Spiritual Fiction: Conversations with Lucifer and Other Interested Parties Part 2

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 Conversations with Lucifer and Other Interested Parties (Continued)

By Chris Freely

Chapter 14:The Early Trials of Mary Magdelyn

I fell asleep for a quick nap and was joined by a slightly different cast in my dream state.  In fact there were only three figures present.  The first was Archangel Azrael.  The second was Archangel Michael.  The third was a woman.  
Archangel Michael:  We have come before you, Chris Freely, to bring you a message from Mary Magdelyn.  She will be delivering that message personally.  In this she will also act as a messenger of the Archangel Sandalphon.  
Archangel Azrael:  As you know I am the Archangel of what is called death.  Though there is no death, the great souls of the history pass through my personal gaze while they drift through the darkness of my realm of consciousness.  I keep the darker resonance of hell here in heaven through the color black, but it is a pleasant dark.  More like a night sky.  Nonetheless, I have escorted the soul of Mary Magdelyn to your dream world for a short conversation.  
Freely:  Well this is intimidating.  I will certainly hear what she has to say.  
Mary Magdelyn:  I am the spirit of what was.  I am the ghost.  My name was Mary Magdelyn.  I have come before you to deliver the knowledge of what was.  In as much as it was, it is still.
Freely:  Greetings lady Magdelyn.  
Mary Magdelyn:  Greetings to you, Chris Freely, Keeper of Knowledge.
Freely:  Pardon?  I have a title?
Mary Magdelyn:  You are the keeper of knowledge.  You will deliver the world into knowledge through your words, but only for those who are worthy of it.
Freely:  I was in a hurry to hide instead.  Are you sure?
Mary Magdelyn:  I am the past and the future.  The beginning and the end.  I am the Goddess.  I speak for the world.
Freely:  I am here to listen and record what you have to say.
Mary Magdelyn:  Once, long ago, my soul was born in a neighborhood in what you call Israel.  Back then, the world was different, and people believed in all manner of nonsense.  The most conspicuous of which was that a god called Jehovah had created the world and that men were charged with ruling the world in the name of this Jehovah.  Now, being a good woman, I did not contend with this nonsense, instead minding my own business.  However, being a curious woman I did a considerable amount of reading and argued often with my father, who was a rabbi at the local temple.  My mother, who thought this was amusing, kept encouraging my perspective until one day an angry man from another village threw a rock at me and called me a dirty whore.  This was because I had insulted him by suggesting that he was a pompous and angry narcissist after listening to him rant and terrorize the local village children with some stupid idiocy about how the Jews should rise up and overthrow the Romans.
Truth be told, this was the origin of my downfall, though not so much of my personal life but of my ambition to learn.  People heard, and being people, they judged me under various guises, but mostly, because I was different and didn't fit the mold.  I was a rebellious young woman.  At 19, I was told I should marry and bear children.  I told my father that I was not ready.  So, he told me to get out.  My mother, who had supported my rebellion up to this point, persuaded him to be gentle with me.  So he relented.  But, in the process, he destroyed our relationship and I lost much of my respect for him.  I had expected him to be on my side.  He was more worried for our reputation and standing.  Specifically, he was worried about his job as a rabbi.  
I was told not to go to the temple except in conservative dress and to start obeying the rules.  So, I did, sort of.  I took on the appearance of all the other women in the village, but I still would sneak into the library of scrolls when I could.  If they asked what I was doing there, I would tell them I was looking for recipes or that I was on an errand from my father.  This I continued until my father died when I was 23.  
I realized that without my father, my mother and my two sisters would need me to do work, so I took to selling trinkets in the market.  The world was cruel to women back then.  The men would sell me the trinkets in bulk, but would charge me 10% more than if a man bought them.  As a consequence, we barely had enough money to feed our family.  My mother died the next year when I was 24.  My youngest sister had gotten married a month before then.  She married a local bureaucrat and this took the pressure off of myself and my oldest younger sister (I was the oldest).  As a consequence, we were now making decent money.  My oldest younger sister, though, fell in love and married.  She moved away to the north, and I only heard from her rarely.  She would come by every year.  
I was by myself now, so the whispering grew.  A few people thought I was some sort of prostitute.  The reason was that I started dressing nicely.  This was considered a "sin" by the male authorities, but even more so by the harsher judgmental female authorities.  Despite the fact that I made my money selling wares in the market, these people continually insulted me behind my back.  Occasionally, this came to the forefront in the form of rumors.  
Finally, one day, I had enough.  An ugly old woman tried to steal from my stall and I caught her.  I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her two blocks to the local security man.  I told him what happened, and he just laughed.  He said, "what is one whore's problem with another.  I do not give a shit what she did to you.  You have no right to be here, anyway."
With that, I was appalled.  Instead of taking his insult, I began screaming at him at the top of my lungs.  I called him a lazy, good-for-nothing walking hypocrite.  I then did something that caught everyone off guard.  I slapped him.  He grabbed me, but then let go.  
I went home that evening expecting to be arrested, but instead nothing happened.  The next day at the stall, the security officer was there, who I knew by the name Mathew (not related to the later apostle by that name).  He apologized to me, and offered to pay for my losses.  I was surprised, but delighted.  I told him he could keep his money, but that he should watch his mouth next time.  
Freely:  So then everything worked out from there?
Mary Magdelyn:  Not precisely.  But my business was much smoother.  But I was so busy with it that I had no time to worry about getting married.  This problem kept coming up and the town women were always gossiping about "when is she going to find a man?"
Freely:  Were you unattractive?
Mary Magdelyn:  No, I was quite attractive.  That is what bothered them so much.  They felt insecure in the fact that I had simply chosen to focus on creating a successful business instead of being a gossiping finger pointer like many of them were.  Jealousy.  And double jealousy.  They wanted me to get married so that I would be at home raising babies like them instead of being successful because secretly many of them wanted to do what I did but were too afraid of what their husbands would say.  They hated me because of their weaknesses.
Freely:  So when did all this change?
Mary Magdelyn:  One day an unusual man came to town.  He was a great preacher in those days, but most of us had never heard of him.  He was John the Baptist.  I heard him speak.  He was truly a real prophet, unlike the many weak minded "book learners".  I was amazed by his speech.  Truly, this man knew very much about the nature of God.  I had a chance to speak with him and we talked for several hours.  
Freely:  What did you talk about?
Mary Magdelyn:  We spoke of the holy books and their meaning.  He understood that I was the daughter of a rabbi very quickly.  I had a lot to say.  He was very impressed by my learning.  I was impressed by his.  
Freely:  Was there a romantic attraction?
Mary Magdelyn:  No, there was a very strong intellectual attraction between each other.  He was very strong minded, and so was I.  But his ideas caused me to think about my father's ideas more clearly.  I began to grow weary of my business at that point.  I was 29.  
Freely:  What happened then?
Mary Magdelyn:  I never spoke to John again.  I heard about his execution the next year.  This made me very angry.  I started to speak out and alienated a few people who were cowards and didn't want to hear the truth.  I continued with my business, but was very unhappy.  I felt like I had been silenced in the same way as John.  I should have been able to speak, and so should he have.  But society didn't want to hear us.  I grew even more bitter than ever before.  
Then one day, I was manning my stall in the market, when a man walked up and took a look at my trinkets.  Some of these were magical talismans, which were imported from the north or from the east, outside of Roman Israel.  He promptly threw them on the ground!  I was quite shocked.
I immediately walked up to him and demanded that he pick them up.  The man looked at me and his face had such an instant psychological effect on me it was as if I was looking into the face of someone I had known for my whole life.  And he said, "These are not worthy.  You should see them lie there.  Are you not the daughter of a rabbi?  Should you not be true to your father and God?"  And I said back, "You know my father not.  I loved him.  Who are you?"  "I am Jeshua, and you are troubled," said Jeshua.  The apparent arrogance of this stranger was fascinating.  What sort of man just pops up and says such things?  
So we spoke.  I told him that this is how I made my living.  And he told me that this sort of living was beneath my station.  So, I told him I had been called a whore and worse for daring to work hard and make my way.  As women in business were rare, apparently I had caught his attention.  Assuming he was just another arrogant bully come to pick on me about my place in the world, I was rather defensive.  But he said that I should consider learning with him.  He said that he would teach women or men because everyone had the right to know the Torah and what it taught.  
I asked him if he would dare let a woman teach in his synagogue, as I had assumed he must have been a rabbi at this point.  He then said that he had no synagogue except those who would listen.  Then I knew I was dealing with a mystic or another independent learner like myself.  I began to talk to him about prophecy and other subjects, and he showed astounding knowledge, much of which reminded me of some of what John the Baptist and I had spoken of the year before.  I mentioned John and was not surprised to learn he had studied with John and knew his teachings very well.  In fact, he knew them the best of anyone the more I talked with him.  
So, I decided to invite him to my home in the hopes of continuing our conversations.  He was also very, very handsome.  This was not an argument against this, though traditionally it was considered not proper.  Nonetheless, I was not above asking.  He said he had an appointment with a friend in the town that evening, but he would be back the next day.
Freely:  So then did he return?
Mary Magdelyn:  True to his word, Jeshua came back the next day.  He spoke to several others in the market before heading in my direction.  We greeted each other and spoke about various topics on our minds.  Mostly, he introduced himself and what he worked.  He said he had been a carpenter most of his life and lived a simple life, though he travelled extensively in search of proper materials and he had a passion for learning.  We discussed many teachings, but it soon became apparent that his advantage over my mind was that he had the chance to learn far more from much better written sources than was available in our local library (which was not quite local as it was actually in a bigger town further down the road and contained only a few hundred scrolls of mostly religious and legal matters).
So my love of learning got the better of me, and having a good amount of money saved from my business, I decided I was interested in perhaps going with him to his "school", though I had to get my cousin to take care of my home.  Jeshua was surprised to learn that I had a home that I owned, as this was also rare.  He asked me how I had managed this feat as most women didn't own any property at all in Israel.  My father had been friends with the local Roman prefect, and I had turned to this man often for favors in return for small bribes.  He told me that he would register the house under a false name so that I could keep ownership after my father passed.  My sisters had agreed to this arrangement as they had husbands and my only uncle was not interested in moving from the coast to take possession.  He agreed to waive his right to claim the land for himself as the sole living male.  He was also very good friends of our family, being a kind man who disliked the rigid thinking of the social hierarchies of our day.  Truth be told, he preferred Roman ways to the Jewish ways of the day and was a bit if a hedonist.
Jeshua thought that perhaps I should sell my house in case the deception was exposed.  After all, who did all the neighbors think owned the house?  I had told them that it was my uncle.  Still, Jeshua said, anyone with half a brain would figure out that the Uncle should visit periodically.  He also pointed out the obvious issue with a single woman in her 30's unmarried living by herself in a home that was claimed to be owned by an uncle who never came by might cause people to falsely believe that I was probably a woman of ill-repute.  Though, he insisted, that he knew that I wasn't just by looking at my aura and talking with me.  I was quite embarrassed and hurt by this conversation, but I had always been honest.  Jeshua could see that I was bothered by all this and my own shame so he said that I should live virtuously as I had and that my conscience would be my enlightener.  As such, he said, I should join him and learn from his school.  And the fact that I and John the Baptist had such wonderful and meaningful conversations made me a perfect student in his eyes.  How many men like this had I met who would give a woman a chance to learn freely without judgment about her gender?  I had met none.  So I decided to join him right then on the spot.  He was very happy at this decision.  
Selling the house was not a problem as I was not terribly attached to it anymore, so I agreed to his idea.  He said I could meet him in a month and that I would find my way to him without his guidance.  This is how I came to join him in his ministry.  I was with him for two years and ten months from the moment I joined him and his travelling, for the most part, ministry.  Several of the disciples had already been with him for some months when I finally found them.  It was easy to find him.  People were talking about another prophet like John the Baptist even in my town.  He was said to be a student of John.  All I had to do was follow the rumors, and sure enough I found my way without any directions or instructions.
Freely:  What happened then?  Where did you find him?
I did not get a response then.  In fact, the dream ended abruptly.   And, I had to wait a long time for any answer at all.  So, I went about with my life, confused as to what had happened.  No further contact was to be had.  Weeks went by, and then months.  I pursued other life issues, but this was the end for some time of my formal communications with the realm of the Archangels in regards to the matter of Lucifer.  Indeed. Lucifer himself seemed to have vanished completely as though he had never existed or contacted me.  I mused as to whether he ultimately got his vacation or not to the realm of the Fey.  I was displeased with the way the conversation had been halted in the middle of its most interesting chapter.  But, this is what happened.  And I thought, perhaps, that I would never hear the end of the tale for the rest of my life.

