A Treatise on Magic: The 10 Schools of Magic

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A Treatise on Magic: The 10 Schools of Magic

By Chris Freely

The Beginnings of Magic

It all began with the idea of escaping the wheel of karma by getting what we wanted.  That is how magic was born into the world.  When we begin on the path of magic we seek to escape samsara, the wheel of mortal suffering.  Mortals suffer, or so we thought, because they don’t get what they want.  Well, surely if we have honed our magic, we have learned the hubris of this false notion.  None the less, when the initiate into the mysteries finds the truth by whatever path, it always inevitably leads to certain inexorable conclusions.  The first is that contrary to what every Buddha wishes, the only way off the wheel of samsara is magic.  Because ultimately, after all the denial, you’re going to reach out to grab what you want.  It’s inevitable as the tide.  And so, the path begins.

Those who practice magic are free from mortal karma, but they must pay the higher price, the karmic price of magic.  And no good book on magic should ever begin without this warning for reasons which will always be revealed in time, hopefully by a friendly neighborhood mage of the right school of magic.  None the less, being a conscientious writer, I always try to inform my audience of the inherent risks involved in dabbling with the power.  The power is not for dabbling, though dabble you will if it is your destiny.  Still, for those of you in a hurry, magic is provided to you at a price, as one of the greatest mages in the world once insisted that I remember for my own good no doubt.  If you are willing to pay it, by all means, don’t let me get in your way.  And you won’t!  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you..

Mage is a catch all term which refers to magic user, someone who practices the magical art.  Thus all magic practitioners of the seven schools of primal magic are, in fact, mages.  However, beyond these seven schools is the next tier of magic.  This level is what I have referred to as the Archon, which is the Sentient Archon.  This school has fourteen branches in two tiers.  Only the first three of these fourteen branches are open to the humans of this world for now.  

When one completes one’s path of magic, the path of the mage, one graduates to the school of karmic magic, which is the first of the two tiers of the schools of the Sentient Archon.  It is no longer appropriate once one completes the basic schools to refer to such beings of power as mages.  They are always called Archons for their power proceeds them and they are capable of the most miraculous feats of power.  While the school of primary magic teaches the ways of magic to the initiate into the mysteries, the students are always bound to the teachings of the master.

The master is the founder of the primal school.  Each school is founded by one master.  If the school has many masters, then the one who thought of the idea first is the grandmaster of the school.  The limits of the mage and the seven school of primal magic are that the mages are always bound to the magic of the master.  This is what creates the necessity for the Archon because all magic has a price, and every price generates karma.

While all beings have power, their power comes to them from a source.  That sources is within.  Thus, the first path is always the sorcerer.  Those on the path must master each school as they encounter it to advance on the path of magic.  This is the light on the path of magic.  These schools must be attended in the exact order described for all initiates into the mysteries.  However, each individual, once having completed all seven schools, may choose which school they practice freely after that so long as they remain in the balance of magic.

The 7 Schools of Primal Magic

The names of the 7 schools lies below as well as the proper term in English for their practitioner. 
Sorcery – The Sorcerer/Sorceress
Witchcraft – Male or Female Witch
Voodoo – Male or Female Warlock
Wizard – Male or Female Wizard
Gridwork – Gridworker and Gridwarrior/Gridmatrix
Divination – Male or Female Psychic
Shamanism – Priest or Priestess if civilized, otherwise Male or Female Shaman

Sorcery is the basis of all magic.  Sorcery is the 1st level of magic.  The sign of the sorcerer or sorceress is Leo for they are the breath of that which is hidden in the dark.  Sorcerers and sorceresses use their soul as their source of power.  A sorceress conjures magic from her will, a sorcerer from his desire.  It is slightly better to be a male sorcerer as the power flows most natural through the male.  A sorcerer uses no spells and only his own power to project desire to manifest his wants.  A sorceress uses no spells and uses force to project her will to get what she wants. 
Sorcerers and sorceresses are the natural magic user, they are born with their abilities to project power or force respectively.  Sorcerers and sorcerers use their magic for their own purposes, and always follow their agenda whether for good or evil.  Their magic is the fey magic, the magic of the realm of fairies, and the magic of the quick.  Sorcerers like to chant.  The silent bard is type of sorcerer or sorceress, but so is the monk or the martial artist.  So thus, the musician that plays the musical instrument is the sorcerer or sorceress, but not the one that sings it.  A sorcerer or sorceress’s voice is not for singing, it is for projecting their magical command.  They may use their mortal voice to sing, but not their magic voice.

Sorcerers and sorceresses use their energy to create spell-forms, projections of desire or will, but these are not true spells for they are energy sheaths of the sorcerer or sorceress’s desire and will.  Sorcerers use one to three syllable utterances as their spell-form projections, who greater good magic wielders usually laugh at as they have no effect on anyone other than mortals and the wicked.  It is often said that sorcerers and sorceresses are lazy by their nature.  

The most powerful weapon of the sorcerer and sorceress is their word.  The most powerful sorcerers and sorceresses are capable of projecting planetary word dooms, the most powerful type of projection possible.  These are capable, in legends, of causing earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.  

They are the selfishly guided magic user, but not necessarily the dark one.  A sorcerer or sorceress always gets their due and always pays their debt.  A great mage I met told me that a sorcerer or sorceress gains his or her power from his or her paradigm, or how he or she sees the world.  Of this I am sure, for the source works best with knowledge, and self knowledge goes a long way in understanding the projection of magical fields of force.  The paradigm is the key to the soul though, not the soul itself, so let’s not get too confused on the matter.  

