The Incomplete Story History of The Mendelbrot Universe and Legend of Kha Dawn

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Here is a break from the usual science, metaphysics, political commentary, and serious ideas I usually write about on this website.  It's my fiction universe!  Yay!  Welcome to the universe of Kha Dawn, the Mendelbrots, and the Arkalkian Front.  A work very, very much in progress.  A fun read for some though, enjoy!  
Warning: This file may cause nerdgasms in sensitive individuals, please use caution when reading.

 The Fall of the Mendelbrots 

By Chris Freely
 "Where is the memory core?"  It was the only question he ever asked.  The trembling pathetic excuse for a being could not come up with an answer.  "I don't understand" said the captain, "there hasn't been a memory core here since before the war".  The Inquisitor repeated the question to the captain, who knew that his life was at an end.  "Where is the memory core?"
The captain spoke back in a tone that surprised himself, "The memory core is gone.  You'll never find it no matter how hard you try.  It's not meant for you or your kind.  You disgrace us with your presence in this holy place."  The captain expected to die in short order.  The Inquisitor stood there for a long time and said nothing.  Minutes went by and only his deep breathing could be heard as he felt the room with his senses. 
The captain felt it.  There was a fractal freeze and everything went black..
Chapter 1
It is said that in the beginning there were the Ancients of Infinity who forged the cosmos.  They were the ones who made the Infinity Continuum, an infinite array of systems that always stay in the light and never lose their way in the dark of the cosmos where those who have grown weary of the journey to infinity may rest.  They had lived forever and continued to live forever.  The ones who went before oversaw everything that was, is, and shall be for those of us who live in the cosmos.  It was said that even before the ones who had created Infinity Continuum there were others who had created another, and before that one was another for an infinite number of Infinity Continuums.  No one known has ever found out if it is true, but there are those who still search for the answer.  And it has been a long time since anyone heard anything from the Infinity Continuum for the stream had long been lost to those born in the darkness.  But it was said we could always return when our time was up.
It is said that we are wayfarers of the eternal night of the cosmos.  It is said that one day we will be born having lived a complete eternity, having mastered the infinite.  That is our journey.  When it ends, another begins.  It is said that the infinite way is mysterious because no one may travel it until they have lived forever.  That is how the legend is told to all the souls everywhere.
It is said that our story begins in time.  It has a place and a name.  And its true as long as I have known.  I have lived and breathed these days knowing this.  And how long has our story lasted I cannot say, but I can say what I know about the story I have lived and about the stories I have heard.
Our story begins with the legend of the Kha.  Kha was a being just like any other.  Kha lived many lives in many places that were quite ordinary in many ways.  Yet he was destined to be born in Arkalkia as the wyrd willed it before he even knew of it's existence.  
Eeons ago before this universe ever existed was the original Arkalkia.  It was a spirit world born of the ether that gave rise to a magical universe.  It gave birth to the Arkalkian universe, a magic universe of over 500 quadrillion galaxies of worlds.  Most of these world fell to corruption during the dark age of magic and Arkalkia, the spirit of the world and of that universe, realized it needed help.  It cried out in the deep for a guardian.  So a child was born in Arkalkia whose name was Kha.
Kha grew up amongst all the other children of Arkalkia, but he was different from them.  Shying away from others his age for much time, he lived differently.  Being a warrior he practiced the rites of the passage of the warrior.  But the other warriors were wary of him and he was wary of them.  But a call went forth for a champion from the sages of Arkalkia who had received a vision from their oracles and from their own meditations and dreams as the case may be for each individually.  So the duty of the warrior was to go and test themselves during the trials.  
And, of course, Kha would pass all the trials and become the Guardian.  From that day forward in eternity he was forever the Guardian of Arkalkia.  And it is always him that Arkalkia calls when She is in need.
During his quest as Guardian he went forth and purified the magic of the land and destroyed the dark lords who had corrupted it throughout all the worlds.  Only one world was destroyed in this quest and only one suffered from a complete annihilation of most of its surface due to the nature of the conflict.  Kha saved the universe but remained in the Dark Tower for a trillion years to atone for the first error, and a billion years for the 2nd error.  There he had only the company of his armies, the armies of Arkalkia that She had given him to complete his task.
At the end all magic was purified, and as a consequence, ended.  Magic ceased.  And so the Arkalkian universe slowly died until nothing was left.  Even Arkalkia herself passed into the darkness.  And Kha himself also expired when the magic died.  So all came to nothing, but yet another story began.
Chapter 2
Long after the magical Arkalkian universe had died, Kha had found himself in another universe.  This one was physical and his lives here were after the manner of beings without proper magic who lived in the dense technophilic worlds of the physical 3d world.  He lived on many worlds here just as he had lived in many different magical world.  Eventually, as he was destined to, he incarnated on a strange cold world called Luffania.  The Luffanians needed a great leader.  

Kha was born many times in Luffania, but when it came time for the Luffanians to choose a planetary emperor, Kha was born into the role.  He fought off all his rivals and became the Divine Emperor of Luffania.  Like in Arkalkia before, Kha lead the Luffanians on a great crusade against the dark empires of the universe.  Three galaxies were liberated during the long campaign to purge the universe of corruption and evil.  The three major galaxies were then formally under the rule of the Luffanian Empire which lasted for two and a half billion years.  In the end the Luffanians released their prize of the galaxies and returned back into isolation.  There were mixed reviews about their rule, but the vast majority felt it was fair as far as such systems were concerned and involved no brutality of the sort that might offend most.
And Kha grew old and died around a million years into the Empire's history.  But in Luffania, he was known as the Dawn Lord, and so called Kha Dawn, destroyer of worlds, creator of new worlds, Eternal Divine Emperor of Luffania.  And ever since have Luffanians everywhere awaited his return.  But that Luffanian Empire died.  And that Luffania mass ascended after all the other elder races who they had shared their galaxies with had either expired or mass ascended themselves.  It was said that he incarnated as Emperor several times during this history.  
Chapter 3
One day Kha was born again in a green land of beauty that was unrivaled to all the other places he had been.  It was a physical world.  It was his beloved Arkalkia again, but here in the physical.  It had finally come back.  And Kha was always its Guardian wherever it may appear.  So the Arkalkians gathered and made him a great feast when the elders had remembered themselves properly.  He thanked them all for their support of the crusade and for their great courage during the long campaign in the magical universe before.
And those who lived their lived many lives together in many forms just as before but here as friends under the stars.  It was said that this was Kha's passage into the light of eternity for that which had gone before had been born twice, once in the ether and once in the physical.  And in that his Guardianship marked him complete.  Arkalkia was Kha's world now forever.  It was his Solar Archon world and in those days Kha was only a Solar Archon 1 and Arkalkia and him lived short lives.
It was said that Kha remembered in those days the long night of all of his souls in all of his forms.  He remembered the Luffanians and the Arkalkians.  He remembered his cosmic history.  In it he had been made complete.
And these were the long days of Arkalkia, it's long planetary incarnation.  Kha lived many lives in that Arkalkia, and Arkalkia became the capital of a galaxy.  This, of course, happened over many billions of years.  Arkalkian civilization spread throughout the galaxy.  Eventually the Arkalkian Confederacy of that time period encompassed five major galaxies.  But it was a perfect system in that time, and all was right.  Kha was often an Guardian, sometimes an Emperor, other times a Testementarian of Knowledge.
Arkalkia of that time period succeeded in creating a civilization of profound significance.  But we only know it in legend, for this was the time of beginnings in infancy of time for Kha and the ones who would become the Immortals of Legend, the Illustrious Supreme Immortals.  These were those who were closest to Kha in the eons of his eternal journey.
Arkalkia was bound to Kha and he to it forever.  Even as it passed he returned to it every time it incarnated wherever he went amongst the souls that traveled with him for whom he was always the Guardian.  And Luffania was bound to Kha wherever it incarnated and whenever he returned always the Eternal Divine Emperor who ruled forever in splendor.
And so it was that this first perfect incarnation of Arkalkia as a five major galaxy power happened and passed.  Arkalkia mass ascended in peace, and left it's galaxies behind for new races to discover and enjoy.  Such was the way of the universe of worlds, and the spirit of Arkalkia accepted it.  And Kha went with them all enjoying the blessed union of perfect worlds.
Chapter 4
Eons and eons passed until the count of eons was vast and beyond the measure of what can easily be grasped.  Yet did these civilizations grow in eternity being constantly incarnated into greater and greater forms of themselves as the cycles of time dictated.  Cosmic field upon cosmic field was unfolded in the great cycle of time that never ended, each cycle greater than the last.
And the count of civilizations themselves mastered grew and grew.  And we, the ones who followed, knew ourselves as part of that thing which could not be defined yet was ever pulling us in, the Fellowships of Eternity.  And the count of souls grew greater and greater with each passing cycle so that our eternal lives were more filled with the light of those who we loved.  And still eternity was not filled.  And still we were not infinite, but every cycle grew out light, and it was enough to love completely until our passing, to bond completely until our departing, and to know we would see each other again.
Yet to understand the riddle of all that is, was, and shall be, one must understand the nature of the cycle itself.  It is for this that we turn to the story of eternity and infinity.
In the beginning was the dark.  Within it we found our selves.  It's nature cannot be fully known for it is giving as the night is giving and ever present in the hearts of the living.  Yet before the beginning was the light, and it gave a call forth to the darkness to forge a soul into time.  And the great call that was heard was "what wills to be?".  It is the eternal question that pulls the spirits forth from the Mystery.  Where they come from cannot fully be said.  There are those who say Love creates them from her womb.  There are those that say they waited forever to be born, but where already there.  What can be said is that once they are born, they live forever.
All the souls are born to begin the journey.  The journey is eternal and ever upwards towards more.  Each soul is forged by its journey.  Each soul is unique.  This is true wherever we are.  And then we know our story when each cycle is done.  Then we go forth to write a new tale within all that we know.
In the course of our lives we come to the service of others.  Sometimes ancient beings come to us for assistance.  We do their bidding in return for the right to exist in their realms.  This is known as the Contract of Spiritual Space.  It is the basis of eternal spiritual creation.  When we help each other, we exist in each other's space.  Because each of us creates universes within ourselves, it is necessary for us to know each other to be in each other's stories.  Some stories are straightforward, others complex.
What makes us unique is that we are spirit bound.  Each path is unique defined by itself and all the other paths it crosses.  All stories are part of the Divine Story.  Each woven into the fabric of the will of the cosmos according to the Desires of all that is.  None can be excluded from this gift for it is the property of the Light within all things.
We are always in a place looking for our purpose.  We must find that purpose to complete our task.  Each task is specific to the situations we find ourselves in.  Each task we complete furthers our connection to what exists and furthers our right to exist in that connection.  The connection grows with time.  Thus it is said by the wise that all my relations are my home.  This is the nature of the what is expanded.  Sometimes things contract because it is the nature of life to grow through challenge.
There are those who have walked before us in the path.  Why this is must be a mystery, but it is true none the less.  Everyone who we have met on the path will tell us this.  This is the nature of the path to the infinite.  We will always crave more.  This is the nature of the need to become more.  We will always perfect further.  This is the nature of the need to become greater.
Those who have gone before are called elders.  Those who are even older are called wise elders.  Those who have gone before them are refereed to as ancients.  The ancients come in many classes to define them.  Even older than the ancients are the primordials.  These beings exist in endless classes.  Each set of beings can be defined by those who have gone before so that they are known as a type of spirit to the those who are primordial to them.  It is as if we are all just an equation to some being who is ridiculously older than us on the path to perfection through mastery of the Cosmic Temple and Her Mystery.
Chapter 5
In the midst of the ocean of space in the heart of the Mendelbrot Empire was a vast galaxy that was the heart of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  It was always called the Golden Galaxy.  And in the middle of that Galaxy was Carpathia, the capital world of the vast Mendelbrot Empire.  In order to understand the size of the Mendelbrot Empire, it takes a considerable effort.  The Mendelbrot Empire is not measured in millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions, nor even decillions of major galaxies.  At least it hasn't for a very, very, very long time.
The measure of the empire was done by generations of power for which an exacting mathematical definition is known, but for the layperson it is sufficient to say that the Mendelbrot Empire was a terribly vast administration.  Included in the Appendix is the definition for those who enjoy understanding the nature of how large cosmic system fields get over time.  Perhaps what is scariest is the idea that the Mendelbrot Empire was proceeded in time by even larger powers and succeeded in time by even larger powers.  One wonders why it is all necessary at times for sure, but the surely it is to prove themselves even greater than before is certainly the answer given.
The Mendelbrot Empire exists to protect the Mendelbrot Systems, which are the proper realm of the Mendelbrots, known as the elite individuals belonging to the Mendelbrot dynasty who are all homo promethean, the advanced offshoot of a primitive race of creatures known as homo sapiens.  The Mendelbrot Systems exist to ensure the survival of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree who is guarded by the Arkalkian Front, a group of 8 cosmic superpowers who protect each other in a grand alliance formed many, many, many eons ago in the generation of the 2nd power.
The 8 races of the Arkalkian Front are the Arkalkians, the Luffanians, the Gnell Alliance, the Khanate, the Perakian Robotic Hive, the Hebegyatians, the Sarraphim, and, of course, the Mendelbrots.  Each race, though the term metarace is more appropriate, have defended themselves and the Cosmic Tree for one quadrillion generations of power.  And now, that world is coming to an end because the so called Legion of Light that is the Legion of Darkness has come, and the end of the Mendelbrot Systems which has been prophesized is upon us, and the Empire is doomed.
The fall of the Mendelbrots has been a long time coming.  Their great conscious civilization was not built conscious enough according to many and as a result has come under the terrible assault of an age old problem that traces its roots to the great Generation of the 4th Power.  It was during this generation that the Legion of Darkness first took root amongst the krags of the chaos zone that surrounds the proper Mendelbrot Systems.  It was here that they somehow hid in spite of countless eons of wars and conflicts and the rise and fall of innumerable powers waiting for their chance to strike.  
It is believed that somehow these sinister agents of darkness gained a hold of the original prophecy and waited.  They waited and waited.  Periodically, dumber members of their ranks would get tired of waiting and rise up and cease power.  But the most intelligent members of the dark hierarchy were far, far more patient.  And their waiting paid off.
During the end of the great plateau phase of the Quadrillionth generation of power the chaos region expanded from the entry into a naturally rich void.  This was the chance the Acolaytes of Darkness were waiting for.  The chaos region ballooned to a 200 times the size of the Cosmic Tree.  With that much room to grow, at long last they could put their plans for revenge in motion.
What had set them off is a tale to be told soon enough..
Chapter 6
The captain found himself in a field of space that resembled a dark room with a single table in it in front of him.  He didn't remember how he had got there, but in front of him was a being made of light that shone with a strange pulsating magic that seemed not of this universe.  The captain was momentarily confused as the whole of what was transpiring did not make sense from what had just happened.
The figure before him began to speak in a strange voice that seemed to echo about the chamber hauntingly.  "You've been here before," it said, "you have to THINK".  With the word think coming out of the mouth of the being the captain was wracked with a brain pain similar to an ice cream headache on steroids.  The pain was excruciating.  The captain felt displaced out of his mind into a field of awareness that seemed to expand outwards in consciousness.  He started to become aware of himself not as himself but as others.  These others were many and he could not focus on one because there were so many.  
 The captain had much deep consciousness training but nothing prepared him for it.  The mind of consciousness that probed him was vast and he probed back unable to understand at first.  It was like telepathy but at the core of one's being, to the depths of immortality of the moment.  
"Do you think it is a coincidence?" said the blazing figure of light whose words pierced him through and through to the heart of all of his nature.  "Do you think you are here by accident?"  The captain then realized that it was the Inquisitor, and realized why they were called Inquisitors.  Questions were the gateway to the soul.  That is what they said.  
"What do you want?"  cried the Captain.  "For you to KNOW.."  said the Inquisitor.  And with the word know echoing in the Captain's mind he began to scream as he felt his being pulled at blinding speed into an overwhelming field of awareness that came over him.  "Do you understand?"  asked the Inquisitor.  The Captain said "No, what am I to understand?".  But, then the Captain felt something that was impossible.  But it was a trick, he was sure of it.  But it couldn't be!  It simply couldn't be!
And the Inquisitor said,  "But what do you know now, Captain?  What do you know now?"  "You're controlling my mind.  Filling it with lies!  Liar, you can't be that!  YOU CANNOT BE THAT!"  And the Inquisitor who was cloaked in the brilliant light of mind said, "But I am!"  And at once the Captain woke up from that state back in the original room where he challenged the Inquistor and realized that everything he had just felt was true.  He had felt the vision of the cosmos through what he was sure was the enemy.
In that room he now felt the telepathic link between himself and the Inquisitor.  It was terrifying.  The truth, he realized was that the Inquisitor had not lied.  The truth was that the Inquisitor was there to take the memory core present in spite of everything.  But the Captain was not going to turn it over to him.  Of course the Inquisitor had already figured out where it was, but strangely did nothing.  
A few minutes later a 2nd Inquisitor entered the room.  The 1st Inquisitor was clearly a male humanoid while the 2nd one looked like some sort of tentacle bearing monstrosity.  "Where is it?" It demanded, "have you found it yet?"  The 1st Inquisitor said, "No, this one will take time to read."  The 2nd Inquisitor began to search the area looking for clues.  Walls buckled under electromagnetic stress.  "It is here, I can feel it," it echoed wearily.  "Somewhere, somewhere here is all of what we have been looking for.  The reason!  The reason!  It is here!".  "Calm yourself brother, patience," the 1st Inquisitor whispered. 
While they were talking the Captain heard the first Inquistor's voice in his mind "Don't worry, I'm going to give you to him, but he will not harm you." The Captain saw a bright light leaving the 1st Inquisitor towards his body.  Most of it entered his head and made him feel as though he was being implanted with..a false memory.  Somehow the 2nd Inquisitor was completely oblivious to all this and didn't see the light flowing outwards from the 1st to him.  It was as though he was seeing in high spirit vision and the other was so course and dense that he wasn't aware.  Still incredulous, the Captain, who had no choice, went along with the show.
The 1st Inquisitor said out loud, "Take this one I can't seem to get a good reading on him.  I think I'm tired from all these days of fighting and questioning these hypocritical light worshipers."  The 2nd Inquisitor replied, "Ahh, as you wish.  I will enjoy squeezing the soul from this one.  Come now reveal what you know to me."  The Captain realized quickly that he should pretend he was in excruciating pain as the much weaker 2nd Inquisitor attempted to probe his being.  The light that the 1st Inquisitor gave him went towards the 2nd Inquisitor and he discovered the location of the Mendelbrot memory core, the history and prophecy archive of the Mendelbrot family deep in the vault below them.  "So they didn't hide it then,"  said the 2nd Inquisitor.  "It is here!"  it declared trimphantly.
"No!  No!"  cried the Captain, "You'll never take it!"  The 2nd Inquisitor was most delighted by the apparent anguish of the Captain.  Momentarily though he remembered himself, "We should inform the Avatar of Shadows immediately that his guess was right on."  The humanoid Inquisitor said, "Yes indeed, but first I think I wish to dispatch this wretch."  The 2nd Inquisitor replied, "You're bloodlust is commendable, I will go in your name then to inform His Wretchedness of this, our hour of triumph.  In your time, of course!"  The Inquisitor of Hate looked in harm at the 2nd Inquisitor and said, "Don't call him that to his face.  I'd hate to lose another servant.  Be gone in my name then!"  The 2nd Inquisitor bowed, knowing that a look of harm meant to go forth at once and not delay a moment.  Such was the way of the Inquisitors.  
"Well Captain, time to die!"  said the 1st Inquisitor.  But the Captain was laughing.  Laughing!  "What's wrong Captain, don't like your role in all this?"  "You disgust me, how can you turn on your own people in this way?  You were a Mendelbrot!  A Mendelbrot!"  But the Inquisitor looked at him deeply and a feeling overcame him again.  The Captain knew some more.  The Captain felt what the Inquisitor felt, the nature of his burden.  The Inquisitor said, "You see Captain, it is necessary.  The sins of the past are not so easily unburdened by the lesser."  "But, why?"  asked the Captain.  The Inquisitor said "for Justice for they have forgotten the Light, the Spirit of the Kha, and the original truth of their nature. Do you understand Captain?  It cannot be forgotten or forgiven until it is known.  And you will tell the story in the Memory Core.  The real one."  The Captain said, "What?  You know where it is?  No one knows where it is!"  
But the Inquisitor knew, because there was one Memory Core greater than the one that was hidden, and much greater than the one that was buried in the vault to throw off the fools.  "Captain, REMEMBER!"  And with that echo the Captain awoke to his eternal self and knew that there was no one but him for he was the memory.  He was the one that was chosen to keep the secret safe.  And the Inquisitor touched the Captain and every memory of the cosmos flowed through them for an instant that felt longer than anything anyone could possible conceive..
When the Captain woke up he was on a Luffanian battlefortress.  A odd Luffanian female was looking at him.  "Captain?"  "Pokomai, what the hell?"  "I was about to ask you the same question" she said.  "How the hell did you get out of there?  And why was that Inquisitor help you?  Wasn't that the Inquisitor of Hate?"  "I think the only thing that Inquisitor hates Pokomai is not being heard properly."  Pokomai gave him a quizzical look.  "Is this going to be one of THOSE explanations.."  she sighed.  The Captain looked at her and started to weep.  "No worries it's over,"  she said.  
The Captain embraced his old friend and they both felt the truth of the moment in their own way.  She wept too.  And the whole battlefortress wept.  It was the fall of Carpathia.  It had happened for a reason.  That reason was settled at last.  And the Mendelbrot Empire that had stood for a quadrillion Generations of Power was no more.. 
To be continued...
Appendix: Below is contained all the files regarding the Mendelbrot/Mandelbrot Universe and the Legend of Kha Dawn that has been written by myself so far in general order of their history in the universe starting with the grand overview of time.  Enjoy!

