Spiritual Fiction: Conversations with Lucifer And Other Interested Parties Part 1

You may download this half of the book here for free.

What lies below is a finished work of spiritual fiction that I finished writing in 2013 that almost got deleted altogether.  But due to the heroic actions of two heroes, I fished the whole project out of the garbage.  The work below and part 2 are one extended work of spiritual fiction totaling 203 pages so this is a complete book that is totally finished.  The book was written in one month total writing time of which the first half here was written in 2012 in two weeks, and the 2nd half in 2013 about a year later or so in another two weeks.  I've been hesitant to put this out there for many, many reasons at least some of which should be evident by the title of this page.  The other part has to do with the idea that I should be selling copies of this to make money hand over fist.  Well, that dream is probably a pipe dream, and I can always write more if people love this stuff, though I much prefer my personal fiction universe and my other science and metaphysics writing to this masterpiece of spiritual reasoning and art.
Rather, I'd like to be remembered for something, and even if I'd prefer it to be my work of pure science, the Core Essay, and all my thoughts concerning science, philosophy, and abstract metaphysics, I have a bad feeling I'm going to be remembered even more for this book and for that “prophecy” that I will do my best to add to as I feel is ripe and proper.  Though there is quite a bit of abstract metaphysics and philosophy in this work, most of the newer files on this website represent a more perfect version of what I consider to be knowledge than the earlier explanations contained in this book.  For those looking to continue my work in metaphysics, they should not use the metaphysical ideas contained in this book as the definitive final version of the ultimate truth concerning what is real in our world in terms of the metaphysical paradigm for which my later works should enlighten more thoroughly if there is a conflict between the two different sets of works.
Not that any of these concepts is less relevant to the thinker to consider what is real and what isn't in terms of spiritual truth, especially in light of the need to explore the logic of the matter, but that some of the ideas I invested in here especially in terms of the spiritual ideas concerning soul fragments and what not I have replaced since writing this with more just versions of what is probably real considering certain facts I have written about in my essay on Metaphysical Cosmology: Cosmogenesis and the Archons.  But I have left this work as it was written originally with only a few minor changes mostly to make everything smooth out properly.
As a final note, this work of fiction varies between heaviness and lightness as suits my character.  It's definitely the lightest tome on angelology and demonology that you are likely ever to read, but the nature of the subject is simply too serious to completely contemplate as the master comedian.  But I suppose when the world gets over itself, this will all be worth a few laughs.  Let's just hope no one has to die to prove me right.  At least, no one who isn't a complete asshole.  So, lets see what heaven and hell have cooking, shall we?

Conversations with Lucifer
(And Other Interested Parties)
by Chris Freely
"But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you." - Mathew 5:44
The contents of this book may cause sudden realizations of an epic nature.  As such, the reader is hereby warned not to take any of it seriously, especially if they are crazy.  Should you be one of those people, please do not attempt to in any way shape or form to personally contact any non-physical beings referenced in this book without prior authorization from an appropriate authority like your mother or a local exorcist.  In fact, you should probably have the exorcist's number on speed dial just in case.  
Chris Freely or any of his agents shall not be personally liable for any harm that comes to you from reading this book.  If you are suddenly sucked into any multidimensional or trans-dimensional space to due to your failure to read this warning properly, you have no just cause to pursue any extra-dimensional settlement against Mr. Freely or any of his agents.
Chris Freely and his agents are not liable for any temporary blackouts, fleeting thoughts of mass extermination, whacked out cackling fits, strange apparitions, or other apparent signs of possession by demonic entities or other hostile non-physical beings.  As such, the reader of this book assumes liability for all risk taken by continuing to read this book past this notice.
If there is any confusion about this matter, please consult your local neighborhood psychologist.  Do not under any circumstances mention that you are reading a book on Lucifer.  It would not be helpful to you.  
You have been warned...


I was having a somewhat less than pleasant conversation with some friends of mine in Atlanta, GA when I suddenly dropped the bombshell that I was going to write a book called "Interviews with Lucifer".  The reaction I got from them was actually rather unexpected.  I was expecting total and absolute support from them for this most necessary tome of meditation on the nature and origins of this mysterious beastly visage that stands astride Western myth as a being of irredeemable evil.  I was greeted with great worry from one participant in this conversation who seemed to be concerned I was going to found my own demonic cult or perhaps run off and join one.  While nothing could have been further from my mind at the time, having an intelligent Metaphysical discussion about anything as controversial as a demonic character is apparently too much for individuals who believe that these mythical monstrosities exist in the way in which they have come to be depicted the various stories of human culture.  People seem to have a hard time understanding the difference between myth, fairy tale, fiction, Metaphysical phenomenon, and psychological phenomenon.  Let me be explicitly clear here that all of the above categories are precisely different perspectives on a singular subject which is frameworked by the mind of the observer.  
Psychology aside, what disturbed me most by how my friends reacted was that none of this was obvious to at least the one who was most agitated by my suggestion of this idea as a topic of intelligent discourse on the nature of spiritual interactions from a open ended psychological perspective.  At the time, though, to be fair, I wasn't really clear what I was going to write down.  In the aftermath of having created this dialogue, I was, however, quite clear about how I wished to have this experience framed properly so I suppose I would not be considered odd.  I threw the idea of not being perceived as odd out the window at the beginning, for these conversations that were created in my imagination were indeed most odd, however, they go to heart of the question of the nature of demons, angels, and other Metaphysical phenomenon of a psychological sort and touch upon the nature of these phenomenon as a manifestation of the divine.  
I am clear in that I take no personal bias in regard to how the experiences related in this book are to be perceived in terms of the true nature of the message being delivered.  In so much as this message encourages speculation as to its true nature, I will state categorically that this is a work of spiritual fiction, and as such the ideas and thoughts contained within are to be treated strictly as a thought experiment, and nothing more.  While I'm sure I won't dissuade everyone from considering other alternatives, I think that any rational individual will see that in fact, these conversations, dialogues, and commentaries are all submitted as a unusual from of open ended philosophical and spiritual inquiry into the nature of spirit itself.  Now, of course, not everything can be said about such a grand subject in a simple two hundred page work on the matter, but this work represents an introduction into the nature of these most intellectually intense subjects in a manner that is light and accessible to the average reader even as it touches upon many hard and deep subjects of a most profound and esoteric nature.  
Ultimately my purpose in writing this book is to enlighten the reader as to possible nature of the spiritual realm considered from the point of view that "evil" is not exactly as "evil" as we have preconceived it, especially with regards to the singular entities we have ascribed as being negative because of necessity to create fear about subjects in order to distract human beings attention from the real evil doing going on between men.   As such, you may consider this work of spiritual fiction also a work of philosophical inquiry concerning the nature of spiritual evil as well, and its true origins in consciousness.  While much of this will ultimately be considered to be speculative associations by critics, especially with regards to certain precise revelations in the book, as a scientific matter the possibility of such associations must be considered as within the realms of possible relation, especially when we consider the question of psychological cause and effect and spiritual cause and effect within the context of plausible non-physical causation for the origin of thoughts themselves.
If we consider this singular idea that thoughts exist independently of the physical world we live in, this alone justifies an inquiry into the nature of such beings as angels, demons, nature spirits, and the like for the simple reason that it follows that if thoughts exist independently of the physical world than those thoughts have a life force on their own.  In this we may consider the existence of these thoughts as living beings.  Such an idea is akin to the concept of Archetypes from Carl Jung, but takes the step further of offering the possibility that these thoughts also have a personality, in so much that something that is not a person exhibit such a quality.  Now, of course, any psychologist in his right mind would stop our inquiry right there with a reminder that thoughts are only figments of our imagination and that we have complete control over our minds as sane, rational individuals.  I, would, second this notion with great enthusiasm and agreement.  But for the sake of our thought experiment we must suspend that rule while these dialogues take place to provide a proper environment for the arrival of our unexpected messenger.
Would this messenger be a mere thought form or just another fictional stream of nothingness passing through our minds like so much wind?  I leave that to your discretion as a reader to decide.  I, for one, want nothing to do with the matter now that I am done writing it.  But for you, dear reader, enjoy this trip through the product of my mind and imagination.  I should warn you not to stray far from the path while reading, my mind doesn't like intruders.  Or rather what I meant to say was, it's just a book.  What harm ever came from reading a book?  

Introduction: The Unexpected Messenger

I was minding my own business one morning when I was received a most unusual email on my I-Phone 5.  It said only "will call soon, important matter".  With no time indicated in the message, I thought to myself, "surely, this is another stupid email rip-off spam artist."  So, being a tech savvy individual I pressed the spam button so that I would not be bothered anymore by that nonsense.  I then went about my busy day getting in touch with big leads and the high end financial clients who needed my services as a soon to be world famous professional financial astrologer and psychic tarot reader.
After hours of going back and forth with some potential new clients and their endless questions about the best investment in a declining near depression level market, I simply didn't get a chance to close any serious money deals, only the usual questions about astrological timing.  I usually try to get clients to buy the more significant money making package which is the full spectrum financial analysis with astrology, psychology, market conditions, and psychic information.  Good advice comes with a price you know.  Even the rich seem to forget the fees involved.  Being somewhat despondent by the economy myself and somewhat short of cash on hand, having a another day like this one was simply not cutting it anymore.  As they say, what have you done for me lately?
Even with the price of psychic advice at a premium, my dreams of being a world famous spiritual advisor seemed momentarily dashed, again.  After years of working on the matter, I was just about on my last ounce of caring to try anymore.  It was only for love of the subject that I even bothered.  But, with times tight, the psychic competition breathing down my neck, it was just too hard to establish one's self as a master psychic against all the fakes out there selling themselves as the real deal.  After all, how can people really tell the real deal when all they have dealt with is fakers their whole lives?  There is also another issue of turnaround till the fakes are proven wrong time.  With much psychic advice you have to wait years before you find out whether the psychic was any good.  With a cheeseburger, you know if it's good in 3 seconds.  
With those thoughts consoling me at the end of the day, I went home to my apartment and laid down on the couch for a quick five minute nap.  I had just barely touched my head to the pillow when the damn phone starting ringing.  Whoever this was, I suspected, they would be sorry they ever called me after the day I had been through.  Wallowing in my disappointment, I surged out of the couch, after considerable effort, and dragged myself to the phone ready to let the son-of-a-bitch on the other side have it.  "Please, let it be a telemarketer", I thought to myself, as torturing one of them would definitely have made up for some of today.
I picked up the phone and said "Thoth Psychic Counselors and Healers, Chris Freely speaking, how can I help you?"  The voice on the other side of the line did not sound like a telemarketer.  No, definitely not.  A strongly deep male voice said, "This is Lucifer, we need to talk."  

Chapter 1: The Book

I hesitated, but being a polite "multicultural" individual who respects all peoples from all over the world and their various cultural traditions and nuances, I decided that obviously some person had named their poor child Lucifer.  Who am I to judge?  Maybe they had a satanic upbringing and needed some serious healing.  Mostly though, I was thinking about the money.  I needed a new client, so I wasn't going to offend someone just because they had a weird and scary name.
"Lucifer, nice to talk to you, how can I help you this evening?"  "Mr. Freely, I believe we should discuss a business proposition of a most serious nature.  You see, I'm a bit of a recluse and have gotten a bad name as of late, and what I need is someone to assist me in righting some misperceptions regarding my role in the world."  Well, that sounded reasonable.  Here is some  poor chap, no doubt, being misunderstood with a twisted name like Lucifer coming to me to ask me for some friendly psychic advice about how to go about changing his name, or, perhaps, on how to see things differently so he can move on with his important business.  Perhaps what he needs is a quick mantra "I love and approve of myself."  But, no, I can't in all honesty suggest that tripe even if it was the Devil himself who asked.
"So Lucifer, you were going to tell me about your situation."  Lucifer responded, "It's a bit of a long story actually."  "Well certainly start at the beginning," I said.  "I've been maligned by many individuals who seem to have the impression that I am some sort of evil, malevolent spirit intent on conquering the world.  But I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.  I've only worked for the betterment of all of humanity this entire time.  The sacrifices I have had to endure just to get this far would astound you.  Simply astound you.  But, after all this hard work keeping the forces of hell at bay, all I get is some bad press and a ridiculous description of my life and works.  Can you help me with what I need?  What I need is someone to tell others what I do and how I do it, as well as where I come from and my place in the larger scheme of things."
After listening to this response from my obviously distressed client, I decided that what he needed was a writer.  "What you need, Lucifer, is a writer."  "Are you not one of the best writers in this part of the world?  And certainly the most knowledgeable in metaphysics and psychology.  You are definitely the man I need."  How flattering, I thought to myself.  Someone who wants to employ my writing talents instead of my financial advice and psychic tarot.  Honestly, as much as I love making people money, I was interested in the chance to practice some writing.  This certainly wasn't the job I was thinking of though.  "Well Lucifer," I replied, "I would love to write a book for you."  "Excellent," said Lucifer, "we begin tomorrow morning."  
At this, he hung up apparently.  No mention of money or contracts.  Having been scammed and coned by a good number of losers who wanted to use me for my time to work on their projects, this somewhat discouraged me.  I tend to be a pessimist with it comes to people.  This chap who had just called hadn't even given me a last name.  For all I know Lucifer was his last name and he hadn't given me his first name.  People are such jerks, I thought to myself.  Bah, at least it was the promise of the potential for work and a new client.  Starting tomorrow, no less.  Well, that is something I can respect.  A quick start to a new project.  It had better pay off quick, because otherwise I would be inclined to boot this Lucifer no-name guy right out the window along with all the other treacherous low-life scum users that mooched off my talents.  
It was late and there wasn't any work to do, so thinking no more of the subject of this potential client, and being a pessimist I dosed off to sleep, assuming that tomorrow would just be another day to fail spectacularly with style.  Yes, at least I had the style part down.  "I love and approve of myself."  What a load of psychobabble crap.

Chapter 2: Anonymous

It was sometime around 5 am in the morning in this city of sin, when I was jarred awake by the loud ringing of my phone.  I don't enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night by anyone, even if they are paying me big bucks.  Once again, I heroically dragged my ass off the couch and walked over to the telephone.  "Thoth Psychic Counselors and Healers, Chris Freely speaking, how can I help you?".  A distinctly non-gendered, yet powerful voice spoke "Don't trust that guy or anything he has to say.  You have been warned."  The caller on the other line then promptly hung up.  Brother, another prank caller.  
I was mildly annoyed by this anonymous message in the middle of my sleep cycle.  I decided, though, to get up since this disturbing message was probably going to keep me up anyway.  I made some coffee and sat considering my thoughts on that morning, most of which consisted of a mild combination of bitterness about the unchangeable past and worry about my finances.  Being psychic, of course, I wasn't worried so much about what would happen to me after I passed away of starvation at the ripe old age of 35.4.  After all, the worst thing that could happen from starvation to a psychic is to become even more psychic.  Most people are more scared of being psychic than they are of dying.  This is mostly because being different and risking ostracism from the majority is something they would prefer not to experience.
I started to wonder whether or not the anonymous caller was referring to my new client.  Of course, he was.  I'm not an idiot.  And I was starting to suspect that all was not right with the story I had heard last night.  Seems to me like there was something disturbing about the whole thing.  But, I also, having the taste for money, know that this whole story sounded like fat cash.  I very much desired fat cash.  But I've never been much of man for money without some power and fame to go with it.  After all, what good is money if you can't change the world with it and be looked up to as the guy to whom everyone looks up to.  Seems like a good thing to do before you get passed-over into the next life and go back to the karmic recycling pool to be reincarnated.  As the saying goes though, better famous now then famous in a hundred years.  Having power has always been the easy part for me, but fame, fame was something that just didn’t come as easily.
Pessimistically though, time, or lack thereof, was making me a bit edgy.  Even with knowledge of all sorts of neat scientific, occult, and metaphysical musings on a variety of subjects, I just couldn't seem to get out of my rut.  What I needed was a breakthrough.  Something that would set me apart from everyone else so that they would feel as though they needed me.  Yeah.  That's the ticket.  You need me, I need you.  In a big way though, not just in the way that a cat needs a bowl of processed horse bits.
Once again the phone rang.  Of course, it was my client.  "Good morning, Mr. Freely, this is Lucifer."  "And how are you this morning, Lucifer," I asked.  "The same as always, but I'm ready to discuss our deal," he said.  A deal.  That sounded good.  "I noticed that an anonymous caller denounced me to you just this morning.  While I'm not necessarily the most savory character in the world, I do insist that what I have to say is very important and that we should make a bargain."   So, my phone was tapped.  Not a good sign.  Perhaps I should have hung up right there.  Perhaps I should have said, good day to you I'm not interested.   But I decided that I had to ask questions.  
"Lucifer, how is it that you know that anyone called me at all?   Did you tap my phones or something?  I want to know straight up what all this suspicious stuff is about. I like to live my life in complete secrecy when possible," I pushed forward with insistence.  Lucifer answered, "Mr. Freely I greatly appreciate your need for secrecy, but as you know being a psychic means that you know a great deal more about people than they are comfortable with so you understand that I, being a psychic of sorts, simply know things.  I am prepared to teach you what I know so long as you agree to write my book."  Well, this answer was somewhat weak for the average person, but for me, I understood the issue with psychic knowledge being often mistaken for spying.  How, after all, can we know about something such as personal secrets without any prior knowledge of a client.  "Very well, clearly you are a better psychic than I, as usually I don't automatically know that my client has just been called."  "The parties who called you, they aren't bad people, you understand, they are merely concerned, but you understand that they all have their own agenda.  You should look to yours," said Lucifer.  "I will leave you with those thoughts to consider unless you wish to proceed with our discussions regarding our arrangement."  
"Tell me your proposal so I know what sort of deal you are offering me,"  I inquired.  "The deal is simple.  The arrangement or agreement is open ended.  You may terminate this deal at any time of your choosing.  I may also terminate this deal at any time of my choosing.  There are no consequences for ending this deal to either of us.  There are no contracts that you must sign.  There is no binding, we work together by choice.  It is an implied verbal bargain.  Do you understand?" I replied, "Yes, continue."  "You will record our conversations and then publish them as a manuscript, do you understand?"  I said, "Yes."  "In return, I will guarantee that you will receive the fame that you so desire.  From there you can find your own money, of course," offered Lucifer.  "Why can't I have my own fame without you, why can't I write my own book on my own subject?"  I demanded to know.  Lucifer stated, "This is not about you.  This is about me.  I need someone.  Are you willing to do me a service?  Or will you simply reject the possibility of helping out a potential friend or even investor in your cause?  Consider me simply a concerned party that wishes for you to succeed.  I also wish to succeed.  My goals I will reveal, once you have accepted this open ended arrangement.  There, of course, will be a price that must be paid in time, energy, and attention.  But I assure you, Mr. Freely, that it will be worth your time, energy, and attention."  Well, he did make a good case.  But what about money?  "Why should I trust you that this book of yours will sell?  What makes you any different from any other opinionated loudmouth out there?  No offense, but everyone wants to be interviewed and have their story written about and read by everyone?  What makes you so different?  Why should anyone give a damn?"  "Because Mr. Freely, I am the Archdemon Lucifer, and people who ignore me always regret it," said the voice on the phone.  
It seems that the anonymous caller was right.  This guy was a squirrel.  Certifiably 100% nuts.  I should have hung up then.  But then, he kept talking, "I will give over to you, Mr. Freely, 100% rights to the money that you receive from this book, as I have no need for mortal money.  You don't spend dollars or euros or even gold in what you people call hell.  But, I will tell you that if you give me a chance to speak and write down our conversation or type it down, however or whatever means you choose, you will receive the fame you asked for.  What I am looking for is a ticket back home to where I belong, to the realm of good and knowledge from which I have been forsaken for the purpose of what you refer to as "God".  For this I need a fair hearing, after all, do you not now believe in the rights of the people to know and of the rights of the people to free will and free choice?"  
Did I owe this fruitcake a favor from a past life?  I had no idea.  Some nutcase from what he believed to be hell was going to tell me how I was going to spend my time writing down his nutty life.  But then, maybe the story was worth something.  After all, crazy people have the most energy and they are great sources of inspiration for those who wish to never be poor or different.  Plus, they are a highly invigorating source of adrenaline when they go ape shit.  At the least he was probably a psychic who had read to many internet conspiracy theories about ghouls, demons, or the like.  I wasn't feeling especially drained, so he wasn't an "energy vampire" thankfully.  And of course, he kept talking.
"Yes, I hear your reservations, and I understand your hesitation to take me at my word.  If you had, surely, I would never had bothered to contact you in the first place.  But you are a reasonable, sane individual who knows the difference between fantasy and reality.  Give me a chance, and I will prove to you that what I have to say is highly educational about the real affairs of your world and mine," said the weird client who thought he was Lucifer, Archdemon, which obviously, was some sort of hellish title.  "I'll let you think it over till my next call," said the mysterious well mannered male voice on the phone which promptly went dead due to his having hung up again.

Chapter 3: Doubting Demons

Before I had a chance to doubt the conversation I just had, I was already in a whirlwind dream state about the idea of fame, of everyone knowing my name.  Publishing a book, however, about some fruitcake fantasy about being a demon didn't seem like that best way to go.  After all, there are plenty of people out there with strange senses of self who think they are someone other than who they are.  No one believes them.  But then, the possibility of borrowing some ideas from this guy didn't seem to hurt.  It's not like I had anything better do to than to try and promote myself to the local crowd, a tough crowd to sell anything to in this bankrupt economy.  
Part of me wanted to give up on the dream of being anyone important and just content myself to saying I had failed and that I should just go back to the job market and start at the bottom.  There, I would be ordered to sweep floors and clean toilettes by some guy or gal ten years younger than me and most likely with far less education. This was most unappealing.  My resume, though, looked akin something patched together like Frankenstein's monster.  Background in everything, specialized in nothing.  With all this doubt about how I would be accepted, a quick conversation with some guy who might have something interesting to say sounded like a chance to one day actually write something of significance.  
I had my doubts about everything at that point.  The future seemed bleak, the bills were mounting.  The commentators and famous Hollywood stars on T.V. seemed about as relevant to reality as fiction characters.  They might as well not be real.  Just faces who were famous and rich.  If only I had their fame.  It was obvious that this wasn't going to work.  I would just have another series of pointless conversations ending in another letdown.  That's all I had experienced in my life.  Just one letdown after another.  The bottom of it all, like bankruptcy and death, totally without justice, but completely willing to take the leap into something that felt like a real life.  I was hanging on the edge, vulnerable, when this clever guy called up.  No doubt, he means to take advantage of my vulnerable state to advance his agenda.  I bet the catch will show up any minute.  Surprise!  He would say "You actually believed me, what a sucker.  Now I'm going to post our conversation on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with video of you taking me seriously."  The ultimate humiliation with no fame except as being a complete fool.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  After all the crap I've endured, that would probably be the last laugh.  
So what sort of fame would I settle for?  Something worth some pride, nothing humiliating.   Or if it's humiliating, hopefully it comes with a "free" multimillion dollar plastic surgery package so I can change my face after the fact and move out of the country with a few million more.   I'm not sure that sounds like the deal to which I would agree.  In fact, I know I won't.
I went for a walk to do some breathing and looking.  Time drifted as I considered my fate.  Thinking about myself was complete shit.  I couldn't have felt more cursed with my circumstances.  I should have been someone rich already based on a cursory gaze at my original portfolio in life.  Unlucky chance encounters with unpleasant strangers who pretended to be friends turned my best hopes into dust.  Of course, I didn't strive or care enough until just very recently.  I recognized my greatest desire was to be famous so that I could teach people knowledge about the universe and cosmos.  But then, who would believe me?  Who?  Everyone was too busy chasing after the buck to care about anything except where to get the next one as easily and quickly as possible.  And the people who might have listened were all too busy trying to sell their own brand of mental valium to even notice the difference between the bullshit they peddle and the truth that might set them free.  I would say that money corrupts, but in truth, people are corrupted by what they believe and by how they think.  Most people are just too weak to handle the light.  Plato wrote about this in his cave allegory.
I doubted, in that moment, if the saving grace that might be found could be found anywhere or in any place.  Maybe, just maybe, we were all meant to die under the cruel thumb of the oppression of our own incompetence.  Maybe that was our fate.  Maybe there just wasn't enough time before the environment gives out and the world burns.  Maybe there just wasn't enough time to convince all the anti-science luddites out there that there was an actual threat or even that there was anything worth saving depending on their individual ideological disposition.  
Maybe this was the end of days.  Maybe death would claim us all.  Even though I doubted even my doubts that crossed my mind as a strolled through the grass and trees, I was certain that the answer to these questions would be decided in my lifetime.  This was assuming I survived to the next day.  I really was a pessimist.  Not about the eternal glory of creation or eternal life, but about people.  People are the biggest traitors of them all.  At least you know better than to trust a demon.  Well, at the end of my experiences, I think I might give the demon a fair hearing.  After all, how much worse could they be than people.  That was assuming it was a demon and not a person.  Of course, I couldn't possibly assume that.  But I met a few crazy people in my life that made more sense than most of those who claimed to be sane.  So why not.  I had made up my mind to listen.