Sorcerers are always looking for the flow in magic, for it guides their power.  They need the flow to project the force effectively.  Sorceresses, who are exactly like sorcerers except with a different set of genitalia and a pair of boobs, also need the flow and when it is absent either sex practicing sorcery get bogged down.  More so than other magic, sorcery is season specific.  Thus some who practice sorcery are notorious for trying to control the weather which is the proper domain of non-physical entities such as the Jinn, who do not take kindly to such indiscretion.  A wise sorcerer always seeks out the magic domains of power before practicing weather control or any other area attack force projections of note.  

None the less, magic happens.  And that’s what the sorcerer and sorceress are here for, which is proof that not everything in the universe is planned by silly mortals in monkey suits, or elder magicians with their clever tricks.  Once in awhile, the mystery shows up without anyone expecting it.  But of course, we all know, only idiots don’t expect the unexpected.  But then, the world is full of those obsessed with something or another, isn’t it?  So the mystery must teach them that every frog must know it’s pond, and that once in awhile a bigger frog is going to hop on by from the ocean.  Plop!  Magic is as magic does.

A sorcerer or sorceress uses the red aura for their power.  A sorcerer’s power projects in the physical plane.

Witchcraft is 2nd level of magic after sorcery.  Witches use their heart for their focus.  The sign of the witch is Libra for they are the way of that which is hidden in the dark.  

Witches are the great spellcasters, for their power is expressed through spells.  It is slightly better to be a female witch as the power flows most natural through the female, however there is an effective equality between males who choose this path and females, though the males are always one step behind if this is the case.  Above this level no distinction can be made between male and female magic users.  A witch’s first spell is the love spell, and it is what creates the witch’s dilemma and the witch’s doom.  A proper witch moves her body with her spells.  A dancer is a type of witch.

A witch uses ingredients to create spells.  These spells are woven into the fabric of her being within her heart.  While a mortal woman has an empty heart yearning to be filled by a lover, the witch’s heart is full of magic instead.  It is the magic that binds her and her lover, and it is the magic that breaks her if she uses it to harm.  Contrary to legends no “three-fold” rule exists as the price of magic is paid at once though some philosophers will disagree, but mages never pay attention to philosophers as mages are far too keen to experience life as it was meant to be lived.  The magic is that which grants the witch’s desire for love.  

Witches are distinguished from sorcerers and sorceresses by their use of proper spells.  All witch’s spells are always properly directed to the service of others, and for which she will be granted a special gift if done true.  A witch gains her power, as a great spiritual teacher of mine told me, through that which she is intimate with.  A witch’s path is either the path of love or the path of doom.

A witch uses the pink aura for their power. A witch’s power projects in the etheric plane.

Voodoo is the 3rd level of magic after witchcraft.  The warlock uses touch and the body for their power which is symbolized by the hand.  The sign of the warlock is Sagittarius for they are the wyrd of that which is hidden in the dark.  

Voodoo is the practice of destroying magic by using the inner light, and as such Voodoo comes as the destroyer if practiced correctly.  Voodoo as the creator is always dark magic and is the gateway to black magic, although the warlock always has a choice as long as no harm has come to the innocent.  Those practicing voodoo do not seek to destroy in the world, but only in themselves and others internally and seek to purge themselves of all false creations.  Thus in the Voodoo path, creation is dark, for those who practice Voodoo shall never seek to create until their Voodoo path is done.

Voodoo’s power lies in the fact that it is a way to discover emotion within one’s self.  Because it is the path of the destroyer, a voodoo practitioner, the warlock for those who are serious, must be of the highest conscience.  But those who are wise have always noted that no harm has ever come of Voodoo.  Only those who choose to move forwards in their quest to rule are truly dangerous to the world, and those people never stop at voodoo.  Or as they say “don’t worry, be happy”. 

A warlock strives to break away from the spirit of his dark ancestors to become something more.  The warlock is the exorcist, the exorcist is the warlock, and that is the Warlock’s one primary job, for all the magic created by the witch must be accounted for by the warlock.  This is why warlocks can destroy spell-forms and spells with ease, and can destroy demons through casting the light against them.  The Warlocks through Voodoo are the anti-magic of magic, that which unravels through the hand.  Darkness to darkness, light to light is the motto of the warlock.

Civilized warlocks are the full practitioners of what my main spiritual teacher taught through the five tools of personal self mastery.  This system I call practical spiritual psychology, and when practiced as described within the contents of the system opens up the initiate in the use of the inner light to combat and destroy the inner darkness.  This system will be available to learn again from either him, myself, or other students of way of the warlock.

A warlock gains his or her ultimate power through music.  A diskjockey or D.J. is a type of warlock, as is a comedian.  He or she who controls the song and the laughter controls the light, and so it is that the warlock beats the witch by the fact that the warlock has control over the music of the witch’s life.  Don’t play voodoo with the heart, unless you are worlds apart!  

A warlock uses the green aura for their power.  A warlock’s power extends in the astral plane.

Wizardry is the 4th level of magic after Voodoo.  The wizard’s uses their mind for their power.  The sign of the Wizard is Aquarius for they are the will of that which is hidden in the dark.  Wizards use the power of glyphs, objects, and focal points of power where their power is invested.  Wizards invent and use magic languages to channel their focus.  Wizards apply focus in their skills, and focus is the key to their magic.  