The Grand Overview: Key Fictional History Points Covered in Kha Dawn's Universe
Kha Dawn is born a Crystal Dragon a long, long time ago.
Birth of Kha Dawn as a sentient soul in a separate lifetime
Original Arkalkia story during the magical time period (The Legend of Kha Dawn) before the existence of the other races (Luffanian was the 2nd)
Kha Dawn is born on Earth in an incarnation chain.
Present Day
At the end of the next Age of Taurus, the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts destroying civilization.  This occurs in approximately the year 23,257 A.D.
Earth experiences a new dark age for about 5,000 years which ends at the beginning of the 2nd Age of Aquarius.
At the beginning of the 2nd Age of Sagitarrius (4,320 years after the end of the 2nd Age of Aquarius) a strange alien artifact causes magnetic anomalies which begins the Age of Magic.  Certain humans acquire "superhuman" abilities.  Others do not.
Kha Dawn incarnates as the Founder and creates a system of technological magical controls to utilize the energy of the artifact's reactor.  He realizes there is only so much time before the reactor's energy is depleted and all magic will be lost again.  
The Chronicle of Mages, Witches, and Archons time period occurs here.
The Magical period ends with Kha Dawn explaining that the artifact must be destroyed or the radiation from it will begin to destroy all life on Earth.  The artifact is hurled into the Sun by Kha Dawn.  Returning to mortal form after performing this feat, the Age of Magic ends.  Humanity returns to normal mortal functioning or what passes for it.
2nd Age of Scorpio - Human lifespan is expanded dramatically to a quarter millennium.  Return of technologies and the beginning of buildup of space based solar power to power a new mortal era of peace.  The moon is covered in solar panels during this period.
2nd Age of Gemini - Humanity discovers how to manipulate magnetic fields and discovers the secret science of magnetic core manipulation which is how stars are actually powered through cosmic ray bombardment of their magnetic fields.  With the new technology humans begin to go forth to explore interstellar space after the long buildup of solar power satellites built correctly through robotics.
The solar power is gathered into dense cores of transuranium metals heavily pressurized for stabilization which form the first primitive primary reactors.  Later on research into hyper dense crystal systems for advanced light storage are considered.  Solar sailing systems are invented using magnetic field expansion technologies so that ships can refuel in the middle of space using cosmic rays, though preferably they can refuel close to stars.  
At some point humans expand the population beyond the correct 8.88 billion soul count due to desire to expand the human race's influence.  This creates a crisis in humanity's relations with itself and its neighbors.
Human influence expands in Milky Way.  Humanity becomes a regional power in the local arm and expands colonies around the galaxy.
1st Promethean Exile - 11% of humanity leaves Milky Way and settles in galaxy M58 in the Virgo cluster.  Naming themselves the Prometheans, they included many of the most advanced intellectuals, scientists, spiritualists, engineers, and idealists  of humanity.
During the course of time Homo Promethean diverged from Homo Sapiens and each became slightly different from each other.   Homo Promethean becomes the dominant species in M58 and expands its influence further.  Eventually the Prometheans have fully colonized 40 galaxies in the Virgo cluster and have become the 3rd strongest member of the Virgo Cluster Alliance.  
During this time Homo Sapiens conquers the Milky Way, M33, Andromeda, and the local group.  It forms allies in the Canes Venatici groups I and II loosely known as the Canes coalition.
A general war begins as Canes Venatici and the Local Group forces press forward to conquer other regions.  This war lasts a very, very long time and has many stages.  Due to the complexity of what is known as Cosmic Law, The Canes Coalition and the Homo Sapiens are able to slowly expand their colonization efforts over this rather lengthy period of time.   Most of the time they are defeated and multiple times thrown back into their original galactic homes losing all the territory acquired.
Eventually both groups face an all out war from several external powers.
At the end the local Laniakea Supercluster faces conquest by a force too great to overcome along with the rest of the region within 3 billion light years.  In order to escape, Homo Prometheans, and their allies get assistance from a distant cosmic superpower who recognizes somehow they have a destiny that must be assisted for some mysterious reason.   Homo Sapiens is left behind to parish, but instead is able to ride out the storm somehow.
2nd Promethean Exile -  Promethean Civilization along with several other sentient races of the local universe is transported to a galaxy at incredible distance from the original location.  Here they found a new civilization far from instable region they originated in.
The Mendelbrot Civilization and the Arkalkian Front form.   The civilization lasts until the one quadrillionth Generation of Power and is destroyed by the Legion of Light as it calls itself or the Legion of Darkness as it is called by the Arkalkian Front lead in secret by the Acolytes of Destruction, the last surviving faction of the Acolytes of Darkness who are themselves ruled by secret and strange societies in the background.  
After this the Freeian and the Thaian Civilizations each rule one godzillion Generations of Power a piece before being "ascending" without violence. (a godzillion is a precise number defined in the History of the Mendelbrot Family section)
The meta cosmic age of the full Arkalkian/Luffanian Civilization cycle (which occurs eons after this through civilizational reincarnation) is exactly one G~(Godzillion) Generations of Power. (~ = the hyperoperation hexation of the godzillion instead of the number 3, a modification of Graham's Number which is G(64) based on the hyperoperation hexation of 3s as described in the link.  It an important distinction here that G(64) is less than G~(64) is less than G~(Godzillion))  It's Kha Dawn's Cosmic Birthday.  And he is happy with it.  The civilization "ascends" without violence and in perfect knowledge.  All is perfect with the universe.
 The Stories and Histories in Order of Their Occurrence Beginning on Earth
In the beginning was the Founder.  He instructed us in the use of magic.  In those days the mortals denied the power of magic.  When they learned of our existence, they decided they would put an end to magic.  Thus the war began.  And so it is....
The Chronicle of Mages
Chapter 1:Maia
The legend of the Mages and their power keeps hope up for rebel magic users all throughout the American League states and all over the world.  The oppressive antimagic parties and leagues have gained control of 80% of the world's governments as magic use is outlawed in these countries.   The remaining 20% of the world is either magic friendly or magic tolerant.  
The American League has been preparing for war against the Canadian Free Nation to the north for many years but have been unable to break through their basic defenses.  Magical revolts in much of the world are common and anti-magic tyrannies everywhere have grown weak from 200 years of fighting them.  The magic users are winning slowly in most of the world except China, the America League zone,  The Northern League (Former Russia), and the Arabian Empire (Middle East and North Africa).  The long war against magic oppression in Hindustan (India) is nearing an end, but China and the American League have threatened to send huge armies to crush the magic rebels there if the Hindustan government falls.  
For a few magic users living in the nightmare called the American League of Independent Prefects (ALIP), life grows harder with each passing day.  The forces of the Normalization Party are always watching.  Against the will of so many haters, magic users have a very difficult time.  And yet some of the most powerful Mages live in a few pockets of resistance.  Rumors are that the Founder himself came from a small town in Kansas over 240 years ago.  Though with the true history of magic erased by the Normalization Party, little can be proven.  Daily anti-magic propaganda is broadcast from TrueNews and PatriotDaily or from one of thousands of propaganda channels dedicated to promoting paranoia and a false sense of crisis ever since the early days of "The Shift" or "The Magic Plague" depending, of course, on which point of view you have of the events of this age of magic and conflict.  The war against Magic users has gone well for the wealthy power brokers in the American League.  It has not gone so well elsewhere.  Many antimagic nations are on the verge of collapse.  Magic users, it seems, are not quite so eager to go quietly into the night without a fight..
Solidus:  Time is against us.  We must leave now Kornak.  The hunters will be here any moment now.
Kornak:  Tell Maia to get ready.  We will need to vanish quickly this time.  There are 23 of them.
Solidus:  Very well.
Maia:  What is it?
Solidus:  They are coming.
Maia:  Will we need to hurry this time?
Solidus:  Yes there are twice the number this time.
Maia: I have a bad feeling this time Sol.
Solidus:  They have a Magnetic Field Containment robot.
Maia:  I think it may be too late.
Kornak:  Are you ready?
Maia:  No..
Kornak:  We will have to fight them.
Solidus:  There are too many..
Kornak:  Then we will die rather than let them capture us.

Summary: Kornak uses fire, Solidus uses electricity, Maia uses psychic manipulation to create mental disruption.  Kornak and Solidus are killed.    Maia is captured.  6 mortals are killed.  The MFCR (Magnetic Field Containment Robot) is able to dissipate weak magic fields such as those used by young magic users.
Maia is taken to the Magic Containment Facility #42 near the border of Los Angeles prefect and San Diego prefect.  There she is implanted with magic control chips and devices and released after 3 months of confinement.  
She spends her days in the streets of L.A. looking for work.  No one hires former magic users except in the forbidden district.  Here she meets up with Doctor Helix at Plazma, a bar for magic users.  Dr. Helix is a powerful magic user with strong spell control, but lacks formal training.  He wishes for Maia to come with him in search of the Western School of Mages, an underground place for training.  Only they can remove the implants that prevent her from using her abilities.  They are watched by Interdictors, who are in charge of capturing and monitoring magic users both implanted and the more threatening free magic users.  
Interdictors attack them when they leave the bar, but Helix kills all 4 easily.  Helix tells Maia they must journey into the mountains to the West to his old friend Musica who is a Mage.  They make the perilous trip to Slider City where the American League forces are held back by the great crystal shield known as the Mermaid's Veil.  Several close encounters with interdictors and MFCR (often referred to as M-r Fuckers) leave Helix with bad burns on his face and left arm.  The two travelers stay several nights in Slider City (Sierra Nevada region on today's maps) where they meet several other rebels as well as several of Helix's old friends.  Among them is Hermes, a middle aged Mage in training who works for the Council of Slider City.  Hermes notices something unusual in Maia and mentions this to Helix.  Helix tells him that he feels it to.. that something is different about this one.  Taking the highway of light, Helix, Maia, and Hermes travel to meet Musica who lives even higher up the mountain chain in a place called the Titan's Grove.  
Musica is the most powerful Mage in Titan's Grove, which has about 100 high magic users present.  
Helix:  Salutation from the city of darkness m'lady.
Musica:  Hello old man, how goes the war?
Helix:  Tiresome and dreary.  I brought you another one.  She seems odd in some way.  I cannot put my finger on it.  I thought perhaps you and Voltaire could perhaps shed some light on this.  
Musica: Interesting.  I shall have a look and see.  Hmmm?  Still frightened of me?
Helix: Almost as much as the day I met you m'lady.
Musica;  You liar.  It was I who was frightened of you.  
Helix smiled deeply.  Musica was everything to him other than the effort to free the children of magic from the depths of despair they found themselves in at the hands of Normalization Party and its military arm the Order of Humanity as it was called.  
Voltaire:  What the hell do you want?
Helix: Musica wants you.
Voltaire:  Have you brought more trash to my fine town?  Another victim of their own stupidity no doubt..  
Helix:  We are all victims of our stupidity Voltaire, you most of all.
Voltaire:  My life is my own business Helix.  Your judgments have always fallen short of a true appraisal of the situation.  What do you want?  Another sampling of magic power I would imagine.
Helix:  What other use would I have for you other than another lecture about wasting my time in Los Angeles.
Voltaire:  As memory serves me you have accomplished nothing by hunting down wretches there other than to increase the burden of our cities with refugees who accomplish nothing.  Have you seen the pitiful state of our defenses?  If you did not burden myself and the other elder with the constant basic training of all of these weaklings perhaps we would have had more time to recharge and build some strength.  Do you realize that we have half of the Guardians we once did because the other half are busy healing the broken souls you and your friends keep dragging up here.  
Helix:  Perhaps this one will be worth your time.
Voltaire:  Hmmph.  Please...
Helix:  Hermes has come with us this time.
Voltaire:  Hermes!  Where is he?  I have not seen him in over 2 years.
Helix:  He is down in the Recollection Temple.  
Voltaire:   As I would expect.
Helix:  He noticed something about this new one.
Voltaire:  (remains silent for a moment) Indeed..(excited)..
Helix:  Perhaps my efforts aren't a total waste after all then.
Voltaire:  We shall see.  This is promising.
Helix:  Do you know what you are looking for?
Voltaire:  Do you think I have forgotten?
Helix:  No.
Voltaire:  The School of Mages have not spoken to me since our disagreement.
Helix:  You were rather rude to them as I recall.
Voltaire:  Just because there are 26 of them and only 1 of me does not mean they are correct.
Helix:  Yes, there is definitely only one of you.
Voltaire:  Have you ever known me to be wrong, Helix, now truthfully?
Helix:  Hmm... only once.
Voltaire:  That was necessary.
Helix:  So you say.
Voltaire:  Perhaps you will understand my reasons in time.
Helix:  Yes, your reasons.  Does it still hurt?
Voltaire:  More than anything.
Helix:  You're right about the Council.
Voltaire:  Do you see then?
Helix:  Yes they have taken a big risk.  I think perhaps their judgment is clouded regarding the strength of the Telemetric Ring around Denver.  They don't understand the science.
Voltaire:  They ignored myself, Rembrandt, Lore, and even the Zen themselves.  They lack patience and intelligence concerning military matters and have even less knowledge concerning the science than the fools who build the thing.  
Helix:  Have you managed to convince them that the attack is suicidal yet?
Voltaire:  They will be voting on the matter at the next meeting in 10 days.  If they choose to attack the ring will explode killing tens or hundreds of thousands of mortals and magicians.  It won't matter.  There is nothing they can do.
Helix:  If they don't attack you still believe that the ring will explode anyway?
Voltaire:  Most certainly.  It is a cascade compression reactor.  This type of system always overloads when the magnetic field strength reaches the threshold of internal magnetic reflux folding.
Helix:  You said it could be stabilized though.
Voltaire:  Yes if you had a computer that could calculate fast enough and the proper regulator modules.
Helix:  Do they have anything like that.
Voltaire:  As far as I understand, no.
Helix:  So then an offensive against us is coming.
Voltaire:  You tell me.
Helix:  It looks like it.
Voltaire:  Hmmm..  
Hermes:  Well hello sparky.  Haven't killed any cats this week have you?
Voltaire:  Hermes, the devil himself, I hear you have found a prospect.
Hermes:  Hello to you too..
Voltaire:  Ha!  Come let us have some Daashee and a good smoke on me.
Helix:  Looks like you guilted him into another round Hermes,  good work.
Voltaire:  I was planning to..(cut off)
Hermes:  Sure you were sparky.  
Helix: You know according to the legends Voltaire was a poet not a scientist.
Voltaire:  After almost 30 thousand years I doubt we know the first thing about the subject.
Helix:  I know someone who knows.
Voltaire:  Ahh the Oracle of Vancouver.  A fine woman.  
Hermes:  Rumor is that she has hidden the backup records of her findings into our past-life history in a vault somewhere near the Lake of Eyes (Lake Winnipeg on today's maps).  
Voltaire:  Yes I heard.  They said she tapped into one of the 4 founding crystals and burned her memory into the stone before returning home.
Hermes:  Do you know where to find this place?
Voltaire:  It is under the water from what I hear.
Helix:  How does she hold her breath that long?
Voltaire: ...
Helix:  Not talking are we?
Voltaire:  (smiles)
Hermes:  Rumor is she has gills.
Voltaire:  (laughs quietly to himself)
Hermes:  I thought it was a good theory.
Voltaire suddenly senses a surge of energy.  Voltaire is a Mage of Knowledge.  According to many he is the best but a horrible mistake during a fight with over 70 interdictors cost him much of his memory, and so much of his power.  Otherwise he would likely have been the head of the Secret Temple of Knowledge.  Now he is only a member of the Council and will remain so for the rest of his life.  But today, something else has caught Voltaire's attention.  It is a ray.  
Maia: Hello masters.  May I join you.
Hermes:  Of course dear girl.  Have a seat.  Would you like some Daashee (a strong herbal drink) or perhaps a fine ale?
Maia:  No Hermes, thank you.
Hermes:  Have you healed from the removal of your implants.
Maia:  Yes.  They were most unpleasant.  I am happy now.  I fear, though, something is wrong.  I keep sensing a black presence in the peaks above the town.
Voltaire:  That's just the Vorshak.  The spirit of the dragon willing to manifest itself.
Hermes:  You sense the Vorshak?  Do you realize this girl is only 23.  That is unheard of.
Voltaire:  Yes.  I know.  Maia what is your background?
Maia:  I..grew up in Los Angeles and then moved out to Salenaville when I was 17.  That is where I was caught by magic hunters from the San Diego prefect.  My friends were killed and I was captured.  
Voltaire:  Maia, what is your family name?
Maia:  I don't know.  My parents used the name Yansey.  But I've always known it was a false name to protect us.
The night grew late.  But the story turned to legends and the days of prophecy.  According to the astrology calendar used by Supreme Astrology Council of Kazakkrem (modern Kazakhstan) it was the generation of prophecy.  According to the high interpreters, it meant that the prophets would speak in this generation and lay down the foundations of the future.  So it was that many waited for their arrival.  And yet there were legends from the day of the Founder that foretold of this and other tales of power.  
Voltaire: According to the legends, the Founder came from an ancient spiritual lineage that knew how to speak to the spirits of the Earth.  It was he and the first generation of Mages that trained with him that awakened the hidden powers of those of us who have the gift.  They poured their belief and faith into the rocks of the Earth and awakened the Crystal Grid.  It is the Crystal Grid that powers magic and that power is based on the glyphs of power and the hidden temples all over the world.  Since that time the magnetic field of the Earth has changed in subtle ways that only a few understand.  
Hermes:  And yet the Founder said he would return when he died and that the Great Work was not finished.
Voltaire:  His followers were prosecuted after his death.  And the Founder said he would return as a great Reverant (Spirit of Justice) one day to end the war once and for all.
Helix:  Yes.  The great prophet is said to live in the East.  North of the city of Atlanta.
Maia:  In the prefect of Georgia?  
Helix:  Indeed.
Maia:  Is the reason the teaching of reincarnation is banned because of the promise of the Founder to return?
Voltaire:  Yes.  This is the main reason.  The American League, China, and their allies have no love of this idea.  It is political against the Founder, but they also need to keep their populations in fear since they have fallen into tyranny.  If people know the truth they would see there is nothing to fear and would reject the teaching of hate perpetrated by the power brokers and antimagic parties.
Maia:  What of the idea that magic is unnatural?
Voltaire:  It is Earth that sustains magic.  We have only used the science of the mind and spirit to amplify the power of the Earth through our own bodies.  Did you know that the human magnetic field is capable of extending to the edge of the galaxy if fully expanded and concentrated with mental focus.
Maia:  That's incredible.
Voltaire:  That's only the beginning.  We can extend it further the more we understand ourselves.
Maia:  What about the Hermetic Code?
Voltaire:  What?  Hermetic Code?
Maia:  Don't you see the code that precedes anything that happens?
Voltaire, Hermes, and Helix looked at each other with signs of bewilderment and joy the likes of which they had never before experienced.  Did this child just say what they think she said?  How could someone so young know about the Code of the Founder?  How did she know the name?  And yet it made sense.  It made sense.  Of course.  It must be called Hermetic Code.  
Voltaire:  Maia, where did you hear the name of the Code was called Hermetic Code?
Maia:  I read that the Hermetic Masters had invented signs to identify the different types of magical powers and that that had been used by the original Council of Mages to create the signs of magic that all Mages use.  I figured it was a code that was based on the mental and spiritual laws of the universe.  Something hermetic, as in based on the law of the universe.  I mean, the universe has to have a code.  Then I saw it one day.  I started  calling it Hermetic Code.  
Voltaire:  Amazing Maia.  You are a born magical genus.  We must see Musica first thing tomorrow.  
Maia leaves to go to sleep.  Voltaire and the other two stay up and discuss this finding.
Helix:  What do you think about this one's power potential Voltaire?
Voltaire:   She is above average.  It is her mind that is incredible.  But she is not an oracle.  I would say she will be the greatest magical scientist that has ever been born with such a mind.  
Hermes:  An intuitive channeler as well.  She knows things before they happen and specifically what is going to happen.
Voltaire:  She is a grid warrior.  
Helix: Now that's rare.  A female grid warrior?
Voltaire:  She is here to find the line of the prophets and discover the nature of the age.  Musica will see more about this one tomorrow.
Helix:  I hope you'll be able to sleep with all this excitement.
Voltaire:  I'll be fine.  I must be getting old.  It's good to be able to rest after a bit of curiosity.  Ha!
Helix:  I wanted to apologize for my roughness earlier.
Voltaire:  Its fine Helix.  You were right that day.  I wasn't.  Can't always be right you know.  It seems that perhaps your searches have paid off after all.  I am glad for once that our sacrifices have been worth it.  
Hermes:  If you have a choice, it's always better to happy than right.  
Voltaire:  Yes, so it would seem.
The three men went off to bed.  High above them the will of the Vorshak congealed slowly.  It's nature unrevealed to any except Voltaire and Musica.  A little secret as they called it..
Chapter 2: Grid Warrior
A string of small cities and towns in the Western mountains of what used to be called the United States of America before the dawn of civilization represents the best place for magicians to live within the confines of the American League of Independent Prefects (ALIP).  These cities and towns are protected by a series of magical barrier shields called Veils.  The Titan's Grove is, of course, protected by the Mermaid's Veil, which has been around for over 150 years.  The older the Veil, the stronger it becomes.
These veils are a form of magnetic barrier protection that disables the walking antimagic killing machines employed the Order of Humanity or by the antimagical states on either side of the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountain chains.  Attacks against the small magic communities are common, but without the machines,  non magical users are up against both the Mages and the technology they employed (which often included machines of their own).  Magic users can cross the Veil boundary with some expenditure of their own psychic energy.  Non-magic users have to break through with machine generated magic inhibitor fields or suffer extreme psychic trauma.   The use of personal shields allows full passage for a non-magic user, most often simply referred to as mortals, though personal shields are very difficult to produce and easy to overcome by experienced Mages.  Thus a sort of balance of powers exists in Western North America.  
The Canadian Free Nation (CFN) has supported magic since the beginning of its creation after the unification of the many states that made up Canada which occurred nearly 200 years ago.  It was the 3rd state to openly allow and support magic, the first two were Iceland and Japan.  It was the only one of the three to survive the first war.  Iceland is currently occupied by American League forces and Japan is occupied by the forces of China.  The CFN suffered the loss of its eastern territories to the ALIP during the war.  The frontier is around what was once called Ontario.  The Quebec region is still contested to this day and represents the main front line of the long war.  
It is the support of the CFN that has allowed such a strong continual magic presence in the Western ALIP.  The American oligarchy denies this fact openly, but the truth is that they do not have any influence outside the eastern half of their supposed dominion.  The real power belongs to the Normalization Party and its allies everywhere.  The Normalization Party plays individual mortal states against each other to maintain power and keep its influence undiluted.  Its influence is ideological and it controls the media and education establishments in most mortal ruled countries.  In this regard it is a global institution.  Its base of power is in the ALIP and in the nations that make up Europe.  And yet the mortal ruled nations still fight each other on occasions when they are not busy trying to stamp out the magic "plague" that they so fear and hate..

It is morning in Titan's Grove.  Gnells (pronounced Nells), as they are called, magically polymorphed wolves and dogs, stand guard at the gates.  There are several thousand in the Grove.  In fact someone who didn't know better would believe that they were the actual inhabitants of the Grove.  Gnells are one of the original reasons the antimagic wars began.  The Founder warned the original Council of Mages against this use of magic to change animals into humanoid form, but several mages did not listen.  When he passed away they created the first Gnell army.  They, of course, were not able to control it and the Gnell were put down after years of fighting throughout the region south of the Great Inland Sea (once the Great Lakes now a single body about twice the size).  The survivors continued to breed secretly and eventually were used as guardians by the early Mages who escaped the first war.  Gnell by day, wolf or dog by night.  Thus the Gnell are only useful in battle half the time.  Every magical attempt to overcome this limitation has resulted in horrible mutations.  These magically mutated creatures, called gnolls, do not live long and are horrible monstrosities that kill for pleasure.   

The Gnell that guard The Titan's Grove are from wolf descent.  They are white and grey and stand about 6 feet tall.  
Helix: Good morning.
Gnell Guard 1: Grrressh hrassshhh.
Helix:  Anything new?
Gnell Guard 1 makes some growling noises.
Helix:  Good.  Enjoy your day.
Gnell Guard 1 moves away and resumes his patrol around the perimeter of the town.  
Helix walks towards the Temple of Love, the center structure in town.  It is a very large terraced building with a flat square area at the top.  There are floating orbs and slabs of marble at the top.  Despite the fact that most early humans would consider this magic, this feat is accomplished through magnetic field compression, a technology that has been in use for over 20,000 years.  Nothing remarkable as far as the average mortal would be concerned.  What was remarkable though was the powerful energy fields that flux through the top areas of the temple from the tremendous buildup of psychic energy.  Charged psychic elemental plates with glyphs ring the structure at every level.  A fusion of technology and magic made possible by the mastery of personal and physical science.  Each glyph was tuned to a harmonic frequency of healing and protective spells that maintained the presence of the Temple of Love.
The High Priestess of Love ran the temple.  She was always either an Oracle or a Spectralcast Luminescent, one of the rarest of all magic user types.  Here, the Oracle of Titan's Grove was named Jiana.  And yet Helix had not come to the temple to see Jiana, but to see Musica.  Musica was in meditation this morning.  
Helix:  Are you sure she cannot see me?
Female Priestess: No, she said you should go to the Temple of Grace and wait there for her.  She will be ready then.
Helix:  Very well.  Thank you.
Helix took a short walk to the Temple of Grace which was about a kilometer from the Temple of Love.  There he found Maia, Voltaire, and Hermes waiting quietly on the grounds near the Temple which was shaped much as small city with several towers and a tall spire rising in the center.  It was white and blue mostly made of transparent and metallic materials with bright shimmering lights of many colors embedded in the structure shining within and through the transparent and translucent layers.  The central spire rose for 500 meters before terminating.  
Much of the town was full of pilgrims from other towns and cities.  Titan's Grove was primarily a healing center and school of sorts.  For those more serious about magic study, the School of Mages was the place to go.  Yet one does not enter the School of Mages without being chosen.  Such was the rule.  And it, of course, does not have a location except wherever the lessons take place.  Though only a hundred live in the grove, often 20,000 a day visit during the peak times for rituals and ceremony.  This was luckily not one of those days.
Voltaire:  Hey fool, over here.
Helix:  Whose the fool now?
Voltaire:  You're the one who obviously went to the wrong temple.
Helix:  You've lived here 20 years.
Voltaire:  Aren't you a psychic?
Hermes:  Hey, he's right?  How about that Helix?
Helix:  Pffff.. (dismisses them).  How are you Maia?
Maia:  Well, thank you.  It is a fine morning.  
Helix:  Are you impressed with the Temple?
Maia:  It's very beautiful, but why aren't the energy tendrils pulsating like the one in Slider City?
Hermes:  Pardon?
Maia:  The tendrils of energy should be moving with the tide of the day and night and with the Hermetic rhythm.  It's as if the temple doesn't have a soul.
Voltaire:  Interesting.  I would say the soul is Musica.  She always brings the temple to life.
Maia:  You're worried Hermes.
Hermes:  It's just that usually when the flow stops that means that the temple has gone grey.  We haven't had someone of your sensitivity to the flow here recently.  Perhaps Musica can tell us what is going on.
Maia:  Gone grey?
Hermes:  It's an old expression.  It means when something is about to pass away or disappear.  We say it's gone grey, as the color has left.
Maia:  Yes, something is missing.  Is it a bad sign then?
Hermes:  I tend to think of it as a bad sign or a sign of departure would be more accurate.
Voltaire:  You and your gone grey.   All the structure needs is some tuning and reenergization.  You have a lot to learn about the science of energetics, Maia.  With the proper glyphs in the right alignment and a good solid Mage at the helm, anything can be brought back to life.  You know what this temple needs?  A good electrotrance music bath.  
Maia:  Really?  I don't know...
Voltaire:  Never underestimate the power of music.
Maia:  I'll believe that when you show it to me.
Helix:  Believe it Maia, Voltaire here is a champion dancer.  Magic and dance are heart and soul.  You need one to have the other.  He taught me that.  Now, after stealing all his tricks, I can outdance him.
Voltaire:  We'll see about that.
Helix:  Don't even try and start.
Hermes:  I've been sensing something off for a few months now.
Helix:  Yeah?
Hermes:  Its the Council thing.  They have lost their grasp on reality.  
Helix:  It seems so.
Maia:  The Council that runs the Western School of Mages?
Helix:  Yes.  They are very powerful.
Maia:  I don't think so.
Helix:  You don't think so? (Incredulous)
Maia:  They are going to be overthrown.
Several passerbys stop and stare at Maia and the 3 men.  An angry man pushes forward to confront Maia.
Angry Magician:  Who are you to say such blasphemy?  A young girl will insult the School of Mages.  That school has been here since the days of Yarlog, 150 years before you were even born.  You are no oracle.  How dare you insult the Council in this holy city?
Maia:  Your witless comments show that the Council grows weak even now.  It is clear they have lost the Mandate of the Founder.  I see it in the Hermetic Code.  
The magician seethes with anger and energy builds.  However, the magician suddenly recognizes Voltaire and begins to calm down.  
Maia:  The Code says you will go home and be quite now.  Your fears and angers discredit any hope of your entrance into the school.  That is the reason.  You cannot blame me.
The magician recognizing his disgrace bows before Voltaire and gives Maia a frightened look before walking away.  The other men and women staring resume their activities.  
Voltaire:  Change, huh?
Helix:  Oh don't sound so disappointed.  You've been waiting for the opportunity to gloat over those arrogant fools ever since they rejected your suggestions.
Voltaire:  Hmmm.  Nothing has happened yet.  But I am beginning to like our chances of seeing something interesting happen this year.  
Maia:  Was it something I said?
Hermes:  This one's going to be a dangerous one.  Maia, you aren't a fool are you?
Maia:  No, I'm just me.
Voltaire:  Well look at the company she's attracted.  She definitely can't get any more dangerous that the three of us.  
Helix:  I'm not so sure..
Voltaire:  Oh, I'm pretty damn sure.
To Be Continued...