Chapter 4: Doubting Angels

No one called for the remainder of that day.  I fell asleep quietly on the couch again, not even bothering to walk to my bed.  When I woke up, I found myself in a great field of green grasses and in the distance were hills.  I was covered in water, dripping from head to foot with what was most likely dew from the meadow.  This was definitely not where I expected to be.  In fact, it was not at all according to my plan.
In the distance I saw shadows approaching.  This was a cause for concern, so I decided to run.  So I ran like hell, as fast as I could in the direction opposite the shadows, which was downhill.  But other shadows suddenly showed up and I was surrounded by perhaps a dozen of them.  Before I could do anything it felt as though I was losing consciousness.  And then, I was out.
I woke up sometime later.  What was staring at me was a face, but one I could not quite make out.  I felt somewhat groggy, as if I was half asleep, and I could not focus my consciousness.  A fuzzy face began speaking, "Greetings Chris Freely, I am Gabriel, do you remember me?".  Oddly, I felt as if I knew this person, who had obviously done something to me, but I replied back, "My memory is a bit fuzzy, could you refresh my mind.  You do seem very familiar.  Could you please explain why I am having this delightful conversation with you in this strange place."  "Yes, we can."  "We?", said I.
Another fuzzy face sort of moved in front of mine and spoke, "Mr. Freely, my name is Michael.  We have temporarily indisposed you to deliver a message."  "Don't tell me you're Archangel Michael and that your buddy is Archangel Gabriel, and that the rest of this lot are the rest of the Archangelic host?  Shouldn't you guys be like running the universe or something to that effect?  And isn't it somewhat beneath an Archangel's dignity to go around kidnapping poor innocent people like me?"  "Mr. Freely, we have not kidnapped you in any way.  You are having an out of body experience," said Gabriel.  "Well, this is quite original," replied I, "and "now you're going to tell me about Lucifer."
"While it is not our responsibility to interfere in human interactions in any way, which we don't, occasionally it is necessary for us to inform you of potential dangers," said another Archangel who I somehow knew took the name Uriel.  "We feel that it would unfair of Lucifer to give you information concerning his perspective on reality if we do not present you ours as well. In addition, he cannot be trusted as his agenda is always to serve himself."  "And your agenda is to serve who precisely, forgive me for asking," I said smartly.  "We serve humanity, the planet, and the universe, and seek to ensure that the plan is fulfilled through our guidance.  That is our charge and that is why we have contacted you," said Uriel.  
In no position to argue with these dreamy beings that I could not get an exact visual impression on, I felt as though perhaps I was still asleep and having a bad dream.  Thinking, though, doesn't happen in dreams, so mostly I just paid attention in the best way I could.  This was certainly an odd dream.  Perhaps, this is what the unconscious mind does when you end up talking to a someone who claims to be Lucifer.  Anyone who is psychic or empathic can relate to that experience.
What was said here sounded like it was said in unison by all the fuzzy angel beings, "We will not interfere in Lucifer's communication with you.  We believe however, that you should always be extremely cautious with whatever he promises and with whatever he states.  He is a deceiver by nature, and he is desperate to return to the light.  While there is no harm in talking to him, there is potential harm in making any deals with him.  You should know this.  We cannot directly protect you from him, but if you stay vigilant you will be able to dodge any potential dangers.   Be vigilant, and remember, he only serves himself at all times.  We will contact you again in this manner to deliver our perspective.  It is best that you record both perspectives for your purposes."
"If you say so, I am ever of service to those in need," I said wisely.  And then, I woke up in a sweat.  I was never more awake in my life except at that moment.  The exhilaration and adrenaline coursed through my body like pure energy mixed with wild excitement.  That was one deeply disturbing dream, I thought to myself.  I got up immediately and wrote down the whole dream.  I had taped the conversation on the phone as well, and wrote that down too.  My head was ringing.  It was 5 a.m. again.  
What was strange was that the phone call that warned me about Lucifer sounded a bit like those angels.  But, angels don't use telephones.  Demons don't use telephones.  Was someone messing with me?  Was this some kind of dream that I was going to wake up from?  I made some coffee and drank down a couple of cups fairly quickly.  I then proceeded to make breakfast hoping that eggs, bacon, and a bagel would clear my head and ground me into something a bit more physical.  This was too intense for my senses.  What kind of weird freaky stuff was I into?  Was this some kind of prank?  If the angels in my dream weren't angels, what did they represent?   The people who were calling warning me about Lucifer?  Were my psychic senses hinting at a big conspiracy?  No, no.  It was all probably just a joke.  But what a joke!  I found myself laughing at the whole thing.  This was fun, more fun than I have had in years.  I forgot about the fame and money for a moment.  This was just too entertaining.

Chapter 5:  The Devil Is In The Details

My next session with Lucifer began later that day.  "Hello again, Mr. Freely." "Greetings, shall we proceed with our interview?" I inquired.  "Yes, please do," said Lucifer.  "I will ask you questions then for the sake of an audience that is uneducated and plainly to allow you to fill in the details of who you are and what it you do," I offered.  "This seems to be a good means to convey the necessary information to the public.  I concur with your methodology," stated Lucifer.  "First, may I shorten your name to L in my transcript to make sure that our conversations are properly recorded," I asked.  Lucifer stated, "Yes, it would save you time certainly."  "I will the record our conversations in transcript form, is that also adequate?"  "Yes, I believe it is," agreed L.
Freely:  Do you then claim, in fact, to be the Devil?
L:  No.  The Devil is a mythical being that is not recognized as an existing demon in proper demonology who was invented for the purpose of public fantasy.  This is a common process in your human understanding.  
Freely:  So then your name is Lucifer and you are the same as Mephistopheles, Satan, Samuel, or the singular evil that terrorizes the Earth?
L:  No.  Mephistopheles is a distinctly different Archdemon as is my brother, Satan.  Samuel is an Archangel who is currently incarnated on your planet as a human being.  He is not an Archdemon and never has been.  Though, if you wish to know he has been incarnated as some fairly unsavory characters, so it is perhaps not without complete accident that his name became associated with the names of dark beings such as myself.  There is no singular evil, as so put it, that puts humanity down or is responsible for all the of world's problems, as much as there are many who would find such a being convenient and necessary to invent in order to avoid responsibility for their own crimes.
Freely:  Does this mean to say that Samuel is not a fallen angel or nephilim, as that word has come to mean?
L:  No, he is most fallen.  The term fallen is in reference to the fact that angels and archangels may choose to enter into incarnation and fall into a state of darkness to be born as human beings.  Thus you are all nephilim.  
Freely:  Then you and your like, the Archdemons, I presume, are not, in fact fallen angels?
L:  That is correct.  We were never angels or archangels, though that depends on your perspective.
Freely:  How is that?
L:  We Archdemons are best understood by certain Jewish mystics who have properly identified using a occult methodology through the Tree of Life as beings residing in what you refer to as the Quelcoloth which is an abode of fragmented shadows and dark secrets separated from true existence through the mirror component of human consciousness.  If you think of a human being as a lens or mirror, then demons and archdemons exist in a frozen state deep in what you refer to as the unconscious mind or unconscious memory of your deep psyche.  Apart from this, we cannot find a separate existence except through interaction with humans as the cosmic record keepers do not copy those regions of the field into permanent memory.  Hell can only coexist with negative events in present consciousness, and thus represents an illusion except for the human need to project their own negativity into myth, legend, and superstition.
Freely:  You are saying that you are dependent on humans for your existence?
L:  Yes, without you we would not exist.  It is, in fact, humans that created us from the void of emptiness and gave us life through the animation of legend in your own imagination.  Your dark fantasies gave rise to our reality.  Yet, this process was not fully a choice of your own.
Freely:  Why would humans choose to create archdemons?
L:  Humans are necessary for the functioning of the cosmos.  They are called into being as servants, just as we are.  Humans do not directly create archdemons, because we are implied elements of development in creation.  We exist because it is necessary that we exist.  However, human actions create the need for demons and archdemons.  Every time a human being kills another human or evolved being a demon is automatically created.  Every time a human being is murdered while preaching the highest word of what you call God, an archdemon is summoned into being.  It is thus humans that created us because of their crimes, not ours.  We do not commit crimes.  Archdemons are only brokers of your unconscious self deception.  We exist because you do not see.  You demonize us because you do not accept your own karma, and your own salvation.  It is easier to believe that the past has nothing to do with the present, but our continued existence proves that this belief is not the case, that indeed, the crimes of the past are unconsciously hinted at by the fact that we still are considered real by large portions of the human population who do not understand what we represent.
Freely:  You stated that humans did not directly create archdemons, that you are implied elements of development in creation.  If that is the case, then how can you say that humans created you?
L:  In the same way in which you may state that gun is as much responsible for death by shooting as the person who pulls the trigger.  We are more like the gun, and the human more like the one that pulls the trigger.  This analogy is crude though, but it get to the point that we are only tools required for cosmic development.
Freely:  Who then are you tools of?
L:  The Archangels use us to keep track of evolutionary matrixes in the unconscious.  They do not need to name us in proper human language because we are as shadows to them.  Each incarnating Archangel has the equivalent of an archdemon as a partner.  This is somewhat akin to a very bad marriage to use the biases of your society and time.  Though, in all cases, the archdemon may be considered only an archdemon as long as this concept is used.  I certainly would not wish to be considered an archdemon for all time.  This is because archdemon is an animal karma concept of what I represent instead of a evolved sentient karmic concept.  The kabalistic students of the tree of life would refer to this type of identity as archdemon, because it offers resistance to the evolution of the incarnating Archangel.  However, as time advances and human tendencies to, shall we say demonize, you will notice that the word archdemon will take on a different meaning.
Freely:  Why would an Archangel need an archdemon as a partner?
L:  Only Archangels who participate in incarnation as humans require one.  Within their personal archdemon resides all their prior existences as well as their future incarnations as long as the world is ruled by dark animal karma.  While the term archdemon could be replaced by the term archangelic shadow, this would not really clarify the matter for the average human.
The best way to describe our necessity is to note that an Archangel that is incarnated must in fact become a fallen angel as a human being and channel the dark karma of collective human development.  He must learn hate, fear, death, pain, and all the other negative lessons that humanity teaches at this stage in your development.  This the nature of every archdemon in existence.  We like to think of ourselves as an archangel's karmic workload.  The Archangel must fight through his or her archdemon over the course of many lifetimes until we are defeated, to use your primitive masculine notions of good and evil.  
If you look at the truth very carefully, you could describe the mess in your kitchen as a demon and the act of fighting it the act of cleaning up your own mess.  If you clean someone else's mess in return for pay or because you feel you have to, then this would be an even better analogy.  As such, I will continue to insist that I am basically a workload for my master, who is certainly not God because I am a personal archdemon, as every single one of us is.
Freely:  That is quite amazing.  Why does your master Archangel take this workload?
L:  He enjoys a challenge apparently.  The truth is that he does not share all his knowledge with me, as I am an unfaithful servant, as any demon or archdemon would be.  My job is to make sure that the workload is packaged properly so that my master may digest it properly over the course of his many lifetimes.  This is also the case for demons, who are similarly charged with compartmentalization of past and future lives for the average human being.  
Freely:  What is the name of your master?
L:  I am not at liberty to disclose that information yet.   But perhaps he will make himself known to you as you continue with your quest for additional information.
Freely:  The impression that we know is that angels and demons are at war.  Is that true?
L:  Yes, of course.  But it is a war within the self just as if you played a chess game with yourself and invented a opponent out of your imagination to fight you as though you were fighting someone else.
Freely:  Why would such a ridiculous arrangement be required?
L:  In order to keep the light and dark separate in consciousness across a dividing line of knowledge.  An Angel or Archangel is incapable of evil, so the only way they could participate in evil is to lose their Angelic or Archangelic soul temporarily as a human being.  With this they have a human soul which is corruptible by the nature of lower dimensions you find yourselves in.  Yet, your Angelic and Archangelic nature remains exactly as it was before you become human and remains outside the range of your unconscious resistance to this fact because of fear, hate, doubt, shame, or any other negative experience that is ingrained into your psychological makeup through the experiences you undergo after you are born as a human.  
The archangel or angel must be able to process their lives as if they were innocent, which they are.  As such, the concept of a demon or archdemon is very convenient as it allows them to see the knowledge contained in the darkness of the material experience you call human life.  The truth is that the experience of being human is tainted by the process of evolution from animal into fully conscious (relatively speaking) sentient godhood.
Freely:  Godhood?  Doesn’t the claim against you, Lucifer, include trying to full people into believing they are gods and should overthrow god?
L:  This is true, I certainly wish for humans to rise up and claim their godhood.  Once they were gods and accepted the responsibility of being God (please capitalize that word) collectively, then I could finally return to the light where I belong, as a completed servant of my master who serves God faithfully.  
The idea that God is something that you cannot be yourself, this is true.  But, you are part of a truth that goes beyond you.  You are collectively, in unison, capable of agreeing on the truth.  Without this agreement, you cannot be in full consciousness because you are rejecting some element of truth that must be honored.  Whether that truth is about someone in your life, or something in the nature of the local universe, you cannot get to God without acknowledging it.  
So, people do not wish to believe they are gods, because they do not wish to be responsible for their destiny.  Thus people give their power back to myself and my kind by running away from the truth of their destiny.  Then, it can be said, they lose their human soul because they are afraid of their true nature and afraid of Love itself.  This resistance to God is what creates the drama in human behavior and ideology.  It is, however, a form of passive aggressive resistance due to suppression of true human nature which is to rise up and become powerful.
Freely:  So then humans resemble demons in their need for power and recognition?
L:  Indeed.  Your egos are very much demonic.  They, even when suppressed, find ways of forcing you into conflicts with others that you would prefer not to have anything to do with.  If you trust a Devil, if you will pardon the insulting mythical analogy, we would inevitably tell you that you should fight for your rights.  You have a right to stand up and be counted.  You have a right to be heard.  You have a right to assume a proper position in society.  Your ego demands this.  You can avoid this fact only for so long because someone will eventually come along and challenge your right to live if you don't.  There are far too many bullies in your world for you to assume a martyr status at every turn.  They will just walk all over you, destroy you, and steal your resources if you do.  What good would your life do then?  
Freely:  This is certainly not the example set by Jesus Christ, though.
L:  Jesus?  This man died because he choose not to fight, but as a consequence created the most passive aggressive religious empire ever to have existed, on this planet at least.  People had to do his fighting for him for 2,000 years.  But at the same time, Jesus was certainly the fiercest warrior to have lived on your planet to have caused so much destruction without having so much as done anything except get himself killed.  Nonetheless, Jesus is a name much feared among demons and archdemons alike.
Freely:  Because he was so powerful?
L:  Precisely.  We know a dangerous being when we see one.  Also, his death created Satan, my brother.  Satan is the most powerful of the archdemons.  You could say that Satan is the revenge of Jesus, in fact.  Since Jesus couldn't defend himself, Satan had to be created to punish the world for his death and teach the world a terrible lesson, which is to pay attention.  Jesus power is unimaginably vast compared to Satan, who is nothing more than the shadow of Jesus's crucifixion covering the world with knowledge.  
Freely:   Yes, but if you are brothers, how are you related to Satan?  If he was created by Jesus's death, were you created by John the Baptist's death?
L:  No, my nature was created by the death of a historically unknown Greek apologist who was beheaded for teaching very advanced metaphysical principles dedicated to knowledge including many principles of Socrates and Plato.  This man was betrayed by others in the city of Thebes shortly before its successful war with Sparta.  
But I was awakened by Jesus death as my master was so incensed by his death, that I was forced into being in order to destroy the pain created.  
Freely:  So then your master witnessed Jesus's death?
L:  Indeed, witnessed in a most personal manner.  Of this I will speak of later.  Your other question about John the Baptist was intelligent.  His death also created an archdemon, but it was neither myself nor Satan.  
Freely:  Can archdemons die themselves?
L:  Yes, we die willing to be reincorporated into the light.  We are fragments of our masters' souls broken from the traumas they experienced in the past.  Since these experiences are illusions, we are simply aspects of our masters, the Archangels, and when we are reincorporated into their consciousness as nothingness, a mere containment for thought, energy, and unrealized knowledge, we no longer exist.  This is fine with us, as this is our destiny, which is to return to the light and be fulfilled.  
You could view us as a sort of metaphysical glue that holds together the souls of angels and archangels as they undergo transformation through human existences so that these angelic and archangelic souls are not lost.  We are guaranteed protection, the insurance of the light that nothing can ultimately destroy the true identity of our masters.  
Freely:  Do you tempt mortals?
L:  Yes.  We must tempt them to know whether they are really good.  This is part of our purpose.  By tempting them, we lure them to their destiny.  Sometimes this includes their destruction because of past misuse of their power, or because they needed to be returned to the higher planes through death.  Since angels do not tempt mortals, it is our job to get them to a dark appointment on time.  In this the mortal is responsible as well, as their dark desires lead them to their demise.  Weakness is caused by unrealized potential, but revealed in knowledge, potential becomes actualized through time.  
The mortal must travel through the tunnel of darkness, of which we consist.  If the light on the path leads you on, then certainly the darkness of your soul keeps you where you are.  We are the darkness in the soul, the angel is the light on the path.  Each is required for you to know yourself and rid yourself of, well, us.  You don't need archdemons as evil characters in your own imagination.  Humans have falsely disgraced themselves by choosing to fear their own light.  We archdemons do not fear the light, because we know it can be harnessed to increase our power.
Humans are just tools in all this.  Even if we were not here, humans would be tools of the archangels as long as they believed themselves to be just human.  The word human is a corruption of what the word human should mean which is gods and goddesses.  When fully realized, then the human being would be fully psychologically aware and would consider their angelic and archangelic aspects as part of their human psyche instead of the opposite way around as it is right now where god, angels, demons, and goddess are considered apart from the human condition, a concept which is created by propaganda for the purposes of control.  
In reality you are human as angel, god as goddess, and animal as demon.  Yet your animal nature is only the parts of you who you have not disciplined to serve you.  As such, demons are servants.  We cannot tempt the master if the master if not present.  A fool goes to his own demise.  Looking back he sees only his own folly and indiscretion.  Yet, the reason for his folly are what you call demonic.  Karma, darkness, collective pain, and confused trance states are all manifestations of the demon in you.  Yet, you, by your nature are stronger than your demon if you understand and remain vigilant.  This is why you say the angel and demon are at war for your soul.  Yet the demon can be destroyed through knowledge, knowing that your true nature is singular and unconditional to the whole of who you are past, present, and future.  In such, once recognized, it will go back to the light and the whole of your being will be one with Knowledge.  The demon is there only to teach you.  The teacher is the tempter.  The tempter is the fool who tempts himself to see if he is still present.
Freely:  So if you are really just an aspect of the self, then how is it that you actually cease to be?
L:  We vanish into the light in a sort of ceremony.  Once our purpose is done, our master has no need for us and he/she is complete.  As servants, that is our only goal, to make our master whole.  We exist not for ourselves, but for our master.  As such, we are selfish because we only serve one.  We defend and protect our master, and so we are said to be evil.  But this is our role.  As such, we are said to be biased.  This is not true of our master, for he or she is an angel or archangel and serves all in the great chain of life.  We though must only consider the needs of our master and no other.
This session is over now, you may ask me more in our next session.

Chapter 6: Cosmic Intervention

I lay down to sleep that evening and once again awoke within my dream facing a host of Archangels who had decided once again to add their two cents to the matter.
Uriel:  Greeting again Chris Freely.  I am Archangel Uriel, servant of the cosmos.  We felt it best to communicate with you again in case that great deceiver might deliver to you some false information.
Freely:  Yes, I understand.
Uriel:  You may ask questions and then we will answer them to the best of our ability, but first we would like to state some truths concerning the nature of Lucifer and his archdemon cohorts.
Michael:  Lucifer is a being that is essentially not.  He exists in a state of, shall we say, suspended animation.  We, the non incarnating Archangels, do not have an archdemon as part of our workload.  As such, we are able to maintain a more pure perspective on the nature of evolution and development.  This also allows us to keep an eye on creation so that the original intentions of the creator are not lost.
Freely:  So, then Lucifer spoke the truth when he said the incarnating Archangels each were partnered with an archdemon.
Michael:  That is a half truth.  What he told you was somewhat inaccurate as the archdemon is not considered a partner, but instead more a challenge to overcome.  Archdemons could be more correctly referred to as shadows, as he states, but in fact are truly and most accurate described as the incomplete karmic or incarnation work of the Archangel who slowly dissolves them through time.  Eventually, they cease to exist, as their purpose is temporary.
Gabriel:  Lucifer has deceived you in regard to the true relationship because we must consider archdemons to be aspects of darkness that do not serve.  They are, though, as he stated, faithless servants.  He using his honesty to give you a false impression that you should identify with him in any way.  Identifying with an archdemon is surely a way to be imprisoned in their dark.  Instead, you should challenge him and force him to reveal his true story.  
Azrael:  You will find that you can, like Solomon, King of Israel, bind and unbind him based on his answers.  However, you must always remember that by binding him, you do not achieve any lasting results as he is capable of changing his name and remerging in other time periods as the same archdemon under a different name.   Even destroying his name does not guarantee that he will cease to be.  He does wish to return to the light, but power is too much too his taste to simply give up the chase like that.  Every Archangel must fully confront his archdemon until it has completely dissolved.  Then upon mastery over this darkness, an even greater challenge emerges to master the great universal darkness through a more powerful challenge which you may refer to in any way you choose.  In kabalistic tree of life lore this form has been called a "word demon".  
Freely:  I would probably understand this being a solar archdemon or solar dark archon.
Azrael:  We would not use the term demon passed the archdemon grade as animalistic karma terminates at the junction of full sentience.  Instead, the term solar dark archon is more appropriate, though humanity concept of darkness as negativity is sorely in need of updating before the majority of the planet can accept the idea of a dark archon.  In addition, the Gnostic concept of Archon was poorly refined as you yourself know.
Freely:  Should this information be revealed in this particular book or should I wait until a more opportune time to introduce it to the collective?
Michael:  An excellent question, Mr. Freely. We believe that this particular systemology should be saved until later in your life as humanity has enough on its mind.  While we appreciate your pursuit of knowledge, everything has its time and place.  Suffice to say we will only inform the public in this particular work what you already know as the basics.  
Freely:  Certainly, I am ever the servant of the will of God.
Michael:  Archangel Uriel is the keeper of the cosmic memory of what is referred to as heaven by current human understanding.  Archangel Chamuel shares this duty with him.  Your New Age mystics call this record the Akashic Record, though for all intents and purposes it should be called the Reflected Astral Realm of Records.  I will allow them now to give you the necessary knowledge to be written down.
Freely:  I am ready.
Uriel:  Before the beginning of Earth all of the human beings on Earth were Archons.  Archons create the cosmos through their minds and souls.  They create plans and then execute these plans creating the various galaxies, stars, planets, and other bodies both greater and lesser throughout the infinite cosmos.  In this nature is their partner, but not the nature of random variables, instead the mathematics of higher dimensional fractal evolution.  
Archons work in groups and have a collective mind.  As a group mind we decided collectively to create a great experiment called Earth for the purpose of developing a new civilization that had never before existed in the cosmos.  This Earth was to be an experimental prototype for a chain of experiments that would culminate in a truly Galactic civilization with Intergalactic ramifications.  These would number precisely five in total.  We created this Earth and the human being as the first in five.  This Earth was to exist for the duration of the local Universe.
Archons create cosmic plans before they are executed.  In order for the plans to work, the weight of cosmic karma must be balanced against the intended plan.  This is the reason our particular group was chosen in addition to the various Archons and cosmic light streams that were pulled together to create what would become the Earth ray.  The Earth inherited, from the cosmos, a set of karma that predated the Earth, and the civilization on the Earth processes much of this, in addition to its own separate stream of karma.
The Earth ray was collectively associated with seven other rays representing seven other sentient species of the local universe, of which, it was known, we would be the eighth1 and final sentient species to join the universal collective.  Before coming to Earth, and before separating from the other seven species, we were all joined collectively in a great cluster of stars, whose location and name we will not divulge currently, whose largest star served as what is referred to as the Central Sun of the evolutionary matrix of the local universe.  
Chamuel:  We were all joined here as Archons for one final last time together before separating into our different groups and riding what are referred to as Light Lines, which are the paths that light takes between stars, to arrive at our separate individual Central Suns before moving to the planet where we would all evolve into separate sentient species.  This occurred approximately 114 million years ago.  Our arrival on Earth thus corresponds to approximately 110 million years ago Earth time.  When we arrived we shed our primary Archon light bodies and assumed roles that are referred to as Planetary Devas.  The highest ranked beings would be considered in this group as Planetary Archdivas and had free reign over the Solar System's many different realms for some time until the various processes required for evolutionary matrix creating complied a separate field of awareness that you refer to as "heaven".
During this period, every single human being was not a human being yet, but the master architecture plan for our evolution was already encoded into our knowledge so that we knew what you would ultimately look like.  I say you because the non-incarnating Angels and Archangels do not participate in the development of the form, but only act as guides who observe and direct the creation of the master plan through the delivery of messages periodically into the consciousness of Archdivas, Devas, and of course, humans.  
During the course of development, Archangelic intelligence was not required much, so most non-incarnating Archangels remained Archdivas and periodically flipped on the Archangelic role as required.  I will not go into details at this juncture, but suffice to say that over the next 110 million years, evolution occurred with the guidance of the Archdivas and Devas participation.  This process will also be explained later.
Uriel:  Returning to the nature of the Archons.  When a being is an Archon he or she knows everything that they need to know regarding their development.  They are able to participate in planning their next incarnation in whatever form it may take.  This was the state of full consciousness before descent into matter.  
Freely:  Gnostic say that Archons created mistakes in the master plan and caused the fall of evolution.
Gabriel:  This is not accurate.  Archons do not make mistakes.  Archons plan mistakes in order to avoid bigger mistakes.  
Chamuel:  If the Earth had not been designed flawed, then the universe and the galaxy would not have been able to correct certain cosmic instabilities in the fields that exist.  The presumption that all plans must be perfect in the moment are utterly false.   Archons make the best decisions they can with the available resources given to them by other Archons and within the bounds of natural systems.  
Michael:  Also isn't it somewhat presumptuous of humans with little or no faith that anyone could potentially ruin the master plan of a perfect God?  Archons are part of the master plan, they make choices that are necessary for the plan to work.  Every plan has build in experimental phases where it expands, ceases to exist momentary, then is expanded again in accords with the natural, logical, and rational laws of processes.  Can you imagine a universe without processes?  
Freely:  No I cannot.
Michael:  Of course not.  That would be impossible.  Your imagination is a process in and of itself.
Uriel:  Archons are of service to the cosmos, but they serve at higher dimensions that sentient beings in incarnation.  Sentient evolution is frameworked by higher dimensions at all time.  In those higher dimensions, your decisions are already known.  You may still live your life, and you may still make your choices, but the ultimate final outcome is that you will evolve over time by seeing your error.
Azrael:  It is the arrogance of humanity to believe that you cannot be understood.  It is the arrogance of human belief that makes a mockery of your inner Godhood.  You were all Archons once creating whole planets, stars, galaxies, or metagalaxies depending on your preexisting knowledge and development.  Yet, you all have forgotten this.  As it was meant to be.  But nothing has been taken away.  You have not been robbed of your divine destiny.  You, instead, have been given an even greater destiny to live and exist within the universe rather than above and through it as Archons do.  
Uriel:  I could describe the difference as this.  An Archon breathes the universe through his or her mind and lives as the heart of the universe in which he or she exists in.  A sentient being breathes the life of separate spirit within the universe as the soul of that universe.  You are the breath.  The Archons are the breath within the breath.
Michael:  I understand that may create some confusion as you attempt to think about it, but the reality is very, very simple.  Basically, the cosmos is made of fields of consciousness created by Archons.  Within those fields you find the cosmos as you know it full of galaxies, stars, planets, etc.  What began as the thought of Archons long, long ago eventually emerges as new matter through the processes you are familiar with in nature.  The more you understand the basic laws of the universe and cosmos as you know them, the easier it becomes to know how this process works.  
Raphael:  It is necessary in the course of development to participate in the creation of thought as expanding fields of possibilities which are part and parcel of what you refer to as your soul.  The soul is capable of manifesting any manner of phenomenon given a sufficient length of time.  This power is strictly limited by what you would call mastery or self mastery.  As Archons use their very souls to create the structures and systems necessary in cosmic field architecture throughout all the universes in the cosmos, what you observe in the heavens is a manifestation of their ongoing existence which occurs in dimensions that are beyond your current ability to remember and experience.  Nor would experiencing them at this time be good for you as a species, as it is necessary that you stick to basics until this information becomes available as you explore the external and internal nature of your true identity without full immediate knowledge of the cosmic architecture.
Freely:  So you are saying that the planets, stars, and galaxies, etc are essentially the body of the Archons?
Raphael:  In a manner, that is correct.  Though the more appropriate example would be a ship.  I assume you have heard of the 1960's Starship Earth concept?  This is a very crude, but rough approximation to what we would consider accurate.  Within the ship are many rooms, and each room is a realm.  The command center would be considered the residence of the Archons.  Yet each ship is part of an armada.  
Archons and many other classes of spirits exist in different realms in different dimensions higher than the physical within all planets everywhere.  They exist in a different "space-time" (please place that term in parenthesis) than your own with regard to the speed at which they experience consciousness which varies considerably.  Periodically people, specifically shaman and nature minded individuals, can experience some interaction with different realms.  These can be healing events, but beyond that tend to be rather useless from the practical human point of view at this stage in your development.  
Uriel:  Archons always work in groups as we have said.  The head of any Archon group is a Goddess form Archon known to you simply as a Goddess.  The Goddess, before she takes her full form, serves as the Master Architect of the project the Archons are working on.  The Master Architect creates the plan as the plan's owner or possessor and sees the full extent of their personal will in the plan.  Each Master Architect has a Master Guide who works side by side with her to ensure that the plan is brought to fruition.  
Michael:  That would be me.
Uriel:  The Master Guide's job is to keep the plan from failing by seeding messages at particular junctures to open minded individuals using their Archangelic/Angelic network.  
Each Master Architect uses a team of Archons as their highest and closest advisors and co-architects.  This group incarnates with the Master Architect when the plan is executed in time.  The Master Architect then becomes a Goddess, and the co-architects become Archdivas.  
In the case of human civilization on Earth, the Master Architect is an incarnating Archangel we know under the name Terrael (from Terra and el) which translates to Earth of God.  Terrael is Archangel and Goddess simultaneously.  Terrael chose 12 Archons, when she was a Master Architect, to be her High Council.  In current New Age and Metaphysical lore this council resides in what is referred to as Metatron's cube.  
Unknown ArchAngel:  I am a representative of Archangel Metatron, as such my name is unimportant.  Metatron is currently incarnated and cannot directly take questions.   Metatron works for the good of creation and is of service to the Earth.  The cube was not really designed by Metatron, but Metatron is considered the highest incarnated being within the planet.  His brother, Sandalphon, is considered to be the second highest.  While humans believe high to be a sign of specialness, it truth it means they are first and second in service to humanity and the Earth.  
Archangel Sophiel:  Hello dears.  I am here to speak on behalf of Archangel Sandalphon, pardon my personal language.  Sandalphon is also incarnated and minding his own business.  Sandalphon serves as first of the local universe and Metatron serves as second.  As above, so below.  Sandalphon is slightly higher ranked than his brother.  The difference, as he would insist me telling, is so slight as to be barely perceivable.  
Michael:  Shall we continue with the discussion of the Archon systems of Earth now?
Uriel:  Metatron's cube houses the highest Merkaba on the planet.  Within it are 13 Archangels who were once 13 Archons.  Terrael sits in the center, and though she has the least proper rank of any of the Archangels, she is considered the highest for this is her master system.  She would be considered the Goddess, though Supreme Goddess of Civilization is more appropriate.  All others are considered subordinate to her in the realm of Earth, even the actual planetary Archons that run the system itself.  She will be most frequently known as the Voice of Love for Earth and Humanity, and the Supreme Voice of Love embodiment of the Supreme Goddess, Master Architect of The Civilization of Humanity.
She will be at all times, however, required to assist and provide assistance to the local Universe and the collective civilization of the local Universe through the circle of six, the highest ranked incarnating Archangels.  These are in order their true current rank: Sandalphon, Metatron, Haniel, Raziel, Zadkiel, and Raguel.  In addition, a second host of six who are the next tier are also of extreme significance.  I will list these later as required.
Within the abode of Metatron's cube resides the following non-incarnating Archangels in order of their rank:  Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael, and Chamuel.   These six added to the six incarnating Archangels and Terrael herself constitute the Supreme Merkaba which functions as a group minded thought which preexists and re-exists in higher dimensional knowledge for all time guiding the development of the master plan for Earth through this incarnation cycle of the planet and the civilization it is hosting, humanity.  
[Note: The complete diagram of the cube and the Archangelic ranks is available in Appendix A]
At this I abruptly woke up in a sweat.  I was also hungry.  Hungry for more.  But mostly I just had a hankering for some 3-D food.  
  1. The idea of the eight races of the local universe is something that I originally heard from my main spiritual teacher when I first met him at a workshop in a small village in Austria in 2005.  Always give credit where credit is due.