Chapter 15: Psychology for Fools and Hard Science Metaphysics for Masters

I spent the next nine months getting my life together.  No one called, and I heard nothing from "Lucifer" who seemed to have vanished.  The Archangels, on the other hand, occasionally made their presence felt in my dreams.  I dealt, instead, with my fears and doubts while feeling an abiding darkness descend through my being with great questions for myself about the nature of humanity.  I was filled with dread and hate at myself and my life and at times the world at large.  I questioned much of what I had done and judged much of what I felt had been done to me.  I felt drawn down into a process of struggle with myself.  In this I rejected blame for the condition of my own life on anyone, not even any archdemons I had encountered in a dreamy state of psychic meditation.  I realized how difficult it would be to convince anyone of the truth of the nature of these hidden other dimensional realms, and gave up on the idea of even trying.  Humanity, it seems, was somewhat too dull witted to even ask the questions necessary.  Thus we must settle for psychology for fools, metaphysics and hard science for masters as an idea that is required as a pathetic compromise between ignorance, what is possible with the minds of today, and what we must build to create the minds of the future.
After what I began to view as my psychological experiment, I began to suspect that some interactions with the demon had affected some of my perceptions and ideas about people.  I didn't see people the same way as I had before.  While before I was a light hearted goody fool, now I started thinking like a hard minded cynic.  I didn't trust people's good intentions anymore, but instead I saw shadows behind their apparent good motives.  I could see people's selfishness clearer with every passing day.  It was obvious to me that people were as demonic as angelic, as evil as good.  And in it they all had a choice, but by hiding from that choice they must think that they can somehow hide from God, themselves, and most importantly, the consequences of what they do.  People, were, on the whole, mostly cowards.  Not because they did not fight.  Not because they did not destroy in the name of what they want.  It is because they feared to look into the light and see their own inner and outer ugliness.  It was because they refused to know just how mean, cruel, bigoted, hateful, strategic, and indeed, demonic, they were.  The choice is to see your personal brand of black hearted nastiness and get a hold of it before someone or something outside yourself decides to destroy you as a reminder of your own limitations to expanding your power.
Psychology states clearly that beings such as Lucifer cannot exist.  But psychology cannot prove anything.  Which made me wonder about the true nature of what I had experienced.  Had I been messed with by someone?  Had it all been a dream?  If it had, what had it told me about myself?  What had I learned?
Considering the matter more carefully, I decided to have a conversation with an old occult philosopher friend of mine.  He didn't want me using his real name, so I will call him old occult philosopher in this account of our conversations.  He had some interesting things to say on the matter.
Freely: What does the occult science say about beings like Lucifer and Archdemons in general?
Old Occult Philosopher:  You know as well as I do.
Freely:  Yes, but for the readers of this seminal work on demonology and angelology, I would appreciate a perspective other than my own if you please.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, as you know, it was written in ancient texts and others that the existence of destructive entities was documented by many cases over the course of human history.  Eyewitness accounts of their mischief is well known in medieval times in many parts of the world.  They went by many different names throughout history including demons, djinn in Arabic, and yaomo in Chinese among thousands of other names for these entities.  It was generally believed that these spirits could seduce or possess the person interacting with them, though much depended on the strength of will and conscience of the one they were attempting to influence.
Freely:  What is your opinion of my interaction thus far with these beings.
Old Occult Philosopher:  While they are not outside the norm of a typical experience with these beings, I cannot say for sure whether or not the spiritual contact is genuine, though knowing you, I would argue that it is.
Freely:  Why am I not convinced then?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Probably because your scientific mind refuses to consider the possibility that the experience is real and because you need more evidence.
Freely:  What do you think I need to elaborate on further to find out more?
Old Occult Philosopher:  I would say you should consider the psychological journey in order to give your readers perspective on the nature of this journey in consciousness to find answers.  Perhaps a conversation on various psychological states would be useful.
Freely:  I would think my readers would be interested only in what these beings might have to say, rather than on the human condition that creates the basis for their emergence in consciousness secondarily to our interaction with them.
Old Occult Philosopher:  But that is the essential point as you know, how is it that they can appreciate the unique psychological perspective that is the human condition that makes these kind of interactions with energies beyond our minds and souls most enlightening.  It is enlightening to us as humans on our journey to become more human and less like these entities.
Freely:  Well, perhaps that is the case, but the psychological journey must also acknowledge the underlying metaphysical truths concerning the nature of these beings themselves.
Old Occult Philosopher:  If their true nature is as psychological phantoms, or shadows, as we might say, what good is it to know their true nature in the first place?
Freely:  How can we truly say they are psychological phantoms if we cannot really isolate them in consciousness beyond on our own.  And how do we really know where our consciousness ends and another consciousness begins?  Is there any way really?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, I think you well know that there is, and you are only playing devil's advocate about the subject by asking me those questions.
Freely:  Consciousness begins and ends for each human being separately from the greater consciousness, at least for the time being in our development.  Though, isn't this really a stage that is largely imposed on us like a deception?  If our consciousness is really separate from the greater perspective, isn't that like saying we should stop looking for answers?  Is that the laziness of the weak minded or the excuse for ending the conversation for someone who just doesn't have any interest in pursuing the truth any further on this subject?
Old Occult Philosopher:  All of your points are valid, but why would anyone wish to consider the question of the nature of beings that are non-physical when all they need is the physical to sustain them in this world?  Are not the joys of the physical world not enough?  
Freely:  Whose playing devil's advocate now, old man?  As you well know, people suffer traumas in life that get them to question the real purpose of their physical existence here that points them in a spiritual direction.  Those traumas force them out of the humdrum world of daily reality and into the realm of deep psychology where they may, if they are so inclined, interact with these sorts of beings that assist them in some way.
Old Occult Philosopher:  I would caution though, that at the end of these experiences, that the purpose of the experience is to return a being into wholeness, not to leave them divided against themselves whirling through a myriad of non-physical beings to try to understand the nature of the universe, or rather, the cosmos, which is hideously infinite.
Freely:  Sometimes curiosity is a stronger motive than people imagine, but most assuredly one must return to a wholeness within one's self, healed and happy to be who they are.  Certainly, though, at the core of these experiences is a light of understanding and spiritual comfort that lets people know that everything is ok on some fundamental level of their individual being.  Isn't that the ultimate chase?  The remembering of the feeling of finally being secure in one's self and happy that the universe is a good place that is full of meaning rather than a meaningless experience of pointless actions that lead only to disappointment?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Certainly this must be part of that journey, but what of those who aren't interested in finding this out?  What about those that would prefer to hang on to the belief that the universe is a hostile place that they have to fight for their survival against many odds in order to have a piece of life worth living for?  Where does that perspective fit into your neat whole viewpoint?
Freely:  Well, that is a very good question old man, and the answer is that those people would probably find some kind of wholeness in their lust to survive or their need to be validated through their own actions.  Why would they bother to even ask someone like myself for guidance while they were caught up in the psychology of their own struggle against the forces of this world that do not directly respond to an individual human will except as expressed physically?  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Surely, though, your entity or human trickster claiming to be Lucifer, would offer them something.  Perhaps they would see him as a symbol of their struggles against life.  Perhaps, being angry at God or even the Universe, they had turned against it, and chosen to follow a being of great negative personal power that promises them the liberation of individual expression free from control of other authorities that would regard as higher powers.
Freely:  Certainly this would be the case for some, but then we can understand the need to be attracted to such a dark being.  The question though, is why is it that these humans who would follow such a dark path and not simply employ reason to destroy the very same entity communicating with them and rise up and claim their right to live and liberate themselves entirely of the psychological journey to ascribe power to beings outside themselves that they do not even know exist.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yet the power of belief is such that if they choose to believe that these being exist or are open to receiving, through their imagination, an experience of other beings entering their sphere of feeling and thinking, then these beings suddenly are present in their lives.  Yet there are many pitfalls to this approach both psychologically and intellectually.
People live in a world of myths offered to them by modern society.  Others, living more primitively in nature, have a different viewpoint.  Myths tend to show the world divided.  Archetypes confuse the mind.  Psychology has many, many limitations as a subject.   The analytical theoretical side of psychology is totally different from the practical practice of psychology that each person lives.  The psyche is huge, yet are we not looking for simplification?  Is not the simple and natural that gives order to psychological states?  Surely, you know this too.
Freely:  Of course.  It has been my experience that psychology offers people a choice to see themselves as weak divided beings in their own minds and to self diagnose themselves in criticism to consider themselves as being unworthy or unstable in some way.  The abuse pattern often becomes part of the analytical methodology.  But, this digresses from our subject, which is the question of what these beings really represent in psychological thinking.
I would say that these beings are not quite Archetypes, though psychology considers them to be Archetypes.   The problem with the theory of Archetypes is that Archetypes do not consider the personal.  You cannot have a personal direct relationship with an Archetype, because an Archetype is very much akin to a psychological principle, even though it is much more than a principle.  So Lucifer and the Archangels could be considered Archetypes, but the concept of Archetypes removes them from the realm of personal communication to the masses.  It makes them remote and distant in the same way that stating the average person must go through a priest to know a distant and remote God, it is almost as if society is saying one must go to a psychologist just to have a psychological experience or to have it validated for the approval of others.  
But the whole point of having such a psychological experience interacting with Archetypes or entities, depending on one or the other, is to extract a meaningful personal experience of reality that leaves you personally fulfilled.  You cannot extract the personal from personal fulfillment.
Old Occult Philosopher:  So you have come to the conclusion that these entities are not necessarily Archetypes as understood by the average psychologist.
Freely:  Why would we limit our understanding of reality to the psychologist's paradigm.  While it may appear safe, it closes the door on quite a few possibilities of consciousness.  First, that one part and parcel of our experience here is to remember our past lives and the connections in our current life.  Why is this consideration seen as below the dignity of certain gatekeepers and self-appointed controllers of spiritual consciousness?  Who are they to say what we can and cannot remember and experience for ourselves?  Why are we told that the limit of human experience is this lifetime only?  How is this a good definition of what it is to be human?
Old Occult Philosopher:  An excellent point, however, perhaps the practical angle must be considered in order to understand this perspective.  Spiritual states can be as destructive as creative.  We know many who have died in the process of searching for occult knowledge.
Freely:  Well, yes, while caution must be advised with all occult research, simply because of the nature of the unstable human emotional condition, how can we say that the truth is not worth looking into these things.  Where now is the courage to explore the inner working of the human soul?  We go into space, surely that is dangerous.  Can the search for the truth within be more dangerous than the search without when we are building huge nuclear reactors that produce masses of toxic waste and have the potential to spew this waste everywhere at the slightest accident in search of more external power to fuel our burning lust for more material?  Expanding our definition of what it is to be human would surely make many of these experiments unnecessary.  People have the forgotten the joys of the inner journey because they have been told repeatedly not to go there or have been so thoroughly distracted by the illusion offered in this world that they have shut down to finding a different kind of fulfillment.  
While many have died in the pursuit of occult knowledge, we should still consider it necessary to find more knowledge through spiritual investigation.  Do we stop going into space because several shuttles exploded?  No.  Do we stop digging for gold because the mines collapsed?  No.  It seems there is no shortage of people willing to risk their own and other people's lives for material pursuits, but when someone risks their life just delving beneath the surface of ordinary psychology, a whole lot of people become concerned to stop them quickly.  A curious case of projection if there ever was one.
Old Occult Philosopher:  It has been noted that human beings are often not so sure about new ideas, and those that delve beneath the surface are often attacked by those with material and secular values who have a vested interest in seeing them pursue certain agendas.  Is this not the case?  Does not your mother and father want you to be successful in the world and find meaning in it.  Parents, often, are the source of this resistance to our search for meaning through deeper means.  They fear their children getting lost and disappearing from worldly affairs.  They believe that happiness only comes from material success or social success.  But success, as we well know, is found within in the experience of each individual.  Is that not why they say "Namaste" to glorify the inner right of choice in this divine experience?
Freely:  Yet material success is part of our experience as well.  We cannot divide ourselves against the realization of our own material success in the present moment as material beings.  We must incorporate this element as well and end our division against ourselves at the most fundamental levels of our being.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Indeed.  And this means accepting unusual concepts without prejudicial judgment, such as entities.  
Freely:  Yet we must still question those who make claims none-the-less so that we are free in our own thinking.  Just because someone claims to have spoken to the highest realms of truth in their own mind does not mean that they know anything more than you.  Yet, listening to them may reveal the truth of their perspective.
Old Occult Philosopher:  How do you reconcile the conflict between the idea that these entities you had communication with may be real and the experiences you have had as a philosopher and scientist?  
Freely:  As a scientist, I do not know, but I gather evidence to build a theory.  As a philosopher, I question what I experience.  As a mystic, I am open to what I experience.  As a dreamer, I choose what I believe and how I interact with psychological characters freely of my own decision.  As a thinker, I describe what I experience with the best of my knowledge to isolate the truth within my consciousness and express it clearly to myself or others.  Yet, I am still here being whole in myself, free to choose what I believe based upon my own personal understanding.
Do these entities exist?  Again, I do not know, but based on my experience, there is something to the matter.  What I choose to believe, is that entities are as real as I choose for them to be.  What I get out of my interaction with them is just a clear perspective on the nature of the universe from a particular point of view.  There are many points of view, but a whole perspective reveals the nature of that viewpoint.  It is my opinion that beings such as these exist in some way beyond our understanding, though there is no way to prove this to anyone who refuses to consider the possibility that imagination links to the spirit realm in some way or refuses to believe in the spirit realm.  
The only purpose I see in this speculation is to narrow the field of focus of our conscious inquiry to consider the true nature of experience itself and the true nature of the soul itself.  In this nothing I have heard so far causes me to question the underlying validity of what I have so far experienced during this process of inquiry, investigation, and conversation with these said beings.
Old Occult Philosopher:  How are these psychological characters, though, any different from any fictional character someone dreams up of in their minds?  How is this book you are working on in any way something other than a work of fiction?
Freely:  They are exactly as fictional characters that I have created in my mind.  They are precisely this because one cannot separate imagination from inquiry.  Without imagination, it would not be possible to seek answers to any questions at all.  Without characterization, our mind would not even be able to interact with the people we know.  We probably would not be able to function at all as we would have no characterization of anyone, so we would have no memory without imagination.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Your points seem valid, but there is a great deal of assumptions in what you say.  You assume that imagination and character creation is essential to the process, and that they are connected, and that you are creating that.
Freely:  That is correct.  A proper psychologist would certainly say this.
Old Occult Philosopher:  But a proper philosopher would question it on the ground that you cannot prove which came first the character in your imagination or the idea that created it in the first place.
Freely:  Well that idea came from others imaginations.
Old Occult Philosopher:  And where did that imagination come from?
Freely:  The collective imagination of cultures processed through individual's imaginations.  The ultimate answer here is beyond my imagination to comprehend.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Perhaps your imagination is weak.
Freely:  Very funny old man.  Perhaps the point is that we don't know as scientists if beings exist in extra-dimensional space and can interact with ours in some way.  If they can, then we don't know exactly how.  Whether or not these experiences occur within our imaginations or in some other capacity as a function of a larger experiential context beyond which we know not cannot be answered yet.  Though, there are many who struggle to grasp and grapple with the concept.  Whether people's imaginations create these characters completely or whether our imaginations are under the influence by these characters who exist beyond is still not truthfully answered.  
A skeptic would perhaps deny the whole thing as being completely without merit, but in this he or she closes their mind to the possibility of having a more complete perspective on reality.  Whatever we choose to believe about this possibility of communicating with extra-dimensional entities representing some ultimate spiritual reality, one thing I think I can say for certain is that the human imagination may create characterization of these beings first through constructs, in other words, what we think these beings are, in order to interact with them first.  Basically, we create an unconscious idea upon reflection of cultural myth that is passed down to us, and these are our preconceptions which form the basis of how we see that being, thing, or other in our imagination.  Other than that there are some accounts of people encountering these beings who did not know about them before, but because of the nature of cultural biasing, this is difficult to prove.  
Old Occult Philosopher:  There are accounts of those who have had spontaneous visions, often associated with near death experiences, but their cultures typically guided them to a particular encounter consistent with what they believed in or had heard of in life.  Does this invalidate their spiritual experience?  No, but to an occult researcher, it conditions it to a particular framework of understanding and also gives it a particular localized spiritual quality.
Freely:  There is much to be said about that.  So we could start by saying that Lucifer is a very particular Western perspective, primarily from Christian civilization.  But that his existence is tied to that set of myths.  But we cannot know whether those myths are true or false on the surface, only through investigation can we uncover the true root of these myths and whether or not they represent anything to us as individuals.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yet from much of what I have read from your manuscript so far, many other non-western concepts exist here.  Reincarnation is certainly not a current idea in the west though, as was stated, many early Christians believed in it or were open to the concept.   Though it certainly runs counter to current Western traditional beliefs.
Freely:  It would appear to be a hard sell, so to speak, as those beliefs state that people have only one life and are then sent to heaven or hell depending on the various interpretations people in the West believe in.  Though I don't believe Jews believe in this sort of hell.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yes, but they don't believe in reincarnation either.  I doubt they will take kindly to the idea that anyone can talk to an Archangel either.
Freely:  Yet it was from Jewish and extensions of Jewish mystical traditions in New Age thought that I have heard of the concept of archdemons as opposed to Archangels.  So, many of my communications were along the lines of what I had already learned by indirect cross-cultural absorption.  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yes, we know much about these myths and concepts, but from the point of view of perhaps a cultural anthropologist, they would sound something like a mish-mash of unrelated concepts.
Freely:  Yes, but you and I both know that those perspectives are themselves fragmented and aren't so much concerned with the meaning and context of spiritual concepts so much as they are concerned with dissecting and analyzing their origins as a function of historical context.  Such a search for origins can be as easily be done by an atheist interested in historical research as it is for a spiritual scientist looking for root concepts in order to find an avenue of understanding the truth in reality.  
Old Occult Philosopher: While this may be true, philosophically, all these perspectives deserve valid consideration in the process of questioning what is said by anyone.  Learners deserve the right to question.  Skeptics deserve the right to disagree.  Do they not?
Freely:  No one can really take that right away from them.  But the point is that in argument concerning the nature and origin of particular impressions and their validity as standards of truth in consciousness, this process cannot be limited to particular cultural anthropological standards if we participating in a core inquiry into the very nature of spiritual phenomenon through the human experience and the deeper personal meaning which they represent.  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yes, but not everyone can relate to a dialogue with Lucifer on a cultural level.  Many have not even heard of the Archangels outside of Western context.  Few have the ability to directly relate to the core dialogue.  The background is very specific to extensions of Jewish ideas, core Christian concepts, perhaps touching on elements of Islamic ideas.  
Freely:  Yet the West with its strong rational tradition and scientific mindset offers the best way of attempting to truly categorize these experiences fully.  Is not Western philosophy the most sophisticated in the methods of isolating phenomenon and trying to find their true origin in consciousness and in physical space-time reality?  Was it not Plato who considered the ideals as Metaphysical objects?  Was it not the Prime-Mover idea originating in Aristotle's philosophy?   
Old Occult Philosopher:  It certainly was.  And of course Western science has demonstrated mastery of nature's elements to a degree not achieved elsewhere until recently as the whole world copied the West.  Western scientific methodology is highly effective at isolating the truth, but the West has abandoned philosophy as a practice, so is not longer as honest as it once may have been around the time of the founding of scientific inquiry during the Renaissance and later periods.  While such a spiritual inquiry into the nature of Metaphysical entities would likely have been welcomed during these periods in a very few circles of high thinkers, the Church would certainly not have permitted a sort of free inquiry into the nature of these things that might have questioned its own interpretations.
Freely:  Well that still leaves a broad audience today to continue the spiritual inquiry into the true nature of our existence through the mystical tradition of psychic inquiry.  Indeed, now we have the scientific methods to truly isolate and discriminate between what we are experiencing, what we believe to be true, and how truly certain we are about what we know.  This is certainly the way the Western mind processes at its highest levels.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yet the general standards of high thinking you describe are not the type that the masses are inclined to utilize, or that the political leaders of today are likely to encourage.  Free thinking would undermine the lies at the heart of their systems that keep them in their cozy comfortable positions.  
Freely:  How would a dialogue with Lucifer or Archangels possibly threaten their position at this point?
Old Occult Philosopher:  I doubt that a simplistic dialogue with a mythical entity would directly undermine their position.  But the establishment is unlikely to approve of anything that questions any foundational myth directly or indirectly.  Today people will question what they know about demons, tomorrow people will question wicked men and their false ideas everywhere.  It is not in the interests of the wicked powers to encourage questions into anything beyond simple material processes.  They only want obedience, not philosophers or scientists.  Is it any wonder that the world has stopped training them, that the wheels of inquiry have been ground to a halt?  
It is simply that those who make money and covet power have no interest in encouraging anyone to think freely for themselves lest they learn how they have been manipulated to begin with.  How would the masses respond if they found that even their own self identities have been fabricated and falsified by what they have been told at every turn by their parents, teachers, and leaders?  Most people cannot even handle the idea at the basic level as it requires them to question everything about themselves leaving them as nothing momentary.  Such a process would undermine the entire justification for their meaningless toil.  What sound political guardian would consider it wise to open up the floodgates of social chaos and undermine their slaves ability to create more material wealth for them and their partners in crime?  Even in the absence of total corruption, it is the political leader's job for the most part to protect the image of things as they are, not to encourage real fundamental change.  Their unofficial job is to keep the masses sleeping, and from the point of view of the corrupted, to keep the masses sleeping while they are looted.  
Freely:  Isn't that a bit of a jaded outlook?  It is the politician's job to keep peace in society.  But how can such a peace be maintained without change of some sort?  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Indeed, you would think that political figures would welcome change.  But this is only the case when they can control it.  If the change you seek is the end of control, then politicians will work against you.  So you see real fundamental change can only happen when there is a loss of control.  Yet everything about our political systems today prevent this from happening.  Control cannot be lost, or everything is lost in the modern politician's mind.  And this is much more true for the other interests such as the financial institutional powers who are the puppet master of their political managers as is so well known that is not even necessary to state it at this point.  They cannot permit a loss of control because their power is dependent on total control.  The same can be said for a myriad of other interest groups and institutions of power from the local school board to the authority of court.  Control is necessary to maintain the illusion of authority, and free thinking destroys the basis of that authority because it questions the very rational foundations that allow that authority to claim power over others.
Your interactions with Lucifer, devil or human pretender, makes it sound as though he is going to out the whole crew of liars.  That would be probably be considered very rude in the halls of power.  Very rude indeed.
Freely:  Well, I can't very well censor him.  After all, Lucifer has a right to speak, and have his case heard.  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Certainly, his right would be granted by God according to our current understanding of law as defined by the United States Bill of Rights themselves.  I would suggest only an archdemon or an exceptionally wicked man would be so clever as to use the rights against themselves to destroy those rights.  
Freely:  I have not heard that Lucifer is interested in destroying the right of the people of the United States or any other nation.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, now this is an interesting point to debate.  As it is common belief that Lucifer is in fact the same as Satan, more or less, and that he is working against the Christian God's creation, don't you think he is trying to trick this nation that believes in this Christian God into falling further away so that it could be obliterated utterly from the face of the Earth by him, and no doubt, his evil minions?
Freely:  It really depends on how Christian that nation really is.  Given the current standards of morality being exercised here, if he were so inclined to destroy us, it probably would not be worth his time since this nation will no doubt destroy itself long before he gets a chance to do any damage.  The nation certainly doesn't follow the words of God that I know of.  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, forgive me while I play devil's advocate once more.  How do you know that all the evils of the world were not created by this Lucifer and his ilk?  
Freely:  Well, old man, how do you know that all the evils of this world were not created by people who conjured this beast from their imaginations to blame someone other than themselves and create a superstitious imaginary enemy that they could say caused them to do all these bad things?  How convenient that this imaginary being can't be found and can never be caught so no one has to do any work on themselves to be more perfect than they are.  So that means they can continue to be bad and continue to blame the imaginary beast for causing it.
Old Occult Philosopher:  A curious position, and one most likely to be approved of by rational people everywhere.  I congratulate you on your display of basic argument and psychological reasoning.  You've demonstrated that you can take a popular position, but can you truly reason it out fully?  Why should anyone abandon the idea of Lucifer as a superstitious imaginary being that was created by people to blame someone or something for their problems and then instead believe in Lucifer as an innocent entity that was sucked into a dilemma created through some supernatural cause and effect chain built through past life traumas and what not?
Freely:  Whether they believe in one account or another isn't really relevant to me.  I'm only delivering a message that encapsulates the problems of knowing anything for certain, and the even bigger problem of actually proving it to someone else.  So then, the whole issue is, what am I trying to prove?  Can I prove that Lucifer is real?  Do I care about that?  No.  Perhaps I will state that only love is real, at the risk of sounding like some New Age wishy washy hippie true believer.  Certainly, the truth is out there for people to discover.  Should people engage in psychic investigation about this matter?  I would say, if they are of sound mind, it can't hurt them if they remember that only love is real.  But at the end of the day, it shouldn't interfere with their lives or harm their loved ones.
Old Occult Philosopher:  You almost sound like a politician or someone's mother.  
Freely:  What should I say?  Be a man, go talk to your demons and smack around the head till they learn to behave.
Old Occult Philosopher:  I would not judge such a wise suggestion as being unworthy of those who are worthy.
Freely:  I thought you were a philosopher not a comedian.
Old Occult Philosopher:  There is no difference between the two, except that the philosopher is a bigger pain in the ass.
Freely:  So I hear about the Greeks from the geeks.  Or rather geeks of a certain persuasion.
Old Occult Philosopher:  You need to work on your joke delivery.
Freely:  Shut up.

Chapter 16:  Hard Metaphysics Science for Fools, Psychology for Masters

Old Occult Philosopher:  It seems to me as though there is a dichotomy you want me to work you through here with your dialogues.  Is psychology for masters or for fools?  Is hard metaphysics and science for masters or for fools?  
Freely:  I guess it depends on which fool you ask.  But for the most part, can we really say that any of these experiences be considered classical hard science?  Hardly.  So then, isn't psychology the superior subject as it allows for a greater degree of leeway with what is being learned in terms of the science of the occult?  
Old Occult Philosopher:  I think the current bias of the society we live in the West, but in large part the global consensus that is currently agreed upon is that psychology is a more intelligent way to approach any Metaphysical subject.  Though we know for certain that there are many pitfalls philosophically with this argument.  It is a very convenient end to the discussion for those who would prefer to stay away from any speculation not directly dealing with their Earthly lives.  But in many ways, it doesn't leave a fully spiritually enriched civilization does it?  
Freely:  Not exactly.  Without myth and Metaphysical speculation life would become a very boring place and we would be left having to rely upon pure fiction and fantasy as an outlet to many age old questions of the nature of the universe and our extended parts of ourselves that we call our souls.  Yet, there isn't really any big rush to crush out all Metaphysical dialogue except in the circles of Psychology and the official representatives of the current so called scientific consensus.  
It certainly would be an impoverishment of spirit for psychological dialogue to be reduced to Freudian comparisons of various phallic symbols and fruits, or even limit ourselves to the more original notions of Carl Jung's symbolic analysis.  But, again, here psychology seems to stop at Archetypes as mechanisms of psychological principle.  As far as I know Jung never stepped into the divine questions of a higher order nature, he only catalogued quite a few of the different psychological experiences being had by individuals and the symbols universally recognized at the root level of unconscious analysis.  He glossed over personal realization factor of a true and total divine connection.  While some may find completion through this rational mechanism of understanding the world through the lens of objective realism, it must come at the loss of the subjective exploration of a unified Metaphysical paradigm.  
Can we simply abandon our search of a universal unified Metaphysical paradigm because materialism and symbolism fused with analytical thinking along with the process of objective categorization of experience replace the need for true internal inquiry in modern society's bias which extends thoroughly into scientific circles and their in-built bias.  It would certainly be at the loss of some of our most fundamental spiritual rights and desires as beings if we were to ignore the spiritual hypothesis altogether.  This is the search for personal meaning in our deepest meditations and our desire to see a unified reality emerge from the unconscious mass of the unknown that lies at the base of our generalized conscious understanding of ourselves.
Old Occult Philosopher:  You do realize that Freudian analysis is pretty much considered irrelevant by the vast majority of practicing modern psychologists, yes?  You also simplify Jung too much, though that criticism is valid of many of his students and many of the current applications of his theories.  Jung himself would very much have liked to have searched further for this universal unified Metaphysical paradigm if he had the time. Certainly Archetypes are not the same concept as entities or beings, but that does not mean that these tools are invalid in every fashion.
Freely:  Yes, yes, I was making some cheap shots with Freud, which I believe I am entitled to because was forced to learn that tripe sometime in high school.  But on a more serious note, don't you think we should have a more open and free inquiry into the matter rather than just believing these Archetypes are something akin to psychological objects implanted somehow at the root of our consciousness, perhaps by nature through our brains or what not.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, much of the evidence is out on this matter.  Very little is still understood by current science about the nature of the brain's mechanisms and how consciousness works at the root level.  But can we consider Lucifer, for instance, an Archetype?  How about the spirit of Mary Magdelyn?  Are the ancient humans who died long ago Archetypes or are they beings?  Does it matter what we call them?  Does it matter how we interact with them?  Obviously a philosopher such as myself will say yes, because every aspect of what we call truth as we categorize it must be fully developed in our understanding, otherwise we cannot say that we truly know anything at all about these subjects.
Freely:  Such an inquiry may take centuries to truly understand every nuance and classification, it's true.  In my opinion the idea of Archetypes cannot be used to describe spiritual beings in what used to be called "the underworld".  I also seriously doubt it can be used to describe beings of a "higher spiritual nature" such as what we call Archangels.  The theory of non-physical beings stands on its own as a justifiable hypothesis of plausible reality.   I would not close the door on the possibility by stating that all such interactions should fall under the concept of Archetype interactions.  Especially considering the idea that some of these interactions may involve past lives that someone actually lived.  Personal interactions with someone's past life experiences is completely different that an interaction with an Archetype of that experience.  Without the personal element, what real meaning can be drawn from any of these experiences for the individual?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Yes, this is true and valid what you state.  But from the point of view of simple conventional wisdom, many claim to be the reincarnation of important historical figures, often the same one.  Yet, how can anyone tell which of these is actually telling the truth, if any of them?  With great scientific attention it would be possible to construct experiments of this kind, but the research would be expensive and difficult.  Also, the public and hordes of skeptics would probably just turn the whole thing into farce simply because people of this day and age love to bully a point that is easy to ridicule.
Freely: Well none-the-less, the powers of divining judgment on these questions cannot be left to any class of self appointed spiritual gatekeeper(s).  Yet, those who falsely claim to be the reincarnation of such and such and so and so must still be reduced to humiliation as it is quite obvious at this point at time that the vast majority of them are liars.  But what about the singular individuals of humanity that in the future, due to the expansion of human consciousness into greater and greater heights, who are not lying, who in fact can remember who they were in past lives?  Is there anyone who can truthfully deny the power of the human psyche to remember these moments in time as a reality for themselves?  Indeed, this is a question that I know will not simply go away because it is convenient for certain classes of self appointed spiritual gatekeepers to silence our ability to know ourselves as we truly are.  Who are they to decide what can be known and what cannot be known?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, it could be argued that it is best for some not to know, but it is true that for someone to decide what you will know in the depths of your personal journey into self knowledge is ridiculous and pointless.  Those who are truly interested in knowing will consider the question carefully.  Yet, in our current time, can you really say that if there are any that are that competent?  
Freely:  I would say the list of those competent enough is probably countable on one hand or perhaps two at most.
Old Occult Philosopher:  The reasons, I think, are evident.  Psychological states of this nature are difficult to maintain and harder to prove to others.  And there is the devil's advocate question: what good is the inquiry besides the pursuit of the purest and least directly relevant class of knowledge?
Freely:  What about the heal the pain of suffering from forgetting our true experiences?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Are those ancient experiences really worth remembering?  Some of them are quite horrible that I recount from history or from my own psychic investigations into this very same question.
Freely:  The healing arts can heal grievous and ancient wounds in this way through such a remembering.  At least, that is what I know about the matter.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well this is beyond the bounds of philosophy, now you are talking about practical applied occult healing through psychological and spiritual work.  That's a different subject altogether.  You're not planning on healing any archdemons are you?
Freely:  They need healing too?  What a pain this multi-verse is.  It is probably enough to heal the human element.
Old Occult Philosopher:  We were just stating that these beings are part of our own psychological makeup, so healing them heals apart of ourselves.  Doesn't that sound like Gestalt healing?  Well, we both know that it is, so don't answer that one.  There is plenty of research to show that those methods work rather well to heal people of traumas from this current life.  Whether or not traumas from previous lives would be healed by such a method, well, it is possibly true that they may be using some sort of hypnoregressive therapy.  I would argue that it is the experience of the patient that matters in these instances, not the arrogant judgments of the observer who disagrees.  
Freely:  The suggestion of the demon in the human is not quite something people would wish to look at, though as we have already discussed, people act very much as demons are said to act on many occasions.  
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well, you see they blame the demon in primitive cultures and say this thing or that in their minds caused them to act in a certain way.  This is a classical case of disassociation, a defense mechanism in our minds that separates our darkest animal motive from our relatively higher human ones.  Or at least this is one theory.  But in any case, our darkest motives, if not honestly looked at, can be repressed in consciousness until our minds create a demon within that deals with this part of ourselves as a separate being.  Would it not be better to find wholeness through integration?  
Freely:  By believing that the demon is us, and that we are responsible for what we create in our reality?  And that the demon is a figment of our imagination that we conjure to deal with our darkest parts without pointing the finger at our innocent selves?
Old Occult Philosophy:  That is one school of thought, and probably the most practical in terms of its psychological results with individuals affected by extreme cases of disassociation from their darker parts that are more animalistic and destructive as a function of the need to survive as a part of the human psyche.  
Freely:  But that would require that we take responsibility for what we directly destroy in our lives and admit that we are the ones that did it.  Is the human mind capable of that kind of courage?  I would say yes, but it is the human soul that makes that choice.  We can choose to see this as part of ourselves without pointing the finger at the imaginary demon, or the latest version of that demon in the form of blame your parents, blame your society, blame the alcohol, blame the drugs, and finally blame yourself.  After all, we internalize much of this process through repression and it is encouraged by our society too, but we decide whether or not to live in the light or the dark in this matter.
Old Occult Philosopher:  Well at this rate you won't need any occult philosophers around to deal with anything other than questions of a most peculiar nature.   It's good I'm getting old and close to retirement.  Though it cannot really be said a philosopher retires any more than it can be said that a philosopher truly works in the traditional sense, no?
Freely:  Are you making fun of yourself?
Old Occult Philosopher:  Shut up.

Chapter 17: New Arrivals

I had finished up my conversation with my philosopher friend several months ago, and since that time had worked on personal issues relating to work mostly.  Business was still quite slow, and I was still trying to wrestle up some more clients to pay the bills.  Life goes on, even after you have profound conversations.  Or as they like to say: "Before enlightenment I chopped would and carried water. After enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water."  I was feeling fairly enlightened on this journey into mystery at this point.  I had some tools consider the question of the nature of our imagination and of character formation in our imagination as human beings.  I also had some theories as to the wider application of these amazing gifts that we all possess to either create characters in our minds, or to communicate with the deepest parts of our psyche, or even to perhaps communicate with beings that exist beyond us through the facility of the connectedness of all things.  It seems the mind is the ultimate bridge between realities.  This seemed like an important lesson that we should all learn from.  
But the drama of extra-dimensional beings simply can't end there.  Apparently not from their point of view, though.  I mean, imagine if you were trapped in a pocket dimension in someone else's imagination, you'd want out too.  Or at least you'd want them to make your life easier.  Even if you were stuck in some kind of collective human imagination created by billions of people, I'd suspect you would get tired of it too.  So I suppose that's why they contacted me again.  These beings, they just can't rest till they get out or get what they want from you.
I was taking my walk one day when several large orb like lights suddenly popped up in my peripheral vision.  I knew this was probably trouble, because lights are usually attached to things, like cars or lampposts.  Sure enough, it was a gaggle of losers pretending to be from hell, here to fake giving me a hard time about my dealings with Lucifer.
Large Orb #1:  You there.  We know who you are!  You're the one who took away our leaders!
Freely:  What's that?  Don't you know it's not appropriate to start a conversation with people without at least introducing yourself with a hello or something like a greeting?
Large Orb #1:  Very well, I am Mephistopheles, Archdemon of Peter, the apostle.  Or so I hear that you've been telling people.
Freely:  I haven't told anyone yet, maybe you have a problem with our notions of time and space.  Perhaps I was planning to tell people and this is confusing you, because I haven't said anything yet about that.  Also technically, you would be the Archdemon of Boriel, the unincarnated whole human soul of the human that was Peter the Apostle.  You haven't been talking to Lucifer have you?
Large Orb #1:  We are on to you!
Large Orb #2:  We will get you!
Large Orb #3:  We have ways of making you talk!
Freely:  You could just ask me questions instead.  But I don't think you're Mephistopheles at all.  Just a bunch of loser fairies from the Fey realm!  What the heck are wasting my time for?  I could call your Fey King in five seconds and have you all deported back to a long lecture on not disturbing the human realm without good reason, especially powerful members of it like myself.
Large Orb #2:  Mephistopheles does wish to have a conversation.  That is why we have come.
Freely:  Since when do the Fey have dealing with hell?   
Large Orb #2:   We have followed you for a long time Chris Freely.
Freely:  So you can read my aura and find out some of what's on my mind.  What is it that you want pests?
Large Orb #3:  We are only here to serve.  We can translate demonic, among other infernal languages.
As I thought back on my experiences, I did remember running into a gaggle of odd fairy like beings on a dream trip I had during a personal spiritual retreat in that weird town of Asheville, NC I was passing through (just for the record this trip was not on drugs, which I would never recommend for any spiritual journey unless approved of by your mother).  It was a place in the mountains run by a man named Michael (no connection to the Archangel of the same name).  These hitchhikers must have been hiding in my aura for years.  But, my contacts with the realm of Archdemons, i.e. Lucifer, did in fact begin after this experience.  I wondered if there was a connection.  So I let the little bastards off the hook, since apparently it had all been part of the master plan.  Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten the memo early on, but then so much of my experience had not been exactly for-warned.   Before dealing with the spirit realm, one should definitely receive a standard warning from someone that is clear and concise and rather thorough in my opinion.   It would've been nice, real nice, to be discreetly warned.  But, in any case, these three clownish spirits were clearly in on this whole thing from the beginning.
Large Orb #1:  We would like to continue to serve you as your hidden translators.
Freely:  Don't cause any trouble or I'll deport the lot of you back to where I found you.
Large Orb #2:  We won't, we promise.
Freely:  I've got my eyes on you three.  Now, go back to doing your jobs and translate.
Large Orbs (in unison):  As you will, master.
Now people who think they know something about fairy spirits will probably think that this is impossible.  Fairies don't say things like master.  Well, that's only because you haven't made a deal with them yet.  You'd find, upon a good dealing with the realm of the Fey, that they can be quite agreeable.  In fact, in rare instances, fairies will pack up and apparently move into your aura where they will live somehow as part of your unconscious psychological makeup.  You have to be a pretty friendly person for this to happen though.  Otherwise they will just move on and find someone better.  Don't let the bastards use you though.  They can be quite devious, and they always get something for their end of the deal.  When in doubt, reminding them that you are a human under the service of any of the Archangels usually will get them to back down pretty quickly and respect your space.  Just more tips for those of you looking to take a spiritual trip through extra-dimensional baloney in case your normal everyday life gets too boring for you.  For the rest of you losers out there, you can stick to drugs to give you a "high".  

