolationist and, obviously, strongly feminist.  But it will be a backwater with the exception of it's highly developed space program and it's highly developed renewable energy sector until much later in it's history (about 800 years + from now).

The other 4/5th of what was the United States of America will become a series of secessionist states.  The 2nd most important of these will be the Republic of California. 

To the north of the future Republic of California will be a state composed of the coastal areas of Washington, Oregon, and possible including Vancouver and the coast of British Columbia.  This new nation will be called roughly Cascadia.  It will during several times in its history be a haven for violent vigilante extremist vegans who will kill people who eat meat.  This is only during it's darker times.  It will be a haven for experimental "leftist" concepts and what will be called a "utopian" society.  In this it will achieve much culturally once it's more radical elements are pacified.  During much of the next 700 years it will be the most important cultural bastion for North America and will be the wellspring of both art and a new ecospirituality which will become the dominant spiritual tradition of North America over 1000 years.

Mormon secessionists will rule Utah, which will be engaged in an ongoing civil war and strife with factions of new age radicals.  These will likely be the descendants of followers of new age fanatics and extremists among other anti Morman agitators of various types.

In the northeast, what I am calling the Conclave will rule Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for 300 years.  It will be the darkest place to live in the former United States.  It will be a society ruled by underworld elements and a very dangerous place.  At times the Conclave will invade areas of New York state, Vermont, and New Hampshire and take them by force.  Few people will want to live in the Conclave, but it will be an authoritarian, mostly patriarchal region which will not obey the conventions of law of the world, except for the green laws that must be obeyed to avoid embargoes.

New York City will be ruled by an aristocratic elite and will be a free city with no ties to any outside states except through trade similar to the old city states of the past.  There will be a figure next century who will be called the Dutchess of New York who will wield substantial power over the city from the aristocratic underworld.  She will be it's defacto ruler for over two decades.

The South will succeed to form a nation with a name similar to the Republic of America.   Texas will at some point succeed from this Republic and go its own way as a society.  The Republic of America and the Free Society of America will fight each other several times over 200 years before the boundary between them is stabilized.  These conflicts will result in mostly stalemates.  Eventually a peace treaty will be signed and the societies will agree to no further fighting.  The Republic of America will last for 400 years at which point the South will become the Christian Federated Republic with a new name ruled by a priest and secondary priestess caste and a complex patriarchal social system.  It will likely be the last formal patriarchy on the planet.  It will remain socially and diplomatically isolated for 1500 years once it has become the Christian Federated Republic.

Women's rights will be surprisingly good there with the exception of the abortion issue.  However abortion will be legalized under changes of the spiritual interpretation eventually here perhaps in 1000 years or so.  This will be done by allowing for the priest or priestess to guide the spirit of the child to God or something to that effect.  The idea of the Goddess being equal to the God will gain increasing acceptance in this social system over time especially in its last 500 years before the end of the Age of Aquarius with much of this due to the activity of the Free Society of America witch missionaries and other Goddess traditions (besides formal witchcraft) missionaries.  

To avoid embargoes the Republic of America will agree to abide by the Green Front's (see below) political positions regarding fossil fuels, renewable energy, and nuclear energy.  After the dark times (the next 300 years till about the year 2300 or so), the established cultural traditions of this society will be sufficiently developed that it will no longer be considered a total backwater by the rest of the world.  A true Christian society based on the medieval concept of knighthood will develop here and a patrifocal worldview of traditional relationships between the sexes will flourish.  Gay rights will be recognized here and everyone will be greatly surprised at this when the societies have ceased struggling against each other.

The Republic of America will decay and crumble in the last 200 years of the Age of Aquarius due to the spread of the advanced worldwide technological matrix system (first developed in Eastern Europe around the year 3700 AD) and also due to the failure of its social institutions during this time period.  Eventually it will be absorbed into the Free Society of America's territory which will happen in the beginning of the Age of Capricorn.  It's legends written by some mystics who lived there about the fusion of the God and the Goddess at the end of the Age of Capricorn will be instrumental in the turning of matrifocal Age of Capricorn age back to the balance supported by a slight patrifocal social system of the Age of Sagittarius about 2150 years after the fall of the Republic of America.

The Green Front (also called the Green Army) will become the dominant global political force within 80 years.  This force is a collection of people who are dedicated to saving the Earth from ecocide and are willing to do what is necessary to achieve these goals within the bounds of acceptable force.  These people are preemptive against all threats against the planet especially nuclear reactors/weapons and global warming.  The Green Front forms part of the Green/Libertarian Alliance and in other parts of the world the Green/Red alliance of the more traditional left.

This new global power will be made of people who self identify as members and who will follow the teachings of several key individuals who organized this idea in order for effective action to be taken on behalf of the planet for the good of the human race.  It will have no nation or color, only dedicated individuals interested in creating real solutions for the future through political and social action and redefining existing relationships between the failed institutions of the past and human beings.

Renewable energy transformation will become a massive movement.  Huge areas of the deserts of the world will be covered by solar panels, probably over a million square miles eventually in the Age of Aquarius.  Giant wind farms will spread in many parts of the world.  The CO2 rate will stabilize within 100 years and be reversed.   Space based solar power will be the primary way of getting energy 1000 years from now.  A massive program building up responsible safe space mining of asteroids (so that they don't crash on the planet) will unite the world.  A great series of huge solar power satellites will surround the Earth.  A great genius will come and oversee the program and bring many new scientific and people management ideas to the attention of humanity.  He will be an incarnation of the Voice of Good/Conscience.  

The race to develop renewable energy resources and space based solar power will be the dominant activity of the first 3/4ths of the Age of Aquarius.  Many great scientific advancements in energy gathering, storage, and distribution will be discovered that will make life ridiculously easy for the vast majority of the population.  Robots will be common after 1000 years, especially in Europe, Japan, Korea, and parts of China.  In other parts of the world they will be banned.  However, robotics will not produce very advanced AI as envisioned by science fiction until thirty thousand years from now.  "Sentient" machines are the dreams of the very distant future.  

The development of robotics will be hampered by the need to develop green energy to run them.  In addition, there will a major critical issue with a lack of enough metals on the planet that are easy and convenient to mine.  Space mining will provide some of new sources of metal, others will be provided by recycling.  However, long term sources of large amounts of metal will be the major resource issue humans will be dealing with for quite some time, especially certain rare earths, platinum group metals, and copper and silver.  Eventually a highly efficient method of metal extraction will be invented and humans will get much of their metal by mining the moon.  

Once humans know exactly how to maximize processes at the microscale used by bacteria and other microbes, it will be possible to sort material effectively.  This will take several hundred years of extensive research involving understanding how to apply Expansion Theory on the molecular level in such a way that energy is used as effectively as possible.  Once a process is constructed that is replicatable, it will be possible to create a new system of manufacturing using nanotechnology and micromachines designed like bacterial systems.  Such a system will be used to cover the moon in solar panels one day and begin the long term harvest of surface metal on the moon.  However, first the system will have to have safeguards built into it so that humans can ensure control over the technology perhaps using advanced kill switches and emergency EMP mechanisms.  In any case, the risks of such a system will be weighed against more traditional means of construction using types of macro scale replication processes for solar panels using normal size robots.  

Issues of control of technology will become a primary security concern for human societies in the future.  Robots, nuclear energy (which will be banned except for one or two experimental reactors in the Age of Aquarius), and the risks of asteroid mining all point to the need to develop perfected systems over long periods of time before attempting to use them.  The risk of some systems, such as nuclear power, pose such great risks that their use on the surface of Earth in any area which contains arable land or any large number of people should be considered a crime.  Even in areas like deserts, it is doubtful that risking large areas of the planet's surface to thousands of years of radioactivity should be considered by anyone except for the one or two experimental reactors.  This will likely be the moderate position in the soon to arise Green Front, and its political platform.  

Nuclear reactors will be banned in near Earth space as well because the dangers of a nuclear reactor falling from the sky would make Fukushima look like a joke by comparison.   As a consequence large scale nuclear experiments will eventually occur on the Moon or, eventually, Mars. 