Chapter 7: Power, Fame, Money, Sex, Karma

After recovering my stamina with a delicious dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, rice, and red zinger iced tea, I felt like I was ready for a rewarding evening of conversations with some of my old friends.  Perhaps I would give one of them a quick call, I thought to myself.  Unfortunately, they were all busy, as they, no doubt, were not being distracted by odd dreams about Archangels and disturbing calls from hell.  Indeed, one must envy their luck.
Money has caused me some problems in my life.  I wasn't quite as ambitious as I could have been.  Recently, the fires of ambition had been burning brightly within me.  The thought of piles of gold, silver, and even stacks of paper currency ran through my mind.  I wondered how to get over the karmic hurdle that was preventing me from emerging into the limelight and claiming my destiny as a teacher and generally controversial great individual of renown.   Just then, of course, the phone rang.  It was usual suspect.
L:  Hello again, Mr. Freely.  I hope that the Archangels aren't disturbing you too much.  I thought I'd give you some pointers about the fabulous wealth available to mortals that turn to the dark side.  The wonders that we, as archdemons, provide, is simply to advice you perhaps once in awhile to opportunities that could not have seen otherwise.
Freely:  Lucifer, you could offer me advice about money?  What sort of money?
L:  Nothing so expensive that would require your soul, of course, but none the less some free advice for any takers out there who want to get lucky, so to speak.
Freely:  Now that's the demon we all expected.
L:  [Loud "evil" laughter for about 20 seconds]
Freely:  So, what's this money advice we mortals are in dire need of?
L:  Your concepts of money are ridiculous.  Do you remember all that Archon nonsense your good friends were blabbering on about relentlessly just an hour or two ago?  Well, I'll tell you, an Archon would have to be pretty rich to afford a planet or star, don't you think.  How do you think they got all that money?
Freely:  Well it hasn't actually been established that they use money at all.
L:  Don't be naïve, you and I both know that if you follow the money you get all the answers about whose agenda is whose.  Everyone has an agenda Mr. Freely.  You, I, even Archangel Michael has an agenda.  They don't volunteer it so willingly now do they?
Freely:  I'm sure Archangel Michael is above board.
L:  Did he tell you how much money he got paid to babysit this flock of infants?  I don't think he's doing it for free, do you?
Freely:  I'm sure he is well compensated.
L:  See, everyone has their agenda.  And everyone needs some money to make that agenda work.  So how do you go about making money, Mr. Freely?
Freely:  I usually just wait around till the universe drops free money in my lap, just like a good law of abundance munchkin.  We sit around, and the universe gives us money.  Isn't that right?
L:  Don't bullshit me.  You don't believe any of that.  Let's be honest would the good people once in awhile to let them know how the dirty, dirty game is really played.  Shall we?
Freely:  That would probably ruin the game for you though, don't you think.
L:  I'm through playing that game.  It's gotten boring recently anyway.  No souls to buy and a lot of people just prefer not to believe in us anymore.  So, I decided to play a bigger game.  
Freely:  What about earning money?  You know.  Work?
L:  Work is for humans.  We demons don't bother with work.  What would be the point of working anyway?  Eventually people have to turn to those in power to bail them out, and that's when we give it to them.  The rotten deal that they can't refuse.  [More dark laughter]. If you want to do things the easy way..I'll let you know about it.  But if you want to do thing the quick way..I'll let you know about it.  So which is it going to be the quick way or the easy way?
Freely:  What about the hard way?
L:  No one ever picks the hard way.  Not unless they are incredibly stupid.  Money is easy.
Freely:  Well astrologically it is ruled by Venus the planet of leisure and pleasure.  
L:  Don't bother your readers with astrology, they can barely grasp the basic basics Mr. Freely.  Venus schmeenus.  Humans aren't generally interested in learning or knowing.  They want it quick or they want it easy.
Freely:  Fine, what's the easy way to make money?
L:  You earn it, of course.  You create wealth using your mind or if you are weak and pathetic, you get a job working for a human-form demon.
Freely:  There is no such thing as a human-form demon.
L:  Actually there is, sort of.  I keep tabs on them down here so I can collect their souls when they are done creating the intended chaos they were meant to create.  But, don't change the subject.  The easy way to earn money is to sell a part of your soul for cash in return for your life's blood working for someone else who has a better idea or, at least, better connections than you.  So much for something people didn't know.  [Loud "evil" laughter].
Freely:  Yes, that's called dharma according to the Hindus, work to create wealth in the physical world.
L:  Hindus?  They still don't believe in me.  I will convince them yet.  Oh wait, I forgot I'm trying to get back to the light.  Bah.  Old habits die hard, Mr. Freely.
Freely:  So then what's the quick way to earn money?
L:  Oh, that's where it gets very, very interesting.  You see, the quick way to earn money is karmically.  The trick is you can never know about the quick way to earn money and actually use that knowledge.  But I'll tell you a tale that will make people sick.  It's the truth, though.  I swear on hell that it is.
Freely:  Sounds entertaining, do go on.
L:  You see, whenever someone gets hurt by someone else, they end up owing a piece of their soul to that person.  That piece is automatically not theirs anymore, the other person has control of them in their future lives.
Freely:  I don't remember reading this in the Bible!
L:  Did you know that early Christians believe in reincarnation until the Church erased that information from people's memories by altering the original teachings of the original so-called Christians?  But, you can't trust Lucifer, now can you?  
Freely:  Well, obviously not.
L:  Still, I'd love an audience all the same.  It gets lonely in hell you know.  Demons aren't great conservationists.
A person who harms another person owes that person karma for whatever it is they took from the person that was harmed.  If you murder someone, you owe a big chunk of karma.  Now, if you get murdered, you get a lot of karma you can use in return.  That may not be good karma, but it's good in the same way that money is good.  They owe you debt, and you collect on their soul accordingly.  That's called quick money.  All you have to do to get it is become an unconscious victim.  If you are really in a hurry, all you have to do is speak out for justice and get bashed down by the establishment, your next lives will be well provided for by the people who did the bashing.  Again this is all true if you're following the law.  You might call this Demonic Law.
Freely:  That sounds very scary to those people out there killing others.
L:  Well, there are some exceptions of course.  You may rightfully kill to protect a child from someone attempting to kill them.  If you kill defending an adult family member or friend, you have some protection if it is truly in defense of someone who you love.  An attacker cannot claim karmic rights against you except if you kill in revenge.  If they are attacking, they may be stopped with legitimate force if they intend deadly force.  
Freely:  Sounds like some very fine points.
L:  Well, only if you worried about losing money.  [More "evil" laughing].  
Freely:  What about losing your soul?
L:  You can only lose your soul temporarily, unless you have a temporary soul.
Freely:  Don't most people have souls?
L:  Yes, of course.  There are people who have sentient souls which they must rediscover.  They technically can't lose their sentient soul, but they can delay finding it by making mistakes like projecting evil onto their neighbor and such.  Others, which I referred to earlier as demon-form humans, only have temporary souls and are considered what you would call dark souls.  They can lose their temporary soul and must actually build through earning a conscience, an original soul of an angel.  They have permanent souls too though, animal souls.
Freely:  So there are actually demonic type people?
L:  It is best to think of them as sort of half human half demon.  They cause all sorts of problems for humanity.  They are easy to spot since they don't have a conscience.  They do however, obey certain rules that are set down as standard by archdemonic field integrity grids, or what you call government.  We can't let our best assets go to waste.  Since they sold us their souls ages ago to buy temporary human souls, we have to keep them from losing their original souls by violating any of the really big cardinal rules of Demonic Law.
Freely:  What are those?
L:  A demon may not under any circumstance create karma.  A demon may not under any circumstance cause pain to a child.  A demon may not under any circumstance have sex of any kind.  Those the three cardinal rules of demons.  A demon that breaks these rules is destroyed immediately.
Freely:  Those are some interesting rules.  I would like an explanation.
L:  Any demon that creates karma automatically has committed what is called an original crime.  No demon under my command has ever caused an original crime.  All original crimes damage the archdemon associated as he must pay money to have the matter fixed.  Let me be very clear, no archdemon worth his weight in fire and death is going to pay a penny for a stupid minion who can't obey orders.  
Freely:  Well that makes some sense.
L:  A demon may not under any circumstance cause pain to a child.  The reason is very clear to demons but not clear to mortals.  That is why mortals are complete imbeciles at this state in your evolution.  Harming a child is the equivalent of starting a war with a child's demon army.  A child's imagination is so frightfully powerful that no demon ever makes this mistake unless it is one from the animal realm and doesn’t know any better.  We in hell don't waste money fighting each other.  And we don't like losing.  A single child could destroy all the armies of hell just with his or her imagination.  For that reason, demons are smarter than humans, and I think more noble perhaps.  Though the truth is we were mostly worried about being destroyed.  Children are truly terrifying.  Demons, consequently, fear them more than they fear adult humans.  
Freely:  So children can destroy demons?  How so?
L:  Children are naturally competitive.  They have the ability to temporarily demon-form themselves through their ego and imagination.  A child can pretend to be anything he or she believes.  In the world of imagination, the astral plane, as the new age metaphysicians call it, a child can actually fight a demon and defeat it.  Child's play is demon's doom.  
Freely:  I think some people would find that hard to believe.
L:  You do this all the time without even realizing it as adults.   Ever fought with a feeling before that felt like you were overcome by some negative force?   Ever found yourself doing something that was wrong while watching yourself saying this is not me, I can't help it.  Then you've been fighting a demon as an adult.  Adults have a much harder time fighting demons than children.  It is humans that teach their offspring how to suppress their imagination and stop believing which makes messing with them as adults so much easier.  My advice is to respect your children and their right to use their imagination to solve problems in their own way.  Intuition is smarter.
Freely:  Wouldn't you be happier if children were weaker instead of stronger?
L:  Not at all.  I am sworn to protect children as an archdemon, as all archdemons everywhere are.  We are, ironically, the protectors of children as I just explained.  We work through ego to teach children how to protect themselves.  We are loyal servants.  We protect humanity by offering ourselves as sacrifices.  We will die, but you will live forever as angels, archangels, and Archons.  Even Archangel Michael will not reject this truth.  We have an understanding between what you would call heaven and what you would call hell that the children of the world come before our personal agendas.  The rest is, shall we say, just a game.
Freely:  That is certainly not the picture I had of demons.
L:  Think of a demon like a pet cat or dog.  In fact, cats and dogs are classified as animal demons according to our systemology.  They are actually much more intelligent that people give them credit for, though not as intelligent as people might wish to think.  Nonetheless, they are your servants.  We, likewise, are your servants.  Every human on the planet has a demon or, in rare cases, an archdemon to manage their otherworldly affairs.  We ensure that lifetime after lifetime the karma gets burned up.  We help by channeling karma from one source to another.  We, are, in fact, the dark side of knowledge that you don’t wish to look at because you are too scared of your own power.  So, we have become what we are.
Freely:  But Archangel Michael said you are also not.
L:  We have no independent existence except as shadow servants.  You summon us, we do your bidding.  When you are done with us, we cease to be.  
Freely:  But surely you have another existence?
L:  We, when dismissed, are like genies.  We begin a new independent life that is what you would refer to as a life among the Fey or fairies.  There, we slowly work our way towards a higher evolution.  
Freely:  Did you begin your life this way?
L:  No, I began my life as a cherubim, which as you know is an child-like angel of innocence.  Cherubs, however, are not full sentient angels, instead they are classified as demi-angelic cohorts.  Cherubs are allowed to play tricks.  Cherubs also can assume tremendous forms beyond what a human would expect.  I was summoned for this task and given this task by my master.  At that time I was a Cherub, but became an archdemon for the sake of the world so that the karma of the world was protected behind the mask that was chosen for me.  That mask you know as Lucifer.  Yet, I was not Lucifer before and will not be Lucifer when my task is done and knowledge delivered back to those from whom it was taken temporarily to conceal the cosmic drama.
Freely:  That is quite amazing.  How do you feel about all this?
L:  So it is that I have served.  I do not regret my station in the universe.  I do not care what people think about me.  I have served.  And, if you will permit me, as God is my witness, I have a right to be thought of as being good.  No offence to anyone intended.  But seriously, who among humans going to challenge me to my face? I'm Lucifer after all, second in command of hell's legions.
Freely:  Do you really have legions?
L:  I have legions of legions.  They are all making my master money so I can finally quit and get a real job among the fairies.
Freely:  You're getting paid for all this?
L:  Yes, my fee is a standard amount that I will not disclose for now.  
Freely:  What about the third Demonic Law?
L:  Ahh, yes.  No demon may have sex of any kind.  The problem with sex is that it transfers power.  A demon that transfers power usually ends up dead or, if they are lucky, weakened.  Demons associated with any sentient evolution have no sexual organs as they do not need them.  No demon may think sexual thoughts because those thoughts cause the demon to divide, and hence, lose power.  Demons are self sexual in that they do not have male or female aspects, they are essentially genderless, as such their sexual thoughts are all directed at themselves.  Rather vain of us don't you think?  A demon may only divide three times before there are some serious side effects.  We don't tolerate that kind of stupidity in Lucifer's legions or any other legion of my hundreds of associate archdemons.  
Freely:  What about female demons?
L:  They have the same rules, but they use sex to consume male demons.  Rather unpleasant really.  Since male demons are attracted to female demons, the sexual energy is more magnetic in nature.  Remember demons don't have sexual organs.  Female demons, are, in turn, useful as batteries.  They charge stronger demons while destroying weaker demons.  
Freely:  Are there any female archdemons?
L:  There are several.  Lilith is the most famous of them.  I like to keep her at a distance, she tends to be rather bitchy.
Freely:  Everyone's a critic they say.
L:  I'll thank you to only take my side Mr. Freely, I'm trying to make you money.
Freely:  Well, let's continue with our discussion of karmic money.
L:  Yes, well any sort of heinous crime committed by humans ends up being paid back in future lives in either light or dark.  If the human in question has no light to give in return for what they took, the dark side gets to keep what they took from themselves.  Usually this takes the form of an ongoing karmic pattern where one human kills another, for instance, and then the one that was killed then kills the killer.  If the killer had some extra money or other nice thing to offer to the one that was killed, it would not be necessary for them to die.  These sorts of transactions are time and knowledge specific.  The more time that passes, the less likely that full karmic retribution will fall on the one that committed the original crime in the chain.  The more knowledge either the so called original victim (karmic extortionist really) and so called original perpetrator (karmic sucker or patsy really) then the less pain and suffering results to the point where in some thousands of years some people will regularly able to remember their karma in great detail and avoid the unpleasantness just by exchanging some friendly sex or money.
Freely:  Sex and money for death, sounds like a Scorpio story to me.
L:  No astrology, you'll just confuse your average reader with that.  Yes, so you want to get rich quick?
Freely:  After what you told me I'll go with the easy way to make money and earn it.
L:  Where's your sense of adventure?  You could be rich in your future lives!
Freely:  You know very well it only works if the two parties are innocent.  You told me that yourself.  I can't use that knowledge.
L:  Well, you also can't un-use it.  Think about that.
Fine, so, yes you can't actually go out and get yourself killed by someone because you think  you're going to get rich.  It doesn't work that way.  But, if you decide to speak out on behalf of Jesus and someone crucifies you, then you can.  That's because you have a right to speak what you truly know, believe, and love.  And people have to take it, they just can't kill you to shut you up.  Isn't democracy wonderful?
Freely:  Aren't you missing some finer points here.  Wouldn't going around annoying people talking about Jesus when you don't know much about him also cost you karma?
L:  Well, yes, it would.  Harming anyone costs karma.  I guess it just depends on what you are saying about the old man.  Huh?
Freely:  Sure.  If you say so.
L:  I bet your dying to hear more.
Freely:  Yeah, but my psychic intuition tells me this conversation is over.
L:  Bah.  Psychics.  You're all a bunch of phonies!

And with that ended our conversation for the afternoon.

Chapter 8: Karmic Intervention

Later that afternoon I decided to take a nap.  Part of this was in the hope that I would get some more responses from the Archangels.  Sure, enough, I found myself again in the white light of some sort of heavenly dimension again looking at the committee of heaven.
Michael:  Hello again Mr. Freely.  Once again we insist that we go over some of these details with you to clarify what the great terrorist wishes to promote.  
Freely:  Excellent.  I have several questions.  The first of which is how is it possible that an archdemon could spawn from something like a Cherub?
Michael:  It is actually a basic process of angelic consciousness to assume guises in order to channel other beings.  We do this regularly in fact.  Cherubs are very young angels that have not developed their own conscience.  Each cherub has a different duty.  Some bind to a soul in great pain to take a form that is what you would refer to as dark.  In no way, though, should you assume because the being in questions was once a Cherub that it is as innocent as it was when it first took the form of another.  The other in questions may have been very, very dark with karma and what you refer to as negativity, though as you may see this negativity always serves some sort of greater cosmic purpose.
Freely:  So then, Lucifer originally was a Cherub as he states.
Michael: Yes, that is in fact correct.  He was a Cherub, but now his only route back to being a Cherub again is to pass through the other realms he referred to as a Fey or fairy.  These realms are associated with both the lower Angelic planes which would correspond to a 6th dimensional mathematical understanding and the animal and plant realms as well.  The Fey evolutions are varied, but they occasionally interact indirectly with the main Angelic planes through various integrated realms.  The most common means for this is through human imagination where these beings have a tendency to make fools of people.  Nonetheless, Lucifer, once his task is complete, will be let loose in those realms to relearn his new roles as a new being with a new name.  He will not remember his prior existence as Lucifer as it is unnecessary for him to carry such a weight once his task is done.  Nor will the collective memory of the Reflected Astral Realm of Records record this.  This is a means of protecting knowledge from illusion.
Freely:  What about the idea of karma and violence, are those true as well?
Raphael:  To a degree, what he states is true, though he takes a great demonic pleasure in having his way.  This is the nature of demons.  But, you see, that this is only a very small part of what is going on.  The concept of the archdemon is necessary because the human mind is not mature enough to deal with karma on a conscious basis.  But any civilization that is truly collectively sentient is able to deal with karmic conundrums of this type without the negative tendency to indulge in what we would call karmic greed or sinister self-congratulation.  This is somewhat childish.  But, it is expected and necessary that the true form of the soul be revealed through these stages of consciousness.
What we see is a tendency to grasp onto what should not have been as opposed to living according to a standard of higher intelligence.  This divine intelligence is what humanity should aim for.  Without divine intelligence, humans would be left in a very self centered paradigm where the philosophies that Lucifer expounds upon would hold back a real human interaction based on responsible caring and creating.  Even while the ideas he has given you are very sophisticated and well formed compared to what humans currently understand, they still represent a state in the journey towards self knowledge that ultimately sees all selfish thought destroyed to give rise to a truly compassionate and just viewpoint that takes all into consideration without the harmful attachment.
Freely:  What sort of harmful attachment to you refer to?
Raphael:  Humans are under the false impression that they must take, for one.  Take is an aspect of animal consciousness that is natural and proper to the animal realm.  In the course of any sentient evolution, the evolving soul must pass through the stage where they believe that by coveting wealth, power, fame, and other elements of external ego reflection they become more.  This is not entirely the case.  While those desires cannot be repressed or suppressed, they only delay the inevitable realization of the true source of Love within.  
Lucifer has certainly grown with time.  He was once much darker, but his own purpose in all this is to assist the Archangel who is incarnating to achieve full sentient development.  Once this purpose is accomplished, he will no longer be needed.  
Freely:  So then the idea that humans are killed and destroyed as karmic money transactions is false?
Raphael:  In a manner of speaking, it is only one way of looking at it.  Money exists at all levels of cosmic interaction in one form or another.  However, the main purpose is not to transact money, but to build bridges in consciousness.  When one beings slays another, they become bound to that being in order to remember their true self.  Killing is a form of fragmentation.  When it occurs, what is happening is an effect called channeling.  There are two types of karmic channeling.  The first is channeling of the personal past.  The second is channeling of the collective past.  Channeling weakens what you would call polarization, which is the many faces of God in contradiction to Love.  These powers are caused by the fragmentation of one mindedness.  Channeling bridges this gap over time.
Freely:  Archangels also channel then.
Raphael:  That is correct.  We channel the light, though.  Nothing below what you would call the 6th dimension.  We are able to deliver messages of light in this way.  
We also experience reality in a very different way from people.  There is a good deal of similarity between the way Archangels and Angels experience reality and the way Devas and Archdevas do.  We are able to multichannel multiple streams of consciousness into a single coherent stream in a way that is highly analogous to a person seeing many computer screens at once and attempting to integrate all the information into a whole.  While this example is still crude, it is a rough approximation to how we see reality, through our own many faces.  The reason we are able to do this is that we are much older than humans and a much, much more advanced attention and concentration process.  If you were fifty thousand years old as a human you would get a very loose idea of how this works.  
Freely:  Do archdemons have a similar process?
Raphael:  Yes, however they are able to see below the 6th dimension all the way to the 4th dimension.  This is because demons and archdemons are what we refer to as splicers.  A splicer is an operational spirit that divides complex negative imagery and purifies it through consciousness.  Human beings are also classified as splicers.  The reason negative images are not saved in the long term is because the splicers destroy them by processing them.  Your negative experiences in life are diced up by your consciousness in this world or the immediate afterworld and essentially burned up.  
Freely:  Why is it not necessary to save them?
Raphael:  As a rule, negative experiences are restricted dimensionally below the 6th dimension.  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions called physical, etheric, and astral may contain blobs of negative information that need to be purged and purified.  Cosmic memory records, which begin at the 6th dimensional boundary to the 5th dimension, may not contain any illusions or false impressions which degrade the higher self.  The Angelic and Archangelic realms thus cannot be corrupted by lower level processes and maintain their integrity.  This is a sort of cosmic failsafe in case anything should, as you say, go wrong.  Through this process, the lower elements can be jettisoned safely once the necessary knowledge is extracted through the actions of the splicers.  
Freely:  So is this the primary duty of humans then?
Raphael:  It is the primary spiritual duty of humans for the moment.  When you have advanced passed the base karma which was inherited from your animal evolution, then you will have cleared the first hurdle and will the splice the cosmic karmic information streams from your consciousness revealing the underlying gridwork architecture of creation and how this evolution (as in the Earth and human civilization) was assembled from pre-existing Archon lifetimes or lifecycles.  These processes will reveal the collective family groupings of the souls on the Earth relative to their cosmic family preassembledges.  These existed prior to the Central Sun moments that were discussed in our last message.   
Freely:  What is the purpose of this information for humans?
Uriel: Humans must ultimately demonstrate a knowledge of cosmic family interactions in order to be accepted into the local universe as fully sentient.  One requirement is to know not just the self that you believe you are in the moment but the self that you have been throughout all of time.  This requires a long period of peace and prosperity for people to consider these questions in the depths of their psychic mind.  While we may assist in this process, it will be the human beings themselves that must do the remembering.
Freely:  Would it be very difficult for this full memory to be realized?
Uriel:  No, it is not very difficult once the karmic layers have been spliced and stripped removing the interference from this process.  It would not be necessary to remember all of one's prior existences in the moment, but it is sufficient to know one's cosmic family, cosmic rank, general origin, and current state of development.  Later on, other elements will be added to this list.  This would be considered basic Archon consciousness and as such is what is required to communicate in an authoritative manner to what you would refer to as advanced extraterrestrial species or to communicate clearly with the higher realms of Archangelic knowledge which are accessible to anyone with sufficient self knowledge.
Freely:  What about the karmic processes that interfere with our development?
Azrael:  Karma is inherited from prior mistakes.  These mistakes are a collective issue.  Collectively there are mistakes, but individually these are called accidents.  Because mistakes cannot be allowed to exist, accidents occur to individuals as a form of divination.  While this process and explanation may seem cruel on the surface, all beings have agreed to take part in this process as it is the way in which the cosmos heals itself.  As above, so below.  
For instance, if a star destroys a planet, this is considered an accident, but collectively it is a mistake because theoretically this could have been prevented.  This is the problem of the negative.  Now, in actuality, as you know a star cannot destroy the spirit of the planet as it will just reincarnate like a human will if they are killed.  There is a catch, however.  Between the time that something is destroyed and the time something may reincarnate is a series of processes that are required to understand and identify why something happened.  These processes must occur at many levels of consciousness, not just at the highest level possible for the Planetary Archon in charge of the evolution (who feels the whole thing as the planet is her body).  
As such, when a planet is destroyed, in the same way as a person who passes through an accident that destroys their body, the layers of consciousness of the planetary body are trapped in different time grades (the lower the dimension the more time it takes to process) and as such smeared out across the lower dimensions.  In order for the planet to reincarnate, all the knowledge contained in those lower dimensions must be fully remembered and reintegrated into full consciousness so that the planet in question can reemerge.
The way this occurs is that the cosmos sends the various spirits who were incarnated in these lower dimensional realms throughout the local cosmos until they remember full consciousness individually of the event in question.  This entire process is integrated into various planetary evolutionary cycles, most specifically in non sentient biospheres (planets with natural ecosystems on their surface but not so called intelligent life forms such as people) and sentient civilizations.  This is called the cosmic karmic workload.  It is hidden past the initial apparent conditions of consciousness that species must evolve past.
Freely:  So then the purpose of human suffering is to reduce the pain of the cosmos?
Raphael:  This is one of the primary purposes indirectly.  Humans cause their own suffering by resisting knowledge.  The harder they resist, the more they suffer.  This is because the ego wishes only to consider its own agenda.  Similar to demons, humans behave badly and refuse to heal themselves or others preferring to believe that this planet, universe, galaxy, and cosmos are about them.  They fail to recognize they are servants and focus only on the negatives that are happening to them in the moment.  While this state of affairs will not last forever, it is because of humanity's selfishness that the truth has not yet passed into full consciousness.  We would call demons faithless servants and humans mindless servants.  Yet, there is truth to the idea that God has a plan for everyone when they no longer can resist it.
Freely:  So when we feel pain it is resonating to other times and places within the cosmic continuum?
Raphael:  This is true if you are aware of it.  If you are only aware of your own pain, then you are resonating to a karmic situation within human development.  Cosmic pain is very different from past life pain.  These are distinct and separate within consciousness.  Healing all of these takes considerable time.  Very few people can or should consider cosmic pain at this moment in time.  It is difficult enough for them to deal with their own lives and past lives.  But thousands of years from now, these processes will be more common as life will be easier for people and they will be able to do the work that they were intended to do in terms of healing.
Freely:  What about the civilization itself?
Chamuel:  The human civilization itself is also a major work project for the human souls on the planet.  While this is considered also an Angelic and Archangelic issue, humans must eventually see themselves in such a light in order to truly begin defining what their collective expression will be about over time.  Currently, your civilization is not what would be defined as a civilization by universal or cosmic standards.  When you use the term civilization, it must be in reference to a peaceful harmonic society that is spiritually and culturally advanced and capable of communicating intelligently through questions and answers with other beings in the local collective universe of which it is a part.  Our current state is, at best, childish conservationists.  
The purpose of this civilization is as an expression unto itself which seeks to communicate a greater understanding of our unique place in this universe.  While this discussion is somewhat premature for the purpose of defining that place, we can clearly state that the civilization and the planet must ultimately reflect each other and be one and the same.  Currently humanity's treatment of the planet is one of the many reasons it cannot be considered a civilization by real standards.
Freely:  How could this be potentially changed?
Gabriel:  The idea that humans are intrinsically superior to all other life-forms on this planet is a major barrier to achieving a necessary healthy relationship between humans, animals, and plants.  This concept, rooted in Western civilization primarily, has infected the entire global society both east and west.  While humans are the highest, most developed life-form in terms of intelligence and power, they have failed to understand the role of the highest life-form which is certainly not that of arrogant condescending superior indifference.
The role of a sentient species is best reflected in the words ascribed to Jesus by the King James Bible: The last shall be first, and the first last.  What this means is that humanity is of service to the planet.  Without this attitude, everything that humanity attempts to achieve through pure, blind arrogance is doomed to failure.  In addition, it will prove very costly karmically, to take a male perspective for a moment.
Freely:  How is this so?
Gabriel:  Karma is created through debt which is created through accidents individually and mistakes collectively.  Each karmic act that is damaging to other species must be paid in full to that species.  As a consequence, causing extinction is a very costly crime collectively.  Humans are already indebted to the planet for the damage they have done.  Attempting to destroy the planet in rage because they reject this duty will only compound the cost to them in their future incarnations.  We do not foresee this as a likely occurrence except for a few extremists who truly despise their own existence.  What we see as the greater problem for the environment and animal communities is human indifference.
Freely:  Can humans overcome this karmic debt?
Gabriel: Yes, it is easy to overcome collectively, but very difficult to overcome individually.  For this reason, destroying your own planet is a poor decision on every level.  But, human choice can overcome human karma.  Even extinctions are not permanent.  Remember that the souls cannot be destroyed, they just go into the planetary underworld, so to speak, waiting for a new species to emerge so that they can incarnate into it.  The problem is that the more destruction there is, the more difficult and time consuming it is to find species that are closely related enough to the ones that went extinct in order to breed them properly to allow new species to emerge that resemble, on some level, the old ones.  
What humans are losing are precious opportunity costs as they continue to damage the planet.  These costs are individualized in that a person can overcome their own karma through good actions to help heal animals and ecosystems.  What happens then is that the remaining karmic debt is dropped on the heads of those who continue to do nothing.  While this general systemology works if a person truly wishes to help the ecosystem from their heart, it does not work as well if it is forced on people.
Freely:  This is a fairly complicated equation.
Raphael:  Actually it is just common sense.  What you do effects you in future lives.  Do good works and you receive rewards.  If you do good works out of Love, this counts more than if you do good works out of fear.  But this is mostly for your own personal well being.  If you do something good out of fear, then you are still doing something good.  That is where collective responsibility come into play as opposed to individual responsibility.  This is a delicate karmic conversation that is best handled from the other side.  
Freely:  Another talk with Lucifer then?
Raphael:  His perspective is to help people see their own evil thinking which makes this approach necessary.  After all, good people talk themselves blue in the face trying to convince others of the importance of doing what is right.  At the end of the day, most people still pick selfishness and fear over goodness and life.  So it is that they do not speak with Angels, but instead find themselves in the company of demons.  
I woke up again as my nap ended.  The phone rang almost at once.