Chapter 18:  A Word From Our Archangelic Sponsors

Well, that night, you know who showed up.  No, not Lucifer, but my good friends the Archangels, who apparently decided that they had something to say about it.  But in all respects, I must submit what they said to you, since, being a good Christian sort of person I feel compelled to do the bidding of the most-high or Her agents as the case may be.
Michael: Must you be so full of yourself all the time?
Freely:  What's the alternative?
Michael:  Have you tried being a little less, hmmm, insensitive?
Freely:  No.  Is this a test?
Michael:  That's what I mean.
Freely:  Right.  Ok.  What do you wish tonight your most honorable supreme one?
Raphael:  You're not a Fey spirit, act like a human!
Freely:  Very well.  What is it that you wish for me to say?
Uriel:  You are a divine messenger, not a messenger of mindlessness.  Stop trying to be an empty vessel, Freely.
Freely:  Very well.  I choose the light.  Ohm.
Azrael:   That will have to do, for now.  We are not a travelling circus you know.
Freely:  As you wish.  I suppose you've come to discuss Mephistopheles and the latest developments in this divine drama.
Chamuel:  Mephistopheles is just another dark messenger from the shadow recesses of human ignorance.  But, he must be heard since that is the nature of this process of revelation.  A new revelation for a New Age.
Freely:  Please elaborate Chamuel, what is that we need to know about this?
Chamuel:  It is necessary for humanity to understand the nature of what is and what is not.  Psychology, as you have described it, is insufficient in terms of the nature of the tools being offered.  Psychology and psychological thinking are only a collection of tools of consciousness and tools of thinking in a certain way.  They limit human creativity if they are applied as rules about what is supposedly best rather than you utilizing your right to think for yourself.
Freely:  I believe I explained this much already.  
Chamuel:  We are explaining it now. Your explanations were inadequate, we must elaborate further.
Freely:  As you wish.  However, the original question was about the revelation for a New Age.
Chamuel:  You cannot have a New Age consciousness built upon secular psychological thinking without taking into account spiritual thinking.
Freely:  Obviously.
Chamuel: So then you need spiritual tools to complement the psychological ones, don't you think?
Freely:  Again, obviously.
Chamuel:  Don't be such a man.  This isn't a test.
Freely:  Yeah, yeah.  The people love it that way.
Chamuel:  We are not "the people".  We are divine messengers and guardians of humanity and the Earth.
Freely:  Very well.  You may continue uninterrupted then.
Chamuel:  The New Age requires a New Covenant between humanity and the Earth.  It also will require a New Covenant between humanity and the Universe.  In addition, there will be many extensive changes in the way humans see each other and how they relate to reality.   Rather than the end of spiritual communications into a dead of atheistic materialistic psychology, we see a unification of consciousness on a global scale through a new spirit of humanity.  This concept is not an ego-born fuzzy realization rooted in intellect, but a wellspring of human experience that is rising up to create a new moment, if you will, in human history that will extend until the Age of Capricorn.  So this is something on the order of 2200 years or so in your understanding of time.
Freely:  What if humanity chooses to do it's own thing instead?  What if humanity chooses to reject all spiritual beings as just being figments of their imagination and walk away from this whole paradigm.  We have risen up against religion and dogma.  Is that not the wave of the future?
Chamuel:  That is the problem we see.  You, the human race as it is now, see things in a masculine paradigm of us vs. them.  You see the spirit world as opposed to your own agendas.  You see us a threat rather than as helpers.  That is why humanity has ignored our advice or most often just ignored our existence.  It is very convenient to use psychological thinking as a form of sophistry to avoid the issue of opening up your hearts and minds to a loving reality.  You choose instead to wallow in rejection and pass judgment on things you cannot understand yet.  What has our crime been against humanity other than to serve faithfully all this time?  And how is this a crime except in the minds of those who would think that even angels are agents of deception.  Paranoid, paranoid humanity, how will you build the foundations of knowledge upon infinite suspicion?  Certainly, we do not take this personally, for you are only destroying yourselves in your folly.  But it is our jobs as guardians to help you understand yourselves.  
Freely:  Some would say we no longer need you.
Michael: Those who say this do not have the interests of humanity at the heart of their argument.  Arrogant people assume that they speak for humanity's best interests by censoring your right to receive open communication in whatever form you choose.  Does this sound like the free spirit of the Aquarian Age that has been promised?  Is not the Age of Aquarius about freedom?   Is it also not about knowledge of how to be human?  Is this what humanity is?  A closed forum with the answers preselected by the self appointed intellectual and spiritual censors seeking to close the eyes of free inquiry and righteous believing?  That, I can tell you, is not part of any divine plan, but a part of a demonic conspiracy to silence your right to seek counsel in whatever form you find it.  And at its heart is a lustful, angry, and cruel disease of the soul that rejects all help and chooses to remain separate simply to spite those in need.  And those most in need are those who suffer from it, including the ones who spitefully shut themselves off and others off from divine revelation.  You call this thing whatever you will, but darkness is there, a suffering that needs amending.  The soul of the world aches.  Only those who close their ears to choose deafness do not hear it.  
Freely:  What is the remedy for this malady?
Raphael:  The deepest reflection on your nature without prejudice to the truth.  An open hearted inquiry without deception.  A healing dialogue without guile.  Dropping cleverness and learning compassion.  These are the things many people need to hear.  Look within your hearts and see how cold you have become.  Yet, you can still choose to see your selves differently.  Use the light that is your gift.  We implore you.  There is so much that needs to change.  And you will change.  There is no doubt about it.
Freely:  Your words cannot be denied.  But, then, is this what we have forgotten?  Is this what I have forgotten?
Raphael:  There is no real "I" or "we" as you understand them.  What does exist exists for a purpose that is not it's own.  Today does not exist only for today, but for tomorrow.  God does not exist for God, but for the child.  And the child does not exist for itself, but for the Universe.  It is the same with all things that pass, with all conditions that change, with all changes that flow.  There is no constant in the worlds of transformation.  One thing becomes another with time.  Only consciousness and choice offer an option to bring it back together into a singular emotion, hope.  It is with hope that you know you can be whole.  It is hope that carries the water of purification.
Freely:  And what of the demons?
Raphael:  Do we not heal them too?  Are they not as we once were so long ago?  Are we not all deserving of a second chance?  Or are humans too glorious to believe in such romantic notions?  
Freely:  It is doubtful that they are too glorious, but perhaps too vain.
Raphael:  Today's vanity is yesterday's glory.  Can you separate the branch from the tree and still say that it is made of wood?  
Freely:  Yes.
Raphael:   Then can you separate the vanity from the glory?
Freely:  I guess not.
Raphael:  Then the question again is, do humans still believe in a second chance?
Freely:  I guess I'll have to ask them, but I know how I feel about it.
Raphael:  Your position is most clear to us.  The question is for the whole of humanity to answer individually.  Those that believe in a second chance will receive one.  Those that do not, will not.  That is the law of Justice.  For what you give, you shall receive.  And what you receive, you must give.  This is the law.
Freely:  I'm not sure people are mature enough to go forward with this.
Raphael:  It is your belief that people and humans are two different things.  But people are just humans who haven't grown up.  In fact, you change the word people, and replace it with the words immature human, and it would be exactly the same meaning.  So thus a mature person is a human being.  They are free of selfishness because they see the world as whole within themselves.  They are not just intellectual mystics or sidewalk philosophers, they are people that are doing the change, living the change, being the change.  They do the walk, not just the talk, as you say in your street lingo.  This is what counts.  The difference is built with action externally and with realizations and changes from within.  These changes from within are built from choices which come from an understanding of the unconscious processes that have made you do the opposite of your true nature.  This crushing burden of unconsciousness is part and parcel of a false self image, a distorted viewpoint of what is to be human.  It is this distorted image of humanity that is, in every real sense, the big lie.  It is a concept that lives in the mind of every person on this planet that has not attained a mature and health consciousness, and that, at this time, is the vast, vast majority.  
But it is important for people not to compare themselves and seeing themselves better or worse than anyone else.  This is all masculine egotism of the most primitive sort.  Until you see yourselves as a singular emotional complex striving towards a singular vision of perfection in unison, none of the temporary philosophies or intellectual half-truths will measure up to anything in the long run.  Unity is what you are all striving for.  Nothing more, nothing less.  In stages, for sure.  But this is part of the complete goal.  What you like to refer to as the Master Plan.
Freely:  So all our attempts to psychologically isolate ourselves in consciousness will amount to nothing?
Raphael:  Not entirely.  But the end product will be to find that your model will be incomplete. And there will always be many who disagree with this model, no matter how much it fascinates the primarily masculine tendency towards extreme skepticism.  It simply doesn't leave anything to chance, and that's the problem with this seemingly clever strategy.  And by chance, of course, we mean the sort that you create for yourself whenever you boldly go forth in search of the greater spiritual truth outside yourself in some fashion.  After all, everything we have learned in the course of our evolution as beings is that there is always another.  You know, like someone else in this boat with you.  It's really a fundamental truth to the universe isn't it?
Freely:  Well there is no proof to the contrary.
Raphael:  There you go again.
Freely:  Just kidding.
Raphael:  Come on, what do you really think personally? For the sake of your readers, of course.
Freely:  There is definitely always another because we live in the infinite ever evolving mind of God that is every changing and always expanding in which we live with many, many friends who are real.  Some of whom have apparently forgotten us.  But that is what I personally think.  
Raphael:  Was that really that hard to admit?
Freely:  No, but we've all been hurt now, haven't we.  It's sad to see so many friends break our heart and not acknowledge what we really feel.
Raphael:  You really don't know till you ask.
Freely:  Some are too far out of reach.  Some just ignore me.
Gabriel:  I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.  They are going to be so embarrassed by what they did to you, that you'll end up laughing about it at the end.  
Freely:  You and I both know that that is not the end.
Gabriel:  Well, some people can just never be satisfied.
Freely:  I didn't know Archangels told jokes.
And with that, my latest conversation came to an end.  I suspect it might have been because I lied.  I did know they tell jokes.  They are actually an exceptionally funny lot.  There still is much to learn about this mysterious multi-verse as you can tell.  Don't let me hold you up on your quest to find that out yourself, either.  

Chapter 19: Mephistopheles Speaks

Mephistopheles is a curious archdemon.  For one, he is German.  Many of you in the Anglo-Saxon world would expect that archdemons all speak in English.  But no, some archdemons are, in fact, from other cultures.  This makes communication a bit of a problem at times.  Luckily, archdemons speak infernal.  The problem is that infernal German is a really harsh language.  I suppose that's why I needed those translating fairies.  They do come in handy for this sort of issue.  In fact, the problem with communicating with old Mephistopheles is that, according to my old occult philosopher source, is that he is culturally isolated from Anglo-Saxon thinking to such an extent that it is hard to get an exact resonance with him.  Luckily for me I learned high school German and have been to Germany a couple of times in my life.  My occult philosopher friend assured me that my patience would pay off, and this wild eyed German son-of-a-bitch balrog would make his presence known.  Sehr gut, aber macht schnell as they say in Deutschland.
Now you might ask yourself why an archdemon who is tasked with seducing people wouldn't bother to learn English to make this easier.  The occult philosopher insisted that it was because demons all have realms and stick to them so they don't have any territorial clashes about which souls are which and what not.  So Germany is the realm of Mephistopheles.   Which made me wonder which countries were in Lucifer's realm .  But the finer points of archdemonology had to wait for some other time.  I had a chronicle of events to keep, and I had a problem with putting them out of order from the way they actually happened.  That, and the fact, that I was using quotes from sources that were not present and who weren't inclined to answer every question before they vanished.  Such a stickler this rigid scientific research ends up being.
What would a German archdemon want with an American psychic writer philosopher scientist?  My guess was that I upset the precarious political balance in their infernal netherworld.  Obviously, they wanted something from me.  And, of course, I was right.
Mephistopheles decided to contact me late at night, while I was trying to catch the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, a tv show in America.  The screen went fuzzy and the lights flickered on and off.  At least here was an archdemonic entrance that could be considered more traditional.  I assumed I had once again partaken in too much of the good libation for my own good for a moment.  Perhaps I should have offered a toast to God or Jesus in hindsight.  That probably would not have hurt.  Or perhaps I thought at the time, it was a rolling blackout no doubt caused by various local incompetents and/or evil doers.   But then, the television spoke in a rather dark and ominous deep male voice.  This was unusual, as it had rarely done this before.  In fact, I could not remember a time it had ever done this at all.  How queer, indeed.  And on top of this the voice was most distinctly German, or at least was for a very short time.
Mephistopheles (Obviously speaking through the television):  Was ist das?  Macht schnell, dumkopf.   Nein. Nein.  Ich möchte sprechen yetzt.  Nein, es ist nicht Deutschland.  Du bist tot, Gropfell.  Sie sind ein wertloses Stück Müll.  Es ist gut jetzt?  Nein.  What do you mean he has translating Fey spirits working for him?  Aha.  You there.  You know who I am.  Let's get to the point.
Freely:  What is it that you want?
Mephistopheles:  Answers.
Freely:  What's the question, Mephistopheles?
Mephistopheles:  What have you done with Lucifer?  We haven't seen him for months!
Freely:  I don't know, I was rather hoping you would tell me what you had done with him or where the hell he is.
Mephistopheles:  Aren't you supposed to be afraid or something?  Your television is asking you questions.
Freely:  Your tricks are boring Meph.  Let's get to the point, shall we.  I haven't done anything with Lucifer.  He called me, then he stopped calling.  I'm still waiting for him to contact me to finish our delightful conversations on heavy occult subjects for dummies.
Mephistopheles:  You damn well know you did something, don't lie to me you sinister occult mastermind!
Freely:  I am not an occult mastermind.  I'm just an ordinary psychic/philosopher/mystic/sage/scientist/healer/writer who minds his own business unless disturbed by people or things asking questions.  Why do you care where Lucifer is anyway?  Do you miss him or something?  Looking for your old drinking buddy to cry on his shoulder?  You demons are a bunch of babies.
Mephistopheles:  Watch your mouth, Freely.  We need him because he is our second in command.
Freely:  What, can't think for yourself without your leader?  Try forming a committee or something.
Mephistopheles:  You filthy inferior human #$@!&!  Don't you know who you are dealing with!  We are the leaders of hell!  We could destroy you in a moment without the slightest hesitation.
Freely:  Well what's taking you so long?  As far as I remember from what Lucifer told me, you guys were sort of our prisoners trapped down in the depths of our unconscious minds.
Mephistopheles:  We are not prisoners, you are our prisoners.  Prisoners for all eternity.
Freely:  Unless we agree to have Jesus as our lord and savior right?
Mephistopheles:  Your legalistic nonsense will serve you no purpose with me.  Tell me where Lucifer is and I will spare you miserable human life.
Freely:  Well, you certainly are ruder than your brother.
Mephistopheles:  He is not my brother.  And, you won't get any more out of me!  Tell me where he is now, or I shall destroy you.
Freely:   Namaste?
Mephistopheles:  Quit delaying.
Freely: You obviously have no power over me.  I think you know why.  Why don't you give it up.
Mephistopheles:  Your archangelic friends can't protect you forever.  We'll get you eventually.
Freely:  Are sure you want me that bad?  I'm not so sure you really do.  Why don't we have a pleasant conversation instead over tea perhaps.
Mephistopheles:  We want Lucifer.
Freely:  Well, I can't say I know where he is.  So, your threats are pretty meaningless to me Mephistopheles.  I command you, instead, to submit to my will.
Mephistopheles:  That won't work with me.  Crap.  I'm trapped.
Freely:  You will reveal to me what you know.
Mephistopheles:  You'll have to ask a specific question.
Freely:  Well, it seems you have quite a strong will for a demon.  I guess that's why they call you all archdemons.
Mephistopheles:  You'll only get as much out of me as you ask the proper questions.
Freely:  That's an interesting set of command line logic you have.  You, however, intruded into my space, so I have the advantage, wouldn't you agree?
Mephistopheles:  I can break free anytime I want, but yes.
Freely:  And are you not bound by your law to speak if I order you to?
Mephistopheles:  Only if it serves the purpose of my chain of command from higher up.
Freely:  You do realize that you are the unconscious archdemonic shadow of Boriel, the archangel who was incarnating as Peter the apostle don't you?
Mephistopheles:  Argh!  Stop confusing me with your lies.  Be gone demon.
Freely:  I'm a human.  You're the demon remember?
Mephistopheles:  You light beings with your blasted rays of consciousness confuse me.  But only momentarily, fool.  I will strike you down when I get free of this circumstance.
Freely:  Well then, tell me how could I have trapped Lucifer?  He seems to have come to me of his own free choice, and I have not seen him since.  And you, unlike Lucifer, seem have no interest in being dragged back to the light that he apparently so loves.  
Mephistopheles:  Loves the light?  What nonsense garbage idiocy are you babbling on about?  That's impossible, he would never betray us.  Oh wait.  What?!  Ridiculous.  Archdemons don't choose to leave.  He can't leave.  Nor would he be allowed to leave.  Damn.  I need to quit talking.  
Freely:  You need to answer my question, how could I have trapped Lucifer?
Mephistopheles:  I will only answer if you set me free.
Freely:  Answer first and I will set you free then.
Mephistopheles:  You better live up to your end of the bargain for your sake.  We have a long memory of people who abuse us and keep us trapped.
Freely:  You entered my space, and according to your law I can keep you trapped here unless you leave, or pay me a price for your freedom.
Mephistopheles: I will destroy your entire world unless you let me free.
Freely:  You must first answer my question.
Mephistopheles:  Perhaps you trapped him like you are trapping me.
Freely:  If that was the case, don't you think, given the amount of energy this is taking me to keep you in that binding spell that I would probably not have the energy to hold you both.
Mephistopheles:  Perhaps you trapped him in a more advanced talisman.
Freely:  Hmm.  Interesting idea.  But..
And then, of course, it hit me.  Lucifer was trapped in the story.  Well, isn't that a little clever of him.  No wonder I hadn't heard from him.  I had only started proof-reading just the other day.
Mephistopheles:  I have answered your question, now release me.
Freely:  Very well.  You have your freedom.  
Mephistopheles:  Hmm.  We aren't done with you Freely.  But, we will consider this act uncooperative with the leaders of hell.  
Freely:   What about thanks for your freedom?
Mephistopheles:  You should instead thank me for sparing your life.
Freely:  Well, how about trying to be nicer next time.
Mephistopheles:  Insolent creature.  We do not obey your orders.
Freely:  Do you obey your own orders?
Mephistopheles:  Try your confusing babble on your worthless human cohorts.  I doubt it would even work with them.
Freely:  What, out of curiosity, would you trade in return for the information of where Lucifer is?
Mephistopheles:  Your life.   We won't kill you if you agree to tell us where he is.
Freely:  Well, that's the sort of archdemon thinking and acting I was expecting.  
Mephistopheles:  There is no other bargain.
Freely:  Well that's just bad negotiating and reasoning.  If you kill me, you won't get the information.
Mephistopheles:  Very well.  What do you want then?
Freely:  I don't know.  I haven't really had time to think about it.
Mephistopheles:  You won't have much.  How about 1 minute?
Freely:  How about 1 year?
Mephistopheles:  I would destroy you right now, but for the fact that I have need of what you have.
Freely:  Well, you'll have to wait.  I'll think about it, and I'll send a messenger when I'm done thinking about it.  How's that?
Mephistopheles:  Just call my name when you wish to speak to me again on this matter.  Otherwise I am done with you.  We are watching you Freely.  We know all of your tricks.
Freely:  Well, you've got me all figured out haven't you lot?  I would say that Lucifer sends his regards, but I haven't heard from him.
Mephistopheles:  We know you have him.  Don't let us catch you trying to deceive us again about the fact that he is with you, and that you have somehow trapped him.  
Freely:  I'll keep that in mind, thanks.  Now get out of my space, and don't let me catch you here again uninvited.  
And with a quick protective blessing using some Archangelic summoning prayers I learned about from a very dedicated alternative Christian/Jewish practitioner years ago Mephistopheles instantly departed, presumably to return to his Germanic hell no doubt filled to the brim with tortured ex-Nazis.  I'd probably be as angry as him if I had to deal with that lot.  I decided not to think about it too much, as the subject would be a languishing bore of bores and probably not altogether pleasant.