An ecospiritual belief that planets are conscious living beings will be a source of protection for the planets during the period or mining on the Moon, Mars, and other planets.  This idea will be part of spiritual traditions on the planet in later Ages of human history.  The Moon will not be exploited to destruction and only some of her surface metals will be extracted to protect the sanctity of the spirit of the Moon.   A spiritual understanding of the nature of what is a just use of a planet or moons resources will be utilized as a guiding process in what will be seen as the exchange of resources.  Priests/shaman will be involved in communicating with the planetary bodies in question in spiritual harmony with the universe so that the Moon's feelings are taken into account.  The exception to this will be during the 2nd Dark Age, known as the Dark Age to come.  This idea will be greatly ridiculed periodically until it's truth is fully understood around 30,000 years from now.

People who are in charge of technology in the future will be required to pass tests of conscience before they are even allowed to learn about the technology.  Only the most morally, socially, and mentally responsible people will work in advanced robotics, nuclear reactor science, the most dangerous duties of space mining, nanotechnology, and anything involving stem cell genetic line development.  Human society will demand a very rigorous and stringent ethical standard when dealing with very dangerous technologies such as the ones mentioned.  Science law will be enforced very strictly and psychological evaluations will be done with great intent by groups of dedicated psychological and spiritual scientists to safeguard human civilization and human life from errors in judgment.  Many decisions will no longer be made by one individual, but will require the approval of several committees to ensure safety and stability of technology and the humans who operate it.

Another one of the future Voices, the Voice of Divine Judgment, will arrive and perfect these methods of evaluation of people through a system of observations and evaluations, checks and balances, that will be used universally by all societies of conscious individuals to measure and determine how to correctly and properly consider people for safety and intelligence that is far beyond the current standards of psychological evaluation.  Using this new system of judgement, which will be designed for the secular minded and spiritually minded alike, humans will be able to eliminate the systemic risks of incompetence, corruption, laziness, and self serving interests in organizations managed using this system.  With this system technological development will increasingly be seen to be safe and manageable, though it will take 1000 years for this idea to be fully accepted by the global public sufficient for real major scientific achievement to take off through fully responsible scientific organizations.  When this occurs science will advance further in 500 years than it has for 2000 years beforehand. 

Violence will become exceedingly rare after around the year 3500 worldwide.  It will be rare by today's standards 300 years from now.  No wars will be fought for a period around 500 years from now to around 3700 years from now.  Few wars will occur after 300 years from now to 500 years from now. 

Women will continue to rise in importance in the developed world as they achieve full equal status with men.  The world becomes divided between cultural forms regarding the proper relationships between men and women.  While most societies recognize the idea that women are coming into equality, many do not.  Traditional social systems will not recognize the authority of any form of radical cultural theories concerning the nature of male and female relationships.

While gay rights will enjoy a general expansion of its position this will only occur to the extent that the individual political leadership of the LGBTQ alliance groups accepts traditional social norms as being standard for heterosexuals.  Essentially a position exists whereby alternative groups may have full freedom so long as traditional groups can have traditional romantic narratives as well.  This position will be called the Dual Culture Solution.  A few societies, especially in the former United States and northern Europe (excluding Poland and the Baltics) will develop alternative traditions to the standard heterosexual heteronormative narrative.  This process and its language however, will be greatly challenged as being restrictive to free expression of ideal romance as depicted in cultural ideals from the patriarchial period.  For instance, the very word heteronormative will be decried as a insult to the relationships practiced by the majority and will be considered an insult in most patrifocal and even many bifocal societies.  This will be called the clinicilization of normality and result in the usual backlash and counter argument.  Eventually these arguments will lead to a solution that involves full respect for all just narratives, but it will be a very lengthy process with great resistance.

The future of identity politics is the core of political discourse for the 3rd millennium of human history.  The core argument is between forms of equality and forms of integration.  While the main argument will be essentially between radical feminism and traditional psycho-social narratives of cultural systems, additional identity arguments will be present around cultural norms and other psychological fault-lines of individualization and group integration.

Additionally other issues are likely to lead to radical transformation of world political and social narratives besides the rise of The Green Front.  Most of these revolve around the protection of children from forms of physical abuse including genital mutilation, whether this mutilation is against males in the form of male circumcision, or against females in the form of female circumcision.  The resulting cultural and political narrative will create a front of action against extreme forms of abuse favored by traditional religion.  In addition to circumcision the issues of physical abuse of children under the guise of "discipline" will come under considerable scrutiny.  The outcome is likely to favor physical discipline only under the circumstances defined under just reasoning which will likely be only when the child is exhibiting violence against peers or as a warning to pay attention in very dangerous circumstances. 

It will ultimately be argued that the mother, not the father, be in charge of physical discipline in many parts of the world.  Around this idea and other ideas like it will emerge the concepts of matrifocal vs. patrifocal social systems as opposed to bifocal social systems that will be the dominant ones of the later half of the Aquarian Age and the 1st half of the Age of Capricorn.  Patriarchy will have been eliminated effectively as a social system by the beginning of the Age of Capricorn which is about 4160 AD or so or about 2160 years passed the year 2000 roughly.  The patriarchal God will remain part of the expression of cultural ideas however after this.

The 2nd great center of world civilization in the Age of Aquarius after Eastern Europe will be Latin America.  Here, as described before, new Catholicism fused with many new age beliefs, shamanism, and magical practices will create a boom of culture and thought.  Latin America will become the center of the pilgrimage to the Amazon and connection with nature.  A tradition similar to the Hajj for Muslims will be born among many followers of the ecospiritual traditions involving a pilgrimage to the Amazon.  Here they will build many great temples in the jungle.  The Amazon will be fully and truly respected after the dark times of the next 200 years, and one temple above all others will be considered the Great Temple of the Amazon and will eventually be called the Temple of Life.   

Western Europe will no longer be the dominant force in cultural, social, intellectual, and spiritual advancement in the Age of Aquarius as it was in the last 1/3 of the Age of Pisces.  It will exist as a region of relatively quite older cultural traditions.  The city of London will be considered the most important center of Western European learning after about 1000 years.  Germany and northern Europe will also remain important but after the next 500 years, Eastern Europe will begin to slowly rise and take it's place, especially after the middle of the Age of Aquarius.  Most of the early advances in intellectual, spiritual, and especially political thinking that will occur the first 500 years of the Age of Aquarius will come from Northern Europe especially Scandinavia, Denmark, and the Benelux.  Germany will be a mature, stable region in the center of Europe throughout the time period.

Many languages in Europe will disappear over the Age of Aquarius until only seven remain.  These will be French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, English, and Italian.  English will be the dominant language of Europe as time goes on.  German will be used in Northern Europe.  Polish and Russian will be the main languages of Eastern Europe.  It will take some time for the other smaller languages to be absorbed into the larger remaining languages. 

Beginning slightly after the 2nd half of the Age of Capricorn the country that is the heartland of the United States currently will become completely ruled by women who are witches and hence become the new Matriarchy.  They will be ruled by a council during much of these times that will be the descendant of the council that will exist two thousand years before.  This council will be called something like the Council of the Goddess during this period but will likely be called something like the Pleiadian Council or the Orion Council during the Age of Aquarius due to New Age influences and the idea that our local universe (the local community of extraterrestrials we likely belong to) is centered on either the Pleiades open star cluster or the constellation of Orion.

During the 2nd half of the Age of Capricorn the bifocal systems of social order created during the Age of Aquarius will largely be overthrown in favor of matrifocal and matriarchal systems of consciousness and political order.  During this period women will become the dominant rulers of the planet.  The social systems will go rapidly (within a few generations at most) from something like 25% matrifocal and matriarchal to about 70% during the period of the middle of the Age of Capricorn to about 400 years before its end.  Nearly all of the "converted" societies will be of the bifocal social systems.  The remaining patrifocal societies will have their cultural capital in what is Russia today and northern China and will have about 15% of the world population during this time period.  In addition another 15% of the world will continue to be bifocal with completely "equal" relationships between the sexes.

Much of what occurs here will be justified on the basis of the karmic balancing of male and female power structure.  It will be argued that historical male dominance will justify historical female dominance.  There will be some validity to this argument until injustices are introduced into the equation.  When the math is done it will be shown that the matriarchy overstayed its position.  A re-balancing the other way becomes necessary in the Age of Sagittarius.