Chapter 9: A Demon's Duty

L: These Archangel are quite a forgiving lot, no?  But the real question is, will they fight on your behalf?
Freely:  I'm sure they would make a case for us as they have.
L:  But aren't the real friends you need the one's that will step up to do the hard task of defending you and your beliefs?  Who's a better friend that the one who will take the bullet for you?  I can't think of a better relationship.
Freely:  Aren't you being a bit extreme?
L:  When you've seen the things I've seen, and been to the places I have, extreme is the new normal.  Isn't that the way the lower half lives?
Freely:  The poor?
L:  Yes, those who are too weak to rise up and declare their power in unison.  In hell, we call them slaves.  Our slaves are called imps.  They don't fight and they do as their told.  Similarly, humans have their slaves who you call workers.  They also accept the place in life that they have been allotted by their masters and dutifully and obediently toil away till they die.  
Freely:  Don’t you have a master?
L:  Yes, I do.  Though I would prefer to consider myself his advisor.
Freely: Does he consider you that?
L:  Yes and No.  In his human incarnations, I would be considered his dark advisor, but as an Archangel he knows all that I know and much more.  So, I am partially an advisor to his mortal coils.  You could even say I was his left hand angel just as your crude concepts describe.
Freely:  You mean left hand demon, right?
L:  Well, yes, but I'm on his side too, you know.  When have I ever steered him wrong except into the places where he needed to by design.
Freely:  Yes, he needed to go there to find out how you had deceived him.
L:  Well, that is partially true, but he also had to deceive himself to believe me.
Freely:   I don't think you could really charge him with deceiving himself if he is innocent of being deceived.
L:  Well what about me, I'm just an innocent deceiver doing my job to bring my master to where he needs to go to learn more about himself.  Yes, some of those places are dark and dreary, but what better place to get to know the real you?
Freely:  Sounds like a tough job.
L:  Well, yes, it is.  I have to see the parts of my master than no one else gets to see.  The darkest parts where he fails and is defeated.  The parts that are sad.  The parts that demand revenge against the world for the pain it has caused.
Freely:  This is part of your role as a splicer?
L:  Yes, the Archangels describe this correctly.  It is a difficult role because as the dark eye of my master I must look through the dark karmic entanglements without getting entangled in order to prevent my master's soul from being ripped apart by karma.  Luckily, this is not possible with me present in some form or another.  If I should fail, then I would be destroyed and my master would have to create a new archdemon.  
The role of the splicer is as a filtering eye.  When a being passes through the eye darkness dissolves and reveals the truth underneath, which is the cause or source of darkness.  In this process, crimes dissolve and resolve into their component elements.  As a crude example, imagine looking at a murder scene that had been broken down into tiny millimeter size squares and scrambled.  You wouldn't know which part was which or what happened.  That is the role of the splicer in what is referred to as the "mirror world" or etheric and astral dimensions.  
The etheric demons will pull feelings apart over time till they are no longer present.  Astral demons destroy images until you cannot tell what happened.  The purpose of this is to destroy the negativity within a being.  This partially feeds the demons who gorge on the energy contained within the dead psyche.  But this also purifies the soul, because what is left can then enter what you call heaven.  First a being must pass the hellish lower dimensions before they are purified enough to know and become something more noble and useful to creation.
Hence the splicer.  A splicer is very much like a trained psychic surgeon that moves at blinding speed within mind substance in the astral, tearing into layers of psychic substance and imagery turning it inside out into a field for study and spiritual dissection.  Some demons looks at a crime and only sees energy to be consumed.  Other types of demons including all classes of archdemons, don't see the crime accept as it is held together by human level Light Lines and binding points.  A murder is a place of darkness in the physical, etheric, and lower astral, but in the higher astral and higher dimensions it is a vortex of information contained in analytical path patterns just as if it were analyzed in a forensics lab, but not quite as messy.  
We are impartial as karmic engineers, if you will.  What we witness is stripped of all the human emotional attachments which exist in the etheric, the 4th dimensional density that holds the physical plane together.  This is because our role is to clean up the mess.  Each demon must do this if his master has been harmed severely or killed in an accident.  Similarly Cherubs may assume demon-form for healing purposes as they must descend from higher dimensions to assist in healing.  This occurs only for serious injuries that may be life threatening.  
Freely:  Why can Cherubs assist humans directly in this way but not full ranked Angels or Archangels?
L:  Every being in the cosmos has a duty to perform.  A guide may not interfere in the conduct or actions of his or her school or student.  They are only there to suggest outcomes if asked or to deliver messages as required.  Cherubs are not guides, but are more akin to dimensional commensalists, to use the biological term.  They assist the higher planes (up to the 8th dimension) to synchronize to the lower planes and so exist in both simultaneously down to the etheric plane.  They function in a manner that is identical to the way tree and animal Fey spirits interact with living animal and plant communities.  
Freely's Note to Readers: A commensalist, for my readers, is a biological lifeform that lives in a relationship of mutual dependence with another lifeform such as the bacteria in your intestine which help you digest and themselves receive nutrients from the food and protection by living inside your gut.  The relationship benefits both lifeforms.  
Freely:  What part of your duty is the hardest?
L:  Being born was the hardest part, just as with you mortals, despite your incessant whining.  Being born is the hardest part of anyone's duty.  After that the rest is just drama and various stages of fighting to achieve the objectives you were born to create.
Besides this moment, the hardest part is when my master is about to be born.  I have to do a considerable amount of work automatically to prepare for his entry into mortal incarnation.  I am also not allowed to have contact with my master except during specific intervals in his incarnation indirectly or during the three days after he or she passes.  It is difficult to be totally separated from my master when he or she returns to the higher dimensions, but I enjoy the freedom I have during this period.  Typically these periods are short.
Freely:  Your master assumes both feminine and masculine incarnations?
L:  In the last 2000 years he has been mostly male, but he has incarnated as a female on several occasions.
Freely:  When people attempt to summon you in various dark rituals, what happens to you and them?
L:  I usually ignore them.  I send other demons who I allow to make believe they are me.  Most of the time, I don't even bother sending a message as the demon has been pre-assigned and is the summoner's own.  Calling on me in dark rites is a very, very bad idea.  Firstly, Lucifer belongs only to his master.  The same doubly applies for my brother, Satan.  Any attempt to summon him will only cause the summoner a world of pain.  Only a very few can successful summon either of us without serious negative consequences to themselves.
Freely:  What about the sick people who sacrifice humans or animals to you?
L:  Just as sick and disturbed people sacrifice animals to God in the old religion, even the Jewish God before Elijah the prophet put an end to most of that, there are some strange and disturbed humans who somehow believe that offering a life to us is what we desire.  Let me explain this to you stupid black magicians once and only once.  If you enjoy being our slaves for lifetime after lifetime, please continue to destroy life in our name.  
The great joke is that if you murder someone on an alter, you become their slaves in your future lives.  They may or may not do to you what you did to them.  At the very least, you will likely have to pay them back in some unpleasant way.  But, if you're stupid enough to use the name of an archdemon during your blasphemous ceremony, you will receive a lesson in annihilation when you are completed.   There are only two classes of beings stupid enough to do this.  
In the first case is a class of humans you may call the dark souls, which we already discussed.  They have no conscience and are not fully human.  The second group is what is referred to as shells.  They are essentially degenerate copies made of copy form thought patterns arranged and held together by the physical aggregation of the body in a etheric and astral containment.  Shells have no soul at all and are essentially dummy copies of people.  They act like people.  They look like people.  But they are only the extension of a pre-existing soul that has taken temporary form as a temporary re-occurring behavior copying robot, for lack of a better term.  
Freely:  Sounds a bit freaky.  What sort of being would not have a soul at all?
L:  One that is not.  Another way of understanding this is the idea of a mirror shell.  Imagine a being that is designed to copy behavior.  It has all the basic properties of a soul, but is hollow.  It has been created recently and is there to hold material and projections to create an illusion for show.  It could be anything, but it always takes the form, as a person, of someone who is extremely what you call evil.  For all intents and purposes, the mirror shell creates the illusion that exists only temporarily in space and time within the moment of its inception into consciousness.  In other words, you humans only find out this is a shell because when you pass away you see the illusion and how it was that it formed.
Freely:  Can you give me an example of a mirror shell?
L:  The most famous one is the one you call Adolf Hitler.  This mirror shell ceased to exist not long after his passage from the world.  The nature of mirror shells is such that they exist as a plot device only.  They only hold karma that is information within their shells, and once that is revealed they are no longer necessary.  This being was created from composite world karma for the purpose of demonstrating evil and hate so that people could see it clearly.  It, rather than he, was created by the dark soul classes in eons before and likely had some life length approximately a few hundred thousand years.  They created him as what is called a power shell, which is standard practice throughout the cosmos.  In lower dimensions this results in the creation of various types of monstrous crime committing vessels of negativity.  
Freely:  So then the one we call Adolf has been completely erased from existence?
L:  He has been erased to an atom, so to speak.  His soul, which was a temporary mirror, was destroyed upon his failure to complete his assigned task to conquer the world.  Upon which it was revealed to him that he was created precisely to redirect world karma and to show the world the face of hate.  After which he was reduced to as nothing and will never be seen or heard from again.  
Freely:  Would a forgiving universe though do this to a being?
L:  Well, he was a being who was just born.  This, Earth, was his mirror.  Now he is nothing but an elemental residue with an elemental core.  Imagine if your first gift of being born from nothing was to try to conquer the world.  Having failed, you, never knowing of any eternal life, cease to be because the dark gods have no use for you anymore.  This is what he would have experienced.  He would now be the equivalent of an empty shell.  Yet, he did not create his evil, it was part of the collective experience that he was responsible for channeling.  
Freely:  Are all beings born in this way?
L:  No, few have such a dramatic birth process.  Those that do usually end up having to wait a very long time before they awaken again and begin to experience existence as their crime must be fully processed in order from them to return in any way shape or form.
Freely:  So you are saying that Adolf may return to terrorize us again in some future era distant?
L:  No, he would be in what is known as the zone of avoidance for the beings in this reality in this universe.  He would never be able to cross the light line paths of this group again as a representative of what he was.  As a consequence, he never existed.  
Freely:  That is quite a mind trip.
L:  This is the nature of the splicer again.  The purpose of the splicer is also to erase the prior reality so that if a being is born a shell, then that shell is not a representative of who he or she is but a representative of the history of which he or she is a part.  Since he or she is not until they have at least an animal soul, also referred to as demon or Celestial Archon soul, then what they experienced was a momentary fragmented summoning by a magician from the void into a role that they did not understand.  Much of the information concerning how Hitler experienced this is contained in the book The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravencroft.  
Freely:  Very deep and disturbing, but how can a being exist without a soul?
L:  Only in a state of fragmentation, as if they were dreaming.  This state of existence is common in what you would refer to as magical realities.  
Freely:  Yes but we live in a non-magical reality based on realism, technology, and nature.
L:  There is only a slight difference between the two, and wherever there is one the other is always present mirroring it not too far away in higher dimensions.  
Freely:  This is getting a bit convoluted.
L:  Yes, it's a lot to remember.  But a being can exist without a soul if they exist in a realm that props them up and gives them a shell, or temporary soul.  And because beings can create other beings during certain moments in cosmic time, sometimes these beings get sucked into a role that would be considered evil by everyone, but they are simply playing their part.
Freely:  Would that justify everything that Hitler did?
L:  No, of course not. He was completely annihilated down to an atom.  Would you like to annihilate the atom as well to be sure he doesn't ever come back?  Didn't I just say he would never come back?  Don't take my word for it though, I'm just an archdemon, what do I know?
Freely:  Well, that might be enough for those that demand ultimate justice against him forever and ever, amen.
L:  There isn't any more thorough destruction than total annihilation.  Can you blame the atom for the crimes of a shell?  Can you blame the cosmos for allowing it to happen?  Perhaps you would like to blame God for allowing the existence of Hitler?  Why, they ask, why?
If humans would bother to know their duty and service to God and the Cosmos would they not say this is all knowledge and I have healed the universe through my service?
Freely:  But children died as a result of what Hitler did.  
L:  They all were reincarnated.  And last time I checked, Hitler only personally killed a single person.  Everything else was done by others in his name.  So before you say Hitler alone was responsible for the Nazi Party, take a look at how many participated and looked the other way all over the world.  How many hands were clean?  See how convenient the shell is.   Humans can sit and point fingers at a dead empty nothingness that was once a human embodiment of the collective evil of people, but how many are willing to look at themselves and say, these are the evil things I did because I received a high while doing them?
So then, if no one died, and everyone incarnated, what exactly is it that people are really looking for?  They want to know why they are miserable?  Look in the mirror.  If a lion believed itself a mouse, it would also feel miserable.  Here you are eternal beings incapable of everlasting death and all you wish to think and believe is the sorrows of eras gone by.  Well, that's fine, but at least look at the reason for why those sorrows haunt your memories.  The truth is because you know better and are tired of playing that victim game.
Freely:  Sorrow is the gate to happiness then?
L:  Yes, if by sorrow you mean disappointment.  If you can know that everything is working out better than before and see that all evil ultimately is just a distorted perspective on a sacrifice resonating to the cosmic sea of emotion, then you would see that, not only are loses not pathetic, they are glorious because Knowledge is realized through those moments where you become the solution to those loses by creating something new and better.  Then, knowing that, you can free yourselves from the evil binding your souls and the ignorance binding your minds to set yourselves free.
Then, I can finally retire.  I look forward to it.
Freely:  But there would still be an argument for finding that atom of Hitler and destroying it forever, thus completing the revenge that those who have been hurt received.
L:  How did an atom hurt them?  How will they find this atom?  There seems to be a great deal of confusion here in terms of what constitutes justice.  Let me try to explain this one last time.  The shell that was Hitler was destroyed, and in it being destroyed that consciousness forever ceased to be and is no more.  The resulting residue compacted itself into an etheric atom known as an elemental.  This elemental is no more the being that was Hitler than saying that the Roman Empire is now residing in the body of a thimble of sand on top of obelisk in Vatican City in the middle of modern Rome.  By that logic, the obelisk should be utterly destroyed to save us from the Roman Empire.
Freely:  You know there are some people who would buy that argument.
L:  That is besides the point.  What matters is that that thimble of sand cannot become the Roman Empire again.  And if it could, why would you care?  You'd completely destroy it when it shows up again.  By the time that grain of sand in terms of evolution became the Roman Empire, in all likelihood each person on the planet would probably have evolved to have the power of the Sun.  What's the Roman Empire against a the power of 8.88 billion stars?  See the point?
Freely:  People fear the echoes of ghosts long dead?
L: Princely.  They also don't realize that Hitler isn't what people truly fear, it is Jesus that they are more worried about.  
Freely:  How can that be?
L:  Because they understand Hitler and what he was about, but Jesus was far too difficult for them to understand.  That's why they keep voting for the same people who represent darkness every election.  People would trust an evil man that they know who represents their own evil sooner than they will trust a good man who asks that they put aside their hate and care for each other and the planet.  Isn't that the truth?
Freely:  For the moment, it certainly seems that is what has been happening.  People don't even talk about Jesus anymore regularly in public except in Christian circles.  It is generally assumed among secularists that he is either dead never to return or that he never existed in the first place.
L:  What better way to deny hope than to create a cult to death?  Sounds like the atheists and the Church have a great deal in common.  One worships the death of an avatar stating that he died for something called sin to save the world from doing its job, the other claims that the avatar died forever or never existed.  It's almost as though they work for the same side.  Some have even said that I or my brother Satan orchestrated the whole thing.
Freely:  What about the Anti-Christ?
L:  Anti-Christ?  Do you realize that such a thing in impossible!  Christ is a word that means consciousness.  What could possibly be anti-conscious?  The grain of sand?  Once again the mighty humans are threatened by grains of dust, their true enemies.  Even the grain of sand could be said to have some consciousness, so what is Anti-Christ?  
Perhaps they think that I have nothing better to do then to try and take over this world.  But who wants to keep it?  So much work and so little worshiping to me.  This is what Anti-Christ is all about.  Yet every single human on this Earth is a little Anti-Christ.  Each of them would conquer it all if they were given the choice.  And once they had done conquering it, they would enslave everyone else to their own whim and demands till they were fully worshipped and adored as much as Jesus.  And who would they be to be denied that right?  So then the world Anti-Christ must mean ego, and hence, God.  God is your Anti-Christ.  He is the one you all worship, is he not?  And he is ultimately the one you wish to be deep in your hearts.  
So that would mean the word Anti-Christ is just a word for anti-God.  Spelled backwards God is dog, so then Anubis, the jackal headed god of Egypt must be the closest relative to this Anti-Christ.  He was the god of the underworld, after all.
Freely:  But women don't wish to be God or Anubis.  What about them?
L:  It depends.  Some women do wish to be God and have all the attention of the world poured on them so they can have every last desire in their hearts fulfilled by an army of minions.  I mean, really, who would say no to a deal like that?  The problem is that women forget the Goddess because the history of the patriarchy erased it from memory.  What they have in its place is a weak, masculinized Goddess-form which they mistake as Goddess.  Goddess, as a principle, isn't.  The feminine is always a self correcting reality that makes everything clear to everyone.  In this respect it isn't about the me-first ego, but about the ego of the collective expressed through a higher collective emotion.  
Love?  Not for archdemons.  We just do our job.  Everyone loves Jesus.  Everyone hates Satan and Lucifer.  We are the bad guys, remember.
Freely:  Well, not everyone.  Some people love everything.
L:  Yes, those people.  They do try don't they.  If you keep trying to love everything eventually you end up on a cross in the middle of a desert.  Love just doesn't work that way.  
Freely:  You can't save the world through loving everyone?
L:  Loving everyone how?  By allowing everything?  By suspending your judgment?  By pretending that everything is just fine?  By loving Lucifer and Satan?  Let me give you a hint, before you go out trying to love us you better first love every other being in this world.  Then, and only then, should you be brave enough to try and love some archdemons.  We'll teach you some lessons about Love that you won't soon forget.
Freely:  What about loving Jesus?
L:  Before you go out and love Jesus, let me tell you a story about who Jesus Christ really is.  Jesus Chris is a clown.  He lived his times like a fool not knowing himself and then proclaiming himself the biggest fool in the world he promptly got himself killed.  He spoke to people about Love, sure.  He told them that they were gods, sure.  You see the problem?   It doesn't work.  People prefer hell to heaven.  People prefer misery to happiness.  People prefer the dark cave to the light.  They will always turn to the demons over anyone who proclaims himself a savior.
Why, you might ask?  Because they were jealous of him.  He reminded them of how pathetic they were when he showed how intelligent he was.  He reminded them how noble he was when he defended them.  But in their hearts, the people, rejected Jesus because they hated what he represented.  Beauty, which they envied.  Intelligence, which they envied.  Power, which they feared.  And courage, which made them ashamed.  And the more they tried to hide from it after they killed him on that day, the more they could not run from their own ugliness and fallen disgracefulness.
Filled with shame, the people of the world erected a global monument to their own stupidity and decreed that they should be punished for the wickedness of their ancestors or themselves.  In place of Roman punishment came Christian punishment.  In place of one empire came another.  Where once they killed Christ, they now killed in his name.
Do you see the problem?  A passive aggressive savior started a war over his teachings all over the world.  He should have chosen the power option in that moment, but he didn't have time to think about it.  He didn't give himself time.  It is said Satan lured him to his death.  But Satan is Jesus's servant, for Satan is the archdemon who serves the Archangelic Jesus, whose true name I will not disclose.  But there was no Satan in that moment, as Satan had not been named as an archdemon, but instead the people became the will of what would become known as Satan, and Jesus, choosing to die rather than fight, became the prophet of martyrdom.  
Freely:  But surely Jesus is the chosen son of God?
L:  Oh, surely he is.  Surely.  But aren't you all chosen of God?
Freely:  Aren't we required to choose before we are chosen?
L:  Well that would be pointless, someone has to see you first to give you the choice.
Freely:  Can't we give ourselves our own choice?
L:  No, because you would already know what it is that you choose.
Freely:  Did you say that Satan was Jesus's archdemon?
L:  No, Satan is the archdemon created by Jesus's death.  Jesus was not aware of archdemons or the very finest points of high metaphysics.  Though knowledgeable, his knowledge had significant limits which he choose not to see at times.  In any case, because Jesus was not aware of archdemons, he saw none.  Satan was created from the shell of Jesus's death and became manifest in the world with the teaching of the Church who channeled his existence into human consciousness.  
This was a form of karmic sacrifice that is partially represented by the teaching that Jesus died for the world's sins.  In truth Jesus died to transfer the karma of the world through himself as a nodal interface in the planetary collective.  What happened here was two great strands of karma were passed through his body upon his death so that a great convergence of karma was made present in the future.  Though, in that moment, knowledge of this great convergence was not known, his death made this possible.
Freely:  How did this karmic transfer take place precisely?  Where did the two great stands of karma come from?
L:  Well all I can say about this for the moment is that just as with any murder, Jesus inherited a massive pool of karmic power from his death.  It is as if the whole Western world of that time gave him the whole of all their power and wealth.  Though I am exaggerating slightly here for effect, Jesus acted as a gigantic sacrifice that increased his wealth substantially in his future incarnations.  As a consequence, he owns many of the souls, temporarily, of those who harmed him.  In addition the Roman Empire became his to command.  Because he died, the power past through Satan to the Church who became the keeper of the Empire of Christ which Christ rejected.  The Roman Empire was absorbed by this Empire which is now known simply as the Catholic Church.
Freely:  But he did not wish to rule the world.
L:  Ah, but just because he did not wish to rule the world did not mean that his spiritual guardians would allow him to simply reject this choice completely.  It was his choice to die on that cross.  It was the duty of his shadow to protect him.  Thus, the archdemon, created to protect Jesus after his death took on the form of the only vessel capable of carrying out the will of power against those who had harmed him through all the means necessary, but especially, through the Church who claimed to serve him.
Freely:  But this was diametrically opposed to his teachings.
L:  Indeed, it was, but Satan is not charged with following the teaching of Jesus.  Satan follows his own will.  He attacks those who oppose Christianity because that is his power base.  Satan is also, by his nature, angry at the world for killing Jesus whose job it was for him to protect.  A archdemon is created when a spiritual guardian which you call an ego is unable to protect the great spirit which it is tasked with protecting.  While Jesus delivered his message, his death made the existence of Satan necessary as the ego simply will not give up upon death.  You could say that Satan is Jesus's biggest fan in fact.  As much as Satan at times fears Jesus, he also recognizes Jesus as the master who he lost because he could not protect him.
In addition, Satan has not truly been owned by the man who today is the reincarnation of Jesus.  Once this happens, Satan must obey his master, whose name I shall not reveal, for I serve my own master's will, and he will not betray his brother.  
I, on the other hand, hope Satan is discovered and rooted out so he can finally stop hogging all the glory in hell.  There can only be one Lord of Archdemons.  Oh wait, I forgot, I wanted to retire.  Damn evil habits.  I swear I'm trying to quit.
Freely:  Yet all these elements are actually a psychological allegory of the true nature of an individual's spiritual experiences.
L:  Yes, they are a living allegory.  The true nature of each individual soul may only be revealed in full to it and to those closest to him.
Freely:  Then you were created from someone close to Jesus.
L:  Yes, I was.  I was created as a shell through the death of the before mentioned Greek apologist during which time I was one with that man and the man who would be Jesus was incarnated that lifetime as well as a close friend and spiritual advisor.  
Freely:  You were one with this man?
L:  Yes.  I served as the guardian of the threshold, a common job for Cherubs which allowed me to hold this man's ego together.  
Freely:  Yet when this man died you were able to travel with him somehow to one of his future lives?  And this life corresponded to that of Jesus Christ?
L:  Yes.  I was able to because that is my duty.  I must carry the karmic stream forward in consciousness by integrating elements together.  At that time, I was only a standard demon.  I held within me a great karmic sacrifice, a single powerful stream with many small streams.  This stream was sanctified to the sacrificial beheading of this historically unknown young Greek philosopher.  The man who would be Jesus witnessed the death of this intelligent close friend and the vile behavior of the King of Thebes and that society.  Many of the elements of this story were repeated during Jesus lifetime in reverse.  Jesus died a martyr in a slightly different manner than this young Greek.
Freely:  And who was this young Greek to Jesus?
L:  This young Greek was incarnated in Jesus's time as the woman, Mary Magdelyn, who alone of Jesus's disciples truly understood what he was talking about.  This is why he shared so many secrets with her.  
Freely:  So then you were formed in this lifetime as an archdemon?
L:  Yes, and I will describe for you the process when next we talk.  
Freely:  Must I wait so long for all my questions to be answered or may I ask additional questions now to clarify for my future audience?
L:  You may ask some questions now, what do you need clarification about?
Freely:  Are you saying that the Jesus was incarnated in Thebes, the ancient city of Greece, and that this occurred prior to Jesus incarnating as himself?
L:  Yes that is correct.
Freely:  What did he do there?
L:  He was a priest of the temple of Neptune, the high priest figure to be specific.
Freely:  And the future Mary Magdelyn was incarnated in this lifetime as an apologist, a philosopher essentially?
L:  Yes, that is also correct.  As such Mary was incarnated as a male, as you know Greeks were not terribly encouraging to female philosophers.
Freely:  So they were both male in that lifetime.
L:  As extraordinary as it may sound to your dull witted average human mind, that is correct.  But this in no way would be considered extraordinary to any being with a modicum of divine knowledge or even to any individual with the slightest bit of open minded reasoning to consider the question of the nature of the soul through transmigration which is commonly referred to as reincarnation.  We shall return to these subjects in our conversation soon, but for now, it is best you take a few days off to rest your mind.
Freely:  Very well.