Wizards build spirit towers, for they need a focal point to extend their power through the planes of creation.  Wizards form the paths within their mind from the walk of the sorcery, witchcraft, and voodoo for they have tread these paths and seek a place of solitude and safety.  They thus build with their minds.  As such a storyteller is a wizard, for when the D.J.’s banging ends, everyone wants to go read a book.  The wizard beats the warlock because everyone gets tired of a bullshitter, and everyone in the magic world knows warlocks are at their heart bullshit artists.  The wizard is the real artist, and hence all real artists are wizards!  But the real power over the warlock comes from the fact that all wizards build things that hold their power together in the material world where they live, the root of creation.  And all that inner light casting of the warlock doesn’t do a thing against the power of well built magical fortress.  

Wizards form the society of the mages.  It is they who build the great magical houses and meeting places.  It is they who hold the society together.  They are the core of the magic world, and their contributions are everywhere for the keen eye to observe.  The world is full of wizards.  One just has to know where to look to find them.

Wizards use the yellow aura for their power.  A wizard’s power extends in the mental plane.

Gridwork or spirit speaking is the 5th level of magic after Wizardry.  A gridworker’s power uses their spirit for their power as they are the spirit speakers of the universe.  The sign of the Gridwarrior or Gridworker is Scorpio for they are the light in that which is hidden in the dark.  Gridworkers speak to spirits in whatever form they take.  Empaths are natural gridworkers.  The grid is formal in developed civilizations, otherwise it is the connections in the spirt world that gridworkers seek and utilize to gain perfect information. Gridworkers live in the spirit realm as people and practice through the idea that all things are spirit.  Gridworkers relate the concept of the cosmos as the matrix or computer in some form similar to what is depicted in the Matrix and other science fiction works.

Gridworkers build spheres out of the planes of creation.  All astrologers, investigative scientists looking for answers, and psychologists, whether they understand it or not, are gridworkers.  So, incidentally, are weather forecasters in a way.  The gridworker beats the wizard because the wizard is always in a hurry to build her tower.  It’s all she can think about.  But then one day the tower is destroyed.

But the gridworker’s sees the stars and what’s is happening in the heavens and notices that a large object up there is headed this way!  This is probably because in their last lifetime as the wizard something blew up that tower and the gridwarrior decided finally to look up from that moldy book in that dusty tower to figure out what the hell is outside.  Holy crap, it’s Nibaru or perhaps just a falling space station!  Better get out of the way.  Because the wizard is bound to his spirit tower, he isn’t free and when it is destroyed he is destroyed.  The gridmatrix, the female aspect of gridwork, then can show up and build her tower on the ruins of the idiot wizard.  Oink oink, as the smart pig says.

The same scenario exists before technology, however, as the spirit world do the communicating through the emerging psychic mind of the initiate in the wilds of pre-technology.  The spirit world speaks through the astrologer as the planets and through the myths of people through those who seek answers from the spirit planes as those who ask the spirits for guidance.  They also construct a grid of relationships in the spirit realm.  This grid then enables the psychic to do what they do and speak for the spirit realm rather than to interpret it as the gridworker does.

Gridwork’s purpose is the building of the map of creation so that one can know what exists, but also to practice communing with the spirits of the world so that one knows that they can be trusted.  As such, it leads us inevitably to the partial embodying of the spirit world as the psychic.

Gridworkers use the orange aura for their power.  A gridworker’s power extends in the buddhic plane. 

Divination is the 6th level of magic after Gridwork.  Psychics channel emotion through themselves just as gridworkers relate through information.  The psychic uses their breath for their power and their sense of smell.  The sign of the psychic is Capricorn, for they are the sense of that which is hidden in the dark.  Magically psychics create planer cubes from the planer spheres of the gridworker through resonant recombination (an advanced topic). 

Psychics detect threats and are more perceptive than gridworkers regarding specific truths in the universe since they are more in tune with the wholeness of things.  Psychics, thus, are always whole, and don’t suffer from the maladies that plague gridworkers such as confused states of mind from dealing with too many levels.  However, psychics do have significant risks from the ingestion of substances, and must be careful with their sensitive auras.  The key separation between the psychic and the gridworker is that the psychic deals with coherent wholes whereas the gridworker deals with the analysis of levels of spirit in consciousness.  

Politicians are the world’s psychics most visible to the masses, but so are lawyers and judges. As they attempt to embody the will of the people as it’s spirit keepers, they perform a psychic rite through an interpretation of the divine, the divining of justice.  So long as they do their duty to their spirit flock, no harm comes to them.  But, if they stray from the path but the slightest, the judgement of the gods and goddesses shall fall upon them swiftly.

Psychics build the paths between worlds, the ladder of creation between planes (through the before mentioned process of the planer cube).  The psychics build the domain of the gods and goddesses directly in this way.  A psychic embodies the god or goddess directly as a medium.  This process allows them to overcome the gridworker.  The gridworker may communicate with the deities, but does not embody their power, so thus lacks the authority of spirit.  