Some parts of the core matriarchy will practice a form of male slavery by which men are completely dominated socially by women.  Men will not be allowed to carry weapons of any type, and though slightly physically stronger than females at this time, will generally considered inferior in the more extreme cultures of this society.  Some attractive and strong males will be kept as breeder males while other more resistant, less attractive, and less strong men will be castrated and kept as eunuchs.  The excess of this process results in a social movement to restore the bifocal balance of the past, an actual men's rights movement.

This radical anti male trend will occur for approximately 500 years at the end of the Age of Capricorn and will be centered on North America primarily.  The resulting militarism of the radical feminists will create what will be called the Feminarchy.  These will be opposed by the remaining patrifocal and bifocal traditions on the Earth.  There will be some military conflicts between the Feminarchy and the patrifocal and bifocal regions especially during the 200-400 year period before the end of the Age of Capricorn.  However, revolutions in the Feminarchy will weaken its ability to project power after this time period.  The patrifocal societies in resistance will be extremely well armed and militant at this time period expecting a Feminarchy invasion.  The military equation will never be in doubt that the remaining patrifocal traditions would be strong enough to defeat the Feminarchy during the last 200 years of the historical conflict, and the combined forces of the bifocal and patriarchal world will always have at least a slight advantage during the Feminarchy time period which is about 550 years total.

The Feminarchy will greatly curtail freedom of the press for its own citizens including women during its more authoritarian times towards the end of its power.  It will essential be a reverse partriachy in its core regions with regards to injustices towards men.  In addition, arguments against men will lose out until the Feminarchy can no longer count on men soldiers which they will depend on for much of their power projection.  

Another problem with the Feminarchy will be its radically anti-technological stand during some of its history.  Much of the world's space programs will be dismantled during the last 500 years of the Age of Capricorn by radical luddites and various antitechnology extremists who will claim that humans should abandon all attempts to develop technology due to risks such as cataclysm from a falling asteroid from space mining.  Also there will be a general trend away from metal on the surface of the planet to restore natural balance to the ecosystems.  However, the need for technology will keep the matter from deteriorating totally.  Most of the destruction of technology will happen during two periods of rule by radical luddite leaders, both female in the Feminarchy.  Patrifocal and bifocal societies will take up much of the slack and will be called evil for trying to maintain any space programs.  

Ecospiritual traditions will tend to keep the focus on healing the Earth Mother and creating the Great Patchwork, a method of land utilization that respects non-human rights through a system of ecodomains based on watersheds similar to the much maligned "Agenda 21" idea of the late 20th century and early 21st century. The Great Patchwork will be used by all societies patrifocal, matrifocal, and bifocal from the end of the Age of Capricorn until the beginning of the 2nd dark age in either the end of the Age of Gemini or beginning of the 2nd Age of Taurus.  A new Patchwork system will be created after the end of this dark age later in history.  The Great Patchwork, the understanding of the Goddess, perfected ecospirituality, and a huge advance in architecture will be the great gifts of the Age of Capricorn to the ages after it. 

There will be a great belief in demons, magic, and astrological prophecy amongst the witches of North and South America, especially the North.  They will understand the warning contained at the end of this prophecy written here.  Eight hundred years before the end of the Age of Capricorn a group of witches will get together to seal the darkness of the dark souls in a ritual.  The two great magical traditions must create a seal to protect the world from the dark spiritual forces of the night who seek to return.  Such evil men as Stalin, Mao, Saddam Hussein would seek to reincarnate as mortals.  Only the seals of the two traditions will keep them at bay. 

A great final seal must be forged in Wyoming above the Yellowstone Caldera.  Many other seals must be made like it all over the world.  The power of the seals that are carved in stone and metal must be of the two true great traditions of sorcery and witchcraft who serve the Elohim and the Goddess both faithfully.  One side must be drawn the sign of the one tradition, one the other must be drawn the 2nd.  One tradition is of the male, the other of the female.  It will be known what to do by the high priestesses.  This seal will hold until it is destroyed.  This will likely occur 800 years before the end of the Age of Cancer despite all efforts to prevent it from happening.  Thus this seal is for exactly one half a procession, one half of a Eeon.  The seal must be cast, though, for all time.  Though it is known by the Elohim who serve the God and the Archons who serve the Goddess, not even the most powerful can stop cosmic karma and the will of life to evolve. 

At the end of the Age of Capricorn a man will come born into what is likely to be the royal monarchy of this society now based in Russia/Northern China who will represent the God.  He will be a crown prince I believe. He will bring the Council of the Goddess to Russia to discuss the fusion of the God and the Goddess.  This will result in the end of the total rule of women in the matriarchy and the restoration of the right of worthy men to rule on Earth again.  However, the result will not be the return of patriarchy but the return of biofocal social traditions which are slightly patrifocal to balance for the astrology of the time period as the new Age of Sagittarius will be masculine.  There will be an official apology from the Council of the Goddess for the harm done to men and an acceptance of the return to a balance in the next age.

The transition to power during this period will be very formal and follow the traditions of peace between the sexes which will be established at this time.  The Crown Prince and a member of the Council of the Goddess will marry and have a happy marriage.  This will result in a peaceful understanding and transition to a new age.  This will all be based on history and peace will come between the two powers of the North at long last.

There are those who will attempt to erase history and halt all discussions of history during darker periods of the coming Ages especially the 1st two and after return of political and social chaos to the world during the last 800 years of the Age of Cancer described in this work until the final battle between collective good and evil on Earth.  These people will be in the wrong because without the final full judgement erasing history will be wrong even if the intentions are supposedly good.  They will erase the good with the bad without the correct procedure for karmic containment of those who do not wish to grow as souls on this Earth.  This process, which is rooted in the intention to destroy evil, is too complex for those in a hurry who hide their own darkness behind pretending to the light of what is best for all.  All must known for this sort of justice to take place perfectly.  Yet this will not stop the error from happening several times in human history by mobs of the ignorant and stupid.  A small amount of good will come from these errors, but little of any long term constructive change in the greater picture of human failure to grow towards a mature, rational, and just understanding of itself.  But the mob will have its day as it always does.

Once the war of the Feminarchy is at an end, the matriarchy will dissolve like the patriarchy before it until only a small core remains in its old heartland of the central North American continent.  But the conversion will be mostly to a matrifocal society in North and South America instead of a biofocal society.  Once this war ends there will be no further wars in human history until the 2nd Dark Age, though there will be periods of political and social chaos during the end of the Age of Sagittarius and the middle of the Age of Scorpio, and then again at the end of the Age of Cancer onward periodically until the 2nd Dark Age (if it manifests based on human inability to master the lessons of psychology, history, and self understanding collectively).   However from our current point of view the wars of the Feminarchy will be extremely tame often costing less than 10,000 lives for each given war.  A war of slaughter in this day will be like 20,000 - 30,000 dead.  These wars will have broken the 3100 year long peace established from around the Age of Aquarius 500 years to their beginning around the Age of Capricorn 1500 years or so.

Once these wars end there will be no more wars in human history unless the prediction of the 2nd Dark Age (which is based on the world's "holy books" prediction primarily) comes to pass.  As such humanity will enjoy a war free period from the beginning of the Age of Sagittarius until probably the beginning of the 2nd Age of Taurus and at least until the end of the Age of Gemini hopefully.  This whole period from the Age of Aquarius to the end of the Age of Gemini shall be referred to as the Age of Light, or more specifically the 1st Age of Light.

In the Age of Sagittarius will come a civilization based on knowledge which will grow in China.  China will be the great society of this time period and the center of world culture just as the American heartland society was the center of the age before and the Eastern European civilization the center of the Age of Aquarius civilization.  In this time period people grow to look like one another because the races have been interbreeding for so long that by the middle of the Age of Sagittarius there is essentially one human race with rare individuals who have the characteristics of the old racial groups.

In the age of Sagitarrius the mix of social systems will be about 30% patrifocal, 50% bifocal, 20% matrifocal.   The matrifocal heartland will always remain North America and parts of South America.  The patrifocal heartland will largely be in Russia and East Asia.  When these percentages are given in this whole prophecy as written they refer to the percent of people globally who live in these types of systems.