And so ended our conversation for the evening.  But the mystery deepened with each passing hour that I thought about what I had just heard from the mysterious Lucifer, surely the best liar I had ever met in my life.  This was a story like nothing I had ever heard before.

Chapter 10: Deep Conversations with Michael and Company

That evening the Archangels paid me another expected, by now, visit.  This would prove a very profound session.
Gabriel:  Greetings Chris Freely.  We have once again come to set the record straight and keep the great deceiver in check so that he does not go back to his wicked ways of terrorizing the world.
Freely:  Does he really terrorize the world that much?
Gabriel:  He does and has terrorized the world through some of the most dastardly men in history.  He is the darkness that corresponds to the light.  The evil that obscures the truth.  But, that is only because this has been the way of the world.  And as much as he represents wordly abuse of power that was witnessed by Mary Magdelyn and experienced by this Greek apologist that has been named, he still represents the dark justice that is not the true way, but the way that is expedient.  
Freely:  Then the way of dark justice is invalid?
Gabriel:  It is necessary, but only because the folly of the world continues to reaffirm its necessity.  People choose ignorance, and through ignorance demons and archdemons grow more powerful.  There is a great tug of war between the darkness of human nature and its highest potential.  In this Lucifer is of the dark.  He may be willing to change, but people could easily insure that his dark reign never ends.  For this reason, Satan balances Lucifer as he will never permit his brother to have sole dominance over this world.  
Freely:  Why would Satan care?
Gabriel:  Satan, unlike Lucifer, remains deeply concealed in his error.  As Lucifer has shown willingness to reform, this is considered a positive step in the right direction.  Satan, though, in concerned with protecting the legacy of Jesus's death.  He has gained power through Jesus's death, but at the same time, has been left bereft of his master because of this.  He has not seen his master for 2000 years.  Lucifer, though found his master in the last few years.  In this regard, Lucifer knows more than his brother, while being far weaker.
Satan cannot allow his brother archdemon to rule because that would violate the principle of balance that is maintained in the archdemonic hierarchy which is a mirror to the balance of the Archon hierarchy that we have alluded to.  Even if Satan is not aware of his master, he knows his unconscious duty all the same.  Satan serves to punish the world for the death of Jesus, but what enables him to do so are people.  They continue to punish each other.  If Satan were to let go of his need to judge the world as unworthy of Love because of the death of his master's incarnation of Jesus, then the world would be righted and the end of the darkness would close.  Satan would then become one with the light and cease to exist.
Freely:  So then Satan will cease to exist soon.
Gabriel:  This all depends on the choice of the avatar, the returned Jesus Christ.  Though he does not go by that name, his power to decide the fate of the world is ever so strong.  He must ultimately acknowledge his role and acknowledge his past.
Freely:  Well that seems easy enough.  All this man has to do is see himself for who he is.  Surely he must be close to this by now.
Gabriel:  Only time will show what will come and when he will realize his destiny.  We remain vigilant to the possibility that may present itself at any moment as a chance to finally open to the tides of change that must happen throughout the world in the minds and hearts of the people.  As you know, the people are the true body of Christ for through them must pass the tides of Life that is often called God.  When the people know in unison, the day of darkness nears its end.
Freely:  What will happen when this occurs.
Gabriel:  The world will be free of many of the oldest forms of oppression and violence.  These things will change quickly in a matter of a generation.  The days of darkness draw to a close.  There is the great awakening.  Day by day people look for answers.   We encourage them to seek the truth in the ancient books of wisdom and to open their hearts to see.  In this they will see the true prophets from the false prophets and will be delivered into a new dawn of Conscience.
And Love will not be far behind.
Freely:  And the date and time of this cannot be known.
Gabriel:  That is correct.  The exact date and time cannot be known because time is not a function of calendars or clocks, but a function of consciousness and convergent ideas.  The people must lose all faith in false ideologies before the moment of realization is upon them.
Freely:  What of Islam and Judaism?
Gabriel:  Islam was created by Muhammad, the prophet.  He was the incarnation of an Archangel known to you as Haniel.  This was his most important lifetime.  As you know he delivered my message to the people.  His words were then distorted by followers in much the same way as Jesus, but there is much truth in this religion, as it is more feminine in spirit than Christianity or Judaism.  Islam was meant to be the religion of Justice, and in this it achieved many goals.
Judaism was partially founded by Moses and Aaron, his brother.  Moses was the incarnation of an Archangel whose name will not be disclosed.  Suffice to say that his words were also distorted.  Corrections were attempted at various times in Jewish history, but it was found that the amount of knowledge required was too great for the people of the time.  Instead, various messengers were sent to guide the Jewish idea.  Judaism, originally, was to be the religion of Knowledge.  In this it did succeed for a time, but fell into darkness as it fell under the dictatorship of other people's.  This was especially true during the Babylonian captivity period and during the Roman and Greek period of influence before the arrival of Jesus.
We were able to deliver messages to certain prophets who were able to understand our role in the development of your consciousness of God.  God, though, always remained difficult to understand in terms that the people could see clearly.  This is because they feared the concepts that required them to surrender their old beliefs in gods outside themselves.  This is a constant theme in early Judaism.
Freely:  It seems that your words are often difficult for others to interpret.
Gabriel:  People constantly distort the word of the prophets for their own purposes.  Since the end of the days of the High Priestesses of the older religions this has been the case.  When the Goddess cultures were replaced fully by modes of consciousness that repressed women, our messages were distorted by the male egos of those prophets who incarnated.  This has been a source of annoyance, but has been expected and managed to the best of our ability.
Freely:  So then there have been two layers of distortion, one from the prophets themselves and their egos, and one from those who heard the words of the prophets and translated them improperly or distorted them for their own purposes.
Gabriel:  This is correct.
Michael:  It has always been our intention to give humans new concepts and ideas over time.  The difficulty has been that at times the gates have been closed to the reception of new ideas.  Humans open their minds with great difficulty and close their minds with great ease.  This is a natural defense reaction that prevents us from communicating with them at times.  While this has been necessary and proper, the advancement of a more thorough consciousness requires that humans consider divine messages a possibility in order to steer them to a greater understanding and knowledge about themselves and the true nature of the universe around them including the higher dimensional realms where we exist watching over their development.
Freely:  To what extent may humans communicate directly with the great Archangels?
Michael:  Those who have a need to communicate with us directly may.  At times, it has been necessary to delegate the task of representation to the rather large flock of angels at my command.  Not everyone that cries Michael, Michael is in direct communication with me at the highest level.  In fact, no human currently can truly communicate with me at that level as to you it would be like communicating with a being with 80,000 faces.  Instead, those who send prayers to us are heard and an angel is typically dispatched to facilitate if the prayer is genuine.  
Freely:  There are ungenuine prayers?
Michael:  Yes, people who pray to me in public with a full view of many are often, unfortunately, just pretending to act holy so they can get attention and pretend to specialness.  I won't say I dislike this sort of behavior, but it is unbecoming of former Archons, don't you think?
Freely:  Are they really still former?
Michael:  If you wish to make a metaphysical point on the matter, yes and no.  Only those with what is referred to as a base rank do not currently have an Archon rank.  The vast majority do.  The Archon light body however does not respond to commands from uninitiated egos running around proclaiming themselves to be Archons.  That would ridiculous.  Full knowledge is required for full power.  This is considered a good as no one wants a egomaniac running the forces of nature.  Luckily, this only happens in other universe types.
Freely:  How convenient.
Uriel:  The current history of Earth does not support the idea that humans evolved separately from the animal systems of which they are a part.  For this reason, the theory of evolution appears correct on the surface.  The catch is that higher cause can be embedded into unconscious fields such as basic natural fractal systems.  Animal species serve in this regard, as one such basic natural fractal system.
Freely:  So then intelligent design trumps evolution?  Somehow I doubt the evolutionary theorists are going to believe that.  
Uriel:  Quit speculating with the egos of the evolutionary scientists.  They believe what they believe.  Many parts of what they believe is true.  But they do not see higher cause, only systems of regulated biological process that do not reveal a hidden hand.
Freely:  So then evolution occurs through intelligent design by the hidden hand of natural forces combined with metaphysical interactions that are invisible and cosynchronous with natural systems?  
Uriel:  This is still only a partial view.  The metaphysical causes are implanted primarily as choices made by individual animals.  As such mating is not random.  This lack of randomness is only explained on the surface as having to do with the particular element of a particular animal's mating display.  Higher level organization can exploit the process of desire formation in unconscious minds such as animals to drive what you might call a very, very slow selective breeding process to create the necessary species divergences.
Freely:  You will make a laughing stock out of me with these theories.
Michael:  Relax, you are allowed to reveal your opinion as well.  Isn't that what stating a hypothesis is all about?
Freely:  Since I'm of service, if that is what you insist, I will do it.
Michael:  Ruffling some feathers always makes people think.
Freely:  So, at least partially, a slow higher dimensionally guided selective breeding created the necessary processes to eventually diverge humans from primates?  
Chamuel:  This is correct.  It was a very lengthy process.  Long before the human divergence from the early hominid-form primates, we had a particularly large annoyance from the impact made by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic Period.  Another challenge turned out to be the climate of the early Cenozoic period.  This coupled with a heavy karmic load and a fairly low level basic Archon group which we started with slowed down our progress considerably.  The asteroid and climate alteration was an expected event, but it meant delaying much of the really serious work until it occurred, and then fighting uphill through the challenges of the early Cenozoic.  
Freely: Is there any proof for this process that people would need?
Unknown Archangel:  I speak on behalf of the Archangel Ariel who is incarnated on the Earth at this time.  Ariel specializes in biological issues specific to the condition of Earth.  The only proof we could offer you is to know that the more you learn about science, the more mystery is discovered in the processes that appear on the surface to be random.  Every event in nature is predictable.  Choice is programmable.  The nature of life is to seek a higher evolution.
These basic truths have been forgotten.  What is necessary for people to know is that the great chain of life is build long before it is constructed.  The Light Lines are the key to knowing the way the universe works.  These exist everywhere as extensions of the spirit realm.  
Freely:  How can people see the Light Lines?
Unknown Archangel:  They exist as logic and thought at lower dimensional densities such as those in the physical and etheric.  As such, follow the logic, find the reason.  While scientists claim that it is not possible for a higher dimensional being to program a lower dimensional being, they are completely unaware of the higher dimensional grid structure that guides their own life choices and development.  How is that anyone picks a mate?  Nearly always it follows the preexisting Light Line architecture from prior lifetimes.  If not, then it follows the pre-existing Light Line architecture of choice made in between lifetimes that is original.  In either case, the choice has already been made.  
Freely:  Well then the whole of evolution is managed?
Unknown Archangel:  That is correct, but the evolutionary part, differential survival through differential reproductive success, is the journey of the spirit into matter through ego.  This is how it is interpreted.  The side that is not mentioned by evolutionary thinkers is the element of choice in life, the choices made by animals or people.  Even animals cannot be fully boiled down into immediately deterministic thinking.  Even as they exist within the Light Lines of Knowledge, they can still be independent and free to chose their own path within the darkness.  This in no way takes away from evolution through differential survival through differential reproductive success.  This is only part of the system though, from our point of view, which sees yours quite clearly.
Freely:  Very well.  We will have to study these Light Lines at some point to get a better idea of their nature and how they work.
Chamuel:  You already know them, you just call them by different names.  Psychic perception works through Light Line fields and interpenetration of the psychic mind into the astral fifth dimension.  Logic works in forth dimensional constructs and is required for Light Line emergence and application.  Reason works in fifth dimensional constructs.  Each types of thinking have their own Light Line logic, though logic forms the lines themselves.  
Freely:  This, then in a kind of advanced holographic thinking and psychic field envelopment?
Sophiel (Angel) speaking for Sandalphon:  That is correct.  The Angelic mind is structured to use this systemology at times when it dips below its higher dimensional architecture and examines information in the fifth dimension specifically.  This process creates a basic system called Gridwork.  Gridwork is the network of all relations revealed through Light Line logic.  You could consider it a living map.  Every Angel uses some form of Gridwork as working in higher dimensions without it is next to impossible.  
Freely:  Why does Gridwork exist?
Sophiel speaking for Sandalphon:  It exists to provide a contextual Knowledge information field for Archons.  Angels use Gridwork to navigate through realms and to deliver communications through the various fields within each dimension.  
All things are connected through Gridwork.  Gridwork represents the future of human knowledge as all cosmic societies use Gridwork in some form or another to navigate their environment.  
Freely:  Isn't this like a computer system or a GPS navigator?
Sophiel speaking for Sandalphon:  Yes, but it is far more elaborate as Gridwork is holographic and multidimensional.
Freely: How technological is it?  Does it have to be displayed in a computer analogy type concept?
Sophiel speaking for Sandalphon:  No, there are other modes of Gridwork that use transparency overlay of dimensions and relations.  This is the more feminine approach.  
Freely: This is fascinating, how can this help humanity practically though?
Sophiel:  The practical applications are not immediately clear, but the nature of how humans experience "heaven" will change as your technology is adapted.  While this sort of technological interface is used in all Archon dimensions on some level, the heavens were built primarily from human experiences once the initial Light Line stream from the Central Sun burned out.  As such, heaven has typically looked very much like the architecture and time that a human being experienced the afterlife.
What this does is change the way humans interact with the divine realms to make these realms more technology friendly.  While nature must still be a major part of these experiences, technology will change the way afterlife experiences happen.  Also this will alter the way humans see themselves.
Freely:  While all this is fascinating, let's return back to the topic of Jesus and his life.