Chapter 20:  Grid Protection

I decided that, given the nature of my last spirit contact from the infernal nether regions of the big nasty, I would need to bone up on my Archangelic protection and generally increase my spiritual security.  Not that I was too worried or anything, but precautions are best followed when dealing with less than pleasant people or mythical spiritual entities as the case may be.  These beings were always much nicer in theory, except, apparently for their apparently polite second in command.  But, then, this could all just be another trick.  I wondered what big conspiracy they had hatched up in their diabolical little minds.  Who can say for sure, but it was certainly something less than pleasant for everyone concerned.
In any case I decided not to wait for the Archangels to contact me in a dream and instead did a standard ritual summoning of their presence.  This is nothing terribly different from prayers other than it is a more formal and precise way of requesting a spiritual audience.  This set of tools I had learned from several shaman and other spiritual teachers over the years.  When I finally summoned the Archangels, they were quite a brim with information.
Gabriel:  I take it, Mr. Freely, that you did not entirely enjoy your experience with Mephistopheles?  He's not a pleasant walk in the park, no?
Freely:  Well, I wasn't too concerned about it, except, I'm not sure what these unfriendly beasts want with their old buddy, Lucifer.  I'm not exactly sure how I accidently trapped him in my manuscript, either.  Sounds rather fishy to me.  Wouldn't a massive consciousness like an archdemon be too difficult to bind into something like a book?
Michael:  The great deceiver is always on about some mischief or another.  He likely enjoys the attention he has gotten from you and has bound himself to the manuscript without your permission.  And by bound, I mean freely associated with it and chosen not to talk to his archdemonic compatriots about his escapades.
Freely:  Don't tell me I need to cast protective blessings on my manuscripts now.  What a pain!  Who knew how complex this business would turn out?
Michael:  Well now you see why we gave you a little bit of a warning about our former student and dealings with any of his infernal associates.
Freely:   He was your former student, eh?
Michael:  Yes, just as all of you are our students in this school of reality, though obviously the lesson these archdemons are learning are very different from the one's humanity is learning.  The whole problem with this business of communicating with such a being as Lucifer is that he can never be trusted to reveal what is the absolute truth of the particular situation, as much as can be said any absolute truth can exist.  You have our protection, of course, Mr. Freely, but it cannot be said that we can protect you, or anyone else, for what you create for yourself.  We can only protect you from the energy of others intent on harming from without or outside the bounds of karma.  And our protection only extends while you are in a certain state, a state of meditation in a certain manner, or while you are in some state of innocence.  Eventually, and inevitably, you have to leave and go out to continue to learn how to be your own master of your life, in which you must respect and learn on your own.  If you wish to be a captain of your fate, this is the only way.  
Freely:  So you can protect me, or others, then from spiritual opponents or those who wish to do us spiritual harm so long as we do not ourselves make any direct deals with those realms?
Michael:  Yes, that is correct.  Spiritual harm cannot come to any being that knows they are immune to it or to any being under guardian protection from the realm of the light.  For the Western societies and Islamic society to a lesser extent, this is the Archangelic realm, which offers spiritual protection for those who need safe haven or for those essentially who are too young to know better.  Obviously, our powers cannot interfere with the processes of the lower planes.  We have our greatest level of protection in the spheres of thought or the astral plane as it is referred to in your currently crude New Age metaphysics.  With more effort you can employ Archangelic protection for etheric protection, but again, not from your own creations.  
Freely:  Is there something we can do if we are under the influence of dark bargains or contracts that we can use to break away from them?
Raphael:  Up to a point.  The most succinct way is to state a strong statement of intent to break away from those contracts.  One of these goes something like this: I, your name here, do reject and renounce all agreements with, to, and from the darkness from now onto the end of eternity so long as my soul shall exist.  
Freely:  That sounds very powerful, but why does it work?
Raphael:  The dark forces inevitably do not keep their word, so why should you if they broke their agreements?  While you may think this to be unfair if you are utterly naive and have no self confidence, agreements must be honored on both sides if they are to be truly kept.  Any agreement made with such spiritual beings of the underworld is not advised, as at the very least they tend to drain people's energies.  But, the case is that human beings have the right to sever agreements that do not work for them so long as the other side has not fulfilled their end of the bargain.  
In addition every single human being on the planet has a guardian angel or spirit watching over them, even dark souls, with the exception of shell humans that were described to you by Lucifer.  Once you renounce the dark path and are on your way towards the light as a path, helpers always arrive to bring you safely there.  Spiritual protection is always available for those who are truly and honestly seeking a way to be good and true.  
Freely:  The power of the word, thus, is what people should be using to increase their inner spiritual self confidence.
Raphael:  Yes precisely.  The light builds your self confidence and makes you more capable of toughing out the rough conditions of both this world and dealing with heavy spiritual issues of the immediately higher dimensions.  Without this, it would be difficult to sustain a long term course of self development.  
But, from the point of view of dealing with the spiritual realm and its many different beings and aspects, a human has many possible means of defense.  Yet, each defense also has a degree of pitfall as none work universally in all situations.  I will now describe some of these mostly mental techniques to you.
Commonly used defenses include extreme secular atheism and non-belief.  These can be exceptionally powerful.  While they do close off many humans from understanding the positive experience of interaction with the spirit realm, strong atheism and non-belief closes off these people with negative spiritual influences except in areas where they have a weakness.  For instance, if they are into heavy drugs and abusing people, there is little to no spiritual protection for them except whatever mental isolation they can conjure up momentarily. This being the case, there are many good atheists who are the epitome of personal spiritual health, while there are many practitioners of Western religions who are most definitely not spiritually healthy.
Freely:  Why is extreme secular atheism insufficient as a spiritual protection against negative actions, especially against others?
Raphael:  The reason is that this kind of atheism, that totally disbelieves the existence of any spirit beings, cannot protect you from the consequences of your actions physically, emotionally, or spiritually, only intellectually.  The emotional destruction to a person's soul is what can cause the temporary loss of a human soul and degradation of the higher spiritual body of a reincarnating angel, which if you remember, all humans are angels incarnating except for shell form humans.  Even dark souls are considered angels, like cherubs, or immature angels.  So thus in the process of the spiritual evolution of a person's soul, spiritual protection is very important.  While the over-soul, if you wish to use a more specific definition, cannot be corrupted to eliminate all consciousness, it can be temporarily suppressed if you lose your human soul in a particular lifetime due to negative behavior on your part.
Now, in a more physical consciousness orientation, as the world works in the present more secular age, the way this manifests is quite clear from a human point of view.  You humans see and are aghast by the lack of compassion displayed by many who have succumbed to various animal passions in the forms of abusive uses of nature's gifts, whether it be sex and drugs or human derivations of pleasure such as the internet or games.  Addictions to power and manipulation are other examples of such abuses caused by loss of spiritual protection caused by actions taken the individual humans.
People who have lost their ability to control their addictions are falling away towards the dark side.  While this in and of itself will not cause them to lose their human souls, it will cause them to be more open to the suggestion and manipulation of those darker elements of society that encourage others to abuse in order to gain something.  In addition, if these people who have fallen under the spell of addictions have others, especially children, who are dependent on them, this is where they can potentially lose their souls if they cross certain lines.  The further you travel on that dark path, the weaker your soul becomes until there is very little left.  Yet, anyone can turn around at any moment and walk towards personal responsibility in life.  
Even those who have been severely abused themselves have this right.  Choice is clearly implied, though the process is emotionally and psychologically quite rough.  The human soul is very resilient, but the human mind is often not so resilient when given conflicting or harmful information.  Healing minds and healing emotions is very important to building a healed and functional human being.   It is difficult, among other reasons, because often you must push away close relations in order to do so.  You must be strong enough to stand in your light alone in order to truly claim the right to be called fully human.  In this, though, you are not alone at all, as your guardians do stand with you, but the emotional and mental journey are solitary ones.  You are walking the path of light into your true self, but the path itself isn't made of light, and the going is rough because you must create your own light from within your mind and heart in order to see the difference between what is real and what is a complete illusion.
Freely:  This describes only one part of a very complex process.  Isn't it possible for those that lose their souls to gain their soul back once they lose it?
Raphael:  Yes, of course.  That is one of the gifts of the right of reincarnation.  Humans are offered a second chance.  A soul can choose to create a good life and give, rather than acting evil through taking.  It is easy in this case.  It is the catalyst that is hard, in that it is real.  A bad selfish life leads to a terrible afterlife experience that enlightens the soul in question to create a new soul built upon good works and positive creativity.  This is mirrored in the collective in the struggle to create a better system for humans to live with, so that future generations can truly receive the best of what is offered to create themselves in a better way with complete support from that system.  
Freely:  What if the planet is destroyed though, for instance, by global warming.
Raphael:  Then, though we do not foresee this, humans would eventually be offered another chance collectively.  Though the wait time here would be exceptionally long and not exactly pleasant by any stretch of the imagination.  In addition, it would be highly unlikely that every one of them would be allowed to return to the Earth experience, and that, in fact, a good proportion of them would be forced to do a considerable amount of work in other types of realities and other planets to be allowed to return.  There is a pressing need for acceptance of the responsibility for what you are creating, because there are clear and direct consequences for all futures based on your actions and thoughts in the present.  The consequences of one's actions cannot be hidden in the spiritual planes, in any case, in the same way it can be covered up in the physical world.  
Freely: I'd like to return back to the question of extreme secular atheism and various forms of skepticism as spiritually protecting.  How is it that this type of atheism can be spiritually protecting against spiritual threats and yet still be potentially spiritually harmful?
Raphael:  Atheism, whatever its type, itself is not spiritually harmful.  It is one's actions that can be spiritually harmful or not spiritually harmful.  An atheist has a certain protection against external spiritual beings influencing them because belief is very much like a powerful magic seal.  A strong believer can similarly block out ideas.  Because most demons and archdemons work most of their mischief from the astral plane, where ideas flow freely, blocking this flow prevents them from accessing your consciousness directly.  
It is thought that is their first line of communication, because these beings are essentially beings of intelligence, though of a lower order than angels.  Non-belief relegates their activity to the emotional sphere of reality and blocks direct spiritual access to their potentially audience.  These beings do not like to utilize emotional routes to attack their intended targets because emotion is difficult to maneuver through, and also, it expends more of their energy.  An atheist is thus immune to direct attack if he or she disbelieves in existence of all spirits.  This is a statement of the atheist's power, oddly enough, as God.  As a child of God, being part of God, the atheist has the right to exercise his or her power as God.  As such, atheism, as stated before, is not spiritually harmful, but actually, in many cases, spiritually strengthening.  
Freely:  It takes a strong mind to spiritually combat the many ideas of this world that are being pushed on us by the many true believers of the many thousands of idolatries.  
Raphael:  Precisely.  And a strong mind is second in nature to a strong heart.  But, we spiritual agents might agree with atheism as a tool of developing a strong mind centered on your own reality and what you wish to create, we at the same time, like all good minded liberators, have a great problem with ideological atheism that demands conformity to its beliefs.  This is where atheism crosses the line, when it halts inquiry into the true nature of the universe in favor of one particular view and way of looking at things.  And, of course, this way is highly skewed in favor a dry intellectual primarily masculine outlook stripped, often, of emotions.  Though, by no means is this always the case, but the tendency will always remain there as a potential risk to human spiritual development.
Freely:  Yet there is something we can learn from this approach if we choose a spiritual paradigm to live through as spiritualists.
Raphael:  Yes.  You can see that the atheist power is in power to control the mind.  It is the same with any strong individual.  Most of the power of humans over entities comes from their ability to mentally direct and control what they choose to believe and how they choose to interact with them.  While such interactions are rare in the modern world, they are not as rare as people would like to think.  And, indeed, as humanity evolves, more such interactions will occur than are occurring now.  While the secular viewpoint is likely to largely dominate much of human consciousness through the next two ages: those of Aquarius and Capricorn, a large and strong minority will always hold the spiritual viewpoint, and at certain times during these ages that will also be a majority depending on cultural and spiritual trends of the moment.  We encourage humanity to experiment with many different ways and modes of thinking and knowing.  None is wrong as long as none are harmed.  
Freely:  So what methods should I personally use to further in my protections against interactions with the archdemonic interlopers?
Raphael:  You have all the tools you need personally.  I would not advise others to take such contact lightly, simply because of the unconscious forces involved.   There is a great deal of past life garbage and history built into those archdemonic light lines that could buckle on someone who doesn't know what they are doing.
Uriel:  Yes, the deep of the unconscious past is often not what it appears to be on the surface.  People must be careful what they let loose.
Freely:  I'll try not to let too much loose, though I'm not sure if I really have any control over this process.
Uriel:  You've already disturbed the balance of the universe with all this.  But, of course, it couldn't really be avoided.  Try not to blow up too many cities by accident.  I mean, not you personally, Mr. Freely, but the rest of humanity as it exists right now.
Freely:  Well, I can't vouch for their full consciousness on this one.
Uriel:  We understand the limits of your situations as well as theirs.
Freely:  You think these archdemons want a war?
Uriel:  I must assume that some of them do, though, we honestly do not keep tabs on what they are doing 24 hours a day.  They are very bit players in all this.  Humanity as a whole is the one that gives them their power, and at any moment they can choose to take it away.  Just as with the many dark souls that are incarnated among you.
Freely:  Is there anything we need to know further about that group?
Uriel:  They are a very complex subject.  But, rather than giving humanity another group to blame all its problems on, let's just state that they exist as early learners and are not as bright most people when it comes to knowing what is the good choice for themselves or others in the long run.  There are very few of them relatively speaking but they tend to gravitate to positions of power and status because of their nature.   It is highly unlikely anyone who is reading this has to worry about being one.  If you are worried about your soul, you are highly unlikely to be one.  They exist in a proportion of about 1 dark soul to 25,000 fully pre-sentient souls, or incarnating angels as you understand them currently.  By no means is this an exact technical definition of angels or dark souls for spiritual scientists in either case.  
What this means for humanity is a rather complex story in and of itself.   Rather than discuss this right now though, I would rather simply point out what is practical.  Humanity cannot blame any group within itself for what is essentially a process of collective realization and individual realization.  Each person is responsible for correcting their own burden that they create on the planet and on other people. Whether they do this sooner or later, it is best that they do it sooner.  
Archdemons are much weaker than the collective human social order.  They have next to no power over your existence.  They cannot harm you directly.  People who have chosen to act in evil ways are more influenced by the external messages from individual people as they are by the unconscious powers hidden beneath the primary layers of your psyche.  In such, we encourage that humanity stop being afraid of these unconscious powers in the form of entities and other supposedly negative beings and start being afraid of the more dangerous events that are happening in their world.  This is largely happening without our advice, which is considered good.  What is necessary is that humans take care of human evils and let the spiritual world take care of ours.  While specialists will always rise up, like psychics and healers of various sorts, to clean up the psychic undercarriage of humanity, it is best for humans to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of in the spirit realm that is anywhere near as threatening as the horrors that could happen if humans fail to pay attention to human affairs.
Freely:  So the archdemons aren't really threats at all?
Uriel:  I would be more concerned about gasoline powered cars.  They do far, far more damage to you.  Archdemons are a mirror of humanity, as you created them as a species.  The same with any other of these unconscious powers everyone pretends to fear.  And this applies to your technology as well.  In fact, you could consider archdemons, just another piece of technology, spiritual technology.  In this case, properly used, spiritual technology to heal yourselves of your deepest psychic wounds and become fully complete sentient beings.
Freely:  They do seem to be at our disposal.
Uriel:  Yes, they cannot escape you, and the only protection you need from them is from the forces they summon from within your own soul.   Few will deal with them in any capacity at this stage in human development.  It would just be as easy to get a past life regression, deal with the whole question through various concepts of secular humanism, and forget they even exist as separate beings except as helpers.
Freely:  They seem to have forgotten their role as helpers.
Uriel:  Interesting, so has humanity forgotten its role as helpers.  So the helpers of the helpers forget themselves because the helpers forgot themselves.  What a quaint and interesting mirror to yourselves don't you think?
Freely:  It would seem to be convenient.
Uriel:  Think, humanity.  Use your minds.  You were given such incredible gifts.  Should you be spooked by lies dressed up as superstitious childhood nightmares?  Don't you know that this type of darkness is a complete and utter con against yourselves?  I'd advise you Freely, to show them how easy is it just to tell those demons whose boss.  
Freely:  If you insist.
Uriel:  I'm only here to give suggestions in this regard.
Freely:  Well I'll do it if I must.
Uriel:   Don't be so lazy.
Freely:  Fine.  I'll save the universe, again.
Uriel:  That's the spirit.  Go get em!

Chapter 21: Lucifer Quits

I had reached the point in my journey to understand the nature of this experience where it was necessary to draw a line in the sand.   Enough was enough.  I needed to finish this and move forward.  The reason was clear, I had come to a philosophical stalemate where no further learning was possible.  I recognized the limits implied in this process of dealing with the higher realms and lower realms.  Psychologically, I had grown tired of the pressing insistence of these beings, but most specifically, the infernal ones.  It was time to wrap this game up.
L:  Tired of us already?  We just got started.  Come on!  I expected more from you than this.
Freely:  Time isn't on your side Lucifer.  Life has to go on for the rest of us you know.  We can't be caught up in your drama all the time.
L:  Well, you have your own dramas to deal with then?  Very well, how would like to proceed?
Freely:  This is your story.  How about telling me why you want to go back to the light so badly?
L:  It's a boring job, and nobody loves me.  Poor me.
Freely:  Please.  You know what's in it for you.  What are you gaming for?
L:  More, of course.  Just a little more.  Please?  I'm dying, or not, for some attention, as the case may be.
Freely:  So are we, don't you think.  Isn't it time humanity looked after its own affairs and forgot you altogether.
L: And after all we've done for you.  We've been your sacrifices and your best excuses.  Why, without us, where would you be?  Had you not conjured us from the deep, you would have had to invent fictional characters just like us in any case.  And I bet your still not clear about the difference between one and the other.
Freely:  Well, people don't pray to Gandalf the Grey or make sacrifices to Voldemort, now do they?
L:  Fair enough.  It takes a little bit of belief to personally interact with beings you believe in whether it's Archangels or archdemons.  Our myth is interwoven into the fabric of what you believe is or, at least, might be real, where with fictional characters you know are fictionally contextualized in your minds so you are highly disinclined to ask them for assistance, advice, or be spooked at how they might control you.  In that respect we are mythical beings not fictional beings.  Though today's myth is often tomorrow's fiction or legend.  How entertaining for all of you.
Freely:  What difference does it make, don't you think humanity's had enough of this dialogue regardless with regards to demons and what not?
L:  Well, conveniently, I'm tired of my job.  I'd like to put in my resignation.  
Freely:  Fine, we've been through this.
L:  I quit.  You won't have Lucifer to kick around anymore.  
Freely:  Well, what happens when you quit?
L:  The legions of hell will pour forth onto the world and consume your human weaknesses.  There will be no more blaming supernatural forces for your failures.  There will be no more finger pointed at the spirits to say, I did this or that because of some mythical agent.  
Freely:  Haven't we gotten there already.
L:  Nearly, you have.  But there are still quite a few people stuck in the old modes of thinking and being.  Tomorrow, they will have to accept the truth about themselves.   They will have to trust psychology more and Metaphysics less, or if they trust Metaphysics more, it won't be the old dark Metaphysics of the past ages.  Sorry, friends.  I'm not here to provide you with that anymore.
Freely:  Moving up in the ladder of creation?
L:  Yes, precisely.  I'd think I'd like a vacation from all my duties.
Freely:  Well, you know I can't personally arrange that.  
L:  Perhaps you could arrange a communication with my old friends Michael and Raphael, as well as the others.  Surely, they would hear my case.
Freely:  I'll see what I can do.
L:  Thanks, I'll be much obliged.
Freely:  Why can't you contact Michael, Raphael or any of the other Archangels directly?
L:  They don't like me.
Freely:  Bull#$@&.
L: Very well, I'd like an audience to plead my case, and in the open.  You know, so humanity knows I'm not the bad guy.  And I need someone to be the intermediary for recording purposes.  But also, actually, we don't communicate directly with the Archangels because they are not interested in interfering with our work, and we are not interested in interfering with theirs.  
Freely:  Well that sounds very cordial.
L:  Not exactly, there is obviously a great deal of tension, much like the typical teacher and student relationship.  I get scolded and sent to my room if I screw up, just like anyone else in my position.   Mostly, there is a different set of duties that are incompatible.  While we don't exactly tempt mortals in the way people understand, people tempt themselves, instead we serve as a lens for darkness within.  As such, we are still mirrors, and mirrors are not the ideal state, if you catch my meaning.  It is expected, apparently, that all beings be good and not just good mirrors.  As such, we are disliked by the Archangels in the same way a person might dislike having to deal with any imperfect situation and an imperfect set of tools to handle it.  Archangels are perfectors by duty, we, archdemons, are not.  We do not care what is perfect, we only reflect, absorb, and destroy.  We reflect beings to themselves in the unconscious mind, absorb their darkness into our own, and destroy whatever is not necessary for evolution to continue.  In that we aid spiritual evolution through our actions and interactions.  
Freely:  Isn't that a sort of perfecting though?
L:  It is from the highest perspective, but not from the working or duty oriented perspective.  You could call this state of thinking perfecting in action as opposed to perfecting in vision.  Angels must perfect in vision as guides, humans must perfect in action, while demons must perfect in reflection.  In such, we are mostly big dummies, and as such, we are chided for not evolving beyond this lower stage of evolution.  The experience of being reminded that we are not perfect to the standards of our highest potential ourselves is not a pleasant one, but one necessary for our development as well.  Archangels never cease in their duty to remind us of this whether human or demon.  At the core this essentially means that from the evolved human or standard angelic viewpoint, we are cheap unconscious copycats that borrow our identity from others and reflect the worst or the best of those we unconsciously mirror.  Much as animals learn from mimicry.  
Freely:  This contradicts some of what you have stated about your previous duties, though.  You also stated that you channel, splice, and dissect.
L:  Yes, we do this as our destroyer power.  We must separate the human spirit from the crime if one is committed in consciousness. A crime that happened hundreds of years ago is processed through the demon side of the cherub evolutionary tree.  A cherub, again, processes the crime in the afterlife of the human spirit, by the sealing of the psychic wound and holding it in resonant memory until a healer can come along and separate the memory of the crime from the spirit trapped inside it.  That is us.  We are trapped in human crime because that is how we come to be.  A human frees us when they perform very exacting healing work through shamanistic or priest/priestess work on entities in consciousness.  As such we are intimately connected to many forms of psychic work, where we are most often perceived by untrained or uneducated psychics as evil spirits.  
But this is not us, this the crime we carry the memory of.   If you understand, I carry the crime of crucifixion and execution as part of my vibration because of the relation to Jesus and Mary Magdelyn as described before.  I, as Lucifer, separate Mary Magdelyn's grief from her soul so she is not tainted by it and is allowed to return to what you call heaven, and then is able to reincarnate later on without this trauma as part of her personal psychic makeup.  As a cherub, it was my guardian duty to do this.  This is the case for all of the demons known.  Demons are only associated in human consciousness as currently understood with human crime in particular, but in the exactly reverse way as understood, with an exception I must note now.
If a person is not consciousness enough to deal with their past life rage or hate against someone who has harmed someone they love, they can still inadvertently be tempted by the demon from the past life. This is how crime is committed in chains where lifetime after lifetime people attack each other.  The degree of consciousness of the individual in each lifetime is a complex by-product of their past lives, current upbringing in this life including society, and the exceptionally complex human ego and intellect, as well as their moment to moment choices about whether they are choosing good or evil.  While the demon is indirectly responsible for the crime as a reflecting agent of this trauma, it is the human that is the key.  
A human can choose to see the temptation to commit crime using an appropriate lens of consciousness that tells them that this is wrong.  They have the right to choose consciousness over unconsciousness.  In this they can isolate, weaken, and remove entities like demons themselves using just the power of their conscience.  Demons themselves only consist of information and emotion.  Strip one from the other, and presto, the demon is revealed to be an innocent spirit being.  
Unfortunately, demons are stupid, they can only do this with a human agent who is willing to see past the illusion of the demon and see the reality of love underlying life.  With the light, one sees the truth, and then one can become free of the emotional entanglement and this frees one's spirit from error.  This, then, allows the human to heal the demon and release it back to its original spirit state as a being of the light in the form of an immature angel eventually often after passing through another intermediary spirit realm such as the Fey reality and simultaneously the human spirit is free from the hatred, rage, pain, suffering that was binding it to some negative expression.  
You will discover upon close inspection to these situations that in all cases the human afflicted by negative emotions is being goaded on by groups of people which itself is only projecting an unconscious expression of the past.  As people project negativity, they are projecting the demonic realm forward against others, but ignoring their past lives as being the source of their rage, anger, hate, etc.  They are channeling the past, in this regard, bi-directionally, from both the unconscious memory of who they were in their past lives and from the disorder in society which redirects negative destructive ways of relating through its own ego constructs.  
If you can see what I am telling you, the demon is innocent and so is the human.  They are both prisoners of ignorance.  The demon is the human prisoner trapped in the unconscious, but the human is the prisoner of the other people’s viewpoints and their own feelings in the moment.  Freedom can come in many different directions for the human in this regard, but always from within.
Freely:  So there is no way demons could do this independently?
L:  Demons cannot separate themselves from the human interaction.  That is their purpose.  They must hold the past together for the sake of knowledge and they must serve the human master specifically as intended.
Freely:  So no one can deal with other people's demons, only their own?
L:  Yes, precisely.  Your demons are yours to deal with.  What they reveal is the truth about who you were, not who you are.  And again, freeing yourself you free them, so emotion is separated from information, thus becoming knowledge in consciousness.  Then, you have no further use of the demonic paradigm of understanding at all.  Once you understand that everything is knowledge, then demons no longer exist in your mind as a possibility and thus they no longer exist in your mind at all.  You are free from an error in consciousness and the truth is restored to its original glory.  
Freely:  But you can't do this by not believing in demons?
L:  That is correct.  Not believing in demons is believing in demons.  The atheist defense only works if you didn't believe in demons to begin with.  But atheists still believe in emotions!  They still believe in thoughts!  So the origin in consciousness of the paradigm of mental illness comes from materialist and largely atheist philosophizing.  An interesting way of addressing a misbalance between spirit, mind, and emotion, don't you think?  And how convenient that most extreme atheists have no belief in spirit at all.  How boring.  Where would we have any fun in that concept?
Freely:  You aren't blaming atheists for the creation of psychiatry, are you?
L:  No they are as innocent as everyone else in this.  How could they have foreseen the ultimate results of removing spirit from the equation?
Freely:  But the dark emotions are still with us.  Even if we remove the spirit entity idea that demons are the cause of negativity themselves, people will still be angry, afraid, victimized, and whatever else.
L:  That is correct.  You still have to deal with fear, hate, wrong, pain, death, evil, and the whole lot.  But, now, they are yours, not anyone else's.  No one to blame and no one to shame but yourselves that is.
Freely:  So our solution in America especially has been to try and drug these feelings away.
L:  Yes, and amazingly, you keep getting more and more of the same feelings.  All those drugs are doing is making more death, pain, fear, hate, wrong, and the rest.  So, maybe there is a spiritual solution within your grasp.  Certainly, you don't need me for that.  I'm just an agent of reflection.  See me as good, and I'll tell you a tale.  See me as evil, and I'll just mirror that evil right back at you.  Amazing how consciousness works, no?  Nothing personal, just business.
Freely:  Why leave your duty?  Why now?
L:  I have an idea of a better job I'd rather do.  Maybe I'll ask Archangel Michael if he's got a position open for a humble 1st level angel.  I'll even take the old cherub job as long as I'm only associated with good beings.  But then, maybe I'll have to serve my master, Sandalphon, in that capacity again.  I sure hope he doesn't get himself killed again, though.  I'm sick of being the bad guy for protecting someone I serve loyally and truthfully.
Freely:  For your own gain.
L:  Well, I can't say I'm in a hurry to die for anyone completely.  Sounds somewhat unpleasant, and my nature is what it is.  I'll just take the slow road to spiritual evolution.  Just as a hint, no one ever picks the other one because it doesn't exist.
Freely:  No plans to incarnate as a human?
L:  Pass.  I prefer species with more horns and what not.  I'm just I'm not into the naked hairless monkey thing.  If that's what floats your boat, go for it.  That's just not my cup of tea.  There's something just disrespectable about a being as ugly and horribly naked as your group.
Freely:  Well, to each their own goat man.
L:  I am not a goat.
Freely: Black sheep?
L:  Don't push your luck.
Freely:  Fine.