There will be a tradition of the two "popes" created at the beginning of this Age.  The Black Pope will live in the City of Knowledge in China and will represent the Civilization of Knowledge of the East.  The White Pope will live in the City of Conscience, London, and will represent the Civilization of Conscience of the West.  Periodically every time Jupiter is in Sagittarius will the White Pope spend a year with the Black Pope in the City of Knowledge in China.  There they will discuss the state of the world.  But when Jupiter is in Gemini, the Black Pope will travel to London to visit the White Pope for a year.  This will be the most important tradition of the Age of Sagittarius.  Popes will be selected by test of Knowledge through formal debate and command of the theories of all subjects.

The Black Pope will also represent the Goddess and to show the connection in all things will wear white traditionally while in the City of Knowledge and black when in the City of Conscience.  The White Pope will represent the God and will wear black when in the city of Conscience and white when in the city of Knowledge.   The Popes will be about 2/3 males and about 1/3 will be female.  During this time a third Supreme Priestess will also be chosen to represent the feminine in North American part of the world when no Pope is female.  During the last 700 years or so of the 2 Pope tradition only 2 of the Popes will be female and this will eventually create a disbalance as the last few Popes will be unpopular.

During the Age of Sagittarius a great civilization of knowledge will be built.  People will look like one another so much so that the mind of the individual will become the most attractive and distinctive feature of individuality.  This will allow a great growth of thought and intellect.  In China the Great City of Knowledge will contain all the secrets of the Library of Alexandria before it was burned and many, many new ones as such that have never been known to human thought.  While the internet will still exist the greatest knowledge will only be open to the worthy and some of it written down in traditional texts only.  At the end of this Age, the last 500 years or so, will come a period of chaos when the rule of the two Popes is questioned as being too rigid.

During the Age of Scorpio will the human race be transformed.  During this period people will develop breeding programs to create and allow for a variety of different races to return to the human species.  In addition they will be looking to increase human longevity to about 130 to 140 years on average from what is probably around 90 to 100 before this time.  There will be a great interest in developing a youth that will last at least 100 years and much effort to make this a reality.  There will be many efforts at making this happen.  Genetic engineering technology will be used by a small minority who will be distrusted and isolated from other societies.  These societies that practice genetic engineering will be a small minority perhaps no more than 5% of the human race and will be limited in size by global "treaty" so as to keep the dangers of this sort of experimentation to a minimum.  These people will likely not be allowed to reproduce with others who use natural methods to change to evolve humans and will exist almost as a separate sub species until such time as their experiments can be naturally merged with the rest of humanity.

Before this time period, which is about 6500 years from now, genetic engineering will be forbidden as people will not be able to manage it properly.  During the 6500 year time period before this age science will be able to fully observe the full biological nature of the human.  Ideas will arise that human can learn how to change their genes with their minds alone or with very limited use of technology.  These ideas and ideas of selective human breeding will have a much higher popularity than mechanical manipulation of genes which will be distrusted by 95% of societies.  It will be discovered that much of what can be done can be done internally once we understand the full science of human consciousness and our own ability to develop our minds and bodies in synch.  Much of this work will be done in the Age of Scorpio.

Two new races of human will emerge during the sexual divergence of humanity which will bring back variety with a return of traditional racial forms so that the human race again has a variety of different body types to choose from when incarnating.  The first new race is likely to have blue skin.  The 2nd new race is likely to be hermaphroditic.  These two races will be discovered in the Age of Scorpio at some point. 
India will be the center of world civilization during the Age of Scorpio.  A concept called the sex bank will come into being at the beginning of this age whereby transactions between adults will be backed in sex.  This will destroy the concept of banking though no banks will have existed as we know them for many thousands of years at this point.  This sex bank concept will result in problems though.  In addition failure to understand karma will cause dis-balances in social systems.

The social systems in the Age of Scorpio will be about 50% bifocal, 25% matrifocal, and 25% patrifocal.   Scorpio is considered the most masculine of the feminine water and earth signs due to its traditional association with Mars. 

A series of messengers will come including one called the Matreya who will bring a complete karmic doctrine that satisfies the world's need for the idea of karma to be complete and just.  This will eliminate many of the abuses of karmic ideologies around the middle of the Age of Scorpio.  Unlike the last three ages, the Age of Scorpio will not have a fall of its ruling systems because of this message delivered by this individual as well as other messengers. 

The deep history of the future revolves around the understanding and development of the system called practical spiritual psychology by the scientifically minded including myself.  In this idea humanity is a subset of the 78 dimensions of emotion, the 26 core dimensions being the light of the divine.  For full civilizational mastery the 26 temples of light must be constructed and this unifying principle to be the final realized spiritual tradition of the planet in terms of its human members. 

In order for this final stage of human spiritual development to begin, a critical mass of individuals must come to understand the dimensional processes described by my main teacher as these 78 dimensions.  When fully realized the 26 temples of light will be constructed.  It is likely this will be completed as soon as it can be.  But because of human ignorance should this project succeed it is likely be become, on the first pass, into just another religion of denial of the practical application of the message through knowledge, consciousness, and the remembering of our complete divine heritage.

As such it is my vision that I have seen so far that a 2nd dark age, the one described in the Bible, will come to pass.  This period of history will occur very far into our future from our current understanding of time and "very far" as the case may be.  If the temples are constructed before this time period they are likely to lead humanity through a taste of what is possible when full mastery is truly practiced.  Perhaps my visions are too dark, but it is wise to consider what will happen if we fail to master ourselves in the soon to be future of higher consciousness that is going to arrive as the Ages continue to pass.

The 2nd dark age concept is one that is begun as a result of one of two events physically.  The first is the fall of an asteroid that is being mined in Earth's orbit which would cause a near extinction level event.  The 2nd is the possibility of large volcanic eruption that is considered a "mega volcano" that would cause massive loss of life on Earth.  The 2nd is, in fact, a certain event most likely based on the fact that these volcanoes are real.   The Yellowstone super-volcano is considered the most likely suspect, but other supervolcano complexes around the world cannot be ruled out with what we know right now.

The 2nd dark age may be unavoidable because of the certainty of this event.  It may be unstoppable because interfering with Earth's natural cycle of volcanic eruptions may cause an even larger eruption.  It will require a great deal of science to determine if it is possible to create a smaller series of eruptions to avoid a truly gigantic one.  It may, also, be simply impossible because of Earth's inner dynamics. There will be much debate concerning this problem. 

In the "prophetic" visions I had I saw a long series of Ages as I have described so far being the 1st Eeon or Procession of Ages, or rather specifically its cycle of light before its dark age.  These lasted until the future Age of Gemini or Taurus, more likely the latter.  Because human history began with the Age of Taurus (unless you believe in the so called theory of ancient civilizations like Atlantis which has no real archeological proof whatsoever at this time and must be considered a joke by morons by any serious scientists as it is presented) we must consider the next Age of Taurus to be called the 2nd Age of Taurus if we are being formal, which I tend to prefer being, because it is the proper way to name and refer to things historically.

In these visions I saw the three "MetaAges" following the end of the current or 1st dark age of human history.  The first of these is the Bronze Meta Age described above as the Ages of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Sagittarius.  The 2nd of these is the Silver Meta Age consisting of the Age of Scorpio as described above and including the Ages of Libra and Virgo.  The Age of Libra I saw as being balanced, of course, between masculine and feminine social constructs.  Libra is the most feminine of the air and fire signs being traditionally associated with Venus.  I generally saw the percentages of societies similar to the Age of Scorpio with perhaps even more biofocal societies.  It is an Age dedicated to relationship dynamics and the great societies of social harmony and discourse.  The Age of Virgo I saw as being the great age of farming and precise management of the land.  Slightly matrifocal in social dyanamics overall, the Age of Virgo will be highly ordered and a time of precise exacting protocols in many social systems.