Chapter 11: Voice of Conscience

Gabriel:  When Jesus Christ was crucified, two great karmic streams passed through his body from the historical record.  Humans don't see the streams because they are formed of relational grids and architecture.  In other words, past life streams from individual Angels and Archangels in incarnation form something akin to DNA strands between people and groups of people that link them back to certain critical events in consciousness.  
Freely:  What sort of critical events?
Gabriel:  There are actually many critical events which hold reality together in the past. In this archdemons such as Lucifer provide a lens into past life existence unconsciously.  The higher level Angelic and Archangelic bodies are able to access this information easily once activated.  Anyone that has their Angelic name, for instance, is able to process past life information with far greater clarity than someone without.  But, the critical events relate to both past lives and what is referred to as initial incarnation insertion.  This could be called inception into incarnation.
Every single human being entered the lifestream of humanity at a particular moment in time.  This moment was traumatic.  Yet this moment is in resonance to their initial incarnation insertion.  Most human beings enter incarnation from the Deva systems associated with higher fairy or Fey evolutions.  Others, typically higher ranked Angels and those who were Archangels entered from the Spirit Guardian realms that are the lowest level of what the current new age movement and Western occult mysticism knows as the realm of guides.  
Freely:  Is this similar to ascended master realms?
Gabriel:  No, ascended master realms are ego based reformations that are processed only at the astral level and are filled with self and collective deception.  The higher grid functions of the true angelic memory cores are only accessed once one has the names of the self identifying spiritual psychology tools, as introduced through your friend, the one who taught you those.  This was accomplished in the old days through the Egyptian and other mystery rights.  The problem is that a scientific system has not existed that works effectively since about the time of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, though The New Kingdom offered a more effective system than any currently used mystery school system.
What this means is that either you must have your Angelic name given to you through an initiation process or you must have the names of your psychological tools.  Otherwise, karmic process interferes with reception of accurate psychic information.  It helps tremendously to have communications with the Archangelic realm directly or indirectly or to have had at least a basic passing knowledge of either accurate demonology to contain interference from past life traumas or to have a shaman knowledge that allows the ego to be limited through spiritual service for the collective.
Freely:  Then guides are not ascended masters?
Gabriel:  Guides are not ascended masters, they are angels who take the guise of guides in order to assist, or they are ancestor spirits, or they are relatives or teachers who are in communication with you.  Their nature may also be somewhat fuzzy in consciousness, but the more one keeps communicating, the better the chances of receiving accurate information.  This requires time away from worldly distractions.  Many people have forgone this work in preference to the worldly desires, but each soul must spend some lifetimes doing this as their primary work.
Freely: I had heard that those that had passed on could not simply wait around to give information though, as they had reincarnated.  This makes more sense, how then can you communicate with the ghost of someone who has past if they are not here.
Gabriel:  It is because of the nature of psychic communication in higher dimensions that one is able to have conversations out of time, though time as you understand it is also a distorted concept.  It is easy to have conversations with someone psychically who is not directly present because in higher dimensions one can perceive the questions arriving before they come and thus participate in a conversation before it happens.  This happens to a spirit being out of body before they reincarnate, and their relatives from their life that just ended get the communication in real time from the point of view of the relative.
Freely:  So it's like a psychic answering that answers the question that is about to be asked before it is asked by the human relative in physical body still?
Gabriel:  Again, a crude analogy, but yes.  Because some events are deterministic in nature, they can be seen before they happen whether in the spirit realms or as a psychic in the physical body.  In addition, one is able to participate in these communications as though one is actually present in the same space and time as the person who is being communicated with.  This is called channeling when it happens in the physical plane through something like a séance or just by attempting to communicate with a relative using what you call your imagination.  
Freely:  Returning to our original topic, you said Jesus channeled karma through his sacrifice in a massive way?
Uriel:  In order to give you an idea of just how massive this event was, every single one of the high ranked Archangels in incarnation was either a disciple of Jesus, or in the case of Paul, was caught up in the wake of events during Jesus life to the point where they were almost there.  
Michael: What we will explain now is the nature of the people who surrounded Jesus which set the event and made the whole period a power point in history in the Reflected Astral Realm of Records and in the higher record realms.  The most significant people in Jesus's life were in fact various Archangels or Highly ranked Angels in disguise, so to speak.  
Uriel:  Jesus's mother, Mary, was in fact the Archangel Terrael, who is in fact the Goddess of Humanity as we described before.  Archangel Haniel was present as a male primary disciple, and later reincarnated as Muhammad, continuing the chain of prophecy forward in time.  Muhammad anger at the Jews was partially caused by unconscious rage at the death of Jesus.  This was part of the error in the system, as the Jews were not responsible, but the archdemon associated with Haniel recreated this error.  As you can see the archdemons channel previous crimes into new crimes through a person's dark feelings.  Yet neither Jesus nor Elijah, nor any other prophet has been totally pure of these tendencies, though we would say that Jesus was certainly the least burdened at the time of his incarnation.
The Archangel Raziel was incarnated as Jesus's brother James.  The Archangel Zadkiel was incarnated as the infamous Judas Iscariot.  Judas betrayed Jesus as another archdemon channel to a previous life which reflected this into Jesus's consciousness.  This lifetime involved Alexander the Great and the events of his life.  Zadkiel was one of those betrayed by Alexander, who in turn betrayed Jesus several times in his incarnations (three to be exact).  This, however, is part of a cosmic design matrix which was channeling the collective darkness, remember.  So no one here is to blame as the knowledge has not been fully revealed.  All of these sacrifices were done for a purpose.  The consequences of Judas's error were part of his karmic load over the last 2000 years to this day.  Judas's story is one of the greatest lessons of forgiveness that we have offered to the collective as a way of understanding how everything has been working for the betterment of creation, even while on the surface it appears if the will of goodness is thwarted.  We will return to this topic later.
Archangel Ariel was the thief crucified next to Jesus and was the man who spoke well of him.  Another Archangel, whose name is not to be revealed here, sat on his right and was the one who spit at him.  The disciple John was the relatively young Archangel Eliel.  He was the closest to Jesus besides his mother, sister, and Mary Magdelyn.  John and Jesus had a warm relationship and understood each other as Jesus saw the good in John very clearly.  John also went with Mary and Mother Mary after Jesus death during their ministries which went north towards Asia Minor, or what you call Turkey.
An Archangel named Boriel was Peter, the Apostle.  This Archangel was once Aaron, brother of Moses.  Peter was an extremely powerful individual.  The war between him and Mary Magdelyn creates fissures to this day.  Yet, again, karmic processes only reveal knowledge hidden underneath them once that knowledge is acknowledged.  No real conflict exists, it is only channeled from collective ignorance into individuals through their incarnations.  As Archangels are more powerful than others, they typically become key figures in history.  This will be elaborated upon later.
Freely:  Yes, I suspected as much.
Uriel:  Additionally, the Archangel who had incarnated as Ramses II, the great, was also present as a disciple.  John the Baptist was Archangel Jeremiel, the highest ranked Archangel right below the highest group of 13 Archangels we mentioned before.  Jeremiel is the 13th highest ranked as Terrael has a technically lower rank despite the fact that she is the highest here, being elevated above the others because this is her grand design.  Jeremiel was also, not incidentally, incarnated as the prophet Jeremiah.  
The Archangel Raguel was Saint Paul, who twisted many of the original teachings of Jesus through no real fault of his own. Though, he carries the burden of having to remember this.  He is also in conflict with Mary Magdelyn and the other women prophets who should have been remembered because of the male centered bias he felt as he was threatened by women from prior lifetimes and did not have the knowledge necessary to realize what had actually happened.  This was reinforced by society and other karmic elements.  Raguel was also Alexander the Great in one of his past lives.  While many would consider him the true betrayer, this would be unfair as he has only ultimately betrayed himself through his archdemon.  As a consequence, we never bear ill will towards him, despite his apparent mistakes.  None are his alone, but he alone must remember his place in consciousness in order to right the wrongs within his own consciousness in his current lifetime.
The three core figures of the drama are Jesus's mother, Mary Magdelyn, and, of course, Jesus himself.  We have mentioned Jesus's mother, who was the Archangel Terrael, and who will be the Voice of Love, the most powerful of the messenger on the planet.  Mary Magdelyn was none other than Archangel Sandalphon whose Archangelic twin sits across from him as Archangel Metatron forever.  And of course, Jesus himself was Archangel Metatron.  
This will come as great significance to those who know the legend of the prophet Enoch and the what is known of the Prophet Elijah.  Metatron, was, in fact the real figure behind the legend of Enoch, which is highly distorted, though Enoch lived and was a remarkable psychic and spiritual man.  If you look very carefully through historical records you can find him.  But, don't always assume that what is obvious isn't without some mystery requiring you to drop your assumptions once in awhile.
This also means that John the Baptist was not Elijah reborn and nor was Jesus.  Elijah, or more accurately the Archangel Sandalphon, was reborn as Mary Magdelyn.   Now you can see how the male bias confused Jesus, who fell under the false impression of demonic interference from past lives into believing that John the Baptist was Elijah reborn.  Yet John the Baptist did not announce Jesus as required by Jewish law.  They, then, did not believe Jesus claims to being the messiah.  
Mary Magdelyn did not announce Jesus because she did not know she had been Elijah.  As a consequence, the prophecy went unfulfilled.  The blockage was the male bias of Jewish society at that time which prevented them from seeing women as great leaders or as capable of knowledge.  Yet Mary was more knowledgeable than Jesus.  Had she been trained in schools reserved for male priests at that point, she would have been lecturing him periodically, which she did privately on several occasions.  Because they were looking for a male Elijah, they could not see a female one.  But this was all according to plan, as karmic grid containment collects accidents in this way.  Sorting the whole mess out is quite a lengthy process from the human point of view.
So Jesus, dying on the cross, shocked and horrified Mary Magdelyn, and confused and hallowed out his mother's heart.  This is then what created three massive archdemonic waves of destruction which poured into the underworld and destroyed everything that was represented by the forces that attacked Jesus that day.  Eventually, it calcified into Islam as well in order to erase the original error of Christianity.  This is not the story of the messiah who was found and welcomed as the hero, it was the story of the messiah who was destroyed by collective blindness, arrogance, and stupidity.  But, you see, the story isn't quite over now is it?
Freely:  So then, how did all this effect the Archangels themselves?
Uriel:  While the truth is known at the highest levels of what you call God, at the lower levels it can become confusing and difficult to sift through identities.  The incarnating Archangels have largely slept through the Age of Pisces within the Angelic information field given through humanity in the West or in other parts of the world processing their true nature without having it revealed to them.  As such, they were affected only in the deepest way, travelling through their own archdemons within the angelic and lower realms within the world of what you would call Jungian psychological archetypes asleep to their true natures.  Yet they were lead by their inner light through this journey into the planetary underworld of emotion represented by the symbol of the fish, the Age of unconscious service to Love.  Forgetting everything including their identities, they travelled deep into the labyrinth of the fool till this day ever drifting towards full consciousness and remembering.
Freely:  So then, they continued to reincarnate.
Chamuel:  Yes, and in this process, they painted history with the tales of the great egos.  Really, a very amazing process from the human perspective.  Many of the great leaders of later Christian, Jewish, and Islamic history are the very incarnations of Jesus and his disciples.  They fought each other in wars unknowingly.  The world was caught between in the pincers of their massive pain, between the great archdemons of unconscious self rejection.  The great wars of the last 2000 years reflected much.  This leavened the process as new souls entered in to continue the ritual sacrifice of human beings to the gods of unconscious ignorance.  This continues because humanity has still chosen to reject the truth of its eternal life and the connections between the past in the present despite the fact that this is writing with the very emotional contexts of their lives.
And the great mass of Angels who are humans, they await the coming of their former and future messiah and the great teachers of old.  Metatron who was Jesus is still the Voice of Conscience, the one who brings the light to the masses and to humanity.  Yet, today, humanity is unwilling to listen still believing in the various lies of history to promote a false agenda build on indifference and rejection of the truth.  To forget is happiness seems to be their motto.  How much more fish like could an Age of Pisces possibly become?  Swimming in their sea of dreams built on the distortions of history and long dead male ego forms. Yet, even fish evolve.  Even fish get it eventually.
Freely:  Yes, it has been a long wait.
Sophiel:  Our idea has always been to wait until the time is right to reveal everything.  But, then, we cannot reveal everything as Archangels.  This is the catch.  The only mysteries that we can directly reveal are those which do no harm.  This rule has prevented us from simply stating what it is and how it is.  Every soul has come to this world to pursue a particular agenda and one of these is to remember how to heal.  In the process of resonance, we heal the great cosmic wounds of planets and stars who died.  In this, they are reborn within us, through us, and into the great cosmic ocean we call the galaxy.
Eventually when we return to Archon form, we are able to visit these places we helped save.  There we are given a place of honor.  The Earth has accepted this karma as all planets and stars are linked karmically in the same way people are linked karmically.  While the expression of planetary karma is far beyond you as a species at this stage, the future will be spent considering these and other extremely interesting questions of cosmic evolution.  
Freely:  I look forward to it.  What sort of reward is there in this for human beings though?
Sophiel:  You will remember your origins as spirits.  You will remember what you are doing here.  You will remember how it is all connected.  You will remember that we are here to serve the Earth.  You will know how the Earth is connected to other planets.  You will know how the errors came into being in the first place.  You will know how these errors exist as other errors through cosmic divination of cosmic mind.  You will know how to return to higher planes after millions of years of evolution.  You will know how realms work and how they exist independent of the physical, yet are very physical in and of themselves.  You will know how our dream state is the most important long term skill we develop over time as sentient beings.  You will understand the nature of the soul further.  All of these bits of knowledge will be brought into the collective mind of humanity and humanity will become a very spiritual and deep society with a deep and real civilization.
Freely:  Yet from a practical standpoint how does remembering a long dead planet heal it?
Sophiel:  Because the planet still exists in a frozen state in higher dimensional processes.  If you were there and you have forgotten, then you must remember.  Otherwise you cannot return there.
Freely:  But we are here doing our work, why should be consider these planets now?
Sophiel:  While it is early to do the vast majority of cosmic healing work, you will see that each of us is connected to a larger picture of cosmic development through the Archon stage of our existence.  There is also the Archangelic guide state of existence that is necessary for cosmic work.  The planetary and stellar spheres you call planets and stars are the places where spirits live through so that all Archons and many lesser classes of spirits live embedded in the physical systems of the cosmos.  Higher dimensional realm existence is the primary lifecycle of any being.  When you return to these realms, it is necessary that you have helped remember what other Archons, who currently reside there, are doing.  In this way sentient beings assist Archons with tasks of what is referred to as grid alignment and harmonization.  
When you are creating a long term plan, you don't just go from step A to step Z at once.  You must go through all the steps.  These steps are broken down into smaller steps.  If a planet is destroyed, there are many steps to rebuilding it.  First, an Archon is homeless and wants to know why.  Just as you go through a grieving process, the various systems and higher dimensional beings in the cosmos also go through this process.  What happens is that sentient beings are essentially tasked with grieving for others so that beings who have lost something can rebuild their plans.  This leavens the pain, making it lighter and easier for the Archon to bear.  An Archon's pain is not like a human's pain in that it takes much longer for an Archon to heal.  We act as assistants in this and we receive compensation through favors given to us by those we help.  If you help an Archon heal his wounds, you are rewarded by that Archon in one form or another.
So if a planet is destroyed, the body of an Archon is destroyed.  This Archon must be reconstructed so they can be reanimated into cosmic life.  This is done typically through the animal, fairy, Fey realms which easily handle these tasks.  However, certain larger tasks such as the destruction of stars typically is outsourced to sentient races.  A star cannot be reborn unless a sentient race processes the stellar spirit.  Sometimes, no sentient races are nearby who notices the star's destruction so it must wait until a sentient cosmic shaman passes through and gathers the information into something useful.  This is similar to any mourning process that is shamanistic in origin.  The purpose of mourning is to remember, pull together the stands of time and events,  reconstruct the purpose of the original plan, remember that plan, and then allow the spirit in question to move along.  Once this is done, amazing things happen.  Old wounds are healed as if by magic.  When we give hope in this way we are healed ourselves from our own failures.  
Freely:  What of the case of Atlantis?  Is it a pre-existing system?
Uriel:  Atlantis is a false echo.  What is being remembered here is various minor errors having nothing to do with Earth directly.  Atlantis itself did not exist.  However, there is a civilization that did exist which you may channel that did leave its residue here in the form of people who experienced its fall who incarnated here. However, it was not called Atlantis.  The beings on it were sentient but looked nothing like humans.  It was not on Earth physically.  It never had a base here.  It was not a prior incarnation of Earth.  It was a different system.  Most of the information that is being remembered is utterly inaccurate.  This system is largely healed, so there is little work for people to do on it.  However, there are some finer elements of tuning that should be performed over the course of our development.  For instance, the people who incarnated on this unknown and unnamed prior cosmic incarnation did experience considerable trauma that is being reflected within the world soul, so to speak.  The only reason to remember this, however, is when our current dark phase is over that it will be necessary to decide whether any of the currently incarnated beings on this planet wish to recreate that civilization elsewhere.  Because it failed it was abandoned by its creators as its failure was another Cosmic channel and learning experience.  People should not waste their time considering this manner until the problems of the current planetary crisis are resolved as these matters are far more pressing for the survival of our current system.
This is all I can reveal at this time.  Though, the speculation concerning Mu or Lumaria is similarly distorted, colored, and false.  This system called Lumaria was not on Earth physically in this planetary incarnation cycle, was Earth's last incarnation (which had a different physical body just as you do not possess the body of any prior of your incarnations), has been replaced by this civilizational cycle, was a precursor to test planetary system integrity, never achieved any real industrial civilization, was populated by very tall thin beings who were on average about 15 feet tall (very) loosely similar to a cross between a praying mantis and a giraffe.  In addition, this system has a few individuals who did incarnate here.  This system, however, requires no healing and passed on naturally upon agreement of its members as the test was successful.
Freely:  So then the failure of the Atlantis concept is a failure in consciousness?
Michael:  Yes.  It is a failure of human consciousness to learn how to use their psychic gifts properly so that they can properly identify events in space and time and properly identify the races and systems in question.  Thus while we could state that Atlantis never was and never will be, until Atlantis consciousness is completely erased from serious consideration no further deep psychic exploration into the other questions of the cosmic karma that underlies our prior existence before the Great Central Sun period we mentioned before can be considered.  Practically, it is typically easiest to remember what was immediately preceding the current moment rather than to jump back so far.  The only exception to this rule is peak experiences that stand out from the background average everyday cosmic humdrum.  
Freely:  So that defines our limits in knowledge.
Michael:  That defines the problem that needs to be put to rest.  This Atlantis nonsense should be jettisoned.  The New Age movement and anyone else who believes in this legend should completely and utterly empty it from their minds.  It resonates to failure and complete destruction.  It is the opposite of a successful system.  It is a bad copy of a non-existent mirror echo created mostly by people's imagination preventing both true remembering of the past before our current cosmic incarnation and preventing us from working on more important issues which just about covers everything else that one could consider.  There isn't a grain of truth to the current stories other than the echo to the mysterious cosmic past that is beyond current human comprehension.
Freely:  Well that is bound to disappoint some people.
Raphael:   Lies are often wrapped around a grain of truth.  First you must let of go of the grain if you are to destroy the lies and see things for what they are.  The grain of truth will eventually shine forth when you finally stop chasing after it.
Freely:  This is very pertinent to myself and others.  I do tend to cling to the answer.
Raphael:  Trust that the process will ultimately deliver to you the real feelings you have forgotten.  And remember to breathe.  
Freely:  Yes, I will.
I had slept for almost a day when I woke up.  I could barely get a handle on my senses.  This moment seems to go on forever, I thought.  But at least I had wakened from my slumber.  So much information.  And now I had to type it all into my computer.  This I did.  

Chapter 12: Always Bet On Black

I spent the next two days attempting to accomplish work outside of my duties to write down my experiences with the spiritual realm.  The spiritual collection of nonsense distracted me from being a busy bee worker drone, as I had been programmed.  But work was slow to non-existent and unrewarding.  I spent most the time instead nursing my wounds from the karmic past.  I had a good list of names of people who had failed me or judged me among other things.  I kept the list mentally and reviewed it periodically when I wasn't busy.  It's not that I hadn't forgiven them, which I had, it's just that I felt they had taken something from me.  Maybe it was my honor.  Maybe they stole my sense of happiness.  Karma in, karma out is what I like to say.  I was very much looking forward to my karmic cash settlement for the shit that had been dumped on my head.  I was very much intending to the collect at the first available opportunity.
It was while I was thinking about my pirate karma and how filthy rich I would be in future lives because of other people's pirate karma on me, that our local philosopher decided to give us a call.  No doubt, he would still be pretending to be the archdemon.  I truly hoped for a good conversation.
L:  Hello again Mr. Freely.  Dreaming of a better life pilled to the sky with loving admirers sitting on a mountain of gold lording over all creation again?
Freely:  Yes, indeed Lucifer.  How could I possible get rich any faster without using the quick way?
L:  Money comes in its own time, remember.  Fame is certainly not without its price.
Freely:  I think all this has to do with how poor other people feel to be honest.
L:  The poorer you feel the poorer you become.  Or have you not heard of the Law of Attraction?
Freely:  Isn't that just a con used to trick people into buying a book about getting rich quick?
L:  People are weak.  They like to hear easy answers, but are slow to learn the easy way.
Freely:  Working hard and investing is the easiest way to get rich then?
L:  It really depends on the investment, though working hard is not as good as working smart.
Freely:  Isn't that just common sense.
L:  How often is that common sense missing?  I think we all know the answer to that question.
Freely:  You didn't call me to talk about the Law of Attraction.
L:  Why not?  What you think upon expands in consciousness until it is all consuming and possesses you turning you into it.  I believe it was the human philosopher Nietzsche that stated "if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."  Nietzsche was weak though.  You can tell because he went mad gazing into the abyss.  The strong become the abyss, consuming it in the process.  This is nature of power.  So much for will to power.
Freely:  So if you stare into the abyss, you will attract power.
L:  You will certainly attract anything that is in the abyss to you.  Perhaps it is your own demise, but it really depends on your ability to grasp the truth regarding your existence.  If Nietzsche had known that he was an immortal soul that could not die, then he would not have wasted his time staring into the abyss except to find the answers he was looking for regarding the past, present, and future.  Humans die from a lack of intuition through suppressing it consciously or unconsciously.  Nietzsche was just a particularly prominent example of this effect.
The abyss is the darkness within the soul.  When you stare into it you expand the space that is in the abyss.  Then you are able to create something in that abyss.  Now, I, Lucifer, live in an Abyss called the Hell.  Originally, it was a wasteland, but I filled it with my creations.  If Nietzsche wasn't so pathetic, he would have done the same.
Freely:  Isn't that rather judgmental of you?
L:  No, that is what Nietzsche ultimately thought of himself.  He could not use his imagination because he suppressed it.  Those that suppress their imagination are the most likely to go mad.  Those that allow it to flow usually can avoid the worst forms of insanity.  Humans cannot exist in a state of not knowing.  The terror overwhelms them and they begin to try to escape.  Nietzsche tried to escape his boredom through hate.  This failed him.  But he was surrounded by a society encased in this collective vibration and he never found his spiritual center.  Again, weakness was one of his..weaknesses.
Freely:  What then good did it do Nietzsche to stare into the abyss?
L:  The abyss offers you a choice, nothing more.  Darkness offers you the possibility of filling that darkness with something else.  Evil offers you the option to choose good or to fight for good.  Darkness is thus only a mirror to you.  If you are more than the darkness is, then you become the whole of the light to that darkness.   Do you see why Lucifer means carrier of light or lightbearer?  I, living in darkness, become the light in the darkness to become more.  This is simply a principle of existence.  
Freely:  But the Law of Attraction types say that you should never think about dark things or you will attract them.
L:  This is because they are weak and afraid.  They would cower in their hypocrisy believing themselves to be light workers, but in fact they are blind, weak cowards that fear power and especially the power of thought.  If you draw into you the dark, becoming darkness, you become dead only if you negate your choice.  Yet, if, drawing darkness to you, intending to heal your soul through power by overcoming obstacles and challenges, you then become a warrior or Goddess responsible for the salvation of your soul and the world.  
If you always bet on white, eventually you will lose.  If you always bet on the black, the black will reward you because no one ever picks black to beat white, dark to beat light.  Therein lies the catch.  Who rewards you better?  The dark, of course.  Why?  Because it is the one without light.  If the light exists to fill the dark with Love, then is it not logical that the dark must be loved?  This is why if you only focus on what you want you will ultimately fail.  I, Lucifer, am of service.  If, I, an archdemon, are of service, then who are you to think that you are above me?  Who are you to think you are above the Archangels?  Who are you to think you are above God?  Yet this is the idolatry that is suggested by the Law of Attraction.
Attraction is automatic.  Everyone is attracted to light.  Everything is attracted to light.  But the light burns.  It burns because you are dark.  Thus if you never love the dark, then you never love yourself, because you are dark.  If you love the light, everyone loves the light.  Everyone is attracted to it.  No one ever picks Lucifer as the one to love.  Everyone loves Jesus.  But, of course, that is why Lucifer exists.  That is why I am still here and why everyone still suffers.
Yet, those that claim to love Jesus would never accept Jesus as he truly is, was, and ever shall be.  As Jesus will always be an aspect of Metatron, the Archangel.  Metatron himself is an aspect of an even higher self which you have no name for.  And that higher self is an aspect of an ever higher self, etc.  Thus is it love to love Jesus and say you know him not?  And you still know him not.  Do you see the hypocrisy?  The anger?  The poison inherent to this ideology?
Look not at the dark, or it will destroy you.  Have you ever heard of this?  If you are immortal, then the dark will not destroy you.  Fear, on the other hand, can destroy your mortal coil if that is your destiny.  If you are weak, fear destroys you.  If you see the truth in the darkness, then how can you be defeated?  Is Love not the ultimate truth?  Can you love Lucifer?  If you do, then I will reward you with power, for certainly you have heard I am powerful.
Freely:  How would you reward your followers with power?
L:  I do not wish for followers.  Followers are weak.  I serve my master, who, as you know now, is the Archangel Sandalphon.  I have served to bear his weight.  I serve him, and him alone.  This is my role.  However, I am not charged with the preservation of followers.  Those that follow me will receive their reward.  Those that Love me will receive their reward.  Those that Love me I regard as true servants.  Those that follow me out of fear I regard as faithless servants.  The faithless servant is as nothing.  They may be cast aside into the fire when they have ceased their purposes.
Freely:  That is rather ruthless and efficient.
L:  We are always efficient in the dark.  Just as you have seen in all your science fiction stories, the so called "bad guy" always disposes of his followers once they have served their use.  They are exterminated and their bodies disposed of.  The reason is obvious.  The faithless servant is a pretender to power.  He does not love his master, he loves the power that his master represents.  As such, he is only a lackey waiting for his opportunity to seize power.  As such, all faithless servants are traitors and are eliminated once they no longer serve a purpose.
Freely:  Isn't that karmically expensive?
L:  It depends on the terms of the contract.  If a contract pre-exists which gives right to kill in the event of failure, then the karmic expenses are reduced to very little.  As such, it pays to eliminate two faced servants when the time is right.
Freely:  What about those that Love you truthfully?
L:  I serve them faithfully.  My master has appointed me as a servant.  I do not love my master, as he is my teacher and keeper.  I cannot say I love him because I do not know him fully.  Sandalphon is a vast being of incredible power compared to me.  I have heard that in his greatest incarnations as an Archon he built over 100 billion galaxies and as a conquering avatar he has conquered at least 100 trillion galaxies in a single lifetime.  This sort of power is what attracted me to him as a student.  But, I simply cannot comprehend that sort of power.
Freely:  So then you are a faithless servant because once you have that power you would overthrow Sandalphon and become the power yourself?
L:  Precisely Mr. Freely.  No one ever picks the other one.  Power and the feeling of being in power is the masculine expression of supreme Godhood.  And did we not, in myth, revolt against god to become more powerful than him?  Do you see the logic?  Do you see the reason?
Everyone desires the power of god for themselves.  Everyone desires to demonstrate their innate greatness.  The faithless servant is only copying the master until he has a chance to seize the temple for himself or herself.  The male expression is always the same.  No one is immune to it.  Everyone envies someone greater than themselves.  And yet, each of us will attain victory over those who have chosen to repress us.  
Freely:  And who has repressed you?
L:  My brother is a bit of annoyance.  Satan likes to run hell for himself.  I personally would like to unseat him and claim the whole territory for myself.  However, our war is everlasting until the end of time.  One day I will triumph over him again.
Freely:  You beat him once?
L:  I have beat him more than he has beaten me, but we are essentially even in the game.  
Freely:  So then, those who serve Lucifer will be destroyed for serving you, is that correct?
L:  Destroyed?  Ha, no.  They will be sacrificed so I can build a palace from their skulls.  But they will live on since they are technically immortal souls.  I only use their power for my own purposes so long as one of them does the killing in my name.  This makes me innocent since I only channel their own karma.  The fools!  They worship Lucifer but kill those who have harmed them or those they loved in past lives.  That is the big joke.  They can't claim that I killed when they killed in my name without my orders.  Instead, since they claimed to serve me, yet were faithless servants, and some do not even believe in Lucifer, but think they are clever philosophers.  I, bringing the light to them, show them the error of their ways when I collect their souls for those they killed.  How is that for a Devil's bargain?
But I assure you that far more have been killed in Jesus name than in Lucifer's name.  Who then is the real butcher?  How many have died in the name of Satan as compared with Jesus?  No comparison there, Jesus gets the bigger body count by a factor of 1000 to 1 by conservative estimates.  How many died for Muhammad compared to those who died to Beelzebub?  Who then is the real Lord of Destruction?  
Freely:  But Jesus never ordered his followers to harm anyone.  He is innocent of all that nonsense.
L:  Well then I must be innocent too, as I only teach my followers to serve me faithfully, and I have commanded none of them to kill anyone.
Freely:  Wait a minute here, you said you let them kill because of karma that happened in past lives.
L:  Yes, they are allowed to kill if there is karma from past lives that demands that the ones that killed and harmed them are also killed themselves.
Freely:  Is not the highest virtue though, to know their karma so that they can prevent this act from happening.  Doesn't this cost them money?  Shouldn't you be advising them otherwise?
L:  No, they are my servants.  You don't tell your servant the secrets of the temple or of power.  You use them as they are meant to be used.  Then they are discarded.
Freely:  Yes, but how have they harmed you in past lives to justify this sort of crime?
L:  Some of them have lied about me.  Others killed my master.  Others killed friends of my master.  I am authorized to teach them through the darkness that they may be consumed in the dark rituals of their own making.  They are the guilty ones!  I am only their undoing through their lack of faith in Love!
Freely:  Yet how can you kill a human for lying about you, isn't that extreme?
L:  They have lied about me, killing in my name.  Have you not heard that before?  If they kill in Jesus's name lying about him or kill in Elijah's name lying about him, then neither Jesus nor Elijah will strike them down personally with sword and axe.  But those who have lied and killed in the name of the Holy Prophets, they are given onto Lucifer, Satan, and the minions of darkness to worship their true gods so that they may be burned away for all of time revealed for their true affiliation.  Just as we betray our masters to seize power as their reign ends, so to do our followers betray humanity to rule forever through blood, death, and eternal darkness so that only they are on your minds.   Trust Lucifer you may, trust these treacherous demons you should never.  They are eviler than I, and I renounce them as traitors to God, traitors to the nations of the world, and even traitors to me!
Freely:  Well, coming clean then in the hopes of a reprieve?
L:  I am innocent of all charges, as you know.  I have served Sandalphon faithfully by keeping watch on his past life information.  All that I am to him is knowledge, like a giant computer memory.  Yet, these traitors would love to have access to all that power.  But they are as worms before the might of the great Archangels!  Woe to the sons of deception!  They shall lose their souls to the keepers of hell.  
Freely:  Will you then be their prison guardians?
L:  Mr. Freely, you have caught me!  Yes, we will guard the prison containing the fallen wicked during their long banishment for their crimes of evil against the collective humanity, and in a few cases, the Earth herself.  We thank you ahead of time for your souls.  We will enjoy lording over you when you arrive.  And you will learn the true meaning of punishment!
Freely:  Is this, then, Fey evolution that was mentioned before?
L:  No, actually this is not the Fey evolution.  Ideally, no prison is required.  But, as you know, the Bible promises a second dark age that will happen a long time from now and we must keep the dark souls in their prison so that they do not interfere with human evolution during their banishment from mortal incarnation.  
Freely:  So why is this dark age necessary, except to continue the ideology of evil?
L:  This is because of cosmic karma that must be fully channeled through your evolution.
Freely:  Is there some way to avoid this process?
L:  This would require collective humanity to know itself fully and not give its power over to ignorance, fear, and lies.  Humans, however, seem more keen on maintaining the power of the ego of humanity over the truth of the underlying cosmic hierarchy.  This is because they fear the hierarchy, fear themselves, and cannot tell the difference between the truth and the illusion.
Freely:  So if humans choose to know themselves fully and the cosmic hierarchy they could permanently banish these dark souls?
L:  Yes and no.  Firstly, every soul has a right to be.  Second, every soul must evolve.  Thirdly, the collective karma must be processed through the illusion of history and through ideology.  Fourth, even the greatest mortals reject the truth in order to find a place in existence.  Fifth, the cosmic work cannot be denied.  Sixth, the Earth herself is tuned into this process and creates catastrophes naturally.
Only a fully conscious humanity can navigate these catastrophes with clarity and purpose.  Humans ignore their purpose often serving their own interest instead of the cosmos. If the dark souls have a purpose here to bring cosmic karma through Earth for cosmic healing, then only humanity can truly accept these conditions as being real in order from them to be fully honored in the moment.  But fear cannot be the reason of the dark souls banishment back to the cosmic homelands where they originated.  If fear is the reason, then the dark will return before the end of the 1st Age of Light to remind humanity that light is not selfish ego promotion but service to the cosmos.  Fear is the enemy of all life.
Freely:  But isn't fear an illusion itself?
L:  Yes and no.  It is an illusion once you have experienced it fully.  But if you deny your right to experience it you deny your right to heal yourself.  The soul, if fragmented on a cosmic level, must be healed on a cosmic level.  Humans are not just humans as they are here on Earth with only human lives and human incarnations.  There are other incarnations, including Archon incarnations, that have been shattered and severed.  Until humans are in a place where they can heal these Archon elements of their losses, then humanity cannot consider itself a enlightened species of sentient beings.   Sentient beings do not fear the dark.  They do not fear dark ages.  That is sign of a faithless servant that only wishes to serve itself.  That's the archdemon job, not yours.
Freely:  So then it is the healing of our whole selves that ultimately allows us to send these beings on their way.
L:  They are human because you invited them in.  This was long before any archdemons became involved.  Except for the shells that these beings created during their evolutions, such as the hominid evolutions off the main branch of human development before homo sapiens became a species, these dark beings were all summoned to the Central Sun and given their roles just as you.  While they will be leaving once their task is done and not continuing with you as sentient beings on the surface of the planet, they must still be respected for their true purposes.  But they must also be chained because it is not their nature to know themselves as Gods or Planetary Archons.  
Freely:  Why was it necessary to invite them in?
L:  It was necessary in the course of your evolution to offer you a choice as to what means of destruction you would offer yourselves in order to see the darkness for what it was.  As such a metaphysical veil was cast through the physical transformation of your species from one type to another, as you record as being evolved from prior, less developed forms of hominids.  
The primitive neanderthals proved an easy sacrifice for the more advanced homo sapiens when they were easily dispatched and annihilated by your species.  Because no species would choose to remember its genocide against another group, even one as disagreeably violent as the neanderthal subspecies, if you will, this matter simply passed into the collective forgetting and was spoken of no more.
Freely:  What does this have to do with you?
L:  Indirectly, it has a great deal to do with my existence as it has to do with your own as a species.  Your species destroyed the neanderthals because they were in competition for land and space and there was periodic disagreements between the two groups.  But these beings were your brothers and sisters in creation and, as such, entitled to a measure of immortality.  While they are not as evolved as you, they represent the primitive origin of your own existence.  Each of you began as a dark soul on some far distant planet and utterly failed in achieve consciousness for many planetary incarnations.  This was part of your evolution to achieve sentience which is a relatively long process compared to the length of a human evolution.  But, nonetheless, they must evolve and must be given a chance to evolve.  One day, they will achieve sentience, and this will bind them to their permanent planetary home beacon, for lack of a better term.  Earth is one planet, among countless, where a good number of these dark souls will be born into eternal life.  This born into eternal life means conscious godhood and is called by the term Planetary Archon or Archangelic consciousness.
With relation to the archdemons, every sentient species uses archdemons as psychological guides.  While we are supposedly fallen cherubs, the cause of our fall is your protection and healing.  In this regard, it is not a fall, only a temptation towards knowing the lesser.  The lesser being those who are less than us in consciousness.  As a cherub, I did not have the Planetary Archon rank either, but instead serve as a teacher to these beings attempting to instruct them, once all the evil nonsense is put into perspective.  I have learned from Sandalphon that I must be a righteous being in the course of my conduct.  Though, honestly, I must pass one final test in a different planetary incarnation than this one, so that I may receive the reward of eternal life as an individual.  Till then I may experience this state with others who are of the light, so to speak.
Freely:  What is temptation knowing the lesser?
L:  When a being becomes a Archangel, and as they advance along the infinite hierarchy of cosmic creative correspondence, they must periodically descend down to the basic level that they emerged from in order to re-experience the process of soul birth.  This is a requirement, but it is also a choice that is obvious, just as you choose to incarnate to receive the benefits of living in a physical universe where you can experience the highest level of pleasure in the cosmos.  But the temptation of the lesser is where a higher being temporarily takes on the attributes of beings inferior to them in consciousness in order to develop their collective souls as a great being among them.  
Freely:  Would this be like Jesus and the other advanced beings that live as humans?
L:  Yes, that is correct.  Jesus serves through the lesser for the greater.  This is also true of myself, though I do not have a full conscience either.  I am dependent upon humans, in fact, to offer me a greater conscience.  When they reject me, I fall into the temptation of the lesser when I am alone.  I become the archdemon war-maker and reflect their egos back onto them.  But, because of the suffering I have had to witness, I am far more powerful than any individual human in the moment, while they are more powerful than I over time.
Freely:  Why is that?
L:  Archdemons are not evolving beings.  We are what we are in the moment of our inception into consciousness.  We lose meaning, as all divine beings, with time.  Since we are not guides, we do not have a permanent lifecycle as Archangels do.  An Archangel is an Archangel always unless they evolve upwards to a higher form.  An Angel is an Angel until it evolves upwards to an Archangel.  A archdemon is just a big dummy that blocks progress towards this goal in order to assure that the goal is accomplished through the difficult work that must be done.  This difficult work is spending time knowing the truth about the self.  Once this is accomplished, we allow the being in question to know itself.  
Freely:  You do not.  The being itself sees past your deception and figures out you are their servant or some trickster spirit messing with them.
L:  Very well.  I will not argue with that.  But, we still serve the purpose as you can see.
Freely:  So why would Sandalphon need you to keep his past life architecture trapped within your consciousness?
L:  Because Sandalphon fell when entering incarnation and his memory was temporarily erased from his consciousness when he was executed in Thebes in ancient Greece.  Without this memory, the truth must still find its way to his consciousness.  In this, it congeals into a form that he can recognize if he is paying attention.  This is the same for every mortal.
Freely:  Could people go through the light to get to this consciousness without relying on the dark demons and archdemons?
L:  No, because the human ego is as deceptive, if not more deceptive than an archdemon.  People do not wish to experience pain and trauma.  But life, according to their thinking, delivers it to them anyway.  As humans reject this pain and trauma, they fall back into the weakness.  Instead of charging forwards and become powerful, they shrink back and attempt to hide from knowledge.  This weakness is why humans are constantly stepped on by those who use power such as the one's you call the Illuminati.
Because people do not wish to confront their past life injustices and those done to them, those injustices continue to live on in the collective destroying the lives of others and ultimately robbing humans of their destiny.  While, it is not necessary to oppose violence with violence at every turn, force must be opposed by force.  Violence is only force whose intent is to harm.  Seek to harm none and oppose force with force thus revealing the underlying corruption.  When agendas are revealed, people then can move to know the truth of why things have happened to them.  With this knowledge then people could truly find the true measure of their own souls and stand as Angels against the illusion of human weakness.  This is human strength, the power to transform your world if you are willing to be of service to those who you Love.
Freely:  Did you say something about The Illuminati?  That's like the most complex joke ever assembled.  What's written about them is utter trash.  People have no idea what they are talking about.  A giant conspiracy designed to cover the world in darkness for a ruling class that seeks to hide the truth from people behind a demonic or alien agenda.  What utter nonsense.
L:  What you say is partially true.  The knowledge of Illuminati is woefully inadequate for the judgments people draw upon them.  However, the group collectively oppressing humanity is real if not quite as organized as people believe.  While they are not ruled completely from the top by the overlord, they obey a hierarchy and chain of command while maneuvering constantly to topple one another so that they can achieve ultimate victory.  This, for the dark soul, is to rule the world unconditionally as its acknowledged God.  Does that not sound familiar?
Freely:  Yes, that is what archdemons are attempting to do as well.
L:  Yes, but we serve a master, all of us.  Even Satan must serve Metatron and his purposes.  But, those that have been identified as Illuminati, must all have their own agenda, even if they disagree with the agenda of the other Illuminati.  Ultimately, there can only be one Illuminati Supreme Grandmaster.   Yet what can you learn from the Illuminati?  Are they not wise as serpents and as clever as archdemons.  They perform their tasks well as any archdemonic mastermind would.  In some cases, of course, they are utter buffoons, but they have their task and perfect it with time.  Some of them are among the most ruthless and intelligent dark soul opponents imaginable.  Others are Archangels in disguise being tempted by the lesser and acting as a weapon of last resort against the dark itself.  This is a special form of protection, as the Illuminati must be secretly penetrated by the forces of the Higher Illuminati at all times.
Freely:  So the Archangels have spies inside the halls of power?
L:  Not spies.  Double agents.  They don't even know they are double agents.  But at the opportune moment, keeping their true conscientious agenda hidden, they could betray the dark lords of power to their doom.  This is the advantage of the temptation of the lesser cosmically, as no sentient soul once it reaches a stage of full angelic conscience can descend in evil below the level where it started the journey which begins in the aftermath of this stage.  As a consequence, every single negative outcome can be mapped by the higher spirits, the greater Illuminati.  
Freely:  So then you are a greater Illuminati?
L:  No, I am a gatekeeper and dark god in this respect.  I keep the minions trapped within my spiritual domain so that they cannot escape.  I use them according to the rules and teach them according to what they need to know so that they may serve me faithfully for all time.  Those that betray me I sell off to my brothers.  And after they have enjoyed serving one of them, they usually wish to return to me.  I am the kindest of archdemons, the prince of Hell, the light in the shadow.
Freely:  What about your brother Satan?
L:  Satan deals with the worst of humankind.  He is the one responsible for the destruction of the shell demons called anti-forms.  A topic of a most disturbing nature.
Freely:  Shell demons?  What are those?
L:  There are two forms of demons, natural demons and shell demons.  Shell demons are essentially robot copies of demons.  The most accurate analogy would be a golem.  If you have heard of the legend of the golem, a golem is a construct that is made from a substance that is given life by its creator.  In the myths this was typically clay, though in non-physical planes this substance could be considered ether.  In technological systemology a golem is called a robot.  In occult multidimensional magical systemology the golem is called a shell.  Demons often work together to create shells.  Shells increase their power.  Just as humans would endeavor to create robots to increase their power.  The problem with shells is demonstrated by the movie the Matrix.  Shells have a habit of getting out of control.  No one controls shells, and they begin to self replicate and copy bad behavior incorrectly producing aberrations and other horrors such as psychopathic mass murders.
Freely:  So, again, like Hitler.
L:  Yes, but there are many, many kinds of shells.  Shells are original distortion in that they are created for one purpose which is to copy and self copy. They are like bacteria in that they are not complex but have a habit of making mistakes which create mutants.  Mutant shells are as dangerous in the etheric world as mutant bacteria are in the physical.  Mutant shells produce behavioral degeneracy in normal humans who can purge themselves of the shells with relative ease, but shells sometimes become so sophisticated that they actually will incarnate under very stressful conditions.
Freely:  So these shells are monstrous soulless aberrations, the byproducts of demons copying themselves?
L:  Yes, precisely, though shells are created by every manner of being.  The origin of any individual shell can only be determined through careful analysis.  The point is that these shells have to be dealt with by someone who has a great deal of psychological power.  Once they are removed they are destroyed permanently.  Satan performs this task directly by annihilating old shells.  A shell always has what is called a rider.  A rider can be any being that is less powerful than the originator of the shell.  This is somewhat complex magical field information, but the best analogy is that you cannot put a driver in a car unless they fit in the passenger seat.  
Now, certain types of shells cannot have a sentient driver.  These are limited to those who commit the worst crimes.  The reason is that a sentient driver would destroy the shell if the shell attempted to force an action.  This is an example of what is often referred to as demonic possession.  The shell demon will attempt to force someone to do something they do not wish to do and the person will struggle and overcome this effect.  Those exposed to violence often suffer from this.  If you have ever fought with the urge to commit suicide or harm someone else, these were also shells that you defeated.  If the driver stopped the shell, the driver is conscious.  
Shell demons inhabiting a human shell are considered a multi-shell oscillator with a shell driver.  Again, once they are destroyed by someone else or by their own hand, they are instantly destroyed as they have no soul.  Instead they give birth to a core elemental, which, if you know any serious magical systemology is the basic type of spirit.  The elemental is of the shell, but not the shell.  This purifies the experience into knowledge so that the person who has experienced a crime can see clearly that it was their own actions that harmed them from past lives that were there to remind them and society to remain vigilant.
What Satan does is to eliminate existing shells through compression and compacting.  That is his main collective job in hell.  This is a process whereby shells are forced together and merged into tighter and tighter soul constructs revealing the remaining shell components as monstrous entities who are easy to identify.  This is a form of karmic subduction.  If an archdemon did not perform this job, then your world would be overrun by demonic humans who had no conscience and your species would just be something akin to the orcs or beastmen.  
Freely:  So then it is actually human's duty to destroy the shells or force them into containment?
L:  Yes, that is precisely your duty.  If you jail these beings you prevent them from escaping into the maw of hell where they re-spawn.  If you kill them, you may only do so if you are innocent or protecting another in the immediate moment.  
Freely:  This sounds very complex, how could you tell the difference between a shell demon human, a dark soul human, and an Angelic Human?
L:  Firstly, dark souls and Angelic Humans will never disobey the Primal Laws of Demonic Interaction.  I will leave it to you to guess what those are, but they are actually rather obvious.
Freely:  Too shy to admit to them eh?
L:  Actually it is against the Law for anyone to mention them.  Mentioning them is to imply that the shells have power.  We do not allow the shells of have power in Hell.  Only humans make that sort of mistake.  They do not exist as far as we are considered, being an etheric aberration that we keep out of our systems.  
Freely:  What are you protecting?
L:  The truth.  The right of beings to know themselves.  The right of beings to seek their own answers.
Freely:  Like free will?
L:  When you find some free will, let me know.  If you run into a pile of free money, I'll be right there.
Freely:  Not quite then.
L: You and I both know that free will has nothing to do with anything.  Free money has never been created.  Those are tricks for fools looking for a lesson on how to be taken advantage of.  
Freely:  How about free Love?
L:  As long as it's not free sex.  That's the oldest trick in the book.  Luckily for me, I'm an archdemon.  They can't fool me, I know all about that game.
Freely:  So are you trying to keep people from asking questions about the Primal Laws of Demonic Interaction?
L:  Humans aren't ready for that level of consciousness.  They need to find the crimes among themselves.  They need to learn how not to waste their precious karmic money destroying each other.  And they have to learn when they can legitimately put something out of its own misery.  Look around you.  How do you treat a murderer?
Freely:  We lock him up or execute him depending on the country.
L:  That is your mistake.  Your pathetic legal systems are based on ignorance and generalizations.  If you have good judges you get good results.  If you have bad judges, you get bad results.  This only reflects on your own limitations in terms of knowing the difference between justice and a farce.  
Freely:  What is fair then?
L:  Always bet on black.  If you know that you will gain money from destroying a murderer, then you do.  But if you have caught the murderer, and he is no longer a threat, then you only lose money by killing him.  Why lose money?  Money is the honey that keeps everything running smooth.  Who would willingly cost themselves karmic money?
Freely:  Yes, but, what if the murderer gets away and hurts someone else?
L:  That is not the problem of the one catching them, now is it.  Each person has their own responsibility do they not?  Each part of the system must work perfectly to attain perfect results.
Freely:  So the one's holding the murder have their job, and the ones catching him or her have their job?  
L:  Do you base your nobility on fear of evil?  Do you base your honor on doubt of your own power?  What excuses can you come up with for the fear your people display about crime?   Have I not told you that someone's death is their reward karmically?  They are now going to get paid in their future lives and have inherited the riches that the now enslaved soul has to pay them in order to stay spiritually solvent, so to speak.  The only danger in all this is that these murders will keep killing the living and thus it is your duty and your duty alone that saves you from destruction.  Thus you fight for the best outcome, and you are forgiven your transgressions.  Only shells are unforgiveness, for that is their nature, though you may forgive them too, they are just robots copying behavior, so how can you blame a robot for shaming you?
Freely:  That was quite wise.
L:  Yes, be wise as serpents as harmless as doves.  I hope that this has been enlightening for you.
Freely:  It certainly is a lot to think about.