In the beginning was the Founder.  He taught us the beginnings of magic.  He taught those that who came to be called the Mages.  But the days of the Mage are nearly over and the magic world is in chaos.  It has been 450 years since the passage of Maia, Voltaire, Musica, Helix and the old prophet.  The Mageocracy and the Citadel of Eternity is under siege by the forces of the New American Alliance.  Time is running out.  Even now those that believe in the prophecies wait for the return of the Founder.  And yet there are many that fear what this means.  In a time of chaos, the powers of arbitration have fallen to a small coven of women to hold back the tides of darkness.  Even now as the light grows dim, a small chance exists to break the will of the power that hate has assumed over a world at war.  
So it is that the Age of Witches is upon us..
The Chronicle of Witches
The reign of death has been strong for over 100 years.  Despite the years of the long peace, the mortals were not content to let the matter of magic use continue.  When a new generation of extremists came to power, a choice was made to force our hand.  Even now, the gates of the Citadel are being breached by Telemetric Industries latest designed antimagic assault mechs.  Gone are the days of small 5 meter tall death sphere droids.  The advances of weapons and reactor technology have made the old killing machines of the past seem like so many paper weapons.  Evacuations of the Citadel began 2 days ago.  We lost our three best armies over the course of the last six months.  So it falls to myself to continue the evacuations.  My name is Elijah.  And I have come to this world again to advance the will of the Founder and assure that magic and its users find the path back to peace.  Despite my doubts, I continue to fight in the belief that one day, the Founder will return.  And yet now, with our people pressed to the brink of defeat, our best hope is to flee back to our old strongholds to the North and far West.  What would the Founder do?  Surely only He can answer the question.  So it is I continue with my faithful walk...

The New American Alliance (NAA) was formed from the ashes of the old American League of Independent Prefects (ALIP).  The Normalization Party had long since given way to new systems of injustice and oppression from the earlier period of the Age of Mages.  No longer a monolithic party of control and repression, now a dozen new fragmented political and social paradigms had replaced the old ones.  But mortals were just as doubtful and terrified of the magic users as ever.  New machines had replaced old ones.  New systems had replaced old ones.  New lies had replaced old ones.  And so the great war continued in a new form.
The Mageocracy had held the advantage for 200 years during the height of the great revolutionary process that had weakened 2 of the 4 great mortal powers.  Both the Northern League and the ALIP had seen their governments wrapped up in a war against rebel forces which mostly consisted of mortal rebels demanding the right to real elections and an end to corruption.  The magic threat was considered distant during this period despite the fact the Mageocracy had a huge standing army.  The eastern parts of the Canadian Free State had broken away from the ALIP control and was now a patchwork of independent states and nations consisting of mortal and magic users mixing together freely for the most part.  The Western School of Mages was still active in its strongholds in the Rocky Mountains and had slowly evolved into the de facto government of that region.  
All that changed with the formation of the New American Alliance under the banner of the mortal Lord Perry, a high ranked and extremely wealthy media mogul and his hard core allies in the military and military industrial complex.  Lord Perry was elected High Vizier of Yorkheiss (former New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts of ancient history) during a severe financial crisis and from there rose to the rank of Supreme President of the Northeastern Hegemony within 4 years.  He proceeded then to buildup his armies rapidly and in a surprise move attacked the remaining ALIP controlled regions while an insider 5th column of co-conspirators assisted by inciting revolutionary extremist cadres to simultaneously overthrow the ALIP security forces within ALIP cities, especially the capitol New Freedom City (former Washington D.C. region).  Using a process of subversion, buying off resistance (especially the leaders), and finally destroying all those who still resisted, the weakened ALIP was slowly subverted over the course of 10 years.  New Freedom City was sacked, the former Grand Chancellor of the ALIP was forced to surrender, and Lord Perry became the heir apparent to the ALIP.  Lord Perry though, had other plans.  
In a sinister move, Lord Perry did not take the position of Grand Chancellor.  Lord Perry instead gave a speech to this day known as the Speech of a Thousand Daggers, declaring the ALIP leaders traitors in league with the Mageocracy and the vast conspiracy of magical terrorists who were secretly plotting a mass extermination of mortals because the mortals were not like them.  And just the same as all men and women like him in the course of history he then ordered his loyalists to began a mass extermination of those not like them.  Hundreds of thousands of ALIP bureaucrats, officials, and loyal Normalization Party members were arrested, tried, and executed, though not necessary in that order. The head of the Normalization Party in Europe was assassinated and the central council of the Normalization Party was forced into hiding.  Chaos reigned in the mortal world for another 10 years.  
All the while, the Mageocracy slept believing that what was going in the mortal world would not touch them.  The Mageocracy beefed up its defenses and expanded its readiness programs in preparation for a possible assault.  The leaders of our generation simply couldn't conceive that Perry's new order would ever succeed in actually forming a stable long term government, much less launch an attack against the powerful standing armies that the Mages possessed.  
And yet, Perry allied himself with a Normalization Party Council member named Bjorn Schmidt who then betrayed his remaining Normalization Party leaders to their deaths by giving away the location of their secret annual meeting.  All of the party members were killed in huge bomb blast.  Bjorn, who was not present, then officially denounced the Normalization Party as a failure and presented forged papers showing a secret alliance between the Normalization Party hierarchy and the Mageocracy and other powerful magic states.  Perry welcomed Bjorn into open arms, and the purge of the Normalization Party began worldwide.  Within 3 years, the Normalization Party, once the most feared and hated political force in the known world for 500 years was no more.  Perry loyalists and other people who had long opposed the Normalization Party's reign of terror then proceeded with due care to eradicate all evidence of their existence from the face of the Earth.  Statues and symbols were dynamited.  Flags were torn down and burned.  Party buildings were demolished.  All copies of the Normalization Party bible, Nature's Way, were hunted down, shredded, then put to the flame.  
A new order had been born.  Perry and his loyalists insisted upon the formation of many parties to prevent the corruption that they alleged had been spread by magic users seeking to subvert mortal governments.  With many heads watching each other, all, of course, under the watchful gaze of Perry and his power brokers, there would be less of a chance of subversion.  Perry saved the most grizzly ritual of cleansing the old order for last, on day 0 of year 0 of the new calendar of Nature meant to break away from the old order completely.  Perry himself executed the last Grand Chancellor of the AFIP, Robert Saladin, by beheading him in front of a crowd of 2 million loyalists on the steps of the AFIP capital building in New Freedom City.  Holding Robert Saladin severed head high for the crowd to see, Perry shouted, "Long live the natural human being. Long live the New American Alliance.  Death to traitors.  Death to sorcerers.  Death to wizards.  We will tolerate the failure of our predecessors no longer."  Perry's soldiers then set fire to the old capital building and much of New Freedom City burned to the ground over the course of the next 48 hours.  Perry then moved the capitol west to the newly named Liberty City in the Ohio Prefect.  And then in the name of Liberty the New American Alliance was formed officially.  
The rebellion of the remaining mortals in the NAA was bought off and those that resisted further were crushed.  By the end of the 10 year chaos, Perry's armies had conquered all of the former ALIP territories except for the Canadian Free Nation areas from their mortal rulers.  Most of the independent rulers simply surrendered rather than fight.  These were spared.  Those that resisted were dealt with brutally, especially the leadership.  Once the mortal realms were under his control, Perry turned his attention to the Mageocracy.  
It would take 10 years of continuous fighting for the Mageocracy defense network to begin crumbling.  Too late did the Mages realize that they should have gone on the offensive when the threat first materialized. 
 To be continued..
The Prophecy of the Archon
The passage below is found on 6:71 of the Testament of Ages which original manuscript is kept in the Silent Vault of the Dark Tower of Thought in the Valley of Eyes and is watched over by the Testementarian (and the Hallowed Guardians) who keep the Knowledge of the Prophecy alive for all of us both magician and mortal.  For believers, the passage is the way it happened 1390 years ago.  
Ivas, The Old Prophet: "Only the reincarnated Founder can end the war.  He was the one that started it.  Only He knows how to end it.  If He cannot do it, no one can.  Even the greatest of the witches will not stop the war.  Even the Circle of the Green Dragon will be unable to stop the war.  Even the line of Testimentarians will not end the war.  And the Mageocracy will teeter on the verge of collapse all throughout the last days.  Even as the war against the mortals appears over..a new power will emerge from the North.  From the Dark Tower, He will come.  The Revenant of the Founder.  He will be called Archon, for his power will be unbreakable.  With Him will come the war to end all wars.  The Archons will rise and the Age of Witches will be burnt from the face of the Earth.  War rules happily before and after.  And so even as the mortals are defeated..the War of the Archons will consume half the world and at last magic itself will be broken.  The Archon is coming.  Beware His approach.  He will come from the Line of Testimentarians.  Watch them always.  But always remember only the 1st Archon can end the war and bring peace.  He is the chosen one.  No one can contest His will save one.  Only this one can convince Him to spare the world of magic from the final judgment.  At the end the Heart of the Archon will decide the fate of all.  Trust Him for good, but do not cross Him.  His wrath is as the wrath of the Universe.  At the end of time, He will put down His sword for Love.  Then, and only then, will the war finally end and peace reign forever."
The Great Maia: "What is it that the Archon wants?"
Ivas: "Like all beings of the Light..all he seeks is a chance to know and be known in return.  To love and be loved in return."
The Great Maia:  "But why must the world perish for the sake of the Love of one Human Being?"
Ivas:  "The world will not perish, but instead the balance of Life will be restored.  You must understand, the Archon only wants what is his.  He opened the gates of magic, and he alone may shut them at his discretion."
The Great Maia:  "But it cannot be his anymore.  We all have magic from the Earth.  We have known this from the beginning of magic."
Ivas:  "Yes Maia, magic is from the Earth, but the magic we use is the Founder's magic.  We use the Founder's grid.  The Founder's crystal and element systems.  The Founder's basic glyph's.  The Founder's Hermetic Code."
The Great Maia:  "Then only by destroying the Founder's magic can the true magic within us all be released?  Is that what you are saying?"
Ivas:  "Yes Maia.  And only the reincarnated Founder can destroy His magic, for He has the keys."
The Great Maia:  "It seems sad.  After all this time that the very basis of our way of life has been based on a lie."
Ivas:  "Not a lie, a choice.  We choose this way because it was easier than creating our own system of magic and belief.  It is a gift.  And yet, this magic must return to its source.  To the Founder and the original 12 Mages."
The Great Maia:  "Darkness to darkness, light to light."
Ivas:  "Precisely.  In this way we will all be free at last to live in peace."
The Great Maia:  "I was one of them, and so were you"
Ivas:  "We must undo all that we have done so that others can be free to choose.  Do you see?"
The Great Maia: "Yes.  He can't do it alone.  It's too much for his soul to bear.  It's Voltaire, isn't it?"
Ivas:  "Good.  Then you understand.  Never let Him know what you know.  It is not his time.  He must find out on His own.  This is our circle of Life.  This is our Circle of Light.  Love binds us together.  Go now.  Be at peace and know that in the end, He will save Us, and We will save Him."
The Chronicle of Archons
Book 1: Revenant
Chapter 1: Succession of the Testementarian
Talirand: We simply cannot allow him to escape.  He is too dangerous.
Fornax: You don't just trap a Testementarian with 15 assassins.  Even the best assassins in the Agency can't hope to compete against that kind of power.  We must wait.
Talirand:  Waiting will be fatal.  They grow stronger with every passing year.  We must do away with him now.
Fornax:  It is a mistake.  Mark my words sir.  We will live to regret what we do if we do it now.
Talirand:  Weakness will not win this war Fornax.  Only power.  Get your soldiers ready.  We do this thing tomorrow night.

Kha Dawn was the 33rd in the line of Testimentarians.  By the measure of Testimentarians he had accomplished a great deal in five years.  A frighteningly imposing figure of authority, no one in the magic world or the world of the normals was stupid enough to test the will or resolve of any Testementarian.  By any measure, Kha Dawn was arguably the most mysterious of any of the Testimentarians.  So mysterious, in fact, that one could not know when he would arrive suddenly and without warning.  It seemed as though he had a nack for surprising people, armies, mages, witches, and remarkably even members of the Circle of the Green Dragon by simply appearing somehow right in front of them out of thin air.  A sense of timing close to perfect is what allowed him to do this according to the few humans who were close to him.  Only the 32nd Testementarian, Jagmodev, who had resigned his position to allow Kha Dawn to assume the role, was totally immune to this trick.  
It was the fear that the Testementarian imposed upon those who did not wish to see the end of all things that caused the deaths of 4 out of the 33 Testimentarians to this date.   Each of those four assassinations wrecked havoc on the magic and mortal worlds as the forces loyal to the Testementarian were fierce, numerous, and vicious in battle.  The base of power of the Testementarian was the Dark Tower of Thought which stood over the plains of South Central Canada rising an amazing 5 kilometers into the air and was visible for a thousand miles in some locations.  This monstrous structure had never successfully been conquered from the day of its construction until now.  The fact that one could simply not overthrow the base of power of the Testimentarians in and of itself was a cause to fear them.  
The Dark Tower of Thought was protected by a Veil and magical defense system like nothing every constructed.  It was nicknamed the Briar Patch, and no opponents of the Testimentarians had ever successfully crossed it.  In fact, very few survived the attempt.  
And yet there are those who wished to see the destruction of the line of Testimentarians to prevent the Revenant of the Founder from ending magic, causing destruction across the world, and breaking the powerful forces that knew the prophecy meant their defeat and end.  So while the believers hoped that the Founder would return to bring balance to the world of magic and non-magic alike, those who opposed the prophecy and wished to keep things the way they were or who wished to save countless lives (as they saw it) fought to destroy that which they feared one day would bring into this world the Revenant of the Founder.  Destroy the egg and the serpent can never be born.  
This made the life of the Testementarian quite difficult as one might imagine.  So far Kha Dawn had successfully thwarted 17 assassination attempts over the last 3 years.  This was about average for his 32 predecessors, though the first three Testimentarians had a relatively easy go of it.  The more one reads the prophecy, it was said, the more it made one wish to avoid what it implied.  Or at least that is what the Testimentarians themselves thought until Jagmodev and his reinterpretation of the overall meaning of certain key lines of the Testament of Ages.  Rather, Jagmodev explained that the end of the powers that be was not to be considered a bad thing, but that the Archon must be allowed to express his will for the Revenant of the Founder was certainly a force that must set everything right and set everyone free.  This interpretation was not greeted warmly in the halls of power of the other political forces of that day.
Thus 9 years ago a 4 year long war was fought known as the 5th War of the Testementarian.  The offensive forces of the Testementarian were destroyed, but the Dark Tower of Thought with its horrifyingly efficient Briar Patch repelled armies from 1/5th of the nations on the Earth and the Mageocracy itself.  The Mageocracy had turned against the 32nd Testementarian because he had asserted the right of the Founder to change what he began.  As the most powerful state in the magic world, the Mageocracy (referred to by historians as the 2nd Mageocracy), and the witches who ruled it did not appreciate the domination that was implied by the Testament of Ages.  They had no interest in seeing magic decay in the aftermath of the victory of the Archon as magic was the basis of their power.  The great Hermetic Reactor in the Citadel of Eternity would be in danger of failing if the Testament of Ages was to be believed.   This magical device was the cornerstone of the power that the Mageocracy had developed for over 1300 years.  The witches were not about to let everything they worked for be thrown away.  So they joined mortal armies and other magical armies from around to world to siege the Dark Tower of Thought.
After losing half their armies to pointless attacks against the Briar Patch's crystal reactor matrix, which had the annoying habit of reforming crystal reactors that had been destroyed within a few days, the Supreme witch made a deal with Jagmodev that would seal the fate of the world for all time.  Jagmodev did not wish to continue the dreadful slaughter of people that had been set loose by his defense of the prophecy.  And of course the powers of the world did not wish to continue to lose army after army in the pursuit of a goal of victory that was beyond their technological and magical capabilities.  So, a bargain was struck.  The more conservative Kha Dawn, chief apprentice of Jagmodev, would be elevated to the position of Testementarian, and Jagmodev would go and join the Circle of the Green Dragon as Dragon Overlord of Greenland.  And so the Succession of the Testementarian, for the first time in its history, passed before the natural death of the previous Testementarian, to a new one that it was assumed would be too inexperienced to handle the complex political maneuverings being planned against him.  But the powers of the world had severely underestimated Kha Dawn, the Warrior.  The 33rd Testementarian proved to be the greatest surprise of them all.
While an apparent conservative in his interpretation of the Testament of Ages, Kha Dawn's conservatism was always an act as everyone knew or strongly suspected, though he was a very, very good actor.  No Testementarian could possibly not believe in the return of the Founder as it was written.  At least 1, the 14th Testementarian, Andrew the Superior, actually had believed he was the Founder and was promptly assassinated.  
Kha Dawn was a type of magic user known as a spectralcast polymorph.  In fact, he was the greatest spectralcast polymorph of recorded history.  This was his greatest known power.  Every Testementarian had to have at least one such power.  A spectralcast polymorph has the ability to take any disguise known through changing his or her physical shape and aura.  The only way to detect one is to perform a class 10 magic spectrographic analysis.  Unfortuntely a class 10 magic spectrographic analysis could only be conducted in two places on the planet because of the amount of energy required to perform one.  The first was at the heart of the Citadel of Eternity as the Hermetic Reactor was the most powerful source of energy available.  The second was in Obelisk City, far to the north, the new capital of a new nation of mortals, The United Federation of Amerika (UFA), named after its ancient predecessor, and often, just as corrupt and ruthless.  Thus Kha Dawn could walk in disguise anywhere on the planet undetected except here, and even here, it would have been impossible to run a constant class 10 magic spectrographic analysis as a reactor overload would occur after about an hour.  This was of little solace to the paranoid rulers of both the Mageocracy and the UFA.  After all, Testementarians of the past were known to walk right into the heart of capitals of enemy nations and reign death on their rulers and people alike.  The best policy, was still, to this day, even after the latest apparent defeat of Testementarian forces, to be polite and diplomatic.
The 33rd Testementarian, in addition, had a history that was some cause for concern among the Mageocracy and especially the UFA, whom he escaped from in perhaps the most daring escape of recent magic history.  Much of this history remains classified, and even the best spies in the Mageocracy have had a hard time trying to get information about what actually happened.  What is known for sure is that thousands of UFA troops were killed and their best magic hunters defeated by a single individual.  Indeed, such a feat had not been accomplished since the 15th Testementarian, Daggoroth the Slayer destroyed a division of crack troops using just the power of the wind when cornered in a narrow valley high in the mountains of (Colorado).  This made Kha Dawn automatic Testementarian material.  Jagmodev made Kha his apprentice within a week of meeting him.  
The Mageocracy was most disappointed and the Supreme Priestess Viandra made it her mission to woe Kha away from Jagmodev with every promise and spell she could muster.  Kha listened but agreed to nothing.  And  spells are a two edged sword with Testementarians and any magic user that rated above a scale of 9, and Viandra found herself drained of her magic repeatedly with little positive results.  Indeed, Viandra began to fear that Kha Dawn could read her mind and her plans as well as everything else about her.  This she did not reveal, not even to her closest advisors, because she feared that this would mean her deposition as first among equals on the Great Conclave of Witches.  Thus she kept her secret silently and waited for what she feared most.  The idea began to form in her mind that Kha Dawn was in fact the reincarnation of the Founder.  And thus she had many nights with little sleep in terror at the power that could consume her and everything she had worked for in her life.  War, it seems, was an answer.  Or perhaps, assassination.  But it was not the nature of Viandra to make such a commitment.  So, she waited for someone else to try and in all likelihood, fail.  
Chapter 2: Covenant
And so a great meeting of witches gathered in secret including all but one of the members of the Great Conclave of Witches to discuss the fate of Kha Dawn, the interloper, who they feared and despised.  For who was a man to declare his magic greater than a woman.  What wizard had stood up against the witches and lived to tell the tale?  Indeed, there had been none so bold as to challenge the Great Conclave in the history of its existence.  But Kha had challenged them mightily questioning both their understanding of magical principle and the base of their power.  What chance would even a Testementarian have?  The witches had truly rejected that the right of the Testementarian had always found an heir that was male.  No witch had ever sat as Testementarian.  The Founder was always assumed to incarnate as a male.  Would it had made any difference if he had been a she?  If anything it would likely had made the witches even more jealous and enraged.  Indeed, such questions did not sit well with the Great Conclave at all.
So the witches debated what was to be done with Kha the terrible, or Kha the unknowable.  Surely, they could finish him quickly if they all banded together to destroy him.  But such was not the nature of witches to be wicked conspiracists unless provoked or threatened.  And Kha Dawn had threatened no one, like Jagmodev before him.  So the natural desire to appease the new overlord of the unknowable fate that the legends of the past insisted would come to pass won out.  Kha Dawn was left to his own devices.  But the arguments that were made that day were most intriguing upon the nature, intention, and desires of witches.  For surely not a few of those amongst them would have taken Kha Dawn as a mate, though it was forbidden that such a union should ever occur.  No witch of the Great Conclave could join in sexual union with a Testementarian.  The fear of this event was, of course, based on the prophecy of the fall of the Mageocracy.  
The offending passage causing all this worry was 7:15 of the Testament of Ages that clearly, more or less depending on who was asked, stated "Before the seed of the Testementarian is mixed with that of the Conclave shall come the power of the Archon, destined to throw down those who have stolen magic for themselves."  And of course, there was 7:19, "Within the Citadel of Eternity, at the end of magic, shall He draw forth all that is female onto Himself, all that is whole and un-whole.  All that is female in a witch, and all that is male in a Mage.  The power of the one, unified and defined."  What this meant, was the cause of great concern.  But the Conclave was not here to discuss the finer points of Testementarian prophecies or ideologies.  It was here to decide the fate of the one Testementarian they had to deal with.  
Viandra:  I think you all know what must be done.  We must contain the power of this Testementarian before he becomes a threat bigger than we can deal with.  
Marlina:  You're so weak Viandra.  What's happened to you?  Afraid of this man.  Who is he anyway?  Just another pretender to the throne of lies that the Testementarians have foisted on us from the day they forged their idiotic prophecies.  We use our magic, not His.  
Viandra:  Dear sister, I think you are most misguided in your interpretation of our reality.  Any creative field created by a singular being can be summoned back into that being.  There is nothing we can do to stop it.
Marlina:  Except create our own magic!
Viandra:  With what system?  It's been tried before.  The Founder's magic is everywhere making all this possible.  We can't escape a system he created and still expect for things to remain as they are.
Marlina:  We should have purged it all long ago.  
Viandra:  That has been tried, and you know what has happened.
Marlina:  You have shown yourselves to be a bunch of fools in trying to make this work by not destroying the Founder's magical system yourselves!  
Xiamortisha:  And lose our power?
Marlina:  Why exactly have you summoned me to your stupid conclave to discuss what you fools already should have figured out ages ago?  You can't have His system and expect to have any results other than the one you must face.  This has been the position of the Circle of the Green Dragon since it's founding.  Your conveniences all come at a huge price.  
Airaia:  And yet for all these hundreds of years you still use his system too.  
Marlina:  What we have found is that we have enough of our own magic that we would not be as lost as the Mageocracy and the other magical societies that have chosen to foolishly use only Founder based magic.  Yes we use it, but we aren't dependent on it like you.  You've set yourselves up.  And what do you know about Kha anyway?  Has any of you even talked to him besides Viandra?  

They all looked around at each other, but no one said anything.  If any had, they weren't talking about it.  