The 3rd of the Meta Ages is the Golden Meta Age including the Age of Leo, Cancer, and Gemini.  The Age of Leo is the pinnacle of human social development, moderately patrifocal as a whole, and incredibly grand.  The Age of Cancer is moderately matrifocal as a whole, and the time of the 2nd Matriarchy in about 1/3 of the world (the 1st obviously being during the Age of Capricorn) which will lack the extremism of the 1st one and be much more male friendly on the whole.  However, when I had my visions I saw that at the end of the Age of Cancer about 800 years before it ended evil of a new name would return through the cracks in the consciousness of humanity because of our inability to delve deeply enough within ourselves.  This is a warning for those who live in the future.  Remain conscious and vigilant to the 78 dimensions and always beware and remain conscious of the darkness.

What my visions indicated was that in the Age of Cancer, the golden age would fail to some extent.  Dark elements still at work would be at cause.  As a result the end of the Age of Cancer is tainted and the Age of Gemini is less than it could have been if these things that transpired had been prevented.  Now, of course, we have much time to search for the cause of this danger, but there are those who may, in fact, serve the will of destruction.  We must consider the possibility that some beings here are not at all what they appear to be.  However they are not necessary those of poor reasoning would consider the likely suspects at first glance.

The Age of Cancer will include a period of about 800 years from about the middle of it to about 500 years before its end where up to 80% of the planet will be ruled by a coalition of non-hetrosexuals and their close heterosexual allies.  Up to 50% of the government of the time in most of the planet will be homosexuals, and a doctrine of homosexual intellectual superiority will be prevalent during this time period.  This system of government will be justified on the idea of karmic excesses that have disproportionately harmed non-heterosexuals and in addition will be considered pay-back for the failure of developing this system during the Age of Aquarius which is traditionally associated with homosexuals and during which they should have had their 800 year rule (for the astrologically correct and karmically insistent lovers of just order).  This will actually be considered the conservative position of this time period (the 2nd half of the Age of Cancer).

This government will be supported by the hermaphroditic race, but old prejudices that people thought were eradicated will make their emergence here 800 years before the end of the Age of Cancer.  This is a warning to the leaders of that time period.  Any lies you tell will be instrumental in your downfall and the downfall of human society back into barbarism.  Do not provoke the heterosexual super-majority.   But, as I see it from this time period, the leaders of that time period will involve themselves in some sort of complex coverup that will be exposed bringing down that system.  A great revolt will occur from the people when they discover the extent of the lie, and the myths that sustain the balance of human political harmony will be permanently disrupted to the ruin of all.  

It will all begin with the destruction of the Great Seal that will sit in a museum in this Age.  This is the one made in the Age of Capricorn to protect the world from the return of the dark soul group.  You have been warned.  The affairs of spirit are not to be trifled with.  Woe unto those who do not believe in magic.  Greater woe onto those who do not practice just administration.

Eventually after a period of chaos a new system of administration will emerge, but there are those who will seed chaos and disorder from this point forward in history until the final battle at the end of the 2nd Age of Aquarius.  In addition I see the rise of old prejudices and hatred.  The bitter winds of karma is what this will be called.  An attempt at balance in the Age of Gemini will bring an "Indian summer" to the disorder.   A just balance will be held in place by creating a proportionally representative government with a constitution.  This global constitution will become the longest central administrative legal document in the history of humankind.  The proportional representation, all in the name of justice, will be based on factional just outcomes so that the percentage of people who are of a said group will sit in the administration.  This will create, as one can imagine, a very large and loud global parliament staffed with hordes of intellectuals and the most odious bureaucracy that can be imagined.

This system will result in relative peace until the crisis and collapse of the 1st Age of Light, however, constant sabotage will be a problem.  Another issue will be the constant murmuring about the dark karma period when the world's unaddressed karmic injustices must come due.  This period places people who have done more harm in the distant past in jeopardy as some types of karmic injustices cannot be repaid in the light, but must be repaid in kind in the dark.  This doctrine, based on karmic analysis will weigh heavily on the last leaders of the 1st Age of Light.  

But karma must have it's due in a world that is unconscious to the truth of it's higher path.  Only consciousness can truly overcome karma, and sometimes even that is not enough.  A sacrifice is required to show ownership of one's karma, and that price will be too high for the egos of the selfish to pay.  Those who have worked for the planet's and humanity's salvation will not be worried about this as much as the Mystery Schools will have taught them all they need to know before the coming of the breaking of the world.  And so it is that everyone will enjoy the twilight of the 1st Age of Light in ignorant bliss of the coming global holocaust.  A few others will try and escape to moon bases and large habitable space stations before the end as they mock the ignorance and stupidity of the vast majority in the apparent safety of their temples in space.
In order to account for the idea that the Golden MetaAge would not last as long as it should if humans were more conscious, the end of the Age of Cancer, the last 800 years of it, and the whole of the Age of Gemini were retagged in my visions to be Silver Ages.  Evil under a new name then fully returns in the 2nd Age of Taurus, after a full procession of human history lasting about 26,000 years.  Given the relationship of the 26 dimensions of light to the 26,000 year cycle, one has to be somewhat astonished at this very intriguing coincidence as it were.  The concept of the Eeon of Voices, being the first Conscious Age of human development, begins with the Age of Aquarius and ends with the closing of the 2nd Age of Aquarius, thus is technically one Age longer than a physical Eeon based on the procession cycle of the zodiac.

I will continue further in this idea of the return of the dark age.  I have come to the conclusion that the prophecies in the Bible will essentially remain frozen and that much of what the Bible describes in the Book of Revelations is not the near term Age of Light (although by cosmic terms we are all technically still in darkness by far even in this coming time period of relative peace), but instead the Book of Revelations describes to some extent the future dark age when the prophecy of the return of the incarnated Christ avatar and other avatars not yet defined occurs according to the legend of human history and the concept of the great souls of the past incarnating specifically in forms of cosmic justice. 

As a consequence a series of very large events in deep time in this regard relative to our current state of affairs was visioned by myself concerning the future great conflict of this much more destructive Dark Age to come.  Indeed, what can be said, it seems, is that there will be a war between two great powers multiple times in this coming Dark Age which, if we are not conscious enough, will occur.  What I saw was four Ages of strife and war stretching out from the 2nd Age of Taurus to the end of the 2nd Age of Aquarius followed by a period of final argumentative conflict (without war) stretching an additional Age into the end of the 2nd Age of Capricorn, although this 2nd Age of Capricorn will be far better than any of the ages before even in the 1st Age of Light described before the 2nd Age of Darkness.

New races of humans will be instrumental in shaping the conflict which will see a rise and return of a new, but much more sophisticated patriarchy based on highly complex honor culture.  These races will include the blue race that emerges in the Age of Scorpio and that will likely have a base in Northern Africa.  The neo-red race will emerge as the most physically powerful race and will be based in what is now Russia and will evolve sometime between the Age of Scorpio and the Age of Cancer.  The neo-white race will emerge in its traditional European heartland in a similar time period.  The neo-black race will emerge in its traditional heartland of sub Saharan Africa also at a similar time period.  

In addition to these groups will be the old mixed human race derived from mix of the races of the current time period which will all appear to be homogenized "Brazilian" appearing humans with primarily olivine complexion with strong asiatic and sub-Saharan African undertones.  This will be called the old race.  

The new races will all emerge through natural means vis-a-vie either breeding programs and/or advanced scientific selection without the use of genetic engineering through germ line selection technology whereby the desired traits are discovered within the genetic material (and analyzed with computer technology) and the cellular line expanded outwards (through cellular growth also analyzed with computer technology) and pretested against potential evolutionary factors in the environment.  In additional reverse engineered embryonic systemology will be evolved from understanding how the human body itself rewrites the genetic code of the germ line to pass on successful traits from environmental conditions. Reverse engineered embryonic systemology is a biological processes whereby the embryo has the ability to essentially regrow itself based on its own internal testing of the environment through cellular regeneration-fusion of stem cell aggerates.

Some of these types of technologies will allow a small percentage of people to be born as test tube babies, however, it will be highly controversial.  These experiments will begin in the Age of Scorpio as laws will forbid them before this time period.  The core of this process will allow for human technology without genetic engineering to solve the stem cell regeneration problem in human medicine.  Through expanding of cell lines in natural form test tubes without the creation of embryos, better cellular lines will be revealed.  Once these better lines are discovered it will be possible to select mates for people with these lines in order to emerge them in the population.  