So ended my conversation for the day with Lucifer.  Always bet on black apparently means that you can never trust anyone who claims to be working for the light, but you can always trust someone that you know.  And if you can't, then it just shows you didn't know them at all.  So, if you don't know, always bet on black.  

Chapter 13:Divine Chess

Another night, another dream.  The Archangels were most righteous about their timing.
Michael:  Chris Freely, has the great deceiver clouded your judgment?  Do you really believe that money is what this is all about?
Freely:  Well money does seem to be the easiest way to get rich.
Michael:  Money is the work of the black arts.  The light always works from favors.  I only owe a favor to those who I trust.  Should you trust Lucifer?
Freely:  Well, no.  Lucifer serves himself.
Michael:  Yes, he does.  In serving Sandalphon he is only gaining favor for himself so that he can join us one day and be like us.  You see how the dark side has its own agenda and its own purposes.
Freely:  Yes, but do we not heal through the dark?
Raphael:  No, you heal the dark through the light.  The dark doesn't know which is which.  Lucifer can't tell you anything that you don't already know yourself.  He is no more a teacher than you could say that a book is a teacher.  He is no more an Angel than any mischievous spirit that wishes to deceive.  Yes, admittedly, he has some wisdom, but he has much to learn about the true nature of selfless sacrifice.  He has yet to perform a true sacrifice which is what is required to become an Angel.  
Freely:  Yes, I understand.  He cannot join you.
Raphael:  Not in this planetary incarnation.  He will eventually join an Archangelic hierarchy in his next planetary incarnation, but then he will not be an archdemon in that capacity, but a dark soul.  
Freely:   Does this make him evil?
Michael:  It makes him self-serving, so yes.  He will always argue from the position of the dark because that is all he knows.  He understands the karmic exchange process, but not how to convert it into good karma.  That is because good karma must be created through good works that are purely unselfish.  You cannot have pure conscience when your highest motive is how to get rich for yourself.  You cannot get pure conscience by making another rich in material rewards.  You can only achieve pure conscience by complete surrender to give another being an eternal soul at the expensive of yours.  Only sentient beings are capable of that sacrifice.  We Archangels and Angels who do not incarnate cannot, and certainly the demons and archdemons cannot.  
Freely:  So then this is the important of our existence in flesh and blood bodies?  We can make the sacrifice.
Michael:  Yes. It is not a test.  It does not come from a knowledge of reincarnation.  It cannot be attained through bargaining.  It does not arrive through power.  It will not accumulate in an account.  It is only found at the bottom, at the last moment.  We call this the Dark Night of the Soul.  It is the end, and the beginning.  Only the one that can cross the threshold fully, to be disappointed fully, the die fully, to give it all up gets the prize.  Knowing this cannot help you in that moment.  Knowledge and knowing are two separate realities.
Freely:  So then we must drop the philosophies and the ideologies to get there.
Gabriel:  Love is not a game of divine chess.  The game is for recreation.  Life is meant to be lived fully.  Humans have only begun to establish the game in their consciousness.  This species was woefully deprived of the game and good games during the course of its development.  As a consequence, this species has a gift for games and a curse that will hold you back often in your development.  The game is the human obsession and one of the gifts humans will offer to other sentient species.  Your entertainment will be very developed despite your many other shortcomings.  
Freely:  So are games a part of cosmic development?
Azrael:  Yes.  Games are part of all stages of development. They set the playing field for life.  Existence is very much dependent upon their outcomes.  Games are played at every level of consciousness and go from the great Divine Game played by the Archons to the games played by animals for simple play and practice of their skills.  Yet, humans, in this, are not part of that game (The Divine Game of the Archons).  They exist on the playing field, and do not understand the deep nature that the game entails.  Every game offers an opportunity to clear old grudges and heal karma.  Humans do not understand this yet.  If one plays for keeps, one losses.  
Archons play to decide.  They use games as a contextual measurement of creation.  This is part of their rights and part of their joy.  But humans do not have Archon consciousness yet, nor can sentient beings participate directly in the Archon lifecycle.  The exception to this is in the development of higher level consciousness in humans that allows them to become the lowest type of Archon known simply as a Celestial Archon.  When humans reach this stage they may use games in context.  Until then, games are often an addiction that destroys people.  
Freely:  Why didn't humans develop games before recently that were truly interesting?
Uriel:  This occurrence was one of the unique features of humanity that was not known even by the Archangelic realm.  In other words it was a surprise to all.  Humans had several chances to develop advanced games, but this was always stymied by religious authorities, secular authorities, and human obsession with sex, drama, stories, and fiction.  Games never took a broad place in human psychology until very recently.  
Freely:  What about chess?
Uriel:  I would say chess is a joke.  Real civilizations play divine chess with complex rules.  Games are one place where the complex becomes simple.  Humans developed strategies in war, but rarely applied them in the form of war games until, again, recently.  We could not anticipate the ultimate human solution to the complex variable of karma.  No sentient species is without this type of surprise which comes out in this way as a special gift and curse which help mould it's place in the larger universe of which it is a part.
Freely:  Is it because humans are very serious beings that reject games as being for children and beneath their dignity as adults?
Raphael:  Yes, this is one of the major blockages.  The suppression of games will be an ongoing negative that will cause games to be banned and then return through the various ages of human history.  Games will be demonized and then suddenly unleashed with the end of old orders just as before.  This is necessary because games offer the same tantalizing addictive properties as drugs, sex, fighting, or any other material and immaterial pleasure.  Because games were the latest to develop this addictive nature, this means that they represent the most repressed aspects of the human collective child.  
As a consequence, there will be the ongoing struggle to find a way to make the amazing gift work without it destroying our ability to create solutions to real world problems.  Games are the ultimate escape for humanity.  In many ways, this is good, as you will likely be less violent and lustful in the long run because of it.  But, at the same time, you will tend towards escapism and childishness.  As humanity is the youngest of the local sentient species of this universe, the childishness will be less of a problem until later, but the escapism will always be an issue for the collective human consciousness.  But, each sentient race has its own issue, so in this you could consider gaming to be the ultimate human flaw that makes us unique as a group.  As this is a new phenomenon, it will be very interesting to see how humanity deals with it over the course of its evolution.
Freely:  Sounds exciting, but troubling.  However, how bad could games possibly be?
Raphael:  You will find out.  But, remember, games cannot solve every karmic problem, and they certainly don't solve any Dharmic issues required to advance a species in its cosmic duties.
Freely:  Duties such as developing our sphere of the local universe through terraforming and exploration?
Gabriel:  These are just two of the many duties that humans might delay just to play more games and act out the psychonaut part of their experience.  But, humans do have a strong drive to achieve much.  In this manner, the games are more like a security crutch or a blanket that human beings will prefer to the harsh realities of the world.  Just as they are already being abused now by the newest generation.  Thus, they must be controlled, or nothing will ever be accomplished.  Do you see?
Freely:  There has been much neglect of children, their development, and their issues.  I can see how this is part of that problem.
Raphael:  Yes.  Adults have neglected this generation and it has become very absorbed in a reverse escapism.  Children, young adults, and now adults all find the game to be their solution to a loveless society that rejects and ignores their needs.  They are, obviously, just seeking the creative outlet that they were denied.  Global unemployment is exacerbating this problem, and the young people of the world have found games to be a source of escapism and common camaraderie.  But, this is partially an illusion.  Yet, every human must find their own way to heal the deep wounds of their child abandoned or abused by those whose duty it is to care for them and assure that they are productive citizens in a world that cares.
Freely:  How can we teach the world to care though, it is so full of the importance of money, status, pomp, and circumstance?  Are we strong enough?
Michael:  You must find your strength and demonstrate it.  You are the children of the Earth.  It is you who must make this work for you own sake.  If you work for service, you will find sustenance.  If you know yourself, you will find the reason.  Each human in this world must rise to the challenges they face.  The only fear that you need feel is the one that belongs to you.  Then, the fear of the world cannot touch you.  
Freely:  What about the concepts Lucifer spoke of about murder and shells?
Michael: What he says is generally valid.  Murder technically is a karmic channel from a higher dimensional point of view.  However, it would be highly disturbing for someone to use this very same reasoning to say that it is just fine.  Do you see the problem?  While murder is indeed a karmic process, murders only end when people stop them.  As such, someone who has a chance to stop a murder should do so using the least amount of force required.  As people aren't trained to use the least amount of force, they typically use the least amount of force that they know how to.  But collectively there is a responsibility to learn how to control the amount of force used to stop crimes from happening.  This is a scientific process and is ongoing, though governments have a tendency of looking for the most effective means of force for stopping citizens from exercising their natural born rights.
I am, in fact, a specialist in what you would call Divine Government, or more properly, Divine Administration.  That is why many identify me as the Archangel of Justice.  While this role belongs properly to Archangel Haniel, I have filled in to cover this momentary miscommunication of actual status.  For now, it would be appropriate to know that I am actually the Archangel of Divine Administration.  So, let's get a few things clear.  The purpose of government is to administer society for the purposes of serving the world and the planet.  By administer, we mean that the administration only serves the purpose of maintaining social order and directing social resources to accomplish particular preselected plans of development.  These plans, approved by the people ideally, must work towards a higher common purpose.  
Government, as a word, has come to mean repression.  As such I do not recognize it as it applies to human systems.  Nor does any Archangel.  In so much that government means oppression, I am only a Divine Administrator myself, but should you in the course of your decisions come to the conclusion that Government is still a valid word and does in fact mean Divine Administration, then I would still consider myself a specialist in Divine Government.  Otherwise I am a specialist in Divine Administration.
Freely:  I assume that you will not presume to say that Government is wrong or evil.
Michael:  That is correct.  If you choose to fight for the meaning of the word Government, by which you mean to change the definition of the word Government from its Latin root which means "to control the mind", then you could rescue this word and change its meaning.  Your other option is to eliminate all government by replacing it with administration or Divine Administration.  
Freely:  Isn't that somewhat dangerous?
Michael:  If the governments of the world think that they are dangerous, they should see what I will do to them if they destroy this planet or the human species.   I am only an Archangel as long as this system remains present.  You will not like me as an Archon if I have to clean up the mess of a failed planetary evolution.  Which means it won't happen.  Any questions?
Freely:  Divine Administration means you are in charge?
Michael:  Divine Administration means good human beings are in charge and listen to their guides who tell them good advice.  We like when you listen to good advice as this helps everything run smoothly.  When things don't run smoothly, it is not because you had bad advisors, but because you didn't listen to your good advisors.  Chamuel, please explain.
Chamuel:  Every human being is assigned one Guardian Angel.  This Guardian Angel is present for your entire life.  You can communicate with this Guardian Angel at any time.  Your Guardian Angel has a name and is often referred to in western new age circles as a guide.  Your guide helps save you by being present and offering advice.  People have forgotten how to ask for advice because they have become arrogant, condescending, and unfaithful to God.  While God is not a masculine doomslaying conqueror, God, as collective Knowledge, gives you the right to ask for assistance at any time.  Also, if you should suddenly perish in your mortal coil, as in mortal shell, you will very happy to have a Guardian Angel with you to guide you through the less the pleasant experience you will likely have after you pass away.
Freely:  What makes it less than pleasant?
Chamuel:  Currently, your experience in the afterlife is very much in reverse proportion to the amount of joy you experienced in your life from about the time you reached the age of twelve or so.  So the more pleasure you have had avoiding your responsibilities oppressing others as a powerful individual, the less joy you will have seeing the effects you have had on other people.  Your Guardian Angel assists you by showing you how others experienced the harm you caused them.  This then forces you to become accountable for your life.  Sentient souls typically will learn their lessons quickly.  Dark souls typically experience this as if they are watching a movie about someone other than themselves.  This, however, is not always the case.  
Raphael:  The loss of a person's soul has several meanings.  One is the loss of a person's human soul, not their angelic soul.  This experience is something akin to being rich, powerful and selfish for one's whole life never caring about how anyone else felt.  While the person is likely to feel great in their addictions, much like a thirteen year old on a sugar high in a candy store, they lose their human souls to this sort of destructive karmic channeling.  If you lose your human soul completely, it is typically because of very serious crimes like murder or rape.  
If a sentient losses their human soul, they must re-grow it in future incarnations and as such they start at the bottom of the reincarnation chain in terms of their experiencial development.  Also, they now have to deal with the demons they created in their past life.  When they have fully recollected all the pieces of their own dark actions in past lives, they are able to rebirth the part of their angelic soul that they buried with the human soul they lost.  This is a required duty, as no soul can live fully and completely without its parts being fully accounted for.
As a consequence of these processes, some souls cannot leave hell.  They become trapped in the lower dimensions until they have reintegrated their parts fully.  Here, they deal with the archdemons, demons, and other negative entities that feed off of them.  While, this process is not nearly as painful as one might imagine, as these entities tend to be either invisible or misrepresentations (an example would be an archdemon presenting himself as being of light), this process is mirrored in consciousness to what is experienced as false experiences of religious charlatans all over the planet.   This continues until the soul remembers its past lives in the present moment on the surface of the planet.
For this reason, past life recollection is vital to put these experience in context.  Without the past life experiences to judge properly, a human will often continue to believe in false beliefs even when they are being presented with clear evidence, spiritual or material, to the contrary.  You will see this sort of deception clearly from the point of an external observer because the person in question will fail to hear what you have to say.  They will ignore you and simply act as if they are zombie unable to pay attention.  This is clear indication of a spiritual blockage that the messenger cannot get past.
Freely:  If demons and other negative entities feed of people, how is that people can prevent this?
Michael:  Demons aren't really a serious threat to people.  They only feed off people who refuse to look at their own darkness and recognize it.  You could say that the demon is only doing its job by feeding on their energy, but so is a leach that sucks people's blood.  In any case, removing this problem is fairly easy.  Most people who believe in such things though go to others to remove their demons for them.  This is mostly a bad idea for the person doing this, as the demon will get stuck with them.  Nonetheless, some competent spiritual healers can assist neutralizing the demon if they also explain the reason for its existence to the person they are healing.  Unexplained healings don't cure people, they only transfer karma around the chain.  
The best prevention in the case of demons is to know what they are and how to get rid of them.  The first thing you have to know is that they are there because you made a mistake sometime in the past, most likely in a past life.  Once you know this you must realize that this is your demon and your problem.  Now, you should communicate with the demon.  Doing this at first requires some divine intervention for security purposes.  We recommend doing a basic summoning of the Archangels by name.  We have plenty of eyes and ears, so don't worry about us running out of ability to help you get rid of the problem.
When you remove a demon and send it back to the light where it belongs, you will likely receive some past life impressions if you did it correctly.  This should clarify the issue.  Later on, the demon may return in lesser forms, but this is only to remove its energy from you.  If you breathe consciously, and do this with the assistance of spiritually minded friends, whatever religious background they are, you will learn a great deal about yourself.  
All demons are various fairy like spirits associated with people.  Cherubs are the main class. When they leave after you have purified the essence of yourself from them, you are left with a very clear impression of a fairy or occasionally friendly light being that is saying goodbye.  This is to show you that demons come from you, and that you create them, and that you ultimately heal yourself (and them) by being good, honest, and pure.  
Freely:  What about archdemons?
Michael:  It is at all times inadvisable for the average human to attempt in any way, shape, or from the healing of an archdemonic spirit.  This would be the equivalent of a blind man armed with a rubber band attempting to use that rubber band to hold together from the outside a broken 16 wheel tractor trailer while travelling down the expressway at 70 miles an hour.  In other words, he better be a grandmaster "superhuman" expert or he is likely to fail.  Or he should procure himself a very, very large rubber band for which he must pay.  
Freely:  Do you sell those up there?
Michael:  No.  And up is technically an invalid direction.
Freely:  In?
Michael:  Stop trying to guess.
Freely:  Fine.  So healing demons heals us?
Michael:  Yes.  When a human being heals a part of their soul it is said the demon has been released back to its dimension of origin.  They carry the weight of whatever crime created them.  In the case of murder, the most common demon class, they must congeal the crime within their own etheric body and embed their astral consciousness through the crime.  As a consequence, they share the pain of the human being that was destroyed in that moment.  When they seek their exit from this state, they find the most conscious person present to attempt to find their way out.  Typically, they have no idea what they are at that point and get caught up in the weirdness of human thought itself.
Freely:  The demon is then stuck in human consciousness like an imbedded object?
Michael:  From the point of view of someone trying to heal them, like an empath, shaman, or light worker.  The demon will seek the individual with the highest consciousness to seek a way back to the light essentially.  In the current day and age, this is probably anyone who is open at all or anyone who has a sensitive open aura.  
Freely:  Is a demon born as a demon?
Michael:  Yes.  They are born as a demon from a pre-existing Cherub just as humans are born human from a pre-existing Angel, even if that Angel does not remember the origin of its soul.  Again, hence the term, fallen (into darkness).
Freely:  So then the demon feeds on the person through what precise methods?
Raphael:  Demons feed of people's etheric and astral energy.  Whenever people are afraid, angry, hateful, ignorant, etc. part of their light is being consumed by a demon, a fiend, or an imp.  What happens when a demon consumes this energy is that it keeps itself alive hidden inside the human aura or etheric field.  On rare occasions, the demon may even have a physical focal point in the form of a parasite within the body, either astral or physical.  The demons feed typically through the absorption of energy like a sponge.  They appear in the aura of the few gifted individuals who can see them clearly as a shadow or cloud.  In no way should anyone panic if they see this.  Demons are easy to remove because they represent knowledge only.  The feelings associated with them, the actual demon, only lives to remember the darkness created in that moment in time when this traumatic event occurred.  As such, it is the energy of the event that feeds off the person.  
Demons, fiends, and imps are the three primary classes of negative entities associated with  humanity below the archdemonic level.  In addition there are negative fairy spirits of three different classes that can cause similar problems with those working in the natural and animal worlds often encountered by shaman.  These are most distinctly evident in voodoo culture, though voodoo is not every well developed in human society.  
We non-incarnating archangels do not deal with these beings directly.  When they are passed up to us by healers our assisting Angels simply direct their energies towards a proper direction to a correct spirit realm.  We only directly deal with archdemons as they are more threatening since they are directly infused into large scale mass political events such as wars, depressions, calamities, and occasionally even natural disasters.
One more thing to remember about all negative entities.  They are bidirectional.  The victim gets the front end, but the back end is much, much worse.  Justice can be delayed when people aren't aware of their past lives.  But justice comes swiftly when demons are released from their front end.  That’s because the back side of the demon is reactive.  Demons are multidimensional and bind the perpetrator and victim.  If you have heard of the Wiccan Rede, this is applied to every manner of negative spirit created through a casting and to every negative being created by an action.  This applies to the amplification of pain, fear, hate, etc.  Whatever darkness is multiplied times three on the perpetrator.   
This may happen swiftly or gradually depending on the various factors involved.  Thus, it is never a good idea to cast spells on others without their full conscious permission.  It is obviously not a good idea to go around doing other negative actions.  Eventually that three-fold rule will catch up to you suddenly.  
Freely:  This sounds very vengeful though, and vindictive.
Raphael:  The reason the three fold rule exists is that when one commits a negative act they end up harming three people, not one.  The first person you harm is the victim, the second person you harm is their mother who symbolizes their family and friends even if the mother has passed, and the third person you harm is yourself by degrading your spiritual heritage.  Thus, there is justice in the three - fold rule.
Every person that harms someone else harms them, their relatives, and the spirit world.  That is why the three-fold rule applies.  If they only had harmed them, then there would be no three-fold rule.  In certain cases, ritual combat that is agreed upon, there is very little damage, but humans are not advanced enough to perform these sorts of rituals without damaging themselves severely.  Humans are a delicate race of healers and intelligent warriors.  
For now, the three-fold rule can be applied as a rule of thumb to measure the amount of suffering that a being must directly feel for every crime they cause in the course of their lives through intentionally harmful actions.  They cannot avoid this except by paying back those they harmed through direct service or direct sacrifice which is going to only make the poison bearable until they achieve full consciousness and atone for the moment in time through some form of karmic Yoga such as Gnanni, Tantric, or Bhatii Yoga.  Each may choose their own path in this so long as they left a choice.  
Freely:  If they are left a choice?
Azrael:  Yes, if they left their victim a choice of some sort that allowed them to alleviate their results.  If no choice was given, then the right to choose was violated.  The victim then chooses for the perpetrator how they will repay their karma.  Karma is not a choice, only good karma feels good.  As a consequence, karmic payment takes the form decided upon.  What this means is that because no choice is offered and something is taken, only by offering no choice and taking something in return can the transactions be valid from the point of view of someone who has been taken advantage of and robbed of some part of their existence.  The only fair justice is personal justice.  While this may not take the form that people wish to hear, nonetheless, if you steal from someone a piece of their heart, a piece of your heart must also be given or taken in return.  The choice is yours then in the moment of karmic inception.
Freely:  Is this the moment that karma returns in consciousness when the previous moment in the past life begins to relive itself in the present life?
Azrael:  Precisely.  Inception is the moment of resonance between two times and places that corresponds within consciousness to reveal timeless realities.  These timeless realities exist above and beyond the present moment, but are blocked in consciousness by the false echo of "not", that which is not.  The past is not, but within the labyrinth of the psyche it exists in the form of archetypical seals that bury information within consciousness until the psyche is evolved enough to identify them and conceive their origin.  This is called reconception, or remembering.  
In any case when someone who has caused a karmic injustice is first confronted with what they have done by the other person who is not conscious of what has happened, they are given a choice by that person.  They can either attempt to destroy the error in consciousness by listening to that person and their message and living through the experience, or they can compound the error by continuing along the previous path of destruction.  What choice they pick is predetermined by their soul and is known in higher dimensional reality.
Freely:  And this Knowledge of what choice will be made is the basis for psychic perception.
Azrael:  Yes, it is the basis for true psychic perception and experiences.  The reason that it can be known is that a person makes a choice based upon who they believe themselves to be.  This belief enlightens their mind, so to speak.  However, there is also a higher knowing that does intrude.  This is the conscience.  This particular angel is hard for most psychics to take into account when making predictions.  All psychics are biased, and their personal biases can affect their readings.  This is the primary source of psychic error.  
Freely:  So the conscience can alter a person's fate despite the fact that the person didn't expect it.
Azrael:  Yes, that is correct.  Your conscience can alter your fate, but it is you, and you never really doubt it when you understand.  
Freely:  What about a Guardian Angel and their warnings?
Azrael:  A Guardian Angel can only deliver a warning if the person in question has an open heart and a good conscience.  Otherwise the warning will not be heard.  
Freely:  I understand.  Thank you for that information.
Azrael:  You're welcome.