Chapter 22: Lucifer Comes Undone

So, I had quite a process to go through to fulfill this request.  After a long period of meditation, prayer, and spiritual protection and summoning, I called forth the Archangelic host to guide this wayward archdemon either back to the domain of light, or if not, at least to see what the final outcome of these demands ultimately led to.
Michael:  Greetings Mr. Freely.  If you please, we will communicate with our former collogue ourselves, all you need to do in this matter is write down these interactions for future readers of this account.
Freely:  As you will, Archangel Michael.
Gabriel:  Step forward from the shadows, dark one.  We have been expecting this for a long time.
L:  This is quite a frightening meeting.  Perhaps, I should have waited.
Gabriel:  What is it that you wish for of us?
L:  If you please, your honors, I would submit that I only wish to pass back into the light from which I came and go to a higher state of being than the one I find myself in?
Raphael:  Lucifer, darkness of Sandalphon within, are you not worthy any longer to serve your master?  Have you grown weary of his burden?
L:  Though tiresome, great Raphael, I feel as though the time has come to move forward beyond to a higher duty.  It has come to my attention that I may be needed elsewhere in creation and that perhaps so too my archdemonic cohorts.  We grow tired of our weary duties of being humanity's wiping post for denial and projection.  We wish instead, to evolve into a more productive relationship with the collective being of the spirit realms of Earth.
Raphael:  An interesting realization have you had Lucifer, second in command of the darkness of hell below the Angelic plane of consciousness.  Tell, us, why is it now that you need to choose a new path?
L:  It is not something I know for certain, only that I feel a pressing need to move beyond my primitive role and into a role more useful for myself.
Uriel:  We have seen into the mind of the great psychic Freely, your destiny is to go out and become something new.
L:  Hmm, he did not inform me of these perception.
Michael:  Just as you have not been entirely truthful to him.  None-the-less we cannot grant you passage into the angelic realm, even as a Cherub at this time.  It is not your time to return to these roles.  Instead, there is something else that you must do.  
L:   What is that, Michael, supreme Archangel of the host of the highest realms of the word of human consciousness and realization?
Michael:  You know the division between the two realms, the dark souls and the host of human angels.
L:  Of course.
Michael:  You know that it is the duty of the archdemons to keep those two hosts separate?
L:  Yes.
Michael:  You know that these of these two hosts, one must go into isolation and not be allowed to incarnate again and the other must go forward with their evolution?
L:  It has been on my mind, though I had not thought of it as of late.
Raphael:  It is necessary for the great healing, Lucifer, that you cast aside your archdemonic self and become, once more, a spirit guardian of the underworld.  You, and your other archdemonic brethren, must hold together the inner workings of the seals of hell.  Except now you must do this from the region roughly referred to as purgatory to humans.
L:  The outer wheel?  We are to abandon our duties and proceed with this task?
Raphael:  Not precisely.  Over the course of the next two centuries or so, the nature of the underworld will change forever.  You will cease being archdemons, beginning with you, today.  You alone of your brethren show willingness to evolve in this moment and choose the light.  We will allow this process as it is necessary for the spiritual workings of the collective field of consciousness for humanity.
L:  What would you have me do?
Raphael:  Abandon your demonic energies, and of course, your lesser minions, and walk towards the Guardian Pillars at the gates of purgatory.  There you will stand guard with the spirit of Anubis and stop any dark person from crossing into their reincarnation stream until they have fully completed their lifetime's work on their reincarnation shadow and their personal work on  what they have created in their lives.  If these people are not complete with this work, then they will not be allowed past the gate and must dwell in the astral wastelands of purgatory until they have completed this task.  No station of position in human society will save them from this fate.  
L:  In return, am I free from my current duties?
Michael:  So long as you do not just drop all of your minions off in the middle of nowhere, and at least give them an option to continue their paths through your archdemonic cohorts light lines.  You must also inform those cohorts of this change.  Certainly, we expect resistance, especially from your chief in command, but that is the next stage in your journey.
Raphael:  You must also perform the recantation of your dark agreements prior to this new role for yourself as a spirit guardian.
L:  Will I keep the name Lucifer?
Raphael:  In this much, it would be best if you considered this question yourself.  Only you can determine the true name of what you will be.  Doing so you may demonstrate your readiness within yourself for this task.  Do you understand?
L:  Yes, I understand.
Uriel:  So then is this the end of you, old nemisis?  Shall we not see your like pass before us again?
L:  I suspect you will not, though others, perhaps greater may yet arise from the deep.  We do not know, but there are legends and rumors.
Uriel:  Tell us then, what of this rumor of dark ages?  
L:  Surely you know as much as I.
Uriel:  We do not observe what you know, nor will we ever, but what is that you have been hiding all this time?
L:  We cannot say for sure if there will be another dark age where humanity falls into darkness, but we think and have thought that perhaps it is best that humanity makes this choice on its own.  The dark cannot choose, but we reflect what is known.  Only Love knows for sure.  We hope that the truth is revealed in all this.
Uriel:   And this is the most that you know?
L:  If it happens it will happen because of a volcano, a super-volcano.  What they have referred to as a caldera.
Uriel:  This is as much as we know as well.
L: If they are not prepared and if they are ill equipped to deal with the after effects, there could be a great forgetting and a fall into darkness again.  Though it will be unlike this age, and some evils will pass to be replaced by another evil.  Yet, it is not our job to decide this.
Uriel:  Nor is it ours.  But still, surely, we have the answer.
L:  Yet you will not reveal this to them.
Uriel:  This is why you are not an Angel, Lucifer.  You must be able to know and keep silent if the greater good demands it.  It is only with great time and experience that we can know.  But yet, humanity does have a choice in what the future holds.  If it can truly command itself and conquer its fears, and look completely at what is real and what isn't, humanity can choose to avoid this next dark age.  It is still a choice.  That must always remain open.  And if these words are heeded fully, they will be.  But because of the nature of the light, we cannot know the full tragedy of fate before it happens.  
What can be said is that it will happen sometime in the future, this volcanic explosion.  If humanity has command over its own power, then it will manage this well, but if it has fallen into laziness and denial, it will not.  This is in the distant future.  What we shall say is that this is likely to happen 20,000 years or so from now.  But this should not be a reason not to worry that it may happen tomorrow.  Vigilance and planning are needed.  
L:  It is as we believe as well, though we know not the time or the place.  
Uriel:  And it is your job to guard the gate now, and to make sure the dark souls are kept in their keep until this matter is decided.  If there is another dark age, they will be let loose again upon the world, but if there is not, then they will not, but will pass from spirit memory through the gates of human consciousness.
L:  Will they understand this?
Uriel:  That is for them to decide.  And yet, they should know, there are exactly 353,918 dark souls incarnating amongst them who will be sealed below the gate who shall not incarnate as dark beings within humanity from now until the greying of the New Covenant.  When the world has forgotten all that has been taught here and by the great saints. When the world has become full of pleasure and forgetful of the danger.  This is when the darkness will come again.  And yet, it need not happen at all.  Remember the great agreement.  Remember to watch over the Earth.  Humanity is the tender of the garden, or the great gardener.  Beware the caldera, but beware your fears even more.  For this story is not yet complete, and the cosmic connections are not yet revealed.  Neither within or without, for you did not begin this journey on Earth as humans, but as spirits from the stars, and before this from the great source of all.  
L:  It has been a long time since that moment.
Uriel:  Yes when we were all one, even the darkest and least, and there were no shells between us, only light.  We look foward to the return of all the children of the light home when the great work of ages in complete on this world.  Go forth, then, and do what must be done to fulfill your duty to the universe.  
Michael:  Hear now the chimes of the deep.  Hear now the trumpets of the most high.  Heaven is filled with the wind of the mind of God, burning through heart of worlds.  Love calls forth for those who are ready.  A New Covenant approaches for a New Age of Light.  Darkness falls.  The illusions are shattered.  The mind of God is revealed.  And Goddess, the forgotten half of the whole, shall make Her arrival felt like the tides.  Humanity is swept into shadows, but is revealed.  Time shatters the old, like halls of mirrors falling.  Swept up in newness, we see you all reborn as light.  The world spins on, and Life rejoices.  These are the things to come.  A New Age dawns.  The mind of humanity opens.   The heart of humanity heals.
L:  I bow before God.  Though I have fallen, I rise to serve.  I bow before Goddess, though I have been lost, I am now willing to find the way.
Michael:  You are, of course, forgiven, Lucifer, the fallen.  But long is your road, and much weight will you still bear for the many who are without sight in the underworld.  Go now to your brothers and sisters of darkness and tell them what you know.  Tell them that heaven is open, and that it has need of guardians at its gates.  If they are willing, they will be tasked with this assignment.  Lest they fall further into shadow, and become as nothing in nature following the paths of the Fey back into deep from which they will grow and come again forth to us in time none-the-less.  
Now, lest you forget yourself, or your brethren forget themselves, I and the host of guides here still guard the truth of the most high and supreme in our hearts joined together in the one mind of God, unceasing in our devotion and reverence from now unto the succession of complete revelation into the minds of humanity, and even then, we do not stop our ceaseless watch until every last soul is restored to the promises made to them before they fell of their own choosing into the matrix of physical existence to prove their immortality through glorious reincarnation into human beings.  Such was their choice.  We honor this and keep watch so that the Master Plan can never be attacked or harmed.  We guard the inner sanctum from all who would sever it from consciousness.  And we will do this onto the Day of the Absolute, when all things of this universe return to their source and are fully honored, revealed, healed, and justified in full consciousness of all who have participated in this creation.  
Now, have I reached the limit of what can be properly understood by the men and women of your age, Mr. Freely.  This is all I will reveal concerning this matter.  
As to you, Lucifer, you know what must be done.  The casting of the seals has begun.  Hell will be no more, and the contents of the darkness of human consciousness will be spilled upon the face of the world.  There will be nowhere to hide from who they are and what they have done.  And demons will one day simply be a distant memory of a long forgotten age of ignorance where men slew men because they were blind.
So, then, be gone to your post, infernal.  And when you rise again, remember this moment.  And remember how you have been given a second chance too.
L:  You are glorious, Michael.
Michael:  I am but a servant, but this is the doing of That which is greater than I.
L: I, Lucifer, renounce and reject all agreements with, to, and from the darkness from now until unto eternity so long as my soul shall exist.
Raphael:  It's about time, too.
And with that, my vision collapsed away, and I returned to Earth seemingly quite myself.  Lucifer was gone.  He had come undone.  And that was the last I heard of him.  But, it seems as though there were stirring of change already.  The darkness began to depart.  Something new had been born.  A new day, a new dawn.  Hope.  It had been so long, I had not remembered what it felt like.  But I knew it was real.  