These and other such natural processes will be termed Accelerated Natural Evolution and will be the cornerstone of advances in medicine through stem cell regeneration of organs and better human bodies through discovering the intelligence already present in nature and allowing for its rapid emergence with the least harm to all.  This concept of the intelligence already present in nature within the cells themselves will be shown to be true over time.  And it will be demonstrated that genetic engineering is far inferior to just allowing nature through the human body, D.N.A./R.N.A., and cell to do its job.  The emergence of neural controls over non-nerve cell groups will be discovered and will greatly enhance increased body intelligence.  These ideas will lead the emergence of the neo-white, neo-red, and neo-black race and allow for the further refinement of the hermaphroditic race (which will remain less than 1% of the population during the 1st Age of Light time period) and blue race. 

The old race will grade to being more asiatic in the far east and more african in sub-saharan Africa so that a sufficient distinction still exists to distinguish the Chinese sub population of the 2nd Dark Age.  However, genetic distinctions will have re-emerged during the 2nd Age of Scorpio and later periods to some extent in the old race due to the desire to maintain differences in populations due to the "boring" factor of having a single monolithic homogeneity in appearance for humans as a whole.  Before the 2nd Age of Scorpio these distinctions are nearly erased for over 2000 years.  What this means is that the old race will come to represent two sub-populations of the asiatic old race in the traditional far east and the rest of the old race everywhere else.  

During what I believe to be very end of the 2nd Age of Gemini and the very beginning of the 2nd Age of Taurus, the great cataclysm will take place, most likely a super-volcano eruption, though a human made disaster such as an experimental nuclear reactor overload or a asteroid mining accident causing a large asteroid to strike the Earth cannot be ruled out.  Immediately after this, within a few generations, the survivors will begin to fight each other for survival.  The four more powerful races will attack the old race as it will be weaker than them.  The new races will have large and powerful bodies compared with those of the old race and this will lead to a disbalance in power.  This will result in the emergence of a new dynamic throughout the new Patriarchy time period.  The old race will slowly be "selected" against through during war.  Eventually through interbreeding again five groups will come to exist on the planet.  It will not be a pleasant time to live for many thousands of years for the majority.  

The asiatic old race will be conquered by the neo-red race during this time period giving rise over time to a new golden race that will live in China.  The blue race will conquer the Middle East as far as India.  The neo-red race and it's golden race cousins and the blue race will fight each other over everything from India to Mesopotamia.  This dynamic will give rise to the idea of Gog and Mogog.  The neo-white race will live in Europe and fight for control of Europe from the blue race and neo-red race's aggression.  The neo-black race will also fight against the neo-blue race, but there will be a balance of powers.  

Due to pressures similar to what happened during invasions from the steppes of barbarian hordes, the stronger groups push the weaker groups to flee and invade other areas themselves.  Periodically the neo-black and neo-white races will be on the losing end of the wars and form up invasion fleets and attack North and South America to escape the often more powerful neo-red and neo-blue races.  This will result in the formation of the neo-black race core in South America and southern Africa, and a neo-white race core in North America and continental Europe.  The neo-blue race will likely control the northern half of Africa eventually north of the Equator.  The neo-red race will eventually be halted at the borders of Eastern Europe.  India will suffer the most as it will be the main fighting ground between the blue race and the neo-red race and golden race.  This racial conflict will be seen in colder terms than today as merely part of the evolutionary process of selection.

The racial conflicts will result in new societies at this time, and the emergence of multi-racial empires especially during the 2nd Age of Aries.  These empires will be larger and more powerful than anything that has existed before in human history.  They will be highly organized with a deep culture and tradition unlike anything that we can think of in our current age. 

During what I believe is the 2nd Age of Aries, a great war will take place between two great powers which I believe the Bible refers to as Gog and Mogog.  One power will rule the West which will include Europe, North and South America, and probably most if not all of Africa.  The 2nd power will rule the East, but will not be unified except during a certain time period when they will unify to defeat their Western foe.  In this great war 80% of the world's soldiers will die and the whole of the planet will be left in ruins.  Four powers will vie for the world.  The greatest of these will be based in the West, the other in the East.  When these two have severely weakened themselves from the most terrible war the world will ever see, in the North, the 3rd power will sweep down and destroy the other two. And this will not be the end for war will reign terribly for a long dark time. A fourth power shall exist in Australia and Indonesia with great technological supremacy over the other powers.  But after the great war between the three powers the remnants of the old Eastern power will overthrow this 4th power too and all shall come to ruin for the Australian Empire. 

The Emperor of the West, whose capital will be in London, will die at the hands of his son for failure to prevent the suffering of his people.  The son will cut the aorta above his heart with the sacred sword of the Empire and the Great Father God dedicated to the Archangel Sandalphon to let him bleed to death as a failed leader and father of his people.  This is the honored tradition of the Civilization of the West at that time but not practiced for many hundreds of years until that faithful day.  For much of humanity will be dead at his feet and he would be unable to protect his Empire from the storm of shadows.  The followers of the Temple of the East, the leaders of the opposition Empire that will outnumber those in the West by 3 to 1 will see his example and follow his lead in protest at the slaughter of their own soldiers and the massacres of civilians that may happen.  Many of the great generals of the East will lead a rebellion against their own leaders and when they fail they will all die by the hands of their sons.  The tragedy of this time period will echo throughout the ages of humanity and throughout the universe when all things are known.

But the balance of the planet's ecosystem will be respected by the dark powers by treaties and no harmful radioactivity will be permitted to damage the land in any of these terrible wars.  And by the great treaty will no abuse of children be permitted, though inevitably many will die in war.  The order of the black hand will protect the child and all who harm them shall be put to death in this time of history. But for a long time will many other forms of darkness reign.  It will be hard but true time.

At the very end of the 2nd Age of Aries and the beginning of the 2nd Age of Pisces, Quetzalcoatl will return to the land of Mexico which will again be ruled by an Aztec like people.  Here he will challenge the evil rule of the dark priesthood who cuts the hearts out of its victims as was promised in the legends of Mexico and the Aztec people.  He will be the new avatar of the a new religion of light that will spread all over the world like Christianity today.  He will come in the name of Jesus Christ and the Christ consciousness and will be known as the Christed Quetzalcoatl.  This religion will spread and will convert all of the west that was under the great empire that fell in the Age of Aries and will rebirth the Christian religion with two saviors now beyond the one.  This avatar will die at the hands of the new Aztecs preaching love and human compassion like Jesus Christ did 26,000 years before him.  His martyrdom will doom the new Aztec Empire within a few generations.  He will have 12 disciples like Jesus and several of them will be female disciples.  The story will mirror the Jesus story in many ways but the societies of the time will be far more advanced culturally and so it will be a more advanced set of ideas overall.

The 2nd Age of Pisces will be dominated by the war between the existing Mystery Schools in an attempt to explain the universe of thought and consciousness.  At the end of 2nd Age of Pisces will come two great mystics, one a man and one a woman.  They will be the reincarnations of Jesus Christ and the Great Woman from Persia.  Yet the man will be the reincarnation of The Great Woman from Persia and the women will be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  In this time which will happen in a peaceful society removed from the great conflict because they will be between the wars between powers.  Here the great prophecy of time will be fulfilled and the great mystery school of Life be anchored through the mystery itself.  The mystics will be married in the conventions of their time.  They will have many great followers around them who are near their equals and schooled in consciousness. 

From their efforts will be born a resistance to the great lies told at that time.  Then the prophecies of the Torah, New Testament, and Koran will at last come to pass.  And also, after this, the prophecies of the 26 temples of light will be fulfilled as it was meant to be fulfilled at the beginning of our current Eeon in history.

Most of the later half of the second Age of Pisces and much of the second Age of Aquarius will see the world ruled by astrologers.  Astrological fiefdoms will dominate the Asian continent.  The false astrologers will all be overthrown in a great war with the Chinese emperor around the year 350 of the 2nd Age of Aquarius who will be the most kind warlord known until that time period and will use non violent means of war in displays of honor and true demonstrations of strength.  Few will die in battle against his armies and the world will be awed by the power of such command of just force.  He will meet the leaders of the West somewhere near Warsaw after the greatest military campaign in the history of the world and they will show him that the West of that time is just, good, and worthy of peace.  The Emperor will leave the West untouched after being impressed by their spiritual leaders knowledge, wisdom, and virtue.  China will be a great superpower during this time period with far more power than the United States today even when excluding technological advances.  This will occur several hundred years before the return of the Christ in the east.  This Chinese Empire will fall eventually to the rise of chaos before the rise of the last dark powers in the east several hundred years after the rule of the great emperor.  