Viandra:  Oh come now.  Surely someone here is holding their tongue.  I'll forgo a field cast for the moment so I don't expose you whoever you are, but I'll tell you that you are all underestimating him.  This one is different.  
Marlina:  Please, he's just like every Testementarian before him.  And I've found him to be polite and not so hard as you would all believe.  Why not simply invite him over for a chat with all of you and that way you could all just get along nicely.
Viandra:  Don't be ridiculous Marlina, we can't just invite a Testementarian over for tea. What sort of nonsense are you babbling on about?  We don't know what that one is planning.  And you know most of them have been quite big plotters.  
Marlina:  That's because in the history of your arrogant Mageocracy, whether ruled by witches or mages, no one ever bothers to have a decent conversation with anyone outside the Mageocracy.  That is why, I suspect, you invited myself and Dionne from the Circle.  Now, when you are all in trouble, in your minds most likely, that you bother to invite us to attend your all female congress of brooding.  You've become just like the Mages before you, frightened of your own shadows.
Viandra:  Reaching out to this interloper would be interpreted as a sign of weakness at the least.  
Dionne:  A sign of openness perhaps instead.  Why not try a peaceful resolution before any problems emerge?
Zera:  Why?  The Testementarians are as weak as they will ever be.  Why not wipe them out now and destroy the prophecy from here forward.
Viandra:  You are a heartless monster Zera.  We can't act with such extreme violence.  That is not the way we have chosen.
Zera:  I can cite history disproving that Viandra, recent history.  
Viandra:  Those conflicts were necessary to contain a problem that we all know had to be contained.  The idea of killing Testementarians has never been acceptable to the leaders of this Conclave.  You extremists have never had sway over the whole of our history even in the day when we were nearly annihilated.  
Zera:  And yet, we are still nearly annihilated periodically.  It should be ended.  
Dionne:  To what end?  How many would die?  What would the consequences be?  And are you prepared to pay the price for your hatred?  What if all magic is destroyed?  What if you fail?
Zera:  Who cares.  Time is not on our side.  We have an opportunity to end this game and now.  We should take it while we have the chance.
Cian:  Zera, you have argued for this time and time again.  But how can you be so evil?  If we destroy the Testementarian they will just rise again somewhere else.  You can't stop a force that is destined to return.  
Zera:  You can't live with a force that is always ready to seize you and drag you under.  
Viandra:  It cannot be done Zera.  What you ask is outside the possibility of consideration.  
Zera:  Then why are we here?
Viandra:  To discuss other options.
Zera:  How about trapping him?  Locking him in his tower?
Viandra:  Under what pretext?  This Testementarian has done nothing to warrant it officially.
Zera:  You're the one with the suspicions that he is different.  How about a suggestion, your highness?
Viandra:  I thought perhaps we could consider the option of mass enchantment.
Zera:  Oh, you've got to be kidding me.  
Dionne:  I have to agree with Zera, what would you accomplish with a mass enchantment?
Viandra:  It's never been tried before.  I believe that performing one in mass would hold the Testementarian at bay.
Marlina:  You're pitting the whole of your magic against his ability to resist a mass enchantment?  That's a tall order.  You'd better succeed if you are going to play that game.  
Cian:  If we perform a mass enchantment, and he breaks the spell, we could all be in some serious trouble.
Zera:  Killing him would be easier I think.
Viandra:   That's enough out of you Zera, I wonder why I bothered inviting you at all.
Zera:  You need someone to make you look good Viandra, your tenure as Supreme Priestess has been completely bloodless, as you know.
Viandra:  No, I invited you because I thought we might finally talk some nurturing into you.
Zera:  Yes you know so much about nurturing yourself, please do enlighten me.
Rianti:  Zera, you will not continue speaking unless you have something constructive to say.
Zera:  Yes, Judicator.
Rianti:  I apologize for my lateness, I was delayed by various functionaries.
Viandra:  Our meeting is going well, Rianti, but I wonder whether or not we should fill you in.
Rianti:  I have the details of your conversations on my information sphere and have reviewed them.  Please continue.  Please obey the rules of ordered communication for a proper congress.  Especially you Zera.
Zera:  Yes, Judicator.
Viandra: As I was saying, a mass enchantment is the least dangerous option and the most dependable in terms of its possible result.

Marlina: Is that what you really want Viandra?  A mass enchantment?  And what is it that we are enchanting the Testimentarian to do precisely?  Be nice?  Be friendly?  Chat more often with us?  Are you also forgetting the fact that magic always carries a price, a price that you may not be so willing to pay once you find out what it is?  Hmm?

Viandra:  He can’t be allowed simply to do whatever he wants whenever he wants and step all over everyone he wants to.
Marlina:  Has he now?  How so?
There was a long pause.  Viandra sat there and thought. 
Viandra:  He is up to something Marlina, and you refuse to recognize it.
Rianti:  Yes, Marlina.  I’m inclined to agree with Viandra on that part.  Those Testimentarians are always up to something.  And they have so many followers especially amongst the Gnell that it is very difficult to imagine that this Kha Dawn is not amassing an army for some purpose.
Marlina:  I haven’t really noticed him doing that.  I suspect he is still trying to understand his role more fully before he goes about gathering armies to be at his disposal.  However, gathering armies isn’t technically all that illegal.  Isn’t that what you’ve been doing and what the mortal nations have been doing?  Isn’t that the whole problem with your whole little idea.  You’ve all been doing it, but Kha Dawn and a few hundred thousand Gnell can’t gather together and make a bunch of noise once in awhile?  Please, the Testimentarians are defensively oriented and always have been.  Their greatest strength is that they don’t go out starting wars. 
Whatever nonsense they believe in about the Founder and what not, they have never invaded anything but always are being harassed by everyone else.  Except for the Circle of the Green Dragon, of course, and in that we share something.  Neither the Testimentarians nor the Circle have bothered to try and crush their enemies like so many idiots bleeding their lifeforce away. 
A mass enchantment is just another offensive spell.  I, for one, simply will not waste any of the resources of our society on these pointless ego trips of yours. 
Viandra:  Please Marlina, I beg you reconsider this matter.  Surely you can see we need your assistance in this. 
Marlina:  My personal position is no.  I will relay the matter to the rest of the Circle.  We will vote on the matter, though it is highly unlikely that you will get an affirmative or even a single vote on this.
Viandra:  What about Jagmodev?  Are you planning on informing him?
Marlina:  He is the Dragon know Viandra.  We in the Circle do not discriminate against male magicians unlike certain other groups here.  As Dragon Overlord he is charged with the defense of our society. 
Viandra:  You’ve always been blessed in Greenland, Marlina, with impeccable defenses.  I want my kingdom safe, Marlina.  I don’t want her to come to harm anymore. 
Marlina:  We understand your position Viandra.  But, the Mageocracy has created its own hell.
Viandra:  As a witch you must appreciate my position! 
Rianti:  Have you lost your feminine touch now, Marlina.  The southern witches support our northern sisters.  I am sure I can gather at least 100 powerful ones for your spell Viandra if that is going to be the official position of the Mageocracy.
Viandra: Thank you Rianti, I was counting on your support.
Xiamortisha:  You also have the support of the Northern Ice Witches always your Grace. 
Viandra:  Of course, Xia.  (Laughs).  I don’t even ask you know.
Xiamortisha:  It is a pleasure to be of service to the Citadel.
Cian:  I am bound to the will of the Desert Coven, even if I disagree with the plan as it has flaws.
Viandra:  Come now Cian, surely you can see we can defeat these Testimentarians.
Cian:  Viandra, power is a risky game.  And what if he has warlock powers?  We don’t even know what kind of magic he has yet.  Also it is somewhat unconscionable to be this aggressive.  I am bound to the fate of my Coven, but I cannot agree with this on the basis of the falsehood of aggressive attack. 
Marlina:  Ah Cian.  You’ve always been a credit to our annual meetings. 
Viandra:  Hmmm.  Well Marlina.  I assume that we can take a break and you can conduct your vote with the Circle. 
Several hours go by and the witches return to the Sacred Space of the Covenant, as the meeting room was called in the Mageocracy’s Citadel of Eternity.  Here for hundreds of years had the witches gathered to speak with each other regarding the serious matters of witch kind.  In the elder time, when witches were more open, even some male witches were permitted, but due to changing hearts and minds, males were relegated to second class status outside of a few magical halls of power. 

Book 2: The War of the Archons
To be Continued..

The Promethean Legacy
For ages a cancer has been spreading across the Universe.  It is the cancer of people.  Our worlds were formed long ago to chart a new destiny apart from the endless violence of the species homo sapiens.  Our ancestral species with its pungent noise and nastiness never learned from us.  So, our society choose to leave them behind in the hopes that we would never cross them again.  Against the odds, they survived, perhaps because of their inability to control their own reproduction.  But such as it was, the horde now approaches our home and makes itself known.  We are on the verge of war with this pestilence.  The rats of the Universe, the plague upon our happy day.
Having overrun the native species of the Milky Way with xenophobic zeal, the ever spreading homo sapiens was not content with having control over its own galaxy.  Over a hundred million years ago they invaded the peaceful galaxies of the Andromeda group in search of new plunder.  Here they were stopped by powerful empires, but with time the homo sapiens overcame this.   Now they have the run of what we once called the local group.  The last resistance in Triangulum was extinguished some ten million years ago.  For the last ten million years they have been building and building in preparation for assaulting the rest of the local cluster.  We, homo promethean, the evolved humans, have chosen to assist the great alliance of the Virgo Cluster to stop homo sapiens and its vile allies in the Cannes Venatici group of galaxies.  We are on the verge of a great war involving hundreds of galactic armadas.  This is our time to stand up.  We are Tetragramatron Metagalactic lead by the Society of Higher Order.
"Now come the days of chaos when all we have learned will be put to the test." - Valor III

All these worlds flourishing with ageless wisdom and strength, and here we sit powerless to change the fate that awaits us.  What has happened?  What has brought us to this moment in time? - Valor III

There are two schools of thought concerning the way in which the universe must be divided.  The first school of thought is known as the right of the looter.  In it the first person that shows up anywhere has the right to take whatever he or she desires from the universe.  There is no thought assumed in the matter.  It says I came, I saw, I conquered.  And those espousing this “philosophy” more or less think that they have the universal right of way to borrow just about anything from anyone.  I use the term borrow in the loosest possible sense.

The 2nd school of thought on the matter is the school of justice which states that the universe is divided up into rightful districts of just use based on prior agreements between parties and just logic which favors what is right and best about any particular situation.  It is behind the 2nd school that the vast excess of just force backs the creation of law and order.  By right of the higher mind does the universe justify this order.  This is the basis of the belief of the Society of Higher Order’s manifest proclamation of structured returns based on cosmic principles.
Indeed, such order is considered natural and good, except that occasionally a mob of unruly jerks shows up to demand something that does not belong to them on the basis of the notion that they are more numerous or momentarily at a technological advantage.  This doctrine, the doctrine of might makes right, the right of the looter, is the way in which barbarians settle their differences between one another.  And when such a power comes into a focus it is the responsibility of all beings who believe in higher order to put right and proper the perspective of just returns based on full knowledge of the conditions of what truly belongs to one person or another.
All crime is like wasted time leaking out into the universe like a resource to be claimed.  When all else fails higher order means following the right of the loser, the winner of karma over the winner of the great game.  But such subtlety is lost on primitives of weaker minds and lesser natures.  They only understand the argument of force because the weak minded are simply too lazy to think their way through anything.  In this regard we consider them to be an inconvenience to our desires in the moment.  Death is a small price to pay to have everything you want.  This is the karmic doctrine.  But there is still a doctrine of just force in defense of one’s rights that still applies so that one does not have to play the part of the martyr if one knows what one is fighting for.
In all contests of greatness, it is said that the primordial beings of time and space have an advantage over the newcomers who tend towards the violent end of the spectrum of consciousness.  It is all a question of how much one is willing to pay to grant them their right to run over everyone else’s desires.  It is not considered a just outcome to surrender to the usurpers of order.  Indeed, because we fight for the rights of order by the rights of justice, we cannot say that it is fair that we surrender our position without a fight.  Certainly, it is doubly true if we have a duty that must be performed because of a higher calling.
It would be difficult for the primitive to know what makes the primordial spirits greater.  It is like an ant that asks why a man may crush him when he bites the man.  The ant simply cannot comprehend that this giant thing was there before him and has rights as well.  It cannot comprehend that it fights for something.  But the horde is like the ant, it only bites unthinkingly.  It eats everything and destroys the value of what is primordial and what is ancient beyond its understanding.
If left to its own devices it would overcome all culture with noise, all value with violence, and all beauty with conformity to mediocrity.  In the place of the culture of the mind, the history of the cosmos, and the quest for perfect knowledge, the masses would replace this with conformity to symbolism in their inherently lazy tendencies.  Ideas would disappear, and in their place would be a treadmill to nowhere forever turning to generate mindless repetition of existing themes.  All originality would cease to exist.  All creativity would grind to a halt.  Nothing would be produced except what has been produced.  And history itself would be erased to provide for whatever lie was most convenient for those who would be offended at anything other than the lie that we are all equal at all times everywhere.
Without creativity stagnation would set in.  And the watchful eyes of the ever vigilant would be made listless with the ingredients of deception.  In place of self worth would be the ever expanding drug of repetitive media themes.  This is what the humans would do to everyone, everywhere.  There would be no new content.  There would be no questioning of the endless expansionism.  There would be only war forever and ever and ever bringing more and more people into the world for ever larger armies of conformity to evil.  This is what we oppose and must oppose.  The higher order cannot be subsumed to lower order.  We cannot be governed by the self appointed.  There is a law and an order which holds the cosmos together and it is not based upon the idea of equality of result.
Desire is not something that will be bargained with.  Yet the masses do not care about desire.  Homo sapiens has shown its self interest repeatedly.  Whenever it is convenient ideas that are not to its liking are silenced and erased.  Whenever it is told it is not the center of the universe, it seeks to retell the story so that it never has to stop in its growth.  It is just too much of a bother for homo sapiens to live within the justice of the cosmos.  It is why we left them behind.  They simply won’t play fair or by the rules.  They will not consider the highest and best good of the cosmos.  They will not open their minds to the truth of our cosmic system.
Chief amongst the arguments against homo sapiens reckless expansionism has been the theory that the cosmos is built by higher dimensional agents that determine the speed and scope of maximum development.  When the masses of homo sapiens and their corrupted self serving leaders heard of this doctrine, the doctrine of the Archons, they choose to ignore, ridicule, and reject it as impossible.  Yet mystics came along and confirmed what had been stated.  So, the masses lead by their corrupted leaders, closed their minds down rather than hear that they were not in their rights to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted anywhere they wanted.  Such is the spoiled nature of homo sapiens.
In the end homo promethean accepted the cosmic order and became part of it, upholding the just outcomes of spirit based on the cosmic principles of just order.  Homo sapiens choose to follow the route of whatever it wants it can take as long as it has the military strength to get it.  And this has worked for it for now.  But, it has reached a limit of what we are willing to accept in terms of their rights.  The Archons are howling at the injustices against the galaxies.  Stars destroyed in agony.  Spirits of the universe do not take kindly to violence perpetuated by the ignorant.  There are powers beyond these that will not rest.  The Archons always get their revenge. 
In this regard we have all failed and it is too late.  Once things are imperfect they cannot be forged back to perfection.  It is said amongst the ancient powers such as the Halcyon of the Virgo Cluster that the universe never forgets a spiritual wound.  It is said that none that is imperfect can live forever, but must die again until it is born perfect.  The imperfection of the Halcyon are part of their rites of knowledge of the cosmos.  They are greater than us, but still acknowledge their imperfection and their worthiness to die and their worthiness to reborn into perfection.
And it is so that one day we all know that the Archons will form a swarm of destruction and wipe out the imperfection from the cosmos.  After this great swarm of justice is formed will the stars and planets again know peace for many amongst them have been destroyed without the ritual purity of good conscience.  It is no small matter for when the connection between things is ignored, when subtly is lost, only the white death can save the souls of the imperfect ones.  But the cosmic powers are merciful for they are always watching and a just time is given all. 
Homo sapiens is our failure as a collective.  Homo promethean must create a new order by keeping homo sapiens in check until such time as it is time for them to learn as a collective.  It cannot be said if they will reach a state of consciousness necessary before the end of the universe comes.  But there are tales that say that when the end of the universe comes the chosen sentient species are sometimes rescued if they are of the ancient lineages of consciousness from before the primordial time of the beginning of the local cosmic fields.  For spirits do recognize each other and remember their ancient debts sometimes which is quite remarkable indeed.  Many have benefited from this remembering.  It would be wise for us to do likewise if it is ever our turn to rescue others in dire need of help.
As to homo sapiens, we shall see what shall happen to those lawless fiends soon.  Them and their allies are still interested in destroying the cosmic order for their own purposes.  They certainly have their reasons, but we will halt them.  Soon war will be upon us.  Soon we will have to rise to the challenge of a test of eons.
-        Valor III (Grandmaster of the Society of Higher Order)
  To be Continued..
The Legend of the S.S.S. Prankster
A story from the Mendelbrot Universe
by Chris Freely
Among the greatest strange stories of Mendelbrot history is the legend of the S.S.S. Prankster often told by traveling muses and actors who frequent the countless inhabited worlds of the Mendelbrot systems and the extended Arkalkian Front worlds.  The original history of this particular band of cosmic tricksters was believed to have been during the early 4th Generation of Power during which the Captain, often called under the pejorative fictitious name of "Captain Asshat", is said to have lead his band of idiot crew members on a whirlwind series of adventures that ended in the 87th largest war in the history of the 4th Generation of Power often called the War of the Prankster.
It was believed that the crew and captain were quite the bunch.  Lead by the captain and his legendary lack of diplomatic skills the crew of the S.S.S. Prankster successfully insulted just about every great leader in the known chaos region who had been mostly disposed to peace before the idiot captain, who was the brother of the sitting Empress of the Mendelbrot Biarchy at the time, came along and successfully convinced them through only his pure idiocy that the Mendelbrots had nothing but contempt for the primitive backwaters of the chaos region.  So incensed did the ruling monarchs of the chaos region, which is the region that surrounds the Arkalkian Front and the loyal border states, that they banded together to attack the front despite their massive disadvantage in firepower and military resources.
The story is often told like this:
There was a story that had to be told.
A story of bravery?  Well not quite to behold.
A legend of might?  Well not quite right.
But mostly of the greatest idiot of the news.

Along came the ship full of motley crew
They had many a face and many a cool view.
And all behind a man not quite great.
It was often said he was early even when he was late.

A man who arrived at exactly the wrong time.
They couldn't keep him centered or working quite fine.
But fast he was with a quip or a gag.
The captain they said was quite a drag.