The weakness of the psychic is the fact that embodiment of the gods and goddesses is a source of madness unless balanced by self development, for the psychic is not the god or goddess in question.  As such, though, a psychic can force out a gridwarrior or gridmatrix by creating a cult and rejecting, say, the interpretation of the astrologer as being less than divine.  Thus one power of the psychic is the cult of the guru who is the embodiment of the gods or goddesses for the followers.  The psychic however, runs the risk of being overthrown by their followers constantly for misuse of power. 

Eventually, the psychic will provoke the destruction of the greater powers for misrepresentation if the psychic’s ego becomes too all consuming.  So thus a good psychic always endeavors to represent the spirit world first and themselves second in all communications on behalf of those whom they serve, which shall properly be those closest to them in the world, not the spirit realm so long as they (the followers of the guru) remain true to their path.  Those on the light path of the psychic must do this, but those on the dark path have far to fall.  The fall of the false prophet, the corrupted psychic, is the considered the most spectacular magic doom.

Psychics use the blue aura for their power.  A psychic’s power extends in the atmic plane.

Shamanism is the 7th and final level of primal magic.  The shaman uses their eyes, but specifically their inner eye for their power.  It is often said the shaman are always watching for they are “the they”.  The sign of the shaman is Pisces, for they are the mind of that which is hidden in the dark.

Shaman feel nature as a whole of themes that are alive, or rather they live in nature for those who are a little on the overly educated side.  They do not separate or segregate themselves from it internally.  Shaman are whole in their power.  They are the most powerful of the primal mages because they have a complete sense of the world.  Shaman’s weakness is a tendency towards laziness and a rejection of responsibility.  Shaman use hiding and blending as their trick most of the time.  All shaman’s have a trick, a way to bend the perception of others.

The shaman is more powerful than the psychic because the psychic only embodies the forces of humanity.  The shaman embodies the whole of the natural world including the human element of it, and hence has the power of nature at his or her disposal.  To what extent the shaman embodies the light or the darkness depends in degrees on the day.  The shaman suffers the dark night of the soul for this reason while the other magic paths can avoid it to a degree.  But the day comes in the life of magic when one must enter the cave and dissolve one’s self back into the womb.

A shaman’s purpose in creation is to heal whether it is in themselves or others.    Shaman build only themselves, and thus birth the avatar.  A proper doctor is a shaman.  So is the professor or the priest/priestess.  In the later form they are agents of the gods/goddesses or the one God or Goddess of light depending on their understanding of the sorcerer’s paradigm that they have fashioned within themselves at the start of their journey in magic.  The shaman exists to make the darkness whole within their light.  This is a journey that every shaman must take.  This is their very life.  And in this journey, at the end, they are stripped of all that is not real about them including all deities, powers, spirits, relations, onto the last except their spirit.  There are no names at the end of the dark night of the soul, for eternity and infinity beckon on.

The dark shaman are those who choose to cling to power at the end of their journey into greatness.  Most often this comes of dark appetites. The shaman forgets his or her existence in a haze of darkness.  Nearly always this is aided by some substance that the shaman is using to cover up his light so that he or she can stay alive and in power for a little bit longer.  This is the birth of Kali, the corrupted destroyer.  None who enter this path ever return, it said, for it ends in the pit of darkness where death awaits, where those who eat are eaten in return.  The dark shaman loses his soul and is forced to start over again in the path of life.  But if he still breathes, there is always a chance to turn back to the light.

Before they die they become the embodiment of the darkness if it is a dark shaman.  They have ultimate pleasure until they do so, but at the end they are gone from the spirit realms back into the maw of the unknown.  The ting of regret bears them always to return to the path of the shaman to correct their error.  This is called the harrowing and it is the mark of the passage of the dark into the light.  Those who succeed birth love into their whole being for all.  They achieve what is called Christ Consciousness.  

With Christ Consciousness, the Avatar of Mortal Consciousness is born.  Here the shaman, as the embodiment of the myth of the mortal arch-hero must save his or her people from their doom.  And, of course, the shaman will always fail in this quest eventually, for the people are always seeking to fulfill their dark appetites.  But, the shaman, having experienced the fall of man, begins to seek a higher path beyond that of the simple themes that is offered in the primal schools of magic.  We bridge the gap and leap to our salvation in higher consciousness.  The path of love beckons on into greater states of individuality than these.  

The shaman’s final act is acceptance of the fallen people and acceptance of his role as their spiritual leader.  He abandons irresponsibility to shepherd the flock, and is thus accepted as the master of magic.  He has seen the depths of time and space in his vision.  The vision quest is that which purges the darkness from the shaman.  Breathe deep he must into his soul to break down all that is darkness within to birth the revenant, the spirit of immortal justice.  When found, the paths of the spirit realms lead him through his adiastic ecstasy and in it the world tree is made bear to his mind.  For the shaman is the mind of all of that which is hidden in the dark.

Thus the shaman becomes God or Goddess.  Not, as any representative, but as the real thing.  His or she is honored in all this.  And the Archons, rise forth, to contest the will of the God if he so declares himself singular.  But if he rises in two, both God and Goddess united, none shall stop him.  His or Her breath is as the breath of fire.  His or Her touch as the touch of water.  His or Her word as the word of wind.  His or Her taste as the taste of earth.  Whatever fate awaits the final shaman that rises, he is as the whole of nature unbroken and unbent before the shadows of initiates who must cower at the arrival of the creator of new worlds.  And the world quivers for it is the dawn of a New Age.