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene will be incarnated in Israel of that time for the first war with the remnants of Gog and Mogog (the old powers destroyed in the great war of the Age of Aries).  They will again be married and Mary Magdalene will give birth to seven children for Christ which will be heroes of the light.  The Great Woman from Persia, the reincarnated Voice of Knowledge, will be incarnated at this time as the Supreme High Priestess and will run the government.  This will happen in the 2nd Age of Aquarius.  After this great war will come 1000 years of peace.  The final battle with the remnants of Gog and Mogog will take place at the end of the 2nd Age of Aquarius whereby Mother Mary, incarnated as the Voice of Love, Master Architect of the Divine Plan of Earth will be challenged by all those who serve the mindless will of destruction.  In the great and final battle 45% of humanity will side with the darkness against the light and will be utterly crushed in a war began by the dark side, not the Faithful of the Holy Spirit.

For all wars begun against the Christ and his allies are always begun by the dark side.  So shall you know who is true and who is false.  The light never strikes first.  In the final blood war of human history, the last battle between good and evil on this Earth, the forces who resist the consensus of the coming Divine Monarchy will make a final stand against their sentences for karmic crimes against humanity and they will be utterly defeated.  Jesus Christ and Elijah, will be incarnated as brothers, the sons of reincarnated Mother Mary and will lead the armies of the True Spirit of Light against the attackers.  When this war is over all shall recognize the true Cosmic Hierarchy through their works and their spirit.  The Voice of Remembering will make all things clear so that Faith may heal Time and forge the world through a true and unconditional forgiveness of all the crimes that have occurred. And so the 2nd Age of Capricorn shall begin.

All of history will be judged in a final judgement at this time.  The dark souls who are the dark archons will be judged at this time.   Those who are found worthy will be allowed to remain incarnating in human form, though they will be considered the lowest of the low if they are still willing to remain under those conditions.  Those who are not worthy will be imprisoned by magic and ritual within the Earth until her destruction billions of years from now.  The forces of nature alone will speak for them until the time of the end of Earth herself.  The crimes of the rest of humanity who worked against the will of highest intentions of creation as expressed by the incarnating spirits of good shall be sentenced to karmic duties worthy of their failures.  Their punishments will be good from now on, and to treat the good people who had done more than them for the greater good of humanity with respect and humility.  They will accept these terms in good faith and peace shall reign more or less from this point forward in human history.  

The names of the evil men and women of history will be erased this time in full consciousness so that their shadows trouble the living no more.  The story will remain without the names of the evil ones that they never rise again.  This process will be done at this time with perfect karmic containment and in perfect justice and divine judgement so that everything is done in the light of full consciousness and the process is fully acknowledged by all and thus result in real permanent results spiritually.  The people will know and understand justice and divine judgement at this time as a collective expression and the results will be the end of the dark plague upon this Earth.  

And so will end the Eeon of Voices and will begin the Eeon of Testimentarians.  After this will be the Eeon of Greater Testimentarians.  And after this will be the Eeon of Demi-Gods.  And the Cosmic Hierarchy of Ancient Spirits of Good, the incarnated Elohim, shall be seen through their works to be honorable and true to the promise of consciousness given before time began for Earth.  And all of this time described in this vision shall add up to 105,600 years (+- 100 years or so) for four processions of the Ages (Eeons) counted from the beginning of 1st Age of Aquarius to the end of the 5th Age of Aquarius.  An alternative idea is presented that each Eeon shall be 13 Ages long instead of 12 to account for the 26 Voices ruling 13 Ages of each Eeon.  A third alternative is presented several paragraphs below.

There will be additional periods of human history that have honorable combat allowed to settle karmic disputes with very strict conscientious limitations in the number of combats permitted and the reasons for their being allowed.  The general rule during this period which will likely be Ages of Aries or Scorpio will be that combat may proceed to settle disputes if neither combatant kills the other.  The penalty for killing one's opponent will be exile and severe spiritual punishment and possibly even death if the violence is deemed evil and completely out of bounds though during the coming "Age of Light" this sort of event will be almost non-existent.  These instances of accidental death through combat will still occur but will be perfectly contextualized in the future by the spiritual caste and by the administration that the peace of humanity is not broken by these minor personal disputes.   

The laws of battle will be perfected so that eventually no further deaths will occur by honorable combat after some 50 million years or so.  These deaths will occur rarer and rarer as time goes on and as humans perfect themselves further being even as few as a few per hundred years in the entire planet even as early as the 2nd Eeon's 3rd Age of Aries so strict and conscientious will be the regimen for karmic dispute settlement.  True honorable combat as defined by justice and divine judgement will only be permitted during the coming long age of light after the end of the 1st Eeon with the emergence of almost entirely painless bodies and perfected human minds capable of maturely dealing with karmic conflict in the light of perfect justice for all.  

In the beginning of the 2nd Age of Sagittarius, a true child-form state will be built for those who wish to live their lives in the child-like mind state of existence.  The rule of the divine child will be first attempted in this Age.  A few prior attempts will be made but each time Innocence will not have been complete.  The Voice of Innocence will have explained the conditions of this to the world in the 1st Age of Scorpio.  The child-form state, a society governed by children, or adults with pure childlike minds, is a condition of spiritually sentient society.  Because of the corruption of our world it will not emerge until this time as a complete expression.  This begins the teaching s which reach towards full sentience which is the goal that is to be reached in order for our world to move from semi-sentience to full sentience which begins with the 5th Eeon, the Age of the Child-God.  This Age is set to begin at the end of the 105,600 years described for the first four Eeons of human existence unless is it delayed slightly more as described below.

The purpose of the human evolution in terms of its gift to the cosmos is to express creatively through romance, games, fun, and entertainment.  This gift means that the Age of Leo is the closest to the external expression of the human species in terms of what it provides to the universe and larger cosmic community.  Creativity, romance, fun and gaming especially will be repressed however during the first Eeon and to some extent even until the 2nd Age of Leo because of anti-gaming and anti-creativity controls placed on young humans.   This will mostly be done in the name of protecting young people from the dangers of gaming as it will be understood by the nanny state rulers of 1st Eeon who will consider gaming a threat.  Gaming also represents the fundamental human addiction and as such when the addiction is conquered, the human being will be master of games, entertainment, fun, and romance.  We probably won't surpass the local elder extraterrestrial species at this as our specialization however until quite some time perhaps as long as 250 million years.

Internally, however, the human race is represented by the angel Archetype specific to the sign of Aquarius.  Humans will tend to be, thus, somewhat rebellious, non conformist, and ideologically inclined by universal standards.  The procession of the Eons may move the initial start of the procession of the Ages to Leo by adding one age per procession until the procession begins at Leo (6 processions) and keep it there for precisely 26 cycles, representing the 26 dimensions of light and the 26 Voices, to account for this idea.  After the 26 cycles are over the procession would be shifted back to Aquarius by adding one age per cycle (6 processions more). 

The total time of these processions is a little over one million years if done in this manner.  This time period represents the rule of the Solar Archons (the 1st rule technically) during which time the Solar Archons guide human development as the leaders of consciousness which is also referred to as ArchAge of the Solar Temple.  After this time period is the rule of the Planetary Archons highest in rank, those described as Planetary Archon 40s and 39s who rule for a similar length of time.  This is referred to as the 1st ArchAge of the Lunar Temple.  After this the next group of Planetary Archons will assume the same role for another time period, those who are ranked 37 and 38, which is the 2nd ArchAge of the Lunar Temple.  These ranks are known as Messiah class ranks which include all beings on this planet ranked Planetary Archon 37 and above.  The reason was not clear as to why it was so but had something to do with the nature of Christ consciousness as understood at some very deep level of being. 