Captain Asshat:  What's that?  Is someone talking about me?
1st Officer Johnson:  No sir it's just lines of poetry being read out loud.
Captain Asshat:  Quite right, quite right.  As you were 1st Officer!
1st Officer Johnson:  Yes sir!
Captain Asshat enters the bridge of the S.S.S. Prankster.
Corporal Smee:  Attention on deck.  Captain on the bridge!
Captain Asshat: And what bridge is that?
Corporal Smee:  The bridge of the S.S.S. Prankster sir!
Captain Asshat:  And what's S.S.S. stand for?
Crew (in unison): Super Space Ship yo!
Captain Asshat:  Let's not forget how awesome we are!  Turn the goddamn engine on and let's go somewhere!
1st Officer Johnson:  Where to sir?
Captain Asshat:  I like the color blue today.  Lets go towards that large blue star on the screen.
1st Officer Johnson:  Why sir?  What's so great about blue?
Captain Asshat:  How the hell should I know 1st Officer?  Blue seems sparkly or something.  Does everything have to have an explanation with you?
1st Officer Johnson:  No sir, of course not sir.  Helmsmen Hazmat, set the course to Ipromiatica 39 at once.
Helmsman Hazmat:  What speed Captain?
Captain Asshat:  I've changed my mind.
1st Officer Johnson:  What?
Captain Asshat:  I like yellow now.
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir there are 11 yellow stars on the screen which one catches your fancy today?  Perhaps a shade of yellow?
Captain Asshat:  Na, just the closest one will do.
1st Officer Johnson:  Your will is our command captain..Helmsman Hazmat set the course to Lorithidon 602.
Helmsman Hazmat:  What speed Captain?
Captain Asshat:  Green.  I like green too.
Helmsman Hazmat:  Sir, green is not a speed.
Captain  Asshat:  O pick whatever speed fancies you Helmsman.  I think I'll be in my ready room for some shipboard entertainment.  Have you seen Sharknado 5000?  It's the best movie this side of..
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir isn't that film technically banned in all civilized systems?
Captain Asshat:  What?  Banned?  Why?
1st Officer Johnson:  Due to gratuitous stupidity and lack of substantial reasoning in its making among other things sir.
Captain Asshat:  You can't trust those government bureaucrats to know the difference between what good and bad Lieutenant.  I mean surely if we let those people decide for us then we'd be amiss our duty to art.
1st Officer Johnson:  Art has a technical definition sir that includes the complete expression of beauty and refinement through sensory elaboration.  Technically sir the administration of the Mendelbrot systems is not considered a government but an administration charged with the development of proper procedure for the ordered expression of collective self development. 
Captain Asshat:  Bah some moron in charge is always telling me how to live my life.  Screw those bureaucrats I say. 
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir, your sister, The Empress, would..
Captain Asshat:  What in the name of Kha Dawn do you name my sister on this bridge for Johnson?  That holier than thou know it all is going to ruin every experience in my life reminding me she sits on the biggest throne in the known universe?  I don't want to hear you mention her name on this bridge again.
1st Officer Johnson:  Technically sir I didn't name your sister at all.
Captain Asshat:  Johnson, shut your face.
1st Officer Johnson:  Yes sir.
Helsman Hazmat:  Sir I have selected half of standard speed for our trip.
Captain Asshat:  Wonderful job Helmsman.  You'll earn a promotion for this.
Helsman Hazmat:  When sir?
Captain Asshat:  When we get back to Carpathia with the head of galaxy sized space dragon.
Helsman Hazmat:  Oh dear.
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir, you do realize that space dragons are not only a protected species but also indirectly permanently allied to the Arkalkian front.  They also are hyperintelligent with usually psychic or near psychic levels of threat detection?
Captain Asshat:  Surely there are some that are jerk dragons in the chaos region.
1st Officer Johnson:  The chaos region is strictly off limits for Mendelbrot Gabriel Class ships and greater.  Our ship is classed far above that limit.
Captain Asshat:  No worries, I'll just get my sister to wave that requirement so we can go dragon hunting.
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir your statement contravenes several strict military and civilian regulations and includes numerous classes of violations against standard procedure as well as major parts of multiple treaties and the current Mendelbrot constitution itself.
Captain Asshat:  We don't need no stinkin constitution!  Let's fire up the reactor to full blast and head off to blackest corners of the Black Lagoon!  Hazmat, change course!
1st Officer Johnson:  Belay that order Helmsman.  Captain, we need to refuel to the maximum at the least and we should certainly contact Admiral Quaderiel on the Xeriel before we even think of going out that far.  Sir, I also must warn you that there are multiple vessels capable of possibly stopping us from..
Captain Asshat:  This is the S.S.S. Prankster 1st Officer Johnson!  We can't be stopped!  This is the fastest ship in the entire Mendelbrot fleet and I spent my whole damn fortune building it from the ground up knowing that one day some damn bastard in the capitol was going to tell me to stop.  Hell no, do you understand me?  Hell no.  Though, the refueling request sounds good.  I also forbid all crew members from speaking about our top secret mission to anyone off this ship!
Captain Asshat (on shipwide intercom):  Now hear this!  This is the Captain!  (audible moans heard from various parts of the ship)  We are on a top secret mission and I am invoking Primary Silence Directive on this ship effective immediately.  No one is to communicate anything concerning our mission to anyone.
All over the ship whispers could be heard.  "What mission?"  "Here we go again!"  "Oh God what does he up to this time."  "Maybe it's another drill."  "I gotta get off this ship before he kills us all."
Captain Asshat:  Ok let's do a maximum refuel at Regalia Prime.
1st Officer Johnson:  Regalia Prime does not allow this ship anywhere near it nowadays sir unless you are forgetting the incident involving the Lord Commander of the 4th Guards Armada?
Captain Asshat:  He is such a whiner that idiot.
1st Officer Johnson:  And the son of the sitting Divine Monarch of Regalia, a Divine Duke on the Supreme Mandarin Council to the Empress herself?  Surely sir, you could see the problem with destroying his prized luxury yacht with his wife on board.
Captain Asshat:  His wife regenerates!  She's fine now.
1st Officer Johnson:  We are not permitted to land on Regalia or any other of the 10,000 core worlds of the Supreme Mandarin Council.  To refuel we have to go to..
Captain Asshat:  Carpathia!  I hate Carpathia!  Damn you Johnson.  What have you gotten me into?
1st Officer Johnson:  I warned you sir on perhaps 100 separate occasions regarding the improper use of a tractor beam for pranking a class 2 Carpathian type extragalactic yacht with a ship of this power.  It is like trying to perform surgery on a bacteria with a class 3 dark quasar hypernova.
Captain Asshat:  That's what made is such a great prank!
1st Officer Johnson:  The only reason you aren't sitting as an exile is because the Empress herself insisted that you had gotten your karmic monkey out of your system already.
Captain Asshat:  Karmic monkey eh?  I happen to like having a karmic monkey in me.  Makes me a jolly fellow Johnson.  Look at how jolly I am.  Haha!  (Makes monkey noises).
Several crew members roll their eyes during this display of apparent childishness.
Captain Asshat:  Bah!  To Carpathia.  I think I'll go harass my sister.  Hazmat, change course to Carpathia.  But go extra slow.
Helmsman Hazmat:  Carpathia is two months away sir at maximum speed.
Captain Asshat:  Bah.  Alright punch the reactor.  I'm going to a sleep pod.  See you in two months crew!
1st Officer Johnson:  Have a good night Captain.
Captain Asshat:  I will, I will.  Thank you all for your support.
A scene attempts to depict the Imperial Hall on Carpathia which sits in front of the exalted Supreme Mandarin Council Chamber where those who wish to meet the Empress must wait.  The scale of the hall is immense often described as trying to walk through a Cosmic Domain as a flea though the actual scale of the hall is far, far, far more immense.  The scale of the drawn down model is obviously designed for stage plays and as such our stage play continues in the pretend Imperial Hall as Captain Asshat and 1st Officer Johnson as well as several crew members enter the Hall after a days long session of attempting to get inside to begin with.
Captain Asshat:  But I tell you I'm her brother.
Imperial Seer of Supplicants To the Empress:  Your pardon your grace, but protocol and culture must be held properly in this Hall and for all concerned.  The Empress herself may not violate the Divine Cultural Mandate of the Supreme Divine Magistrate presiding over the Mendelbrot Legacy of Divine Order.  You may not see Her Majesty until such a time as is ordained by the Grand Overseer of Time.  This is the will of He That Cannot be Named and She Who Must be Obeyed.
Captain Asshat:  I would argue with you, but last time I was thrown out for a month.  So, since you all hold all the cards here I will wait patiently in the dining room.
Imperial Seer:  No, you may not wait in the dining room either.  You must remain in the Divine Wing of Patience until such time as you are called forth from it.
Captain Asshat:  And how long is this going to take this time?
Imperial Seer:  About 2 or 3 days I believe.  Though it is technically up to the discretion of the Grand Overseer of Time.
Captain Asshat:  I demand to see a High Priest or Priestess of the Kha.
Imperial Seer:  As you wish.
Several minutes pass and a very decorated looking female Mendelbrot High Priestess of the Kha arrives.
High Priestess Aya:  (with disdain) Oh it's you.
Captain Asshat:  Yes.  When can I see my sister?
High Priestess Aya:  2 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes.
Captain Asshat:  Surely you can..
High Priestess Aya: No, I cannot.
Captain Asshat:  I see.
High Priestess Aya:  No, you do not.  But you will wait.
Captain Asshat:  Johnson, do something.
1st Officer Johnson:  Captain..I think this is a good time to leave.
Captain Asshat:  My delicate priestess surely you can see our great need here.
High Priestess Aya:  Do you wish to taste fate today Captain?
Captain Asshat:  I'm not especially disinclined to tasting anything in particular.  Although..
Captain Asshat suddenly faints and drops to the floor asleep.
High Priestess Aya:  My apologies for your inconvenience 1st Officer Johnson, but the will of the Kha is not to be trifled with.   We do not control the power, it does as it will.  None the less, your Captain will be fine.
And with that the High Priestess floats off gracefully to another assignment followed by the Imperial Seer of Supplicants.
1st Officer Johnson:  Alright haul him back to our room I guess.
And with that the crew members present begrudgingly drag the unwitting idiot of a Captain back to his quarters looked on by many odd, suspicious, and occasional bemused supplicants waiting for their chance to see a Seer for an audience with either a Supreme Mandarin or the Empress.
Captain Asshat experiences the will of the Kha while sleeping.  The thirteen Immortals and Kha Dawn, the conscience of the Mendelbrots, appear hovering before the Captain.  He is surrounded by the terrible presence of the most serious of serious beings.
"Malkorius Asshat!" say the thirteen Immortals in unison.  "Why do you trouble the cosmos with your shallowness?"  "What is the riddle of your shallowness?"
Kha Nino speaks first, the eternal child of the Immortals and the 2nd most powerful of these.  "Drift you will through this universe breaking the rules, making whole all that needs to be made whole."
Kha Archonis speaks second, the eternal judge, "Idiot though thou art, much karma are you here to right.  Go forth and sow chaos that others may learn order."
Kha Lazarus, the undying speaks third, "They will chase you through the stars Malkorius always looking for someone to blame.  But perhaps guidance will come at last when least looked for to turn the tide."
Kha Shadownis, the unseeable, speaks forth, "What you want most you cannot have Malkorius.  Never can you have it.  But you will have something worth more."
Kha Matraxis, the all connecting, speaks fifth, "Master you are of the game Captain, though completely unaware of it.  The spirit of the Mendelbrot is with you though that of the Kha is not."
Kha Dirvatis, the cosmic tree keeper, speaks sixth, "The tree is safe with this one.  Be warned not provoke the flames of the shadow keepers of the Black Lagoon."
Kha Thoth, the cosmic record keeper, speaks seventh, "Malkorius, it is written, shall be a name with honor amongst the pioneers for to break the order perfectly is not a task assigned to the lesser souls of this vastness we call the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree."
Kha Kheper, the cosmic guardian beetle, speaks eight, "This is one who destiny has picked to walk sideways through the worlds."
Kha Mantis, the cosmic guardian mantis, speaks ninth, "Stir a pot, gather some food.  Wise are those who go far in search of plenty."
Kha Magus, the cosmic teacher and magician, speaks tenth, "There is magic in desire for sure.  But what drives a man to risk all for little?  Travel the cosmos in search of thrills?  Some would deem it unwise.  None the less, the bored will do anything to relieve their burden."
Kha the Bard, the cosmic guide and musician, speaks eleventh, "This one will go the darkest places in the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  He goes forth to the core of Black Lagoon.  From there he must go further to the depths of the Bonazza Void to find what he seeks, the great patch of chaotic darkness. From there he must go forth to the dread forest of darkness on the doomed world of Detheke, the most horrid place in known cosmos where only the dead dwell and vile vampires of old still linger." 
Kha Draconis, the cosmic dragon and third most powerful immortal, speaks twelfth, "This one will find many dragons indeed.  They are already waiting for him."
Svetia Kha, the cosmic Goddess and eternal lover of the Kha and greatest of the Immortals, speaks thirteenth,  "Love, oh poor Malkorius, the love of a fool you must seek.  Surely the reverse damsel you are.  Far must you travel to find your match.  Very, very far."
Kha Dawn, Lord of the Immortals, whose titles are extremely long though for the purpose of this matter he is usually referred to simply as the Conscience of the Mendelbrots, speaks last.  "You're an idiot for sure Malkorius.  When people know your real last name then your days of stupidity will be at an end.  Yes, surely.  But the cosmos has need of idiots once in a long while.  Just don't let me catch you messing with the master plan, for the Archangels of the Cosmic God are ever watchful.  And if you are wise you'd do well not to provoke any Archons.  NOW WAKE UP!"

"Captain, captain!"  several crew members were yelling at him.  "Sir!  Wake up sir!"  Captain Asshat suddenly rose straight up from his prone position and realized he was clearly on his way back to the Hall of Patience.
Captain Asshat:  What on Carpathia are you fools yelling at me for?
Crewmember:  Sir, we are tired of dragging you around sir.  No offense sir.
Captain Asshat:  Why didn't you just get a cart or something?
Crewmember:  Sir, mechanical contraptions are strictly forbidden in..
Captain Asshat:  Oh right, we're still in the damn Imperial Hall aren't we?   How long was I out for?
1st Officer Johnson:  About five minutes sir.  Are you quite alright, you look like you've been on a cosmic wave journey.
Captain Asshat:  Kha Dawn and the Immortals were just saying something to me.  Though the whole thing is foggy.  Did I ever tell you how much I hate cosmic wave journeys Johnson?  How come I never get the one's where you're floating through all the galaxies on a luxury cruise and everyone likes you?
1st Officer Johnson:  Because no one likes you sir.  Though, I find it hard to believe that the Immortals would bother talking to you, sir.
Captain Asshat:  Johnson, I don't know why I put up with you and your attitude.
1st Officer Johnson:  Because no one else would risk their lives doing your bidding Captain.
Captain Asshat: That's probably true.  Now what?  Are we going to have to wait I suppose.  Let's all go get a drink or something somewhere.  But first, Johnson, why wouldn't the Immortals want to talk with me?  I'm a member of this fabulous society of wonderful people aren't I?
1st Officer Johnson:  I think the only reason is probably because you did somebody a favor a long time ago sir in some distant past life, and now you're taking the opportunity to drive the rest of us mad with bad decisions.  None the less, I'm not going to betray you Captain.  I'm just along for the ride I suppose.  Luck has never been my strong suite.  And the rest of the crew feels the same way about theirs.
Captain Asshat:  I tell you Johnson the problem with everyone is that they lack perspective on everything.  We need to get out there and show them its possible to get what they want!   Don't you see the reasoning in it all Johnson?  We could all be the greatest if we just go out and grab destiny by the ass.

Crewmember:  Sir that didn't turn out too well last time you tried it.
Captain Asshat:  Well, I was drunk at the time and it seemed like a good idea.  None the less, we should all be so lucky as not to die when these sorts of deals go south like that particular incident.  It certainly helps to be able to regenerate limbs for sure!
Crewmember:  Yes sir, but you didn't lose any limbs.
Captain Asshat:  Well the guy who did was sure one lucky bastard.
Crewmember Dimillion:  That's one way of looking at it Captain.
Captain Asshat:  Dimillion, you're going to eventually discover that it's the only way to look at it.  That's what we call real world wisdom in the business.
Crewmember Dimillion:  Sir we haven't turned a profit in ages and I think that guy is still looking for us.
Captain Asshat:  He'll eventually discover that looking for me won't gain him anything since he already grew back his limb and that's that.  You see, perfectly logical?  Why can't everyone be perfectly logical about everything?
Crewmember Saporis:  Well logically sir, wouldn't it be logical to be angry about having to regrow a limb?
Captain Asshat:  Well I suppose if you have the wrong types of nerve endings, but surely that's already been settled.  We're not primitives you know.  I mean what could I possibly owe him now?
Crewmember Saporis:  I don't know sir, an apology, one of your limbs in exchange?  Who can say?
Captain Asshat:  Such complicated transactions.  Let's just forget about the whole thing so we can move know..
Crewmember Saporis:  We'll its our job sir to remember these sorts of things in know..they might come and take us out?  Security details and such.
Captain Asshat:  Well that's why you all are here.  Good job Saporis, you'll get a promotion for this.
Crewmember Saporis: When sir?
Captain Asshat:  As soon as I get me my galaxy size dragon head nicely mounted and with a certificate that says its an evil dragon head so no one complains like those nuts down at People for the Ethical Treatment of Dragons.
Crewmember Dimillion:  What makes them nuts?  Don't dragons have feelings too?
Captain Asshat: You people do not understand dragons, at all.  Right, Johnson?
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir, dragons are considered sacred throughout the Arkalkian Front.
Captain Asshat:  Yes, but what about evil dragons?
1st Officer Johnson: There are no evil dragons in the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.
Captain Asshat:  What about the Renko the Mad?
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir that was over half a quadrillion years ago and occurred in the border kingdom of Halftasia outside the borders of the Cosmic Tree.
Captain Asshat:  Well, that goes against your whole argument Johnson.  Now what do you say?
1st Officer Johnson:  It was outside the borders of the Cosmic Tree.
Captain Asshat:  Well what about Tamarlark the Unkind?
1st Officer Johnson:  That particular dragon was not a member of the Mendelbrot dragon flock and was in rebellion against the other dragons!  Sir, surely you cannot give that as an example.
Captain Asshat:  That is the example Johnson..there are bad dragons out there just like all the friendly smiling ones that pretend they have feelings.  Me insulting a space dragon is like an ant just called me a loser.  Why would I care?  Dragons aren't idiots Johnson, they understand the role they play and they most certainly aren't as sensitive as you weenies make them out to be.
1st Officer Johnson:  The Guardian Dragons should not be insulted!
Captain Asshat:  I didn't insult any Guardian Dragons, only the loser space riffraff dragons that hang out in dragon gangs wearing their dragons are bad tattoos and listening to dragon rap smokin' some dragon crystal or something.  You know what I'm talking about people?  Don't you see the connection?
Crewmember Dimillion:  Sir, you're just spreading malicious bigoted anti-dragon caricatures.  There is no such thing as dragon rap!  And dragon gangs are a thing of the past, like 1st Generation of Power past.
Captain Asshat: And what about the wild dragons of the chaos region?
Crewmember Dimillion:  How the hell should I know, we don't go to the chaos region to ask around.
Captain Asshat:  Why the hell not?
Crewmember Dimillion:  Because we don't belong there.  We are from here.
Captain Asshat:  That's exactly my point.  Some of you seriously lack curiosity.  What about the tales of the wild space dragons of the chaos region?  You've heard of them surely?
Crewmember Wonto:  I've read about them sir.  Seen some trans-vids too about how dangerous they can be if you aren't from their locally recognized societies.
Crewmember Dimillion:  You've been watching bullshit videos made by liars.  There are no chaos dragons running around attacking people.  It just doesn't happen.
Crewmember Wonto:  How do you know?  You've never been a day outside the ship anywhere in the last million years Dimillion.  You've got no clue at all.  I think the Captain's right on.  It's obvious there are some bad dragons somewhere and why should we wait until they are chomping on our bones?
Captain Asshat:  Well there you have it, I finally got someone to agree with me on this trip. We should ask an expert.
Crewmember Dimillion: Like who?
Captain Asshat:  Like a Crystal Dragon from the high class of Dragons, you know the Dragon aristocracy  They will tell us exactly what's going in dragon politics so we can figure out how to handle this.
Crewmember Wonto:  I know a Crystal Dragon.  You want me to ask her captain?  She's really polite and everything.
Captain Asshat:  Yes, lets set up a meeting.  That will give us something to do while we wait for my sister to available.
1st Officer Johnson:  Sir, Crystal Dragons are notoriously long winded.  They also don't take kindly to stupid questions from nobodies.
Captain Asshat:  I'm the brother of the Empress which matters to them I can assure you.
1st Officer Johnson:  Well why haven't you spoken to any in your life up to this point?
Captain Asshat: I have Johnson, just not on any first name basis with any dragons.
1st Officer Johnson:  Yes, the Imperial embarrassment greater than in any in the last ten generations since Hector the Unconventional.  Surely sir, you've managed to outdo everyone since then in being unable to hobnob with anyone of significance being completely self absorbed for a member of the Imperial family.
Captain Asshat:  Hector was underrated.  I've always liked his story.  He really told it like it was.  Dragons love politics, I've learned that much since my last meeting with them.  They'll be thrilled that we want to bust up their riffraff cousins.  Trust me.  They hate evil dragons just as much as anybody.  What's this Crystal Dragon's name Wonto?
Wonto:  Infairicus.  I've known her since we went to school together.
Captain Asshat:  Well let her know our situation that way we can talk to her about what she knows.  Does she know alot in your opinion?
Wonto:  I think she might be able to get us entry to Biodraconis actually if she doesn't know enough about the matter herself.  I'm sure she will tell you what the general opinion of the space Dragons of the primary Cosmic Tree flock think in general about these sorts of things.
1st Officer Johnson:  Biodraconis?  Have you lost your mind Wonto?  That's the main nesting planet of the Crystal Dragons!  Do you have any idea what it is like?
Wonto:  Yes, I've seen trans-vids about that place as well.  It's a huge oblong double asteroid shaped mega-planet.  Third largest planet in the Arkalkian Front right after Arkalkia and Luffania.  It's population consists of godzillions of space dragons, mostly Crystal Dragons and is home to the Dragon nobility and aristocracy.  Visitors are permitted in the great plains away from the nesting areas in the mountains.
1st Officer Johnson:  I've been to Biodraconis.  It's the scariest place that one can imagine.  The feel of the place is eerie beyond comparison.  These are not city sized dragons like around where you come from Wonto.  The smallest dragons on Biodraconis are the size of medium sized planets.  They are born that way from eggs the size of medium sized planets.  They eat medium sized planets.  Do you understand? 
Captain Asshat:  Stop being so pathetic Johnson.  Just don't go around trying to steal any dragon eggs and everything will be fine.  Got that Wordsworth?
2nd Officer Wordsworth:  I only stole one.
Captain Asshat:  Make sure it stays that way.
2nd Officer Wordsworth:  Yes sir.
1st Officer Johnson:  The point, sir, is that people don't go to Biodraconis to inquire about how things are going with the dragon world.  It's not exactly a place to say hello.  You know dragons like to flock all over that planet and the planet is filled to the brim with them.  These dragons don't live in palaces, they like the primal way and live in massive space cliffs and deep in ravines all over the place.  It's been like that since the beginning as far I as I know.   They live like dragons are meant to live there.
Wonto:  Sir, there are several reception halls there for non dragons like us.  We can surely get along with the dragons there.
!st Officer Johnson:  Contact Infairicus first, see what she tells you.  Hopefully we won't have to go to Biodraconis.  That place freaks me out.
Wonto:  Yes sir..err..sirs.  Right Captain?
Captain Asshat:  Do as the 1st Officer commands Wonto.
Wonto:  Yes sir.
The Supreme Mandarin Council Chamber is one of the most amazing pieces of architectural grace in the Arkalkian Front, the military alliance between 8 powers that protects the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree from threats.  Covered in living fractal stone and metal works that shift and change colors in a psychedelic mode, the Supreme Mandarin Council Chamber was designed like all living architecture to come alive for each individual who enters personally.  Almost as massive as the Imperial Hall and divided into 10,000 different areas with unique culturally regionally specific forms of art and effects for each of the 10,000 Supreme Mandarins who govern the Empire in the name of the Biarchy, equally presided over by the Emperor and the Empress, who hold equal status in the eyes of the countless peoples of the Mendelbrot systems.   
Again, a stage play cannot possibly convey the scene in even the remotest sense so that the focus of the stage play is an attempt to depict the most important room in the Mendelbrot Empire, the Imperial Chamber of the 10,000 located at the very front of the Supreme Mandarin Chamber adjoining the Mendel Khan Inner Fortress which separates the Imperial Residence of the Carpathian Cosmic Citadel from the other chambers and halls described as well as thousands of others not described.  It is specifically in the Imperial Chamber of the 10,000 that the the most important meetings of the Empire occur during crisis or "emergency social function" and periodically annually by the Carpathian year for the Conclave of the Cosmic Tree.
During any of these functions the 10,000 Supreme Mandarins, who are the aristocracy in charge of overseeing judgement and dispute in the Empire, meet before the Emperor, the Empress, and the adults of the Royal Family presided over by 10,000 Supreme Oracles of the Immortals who are the spiritual leaders who interpret the will of the Mendelbrot and the will of the Kha.  In addition to these two orders of cosmic bureaucracy and spirituality respectively, the sitting Divine Testimentarian and Divine Metraxis, the two most powerful spiritual leaders in the Empire, one male and the other female always, sit with the Oracles with grave presence and purpose.  And last but not least, the Arkalkian Front leaders of the other seven powers of the Front are always present in some capacity, though only in person during a very serious crisis.
Above the gathered host of all of these powerful figures on the ceiling of this amazing chamber lies the great fractal field of the Mendelbrot hierarchy, which shows among other things the current "time" in high mendelese language that is in a fractal form that few beings can understand easily.  For time in high mendelese includes information about the conditions of the Mendelbrot Tree and all the cosmic systems surrounding the tree up to the great cosmic spirit barrier which separates the Tree from the border kingdoms that shield the tree from the events of the what in darker times is called the chaos region.  Also displayed in fractal from is the wealth of various Mendelbrot society members and conditions of spiritual weather throughout the different divisions of the Mendelbrot aristocracy of which there are a vast, vast number of individual levels.  The great chamber is often a psychedelic trip or a cosmic wave journey for worthy citizens simply because the culture of its nature is so deep and old that only those prepared can even imagine what it is like.  Average citizens do not enter the chamber at all but are dealt with by a Mandarin in a separate area within a part of the rest of the Supreme Manderin Chamber.
Yet no court is in session this day as Captain Asshat approaches his sister Empress Rachariel whose titles are vast and too lengthy to go into here as she sits on the Throne of the Empress and wears the Fractal Crown which itself is more intelligent that even some Crystal Dragons.
The Fractal Crown:  Along comes Malkorius, woe be to his wretched lack of discipline and sense of duty.  Welcome still you are Malkorius.
Captain Asshat:  I prefer not to use that name you rambling piece of jewelry.  Really now, who in name of Kha Dawn uses a talking crown?
Empress Rachariel:  Must you blaspheme the name of the Consience as well?  Go on and speak then.  It's not as though I don't already know why you are here Malkorius.  And you are named Malkorius by our mother and father should you have not remembered their hallowed decisions.
Captain Asshat:  You would know best sister dearest.  And Kha Dawn and I are quite well friendly with each other.  I had a wonderful vision of him and the Immortals before I came here not a few days ago after an unfortunate incident with one of your most delightful priestesses.  You really ought to give that one a promotion, she exceeded herself this time for sure.  Delightfully polite mind you, delightfully.
Empress Rachariel:  Brother, stop wasting time.  Come now come close I wish to embrace your wretched excuse for an existence.
Captain Asshat and Rachariel hug briefly.
Empress Rachariel:  So you want to go to the outer regions beyond the great Ring Kingdoms to find what awaits you in the chaos of the darkened space.  Curious.  What possesses you to go looking for the dark dragons now?  Just another adventure I suppose Malkorius?  Do tell me that you've spoken with some of our good dragon advisors..  Well close enough I suppose your dragon friend you will meet will help.  And you did indeed speak with the Kha I can see it in your eyes.  Oh dear.  Well, at least he finds you useful.  So it is!
Captain Asshat:  Sister I do not wish to bother with the usual suspects in your hall, their opinion of me is quite low and I don't wish to cause our family any further embarrassment.  Although, I do need some excitement I'm simply sick of all the complacency.  Nothing good has come of this era we have been most unfortunate enough to have been born in.  No offense of course to you or the Emperor.
Empress Rachariel:  Well surely it has been a low for everyone due to the instability of recent times but we can't go straight up all the time now can we?  Such is as it is.  Tell me how is your 1st Officer?  Still putting up with your lack of direction?
Captain Asshat:  Yes in fact, it is true, he is.  Loyal to the last, but a bit on the slow side I think.  All the same he balances me in many ways.
Empress Rachariel:  You need alot of balancing Malkorius.  Try not to get us into too much trouble with the wild beings of the chaos region.  I will allow you to take the Prankster out there.  You have to retrofit it with some more advanced metaphasic subdimensional dampeners though.  I will require that.
Captain Asshat:  There better not be any tricks sister.
Empress Rachariel:  Well in that department brother no one can fool you, so why should you be so concerned.  It's the one thing you've proven your better at than anyone.  We'll have to have you redesign the whole fleet one day if you ever decide to stop drifting through the universe missing mother.
Captain Asshat:  I'd rather not talk about it still sister.  May I go before things become emotional.  You know how I feel about emotions.
Empress Rachariel:  Be gone then fool!  Behave yourself.  Everyone is watching.  And they will want to have a full report when you get back from your expedition.
Captain Asshat:  Can I be reinstated into the good graces of the Supreme Mandarin Council?
Empress Rachariel:  I think you've got alot to prove before I can allow that.  I don't think dead space dragons will go a long way to restoring anything to you.  Although, it remains to be seen what this is all about.  I suppose that redesign of the fleet will have to wait until you prove you're beyond your latest lack of good and sound judgement.   None the less the Kha has spoken to you and the Immortals so that must mean something.  And even I or the Emperor can't have much to say about that.  I suppose the mystery will reveal itself on your little trip.  Enjoy it, brother.  May it deliver you into the arms of Wisdom.
Captain Asshat:  As you say sister.  May the light of the Mendelbrot guide your reign always.
Empress Rachariel:  See you can be polite brother.
Captain Asshat:  Don't push your luck your majesty.
Empress Rachariel:  Off with you then.

To Be Continued...
If you liked this unfinished story I have another unfinished story called Quackle at the end of this file which is similarly structured to the Legend of the S.S.S. Prankster.  One day I might hope to get funding to spend time working on these stories until they are finished or at least encouraging fan feedback from somewhere that gives me a greater desire to work these through to completion.