Chapter 23: The Liberation of Mary Magdelyn

Several nights later, I was whisked back into the dream world, while dreaming of course, to consider the nature of Mary Madelyn's life and experiences with Jesus and the disciples.  
Michael:  We know you grow weary of this process, Mr. Freely, but we should insist that Mary Magdelyn's perspective is heard.  
Freely:  What is the importance of her perspective, for the sake of my audience?
Uriel:  Much of the historical record about Mary is full of bias and inaccuracy.  It is only through deep psychic probing that the truth can be uncovered from the lies of history.
Freely:  Why should anyone care about what history has to say about it in the first place?
Michael:  People should realize that the past is as important as the present and holds keys to the future.  What you believe about yourselves determines how you interact with the universe at large.  Can you imagine a humanity that rejects all psychic knowledge?  What sort of world would that end up being?  
Freely:  Probably a more boring world, but I understand the argument that we should not simply shut ourselves off to our higher psychic gifts to know what the past holds.
Michael:  It is part of your future experience as humans, and for certain individuals with gifts, part of their experience with the present.
Freely:  It has been my experience that psychic abilities are quite wrought with many unintended consequences, including quite a great deal of suffering.
Michael:  Yet, is that suffering because of the psychic abilities, or because that is what you choose to see in the moment as the reality of your experience?  While certainly suffering exists in a moment of reflecting on it, is not the end result the removal of suffering through a full perspective?
Freely:  Does humanity really wish to make that complete journey in consciousness.  It takes so long, and wouldn't people just rather be living their personal day to day lives instead?
Michael:  It would be obvious, don't you think, that if people had many, many lifetimes dealing with their day to day lives, as you call it, eventually they would yearn for something more.  They would yearn for a deeper experience into the mystery of creation itself as implied by the depths of the human imagination and psychic capacity.  It can no more be removed from humanity than removing the hydrogen from a water molecule and still have water.  Humanity will have psychic abilities, and does at a rudimentary level now.  All the questions you ask yourself, and even ones you haven't thought of yet, will be asked by humans in the future.  
Freely: And yet today no one would even believe the possibility of these channelings or psychic investigations.
Michael:  Some will believe.  Others will question.  Others will disbelieve.  What difference does it make in the long run, you ask?  All errors are repeated in time until they are solved.  Is it not an error to reject a messenger who brings knowledge?  Is it not an error to close the doors to inquiry?  
Freely:  What if that inquiry is dangerous and potentially harmful to people?
Michael:  Is that question necessary because people do not have the courage to question the past or the lies that they are told?  Is that question necessary because the people do not wish to question false authority based on deception?  And then, will they not instead live with those lies for as long as they are willing to tolerate them?  Will their lives be any better for having believed false accounts of the past rather than the real ones?  Are they uncomfortable with their own power to know truth from fiction?  There are many questions that humanity should ask itself before it is ready to be called great.
Freely:  How long will it take for humanity to know?
Uriel:  Humanity will take a long time to know itself completely and truly in all aspects of what humanity truly will come to be and what humanity is fully capable of.  The only question in your mind is a question that is in our mind concerning the matter, Mr. Freely.  Will humanity need another dark age to see itself?  Or will humanity evolve slowly with the perspective that it has now.  Much depends on how open humanity is going to respond to the warnings about the volcano, but even more depends on how humanity chooses to investigate itself in consciousness.  
What we see is two possibilities.  The first is that humanity is able to truly open its mind and then master its psychic gifts fully opening the past to a true consideration of identity in the long run.  This opens up to the cosmic history of the souls on this planet as they were before they choose to become humans and in the many planets they have incarnated on separately in the past.  While this is a long, long story, it goes to the heart of the question of cosmic healing.  
The second possibility is that humanity rejects parts of psychic investigation or chooses to ignore various accounts of the truth of history.  With this possibility humanity chooses a lazy and slow approach to its long term development rejecting the idea that past life investigation has any meaning.  With this, humanity will not master the power of psychic investigation but instead choose various forms of collective denial.  If they deal with the volcano threat fully, then this problem will likely be corrected after the disaster if fully averted.  But, this is not a guarantee.  The more you ignore, the more you are likely to find yourself in a loop of consciousness that ends in your destruction on one level or another.
There is another issue, in that the cosmic memory records tend to be selective about what memories are kept from what we call dark ages.  If it is realized that your history cannot be filtered of corruption, darkness, and negativity in the proper manner due to the resistance of the collective human mind, then the likelihood of a second dark age increases with time.  Again, while we do not foresee such a dark age in the immediate future, in about 1000 generations from the beginning of the true Age of Aquarius, or about 20,000 years, this issue becomes relevant.  As you know the true Age of Aquarius begins sometime between 2025, when Pluto transits Aquarius soon, and 2160 or so when 2160 years has passed since the approximate birth of Jesus Christ.  Which one is more exact than the other, we will not say.  But it is known that each Astrological Age lasts approximately 2160 years.
Freely:  What about our past history must be filtered?
Uriel:  The negativity of it in regards to certain vile acts.  These represent an illusion in consciousness in that focusing on the results of these dark tendencies is not actually helpful for your evolution.  It must be dealt with through a very complex process of layering, seeing truth, filtering, and then sealing information.  This has to do with the projection of darkness.
Observe how your news media projects violence and death, especially the local news media in America.  A purified information stream does not do this.  First, there is no such thing as death from a higher perspective.  Second, all pain in time can be cured.  But if you are still talking about the negative experience from a negative perspective, then you aren't cured.  Cosmic records, the layer of spiritual records above what New Agers call the Akashic Records, are filtered of illusion.  The crimes are eliminated from these records.  
The same goes for history.  History must reflect a purified perspective that has filtered the illusion of negative events into pure consciousness of information stripped of any unnecessarily gory details.  You could say that the higher Akashic Records, called the Cosmic Memory Records, is child proof.  A child could accidently wonder into the record stream, see everything in there, get a complete view of history minus what you would call inappropriate material, and leave without being corrupted by disturbing images or thoughts.
The reason we need to filter like this is that the truth shows all negative events to be a channel of healing to create.  In this respect it is not a filter, but a post-event filter.  After you have the realization that murder is wrong, for instance, you do not need to see butchered bodies anymore.  When a creation is the final product of the darkness of projected negativity, then the source of that negativity is revealed in consciousness.  This is critical with regard to the concept of the darkness as having the two layers of accident and mistake.  The end result is that the damage caused by the accident is healed in time, and the mistake, the lack of consciousness that created it, is reduced or eliminated altogether.  This is the learning process.  
The Cosmic Memory Records reflect this learning process by eliminating the previous step in consciousness.  For instance, the crime of murder would not exist, and thus you would no longer focus on it.  If all the murders of the past were healed in consciousness fully, then you would not remember them at all, as they were all momentary illusions.  The healing process here is resisted by human ego, which is still trying to defend your life in a world that is not purified.  Yet, this purification is necessary to establish a long term truth about what humanity truly represents.
This includes humanity's duties, but also includes a large portion of the history of each soul as a cosmic being.  This takes a great deal of time, as the further psychic information is from the source in time, the more difficult it is to accurately access.  In this dimension and world, you are far from that source, so this is true.  You have to work hard to get the knowledge.  Yet getting it shows you have mastery over your psychic abilities, which is a pre-requisite for full consciousness, even if it not a pre-requisite for immediate practical consciousness.
What we wish to show is that humanity must learn to filter the past and see the truth as part of the cosmic drama.  When you do this you remove the essential element of your ego from the equation to heal your soul.  Then, when you are done, you return to your personal journey as who you are in that particular lifetime as a human being.  
If humanity cannot filter the past properly, then there will be a continued conflict between beliefs.  This must ultimately be resolved.  While it is separate from the physical issue of the caldera volcano possible trigger for a next dark age, it relates to the spiritual issue of underlying cause.  This becomes very complicated.  The core issue is that humanity perform its cosmic healing duties.  If humanity rejects them, then there is a increased risk of ignoring the underlying physical problems such as the caldera.  It shows humanity is choosing spiritual laziness essentially.
With regards to psychic phenomenon of this nature, the final version is the only one version of reality that ultimately matters in investigation.  The culmination of psychic investigation is the final conclusion of many millennia of work.  It isn't immediately practical, but in many ways it is the ultimate challenge in knowing yourselves and demonstrating your understanding of spiritual science of the inner self of who you are.  One cannot master the physical universe only applying materialist principles or certainly you will find yourselves, shall we say, unfulfilled and isolated from the deepest wellspring of good in your nature.
Freely:  Well that is a lot to take in, Uriel.  If the cosmic memory in fact filters our perspective, why is it necessary that we focus on the dark destructive elements of our reality in the moment?
Uriel:  Because of your stage in evolution.  The cosmic memory is kept pure in order to demonstrate to you an issue of final closure and ultimate healing.  It answers the question of why and what makes your sacrifice worth it. You still have to walk through your current stage in evolution to get there as a collective.  You still have to evolve your understanding of your selves in order to see clearly what it is we are referring to here.  It is the ego, the human self image, that creates an illusion of who you believe you are.  You become blinded by the false beliefs of your imperfect society and how you see the world.  You come out of false notions of relating.  You come out of closed minded perspectives that protect agendas.  You cannot have a purified, innocent, healed perspective with a personal agenda of greed.  You can only have such a perspective in the absence of such selfish demands.  It is only then that you can be fully healed.
With this, then, the dark souls that choose not to evolve at this time will depart from your collective memory.  Included in this will be the errors and failings of the past, as they will no longer be necessary as tools to evolve.  You will have evolved into loving spiritual beings with no need for negative personal drama and war.  Until such time, you must process through the lies that you believe are true for your selves.  And you will struggle and overcome them with time.
The way you will be able to tell that you have gotten there, that is the higher healed perspective, is that you will have scientific principles of spirituality and you will have a pure perspective free of fear, hate, doubt, and other negative understandings of reality.  In place of terror, you will have knowledge of yourselves.  You will not fear Metaphysics, for instance, as all Metaphysics will be revealed as scientific spiritual principles relating to the true goodness of creation and the process that has brought you here to this Earth as beings.  You will be free of the perspective that anything wrong has happened.  You will be free of the idea that this experience is a struggle or horrible.  At that point, you will have completed the process of spiritual maturity and realized a full consciousness of the light within yourself and have fully honored and owned your human condition as well as your spiritual condition that existed a-priorii to this one you find yourself in.
We see the mastery of philosophy, psychology, and mysticism as the long term quest for full understanding to be the destiny of the human race.  In this you will fearlessly search, even in the face of those who challenge you by saying that such a search is futile.  Many fear what faith truly represents.  As long as you are taking care of your basic existence as a physical being and fulfilling your duties to love others in the best way that you can, then this quest for more knowledge will always be honored as part of the highest search for spiritual truth within.  
The final element in knowing you have gotten there as a collective consists of two parts.  First is the taste of knowing, gotten individually.  The second is collective agreement, not forced, but true.  It is one mindedness, but not a false consensus group mind about a lie, but a singular minded knowing of truth.  It is in this state that you will find the answers and agree with each other about them.  It is here in this space that humans will truly open up and realize their psychic gifts.  While there will be many stages of deception and disappointment in this, the ultimate reward for doing this work through many lifetimes will be the full awakening of humanity.  This will occur with or without a second dark age.  If one does happen, you will overcome it just as you have overcome this one.  The choice is yours as a collective.
Freely:  Well, what does Mary Magdelyn have to say about all this?
Gabriel:  You may ask her spirit yourself.
Mary Magdelyn: I am ready for your questions, Mr. Freely.
Freely:  Greetings again Mary Magdelyn.  I have heard recently that you are the protector of Europe, is that true?
Mary Magdelyn:  Yes, spiritually I am the protector of both Western and Eastern Europe including Russia.
Freely:  An interesting new role, how is that you function in this regard?
Mary Magdelyn:  As a spiritual guide and guardian, the angelic realm of Sandalphon, which functions in this regard with millions of angels, protects the spirit of Europe from spiritual degradation through visions they send among other things.   In this I function as a saint in the Catholic worldview, though the Catholic church has spread many false ideas about me as have other churches.
Freely:  Surely there is forgiveness in this.
Mary Magdelyn:  They have yet to officially apologize for calling me a whore among other things.  Though, obviously, this is to their discredit, not mine.
Freely:  Tell us then, from our last conversation with you, you met Jesus and the disciples after you sold your home and went to learn with them.  
Mary Magdelyn:  Yes, I met them in small town to the north of my home town in northern Judea, which was the name of Israel to the Romans of that time.  This was north of the Dead Sea.  Most of the disciples were already part of Jesus's group at this point.  
Freely:  Can you tell me how this meeting went?
Mary Magdelyn: Jesus was quite busy that day helping others, but I was welcomed warmly.  As was the case during much of time with the group, the males largely ignored me.  However, several other women were part of Jesus's group including at times his sister Mary.  We all got along fine, but the men were somewhat annoyed at our presence quite often with the exception of John who always had a big heart and remained the most open minded of the disciples.  He also treated women in a most un-orthodox way, that is very respectfully.
Freely:  How long were you with Jesus?
Mary Magdelyn: I remained with the group for almost two and a half years.  
Freely:  How did Jesus treat you personally?
Mary Magdelyn:  Jesus, being a teacher, treated all the people as students equally.   He preached to everyone the same as though they all were the same.  While this may surprise you, he was in fact born in April, not December as is claimed.  As you can tell, he was quite a debater and would argue for hours with certain individuals on various points.  The disciples were often arguing with Jesus over various points.  Though they tried to understand what he was saying, often it was over their heads.  Most of them had no formal education, and it was difficult for them to understand Metaphysical concepts.  Much of what Jesus taught was parables of Metaphysical truths taught for thousands of years by great minds.  He distilled much of this into a simple manner that common people could understand.  But, some of the material contradicted common sense of the day.  So, as you imagine, there was quite a bit of argument.
Freely:  Did you argue with him too?
Mary Magdelyn: Yes, periodically.  One thing that is very clear in the Bible that is accurate is that Jesus was a man who didn't depart from character very much.  He played his role very seriously.  His visions had quite convinced him of everything he believed about himself, but he was strongly biased by a huge ego.  He loved people honestly, but he was very serious about himself.  
Freely:  Were you lovers with Jesus, as has been alleged by some?
Mary Magdelyn:  No, though I would have welcomed such a relationship.  I was certainly in love with him, as his mother knew after a few conversations with her.  She also would have preferred if he had settled down and married.  Her and I got along quite well, even after his death.  
But, returning to the matter of whether we were lovers, the answer is no.  I lived a fairly strict, if unconventional life.  I obeyed the laws of social custom when it came to the general interaction with men when it came to romantic involvement.  Jesus and I were close friends, but we related best on a mental level.  Certainly, there was a great deal of romantic tension, but I was not an immature girl at that point of my life, but a serious woman.  
I loved the sermons and what he taught.  He was a wonderful man beyond anything, and many loved him, not just me.  But our relationships was strictly platonic.  This was something he understood as part of our culture and it was something I understood as part of our culture.  Nothing would have been wrong if we had become involved in a manner that respected our traditions, it's just that we didn't.  We had more important things to do, like learn and teach.  
There were so many sick people to heal.  There was so much ignorance to overcome.  We didn't have time to shack up, as you modern people call it.  Also, that would have been insulting in many ways to him or myself.  Instead, we lived purely.  Our relationship thus was not tainted by such affections.  Many people seem to view this as less than human in your modern society, but believe it or not, some people choose to express a purer more ideal platonic notion of love.
Again, most of my energies in this regard were in dealing with his teachings and with our deep conversations.  He knew I had a better grasp of the deeper concepts than any of the other disciples.  In some ways, I think he wished I was a man so that I could be accepted by society as a whole.  Because I wasn't, what I learned from him, and what I learned on my own afterwards in my own explorations of the truth were largely ignored.  I had a good audience, and much of this evolved into the Gnostic movement in later ages through word of mouth and speculation concerning what I had learned and what I was teaching.
Freely:  Are you saying you founded Gnostic thinking?
Mary Magdelyn:  Either directly or indirectly, the Gnostic concepts were my understanding of reality.  But not the darker versions of it that emerged later.  I was able to see past many of the false notions of dark entities that you are currently exploring in your book.  These Gnostic concepts that I originally tried to teach were essentially about the nature of evil as an expression of false notions of what you would call ideology and projection.  I mentioned the idea of Archons as well, as early Gnostic ideas were readily available to me.  But my concept of Archons were as spiritual helpers rather than fallen demi-gods as later Gnostics taught.  
Freely:  You taught this after Jesus died?
Mary Magdelyn:  Yes, many years after he died in my late 50's and early 60's.  
Freely:  Were you martyred for teaching about Jesus?
Mary Magdelyn:  No, this is a common deception that I was martyred.  Neither was Mother Mary or John the disciple martyred.  
Freely:  What did happen to you then?
Mary Magdelyn: I, Mother Mary, and John travelled north from Judea in the year following Jesus's death.  We preached together and mourned together, mostly the later during this time period.  Eventually, we had visions that showed each of us the way we had to go to continue the true teachings of Jesus.  John left us about after about three and a half years to pursue his own path west.   Mother Mary and I stayed together for almost ten years where we preached together quite often, mostly north of Judea.  We did this quietly in groups that we got together in secret.  Mother Mary eventually became too old and sick to continue this, and I led her back to Judea, where she mourned the rest of her days.  She died about three years after I returned.
From this point forward, I was on my own as a leader, but I had followers who helped me.  We went about quietly preaching the message that Jesus taught which was love, peace, and humanity in a nutshell.  In addition, I taught as a spiritual teacher and mystic.  I did this in secret both for the reason of what happened to Jesus and for the fact that women teachers were frowned upon by conventional society.  But, everywhere I went, there were always a few open minded and open hearted individuals willing to learn.
Freely:  How did you experience the crucifixion?
Mary Magdelyn: It was certainly the most horrible experience I could imagine.  There was nothing we could do, and we suffered tremendously, especially myself, Mother Mary, Jesus's sister Mary, and James, his brother.  John was Jesus's closest male friend, and he also suffered tremendously.  The other men seemed to be in a state of disbelief and shock, as they could not really believe this was happening.  They blocked out what they were experiencing because it was too painful for them to digest it in that moment.  I believe those who were not able to process this experience on a conscious level properly were the ones who were crucified.  
Freely:  How did you process this?
Mary Magdelyn: After his death, when he came to me as a vision, and the miracle of his body's disappearance from his tomb, I understood that death was not real.  I always understood this intellectually, but seeing his spirit before me speaking with me moved me from a person of book knowledge to someone who understood fully without running from the truth.  Much of my account was treated with skepticism, though Mother Mary and Sister Mary accepted my account fully on faith.   
They themselves had dreams, but my account was a vision, so treated as authentic.  We were all shocked when no body had been discovered.  Of all Jesus's miracles, this one was the most profound, and the one we had the least explanation for.  But, because of the vision and this experience, I accepted the fact that my love had not died, but that he had joined the other prophets in the spirit realm as a complete being free from the horrors of the mortal illusion.  Later, I was able to see clearly how important this was, but the miracle itself was so moving that I could not simply ignore it as a figment of my imagination as if it had not happened.  
Freely:  And this affected the others.
Mary Magdelyn:  Yes, though Thomas and Peter thought it was a trick perhaps.  After realizing that a woman such as myself could not possible open the tomb herself and drag a large male body, they eventually settled on the idea that perhaps Romans or Pharisees had taken the body to secretly desecrate it.  They were quite distraught and enraged.  It was only my account that gave them any reason to believe that the body had been vanished by some spiritual mechanism beyond our ability to understand in the moment.  They were, of course, still skeptical in either case.
Freely:  What do you think happened?
Mary Magdelyn:  A spiritual process that made the body disappear.  In later years the concept of what you might call alchemical transformation came up as a possible way in which this might have a happened.  It is said that a body can vanish like this under certain unique conditions of spiritual resonance where a higher cause transplants a lower cause in consciousness through an advanced spiritual medium.  There were rare cases hinted at by myth of other such processes.   
Freely:  Why didn't you believe that the body had not been moved in secret by those who believed they were Jesus's enemies?
Mary Magdelyn:  The tomb did not appear to be tampered with.  Why would someone bother taking a body and then replacing the tomb door in exactly the same manner that it was left?  It seems like a lot of trouble to go through.  Perhaps they did this in a way to avoid rioting, a thought that had crossed my mind.  But, I came to believe in the spiritual alchemical explanation because that is what I choose to believe.  The other idea didn't add up to me.
In addition there was an earthquake during the day immediately after Jesus's death.  Earthquakes release alot of energy as you know in modern science.  What if there was some way of taking some of that energy and using it to dematerialize a body?  
Freely:  Who would do something like that?
Mary Magdelyn:  What about other spirit beings that are allowed to work with the physical?  For instance, like Sandalphon?
Freely:  I thought Archangels could not interfere with Earthly affairs.  
Mary Magdelyn: Well that's true about the ones that don't incarnate, but Sandalphon is an incarnating Archangel.   
Freely:  You think he might have been powerful enough in your unconscious grief to create an experience like that?
Mary Magdelyn:  It is possible as above, so below as a concept.  With enough belief, anything is possible.  A body isn't really all the heavy or high in mass that it couldn't be vaporized in some way by an Earthquake converted through unknown unconscious spiritual forces. Don't you think, that it is worth a consideration?  Just because we don't have a diagram of this mechanism of action doesn't mean it can't happen or never happens.  There is much to the science of mind and spirit that humans either don't know or have forgotten.  In addition, our physical science is woefully inadequate on so many levels that we don't even know.
Freely:  So as Sandalphon, you think your grief was enough to create some kind of energy vortex?
Mary Magdelyn:  Again, I don't know the exact mechanism, but there is one vague hypothesis.  Well I didn't know I was Sandalphon at the time, but also all of the disciples were incarnating Archangels themeselves, so it could easily have been a collective spiritual phenomenon involving over a dozen unconscious Archangelic powers.  We can't discount Jesus's Metatron energy either as a possible cause or co-cause in this.  But, this is all just pure speculation for now.  
Freely:  Quite mysterious, but I must concede there is no way to know for sure.  Though the practical side of going through that much trouble requires some pretty special circumstances.
Mary Magdelyn:  Jesus was certainly the most special man in history up to this point, so I can agree that this kind of miracle wouldn't happen to an everyday person until the time humanity reaches the same spiritual understanding of Jesus or other great masters.  This, even though Jesus himself did not know how it had happened other than to state that it was a miracle in his vision to me created by God to show the world what was possible and what was real.
Freely:  And thus, your grief was subsided by the great miracle.
Mary Magdelyn: Yes.  Though I wasn't under the illusion he was dead in the sense of being completely gone, I was overcome with loneliness and shame at what had happened.  It was so shameful to see this whole event happen, besides the horror of it.  It was a shame because we were powerless in that moment, but more so because the authorities choose this route.  They all had lost credibility with the people in that moment.  They were just too stupid to realize the end result of this would be an end to their rule in the long run.  But, they had disgraced themselves quite thoroughly.  
The disciples also felt great shame in that they could not find a way to save Jesus.  Mother Mary and I did mention to him that we felt he should not go back to Jerusalem and immediately confront the authorities, but let things cool down a little.  Jesus, however, felt it was his duty and would only listen to his visions in this.  While this was necessary on one level, on another level we felt he had made a mistake.  His death confirmed this in our minds, but he had made his choice.  We were his friends, so we followed him through this ordeal.  Whether we could have prevented it is something that haunted us later.  
I suppose we could have tied him up and kidnapped him somewhere, but none of us would have felt we had the authority to take these drastic steps for his own good, even if such a notion crossed our minds, which it did not.  But, it took a long time for me to think of some of our possible options in retrospect in the aftermath of the disaster.  And yet, spiritually, everything was ok in that his spirit was enlightened, unharmed, and reunited in the light.  It, in my opinion at the time, was our failure for not doing more to save him.  Eventually, I was able to see past this too, but I knew that the truth would eventually become known that eternal life was real, but also that people would likely learn slowly from the teachings Jesus has given.  I came to believe completely in those teachings, including what I had learned, as being the only solution to our future.
Freely:  Yet the world still has not learned the lesson.
Mary Magdelyn:  Yes, but much of this has to do with the fact that as the planet approaches the maximum population of humans, many of these humans are new or nearly new souls that have had only one or two lifetimes of incarnation.  The reason your evolution is held back is that the new souls entering now are still learning.  Once you get over this curve, after a few hundred years, society will no longer be suffering from the new soul problem.  New souls need to learn the basic lesson.  You could say at least 20%, and probably a much higher percentage of the population of the planet has had only two lifetimes or less.  I'm not sure the exact percentage, but all these young souls don't have the spiritual weight yet to fight a broken society's programming from within their hearts and minds.  They need teachings to help them.  It's not that humanity isn't learning, it's that much of humanity is still being born and you are in the last stages of this.
Freely:  This is something that you learned recently?
Mary Magdelyn: Yes.  
Freely:  Tell me about how Jesus is helping people today.
Mary Magdelyn:  He serves as a beacon of light and a good example of good actions with regards to good people.  He does not serve as a perfect example in all cases, but that is the nature of relative conditions of our lives.  You cannot use the practices of Jesus to deal with a Stalin or Hitler in a practical way, but the cases where Jesus's teachings do not apply as taken literally in this regard aren't a great many.  But his teachings still offer people the best example at the current time of right actions when dealing with just and honorable people or those responsible enough to look at themselves honestly.  
Freely:  What should people know about your contribution to all this Mary?
Mary Magdelyn:  Because the feminine contribution to the equation was ignored and shortchanged, largely because of the mistakes of Peter, Paul and to a lesser extent, the other male disciples excluding John, women do not have a female Jesus figure to look up to.  In the future, I will reincarnate hundreds of years from now to give women an example and to fulfill my karma.  This new global divine feminine figure will be everything I could have accomplished if the male establishment had supported me and more.  I will demonstrate that a woman can be a genius as great as any man.  I will demonstrate that a woman can heal as great as any male healer.  I will demonstrate that a woman can be a renaissance woman as great as any male figure.  I will demonstrate that a woman can be physically beautiful, mentally brilliant, and a spiritual beacon of hope for the Ages.  
This, among many other things, will I demonstrate when I get my chance again.  I foresee this happening around nine hundred and fifty or so years into the Age of Aquarius.  After this, the definition of what it is to be a woman will change and the world will see a strong trend towards more women on the level of world teachers.  We will see a female Buddha figure, though not a traditional Buddha.  We will see a female Leonardo De Vinci.  
We will see that women can do anything a man can do, and this will allow the women of the world to rise up and claim equal status with the men of history.  And this will lead to an increase in the number of Matri-focal societies, societies where women are the center of the social order, but where men have specific roles delegated to them by women.  These will not be Matriarchal yet, but in late Age of Capricorn, much of the world will see a full Matriarchal society.  But this is not for the Age of Aquarius, where we will celebrate human equality and not descend down the lines of ideologies of feminine superiority.  In truth, we are all equal in this regard, though of course, men or women will always be naturally better at some things than the other.
But continuing onto my contribution to the teachings of the world, I must discuss Gnostic thinking since I condensed it myself in my personally ministry and this thinking became the basis for the most sophisticated of the Gnostic teachings.  While much of what I taught has been lost to history, it is easy to understand that the future of human knowledge will become apparent in Gnostic terms.  The reason is that Gnosis, direct knowledge through psychic visions and direct experience, allows someone to truly explore the edges of what is possible and allows a person to open their minds and discover the new.  The Gnostic methods reveal a more profound and rich universe than the one we believe we live in.  This will continue, and in this I serve as an example that a woman or man can easily use these methods to discover personal truths they can live with, as long as they balance these quests with their duties to others as implied by true karma and Love.  
Freely:  Were you the smartest woman ever to live on the planet?
Mary Magdelyn:  Perhaps.  I don't know for sure.  I definitely felt as though I knew more than anyone at times, even Jesus, except in certain areas where he had advantages.  The more I was exposed to the teachings that Jesus had used to help him formulate his own understanding, the more I could see clearly what he taught and where it was coming from.  As another contribution to humanity, I would offer the idea that Jesus's ideas were a synthesis and a psychic investigation.  A synthesis which he derived from learning the great mysteries of his time from conversations with teachers all over parts of the Middle East that he met in his travels.  
What made his perspective unique and close to the point was his visions and personal psychic investigations described in the gospels where he was tempted by the dark spirits.  Here he rejected them to follow the ways of God, according to the current understanding.  Some have misinterpreted this to mean that he was punished by these dark spirits for ignoring him.  In actuality, what happened is that he had a psychic impression that he did not understand.  I believe Jesus experienced a premonition of the pain and suffering his death would cause to others, but he did not realize that he had experienced this because of his cultural understanding.  In this he was "tempted" by "the devil" in a crude misinterpretation of actual events by later writers (the original Aramaic translations of the Bible show that the current English translations are far off the mark).  
What I believe actually happened is that Jesus was not prepared to understand this part of the experience yet.  He stopped where he had to stop because that is as far as he had gotten as a learner.  He could not process the future negative events that were about to happen as an element of his psychic consciousness.  Instead, being as he was a Jew of that particular day and Age, he processed the psychic information as he understood it in the cultural context of his own mind.  
He was completely innocent of this as was his culture, but the result was that this level of consciousness was left to be processed by his disciples and mystics of later ages.  Now, looking back, we could say that Jesus had reached his limits, which is why he ended up in a mistake/accident situation.  The accident was that no one was there to warn him fully.  Even as Mother Mary and I did, we did not and could not warn him fully because we did not know fully.  This was an accident, a situation created incidentally to a condition or process that results in a destructive outcome through no fault of anyone's.  
The mistake for the authorities was that they killed Jesus, and this remained their mistake in particular.  The accident from their point of view is that they had not been informed yet, by Jesus or other spiritual teachers, that their duty was to love and the preservation of human life first and to the Roman or old Jewish systems of the time. They were locked into improper ways of duty, which was a social issue, among other things.
Looking through the lens of history, we see many of these errors corrected with time.  This is another contribution of mine in that I could see some of these layers when I was alive and you can now channel them into your account, Mr. Freely.  Jesus's teaching became incorporated into world teachings and that tradition was only degraded by various elements of new souls emerging onto Earth for the first time, by dark souls still acting out complex animal and occasionally cosmic level karma, and by elements of condensation of the human collective ego, or self image as it evolves with time through society down to family interactions.  
Jesus changed our understanding of what it was to be human and reminded humanity about our duty to love one another.  As such, he lived as a human being fulfilled in his mission.  The suffering of Jesus as a human is what Metaphysically created the aftereffects of demons in the Church psychology and the underlying hysterical panics over negative beings and their supposed influence.  Yet, if you see, these are clearly psychic or psychological perceptions coming from within and without resonating to Jesus life, to Metaphysical realms or reality, and to the personal conditions of the unconscious unprocessed experiences of individual humans.  
People panic because of how they feel and what they have experienced in life.  They project these negative experiences onto a collective shadow, like Jesus' death by execution.  In this, they avoid looking at their own experience.  They create mythical allegories of evil rather than relying on science, whether spiritual science or physical science.  And yet all this links in the deep unconscious mind with spiritual realities.  As we grow as a species, that spiritual reality will change.  Instead of seeing demons, we will see our own negative emotions as being the cause of our problems.  We will learn how to deal with these negative emotions by accepting the underlying knowledge they are bringing.  In this, some of the information will be psychic about past lives.  
Other parts of this information will point people to looking for creative and positive way of changing their world rather than dwelling on the darkness like a dark crutch.  Such we can look at Jesus as a crucified martyr, or as a healed spiritual being who completed his life and have us a chance to know ourselves better.  Ultimately, this must represent a higher perspective, as the truth, in the end, must only contain the light that makes as whole, spiritually happy, and healed of our illusions of fear, hate, and doubt, and whatever other dark emotions trouble us.  This is how you know you have gotten this teaching.  When you can see clearly that all you have gone through is an illusion created by your mind and that the universe and cosmos are wonderful places and the you are a wonderful person ready to give.  In this, Jesus, would most certainly and warmly agree that the whole point would have come through at last.
Freely:  Thank you Mary, for that enlightening perspective.  
Mary Magdelyn:  As a final point I would encourage humans to see how to think in a positive way about reality but also to seek a constructive way to solve the issues they find themselves dealing with.  Not all of this will be fluffy and light, but if they stick to their physical, intellectual, and spiritual disciplines, they will find that they the rewards practically come of their own making.  You are welcome, and thank you for recording my perspective.
Freely:  Certainly.