With the work of nature and man complete, the shaman competes His or Her task as His or Her own avatar, thus completing the ring cycle of the Gods and Goddesses in whatever manner is right and just.  Victory is tasted, and no doubt a much needed rest.  And life goes on.  And there are many questions to be answered.  So the shaman becomes a master to teach a school of magic for new initiates and for a few older ones who might have gotten lost somewhere along the way.  

For greater fools though, the path of magic demands a greater power!  Surely, it is said, they will never learn.  And, so, the great game continues in Karmic Magic 101.  Welcome Archons!  Let the games begin!

A shaman uses the purple aura for their power.  A shaman’s power extends in the adi plane, the plane of the planetary spirit tree.

The 3 Open Schools of Karmic Magic

At the conclusion of the 7 schools of primal magic, the seeker is born.  The seeker must undergo the quest of purification in order to become more.  When this quest is complete the gateway to the underworld or the heavens is open.  The seeker becomes sentient at the end of the process, even if he or she must die a thousand times.  When this process has completed, the soul is merged with the oversoul and karma is revealed through past and future lifetimes and all magical paradigms are complete within the seeker’s being, he or she has been born as the Archon, specifically the Sentient Archon.  When this power is opened the seeker has become the Karmic Sorcerer.
Karmic Sorcery – Karmic Sorcery is the 8th school of magic and the 1st ordeal of the Archon.  Each of the seven primal schools of magic has a higher resonance in the seeker.  The seeker, having completed the seven paths of primal magic, is now the Archon, master of the fate of the universe.  In this moment, the seeker at last tastes true power, the power of the will to bend the cosmos in whatever manner he or she chooses.  Yet, this is only the beginning, of course.

The karmic sorcerer or sorceress must create the great paradigm of the universe within himself or herself forged of all that is known.  Then he or she may project the will of the collective as the agent of the Elohim or of the Goddess.  This power is unleashed through the knowledge of the Guardians who are the seals of the most high, of which there are always only two (of the most high).  The first is that of the what is unfortunately called God in the language of men.  The 2nd is that which is called Goddess in the language of women who follow men in the transgression of divine misnaming.  The word of the most high cannot be uttered in the groveling tones spit forth by the mortals of this world.

However, for our purposes for now, the karmic sorcerer brings with him the will of the Elohim, that which is the masculine universal god-force and the convergence of the Goddess, that which is the feminine universal binding through the light.  This is done for the collective on behalf of the cosmos through the universe.  The karmic sorcerer or sorceress is the power that bends the destiny of the world of adults to the divine desire of the child, the child of the universe, on whose behalf, the karmic sorcerer or sorceress unleashes the gates of hell.

As such charged with the power of the Goddess of Light known as Theia as her first name, the karmic sorcerer or sorceress is Her Archon leading Her Army, the Archon leads forth the Armies of the Light for the battle of Armageddon before the breaking of the world.  This divine charge is the purpose of the Archon and the reason the karmic sorcerer or sorceress has been summoned.

Before the karmic sorcerer can begin his path he must understand the role of the guardians of his time.  Because we live in a patriarchal end phase, the Guardians of our time are the Archangels, and they will remain so the guardians in all times of bifocal, patrifocal, and patriarchal eras and will remain the guardians of the Merkaba and the grail in all times that are matrifocal and matriarchal.  

For the Archangels together are the sum of the power of the named and unnamed God standing as a bridge between the God that is and the God that will be.  Thus the true name of God, whom the Elohim serve, must be known, and all the Elohim must be known personally in spirit form by the karmic sorcerer otherwise the gates of time will remain closed and the next stage of the path, the karmic witch, will remain unrevealed.  

If the era is female centered, then the karmic sorceress must know the Archons that protect the cosmic womb from the intruder.  They shall be the lesser goddesses and gods of the pantheon of Archons whose power extend the power of the twin form goddess of Light and Darkness known as the Twin Dragons, the Tao of Eternal Contemplation.  In the Sanctuary of Eternity, the darkness, the true Goddess must be found, for the Dark Goddess must always serve the Goddess of Light.  There will be a myth of the paths of the Archons for the seeker in whom this message shall birth a solution.  From the solution will come the power to bend the destiny of the fate of all.

The power of the karmic sorcerer and sorceress is the ability to cast beings into bindings in their future lifetimes.  For this the karmic sorcerer has access to the Akashic Stream.  The karmic sorcerer has the power to cast dooms upon the beings of this world as well as to bind them in their future ones.  This power has an emotional effect either on the karmic sorcerer or sorceress and the person in this life if this person is not wicked.  If they are wicked, then only the karmic sorcerer or sorceress will experience the emotion, and the wicked are as zombies to the karmic sorcerer or sorceress and of no value to the master plan of the child of the universe.  As such, they will go to their doom, and the dooms are cast directly until the karmic witch has come to sentence all to magic.  

And what does the karmic sorcerer or sorceress use for his or her ingredients?  Spirit of course!  And he or she should be practicing a great deal of voodoo as the inner warlock to keep the bastards at bay, I can assure you.  Most karmic sorcerers or sorceresses use the warlock power the most, as it is the easiest to get started with, destroying the dark spirits of the world to fuel their brilliant inner light that blazes forth and says “No!” to the armies of darkness.

The karmic sorcerer or sorceress gains his or her power from the white aura.  He or she no longer is capable of using the aura as the lesser mages do until he or she has gained his or her footing as a sorcerer or sorceress once more.  The power of karmic sorcery extends on the 8th plane, the plane of superconsciousness. 