The Amerikan Khanate War

By Chris Freely
The history of the vast region of space known as the Chaos zone during grey periods of cosmic history affords legions of speculative historians a plethora of work with the organization of these effectively endless records.  Yet it is during the Generation of the 4th Power that the defining historical event occurred in the Mendelbrot Biarchy, one that would ultimately lead to its doom, and the Chaos Region as always played a major role.  The offending matter began before the War of the Prankster as hints of the survival of the thought to be extinct homo sapiens came to the attention of certain members of the Mendelbrot elite during the War of Anti-Perakian Agitant, the 94th largest war in the history of the Generation of the 4th Power, and the 1st major one.  The outcome of this war lead rather swiftly to the War of the Prankster and the rise of the Bulgarian Russian Imperial Hegmony of the Outer Regions of the Chaos Region.
Here various empires of Homo Sapiens, mainly claiming descent from some sort of place they claimed was Atlantis, gave rise to a hostile mergent power on the western, as far as 3d space is concerned flank of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  Eventually a massive series of powers, over 200, took turns ruling the ever expanding homo sapiens power structure as well as their legions of allies.  Eventually, the Russia-Buglarian Cohort became dominiant and issued the 3rd peace, which kept order in the entire Mendelbrot Cosmic system for a long golden period. 
This period, known as the Russio-Bulgarian peace allowed for peaceful coexistence between all members of the cosmic family and was truly a wonderous time.  However, the Amerikan Republic eventually rose and overthrew this order during a period of instability caused by shortages of kwarazite, the most valuable metal/mineral in the universe in terms of its usage. 
But then the Amerikan Republic went through a very destructive and bloody revolution turning it into the Amerikan Empire.  The Amerikan Empire then conquered the rest of the chaos region going from 40% control to total control over an extended period of eons.  Ruled by the Amerikan Emperor (and occasional Empress) and the Appointed Governors and Senators, this vast administration ruled the chaos region for nearly as long as the Russio-Bulgarian cohort but had a precarious relationship at best with the Arkalkian Front.
Eventually during a generation of poor leadership the Amerikan Empire decided to invade the Arkalkian Front after being fed false information of the weakness of the Front by Khanate agents.  As such the Khanate bamboozled the Amerikans into invading the Khanate and the Ring Kingdoms in front of it.  Unfortunately for them the Khanate had misrepresented its military firepower by a factor of 100.  It had also misrepresented its understanding of the principles of war by a factor of 10.   The Amerikans thus got routed and in a surprise move the Khanate invaded the Amerikan Empire controlled Choas region and conquered it in relatively (by the standards of the vast regions involved here) short order. 
The Khanate was staffed in this time by many humans who made up to 10% of its forces and these humans were not of the moral quality necessary to avoid the desires of the spoils of victory.  This created the 4th Generations crisis because now that the vast majority of the men in the Amerikan Empire were dead huge hordes of female homo sapiens were now too much for the pathetic Khanate leaders of this generation to ignore.  Many abandoned their wives in search of playthings amongst the conquered populations.
A mild form of exploitation of adult homo sapiens females came to be normalized in the Khanate among its human members which just about lost its standing in the Arkalkian Front completely.  It was only because of the long service of previous generations of the Khanate that things didn’t deteriorate further.  The Arkalkian, Luffanian, Seraphim, Hebegytian, and Gnell administrations cut all ties with the Khanate.  The Khanate was given a timetable under which it was expected to come back to its senses or be kicked out of the Arkalkian Front.  It was also required to end its occupation of the Chaos region in violation of Arkalkian Front principles concerning offensive wars by the timetable required.
The Khanate obliged on the rather generous timetable.  However, homo sapiens and homo promethean hybrids came into existence because some individuals decided on genetic experimentation to have children from the two species.  This occurred slightly in the Khanate but shockingly the first ones where those of the Mendelbrot populations where attractive homo sapiens females became the rage of the patriarchal court (as the Mendelbrots were in a regulation Patriarchy at that particular time period).  As such the Mendelbrots took in most of the homo sapien population of the Chaos region. 
This disaster created the crisis of promethean blood vs sapiens blood later in Mendelbrot history of the Generation of the 4th Power.  It also created a massive humiliation on the part of many individuals who wanted nothing to do with this mad sex crazed nuttiness.  Marriages were broken and men who should have known better became like teenagers in a harem.  Many had harems in fact.
Since the honor of two of the permanent members of the Arkalkian Front had been tarnished, including the core member, eventually there was a great deal of strain between the Front on many matters.  Mendelbrot society also became divided nearly permanently into two main camps.  The Hell Nos, as they were known, were the conservative factions that had not participated in this and were all Promothean pure bloods.  They held a majority in the population early on, but it wasn’t a democracy at that time but an Imperial Patriarchy so they had to wait for the time allocated to change the guard before they could take power and clean the mess up.
The 2nd faction was the Imperial loyalists.  These were loyal to the sitting Emperor.  Only one Emperor had joined in the madness and abandoned his Emperess for some Sapien seductress.   The forces loyal to the Emperor remained loyal to the Emperor so this Emperor was forced to abdicate under great pressure by his younger brother so that the Empire itself would not lose favor with the Kha.  And, of course, it already had because the Kha does not tolerate this kind of abuse, but this move saved the Promethean race eons later when the judgement of the Kha fell on them the hardest. 
The 3rd faction were those who pushed for the fusion of the two races, the multiracialists.  These groups would gain considerable power with time especially during democratic periods.  Eventually they would trigger the Great Mendelbrot Schism demanding that all members of the Promotheans join with all members of the mixed Promethean and Sapien lineage, now called the NeoSapiens.  The NeoSapiens would eventually comprise 60% of the Mendelbrot society at the start of the Great Mendelbrot Schism though this took many eons of higher reproductive rates and mixed breeding.
The 4th faction in this was the Kay and the armed forces who tried balancing the other three factions in justice and allowed for all factions to be represented amongst them.  However there actions were not enough to prevent a revolution by the NeoSapiens.   Eventually things came to a head when the aggressive Kioriko Majaneto became the leader of the NeoSapien faction and made his move.
Everyone in the Arkalkian Front had to pick neutrality or to side with one of the two factions.  The Khanate backed the NeoSapiens.  The Perakians backed the Promethean pure bloods.  The other five factions declared neutrality as long as no attempted genocides were committed which thankfully were not.
The Great Mendelbrot Schism nearly destroyed the Mendelbrot society.  The war was fought all over the empire at a time that the chaos region was nominally peaceful so the war was fought inside the Cosmic Tree.  The non human natives were incensed by all the fighting especially the sentient ecosystems which grew fed up with the whole conflict. 
The war cost 85% casualties among the Mendelbrot military.  The Kay were neutral and assisted only in the healing of those who fought from the other factions.  At the end the NeoSapiens departed from Mendelbrot and Khanate space, though there were few adult survivors, and settled far away on the borders of the Outer Cloud (the Chaos Region when it wasn’t in chaos).  They simply refused to settle with the Promethean pure bloods who had won the war.  Eventually they vanished from history living in small groups preserving their lives the way their Sapien half ancestors had.
At the end of the war, and the exile of the NeoSapiens, the Kay and the sentient ecosystems banished the entire Mendelbrot royal family and the Mendelbrot elite from the tree until they had earned their honor again.  This was known as the Mendelbrot exile.  The Mendelbrot family was nearly extinguished by this move.  The Mendelbrot systems were administered during this time only by the Kay and the sentient ecosystems so it very much resembled a Pookarian administration of many species and intelligences.  The cosmic dragons played a great role in this time period.
After nearly being destroyed by the Shellmatriks, a robotic anti-Mendelbrot bureaucracy that ran the area south of the tree below the root line where they were exiled to, the Mendelbrot family was reaccepted to the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree after Kha Nino incarnated as their Empress and brought them back to innocence. 
In the ages to follow the surviving NeoSapiens founded the 26 schools of the Acolytes of Darkness and plotted their revenge.  About once every three generations of power they would reemerge in many different forms, not always NeoSapien, to strike at their old adversaries.  But in the 4th Generation of Power they had marshaled together the first coming of the Legion of Light for one final war with the Mendelbrots of the 4th Generation of Power that was even greater than the Great Mendelbrot Schism.   And from that point on they would remain the ultimate threat to the Mendelbrots and the Khanate for the atrocity of using their power to gain the sexual favors of women in the aftermath of a war.   But things were really far more complicated that even that. 
The History of the Mendelbrot Family
While it has always been advised to those of us who are historians in the glorious tradition of the Mendelbrot family never to trade in rumor and hearsay, to take such a position when considering the ridiculous legends of the beginnings of our most illustrious family would be tantamount to not considering the historical myths of our beginnings at all.   Imagining that our origins were in such meager and austere beginnings is almost beyond comprehension, yet it all must have begun somewhere and someplace.  The approximate history of our society being recorded for the purposes of attempting to ascertain past events; especially in the aftermath of relative dark times, has been a priority for those of us who prize the history of our times and the nature of our existence as a collective.  
What can be said without a doubt is that the Mendelbrot Family is, at the core, a human family.  The genetic origin of the Mendelbrot lineage certainly began as a collection of humans.  The root background traces its origin to the rise of Carpathian Mendelbrot in the Golden Galaxy as the richest and most powerful human of his era.  This occurrence however is preceded by the ancient legends of how humans arrived near the center of what would become the great cosmic tree known as the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  During that time, there was no tree, and the fact that the Golden Galaxy was to become the center of the tree was simply a stroke of bold luck according to some.  Others, however, took the arrival of the Mendelbrot precursors to be not so much as an accident, but planned out rather deliberately by the Society of Higher Order.  However, the existence of this society has never been proven adequately in cosmic histories of the 4th Supreme Cosmic Era, the Generation of the 4th Power.  If the historical records preceding this era were any more complete; we cannot know as they were all destroyed in the Most Calamitous Great Supreme Cosmic Hurricane that nearly destroyed the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree and everything known everywhere at the time.  This is when the 4th Supreme Cosmic Era began of course, the 3rd having ended so horribly.  Given that this is the 9th Supreme Cosmic Era, it is rather fortunate that the Cosmic Tree has survived sufficiently for our history to be so continuous and completely known over these nearly countless (by some standards) eons.
Now, let us not forget that it was Carpathian Mendelbrot’s life and his creation of the Mendelbrot family seal and the rules of Mendelbrot ascension that began the 1st Supreme Cosmic Era so long ago.  Carpathian’s life lead eventually to the formation of the Mendelbrot Biarchy and the consolidation of Mendelbrot power in the Golden Galaxy.  Yet humans did not originate in the Golden Galaxy or anywhere near the center of what would come to be the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  No indeed, it is generally believed that the human species originated far to the galactic south of the center of the tree, perhaps 10 to 15 degrees off of exact south to the galactic south.  
It is here that the many different human species are believed to have originated from a primitive ancestral species.  According to the legends pieced together from the existing records, the originating galaxy is believed to have been called the Milky Way in a region of space that is approximately average in material density and physical constraints.  The Milky Way is believed long ago to have ceased to exist, but what is very, very unusual is the distance that was traveled to reach the Golden Galaxy during these relatively primitive times in local cosmic history.  Such travel would doubtless have been far beyond ridiculously impossible for our ancestors.  It is generally believed that our ancestors were assisted in some way by an ancient power that took a liking to us.  However, the less desirable elements of the human species remained mired in Milky Way politics and the problems of Earth, our legendary ancestral home planet and capital.
It is generally believed that a great disagreement took place between those of one group who believed that human development should occur according to the dictates of one form of development, chaos development, and those who believed that human development should occur according to a timed and effective order, the ordered development.  One group believed in scientifically planning our species development, the other group believed in, more or less, not planning.  The result was a schism with the chaos school having a very large majority in the Milky Way.  Most of the ordered school decided to leave and form a new society somewhere else in the cosmos.  This group became the Society for Higher Order and a series of events led eventually to the creation of a vast armada of ships that took about 11% of the humans living in the Milky Way with them (the 11% is a general estimate).  
There was great hostility towards those that left because it included most of the best thinkers, experts, and advanced individuals of the time.  It is generally said that this trek across the known cosmos was called the Promethean Exile.  At first, though, they did not get very far.  The legends state that the first leg of the great journey was to set up a human galactic colony in another galaxy in what was once called the Virgo cluster.  It was only after what is likely millions of years that a second Promethean Exile, the Great Promethean Exile, lead our ancestors to the Golden Galaxy, which is countless (according to some) light-years from the origin point of our species.
What occurred during the period from the Promethean Exile to the 2nd Promethean Exile is the subject of many legends, but the general events were summarized for us in the Tetragramatron Wars, a semi-fictional account of the times of our ancient ancestors before they left the increasingly weakened position they found themselves in.  What transpired due to choices of our ancestors led to a very long series of periodic conflicts between increasingly divergent human species.  Homo Promethean was not the instigator of these conflicts, being the most advanced offshoots of the old Homo Sapiens who remained behind the Milky Way.  Yet, at the time of the 2nd Promethean Exile the difference between the two species was not nearly as great as they would eventually come to be.  The conflicts between the two species always came down to the difference between the horde and the few who held back the tides of chaos.  Homo Sapiens would be destined to become the scourge of the universe, while Homo Promethean and its allies would always be there to stop them from complete domination of all life.  The facts, of course, eventually led to a much more one sided conclusion in all the encounters between our two groups; except for the last and most horrible, the Great Mendelbrot Schism, which was precipitated indirectly due to, shall we say, poor policy decisions by some of our ancestors who should have known better.  Yet, even in this conflict, had most of the revolutionaries not been in fact primarily Promethean, the outcome would not have been so “close", but would have resembled the conflict between the American Empire and the Tetragramatron Khanate which also occurred in relatively recent history and was in fact the ultimate cause the Great Mendelbrot Schism that happened so long after it. 
To be Continued..

The Tale of the Mendelbrot Family
This data file was found in the ruins of the great central computer registry of the Mendelbrot Empire of the 28,274,109,305,802nd Generation of Power.  It is the only record we have of early Mendelbrot history in addition to the stories that were discovered in this unimaginably colossal cache of historical data.  Most of the historical records of the 145th and older  "Generations of Power" (as the Mendelbrot kept in their records as the largest divisions of their history) up to the final 28,274,109,305,802nd Generation of Power  are complete in general.  This window into the older time periods gives a most interesting recount of the earliest Mendelbrot periods.  
The Generation of the 1st Power
From the formation of the Mendelbrot Galactic Parliament and the unification of the governance of the Golden Galaxy under the new Mendelbrot Galactic Federation to the time that the Mendelbrots became an official cosmically charted grand universal family which was defined at the size of 7377 UDS (where UDS is an ultradominion stack in standard universal calculations of the size of a universe)1.  Thus the Mendelbrot cosmic family was formed at the end of the Generation of the 1st Power and became registered as such with the larger metauniversal overseers.  
1.  A system of galaxies of at least a trillion large galaxies of at least a trillion stars each is considered a standard definition of a Metagalaxy.  A trillion standard Metagalaxies make up a Domain.  A trillion Domains make up a Dominion.  A trillion Dominions make up a MetaDominion.  A trillion MetaDominions make up a Hyperdominion.  A trillion Hyperdominions make up an Ultradominion.  Now while a complete cosmic manual will continue to label all the of the levels above a Ultradominion, for the purposes of brevity the UDS label was created so that it was known how many trillion level functions were required.  One UDS indicates the ultradominion level.  Two UDS indicates a trillion ultradominions or 2 stacks.  Three UDS then indicates a trillion trillion ultradominions or a three stack.  So thus the 7377 UDS written out is 7376 trillions followed by an ultradominion.
The Generation of the 2nd Power
Begins with the formation of the Mendelbrot cosmic family and with the foundation of the Arkalkian Front to protect it and the Mendelbrot cosmic tree which is the home of the Mendelbrot Civilization.   It consists at the beginning of Arkalkia, the Luffanians, and the Mendelbrots.  The Gnell join "shortly" later.  The Hebegyatians and Perakians join around 83,142 and 71,231 UDS respectively.  Around 183,412 UDS the Arkalkian Front is joined by the Saraphim and Khanate which are the last two members and this is the form it remains.  There are 8 cosmic superpowers that make up the Arkalkian front.  The Generation of the 2nd Power lasted until the total number of domains was exactly 1 Fish which is a quantity defined below.
The Generation of the 3rd Power
Lasted between the time the total number of domains was exactly 1 Fish and the time it reached 1 Godzillion.  
The Generation of the 4th Power
    Mendelbrot Cosmic Village was a very insignificant place as far as cosmic villages go.  A tiny backwater region of the Cosmos far from anywhere terribly important.  The joke, as far as the Mendelbrots were concerned, was that anyone thought anything of them other than as simple people running a simple place in the Cosmic Zoo that amounted to not terribly much.  To their many detractors, however, the Mendelbrots were something of a band of deceivers  whose used elegant and simple humility as a clever device to hide behind.  After all, who in God's name would think of them as anything but a most dangerous band of living Gods whose ranks were far more numerous than the average God fearing race would ever consider counting, much less messing with.  And this is nothing to mention of the horrible (to some) technological or magic power they could wield in the defense of any one of their countless homes, or their allies, or the allies of their allies.  Indeed the Mendelbrots were (and are) a very scary bunch of Cosmic Fools to some and just a bunch of jokers to others.  
    The Mendelbrot Cosmic Village, as it is politely referred to amongst the most humble servants of the Cosmos, is the largest of the Mendelbrot systems.  Its approximate dimensions are quite staggering for complex people who have a hard time getting their brains around large numbers, but does equate to approximately what is generally referred as the Mendelbrot Cosmic Village Fractal Number.  The reason for its Fractality is that it is a living number set used to gauge the size of the living system that is the largest Mendelbrot home at the moment.  The main village corresponds very, very loosely and conservatively to an approximate size of 2 to the power of (a Rubyerite Tuna to the power of a Mithral Tuna to the power of a Silver Tuna to the power of ~ .238 Silver Tuna).  While these terms may seem to mean nothing to the average mathematician on your planet, these terms are one of many used in the odd mathematical language of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Family which should never be confused directly with the Mendelbrot Cosmic Village.  
    The precise measure of the quantity referred to as the Tuna (among many other names for it) must first be derived mathematically from one of many different background sources.  The approximate dimensions of a Fish number of items corresponds very loosely and very conservatively to about a Graham's number (known to your scientists/mathematicians) to the power of a Graham's number(1).  This is a somewhat low approximation (by number of total digits) to the quantity known as one Fish.  Now for your tiny part of the Cosmos this may appear to be a large amount, but let me assure you it is no more than a subatomic fish to the Mendelbrots, or their allies, or their allies' allies.    A Tuna is considered to be a Fish to the power of a Fish.  Now a Tuna may appear to be a large amount to your people, but let me assure you it is just a small barely registered can of future tuna fish sandwiches for the Mendelbrots or their associates.   
    In order to get to the meaning of the sufficient Rubyerite Tuna, we must move from Tuna to Silver Tuna.  Once again a Silver Tuna is a Tuna to the power of a Tuna.  A Gold Tuna, even more significant than a Silver Tuna, is obviously now, a Silver Tuna to the power of a Silver Tuna.  This gets  you a fat Gold Tuna.  Now you have something you can feed to your cat if you a homeless broke Mendelbrot from the poorest family in the smallest poorest corner of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Village.  A Mithral Tuna is a Gold Tuna to the power of a Gold Tuna.  This will get you a nice Mithral Tuna which would probably be something like a before mealtime snack for an average Mendelbrot Family worker in the middle of the Mendelbrot society in the Cosmic Village.  
    Finally we approach our mathematical and figurative destination with the Rubyerite Tuna, which corresponds to a Mithral Tuna to the power of a Mithral Tuna.  This will get you a Rubyerite Tuna (sometimes called a Ruby Tuna though Rubyerite is actually a reddish sparkling metal that looks very much like crusted Rubies if properly shaped and polished).  So the dimensions again of the insignificant Mendelbrot Cosmic Village is 2 to the power of the total sum of the following:  a Rubyerite Tuna to the power of a Mithral Tuna which sum is then taken to the power of a Silver Tuna which sum is then taken to the power of ~ .238 Silver Tuna.  
    RubyeriteTunaMithralTuna = RMSUM(1)
    RMSUMSilverTuna = SILVER1SUM
    SILVER1SUM.238SilverTuna  = MendelbrotFamilyNumber
    2MandelbrotFamilyNumber=The Mandelbrot Cosmic Fractal Number

    To get the correct dimensions you must take the Mendelbrot Cosmic Fractal Number and multiply it by 1 trillion trillion (1 septillion) galaxies to get the result in galaxies of average size (100 billion stars for those of you without any Astronomy background).  1 trillion trillion (1 septillion) galaxies is incidentally what is referred to as a Cosmic Domain which subject is slightly outside the reach of this short mathematics lesson in Cosmic scale.  
    Now all of this may appear grand and vast and all, but the truth is there are so, so, so many families known whose power makes the Mendelbrot Cosmic Family as less than an electron against the whole of the Mendelbrot Cosmic Family and all if its possessions in their entirety.   Or as we humans like to say, there is always a bigger fish.  Some fishes are way, way bigger than others.  Hence the term Mendelbrot Cosmic Village, because if you have seen a Cosmic City, you know the difference between a Rubyerite Fish and a Diamantium Fish.  
    The Mendelbrot Family has existed for a long, long time as you can imagine.  

1.  The actual number used as the base is known as the Minnow.  In order to find a good approximation for the Minnow we use the Graham's number as the base.  Using the Graham's number the actual Mendelbrot Cosmic Fractal Number comes out to RubyeriteTuna~.0197 Rubyerite Tuna (2).  Using the Minnow the total is as described in the math concerning the number in the proceeding chapter.  Both sums are equal.  In order to find the exact quantity of the Minnow it is necessary to use the known Graham's number result as it is knowable based on our current mathematical knowledge.  
2. It will be noted that the quantities described all change using the Minnow as the base from what they would be using Graham's number.  As such the value of a Fish using the Graham's number is different from the value of the Fish using the Minnow as the base number.  It is best to use terms such as Graham's Fish or Graham's Rubyerite Tuna.  Thus Graham's Rubyerite Tuna ~.0197 Graham’s Rubyerite Tuna = Silver1SUM ~.238 Silver Tuna.

MinnowMinnow = Fish
FishFish  = Tuna
TunaTuna = Silver Tuna
Silver Tuna Siver Tuna= Gold Tuna
Gold Tuna Gold Tuna= Mithral Tuna
Mithral Tuna Mithral Tuna= Rubyerite Tuna
Rubyerite Tuna Rubyerite Tuna = Silver1SUM
Silver1SUM ~.238 Silver Tuna = Mendelbrot Family Number
2 Mendelbrot Family Number = Mendelbrot Cosmic Fractal Number  or a Godzillion
Graham's number Graham's number = Graham's Fish
Graham's Fish Graham's Fish = Graham's Tuna
Graham's Tuna Graham's Tuna = Graham's Silver Tuna
Graham's Silver Tuna Graham's Silver Tuna = Graham's Gold Tuna
Graham's Gold Tuna Graham's Gold Tuna = Graham's Mithral Tuna
Graham's Mithral Tuna Graham's Mithral Tuna = Graham's Rubyerite Tuna
Graham's Rubyerite Tuna ~.0197 Graham's Rubyerite Tuna = Mendelbrot Family Number
2 Mendelbrot Family Number = Mendelbrot Cosmic Fractal Number or a Godzillion
We humans currently understand the concept of family as being essentially one that is limited in space and time to what we are in our current lifetimes associated with our nuclear family (mother, father, brother, sister) and our extended family which goes beyond the nuclear family to include cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers, and occasionally even close family friends.  
The Mendelbrot family is a cosmic family meaning that the relationships are established in past lives and continue to be remembered in the context of who and what they are to the whole.  In order for a Mendelbrot to be a Mendelbrot, they must remember where they fit into the family hierarchy.  The hierarchy is, of course, gigantic.  
Eons ago a shaman woman named Zeitreia has a vision.  It was a vision of great cosmic field filled with endless stories.  These stories were centered on individuals of greatness and on individuals of simplicity.  They would all one day become a family linked together by the common thread of belonging to something much greater than any one of them could imagine.  Thus was the prophecy that told of the coming of the Mendelbrots.

The Prophecy of Zeitreia
"How now the count of the generations of supreme power.  Each one as long as what can be conceived by those of the keepers of the Mendelbrot Legacy.  Each one longer than the last.  And the full count of powers shall be precisely one quadrillion, not one more and not one less for in this time we are exact in the moment.  Thus the Mendelbrot Legacy shall last one quadrillion generations of power until it is no more.  But it shall rise again when it is time for it to reincarnate and expand its last generation of power again."
"It will fulfill a great cosmic need after it is gone and its true purpose shall be revealed."