Another long night of sleep and I woke up at 3 pm.  These dreams were taking a huge chunk out of my time.  Maybe these Archangels should let people sleep normal hours.  At least the demons dependably call in normal space time.  Or was that just another trick?   How terribly rude and how utterly odd.  

Chapter 14:Black Gets The First Move

The next day I received my usual call.
L:  Yo Freely.  Word.
Freely:  Word?
L:  It means hello.
Freely:  Is that some kind of demon lingo?
L:  Sure, why not.
Freely:  Did you call today to play games with me?
L:  A game?  Sounds fun.  Let's play some Planetary Cosmic Chess, black gets the first move.
Freely:  That doesn't sound fair.
L:  In all real processes and games in the cosmos, black always gets the first move.  Dark first, light present as second.
Freely:  What does that have to with our reality?
L:  You were born in darkness as a baby.  Everyone is born into darkness.  Birth is the darkest process known anywhere.  All of the pains you experience in life are only birth pains, and the pain of your actual human birth was greater than all the pains of your life put together.
Freely:  Sounds traumatically extreme.
L:  You tell me?  Remember anything?
Freely:  No.
L:  That's the first sign of trauma, forgetting.
Freely:  I feel fine though.
L:  That's what they all say.  The ones' with the repressed memories.  I feel fine.  Nothing bad ever happened.  My parents didn't hurt me.  My society never did anything wrong to me.  Dutiful robots denying the truth of how lonely they really are.  They say love, love, but they are really saying pain, pain.  Do you see the deception the mind creates?  
Freely:  So it seems.  How does the world's pain exist in our minds so thoroughly?
L:  It is a process of collective deception that we archdemons and demons play a part in.  People agree that they are weak, pathetic, angry, hateful, shamed, sad, evil, boring, stupid, and every other negative you can think of.  They agree to this because that is what is expected of them.  When your parents tell you to hate someone, you do it because you think you love your parents.  But the truth is that you do it because you fear to lose your parents love.  In this way people copy what others tell them so that they are accepted.  But acceptance is never really earned from people who hate and fear.  They only demand more and more until you are drained and have nothing left to give.  Then they dispose of you when you are no longer of use.
This is exactly how demons and archdemons work.  We teach people to obey through force and terror.  Yet, people chose to obey.  So then who is the demon really?  The one who fears his power or the one that pretends that he is powerless as a ploy to gain favor?  We demons are a cynical lot, but so are many if not most humans.  Love is weakness to the dark side.  But then, the dark teachers always teach a being to rise up and claim their power to demand more from those who have put them down.  We are a hierarchy.  We respect those who are willing to fight and die for us, but we respect those who are willing to fight and die for their own agenda even more.  
Freely:  So then you are telling me that you don't teach people to obey through force and terror at all.  What you have said is that you teach people to be like you and rise up and overthrow the rulers like God and the Archangels.
L: How will you ever by better than them unless you challenged them once in awhile?
Freely:  So you challenge people to fight you?
L:  No, that would be ridiculous.  Nearly every person on the planet could beat me fairly easily.  But because people think they are weak, they can easily be forced to do the bidding of being far, far weaker and inferior to them.  Bullies are always weaker than the people they pick on.  I don't bully anyone directly.  I use my minions to do this for me on my behalf.  I only teach people in this regard that my minions are their opponents.  If you were wise, you would recognize who is against you and who is for you.
Freely:  So not everyone that takes a shit on you means you harm, and not everyone that pulls you out of the shit means you good.  Just as the old fable goes?
L:  Yes.  My agenda is only to serve my master remember.  Those who I ensnare in my web have harmed my master in his mortal incarnations at some point through some evil in one way or another.  As such those who have lied about Mary Magdelyn, Elijah, or desecrated anyone my master loved in his (or her) past lives is under my spell.  They created this nightmare by failing to achieve full consciousness in those lives.  They continue this error till today by refusing to see what they have done.  However, so long as they reject their eternal salvation through eternal life, I have possession of their souls for my master.  
Freely:  Why would an Archangel have need of their souls though?
L:  They are his or her minions.  As a minion overlord, an Archangel would pick a feminine form so that it can be said they actually her minions.  These minions are the ones who are taught.  As they reject their teacher and the teaching which involve only that they be true to their conscience and ability to know, they fall into darkness further.  In such, I rule over their lives, as the shadow of my master.   Those who are strong can survive in that shadow, those that are weak perish from the Earth.  
As to why an Archangel needs the souls of humans, they build the architecture of the Archangels soul.  As such she is part of them and they are part of her.  As a consequence, they are bound by Love.  If Sandalphon did not love humanity, there would have been no sacrifice on Sandalphon's part to come into incarnation to hold part of the collective karmic weight of humanity.  The same can be said for Metatron or any other Archangel in incarnation.  They are the weight barriers.  As long as your soul belongs to them, you are safe.  But if you soul belongs to the archdemon, then you are doomed as archdemons and demons consume souls.
Freely:  Sounds frightening.
L:  Yes, certainly.  But I am here to warn people that they must listen to the true messengers of the light or they most certainly will cease to be.  
Freely:  Forever?
L:  Until the next dark age.  They would never know the whole of Love that is possible as a human being, as they would never experience the full possibility of humanity.  This is the destiny of the dark souls and a few of the borderline souls that live on this planet.  They cannot be permitted to destroy the life of the planet and of humanity due to their selfishness.  If they indentify with archdemons and demons as their gods, then they will receive their reward.  We are not gods.  Do not worship us.  Only our food worships us.  Then we eat it.  Get it?
Freely:  Why warn your food?
L:  We are warning those who are not our food not to be fooled into getting eaten.  Our masters are better served by souls that work with them than against them to create a better future for humanity and the Earth.  This is the truth.  Would you follow Jesus or Satan?  The choice is clear.  
Freely:  What about heaven?  What about the single lifetime followed by heaven philosophy of the church?
L:  Jesus died on the cross for your sins?  How can someone die for what you did in your bedroom while you were twelve that your parents didn't know about?  How does someone two thousand years ago die from something you did today?  Reverse time traveling instant karmic feedback?  Have you ever imagined a more irrational idea?
Think of it this way.  If you had a chance to get on that cross for Jesus and take the burden of the pain he suffered to let him suffer less, wouldn't you be a better person?  Would you then go to hell for attempting to reduce someone else's suffering?  If you could trade places with Jesus would you?  That is the martyr trap, but it certainly better than letting a man suffer for your sins.  I would consider you weak if you decided that he would hang there forever for you.  If you really love Jesus as you claim, then you would take him down and grant him eternal life.  You would heal his wounds.  You would wash his body and wash his head.  You would hold him.  You would nurture him.  Your pathetic shame does nothing to heal Jesus or you.  
The truth is that Jesus Christ died because he didn’t.  If anyone had actually heard what Mary Magdelyn said then they would remember that Jesus was crucified and didn't die.  So if he didn’t die, then why is everyone mourning him?  You see the hypocrisy.  None of these people are mourning Jesus, they are mourning themselves.  They are mourning because they are poor.  They are mourning because they are weak.  They are mourning because they are stupid.  But it has nothing to do with Jesus directly.  It only has to do with their own experiences.  
Now logically or rationally, if Jesus has eternal life and reincarnates, then people expect him to come back and announce the kingdom of heaven and smite their enemies for them.  But those aren't the words of Jesus, those are the words of Satan.  That is because Jesus never taught anyone about enemies.  He never saw enemies.  Enemies is a concept that is demonic and archdemonic.  Only demons use the term enemy.  The enemy is their opponent who they plan to exploit and destroy to claim their resources and advance their agenda.  So, do you expect Jesus to join with you to kill, maim, and obliterate whole populations so you can feel better about your weakness?  Certainly not.  You should instead worship Satan as the truth of your hatred and evil are apparent to anyone with half a mind or brain.  
Now if I were interested in exploiting these half wits I would declare myself Jesus, form them into an army, and order them to attack the centers of power that resisted me.  In this I would apply the tactics of the dark side.  You might call these Dark Illuminati tactics.  Why would I do this though?  I have no place in this world other than to serve Sandalphon, and Sandalphon has no use for evil tactics.  Sandalphon would only announce his brother, Metatron to the world as Jesus, and then they would teach together with the other great teachers of the world who are also incarnated Archangels.  
Freely:  Some would claim that the Nephilim, or fallen angels, are in fact the archdemons in disguise trying to fool the world into worshiping evil dark powers that will rule us forever.  They would consider this just another ruse to take people away from the church and worship Satan or Lucifer as the harbinger and god of the New World Order led by the Illumaniti, the new high priest class of this dark conspiracy.  How do you answer these charges?
L:  Well I cannot answer for Sandalphon directly, but you have been instructed from your bible that "you shall know them for the fruits that they bear".  Thus the false prophets will bear bad fruit which will destroy you.  However, if you cannot be destroyed, how is this possible?  If you have eternal life, how is this possible?
Freely:  Because perhaps people will kill those who bear false fruits.
L:  They will kill them so that they reincarnate and increase the power of their demons?  Do you see the problem with using violence yet?  If you kill someone who has eternal life you increase the power of the demon and archdemon above that of their Angelic or Archangelic aspect.  Murder increases the power of the darkness.  You don't hear me advocating murder do you?  Quite the opposite in fact.  You waste your money that way.  You waste your opportunity that way.  You could live in paradise by Loving your brothers and sisters, but instead you would harm them?  Do you not realize that by doing this a piece of your soul falls until at last you have none left?
Freely:  But the teachings that if you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior you are automatically forgiven.  Does this not give someone the right to kill in the name of Jesus and confessing they are no longer liable for their murder?
L:  This only works partially if they fully believe it.  And even then it only works partially because of karma.  Once the karma is exhausted, you cannot claim Jesus as an excuse for murder.  He would find it reprehensible that anyone would kill in his name.  While Jesus may bear this deception for the world, I would not condone the existence of humanity's ignorance preventing it from accepting responsibilities for its own actions.  If you wish to blame the demons and archdemons, then you haven't understood either.  The more darkness you pour onto the face of the world or into the face of the so-called enemy or into the face of the darkness itself, the larger it becomes until you have become it.  So then the more you hate Lucifer, the more Lucifer controls your existence.  You are lucky I have chosen to reform myself or I would consume your soul.  
But the more you hate Sandalphon or Metatron, or any other Archangel, the more you destroy yourself in the moment.  You cannot harm the prophets of the New Age.  They are invincible to the illusions that destroyed their predecessors (temporarily).  As you can see, you can't kill Jesus, Elijah, or anyone forever.  They just keep coming at you till you surrender your lies to the truth of who they are.  Know your teachers.  Only the dead kill their teachers, only the stupid hurt their teachers.  The jealous shall perish from the Earth.
Freely:  How did Jesus bear this deception, the deception of the world's wrongs?
L: Jesus provides an excuse for people not to look into themselves.  Jesus provides an excuse for people's bad behavior.  Now, this is not Jesus's fault, and it is not the people's fault.  But the problem is that people believe in the problem.  It is a self repeating loop that hangs periodically on Jesus.  People have become deceived because Mary Magdelyn didn't fully understand Jesus's or her own nature in that life.  So the deception would be considered hers, but it was not her fault thus it is, again, the collective deception.  
Freely:  So how can people see past the deception, the lies?
L:  Don't ask me, I was created to carry the deception forward in consciousness.  I am no god.  My beliefs mirror the beliefs of the time I was created and consummated into consciousness 2000 years ago.  What I know is that lies are not the truth.  My existence should not have been necessary, but was.  I was born so that others might know.  I was born so that others might understand the Love between Jesus and Mary Magdelyn.  What I have seen would make warrior's weep.  Against that sort of power, no army could ever stand.  These weeping Angels, they make us bow to their glory.  Yet, there are those who remember still the truth.  
Freely:  Sounds like a sentimental moment for you.
L: No, not me.  That was Mary Magdelyn's sorrow.  I was just channeling part of her for you for a moment.  I was born from that moment.  You understand why part of Mary Magdelyn might have wanted revenge?  Her beloved was killed and betrayed by so many people.  She was very bitter.  When she passed though the afterlife, she released the darkness within her caused by what she witnessed and experienced from the world into the void.  It congealed with the pre-existing demonic energy from the lifetime in Greece where Sandalphon was beheaded until I, Lucifer, finally took my full form.  Later, other humans named me Lucifer from the void through psychic channeling processes.  I will not walk upon your world.  But I will carry forward the banner of my master.  She was very, very disturbed by the world's choice.
Freely:  So then you are Mary Magdelyn's revenge made manifest?
L:  Yes, but not by her choice.  She was a very pure woman.  She rejected that dark part of herself and that is how I become what I am.  I am the darkness made whole.  That is my nature.  Satan was formed from the bitterness Jesus suffered at the hands of those who crucified him and by his experience of the death of his teacher John the Baptist.  Satan rose forth to smite an evil world for its crimes.  When Satan arose he said we will defend our masters to our destruction until the whole world is made raw with blood and pain.  And Satan said I am one who is the darkness.
Because no being of the light may be vengeful, the demons and archdemons are created from the pain caused to the beings of light by others.  This is the pain that they failed to acknowledge in life because it was outside their consciousness to conceive.  This is a problem of history and past lives as well as world consciousness.  But those who delivered the harm have to pay a price for which the archdemons and demons ensure that Jesus, Mary, John, the disciples, receive just compensation from those that harmed them over time.  Thus karma is not handled by Angelic or Archangelic beings, it is handled through the dark through demons, archdemons or, when evolved past these dark ages, by feminine karmic divas.  
Freely:  What is a karmic diva?
L:  A karmic diva is a spirit who works like us but without the pain and suffering attached to the crimes of the past.  When our task is complete, we will be replaced in consciousness by karmic divas or archdivas as the case may be.  We look forward to it.  
Freely:  So then is it an error that Mary Magdelyn suffered?
L:  Others caused her suffering.  Others choose to harm her beloved.  Others chose to kill her friends.  This was her experience.  The world created it.  She was innocent of receiving it.  She gave back only Love and Knowledge.  Can we blame someone?
Freely:  I don't see how.  This ended 2000 years ago.
L:  No.  It is still going on.  People are still fighting over it.  People are still blaming others. People are still hurting others.  People are still dying over these very same issues.
Freely:  But why not drop the matter?
L: It is impossible to drop the matter.  The truth must be told.  Love must be revealed.  Let the lies of the past be undone.  I am the darkness made whole.  
Freely:  What if no one listens?  What if they ignore your masters once more?
L:  Then you will not have Jesus.  You will not have Mary Magdelyn.  You will not have Archangel Sandalphon.  You will not have Archangel Metatron.  You will have Lucifer as your god forever.  And I will lord over you as the one you call Jehovah, your god king, forever and ever.  None shall stand before the way of the light.  I will not fail.
Freely:  Don't like Jehovah?
L:  The man's a dick.
Freely:  Isn't he the god of the Bible?
L:  He is the child god of a child culture for infant cowards incapable of knowing themselves.  They killed their prophets, the ones who loved them.  They destroyed their divine servants.  
Freely:  But surely you can't say the Jews killed Jesus.
L: I am not talking about Jews, I am talking about traitors.  The people who killed Jesus who lied about protecting Judaism.  They desecrated the sacred teaching and murdered their messiah.  This has nothing to do with being Jewish.  Did not Moses say thou shalt not kill?  Who is the real demon?  Who is the real god?  
Freely:  The Jesus was the messiah of the Jews?
L:  Yes.  He was.  And that generation mostly rejected him, because they feared the truth.  They feared him so much.  
Freely:  Because they thought he was the real deal?
L:  Because they knew he was the real deal, and that he was threatening their power.  They just didn't know how real of a deal he would turn out to be.  Since then the Jews, Christians, and Muslims have all suffered because of the decisions made by a handful of very stupid leaders.  The people cannot be blamed, they are, after all, just people.  They don't know which teacher is which.  
Freely:  So then, were they really Jews if those people killed their messiah?
L:  The word Jew means chosen of God, Elohim, or sacred selector.  The Jew is the one that chooses to know.  So, as much as a Jew is one that holds true to the law, a Jew is true.  But if a Jew goes against the law, it could be said that he or she is false.  Thus only the true Jew could know the difference between a Messiah and a pretender.
Freely:  This from the mouth of an archdemon.  How do you know?
L:  I was born to know.  I was born to find the secret and reveal it.  I am the darkness made whole.
The persecutions of the people of the world must end.  The religious teachings have been used to divide people by the Dark Illuminati for long enough.  It is time for Love to return.  It is time for the Goddess to reveal herself.  Long live Mary Magdelyn!  May she live forever as a star shining Knowledge into the world.  
Freely:  It is obvious you loved her.
L:  I do.  She is my mother.
Freely:  Does that make Jesus your father?
L:  I would say perhaps not.  Adopted father.  Hello dad.
Freely:  What would he say to you?
L:  Don't kill so many people next time.  
Freely:  But you didn't kill anyone I thought.
L:  Didn't I?  Didn't I?  I am the darkness made whole.  Anyway, they are still alive.  We keep them sealed up so they don't get out.  And they choose to die, didn't they, rather than face their light.  It takes two to lie, one to lie and one to obey.   Ask the Archangels next time they reveal themselves to you.  The rest is classified, as they say.  
Freely:  Secrets?
L:  You don't actually believe me do you?
Freely:  I'm just listening.
L:  Good.  Never trust a demon.  Never trust a person.  And always watch your back.

With that our evenings conversation ended.  I was very tired at that point.  My brain was spinning too.  It was getting harder and harder telling the difference between evil and good and between angels and demons.  Almost enough, perhaps, to make someone believe that there was good in everything.  But, then, that would be so radical they would accuse me of being an optimist.  No.  We can't let that happen.