Karmic Witchcraft – Karmic witchcraft is the 9th school of magic and the 2nd ordeal of the Archon.

Karmic witchcraft begins with the understanding of the underworld of myths, the legends of time, what the ignorant call “history”.  For history is the key to greater magic, as all that has been written is the karmic puzzle box, the secret to the hearts of everyone.  Behind history lies the fa├žade of names, but behind that the real identities of the evil doers of the world unpunished for the crimes of the past for they surely still commit those crimes today!  The karmic witch has no patience for such filth.  So she goes forth righteously to purge the world of the corruption she has seen with the eye of spirit.

You can tell corruption exists is if exists in history?  Is the story rotten?  Does it have a bad ending or an unhappy ending?  That’s the wyrd of the witch telling her, all ain’t right sister!  Where’s my happy ending?  Once in awhile the karmic sorcerer meets his match, so then someone has to go out and find out which evil doer did the deed.  Then they have be bound, of course, and receive their just deserts pain for pain, plus interest.  They will certainly wish for death before it’s not over, since equal pain for equal measure is the hallmark of karmic witchcraft. Using the power of her spells, she can reveal where the dirt’s hidden, and go forth to catch another evil doer in the act.  And once all that’s evil is not fit to print, then she can bind the bastards in a spell for all time and seal them in a proper doom.

This of course with the help of both the God and Goddess, because no one likes an intruder into their lives, and surely the children deserve better.  How does one become a karmic witch, you ask?  I’ll tell you sister it ain’t easy!

For those male karmic witches amongst you, surely you can relate by now.  You’ve cast the bastard into the abyss of his or her future karmic doom, but now what?  Well, you’ve got to make sure the deed is done.  Magic must be built from the ground up so do as King Solomon did and start making seals!  Seals, seals, seals!  The witch’s job to cast spells remember?  So get casting, and keep those evil doers trapped in the void as long as you can with every power you know.  

Make a seal with the seal of the Archangels, they aren’t above this sort of thing I promise you!  Just to be sure, just to be safe.  But if you don’t believe me put the seal of the Goddess’s Archons there just to be sure, just to be safe.  And then burn every record you can find and keep the rest in the vault!  What vault?  Hopefully the magic vault you just built!  Don’t forget to do as the Goddess wills, for her wrath is surely swift.  No worries, my loves, I guarantee you the peace of half an Eeon.  Is it enough?  Only time will tell for sure.

I wish I could be more specific, but you’ll all have to do your own work on this one.  I’m rather tired sometimes in my own journey.  But still, the karmic witch is still like a regular witch, and so spells, spells, spells with ingredients, ingredients, ingredients.  Well, obviously by now you should realize that the karmic witch doesn’t use nightshade for her ingredients.  You didn’t climb the mountain of magic to eat cheesecake did you?  

No, sir or madam karmic witch, there is only one ingredient in all higher magic for the karmic witch, the souls.  The karmic witch needs souls for her magic.  That is, I suppose, why this job is left to the highly experienced, as souls don’t come cheap. 

None the less, all the magic is there to bind souls, and unless you can handle it, this job is best left for those with a little more knowledge for sure.  Also mortals get all pricy about soul binding because they think somehow that all the bad shit they do in life is supposed to be pardoned.  The arrogance of such an attitude could simply not go unpunished.  Welcome to the age of witches, idiots!

So what’s the first job of the darling karmic witch.  Well obviously, she is here to declare the dawn of the Goddess of Darkness that has come to judge the worthless rabble who have misrepresented themselves before the Throne of Heaven, who is now headed by a Goddess of Light.  Well, that’s what you get for being assholes, and your God is going to abandon you for that reason because obviously you’ve all been very, very bad.  I mean for God’s sake you can’t even name Him properly!

So it is that the Age of Witches is born!  Well, it will have to start as a little itzy bitzy rebellion first.  But you get the picture!  And by the time the Witch sits on the throne of the world, it will be paid for by the blood of millions of witches that have gone before.  Blood magic for some, bad decisions for others.  Tisk, tisk.  All’s fair in love and gore.

None the less, after the nastiness of time and history comes the karmic witch to judge her lesser sisters who have corrupted themselves with bloodlust and other unpleasantries as well.  Find them and bind them as usual.  If you know their secret names before they do, then you have already won!  Neat huh?  Not that any of this should obsess you much.  Karmic witchcraft is not for the light of heart in this world yet.  There is still much to be revealed.  So the karmic witch must find the demons of the past and bind them, until a karmic warlock can come along and finally do a proper exorcism.  Where is that masked man anyway?  

The karmic witch gains her power from the silver aura.  The karmic witch’s powers extend on the 9th plane, the plane of hyperconsciousness.  

Karmic Voodoo -  Karmic Voodoo is the 10th school of magic and the 3rd ordeal of the Archon.

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get more complicated, the masked man appears!  Who is this dashing stranger?  And why is he wearing a dress?  Well, there are many questions in the temple that shall not be asked, but surely, we can come up with a better question.  Well, some of us can for sure.  For the rest, they will have to wait until the next free lunch from the divine circus gets around to them.  Hopefully by then they will have evolved a sense of humor.  Let’s not get our hopes up.