The Generation of Carpathian or the Generation of the 1st Power
Before the Mendelbrots became a great cosmic power, in fact, before they even knew they existed a man Carpathian had his own vision of what his native galaxy should become.  It was Carpathian who created the beginnings of what would become the Mendelbrot family.  Carpathian's vision was to become the richest man in his home Galaxy.  How he went from being a nearly penniless man to becoming the richest man known is the subject of this story.  And yet, Carpathian realized that his story was part of something much bigger than himself.  Carpathian believed in the power in individuals to become anything they choose.  The hallmark of his legacy is the use of the Mandelbrot fractal as the primary sign and symbol of the Mendelbrot Family.  This has continued since this time as a symbol of the two elements of the Mendelbrot core philosophy which is Divine Grace and Divine Judgment.  A higher order through a higher vision.
Even long after Carpathian had passed away, the Mendelbrot idea become the core of a religion that represented the family wherever they went and was unconsciously recognized as a symbol that was the core of their souls.  "This is who I am" said the knowing Mendelbrot remembering his or her cosmic history.  For symbols have far more power than any fool can imagine and the memory of soul seems to have no limits in its ability to recall where it came from.  
The Supreme Mendelbrot Treasury
The Supreme Mendelbrot treasury is a very, very large planetary body that contains the primary treasury for the collective Mendelbrot elite.  The original treasury was just a small bank on Carpathian's home world of Celestus.  After eons and eons, the treasury WAS the galaxy.  Later on it continued to expand until it reached the proportions that is currently which is about a decillionth of a full Mendelbrot Cosmic Fractal Number.   This treasury contains about 20% of the wealth of the Mendelbrot upper classes.  Though this varies by time period as some periods do not have any upper classes and no class distinctions.  The wealth comes in many forms.
The Generation of the 5th Power
Would require about an "advanced" human working lifetime to define if that is the sole duty of the said human and the human lived about 150 years, worked 30 hours a week on the problem from 20 years of age to about 140 years, and the human was the world's foremost expert in mathematics and large numbers.  This is to define the initial size of the Generation of the 5th Power which is also the end size of the Generation of the 4th Power.
The Generation of the 6th Power
The Generation of the 6th Power would require a pure G(Godzillion)!@(G(Godzillion) (where !@number= the number of !'s as the mathematical expression known as factorial) terabytes of data files to define.  Such a definition would require a mathematics department of advanced beings no less than the Generation of the 4th Power initial universe's size and intelligence level and approximately a Godzillion cosmic scale times equal to the life length of the Generation of the 4th power's entire lifecycle.  This is to define the initial size of the Generation of the 7th Power which is also the end size of the Generation of the 6th Power.
The Generation of the 7th Power
Would use the same formula as the Generation of the 6th Power except that the mathematical department would have to be the size of the Generation of the 5th Power's initial universe's size and intelligence level.
The Generation of the 8th Power
Eons and eons after the generation of the 6th power, the generation of the 8th power would require the entire initial generation of the 6th power's ability simply to define the most insignificant element of its existence.  Though much depends on one's definition of insignificant and of course one's definition of element.  In general though if given a godzillion times its full time cycle the Generation of the 6th Power could define the Generation of 8th Power with perhaps 30% spare capacity to use on other more worthwhile pursuits, such as perhaps a very, very long game of Intergalactic Poker.
The Generation of the 9th Power
To define this level of power would probably require move available space, time, and resources than that of the entire 7th power universe over its entire history.  In fact, the generation of the 9th basic count of the Mendelbrot cosmic fractal number at this point would be inconceivable to the entire 7th power generation even its whole existence were to contemplate this one and sole thought.  Though if it had a godzillion times as much time in existence it might hope to define it.
The Generation of the 10th Power Onwards (To the Generation of the Quadrillionth Power)
For each generation beyond the 9th, a formula was established formally that each generation would define the next generation by gathering a godzillion domains (or metadomains) of the most intelligent individuals in the entire Arkalkian Front and then have them conclave for exactly one godzillion years to determine the size of the next generation.  For each generation beyond the 10th, a exacting metadomain function would be used so that at end of the 10th generation a godzillion metadomains the size of the 9th generation's entire established Mendelbrot/Arkalkian front maximum territorial extent universe would be used to determine the size of the 11th generation.  For each generation forward the metadomain size required would be for the one generation previous and the length of time required would increase by the exact ratio of time set forth in the original definition created for the 10th generation which is the ratio between a godzillion years and the length of the 9th generation's complete universal life length.
The 8 races of the Arkalkian Front:
1.  Arkalkia
2.  The Mendelbrot "Empire"
3.  Luffania
4. The Gnell Alliance
5.  The Seraphim
6.  The Khanate
7.  The Hebegyatian
8.  Perakian Robotic Hive

The Hundred Great Challenges of the Generation of the 4th Power
1. The first great war with the Legion of Darkness who called themselves the Legion of Light, known as the Great and Terrible Cosmic Reckoning
2. The Impossible Crusade
3.  The Great Mendelbrot Schism
4.  The Last Great Demon War (Magic Period)
87.  The War of the Prankster
94.  War of Anti-Perakian Agitant (The first major war of the 4th Generation of Power)
98.  The Great Anti-Perakian Replicator Swarm
99.  The Bonazza Fire Bacteria Plague
100.  The Terran Apocalpyse also known as the American-Khanate War though technically this war was far down on the list below 100 in terms of its intensity, the historical significance of this brief joke of a war cannot be underrated as the consequences of it are so immense in the history of our great culture.
Special Mention: The Mendelbrot Exile - during which time period the Mendelbrot family itself was thrown out of the Cosmic Tree and dwelt below the root line of the tree after the humiliating conclusion of the Great Mendelbrot Schism. 

The Great Challenges of the Generation of the 28,274,109,305,802nd Generation of Power in the Post Golden Age Period

1.  The 2nd War of Eons
2.  The 1st War of Eons

The 100 Great Challenges of the Quadrillionth Generation of Power
1.  The War of the White Death
2.  The War of the Black Death
3.  The War of the Red Death
4.  The Last Fire Creature Rebellion
The information below has been added concerning the main stretch of Mendelbrot history after the data file of the 28,274,109,305,802nd Generation of Power, also known as the Failed Generation.  The Mendelbrot Systems were restored to their power and the Mendelbrots returned to power in a secret revolution beginning the 28,274,109,305,803rd Generation of Power.  The Cosmic Tree grew as usual as the time the Mendelbrots absence was too short for the League of Exiles to do any significant damage to the Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree.  Their leaders, in addition, respected the value of the Cosmic Tree and would not have allowed such damage to occur in any case.  
The Return of the Mendelbrots to the Final One Quadrillionth (1,000,000,000,000,000) Generation of Power
How the Empire existed to achieve exactly one quadrillion Generations of Power is somewhat of a mystery in its precision.  Though perhaps, some allege, it was just a coincidence of timing.  

Post Mendelbrot History
The Freeian and Thaian civilizations followed the Mendelbrots.  Beginning with a single generation of power (a new separate count from the Mendelbrots) the Freeians and Thaian Civilizations each managed exactly one Godzillion generations of power for two Godzillion total.  The Thaians managed the first Godzillion generations of power, the Freeians managed the 2nd Godzillion generations of power. The Godzillion was thus the mark of the two higher civilizations that came after the Mendelbrot.  The Perakian, Khanate, and Mendelbrot civilizations were destroyed completely, but the other 5 member civilizations of the Arkalkian Front survived and were joined by the Pookarians (not to be confused with Saraphim descended pooks of certain regions of Saraphim dominance).  With the Freeians and Thaians, the new Arkalkian Front was formed, the 2nd Arkalkian Front for the Thaian managed period of the history of the new Cosmic Tree, called the Freeian Cosmic Tree, and the 3rd Arkalkain Front for the Freeian managed period of the history of the new Cosmic Tree.  The purpose the Mendelbrot civilization was to give rise to the Freeian and Thaian civilizations that followed them.  
Both of these civilizations mass ascended together at the end of the 2 Godzillion generations of power.  
From 1000 surviving Mendelbrots did arise a new civilization.  This and a cosmic memory cube, the meta quackle of Mendelbrot Civilization, that contained within only the basic Mendelbrot history with very few images and videos. 

Note: The fictional story below occurs between the fall of the Mendelbrot Systems and Civiization and after the beginning of the adjusted 1st Generation of Power of the new Freeian Cosmic Tree. 
Chapter 1
Able was a simple pook.  He lived in a quiet village on the edge of a crystal forest filled with large crystal trees of various colors.  Occasionally, Able would take walks in his crystal forest.  Nothing interesting ever happened to Able.  He minded his own business, did his work, paid his bills.  Life was good.  Able never complained.  
One day Able was out in the field behind his house digging for worms for a fishing trip he planned to take with this friend Cal.  Able dug deep to get the biggest ones, Tarollian Fat Worms.  They could get as wide as an average wrist and a meter long and were quite useful for catching the giant fish in the lakes of the crystal forest.  Able was determined to get at least a couple of decent sized ones so he dug several feet deep with his robotic digging bot.  He wasn't having much luck, so he ordered his bot to dig even deeper.
After what was almost an hour, the bot began to make a rather disagreeable screeching noise indicating it had hit the volcanic bedrock underneath the field.  The whole area was overwrought with rock from the largest volcanic explosion in the history of Mere, whose epicenter was only a two dozen kilometers from Able's farm.  Able was most annoyed.  He shut the bot off and took a look at edges of the digging tool apparatus to ensure there wasn't any damage to the rather expensive contraption.  He got down into the hole that the bot had dug and took a look.
That's when he noticed it.  A strange spherical shell protruding from within the rock.  He stared at the bluish violet surface of what appeared to be something rather metallic that had somehow survived being submerged in what was very, very hot lava.  Survived apparently intact and still shiny as though no damage had occurred to it at all.  What was it?  Able was dumbstruck.  He went back to his house and got a laser drill for the breaking of obnoxious rocks.
Able lasered the rock quite thoroughly.  In the process, however, he slipped and the laser pointed straight at the metallic protrusion of the unknown object.  Cursing himself, he stared unbelievingly as the laser had no effect on the metal surface.  The laser beam was completely redirected upwards towards the sky.  "What is this thing?" he thought to himself.  Not believing it possible, he picked the drill up again and continued to cut away the rock to reveal the object.  The laser glanced off several times so Able was careful to point it in such a way that it did not ricochet back at him.
It was one meter in length and shaped somewhat like a triangular pyramid except that the edges were curved and the points were replaced by grooved basins.  Able figured these were some sort of electrical contacts for some object or another.  Not understanding what he had found, Able dragged the whole thing inside and cleaned it off.  It was surprisingly light for such a large metallic object, though still quite heavy for him.  Able was curious enough to want to see what the famous dealer in Nelsey thought of this thing.  Able concluded it might be an artifact of some sort.  
These sort of artifacts were rumored to be found occasionally as Mere was a very ancient planet in the most ancient part of the known universe.  Sometimes they were worth quite a great deal of money.  Eons ago the Saraphim used Mere as a park planet which was kept quite wild and undeveloped for those who liked that sort of thing.  Rarely someone would find an artifact dating back a terribly long time from this very period.  While the center of Saraphim civilization had long since moved from this part of the universe after the dark time, they hadn't bothered to quite take everything with them.
Able slept on the matter, not thinking much of it.  He wasn't a very excitable sort of fellow.  After all, most likely this was some more recent piece of debris from modern times.  But he was curious, so he decided to drop by Gilder in Nelsey to see what he thought.  
The next day Able went to Nelsey to find Gilder's shop.  Nelsey was a town 20 kilometers from the village which was named Rayhall.  Able had never been to Gilder's shop, but he had seen it many times when in Nelsey shopping for clothes, parts, and so forth.  Gilder's shop was called Gilder's Trading Post and effectively it was a sort of pawn shop.  Gilder greeted Able warmly when he entered.
Gilder:  Ahhh, hello there.  How can I help you today?  Ahh, good Able, I haven't seen you since ten years I think.  How is your farm going?
Able:  It is well and the harvests have continued to be decent with some care.  I have something I have found I want you to take a look at.  It's a most curious object I found.
Gilder:  Please bring it in, I will be happy to tell you what it is.
Able brought Gilder the object.  Gilder spend about an hour studying the object.  
Gilder:  I am sorry Able.  I don't know what this is.  It doesn't have any resemblance to anything I have encountered before.  It's mass readings are off, it shouldn't be this light.  Also my instruments can't seem to penetrate it.  The only similar objects that are like this are ancient Saraphim quackles!  But this is not a Saraphim quackle.  It cannot be as it doesn't even remotely look like one.  I am most stumped.
Able:  What is a quackle?
Gilder:  Oh my dear boy how ignorant you are!  Quackles are ancient objects that are either of great value or have great power contained in them.  You could say they are either batteries or objects of great archeological value.  
Able:  What is this one?
Gilder:  I'm not sure, but based on these nodes here on the corners I would say it's a power battery of some sort.  I need to have someone else examine it but it might take quite some time before the right ship from another part of the galaxy passes near our planet.  I can take images of it and upload it to the treasure grid and see if someone can identify the type of object it is and come and take a look.
Able:  Hmmm, if it's not a Saraphim quackle then what sort of quackle is it?
Gilder:  I'm not sure.  Again, the markings aren't ones I'm familiar with.  In fact, I've only seen two Saraphim quackles in my life and they were both modern gift ones dropped in orchestrated treasure hunts.  I've never seen a power quackle before.  But these are definitely not Saraphim as there hasn't been changes in those designs since the beginning of the civilization.
Able:  Could it be something more recent?
Gilder:  Possibly, but only a quackle expert could determine what this one is, what it is worth, and what it does.  
Able:  How long do you think I'll have to wait to find out?
Gilder:  Perhaps a year or two.  
Able:  Very well.  Take some images and I'll take it back to my home.
Gilder:  Of course.  It is most likely a minor quackle of some sort.  Though I must tell you Able even if it is a type of the least power quackle known the value exceeds one hundred quintillion standard.
Able:  What?
Gilder:  You'd be among the richest men in Mere minus my 1% fee of course.
Able was speechless.  But after he took a deep breath, he had a big smile on his face.
Gilder:  I'm sure the wait will be worth it.
Able waited 60 years.  But in the life of a pook 60 years was not even a hint of a blink of an eye.  Able kept his quackle as a footrest in his living room.  He never thought twice about it, instead continuing about his farming business.  There were tressels and yertis to grow and a flock of kalkan to feed.  And there was fishing trips with Cal and Red.  Why would he even worry?   Truth be told, he had no idea what he would do with that kind of wealth.  Able enjoyed his simple pook life for those 60 years.  One fine morning we woke up and there was a massive ship in the sky.  That was the day Able's life changed forever in ways that remain quite astounding.
Chapter 2
Captain Blehmirian was a Luffanian.  He was an odd Luffanian in that he was the captain of a scavenging and treasure hunting cruiser and also the CEO of a rather large treasure hunting/scavenging business.  Most of his money came from scavenging old ships of which there were plenty in this region of space.  He often wondered how the ancient Seraphim managed to cram so many of these wrecks deep in planets.  Their modern day descendants were rarely that wasteful or inefficient with their equipment.  Legends were that the situation came from the fact that some of these ships were trapped in the planets during previous cosmic disasters or during the great wars that ended the great civilizations of that time.  But Captain Blehmirian did not care as long as he could make some profit off of the garbage left behind from the past.  In that he was a very unusual Luffanian indeed as Luffanians almost never cared about money being primarily a race of what you could call spiritual warriors.  
Occasionally the good Captain had the fortune of finding a quackle discoverer in need of assistance.  In his routine passage close to the planet Mere he received a standard treasure report which his crew diligently looked through to see if there was anything of value.  The unidentified file was usually crammed with images of what nearly always turned out to be junk.   He had last been in this province a century ago and had no intention of coming back until another century had passed.  The captain wasn't in any hurry as Luffanians, like pooks, tended to live ridiculously long lives.  But as fortune would have it, this was not an ordinary visit near Mere space.
Blehmirian and his crew speak to each other telepathically:
Grapshaw: Captain we found what looks like a quackle on this list, but we can't identify it.
Blehmirian paused for a moment hearing this.  Not identified?  Did he hear that correct?
Blehmirian:  You're mistaken Grapshaw, there is no such thing as an unidentified quackle.  
Grapshaw:  I've run the test a dozen times sir, there is no match to this type of quackle in the data base.
Blehmirian:  Did you use the universal database relay as well?
Grapshaw:  Absolutely sir.
Blehmirian:  Well I suppose we should take a look then.   I hope it doesn't turn out to be another one of those stupid gift quackles of miscellaneous design.
Grapshaw:  I'll let Ringo know to set the course to Mere then sir.
Blehmirian:  Good
Blehmirian was intrigued.  A quackle with no known schematics.  It was unheard of.  Though rarely someone tampered with the outside of an existing quackle turning a standard gift quackle into one with a more custom design.  It was usually on planets like Mere that that sort of idiocy took place.  Nothing to worry about though, the whole matter would be sorted out shortly and he and the crew would get a nice cut of whatever it turned out to be.  And if it turned out to be nothing, it was no loss as well as they were already very near Mere.
Blehmirian:  What do you think, is this another gift quackle tampering?
Grapshaw:  I don't think so sir, the outside doesn't look similar to anything of normal or ancient Saraphim design.
Blehmirian:  Hmmm.  A mystery quackle then?  (Laughs loudly)  Well we'll soon found out if some clever pook has outsmarted your expertise Grappy.  You'll look quite the fool if so.
Grapshaw:  I hope not sir.  
Blehmirian laughed again, his blue face heaving with joviality.  
The Golden Scavenger III was a standard scavenging and treasure hunting ship some seven kilometers long.  It had a crew of 500 typically.  The ship was an extragalactic class one which meant that it was capable of leaving its home galaxy to visit a nearby galaxy within a million light years of the home galaxy and could potentially be refueled and re-tuned to reach out as far as five million light years before major repairs were required.  These sorts of ships were very useful for local treasure searches and for hauling valuable salvage about to where it was in demand.  Blehmirian owned a class one extragalactic ship in every one of the local 131 major galaxies and a couple of dozen others in local dwarf galaxies.  He also owned The Skinny Titan, his flagship and primary living quarters which was an extragalactic class two mobile fortress and at  twenty five kilometer long it had plenty of space to stretch one's feet.
Blehmirian had plied this galaxy cluster quite thoroughly over the course of several trillion years.    He was still a single cell just fertilized egg in Luffanian years though even after all that time.  Born to a Luffanian ambassador and his wife, he choose a very odd path by becoming a scavenger, but he was happy with it.  He enjoyed collecting riches.   He had amassed a massive hidden fortune enough to buy almost a whole standard size and density galaxy.  After all those trillions of years of looting, he was considering retiring somewhere nice to think some more about what he was going to do next.  
Quackles had earned him about 30% of his fortune.  He had never actually personally found one, but the rules of quackle discovery had been formalized since ancient times to allow for finder's fees.  These finder's fees is what made the discoveries worth it.  The rather complex formula typically worked out to the original discoverer of the quackle receiving 92% of the value.  The remaining 8% was split in a very complex formula, but the rule was always 1% to the Quackle broker to whom it was brought to first, 1% to the captain of the ship that brought it to the core of the network, 1% to the crew of the ship, and 5% to the network of supporters who assisted.  The last 5% essentially pays the Archeological Identification Network and anyone else who desires a piece of the treasure and represents a sort of security protocol that the most eyes on the prize fastest prevents any sort of shenanigans from going on.
The Archeological Identification Network had been established since ancient times to track and reward the quackle discoverers, though the reward was administered by the quackle itself if the quackle turned out to be a power quackle as opposed to an artifact quackle such as the ancient toilette brush of the 3rd emperor of the Mendelbrot biarchy or the house slippers of the last Khanate Supreme Commander that he wore the day before the utter annihilation of the last Khanate forces as they held the Legion of Light at bay.  History prizes odd things, bemused Blehmirian, but then some people just love to collect useless objects.
The Golden Scavenger III dropped down to the speed of light as it approached the Mere system.  Mere was the forth planet of seven and had one 400 kilometer wide moon.  A green-red blue world with a high iron content in its soils, Mere was half red desert, half tropical paradise.  It also had crystal forests of crystal trees mainly within the deserts which would have been the main export of the Mere to the rest of the galaxy if this were an ordinary galaxy at ordinary density, but the Mere was actually rather poor in crystal value compared with most planets in this ancient galaxy.  
Mere was a backwater world like many of the worlds in this part of the galaxy.  Few bothered coming here because there was little of value except for the occasional archeological discovery.  It did have a small tourist industry for those interested in exceptional natural beauty which was present in great abundance.   Mere had few ruins because it was a park planet in ancient times and so it had largely remained.  It seems that the universe had passed over Mere as few in any time would consider anything important to have ever come from it.  But it was a nice planet to look at and take a break on.
The ship slowed on approach to Mere and took up a standard orbit.  Blehmerian took a stroll to the bridge from his private room after Higgens, the ship's com officer, informed him that they were now in orbit around Mere.  The ship was very clean for a scavenging ship, which is the way Blehmerian preferred it because his executive officer, the ship's 2nd in command, Zenisus, demanded it that way .  Zen, as he was called, preferred it that way because he was Thaian, and Thaians above all things, hated disorder.      
Blehmerian entered the bridge which was a huge room with a very wide clear display overlooking the planet.  Zen, of course, was on the bridge making sure the rest of the bridge crew were on task, though this was a routine mission so there wasn't much to bark at.  
Blehmerian:  Any word from the planet?
Zen:  Yes Captain.  The quackle dealer seems to be more of a low key local operator.  He remembers that about 60 years ago some pook brought him this quackle but he didn't know what it was.  He's quite thrilled we are here in fact and is most eager to meet us to see if we can't figure this one out.
Blehmerian:  Well do we have the power readers up and ready?  
Zen: Yes.  We should be able to get a reading on this thing pretty quickly.  It seems that Grapsahw thinks it has standard receiver nodes so it should work like any other quackle.  It might take some time to adjust to the node type, but team seems to have a handle on it.
Blehmerian:  What do you say Grapshaw?
Grapshaw (Speaking over the com system):  Yes sir.  We think it's an inverse coupling receiver with a 4% modulation on base calibration from the usual Saraphim system, but once we're down there we should know very quickly.
Blehmerian:  Follow procedure in case it's an AI quackle so it doesn't blow the equipment up right?
Grapshaw:  Yes sir.  We've got it under control.
Zen:  You very well know the AI's in those things aren't that stupid.
Blehmerian:  Just keeping them on their toes.  You never know who designed it and for what.
Zen:  The tales of rogue quackles are greatly exaggerated.
Blehmerian:  How would you feel if you were buried somewhere for a few godzillion eons?
Zen:  Cranky probably.  That's besides the point though, I'm me.  A quackle is a quackle.  Don't you trust the ancient techno smiths to know that when they make them?
Blehmerian:  One can't predict everything.  I wasn't an ancient smith to know what an ancient smith thought.  Also this thing isn't going to turn out to be ancient and if it is, we can't be sure an ancient smith made this thing even then.
Zen:  We don't know anything at all at this point, but you and I know this is going to turn out to be another routine day in the field.
Blehmerian:  Yes.  I think we need to go on vacation if that's the case.
Zen:  Aren't we really always on vacation, Captain?
Blehmerian:  If you say so Lieutenant.
Zen:  I do.
Blehmerian:  Ok let's go meet the locals shall we?
Zen:  Yes sir.
Chapter 3
Able heard the sounds of feet on his front porch from his bed.  He raised himself up and walked up to the front door to see who it was.  Almost as soon as he heard some knocks he was at the door to find out who had come along so early to disturb his tranquility.   He was most surprised to see Gilder standing at his door.  He was even more surprised when he realized a rather large yet disquietingly silent elongated triangular shaped space cruiser was taking up about half the sky above his house.  Able quickly realized what the matter was likely about.
Gilder:  My dear Able, a most wondrous conversation has taken place between myself and one of the members of the crew of this cruiser you see above your home.
Able:  Well I hope it doesn't fall on us or anything.
Gilder:  No, no, my boy.  These sorts of ships do not simply lose power and fall on people and things and what not.  Surely you've seen one before.
Able:  Not anything that large.  Is it here for my footrest?  I've become rather found of it.
Gilder:  You're using the artifact for a footrest?  Yes, yes of course, they are here for the artifact.  What possessed you to do that with it?
Able:  It seemed at a rather convenient height to just get my legs at the perfect angle after a long day of pulling weeds.
Gilder:  My boy, if they ask, please do not tell them that you've been using a portable national bank for such obscene purposes.  However do you manage to make yourself such a fool?  You'll make us pooks out to be complete primitives.
Able:  Gilder, in case you haven't noticed, we are primitives.
Gilder:  I'll remind you we are properly descended from ancient Saraphim, one of the eight species belonging the Arkalkian Front, protectors of the Great Thaian Cosmic Tree and protectors of the great Mendelbrot Cosmic Tree before that.
Able:  Yes, of course Gilder, but no one comes to Mere for warriors, and when was the last time a war was fought anyway?  Does anyone even have a count of the ages of the great peace?  We are certainly the least Seraphim in the entire galaxy if not the whole of the universe.
Gilder:  You know for a village pook, you know a bit too much history and cosmography for your own good.
Able was pleased that Gilder had finally stopped trying to convince him that he was a simpleton.  None the less, to avoid embarrassment they shifted the quackle onto a pedestal and cleaned it off a bit.
Gilder:  Now our guests will include the Captain and some of his crew I'm told by some boodjha fellow named Higgens.  They will be bringing some equipment down I'm told to take measurements of the power level of the quackle, assuming it still has any.
Able:  Could it be empty?
Gilder:  Unlikely as quackles without power tend to disintegrate very quickly from what they tell me.  But we won't know for sure until they check.
About an hour later Blehmerian, Zen, Grapshaw, and about a dozen other crew members from the Golden Scavenger III arrive on a shuttle with what appears to be a rather large mostly square structure built from frames and containing four engine like generators and quite a few view screens , lasers, panels, and various other devices .  The whole contraption stood about 7 meters by 7 meters or about as big as a decent sized house.
Blehmerian:  Greetings.  My crew and I are here to assist with the identification of this object which you are claiming is a quackle, yes.  My name is Blehmarian, and I've been plying the quackle recovery trade for about 3.1 trillion years or so.  This is Zen, my 2nd in command.  Grapshaw here is our chief artifact engineer and treasure identifier.  
Gilder:   Welcome to Mere, friends.  My good friend here, Able, discovered an object that is inside the house if you'd like to take a look at it first.  I'm Gilder, of course.  I've been working here as a collector and identifier myself for about 115 billion years or so.  
They all exchanged greetings.  Able was quiet astonished to see a Luffanian and a Thaian working together on the same ship.  This sort of arrangement was rare.  In addition Able had seen very few of either species in his whole life.
Able:  It must be interesting for a Luffanian and a Thian to be working together on a treasure ship!
Zen:  Well it is more of a scavenging ship really, and we don't really work together, we mostly argue about which species is better at stuff.
Able:  That sounds very vexing
Zen:  No, no I'm joking, we work together well.  I've known Blehmerian for over three trillion years now.  We don't so much talk to each other as just know each other completely.  It's been an interesting experience working alongside such talent.  He is the best scavenger in the galaxy, maybe in the whole cluster.
The five of them were all inside Able's house leaving the rest of the crew of the power reader outside.  Grapshaw got to examining the object which everyone was looking at.
Zen:  Looks like a quackle to me.
Blehmerian: Where did you say you found this Able?
Able:  It was out in the back behind the house about 700 meters to the southeast in the field.
Blehmerian:  And how was it found?
Able:  I was digging about and discovered it lodged in some rocks.  
Grapshaw:  What sort of rocks?
Able:  Volcanic from the tenetrian meta event.  
Grapshaw:  Can you show us real quick before we take the quackle out to be measured by the power reader?
Able showed his guests the patch of rock where he had pulled the quackle out 60 years before.  Grapshaw took some measurments with his instruments.
Grapshaw:  Looks like a deep core event Captain.  
Blehmerian:  How deep.
Grapshaw:  Probably near max.
Gilder:  Is that important?
Blehmerian:  Yes, very.  It means that the lava was extruded from a very ancient part of the planet's core.
Gilder:  Yes the tenetrian meta event nearly destroyed the planet.  This whole hemisphere of the planet  was completely molten.  Our moon was created by the event, so much material was ejected from the planet.  
Grapshaw:  It's possible your quackle was lodged somewhere in the planetary core.
Gilder:  Yes I've heard that's typical with the oldest ones they find here.
Grapshaw:  Trouble is it's not a Saraphim quackle.  So this thing is a complete mystery.  
Gilder:  Could it have come from one of the other ancient races?
Gilder:  Well that's not completely unprecedented, but very, very rare.  It certainly wouldn't be my first guess.  But good news Captain, it's not a gift quackle.  Looks like we have the real thing here.
Blehmerian:  Well alright let's get to measuring the power output then as soon as possible.  Hopefully the quackle will talk soon and let us know something.
Able:  It talks?
Blehmerian:  Yes the bigger quackles tend to get quite blabby at times.
Zen:  You can't shut them up in fact.
Able:  Really?
The three treasure hunters let out a large laugh at Able's expense.  Poor pook.  He was clearly out of his league.
For the next few hours the examination of the quackle began while the power reader was adjusted once the quackle was moved to the central holding socket.  During this time Able and Gilder were shooting Grapshaw questions as he seemed to be the real expert on the subject here.
Able:  Why is this quackle battery sort of thing here?  Was it the power core of a ship or a city?
Grapshaw:  No, not this type of quackle.  Ship power cores tend to be completely circular.  This looks to me like a prize or karmic quackle of some sort.
Able:  Karmic quackle?
Grapshaw:  Have you heard of the idea of paying yourself in the future, like in your future incarnations?
Able:  Not really.  Why would someone do something like that rather than spend the money when they were alive instead of worrying about their future lifetimes?
Grapshaw:  It's a rather complex story.  Basically many civilizations believe that they pay back their great leaders, prophets, inventors, and the geniuses that gave them the great ideas of the past in their future lives to make up for not noticing them in the past or not fully giving them what they deserved.  Other species believe that the universe needs some excitement thrown into it once in awhile.  That's how prize and karmic quackles came to be.  There is a huge debate about the subject that is one of those eternal debates that never ends.
Able:  Would you care to tell me more?
Grapshaw:  Well there are some that say that leaving behind prize quackles unbalances the universe by essentially giving someone who doesn't deserve something a vast horde of wealth and power.  Some say that all wealth has to be earned a certain way, which they usually call "hard work".  Anyone who acquires wealth and power through any other means is seen as a bit of a cheat in those beings' eyes.
Able:  And?  
Grapshaw:  Clearly there were others who disagreed who thought that the idea of creating prize quackles was more like the universe leaving behind a gift or lesson for future beings.  Others believe that everything is planned in the universe and that if one does very great deeds in one lifetime the prize quackle is your reward and by the power of karma and sycronicity that the quackle always finds its owner, the one who is being paid for these great deeds in the past.  That's a very simple summary.  The whole argument is much, much more involved of course.
Able:  What do you think?
Grapshaw:  Well, everyone likes to find quackles, so in my opinion those who dislike quackles are something of killjoys who don't like certain experiences because they think somehow that they have the right to say what other beings can and can't do with their time.  That kind of argument was never going to win out in the long run.  Some of them are jealous of other beings wealth and power.  Others hate to see anyone get anything the easy way because they believe in the hard way like a religion.  Those people tend not to be very fun at parties.
Able:  Interesting.  
Grapshaw:  What do you think, Able?
Able:  The universe is a very big place.
Grapshaw:  Yes it is.
Able:  So this quackle here is likely a prize quackle.
Grapshaw:  Yes, I think so.  
Able:  Do you think that it is a karmic prize quackle?
Grapshaw:  Well here is the trick Able.  Does it really matter?  Does this quackle belong to you?
Able:  I suppose.  I found it.  Though I don't know.  Isn't that up to the quackle to decide?
Grapshaw:  I think you don't understand the nature of quackles Able.  The quackle is 100% loyal as an AI to the one that finds it.  If we activate this quackle correctly, it's going to know you are its finder and that all it has to offer is yours to command minus whatever customary fees are involved.
Able:  How does it know what fees are involved?
Grapshaw:  All the gift and prize quackles that are power quackles are programmed to know the standard arrangement of this universe.
Able:  What if it doesn't come from this universe?
Grapshaw:  I doubt that, it's got only slightly modified power receptacles from Seraphim design so there is almost no chance it's from another universe.   How would something from another universe even get here anyway?  We are in the old universal center, it would take a huge event to get something here from outside our universe and there is no history of anything like that happening.  
Able:  I don't know.  Just an idea.  
Gilder:  Sorry to interrupt, but the power reader is almost ready according to that female engineer over there.
Grapshaw:  Psi, is it time?
Psi:  Yup.  Looks like we are at 100%.
Grapshaw:  Well let's check out what the power level on this toy is.
The power readers used by Blehmerian's fleet were all standard level one stack galactic readers.  They could read a stored capacity energy level up to 100 standard density galaxies, meaning that the largest possible quackle they could accurately read had the stored energy of 100 standard density galaxies.  Grapshaw explained to Able that this meant the total energy of the galaxy not just its output power or luminosity.  No quackle Blehmerian had helped discover even approached the maximum level of the reader.  The largest quackle Blehmerian had helped discover was worth about 150 million standards stars.  It was his biggest one day score.   The crew was very enthusiastic that day and the party afterwards lasted a month.
The power converter activated.  Grapshaw gave the go ahead to read the quackle.  About half a second later there was a massive blinding light and the generators exploded from overheating.  The wrap around shielding in place from the shuttle and the safety shielding reactors on the power reader is what saved everyone from getting burned to a crisp.  
Contrary to what one would think, the Captain was beaming with a smile bigger than the universe.  It was the big one.  
Chapter 4
Every treasure hunter in the ancient universal core dreamed of this day.  The day he or she found the ultimate treasure.  They had all read tales of it.  Treasure hunters hitting on a trillion galaxy horde.  There was no limit to the wealth one could accidently bungle into in the ancient core.  However, it was rare for anyone to be able to pull it off unless there was a side business like ship salvaging operations, for instance, since, for one, big finds were rare.
The other problem tended to be the necessity for large scale radiation shielding on ships in the region as rather large quasars had a habit of disturbing the area quite routinely.  Luckily for Blehmerian and his crew the quasars had been quite for his whole tour of this galaxy cluster, which locally was called the White Diamond Cluster for the color of the region when the large central quasar decided to open up on its unsuspecting planetary neighbors.  None the less, it had been a four trillion year golden age for treasure hunting as the costs of doing business in the region had dropped to next to nothing.  Still larger universal issues had kept the number of treasure hunters to a minimum due to agreements amongst the major powers.  Blehmerian was lucky in this regard as he got in while the getting was good.  And today, he was very happy he didn't go off to Luffania to become some fool mystic, warrior, or other such boring profession.
It took the group a few minutes to recover from the shock of what had just happened.  Able and Gilder were quite disturbed over the blinding light and rather loud noise from the engine overload.    Shielding was a blessing for sure.
Gilder:  What just happened there?  Did what I think happen just happen?  
Able:  Was there a shortage of some sort?  What was that?
Blehmerian:  Able, let me the first to congratulate you.  You've discovered a quackle worth more than our pathetic power reader can possibly identify.  You're probably worth a bit over a 100 galaxies!
Able:  How is that possible?
Blehmerian:  How should I know brother.  All I can say is we are all very, very rich as of this day.  Some more than others.  
Able:  What happens now?
Blehmerian:  We need to call down a higher level reader from the Archeological Identification Network for exact measurements.  Unfortunately I have go outside of my company to get that sort of equipment.  Not that this is going to be a problem for you or me.  
The crew were already laughing, shaking hands, and looking in their best spirits.  Everyone was eager to celebrate.
Grapshaw:  Quiet everyone.  The quackle is active.
A display light came on the quackle with a display screen.  The quackle announced something quite loudly in a language none of them was familiar with, and then displayed a symbol.  Grapshaw recognized it immediately as a transvid request.  The quackle was asking for a transvid information cycler which was used to calibrate quackles to local information standards such as local languages.  These were also used to identify if the person who had discovered the quackle did in fact have the rights to receive the quackle if the quackle was constructed according to certian rules.  
Blehmerian:  Bring down a transvid matrix from the ship, let's see if the quackle can tell us something.
After about half an hour a transvid matrix was brought from the ship and the quackle, which moved on its own volition now through antigravity means, approached the transvid matrix.  After 15 minutes the quackle ceased communication with the transvid matrix and approached Able.