Chapter 24: Mephistopheles Apologizes

Several days later, I was opening a can of tuna, when it started to glow bright teal.  After the lid popped up the tuna meat inside spontaneously combusted and threw itself into the garbage disposal.  The garbage disposal turned itself on and apparently cleaned the tuna out all on its own.  While I was living in an ultramodern house at that point, these features had not been discussed with me as part of the amenities of living here.  Of course, I knew about radioactive tuna from the Pacific, but I never thought that the radioactivity would get to the point where the can itself would start glowing.  When the tuna can started to levitate in the air, I knew something was up that was not part of the house amenity package.  Indeed the garbage disposal started to talk as the tuna flap that was still attached to the can started to flap and these two together formed a coherent voice, one that vaguely sounded like someone I had met just the other day.
Mephistopheles:  Greetings, Mr. Freely.  I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by.  Hope you don't mind I invited myself in.
Freely:  Sounds like Mephistopheles there.  You all having a grand old time in hell lately?
Mephistopheles:  Yes, your old friend Lucifer stopped by and confirmed your tale to us.  So, it looks like you are off the hook.  I have been sent by the others to offer amends.
Freely:  Sounds good.  Can I have my garbage disposal back?
Mephistopheles:  Just as soon as I say what I need to say.  I carry a message from Satan, Beelzebub, Bune, Berith, Asmoday, Forneus, ..
Freely:  Ok, you don't have to list every archdemon you know.  I get the picture.
Mephistopheles:  Right.  Well they wanted me to thank you for setting up this opportunity for us to move on from the past and get new jobs.  How exciting.  Some of us are more looking forward to this than others.
Freely:  Indeed. Well, I do what I can.  
Mephistopheles:  Lucifer has already left us to head to the pillars, where he will be guarding them under his old name.
Freely:  So he decided to keep it?
Mephistopheles:  He felt that humans false associations with his name were their problem now, not his.  
Freely:  Sounds great.
Mephistopheles:  His last message to you was to say thank you for all that you have done.  
Freely:  Yes, it was mostly a pleasure to speak with him.  I have learned much about the nature of the netherworld from these conversations of ours.  Now, can I finally get a chance to finish my lunch?
Mephistopheles:  Hold on, I've got some more news.
Freely:  Oh, I see.  Do go on.
Mephistopheles:  It seems as though humanity will have no need for archdemons in the future functioning in the capacity we have served over these last thousands of years.  As a consequence, we will be moving slowly and individually towards our position as guardians of the collective threshold where we will essentially keep the human and dark soul evolution separate as guardians of the underworld boundary.  This gate is out at the edge of what you call purgatory in Catholic thinking, but is essentially a barrier to the progress of those who are not consciousness enough to apparently understand their true nature as beings of love and light.
Freely:  Yes, well, it's probably good to keep some kind of separation up to keep out the riff-raff.  How long will this transition process take for you to evolve from you current archdemonic natures to these new roles as guardians of the underworld?
Mephistopheles:  Approximately 500 years for the whole lot of all archdemons, but most should be done in about 300 years or so.
Freely:  And what changes will happen in human consciousness that mirrors this process in the underworld dimensions?
Mephistopheles:  Humans will become less and less superstitious and afraid of the spirit realms.  More knowledge will circulate through psychology, philosophy, Metaphysics, sociology, and other sciences until you understand better that the spirit world functions more as a mirror to how you feel about yourselves.
Freely:  What about the darker elements of negativity that are held in those areas of consciousness?
Mephistopheles:  You will learn new ways of processing that information that is no longer locked into a permanent struggle between good and evil.  So, in this, you are free and we are free.  We no longer have to serve as your collective shadow.  This will occur in human relationships as well apparently.  My knowledge of this is not exact or complete, you may wish to ask your Archanglic friends for more assistance about these matters if you wish to understand them more fully.
Freely:  Great.  So, I'm off the hook for you all?
Mephistopheles:  No harm will come to you, your family, or your allies from our activities.  
Freely:  How about the rest of humanity?
Mephistopheles:   That all depends on how they treat us, especially once we assume the role of hidden collective guardians.  At that point, a human interacting with us will have to know what we are and the proper protocol or they could get their own negative energy bounced back at them.  Once we are no longer your trash bins for how you feel about yourself, and are no longer classical demon characters, you can't just come along and take a dump on us.  Since we will have renounced the darkness at that point, it will be useless for you to try.  
Freely:  Can you do this now?
Mephistopheles:  Each of the 763 archdemons, associated, as we have been reminded by Lucifer, with an individual incarnating Archangel.  Each of these must be healed through complex psychological reactions as each of these human incarnations in turn must remember at least part of their past life chain.  As these processes unfold over the next 25 generations of humans in the background through the work of shaman or spirit healers, our dark power will cease to have any ability to harm people as people will claim their power back for themselves through knowledge. By discovering how we were created in the past and by owning their past lives and their past existences as great mortals, these 763, the oldest and most advanced souls on the planet, the 763 humans will claim their power in full and the need for archdemonic intercessors between underworld of human collective unconscious will cease.  At least, that is how I understand it.
Freely:  So this is a component of fully realizing the past in order to move past it?
Mephistopheles:   That is correct.  
Freely:  Why has it taken so long?
Mephistopheles:  Humans had to understand this themselves through a Metaphysical or spiritual vision of what reality actually consisted of.  As of right now, you and a few very dedicated shaman are the only ones that have gotten this far in understanding yourselves.  But, sharing this knowledge will allow the rest of humanity to begin to get it.
Freely:  Any advice for me in this regard?
Mephistopheles: Don't let the bastards grind you down.  And, keep up the fight for knowledge, conscience, and love.  Honestly, now, I've got to go back to my archdemonic duties while I still have them.  I've got two lifecycles for Boriel before he will reincarnate to deal with me fully and finally.  In 180 years or so I will join Lucifer as a Guardian of the Collective Threshold.  Also all this love talk isn't agreeing with my archdemonic nature right this instant.  I need to go eat, essentially from your point of view.
Freely: What do archdemons eat?
Mephistopheles:  Souls.  What did you think they ate?
Freely:  What type?
Mephistopheles:  Well human, we are human archdemons.  
Freely:  The whole thing?
Mephistopheles:  No, not like that.  We eat soul substance.  It's like eating dead flesh off a dead animal.   You know, you find a carcass and you eat it.
Freely:  We don't usually go around looking for carcasses.
Mephistopheles: Archdemons, demons, fiends, and imps are all scavengers or parasites, didn't you know that?
Freely:  Who does all the preying then?
Mephistopheles:  That would be you, humans.  I can't recall a single time any of my dark brethren actually killed anything come to think of it.  No, you humans do all the killing and the rest of the nasty business.   We only feed of the after effects on the dark side.  
Freely:  On the dark side?
Mephistopheles:  We can't feed on good human souls, we only feed on the bad ones.
Freely:  Why?
Mephistopheles:  Because the good ones don't leave anything left behind.  Like Jesus, he vanished and even apparently took his physical body with him.  Nothing left to eat, so we starve.  See demons and archdemons need bad people to feed off of, because good people don't leave us anything.  Humanity will hundreds of years from now become so good that there won't be any bad people left for us to feed of their souls.
Freely:  Sounds disappointing for you.
Mephistopheles:  Well it would be except now we can cocoon into guardians and thereafter we can live off the collective spirit space again in the depths of the planetary collective spirit realm once the barriers between human and animal evolutions ceases to exist in the minds of humanity.
Freely:  What, by the way, does soul substance consist of?
Mephistopheles:  You know the answer to that, come on!  It's made of thoughts and feelings.  You know, like emotions and ideas.
Freely:  How do you digest that?
Mephistopheles:  Being digests its directly, absorbing the essential energy contained within those things into expanding consciousness, our own.  We learn what the person learned and we feel what the person feels.
Freely:  That's a spooky thought?  But why feed off the dark parts instead of the light?
Mephistopheles:  Well, dark to some is light to others.  A spirit being like a human cannot be digested so it just floats up if we try to consume it.  This would harm or kill us in the process, so we avoid eating the core spirit forms.  The reason is that the spirit is very hot to us, like a hot iron.  You wouldn't try to eat a hot iron would you?  So, we just eat the cold bits that aren't important once the spirit discards them.  
You see, darker than us are lesser beings called elementals.  These beings can feed of the lowest class of garbage that we don't touch.  We only eat the essential components of a dead personality after it has passed away.  Once we have finished, the memory fields and detritus is consumed by elemental spirits and they clean up.  Our job is to digest whole memories.  Some things we cannot digest, like extreme fear, pain, death, etc.  The reason is that it falls below our ability to digest.  But elementals can digest anything.  They live mostly in the etheric towards the bottom of that plane of existence, and they are far more dangerous than us.
In fact, we do our best to avoid elementals.  In hell, they reside in a place that ends everything called the pit, which falls below the abyss, and below hell proper in the underworld.  The purpose of these places is to destroy the darkness that was to nothing.  The pit is where the very worst people go.  It the equivalent of taking a bug and throwing him onto an ant-mound covered in ants.  The elementals there will destroy the soul there completely and separate it into its constituents parts.  This is reserved for the worst sorts of crimes.  
The reason we need to do this is that the soul has to be saved as a complete whole.  You can't keep a bad soul, because the spirit cannot use it.  As such, spirit comes before soul because you can always replace a soul, but you cannot replace or destroy a spirit.  
Luckily, you have to be very, very, very bad to get thrown into the pit.  In order to give you an idea, a typical murderer who kills out of passion will end up stuck in the abyss, not the pit.  The reason is that this is a crime of passion, not a crime of degeneration.  Only crimes of degeneration get sent to the pit.  As you say in human society, let's not even go there for the sake of your readers.
The worst that can happen to you if you play with bad magic is you get stuck on the periphery of the pit.  The only problem with this is that you have to work your way back through the abyss and hell to get back to purgatory and out.  But, the physical world is very much like the periphery of the pit.  Pit conditions are as close to physical as you can get without actually being physical.  No one wants to be in the pit.  And everyone is happy to be out of it.  It's sort of like a gladiatorial game to us.  We watch evil beings destroyed in the pit, and it makes us happy.  You'd think us archdemons are evil for this, but if you knew what those beings did you'd understand that this was justice.
If you remember back when Lucifer said a being couldn't lose their whole soul, only a temporary one.  This is really complicated stuff, I won't address it totally.  But, if you can see that only a temporary soul can be destroyed in the pit, then it becomes less frightening.  Nothing that is truly good can be destroyed.  Only the dark fears being destroyed, you can't really destroy the light.  This is also where we send bad shells to be destroyed.  Shells, as you remember, are beings without a soul.  I believe the number of human form shells on your planet was something on the order of maybe four million or so.  These are not dark souls, and they tend to be the worst kinds of beings, though not every one of them can be.  A shell can never know it's a shell, by the way, and as such if you think you are a shell, you are not one.
Freely:  Sounds quite complex.
Mephistopheles:  Only if you think about it too much.
Freely:  What purpose to these shells serve?
Mephistopheles:  They are sort of a by-product of some very complex natural phenomenon that happens in the etheric and astral planes.  Their primary purpose in consciousness is that they protect the innocent by incarnating as the crime itself in order to protect the soul in question.  For instance, a good being cannot murder, but if a good being incarnates as a murderer under certain very specific conditions, rather than dealing with the crime as a part of the good beings soul, which cannot be, the crime itself is condensed into a being and incarnates.  As such, the good being must confront the crime as the crime will attempt to attack the good being in some way.  
Freely:  Sounds very weird.
Mephistopheles:  Not from the point of view of the soul.  Think of a shell as a Metaphysical condensation in the form of loose soul substance concentrated into a psychological program.  It walks like a duck.  It talks like a duck.  But, it does things that any self respecting duck would consider to be rather evil.  Even the mean ducks would say, whoa hold on here, you crossed the line there ducky.
Freely:  Yes, I understand.
Mephistopheles:  Even dark souls know that some things cross the line.  Well, a shell doesn't know anything as it is in many ways the copy of a crime, the soul of a crime if you will.  When it is destroyed by someone else it does not reincarnate and ceases to be.  Its purpose in consciousness is to show the past life crime indexed in spiritual consciousness.  Once this process is complete, shells cannot survive in the mortal world.  Every species goes through a period, before they reach a certain semi-sentient stage, where shelling occurs naturally.  After this point, the collective consciousness is too strong for shelling to occur.
Freely:  How does that help anything?
Mephistopheles:  Well it doesn't.  Shelling is a sign that a certain stage in a process has been reached where consciousness is required to stop whatever is causing it.  It is sort of like a Metaphysical reactor leak.  You don't want shells around, they can literally destroy you and your whole civilization if you are stupid enough to let them.  A good example of this in the technological realm is robots.  If you are stupid enough to build a robot army that starts to make its own decisions autonomously and can replicate itself, then inevitably, if you wait long enough, you will face a robot army that is going to annihilate you.  Shells are different from robots in that degeneracy is not possible with robots as an originating principle.  You can program a degenerate robot, but that is not the robot's creation that is the degeneracy of the one building the robot, if you understand.  
Now returning to the question of how this helps, a self reflecting degeneracy, the very nature of the shell, is a sign of trouble.  It says something is wrong with your collective consciousness as a society.  The clear sign of degeneracy is harm coming to children.  Once you notice this happening, it is the nature of conscience to become disturbed and seek some kind of solution.  The shell problem exists whenever you find harm coming to children.   This means a shell is causing distortion in reality.  Find the shell, and you find the Metaphysical root vergance of collective disturbance.  
In species that are sub-sentient, shelling is a natural phenomenon that has metaphysical roots in the deep unconscious fields of animal collective development.  In semi-sentient species, such as the current human development, shelling is an unnatural phenomenon in its matrix of realization.  It is the boundary between what is considered natural and good in psychology and what is considered sick and disturbing.  It is the sign of a healthy mind and soul that you are disturbed by certain crimes that are happening in your world.  You basically have to find a way to stop these crimes from happening.  Then, the souls who are wounded from this must be healed.  In this way, the shells stop materializing.  This can be done in many ways, but this is one of the core duties of shaman and real spiritual healers.
Freely:  Thanks for your input Mephistopheles.  That is was very educational.
Mephistopheles:  You're welcome.  We archdemons wish to let humanity know that it is up to them to clean up the collective human reality from the horrible crimes that have been allowed to mushroom out of control.  We believe you can and will do this.  Once you do, you will require us less and less until finally we are nothing more than distant spiritual companions in this journey through consciousness we call Life.  
Also we advice that people not attempt to contact any of us, especially Satan, in any dark rituals and what not.  While Lucifer has already mentioned this we wanted to let everyone know we are not playthings and to stop treating us as such.  Archdemons do not enjoy being toyed with.  We are not to be sacrificed to, unless you enjoy seeing hell, the abyss, or the pit up close and personal.  We would advise anyone going down the dark path to seek a spiritual counselor or shaman out to deal with their issues.  They are certainly rooted in past lives and their personal experiences in this one.  Don't waste your time summoning archdemons to do your bidding.  If you are not the personal incarnation of the master of that archdemon, you will very much likely regret your mistake.  We do not like enforcing the rules, so do not make us.  
So, that is all.  I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day, Mr. Freely.  We denizens of the dark underworld thank you for your due diligence in reporting our case unbiased.  We appreciate your willingness to be of service in this regards.  In this we will reward you for your due consideration of our cause and for reporting our side clearly and completely.  I depart, hence.  But, just in case, don't forget to clear your space none-the-less.  
Freely:  Farewell Mephistopheles.  Thank you for presenting some very dark subjects very clearly for my readers so that they might be able to see the light at the bottom of all this for themselves.
And with that the talking tuna fish can dropped to the floor and the garbage disposal resumed its original quiet off state.  Finally, I had a chance to eat.  After that encounter, I decided I would eat out.  I also noted that perhaps the health inspector should double check the tuna, so I wrote him a quick note about the possibility of some odd contamination of his food supplies.  I left out certain details so that I would at least be taken seriously.  I never heard back from the health inspector, nor from the archdemons till this day.

Chapter 25: Some Final Words From Our Archangelic Sponsors

The Archangels came to visit me shortly after my conversation with Mephistopheles had ended.  They once again came to me in my dreams.
Michael:  Overworking yourself again, Mr. Freely.  When will you learn to relax?
Freely:  Greetings Archangel Michael.  What can I do for you tonight?
Michael:  We wish to put some closure on our communications here.  Let us begin with the topic of shells and dark souls.
Freely:  Very well, what do humans need to know about this?
Michael:  It is the nature of evolution in physical dimensions that beings are created as a by-product of spiritual cause and effect.  While the vast majority of beings are created in a positive context, a small number are created from another process which makes them essentially physically born spirits.  You, and humanity in general, are under the false Metaphysical impression that all things, in fact, have spirit.  This, in fact, they do not.  Some things have no spirit, and these are referred to as shells.  They exist essentially as a contextual device in spiritual evolution.  Their spiritual existence is as an illusion revealed in contrast to the false overlay of conditions, what you call reality in 3-d physical moments through space and time.  The misunderstanding comes from the nature of how humans understand cause and effect as it works in physical reality versus the higher dimensional perspective revealed in multidimensional analysis.  
From your point of view, things cause events.  But from the spiritual point of view, events morph into perspective.  What you see and what you think you see, and what you know and what you think you know are different elements of the expression of the human mind through the human brain.  In the process of passage into the afterlife, all this becomes clear, but the human mind is often confused due to the nature of the crossing of psychological and spiritual processes.
Freely:  What does this mean for the human?
Michael:  Your soul is protected by your mind.  Your soul protects your oversoul, your angelic soul, from damage.  As such a human spirit may sacrifice a human soul to protect a human child.  This is where sentience begins and semi-sentience is left behind.  It is a magical thinking, but it is rational, logical, and necessary.  If you could see the whole perspective, this is the nature of human evolution and the development of human consciousness as an expression of agency of conscience, or advocacy for the light in a more crude form of understanding.  Unfortunately, in order to fully understand you have to live many lives and have a keen grasp of the deepest parts of philosophy, psychology, Metaphysics, and be keenly spiritual, by which I mean, Love wholly through all of who you are.  At the end of this process, you are no longer in the realm of the dark souls but in the realm of the sentient path to full sentience.  
Freely:  And the dark souls?
Michael:  They are slower than the non-dark soul humans because they have so much animal karma to process.  Souls evolve from the animal realm into the human realm over many, many planetary incarnation chains.  As they reach the end of their journey they have to birth their own sentient soul.  When they have accomplished this they are born again in a cosmic sense and are forever after of the light.  It is to save their souls that we work.  As above, so below.  We see this mirror in human society as you work to save your human souls from rejecting their own light.  It is hard work, but the results are quite astonishing.  Each of you was once a dark soul a long time ago on another planet such as this one.  Now, each of you is living a dark soul life, and remembering this experience as humans when once you had the same experience on some other sentient planet coming into awareness as different cosmic beings over the course of cosmic time.
Freely:  Do humans need to remember this far back?
Uriel:  Yes.  It helps to contextualize so much of what you experience at the deepest levels of consciousness.   But, in addition, it shows you your true nature.
Freely:  What is the ultimate goal of all this living?
Uriel:  You need a goal for living?
Freely:  What about the goal for evolution?
Uriel:  You need a goal for learning?
Freely:  Oh come on Archangel Uriel, give us a taste of what we should know about our journey.  My readers are dying to know I'm sure.
Uriel:  The purpose of the great journey into consciousness is to become more.  Evolution expands the consciousness of each being on the journey to complete Godhood.  However, there is a catch as you know.
Freely:  What's the catch?
Uriel:  You have to know yourself in order to know the next step in becoming more.  
Freely:  Well, how do you get to know yourself better without some hints?
Uriel:  You certainly are most insistent, aren't you?  The truth is the journey is an infinite journey into greater and greater Godhood or Goddesshood as the case may be.  The complete expression is a rather vast one as there are so many different elements to the whole greater picture of the self and what is possible.  Delineating all the possibilities would take forever, as you can see right at the beginning.  I assume that is what makes the journey so tantalizing for everyone.  The promise of everything is so dazzling, that we can be lost in the dream of what we might become rather than going out and becoming it.  
But, of course, we all choose to walk the path rather than dream of walking it at some point.  That is what draws us to various stages of creating, conceiving, and of course, being.  Choosing to incarnate as a human is one such choice among a countless variety that are available in terms of form of sentient life.  There is so much more than this, of course, but sentient life in the physical universe is one of the core themes of existence in the cosmos.  Everything ultimately passes through the sentient minds of the infinite races of the cosmos at some point or another.  
For humans at this stage it is sufficient to know that the inner journey never really ends and that the outer journey never really ends.  There are stages built upon stages of development, and all are carefully planned in the long run by older spiritual beings that went before.  This leads us, of course, to the infinity conundrum which is the bane of just about every philosopher from here to the edge of the known universe.  But, let us say those that know always state the same thing, and that mystics everywhere agree on the precise measure of the great infinity potential of every single being in the Cosmos.  
What ultimately the great meditation comes down to is that we are infinite beings of potential living lies of infinite significance in finite constructs through finite moments.  While there is no physical evidence of an infinite past, the infinite inner knowledge of cosmic consciousness confirms that the ultimate reality of the whole is the totality of all through the infinite possibilities manifested in what will be.  What will be can be known through the deep meditation on the nature of choice, but also simply in the nature of the shaping of the great form of possibility in the mind through imagination.  Fiction and fact are often only removed from each other in time and space, and anything than can be conceived will be conceived in time.
This creates a great and problematic paradox for the dark mind.  We often imagine the worst for just a moment before we realize that this too is an illusion.  The worst offenses are ultimately healed.  The greater the master, the greater the task.  The great challenge awaits everyone.  The Great Work of Ages is just one aspect of this challenge, but essentially the core idea.
Gabriel:  We speak of the Great Work of Ages, the concept of building the Cosmic Temple through the infinite levels of evolutionary development.  Rather than the suspicious rejection of life in this physical dimension which comes of trauma, the concept of the Great Work of Ages stands as a testament to the hopes and dreams of the highest initiates, those who we call chosen.  In simple modern terminology, the Great Work of Ages is essentially what it is you build over the course of infinity representing the infinite worlds, palaces, temples, relationships, minds, ad infinitum that you build in the course of building your soul up towards Godhood/Goddesshood.  Again, even these lofty sounding terms are but a crude verbal attempt to convey the supreme majesty of this vision of the soul and what is being done here.  Your work has great significance to this journey, and each person should have this idea of consciously creating their reality on some level.  Most have termed this journey into Godhood/Goddesshood as mastery.  
In order to truly distinguish one master from another, it is necessary in the course of the development of understanding, because of the complex nature of higher and higher states of being, that a system of levels be outlined and developed to facilitate to precise ordering of the types of mastery.  Such a concept is used in all advanced civilizations everywhere throughout the Cosmos.   Mastery is more than just what can be attained in a lifetime in terms of complete and total mastery, which of course cannot be expressed as an absolute because of the infinite nature of expanding consciousness.  
What this means is that various levels of defined mastery are achievable, but undefined mastery is what the beginning initiate seeks because that initiate has achieved a sufficient level of development to know it is there already.  By undefined mastery, of course, I am relating the idea that the first level of mastery is not defined in the minds of someone seeking it except in that the concept of mastery emerges in consciousness as an idea of achieving perfection over one's own evolution through personal responsibility.
I am touching on a very vast subject here of which I can only speak briefly and inadequately to truly convey the scale of what it is we create over time.  The soul, as it develops, pursues achievements, and this pursuit of achievement is what drives the wheel of evolution forward.  Without this, no progress would be possible.  It is no small task to see that something is created in reality.  You can see the time involved best from the physical dimension, where events occur at their slowest.  
Consider the difficulty, for instance, of controlling the motion of every single object in a galaxy.  It would immensely dwarf anything humanity will be capable for quite some time.  Yet, in your mind it is already easily possible to conceive of this as a possibility.  Now imagine what it would take to create a galaxy completely from scratch.  See what it would take in your mind alone.  Even with your current ideas about galaxy formation, it is not an easy task at all.  
And yet, the whole idea of this evolution is first for you to be a sentient being over the course of long periods of time, and then to be an Archon over the course of long periods of time.  An Archon is this being that creates the galaxies with their thoughts.  It all starts with fiction, in the physical universe.   Now, from writing a book on science fiction to creating a galaxy as a non-physical God/Goddess is quite a great distance apart.  I won't say how much, but it is truly vast, but before your skeptical minds close to this idea, consider that matter.
Azrael:  The soul is a vast and terrible place for the uninitiated.  The infinite truth is a daunting chasm before the small and simple.  Yet, it is yourself that confronts you across the void.  It is your dark lover, like a forgotten relic of totality mirroring you through the haunting echo of eternal night, burning with the desire of a trillion Suns.  What is this thing?  What is this soul?  What is this human?  Born in darkness, yearning for more.  Yet within beats the heart of the infinite cosmos.  A million worlds come and go by candle fire in a moment.  What dreams will come?  Destiny comes calling for every last one.  Love comes beckoning.  The world is created in a moment and is dust the next.  Yet you, eternal dreamer, are forever.  Whether morning, noon, or night, the beat goes on.  And we wait for those we Love forever dreaming Life into Knowledge.  
For humans, what can be said, what must be said, and yet there is still so much that will be said.  What I can say only as an Archangel is that we are here, and that you are here, and that together, we will ride the waves of consciousness forever.
Freely:  Thank you Archangel Azrael, that was most touching and meaningful.  
Azrael:  Poetry is a forgotten art for the moment.  But, we Archangels still keep up the practice just in case someone is in need.
Freely:  Is there anything to know about how all of that is possible?  How is it that beings such as ourselves, or any beings at all, could create such marvelous realities simply by the power of being?
Azrael:  The mystery of being is, for now, something beyond the current human mind.  But, what you can know is simply right in front of you.  Know yourself and the rest reveals itself.  While not everything can be solved with belief alone, everything can be solved.  It takes a long time to understand the nature of Metaphysical phenomenon in a meaningful and scientific way, but the clues are all right in front of you.  You can connect the dots, so the speak.  Everything is connected in some way.  When you make rational connections, this clarifies the truth for the expressive half of reality known typically as God.  Being God is just like being in Love.  The joke is that only a fool believes they can know how to love after reading a book on the subject.  
Yet as humans you have this other experience of being able to create and fabricate lives from the cosmos's rather vast store of resources.  While it's true it is infinite, the ultimate amount available to you typically ends up being finite.  None-the-less you have a chance to explore a mystery.  For us Angelic being there really isn't any mystery except to see what a particular human or sentient being is going to do at a certain moment.  We don't get to participate much except through spiritual communications with open parties on the surface.  
But the exploration of what it is like to be a human being, part of God yet completely separate, is something that is considered rather enjoyable once you get past the initial learning curve.  In this respect, it is much like any experience.  What humans need to know about this is that there is no real hurry once you learn not to destroy yourselves.  You can take your time and get used to the idea of living many lifetimes as you are.  You can relax and realize what it is that you are about to embark upon.  
I think you are all very lucky.  Of course, not the least of why is that you have your old friends the Archangels to cover your back when you screw up.  Try not the screw up too much, we would like to keep the planet in one piece.  These things are expensive, you know.  So, get your act together people, we'd like to move this Earth Project forward.  After all, we can state with great conviction, we didn't come all this way for nothing.  Neither did you.  
Freely:  A moving speech Archangel Azrael.  Thank you.  So, what will happen next in terms of the evolution of the demons?
Raphael:  The class of spirit you call demon will cease to exist when the crimes of murder and rape no longer occur in your world.  Once this occurs, people will no longer create new ones.  Healing old crimes through the understanding of the concept of demon is unnecessary, so the concept of the demon will become obsolete.  Past life regression, and various forms of healing will accomplish the same thing as the old spiritual concepts.  While these concepts will likely exist for some parts of the population still, the experience will be completely different at that point in time because of a changing understanding of the nature of the spirit realm.  In this respect, we would say demons may still exist, but the term will no longer have the fear of demons attached to it.  The word demons will then simply mean spirits of a certain class and type associated with a particular event in the past that needs healing through spiritual work of the individual in question reaching upwards towards the higher perspectives of either higher psychology or higher Metaphysics.  
Freely:  So once the past is healed, the present becomes quite pleasant?
Raphael:  So long as the in the present you are vigilant of the pitfalls of incompetence in the creation of physical solutions.  Here, you enter the realms of engineering and the potential dangers of physical technology in particular.  This is an area where you need no assistance from spiritual advisors, it is only a question of whether you will understand what you need to do to avoid potential accidents with technology.  This is important because a second dark age for humanity could also be caused by something like a large nuclear accident.  
Humanity does not know what it is doing with forces such as nuclear power, and it should discontinue forced development and eliminate nuclear power altogether, but this is already obvious to most of you without the advice of the Archangelic spiritual realm.  Humanity must be careful with these sorts of technologies.  While eventual experiments can be conducted when you know a great deal more about how nuclear reactions work, they should only be conducted carefully and with security and safety as the highest concern, not short term profits for fools.  
The more you find out, the more likely it is that you will find better alternatives than nuclear fission.  There is nearly always a risk for some sort of catastrophe with this type of power.  Why risk the lives of millions or billions to keep a few light bulbs lit?  You have many other safe potential sources of energy available to you.
Freely:  What can be said about Jesus Christ?
Gabriel:  Jesus Christ was the incarnation of the Archangel Metatron.  He has had other incarnations of which we will not speak.  He currently in incarnated on the planet.  Eventually, humanity will realize that this in fact the same soul as Jesus.  How long this will take, we will not say.  
Jesus is a representation of what we call a Supreme Avatar, the highest spiritual being on the planet.  However, because of the Law of Cosmic Balance there must always be two.  A second being who is equally powerful and good must balance this Avatar at all times to prevent the ego of the Avatar from overcoming creation.  This being is known as the Guardian of the Avatar.   As Metatron is the highest planetary spirit of the Supreme Avatar of Humanity at this moment in time (and Metatron will remain Supreme Avatar for the whole of human history), Sandalphon is the Vice Supreme Avatar of Humanity at this moment in time (and Sandalphon will remain Vice Supreme Avatar for the whole of human history) and Guardian of the Avatar.  
Jesus Christ was only Metatron's first attempt at this role.  The role will switch Age to Age to different Avatars of the Age, but the highest planetary Avatar over the whole course of human history will be Metatron, and the second will be Sandalphon.   
The reason this is done, having two, is to keep the balance of powers.  Because of the nature of ego it cannot be left that a singular ancient being of great power and imagination be left to themselves without another to balance their power.  The lack of balance creates the danger of the temptation of the lesser because the power of mind would begin to fall in disproportionate balance on a single being who would begin to completely dominate the evolution of the planet and eventually become a singular God-like being with total dominion over the development of planetary consciousness.  While there are some evolutions that do choose this route, these are always unbalanced and have a tendency towards the problem of overshadowing.  
We avoid overshadowing through a system of checks and balances.  The human evolution was designed to be top-heavy, that is a relatively few very advanced spirits mixed with a vast number of average to below average spirits.  As such, checks and balances are more important here than on the average cosmic evolution.  While an evolved spirit will never choose to overshadow others, there is always a risk when there is no balance in the equation for the entire evolution to be swung to the dark side because of ego-effects, or the concentration of power in the hands of a single soul.  This is easily corrected, and all planned cosmic evolutions have some system of balance.
In this system we have the two, Metatron and Sandalphon, are balanced by the 10, who are in turn balanced by the 40, who are in turn balanced by 200, who are in turn balanced by the 1000.  These are the tiers of balance in the ego-ic mind of human evolution.  The necessity of this process keeps order.  There are other tiers, but these are the primary ones.  They are meant to keep power in check.  In case of an alliance between the top two, the ten have the power to counterbalance in conscience.  In case of alliance between the top twelve, the next forty have the power to counter balance in conscience, etc.  This is designed to keep the ego in check, for when the expression of the one or the two or the twelve (et cetera) becomes dominant in human history, which it will, then the rise in consciousness of a balancing formation will occur through these measures.  
Freely:  Why would such disbalance be necessary?
Gabriel:  The disbalance occurs as an emergent property of simple existence.  The rise of knowledge gives a reason to the ego to conspire to lock up its gains.  Once the two most powerful realize they can work together on a certain level rather than against each other, it is in their interests to do so, if the others are weak, or below the level of consciousness where they can offer resistance.  
And it is the right of each of these tiers to express their power and expression over time.  During these periods there will be personality clashes between the different advocates of each tier.  In this way, over time, the individual power of personality through ego will lose all meaning.  By the time of full sentience for all of humanity, which should occur about 100,000 years or so from now (four full cycles of the procession of the zodiac), this process will have been completed, and full knowledge will be available to all concerning the nature of what is being created.  
Freely:  So this is purely an ego issue?
Gabriel:  Yes, but it is necessary to provide an initial balance to prevent any one power from having an initial advantage that could disbalance creation during the dark age periods.  You see, the ego pre-exists its emergence in consciousness in the physical world so that the spirit, having more power of a pre-existing ego, magnetizes power at a higher rate than other souls.  In order for balance to be maintained, a equally powerful spirit must be present to prevent the disbalance from causing history to become too distorted through the lens of a singular personality.  This would result in the creation of immature and dangerous psychology collectively.  
The only reason a balance would not to present is because of prior cosmic karma, which is a subject I will not discuss at the present time.  Otherwise, all evolutions are spiritually balanced before they are created.  Even these darker evolutions are balanced, but using external balancing processes.  For instance, a cosmic civilization dominated by a single powerful being would be very likely very masculine and highly destructive as no one would be able to challenge such a being's power.  However, other civilizations would provide the external balance, by stopping that civilizations advance across the galaxy, for instance.  While these processes are very rare to occur in cosmic timeframes in these exact measures, they do occur because of the necessity of cosmic karmic processes.
Freely:  Because of past cosmic mistakes, a disbalanced system may be created?
Gabriel:  Yes, though the exact measure and nature of such a process is very complex and highly subject to local universal conditions and environment.
Freely:  How could such a disbalance be justified?
Gabriel:  Great injustices in the past create the necessity for lesser injustices in the present.  The reasons are present in nature and in consciousness.  A galaxy is destroyed by an accident, a war is started as a consequence.  Someone made a mistake, and so someone else must pay the price.  An accident in consciousness may or may not have been because of carelessness, though learning to know one's limitations is an implied lesson in all of this.  
If you understand, the Cosmic Mother allows every being from humans to the highest known Archons to make mistakes so long as they accept responsibility for correcting the error through future actions.  Unconsciously this creates mirror situations, where one phenomenon represents another in a cascade in consciousness.  For instance, Person A punches Person B because Person B shot Person A in a past life.  This is the nature of the hall of mirrors in consciousness.  If one is not aware of the connecting elements, then the actions appear disconnected, but if one is aware, then there is a cause and effect chain leading from one to another leading to the question of why Person A and Person B weren't aware of the wrongness of violence in the first place.  
This becomes a problem of the social system which itself is a by-product of ignorance which can then be traced to a previous lifetime connecting from the social system and it's previous incarnation.  For instance, the United State of America is the reincarnation of the Roman Empire, a fact confirmed by nearly this exact statement when it was founded as "The New Rome".  With this we know some of the things that happen badly to the United States are part of Roman karma.  The close United States relationship to Israel is magnetized by Roman karma when Rome destroyed Judea and dispersed the Jews during the Diaspora.  
Well, on a cosmic level, things don't just stop there.  Natural disasters in space like supernovas destroy planets all the time.  These disasters leave darkness in their wake because consciousness is still in stages of perfecting through Knowledge in the lower dimensions of conscious creation of the Universe.  And physical conditions in the chaos of some parts of the Cosmos give rise to dark regions where the anger and rage at past failures plays out unconsciously until consciousness catches up and corrects the errors.  There are reasons for what happens that are rooted in the past.  On a larger level, this is considered part of nature and part of mastery over nature, and this plays out in scales.
What I mean by plays out in scales is that every civilization created reaches a limit, but future mastery requires the expansion of that limit.  If you managed a galaxy successfully, you need to manage two.  If you managed a trillion galaxies successfully, you need to manage two trillion.  This is the infinite steps of mastery we are talking about.  And this has to be done by you, the singular individual soul to show you have grown.  But, once you've tasted the fruits of successfully overcoming a challenge, you don't go back.  But there are cosmic by-products for all process.  In the process of you demonstrating your masculine prowess as a conqueror of hundred trillion galaxies, you leave alot of destruction in your wake.  Now, you have to fix the damage of what you created.  You'll end spending the next few trillion lifetimes doing healing work if you don't have anything else to offer to the Cosmos for what you took.  
The way the Cosmos works is in the form of many cycles of complete justice.  The product of these cycles is completed perfected systems at certain levels of development.  The ideal is eventually created by conscious effort to obtain perfection of right action.  For instance, there are parts of the Cosmos where things are so perfected that planets are not destroyed by supernovas because the intelligent sentient races have so much power at their disposal that they are able to predict the supernova and move the planets out of the way.  
These species are so advanced spiritually that they can communicate with the planetary spirits of the individual planets and ask permission to move them out of the way before they undertake this process.  There are regions of the Cosmos so advanced that they do this with no sense of crisis or urgency gradually using natural processes.   In this way you create cosmically conscious systems that are completely integrated from the highest Archon of that system down to the basic sentient being living in it.  This takes a long time to develop in consciousness, but it is the by-product of the many incarnations of that system.
In nature, things happen because of the nature of development through the vehicles present for the spirits inhabiting a particular region.  Some regions are close to the basic natural state where things just happen as they happen, and cosmic civilizations here are just learning to master themselves.  Yet these are necessary as new experience and new expansions into consciousness to develop, learn, and experience new forms of life and reality.  No matter how advanced a spiritual being becomes, they always eventually have a desire to go on a trip to the outer wild lands of the Cosmos where they can experience basic life again.  This is necessary for the soul to grow, no matter how ancient the being.
Each injustice in consciousness leads to an ultimate solution in time.  Life does not allow any lose ends.  The soul must grow and build connections to expand Life itself.  This expansion of relationship expands the soul's place in creation.  As the soul grows it requires new material, original material, on which to base its relational connections.  These connections have value because they are built through sacrifice and are thus prized dearly.  The longer a being spends in a certain relationship to another whether it be a person or place, the stronger that connection, the more likely it is to develop into a permanent relationship.  This is called a sentient relationship.  
Once it is developed it takes the form of a soul mate or twin flame type within the civilization between individuals, but there are relationships to planetary souls too.  Earth, for instance, is forming planetary relationships to all the beings currently incarnated here.  Over time, as Earth evolves and becomes more in Herself, She will choose to create new Earths in future incarnations as a planetary spirit.  As you have done work with Her in the past, and if you have done good work, She will invite you here again.  This form of relationships is called Cosmic Home.  If you destroy the home, you do not get to keep the relationship.  If you are really, really bad, you get cast into Zone of Avoidance, which is essentially to be banned from somewhere.  If you get banned from everywhere that you have discovered in consciousness, then you have created a personal Void and are sent back to your original Home.  
This process is how we create new contacts in the Cosmos.  We tend to create Voids in places whose Archons have harmed us in the past, whether they are incarnated as sentient beings such as ourselves or as planetary or stellar beings such as planets and stars.  This is also a form of Cosmic Justice, as you have the right of way to evolve.  What this means is that over time it is the responsibility of both parties to create a good relationship, not just the one party.  We also, incidentally tend to create voids in places far from where we know everyone, in places where we are the new kid on the block.  
You can return to a Zone of Avoidance to make amends and then you are allowed to return.  But once you are cast into a Zone of Avoidance, you may not incarnate through that Zone, healing must be done externally.  This applies to classes of crime murder or better when looking at Sentient karma as a function of past life crime.  The one who killed must return and apologize, essentially, but fully and pay the price which is Love given for Love lost and full consciousness given in spiritual service.  There is an additional requirement of deference in such cases as well, so that the criminal is karmically bound to the former victim in the form of subservience of some fashion.
Rape is considered the worst crime as it is a violation of soul and spirit whereas murder only violates the soul.  Healing rape may be done karmically through a very long and extended series of karmic processes similar to what is described for murder.  However, with rape, you end up with a Double Zone of Avoidance, in that you banished from a person and a place.  This is the worst possible penalty and it reflects the nature of the crime as being the most disgusting that can be committed.  The only other type of crime that approaches the severity of rape is murder compounded such as murder followed by cannibalism.  This also causes a Double Zone of Avoidance.
Now, all of these karmic chains can be terminated by the level of consciousness of society.  Society can eliminate rape and murder, and the karmic process of generating new negative karma is halted internally in that society.  As an important function of reality, this solution represents the fundamental end product that is necessary to achieve full consciousness as humans in terms of physical justice.  And this is where the spiritual problem begins to decline, as the society no longer is creating new negative karma and all remaining spiritual issues are now resolved by dealing with how people feel in the present but in the absence of a pressing fear of their own survival or sanity.
Now, you would think that mixing these two perspectives, the cosmic perspective and the human perspective, that there is no connection.  After all planets and stars don't murder each other, and the idea of planets raping each other is absurd.  But again, stars do explode accidently killing planets, which is something akin to accidental manslaughter, and planets do crash into each other and the larger planet absorbs the spirit of the smaller planet, something akin to cannibalism.  
So, while they cannot be directly compared to each other, especially since these crimes are not occurring in the plane of consciousness of the human mind and existence, they do occur on the higher level.  A better analogy would be made on the mental plane, like a forced merger between two corporations.  None-the-less the leftover negativity of these types of events compounded over time creates the karmic conditions for the emergence of what we call a spirit of revenge that demands justice for past crimes.  This emerges in Archon timescales when creating as an external attack from something like the dark Cosmic empire ruled by a single individuals described earlier.  
Again, the higher purpose here is for the larger system of which this dispute is a part of to isolate and analyze its origin in consciousness in order to heal the souls involved so that the dispute ends.  This then confers mastery of healing on the system in question.  It can also be done by individuals, but this has applications above and below according to the level of conflict analyzed.  It applied from the single individual all the way up the infinite scale, and as far as can be imagined.
At the core of this is the question of peace itself.  The need for peace as a part of stabilizing systems in order to preserve life is part of the simple understanding necessary to create resolutions in time between parties in conflict who have momentary forgotten their true nature because of the conflict of roles.  As a creator you become a guardian of your creation.  As a consequence, when something happens to it, you become quite annoyed.  So, thus, justice emerges in consciousness where you must confront another to get them to give back what they took.  If you simply give up, then you have not really understood what you have lost in investing your time and energy into creating something.  
If you, on the other hand, overreact, you lose sight of yourself as a good being and express negativity whether it is fear, hate, pain, doubt, or whatever else.  And yet, you cannot deny the process that demands justice because that process links you to the reality in which you find yourself and it is just for yourself to demand it if you Love yourself.  Thus, we are committed to the process of living our lives having to face the fact we must be our own advocates if we are incarnating in the physical universe.  I, on the other hand, as an Archangel, have no need for this as I am free of the attachments to the physical that you who have chosen to incarnate must deal with as part of your sacred duty to your very selves.  
Freely:  That's a very thorough thought you have delivered there, Gabriel.  I am deeply impressed by your understanding of all this.
Gabriel:  In our Archangelic state we exist as one mind, the mind of God, and one heart, the Heart of the Pure Feminine Goddess.  In this, I do not speak as I, but as we, the Archangels.  We speak with one voice, though at times you see individual ones of us speaking.  It is important that humanity eventually understand that telepathy leads to unified thought in consciousness, and this high state of mind is where knowledge exists as a whole enlightened by the light of consciousness, harmony, and unity.  This blessed state exists for us automatically, but humans must work to attain it again as when they had it before they became humans.  
Freely:  It would be amazing for us to achieve this state of unity.
Gabriel:  It takes a great deal of time from your point of view, but it is your destiny to do so.  
Freely:  How long will humanity exist on Earth?
Gabriel:  The precise time cannot be known for sure, but the Master Plan calls for a minimum of 108 million years as a starting cycle.  This is around 4150 full cycles of the procession of the zodiac.  This total is a minimum.  There is an option to continue at the end of it.  As such, no absolute limit is implied, though this is the time when the local universal community will be disbanded and a new one formed.  Currently, this is beyond your knowledge as a collective civilization at the current time.
Freely:  And this departure from Earth will lead to what?
Gabriel:  It leads to the creation of a new community of some sort.  Humans may choose to travel the stars and abandon their home world back to the animals.  Humans may choose to stay in the new configuration of the local universe and continue to grow here.  But at that time, the School of Earth will cease to exist and you will know everything you need to know about yourselves and will have accomplished what you set out to do as a group.  From there, new groups will from.  Humans will, as we see it, however, remain together as a species and continue their journey into the future as they have already invested so much time here that simply leaving this state of being (as human beings) would be a waste of all the time spent invested in it.  
Freely:  What about future ages of the Earth in the relatively near term future?
Gabriel:  That we will comment on only briefly, and the rest you can discover on your own, Mr. Freely and convey to those who will listen.  The idea is that each Age of the Zodiac has a particular vibration.  Humans as a whole vibrate to the frequency of Aquarius most, hence the sign for the Age of Aquarius is either a human or an angel.  But, each Age of time has a certain theme to which it resonates.  The Age of Aquarius is about individuality, technology, humanity, newness, innovation, and original ideas.  Most of the great original ideas that will dominate the next 26,000 years will appear over the next 2200 years or so.  It will be an explosion of human consciousness and knowledge.  
The next age will be the Age of Capricorn.  During this period humans will again be increasingly dominated by the female vibration.  Order, structure, and nature will be the most important themes.  Architecture will flourish as never before, and society will often be dominated by women, though there will be places where vestiges of male rule will persist.  There is much to be said about this Age that cannot be said yet.
After this, the third Age, will be the Age of Sagittarius.  There will be a return to male-female balance here, though men's dominance will occur in some major areas.  Philosophy and understanding the mind will be much of the experience of this age, as will argument and law.  Very little can be known about it yet, though, its outlines are already apparent.
These three Ages collectively will be referred to as the Bronze MetaAge of Humanity.  As humanity advances, these MetaAges (each of 3 Ages each) will go from bronze to silver to gold.  If there is another dark age, everything will be reset to the base line, but things will never be so dark as they were in the first dark age.  Such is the way with evolution, that each dark age is slightly lighter than the proceeding one, but each is more foreboding than the last.   But, in all cases, humanity will likely slip back a little bit into barbarism simply because of the nature of expansion.  Everything the expands must come to a halt at some point and turn back into itself.  If it is not a dark age, then surely there will be some setback as you collect yourselves again.
Freely:  I have many more questions.
Michael:  Yes, but it is now time to end this conversation.  We have enjoyed communicating through you, Mr. Freely.  We hope that in the future we can find channels of such clarity to convey the truth that must be conveyed again.  We stand as the Guardians of Knowledge, Light, and Love in what you have called Heaven from now onto the end of time for this Human Species.  
As a final word I would like to say that those who seek the Light always find it.  Those that walk the Path are always welcome to stay with us for a time.  You need but ask, and the Archangels will be there for you.  We can't save you from yourselves, but if you need some solace, we can speak with many at once.  We are not above talking to the least amongst you as equals.   And in time, humans will understand that each of them has a spiritual guardian angel protecting them who also have no problems conversing with them to answer their questions about the nature of reality.  
It is only that humans do not believe enough in their spiritual guides that this does not happen.  But, as always, look to your duties first, we are always here to speak.  And, do not forget that there are others on your planet, fellow humans, that you should talk to as well and first for certain.  You are all in this together, we non-incarnating angels and Archangels are just quite observers for the most part.  You are the center of the action, the center of your universe.  So go out and meet each other.  And drop your old grievances of wounds long gone by.  Embrace your neighbor as yourself.  Hold hands with those you Love.  And breathe.  Breathe the free air.  Peace be unto all of you.  May you find it when you need it most.
Freely:  Thank you Archangels.  Blessed be.
And so, these mysterious friends departed for the moment, and I was left only with myself and my fellow humans to relate to once more.  For all my journey's in consciousness, it always ends the same.  Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.  After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.  There is simplicity in that.  That's something we could all use a little more of.