The nature of the karmic warlock can’t be understood easily, obviously as the last active magic class.  But just as the warlock long before him or her, he or she, the first one is always a he in patrifocal sentient species such as ours, will be busting some spiritual heads.  Trouble, trouble and to be double, perhaps?  Who can say, for sometimes karmic warlocks appear in two!  But always one will start the path a little before the 2nd.  

The inner light is that which breaks the spell of all that was, revealing the truth hidden behind appearances.  The Karmic Warlock is here do something vast, the big birth to a just God and Goddess, one so named properly.  As such the Karmic Warlocks that come must rise the God from the grave and bring life back to the Goddess should she ever fall by use of the power of the inner light of the karmic tunneler.  These warlocks will practice the five tools of practical spiritual psychology as all warlocks before them, but in new power.  

The karmic warlock’s ultimate task to is fish out the true name of the next God or Goddess from the ocean of the unconscious as it becomes revealed.  The coming Tetra-gram-a-ton and the four named Goddess each have new names that are revealed in the unique tradition of those who practice the true Kabballah.  Each new name for the God or Goddess must be forged by a karmic warlock schooled in the mystery of the art of the warlock having travelled the nine paths of magic beforehand in their past lives or in a school designed to train them, or better yet, both.  Each mystery is revealed to each Karmic Warlock in succession as they travel the path to the supreme power each of them is capable of.  

The Karmic Warlock fishes the past from the lie of history like any good fisher.  He reveals the past lives of the great men and women of the past in his own mind and consciousness, and destroys their likeness revealing the truth of the gridwork of the past that reveals the way to the ocean of the future and shows the connections of the present moment.  And then, the warlock must speak before the world to announce what it is that he or she has discovered.  These are the Voices, as they come, and every one of them will be a karmic warlock at least twice before the end of the first Eeon of Light.  

The Karmic Warlock’s power comes from darkness and its ability to destroy other darkness.  It is this ability that grants him or her the right and the will to know and express the will of the most high through the chain of being.  And at the beginning of the Age of Sagitarrius, the Age of Warlocks will begin, which will be announced by the supreme Shaman of the new Tetra-Gram-A-Ton, the re-birthed true God, who is the White Pope who shall live in London and will be accepted by the supreme Shaman of the Goddess, the Black Pope, who shall live in the City of Knowledge in China.  And this will give birth to the Age of Learning, the Greater Age of Knowledge through the Mysteries where the initiates shall be taught again the secrets of the temple.  

The karmic warlock gains his power from the golden aura.  The karmic warlock’s powers extends on the 10th plane, the planet of metaconsciousness.
A Few Rules Concerning the Magical World and Game of Voodoo Emperor/Empress

The magical world as I have described it here is a strict hierarchy in terms of the path and the levels of power.  The karmic warlock is the king of magic.  The supreme karmic warlock is the Emperor or Empress of Voodoo.  All magic users and powers, until such time as a Karmic Wizard shall arise from the unknown to give birth to a new paradigm above the existing one, shall pay homage to the Emperor or Empress of Voodoo. 

But besides the great game, to decide who is the most powerful, of course, there is the matter of the internal dynamics of the schools themselves in terms of power levels.  Each level of the hierarchy is beaten by the level above it, and may overcome the level above it if there are two practitioners.  This is such that a witch will defeat a sorceress, but two sorceresses can overcome a witch.  Yet in order to beat a warlock, four sorcerers will only have a 50% chance of winning.  It takes eight sorcerers to guarantee beating a warlock.  And if eight sorcerers try to beat a wizard, they will only have a 50% chance of winning, if four try it they will only have a 25% chance of winning.  This is true across levels for some reason that isn’t personally clear to me yet, but it has something to do with the contour of magic.

So the general rule is to beat the level in magic above you it takes 2.  But to beat the level of magic two levels above you it takes quadruple the number that it takes to beat the level directly above you.  So this means it takes 8 for the level 2 above yours, but 4 will have a 50% chance.  In order to beat the level above that, which is 3 levels above you, you need 16, but 4 will have a 25% chance and 8 will have a 50% chance.  

My general belief is this seeming disparity in power as one climbs the ranks has to do with the effect of magic visibility and the aggressor effect.  The aggressor knows you are coming, and you don’t, so in magic the strong survive and the weak evolve.  If you know someone is your opponent and they don’t attack you first, then you attack first if you’re trying to survive and you don’t have anything to lose as you understand it.  In the process of attacking first you will always reduce the opponent’s numbers before they even know you are their opponent based on your skill level.  In any case the rules show that as you gain levels there is a disproportionate advantage to the master who has mastered the levels before and that is the demonstration of experience in the game.

The reason that such rules exist in magic is obvious.  Magic is metaphysically structured and magical power is based on experience that is implied in the non-physical structure of the gridwork itself in all its superdimensional elegance.  This leads to the inevitable realization that magic cannot be subducted, or crushed below, itself, and so this is a source of ultimate security through all your relations, the ultimate expression of gridwork as a living buddhic phenomenon.  Then of course, the path must be structured internally so that path makes sense, which leads us to the seven fold path of primal magic as described.

The Light on the Path of Primal Magic

A sorcerer or sorceress will always eventually gravitate to witchcraft once they understand the nature and purpose of magic.  The purpose of magic is to build the life, and so witchcraft serves the purpose at a higher level than sorcery as spells build magical structure into the world whereas the spell forms of the sorcerer dissipate rather easily.  