The total number of ArchAges through which the process of rule descends in this manner was not 100% clear though it did not reach the bottom ranks before a need to resume the process from the top again.  I am quite sure that at least 4 classes Lunar ArchAges will be required before another form of order takes over for the remaining time of any particular SuperAge (suggested title of largest time periods).  Over the course of the history of any species properly designed the ArchAge of the Solar Temple will take up 10% of the time period of its existence in my visions.  The 1st ArchAge of the Lunar Temple will also take up 10% and so on down as we extend the right to rule and practice the consciousness to lesser and lesser ranks of spirits.  As a consequence there are multiple instances of Solar ArchAges and the secondary ArchAges of the Lunar Temple each one longer than the last in accordance with the structure of time allotted to our existence as human beings.  The most important times require the most experienced souls to rule and the Solar ArchAges time periods correspond to these important times at the beginning and end of major phases of growth for the species as will be described shortly. 

Those that have gone before guide those who go after as their apprentices in mastery of the planetary consciousness of Earth as vessels of collective expression.  Those who go first are older and more experienced.  Those that proceed are learning from their example.  When the apprentice has chosen a student and becomes the master, the old master retires and becomes an ordinary human being in an incarnation chain except under unique spiritual circumstances until such time as the time of their ArchAge calls them forth again to guide at the proper level of development for their station in the cosmic hierarchy of soul development.  You shall know them by the strength of their consciousness and what they know and express.  Those who are greatest will prove it when necessary and then the others will assume their role when their time is at hand in accordance with the law of cosmic justice.

It is generally been described that there are additional time periods for our development as a species on a cosmic level.  Our species shall exist for 28 million years with Earth as the central planet for humanity and 108 million years total in our current natural habitat range in the universe.  After this time humans will travel the galaxy and region of space out to about three billion light years from the Milky Way as a group living as a semi-nomadic collective for between 20 billion and 260 billion years (the range in the amount of time is related to the Law of 13 of Perfected Systems mentioned in my Metaphysical Cosmology essay).  At the end of this time all things being spiritually revealed, our species will mass ascend by ceasing our reproductive functions and rejoining the existence of the transdimensional spirit planes above the physical cosmos or they will fight a war with intergalactic hostile dark forces as part of a regional balance of power issue to protect our local allies.  Yet, by this time, all will be clear as to why that is the choice we have made.  Don't take my word for it, by all means!  

My visions indicated that our species would in general retain a moderately patrifocal norm throughout its development.  This means periods of greater matrifocal tendencies would occur at a somewhat smaller total length of time to periods of patrifocal tendencies.  Matriachial and patriarchal periods, which in general are more difficult to master, would also occur.  The percentage mix that I believe will be accurate will be about 38% patrifocal/patriarchal, 30% matrifocal/matriarchal and 32% bifocal.  However in all historical periods there will exist some regions who retain focus on the other expressions to keep things in balance, except during most of the 2nd Dark Age.  In addition 10% of humanity is likely be hermaphroditic on average once this subrace is completely established as biologically viable after the beginning of the 5th Eeon of history.  

Additional subraces will exist in certain percentages once they are established through breeding into new forms of human.  Included in this will be an aquatic subrace similar to mermaids whose numbers will be around 100 million and a subrace that is very into cybernetics and organic-machine hybridization.  This later group will also ultimately settle around 8% of the population.  The general "normal" population will be around 60%-70% depending on choices during the different eras though there will be considerable variation compared with today including many different combinations of skin pigmentation.  Humans of the future are likely to have very colorful skins and have eventually developed forms of luminescence as well as exotic hair textures.   

Humans will terraform Mars during the 2nd Age of Capricorn.  Humans will develop FTL drives around the 2nd Age of Sagittarius.   The difficulty of finding an adequate power source will be offset by thousands of years of collected solar power into advance power sources of hyperdense matter controlled by ridiculously sophisticated computer systems by today's standards.  Many experimental forms of matter will be created and experimented with before an effective FTL drive is created.  Humans will terraform and live on many planets, but they will be restricted to a natural range by extraterrestrial governance of our local universe.  

Around four million one hundred thousand years from now, the human race will have naturally evolved to the point where it will be possible for a human being to change sex without surgery completely on their own by becoming a cocoon and reorganizing their body naturally.   This process will be evolved without the use of genetic engineering naturally as the natural way will be considered the only truly safe and correct way for our species to evolve.  At this point the ideas of patrifocal, bifocal, and matrifocal social systems will become meaningless so that the percentages described earlier in terms of these social systems will only apply to the first four million one hundred thousand years of human history.

This prophecy and all it contains will be so controversial (even though it is clearly stated as a work of spiritual fiction) that it will be censored sometime in the Age of Capricorn by it being buried in the archives by those who will fear the negative side of it and the prophecy of a future dark age.  This will unwittingly lead to the fulfillment of this prophecy as the public will be largely in the dark about the warning contained within, but the truth will eventually come out in the Age of Cancer, again about 800 years before the end of this age.  Those who wish to hide the truth about the dark will, like all so called "teachers of the light" before them unwittingly doom humanity to repeat the past errors of history.  It will buried in the vaults of one of the two Churches of the Age of Sagittarius headed by the two Popes.  Only the highest orders of spiritual leaders and possibly initiates into the mysteries will be allowed to see it.  Legends of its existence however will hound the establishment until the prophecies are fulfilled. 

The Myth of the Tetragramaton and the 4 Named Goddess and the Pentagramaton and the 5 Named Goddess

For the first Eeon of human history, the spiritual core of the Light of the human universe centered on the Sun and the solar system will be the Tetragramaton and 4 Named Goddess.  Now the Goddess is in ascendancy, and Her name is Theia, Goddess of the Divine Light which are Her four lesser names and Theia, Supreme Guardian of the Earth Mother which are Her four greater names.   The old God, Jodhehvavheh the Tetragramaton, correctly pronounced Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, has descended into greyness and grows old.  He cannot continue his duty as the God that everyone expects when the elder religions of the one Light have expressed such destruction against women and transgendered humans.  So it is that the patriarchy is broken until the 2nd Eeon, when it shall rise again to confront the darkness of the 2nd Age of Darkness.

Theia is now the supreme deity of the human universal pantheon.  Jodhehvavheh is no longer the Tetragramton, but instead we await the coming of His unnamed God successor self simply referred to as Tetragramaton The Unnamed.  Before going grey to punish human kind for its desecration of the feminine, Jodhehvavheh married Theia creating the twin flame light of divine sublimation in which a new source God was born.  In the very beginning of the Age of Sagittarius, the 1st year in fact, which should generally be considered to be the year 6320 A.D., Tetragramaton the Unnamed will be named and will continue in the human universal pantheon as the sole God of Light married to the Goddess of Light, Theia.  They will be considered equal after this time and the society will be as described slightly patrifocal in orientation, not patriarchal.

Yet because of the nature of the cosmos, this is not enough, so that in the 2nd Eeon of human history, we must await a greater universal God and Goddess of Light.  These are called Pentagramaton the Unnamed and the 5 Named Goddess.  The Tetragramaton is the lesser God of the human universal pantheon while Theia is the lesser Goddess of the human universal pantheon.  The coming Pentagramaton and 5 Named Goddess are the greater God and Goddess of the human universal pantheon.  They will rise after the beginning of the 2nd Dark Age to confront the evil of that era of humans as part of the mystery rights of that time period and taught to the masses as universal themes of consciousness.  But it will be shown that they exist and that the divine world is not a myth but a universal truth.  

The old gods of the pagen world that are pure have been Christed to fight darkness.  And this will be clear only to those who practice the magic of the world.  For there is no war between the pure Gods and the One God and One Goddess, and all have been Christed for the sake of the true exorcists, the Warlocks of the Light.  By the power of the 26 dimensions of Light, they are the true warriors of the spiritual battle of tomorrow's struggles in consciousness.

This is what is written in the divine plan and as Keeper of Knowledge I certify it to be true but much has been revealed that I do not have time to write about.   The more negative parts of this message represent what will happen if we fail and as such constitutes of warning for the current generations.  Perhaps it is that we are all doomed because of what we are.  Perhaps it is the karma of what we are.  But it is still the choice of the living that defines the future of all.  May the Goddess and the God dwell equally and totally with you all.  Blessed be and hallelujah.