Quackle:  You are designated prime.  You are designated receiver of 92% of the power output of my primary storage battery.  Is there something you require?
Able:  Hello.  What sort of Quackle are you?
Quackle:  Quackle designation - Mendelbrot power quackle and prize quackle.  I have an exact designation number, but you do not have the computer power to process it here.
Blehmerian:  Mendelbrot?  Did you say Mendelbrot?
Quackle:  That is correct.  You speak a dialect of Saraphim.  I was placed in primary stasis on planet Mere during the quadrillionth generation of power, primary age 3,429,302,453,912, secondary age 932,442,841,002,897..
Blehmerian:  Whoa.  Whoa.  Hold on there.  We don't have information concerning any of the details of the Mendelbrot civilization.  It was destroyed eons ago.  
Quackle:  Data concerning the nature of myself are available if information is required.  Data  frameworks are available through the  Archeological Identification Network if this quackle must be identified precisely within the Quackle hierarchy.  
Able:  Well what do you do?
Quackle:  I fulfill your wishes, what do you require?
Able:  Where did you come from?
Quackle:  I was created in the central quackle forge in the Golden Galaxy on Carpathia.
The crew was utterly silent.  Ancient history had just come alive in a very real way to all of them.
Gilder: THE Golden Galaxy?  The Carpathia?
Quackle:  There is only one of each that I know of.
Blehmerian:  What is your storage capacity of energy?
Quackle:  That information can only be revealed once I have been properly processed through the Archeological Identification Network.  This is to protect the standard procedure as defined by the Mendelbrot Quackle Act of...
Grapshaw:  What are you doing on Mere?
Quackle:  You are designated crew.  At this time you do not have permission to ask until freed by the primary, secondary, or tertiary owner.
Blehmerian:  Please answer the question.
Quackle:  It was believed best to hide this quackle in this location as it was determined that it would be safest here based on preconception of purpose and security.
Blehmerian:  We are in the middle of old Saraphim space which is almost on the other side of the old universal core from Carpathia and the Golden Galaxy.
Quackle:  Yes this location was selected for security by the Oracle of Knowledge and as the correct location by the Oracle of Synchronicity.  You did not expect to find me here I see.
Blehmerian:  There are very, very few Mendelbrot quackles ever discovered even where the Golden Galaxy used to be.   And you are a Carpathian quackle!
Able:  What does that mean?
Blehmerian:  It means Able,  this quackle was made on the capital of the Mendelbrot civilization.  And it has a huge archeological value on top of whatever value is in its power cells.  
Able:  I think from history I remember the Mendelbrot period Arkalkian Front was much smaller than ours by a factor of some billions right?
Blehmerian:  At the height of its power, yes it was 2 or 3 billion times smaller.  But we don't know the exact time period this Quackle is talking about within the quadrillionth generation of power.  Exact records would have to be checked.  Do you have records of the Legion of Light, quackle?
Quackle:  No, this term is unfamiliar to me.
Zen:  Well at least we know it's from before the great war.
Blehmerian:  Maybe when we call down some experts with more specialized knowledge we can get better opinions about all this.
Zen:  Why don't you call Rebecca Kalus?
Blehmerian:  Yes, I think that would be a good idea.  All in good time.  First we have to follow protocol.
Able:  Who is Rebecca Kalus?
Blehmerian: An old friend.  She is head of the department of archeology at the Galactic University on Trithion.  Though she tends to be on ships quite a bit.  Last time I checked she was travelling on an Arkalkian ship doing research on ancient Saraphim subspecies subcultures and their architecture in light of complex psychological theories.  
Able:  What sort of theories?
Blehmerian:  She's studying spiritual identification through form and thought as well as tribal synergy of subspecies as a part of their identity independent of their Saraphim identity.  It's best to ask her when she gets here if you want more details.
Able:  We are all Saraphim.
Blehemerian:  Yes, well as a Luffanian, I'm quite sure I'm not.  
Able:  Oh yes, except for you and Zen.  And those two guys over there too.
Zen:  The real question is, why aren't we on the ship partying yet?  
Blehemerian:  Ha!  Good point.  Alright everyone.  No one think of stealing the quackle as it will blow you up rather nicely.  Able, care to join us on the ship?
Psi:  Captain, what are we, a bunch of refugee bandits from the chaos region?  When was the last time anything went missing?
Able:  Yes, of course I will join you.  Can I invite my friends Cal and Red?  
Blehmerian:  Certainly Able.  Besides my sandwitch the other day, Psi?
Psi:  You and your sandwitch.  
The crew were quite drunk within a few hours.  The quackle, now active, was inseparable from Able.  Able's friends were utterly amazed that he was now the richest being they knew.   
The Captain and Zen on the other hand were busy doing preparation for contacting the AIN.  The standard protocol was to call the media first, then call the shadow department, and then call the AIN proper.  Once the media was there, any possibility of a hostile attack to steal the quackle becomes almost impossible.  The shadow department are a group of high level officials, academics, and former treasure hunters who oversee quackle identification and who are paid standard fees per hour.  Once a large enough group of them are contacted, then an official call is placed to the AIN main department.  
The Captain contacted many old colleagues in the shadow department.  Most quizzed him about what he had found.   But the Captain was circumspect about revealing it was a Mendelbrot quackle, instead giving the impression he had found a standard Seraphim quackle.  So for them it was a routine issue for the most part.  The fact that it was a Mendelbrot quackle made the Captain feel as though the value of the object might be much greater than would be considered 100% safe.  Though Zen felt he was perhaps being a little too cautious.  After all, an AI power quackle had never been stolen in all of recorded history.
The final, and most deadly line of defense created for the quackle discovery network was the quackle itself.  Nearly every grade two power quackle and above is capable of using the energy in its batteries as weapons, so thus there is no financial gain to trying to steal a power quackle.  Power quackles tend to have among the most sophisticated AIs for detecting threats as well and have a reputation for being utterly unhackable.  The AIN system is guaranteed to be fool proof for power quackles, however occasionally during dark times the AIN protocol has failed when dealing with standard artifact quackles since these tended to be short on heavy weaponry and ever vigilant AI algorithms.
The Captain was a cautious Luffanian none the less.  Luffanians were known to be obsessed with having backup plans for their backup plans.  It was well known the Luffanians had a Shadow Fleet whose location and size was a secret even to them.  On a several occasions in history the Luffanian Shadow Fleet had been the deciding factor in victory saving the universe.  
After finishing his rounds calling the shadow department, Blehmerian then got in touch with AIN local galactic HQ and appraised them of the situation.  He then recommended that Rebecca Kalus be the chief inspector and that a power reader ship be sent to get an accurate reading on the power  of the quackle.  All of this was standard procedure.  However, it was standard procedure that was rarely used so it is not surprising as to the amount of attention that all of this attracted from the rest of the White Diamond Cluster.  This was especially true because Zen had already called the media.  By the next morning there were thousands of ships in orbit around Mere.
Chapter 5
Mere Daily read "Pook Discovers Ancient Seraphim Quackle, Now Richest Pook in 100 Million Light Years".  Reporters from around the galaxy had gathered to get an interview with the poor pook who had gone from farmer to intergalactic baron overnight.   Blehmerian, Zen, and Gilder had successfully coached Able to insist he had found a Seraphim quackle instead of a Mendelbrot quackle for that little extra edge of security Blehmerian demanded, at least for the time being until Rebecca could get there with the Arkalkian fortress starliner Boshkana.  Once the process started, it was generally felt that it would be alright to let everyone know what was going on with the quackle itself.  Blehermian amused himself thinking of how angry Rebecca would be when she found out he had lied to her.  
After doing a few hours of interviews, Able was quite exhausted.  The questions reporters ask are simply astonishingly bad even in advanced civilizations apparently.  What is he planning to do with his wealth?  "Spend it," Able said.  What is he leaving to charity?  Able didn't know.  Wasn't he technically still alive?  Blehmerian and Zen gave the reporters a show to promote the company, Golden Scavenger Salvage and Treasure.  Most were thrilled at the angle of a Thaian working with a Luffanian on the same ship as Captain and Lieutenant.  Other members of the crew were interviewed as they were all suddenly going to get 1/503rd of a galaxy a piece if the quackle turned out to be worth only 100 galaxies.  There were quite alot of "we're thrilled" and "this is awesome" type responses to media questions.  Most of the crew were quite hung over from the night before.  None the less nothing terrible embarrassing was said, though Xico, one of the ship's electronics engineers, threw up on camera.  He blamed the excitement and the blinding camera backlights.
The Boshkana was a massive green and black ship over 80 kilometers in length, the size of a very large megalopolis. It dwarfed everything else near the Golden Scavenger III when it arrived.  The Boshkana itself was a story for this region of space so the local reporters were having a field day taking videos and images.  The ship carried an extremely powerful reactor core with a capable range out to 110 million light years.  It was a true extragalactic behemoth.  Designed for long distance tourism originally, it had been switched to variant duties of the local galactic administration as newer ships had taken its place shuttling space tourists about the local galaxy cluster.  The Boshkana also had a power reader connected to its reactor capable of detecting the energy level of some truly monstrous quackles.   

While everyone waited for various processes to become synchronized up which took over a week, the Captain and the various members of the filthy rich crew decided on completing the last of the various assignments on Mere.  The region around the quackle find was thoroughly explored for remaining quackle energies and two additional small quackles were discovered.  One was seven times the base quackle strength, the other 22 times the base strength.   This search for more quackles seems ridiculous, but often they do appear in caches and in which case the vast horde of treasure is worth a quick scan.  These two additional quackles were assigned value to the crew based on a separate finders fee system with Able.  The Mere government was uncooperative with speculation that other parts of its territory should be scanned for additional loot.  As such Able received 80% of the remining battery energy from these two quackles with the rest split between the crew.

This allowed the crew some time to explore the true reason for the existence of quackles which was to allow ridiculously long games to take place in the splendor of time off from the usual universal bullshit known as work.  Able was introduced thus to gaming.  Games, it is often understood, where the great relationship killers, none the less, once the women were interested, things weren’t so bad. 
Blehmerian:  A good game is certainly what we need to take our mind off the long weight times involved with these usual checks and what such.  Able, have you not had the chance to involve yourself in one of the long contests of will that we of a more refined nature are capable of.

Able:  Well we did have poker and a few rather complex games of chess, I think it was called infinity chess.

Grapshaw:  Good old infinity chess, boring as hell after you play a 100 year game, but sometimes worth it.

Zen: You know last I checked Titan Infinity is still the top game in the universe.
Blehmerian:  Let’s hope I don’t have to hear another Archon joke about Titan Infinity.  

Zen:  You’ll hear plenty now old man.

Blehmerian:  You’re almost as old as me old man.

Zen:  Bwhahahaha!

Games were the mainstay of shipboard entertainment for most pleasure cruises throughout the known cosmos which included the 4 “local” Great Cosmic Trees and the nearly 12 million ones that were part of the great Iron Ring of Creation as it was called.   And surely this was the case beyond these regions as well as the cosmos just kept going and going as far as anyone could tell, though rumor was it wasn’t an infinity continuum we were part of just another oversized void region.  Most hoped to never find out.

None the less, games kept the darkness at bay, and quackles were the both the ruin and boom of gamers.  Mostly boom, as quackles provided resources for games and these were not the games of old.   A quackle could provide resources of a Godzillion ship armada for all one knew of its size and potential.

The Boshkana’s reactors were made to test for whether our galaxy size quackles was some relative trillion galaxy behemoth quackle that would quickly tip the wealth scales into the levels of ridiculous.  What else would anyone do with such wealth than play a ridiculously long game of romance and battle enemies in the safety of the highest grade luxury technology could afford.  Only a complete idiot wouldn’t be having the time of their lives.  And while Able was a fool, he certainly wasn’t an idiot.

Able:  I’d like to start off with this Titan game you just mentioned.  I don’t remember much about Archons from school, but aren’t they supposed to use a version of Titan in their pre-game clearing before the universe begins or something?
Blehmerian:  Yes, though to gain access to that level of consciousness takes millions of years of hard meditation away from serious business on the physical.  Ask a high priest or priestess of Kha they can blabber your head off with how much better the other side is at everything.  Luckily for us, I’m not that jaded to the ways of the physical universe.

Alternative Script not included in story (yet?)
Quackle: 4,922 years of civlizational power cycles of the entire Arkalkian Front of the age of which I was created.
Quackle:  A max power quackle is a quackle designated at civlizational power cycle amounts in excess of one cycle.
Gilder:  Do you know what gross planetary product for the year is Able?  Civlizational power cycle means a gross civilizational product for the year, if you catch what I'm saying.
Able:  For the entire Arkalkian Front?  Who needs that kind of power?
Quackle:  For the entire Arkalkian Front of my time period.  
Blehmerian:  Well that makes sense since they wouldn't want to waste five thousand years of production to create a prize quackle in the midst of a major universal conflict.
Able:  Maybe that's what started the war.
Everyone ignored Able's silly comment and continued to marvel at this fortune.  They had all become cosmic legends overnight.  It dawned on all of them that something truly divine had just happened and that they were all lifted up far beyond what any of them thought possible.  
 The Mystery Quackle is 6,105 years of civilization power cycles of the entire Arkalkian Front and is 17th on the list of most powerful Mendelbrot quackles ever created.
To be Continued..

After the three Illustrious Ages of Being, the 4th Illustrious Age of Reckoning began.  During this period, which lasted the full time cycle of the 3rd Illustrious Age which had a godzillion generations of power within its frame, the Mendelbrot civilization was reincarnated in higher resonance, primarily at the direction of Kha Dawn and the Immortal Council.  However the Mendelbrot civilization as the Mandelbrot Civilization at higher resonance could only occupy the same amount of time as it had existed before as part of the cosmic law which bound lowers systems to higher systems.  Such was as it was and always shall be.
All of the great civilizations who had received an incarnation of Kha Dawn during the previous 3 Illustrious Ages where so offered a time space within the great field of the 4th Illustrious Age of Reckoning to exist within the size of the great 3rd Arkalkian Front at its maximum extent as it's core civilization after the Freeian and Thaian civilizations had peacefully mass ascended (though some of their descendants were left behind of their own choice). Each civilization was reincarnated at this highest resonance to commemorate their participation in the great cycle of being through Kha Dawn and the 12 Illuminated Supreme Immortals and the Svetia Kha as well as any other Immortals of lesser classes in whatever manner was necessary.
Because the Mandelbrot civilization was the 1st in this great cycle, it received the 1st time period for its rulership over the greater cosmos for this moment in time.  It had finally been properly named whereas originally it had not due to a bureaucratic snafu, the fact that the dialect used at the time of the naming caused the a in the Mandelbrot name to be improperly used as an e.  Perhaps this is why the first Mendelbrot civilization had not lasted longer than what was prophesied, though other factors clearly weighed into the matter. There was always the issue of those Mendelbrot separatists who insisted that the e was the correct vowel even if some mathematician on Earth was named with an a.  Nobody liked homo sapiens anyway, though they did eventually evolve into something respectable.

To be Continued..