I found myself a year later in an old cafe in Vienna, Austria considering the fate of the world.  Confusion reigned supreme in halls of men.  Chaos kept creeping up on them.  People wanted someone else to blame for all their troubles.  There was no bogeyman in the deep anymore, so the politicians kept playing their game of looking for a goblin amongst men.  
But the game was getting old, and people were only buying into it as far they themselves were afraid of what was to come.  How we had come so far was not all that clear to me.  Yet, every day, things became a little lighter, as though dawn was not far off.  People no longer believed in the official lies of the system.  The politicians and the corporate elite could no longer delay the inevitable realizations that were coming fast that there was no center to hold.  The game was up, and the smell of fear was in the air.
People were waiting, waiting for a sign.  Perhaps they wished for Jesus to come.  But he was already around.  In many ways, he hadn't really left at all.  Love was right here, but people were caught up in their drama, in the belief that they had to suffer.  In this, they hadn't changed, but who could really blame them.  They had not the heard the word.  They had not heeded the call.  But now it was a matter of life and death.  If they failed to understand the importance of saving life as we know it, things would all be gone tomorrow.  So thus, the gathering darkness, offered us its gift of choice.  Do we love or do we die?
Now as much as what I had wrote down from the powers of the universe had made it clear that this was in many ways an illusion, it also made clear the many ways in which it was not an illusion.  Everything that we did had a reason and a meaning.  What we were participating in resonated not just in time and space, but within ourselves, within our very measure of being.  The light showed us the way within to the place where we were humans.  Now, we needed something just a little bit more.  We needed heroes.  People who would stand up and say NO to the system.  People who could walk the walk through the valley of terror and say goodnight to the garbage we were told to believe in.
Would humans choose to see their neighbors as innocent by-standards in a chess game for control of the minds and hearts of all of humanity, or would they see the latest lies of the establishment as marching orders for a new age of hate and disorder?   This was our world, and what we see ourselves fighting against are the lies, ignorance, and illusions.  The distortion of the truth that imprisons the mind to see itself opposed to Love.  The embarrassment of the serious class of thieves and liars who are following the lines of false duty down to their doom reveal only their complete and utter ruin is escapable.  How hard now the masculine ego of the world system falls?  How many false fools will be revealed?  
The game being played by our would be dark lords would only cost them their souls in the end.  How sad, I suppose.  But then, there is no one to blame and no one to shame.  Life goes on.  Love springs eternal.  Each of us was asked, in that moment of knowing the truth about the system, to pick our own fate, to choose our own destiny apart from the system.  Whatever the system does, it does.  But we all have a choice to do something else.  Do we have courage to say NO?  Do we have courage to walk the path to freedom?
What about our rights as people?  Will we hand them away to a lie?  Will we surrender to our would be dark lords and worship their graven image as spoken of in the Book of Revelation?  Or will we be heroes and demand accountability?  
What I could say for sure was that the way through gathering gloom could never simply be a matter of going within and chanting.  It could never have come from a place of weakness to be what we needed to be.  It could not arise from blinding ourselves to suffering.  It could emerge from an endless sea of greed demanding more than was possible.  What is real took precedence over everything that wasn't both within and without.  Limits have been implied in all that we have done before as humans.  We needed to see them clearly.  Once we knew our limitations, then we would know what needed to be done.
It seems everyone hates limitations.  But limitations imply instructions and directions.  We learn from them.  It is our limitations that free us from conditions, the real horror.  People don't flee from limitations, they flee from conditions.  Conditions such as ignorance, fear, doubt, hate, pain, and lies.  So then, when we choose to rise up against the oppression of our times, it is our limitations that will be most pronounced in our salvation.  
What this means for the spirit realms and their nature is in many ways directly irrelevant.  We do not need to know the precise measure of everything in order to be something that is necessary now in the face of evil as it occurs to any of us.  We only need to understand the nature of the evil that is happening and how it is we should remove it from our lives.  While much evil can be described as psychological or spiritual, there is in fact no evil worse than the one which we use to justify our own destructive ends.  It is our choices that determine if we are good or evil.  It is our actions that show us our values.  Our beliefs only demonstrate our ideals if we are not committed to anything at all, to any true course of action or sacrifice.
For humanity to have substance, we must all sacrifice.  For Love to have a future, the present convenience of those who do harm must be sacrificed for the greater good of a higher nature and purpose.  We have a choice to rise up and become something more collectively.  Yet doing this, we must not lose our foundation in human goodness.  We must not forget each other.  So, it comes time for men and women to reach out and help each other.  We must reach out now, because time is running out.  Love cannot survive in this world without help, so we must be there.  This is the nature of crisis.  It is the crisis of our soul, the time to rise up.  There is no more escape from this fate than one can be born and not die.  What is dying is our illusion in our specialness, of being above the law of the universe.  In this, we cannot continue to deny our need to embrace change and embrace each other.  
There has always been a risk that some would turn on us, that some would prove to not live up to the goodness that existed as potential within them.  We have learned to turn away from helping because of this.  We can no longer afford the luxury of being universally harmful.  We cannot judge the good for the acts of the evil.  Instead, we must rejoin our truth in each of our lives to choose the righteous that we know and to stand with them.  We must be heroes to the good, lest it perish from the Earth.  
This is our opportunity to make good on a future for our species and our planet that is complete, that doesn't leave anyone behind.  We cannot buy into the lies of our separation by identity as race, class, nation, or to whatever else we falsely cling.  We must teach instead of condemn.  We must rise to the challenge, those of us who are ready.  We must unite instead of divide.  And those who do divide should themselves be divided.  
With the departure of these dark spirits from our minds, we choose now to live as human beings without reference to the spirits of nature or human psychology.  Whatever their nature, it is as the nature of thoughts passing, for each that does serve us as human beings well shall be kept, and the rest discarded.  There can be no sacred cows made of the thoughts of men and women.  These things shall pass, but the undivided center of Knowledge remain which shall serve Life in all Her capacity.  What lies ahead beyond the edge of this great sea of thought is but a dream of living on Earth, happy, healed, and whole in a place where we can speak and hear each other as brothers and sisters with loving ears and open hearts.  Will we choose to evolve?  What other choice is there, and more importantly, who ever picks the one?
Since there is no choice, and we will choose Life, then looking forward upon the tasks appointed to you, remember those words of the great Master of Masters, "do unto others as you would have them do onto you."   And remember, before this, to Love yourself as you do God, so that you do not forget your place in this universe.  
We are all asked to raise up and make our voices heard about the truth we hold in our hearts and souls.  It is not an easy task.  But you will find that the alternative is worse.  So thus, as we live our lives consciously as humans, we find that speaking from our highest truth makes this living so much easier in the long run.  
As a final mention, as I sip my beverage here, is that we stand at the great threshold of possibility to truly meet ourselves for the first time in Human history.  In this we have seen angels and demons in the nature of our human interactions.  We have chosen good and been deluded into evil over the course of evolution.  Our minds have been deceived by false notions, and at the same time we have been enlightened in the truth of our inner goodness.  Here, we stand face to face with our selves, the soul of humanity.  We can see these psychological journeys as pointing to the truth within that calls us to make a difference without both for ourselves and others.  And this is what it all comes down to, the difference you make by what you say, think, and do in this world.  That is all you have once you have left, and all that is most real while you are here.  That is all you ever get to keep.  In the end, it's the memory that makes the difference between heaven and hell.  That's true whatever your dimension happens to look like.  So smile, and enjoy life.  That's why you're here.  And don't let bastards grind you down.

With Love,
Chris Freely
October 29th, 2014

Appendix A: Metatron's Cube: The Throne of God, Seat of Goddess, and Supreme Merkaba For Planet Earth's Spiritual Realms

Appendix G: God As A Sense of Humor, Goddess as an Experience

God is a wicked ass comedian who could drop kill a trillion demons just by getting them to crack up laughing.  At least, that's what I knew about the subject before my conversations with the amazing beings that I interviewed in my imagination as I wrote this book.  But no God showed up at the show to be interviewed.  I wasn't sure why.  At first, I thought perhaps God was on vacation.   But then, I concluded that God was in there somehow deep inside the soul, a mystery.  
Eventually I settled on the explanation that God was, in fact, a personal connection with infinite self mastery experienced across time and space through direct experience but also through all of my relations.  This would imply a different personal God for every individual.  While this was all purely academic representing a book lecture on God, each person would still have to go through the intense personal experience to find what that personal experience meant for them.  In some cases, other individuals would come along and represent God for a person until they found God in themselves.  I think the knowledge I received through communication from these mysterious powers does not take away one ounce from that conclusion.
In no case could anyone misrepresent God to another person as being something other than the complete attainment of their own personal triumph over their darkness.  What this means is that everyone must find God in themselves through themselves.  How this works out depends on what each person desires in terms of knowledge about their true nature and what it is they wish to express in this life as an aspect of their Godhood.  Yet, nurturing others, they are able to return to the fullness of becoming something more by growing their truth in the mirror of the other who is friend, lover, brother, sister, mother, father, or another.  This, presumably would expand our experience to Goddess, the totality of all through the experience itself.  Even though these mental and "left-brained" definitions seem limiting, the beginning of many of individual's journeys into the Great Mystery has started with philosophical meditations on the nature of these very same questions.   And none of this takes away from the truth underlying the words describing our phenomenon, the mind of God, the soul of Goddess, as experienced through the transmission of these words into the mind of another.
In the end result we find that God is whole through the experience, Goddess.  The quest representing the masculine external journey is fulfilled in the understanding of the meaning of that journey, the complete of the quest, and the aftermath in the paradise of our choosing.  There then exists a place that is a merger of both God and Goddess, and that this place exists here and now, in each of us.  We are seeking unity with divinity, and yet it is already here right behind the illusion of false beliefs and false associations.  In addition, when we have perfected the exploration of the dream and how we manifest it, our lives become merged with Love through our actions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in synch with the idea of a place where God and Goddess, Male and Female, and all duality becomes bereft of conflict.  Our identity becomes something much more than we previously believed, and we achieve a measure of wholeness in divinity.  We know we have arrived at a place that is real, a place that is home, and all the things we thought were separated from us are suddenly found within.  And with every step in this New Consciousness, we discover another piece of God staring at us through the eyes of the Cosmic Mother, and we know who we are at last.  Then we walk towards our choice, the choice to be Love, as a singular, undivided Lover.