But where there is life their must be death, so voodoo naturally replaces witchcraft as the next path.  For the truly observant have always noted that magic is made of death, and that is why is possible to have the power.  The principle clearly stated here is that all that is sanctified is first sanctified in death through darkness.  So Voodoo exceeds witchcraft as a power because all magic must die and the warlock’s job is to live in that death as the keeper of death.  But, it is not a power that is abused lightly.  Dark Voodoo carries the highest price known in the magic world of the dark path, known as the three fold death.  It is said that only the dark shaman fares worse.

None the less, the destroyer must die too, so then when Voodoo is dead, the wizard is born.  Tired of all the dread mucking about the underworld in search of light, the wizard seeks to create, and does.  The wizard builds the language of magic through the books, the ideas, and other things as required.  Naturally, after the path of the destroyer is complete, everyone wants to build something magnificent.  So the wizard is here to make sure that happens.  And the desire is natural for sure. 

Once the tower and the works of the wizard are complete demonstrating the wizard’s mastery over the physical art of magic, then the wizard naturally wants to look into the world and find out what is in it now that the wizard feels secure with a tower built.  His or her next step is to observe the heavens and any myths of the mortals nearby to find out what deities may be present to understand the nature of the universe he or she finds himself or herself in.  The wizard may take up spirit speaking to discover the nature of the spirits of the world as well, and inevitably so in natural universe surroundings.  Thus the gridworker is born with astrology, spirit speaking, and theology of divine realms.

Naturally the gridworker writes down everything, being the universe’s scribe.  Eventually, however, the gridworker becomes bored with information.  At this stage, the desire to embody something more takes hold of the budding magician.  Suddenly, she has learned of the greater powers and is jealous!  Well, I want to be a superconscious monkey god or a hyperconscious rhino goddess!  As such, the gridworker leaves behind her old role and begins to attempt to copy the beings she has discovered through her spirit speaking and empathic path of relation to the world in which she finds herself.

The psychic is born to facilitate this process through the subtle art of divination, which essentially means to attempt to be as the divine through copying or resonating with it.  The psychic discovers information about the fields of life through resonance.  Seeking to embody the world further on the path to greater selfhood as an embodiment of power, the psychic copies the spirit forms he has communed with before as the gridworker to evolve a powerful self image.  He decides to embody the spirit form of the favored god/goddess.  Psychics thus pretend to power in order to facilitate their ongoing development.  They are like children playing at being god/goddess until such time as they grow tired of the act.
Naturally, the shaman is the ultimate final stage of all this as the psychic must travel the world many times through many paths before he or she discovers the need to embody things even deeper.  Yet all this embodiment causes the psychic to lose a sense of themselves, and so the dream of the shaman begins, the quest for new selfhood.  Shaman incorporate all that has been learned, and then discard it seeking the answer of “who am I?” at the core.  As they embody nature and the world, and touch the universe, they become surer of themselves every day they travel the path.   They feel it approaching.  The end of magic and the birth of something greater, life.  

The shaman choses whether to stay on the magic path or return to a mortal simplicity.  In this the vast majority find the soul fragment they need to heal and return to simplicity.  But there are others with greater charges in the universe, and so they may not rest free of magic yet.  But this is where the tale ends, for the shaman eventually embodies completion of the world.  He or she has tasted death, and has been filled with the pleasure of being.  

There is no fear, only life now.  Surmounting the 78 dimensions of spiritual architecture (as my main spiritual teacher in life made known to me and others through his extraordinary vision quest) in whatever form they take for him or her, the shaman becomes complete in his or her experience.  So it is that he or she either becomes a god or goddess as the Avatar to those who follow the lesser path, the minions or followers of the tradition, or he or she becomes the Archon, stepping forward into a greater ring cycle of magic.  It is said by the wise that only fools go forward, and so it is, but others are contented with what they have and find peace at last in living.

The Coming of the Karmic Wizard

Since there is always a greater fool in magic, I gave birth to the idea of the Cosmic Fool, my version of the beginning of the next school of magic, the karmic magic of the initiate Archons.  There is, of course, a huge amount to learn, or relearn, as the case may be, about these truths for the students of the mystery.  But, there are greater paths than these for sure.  The future of magic cannot be known by any save the most high and their agents.

What can be said for sure in the Vision is that in some distant Age (the very end of the 2nd Age of Pisces) a fool will be born who calls himself a karmic wizard and will rise to become the 1st Testimentarian.  He will name the true Pent-a-gram-a-ton through the powers of karmic sorcery, karmic witchcraft, karmic voodoo, and karmic wizardry, and prophesize the return of the new Goddess of Light who shall be the Five Named Goddess.  Thus he shall return as the karmic wizard at the very end of the 2nd Age of Pisces, and with his twin soul besides him who shall likewise be a karmic wizard of the opposite sex, they shall bridge the gap to the 2nd Eeon of Light.  

The Age of Testimentarians shall begin when the number of karmic wizards present are exactly 26 in total at the very beginning of the 2nd Age of Capricorn incarnated simultaneously, each of them having been the Voices that have gone before to teach the world the 26 aspects of the spiritual architecture of the universe of sentience through the 78 dimensions of emotion.

What that is going to look like is anyone’s guess.  But most shouldn’t try to find an answer, as there are always Archons now watching and waiting to bring that wizard’s tower down.  Peace be with you if you can keep it.