Cosmogenesis Notes #2: Metaphysical Spiritual Speculations

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Cosmogenesis Notes (Continued)
by Chris Freely

The Nature of the Spirit, Soul, Heart, Self, and Mind

    What is spirit? What is soul? What is mind?  What is heart? What is ego/self/consciousness?
    What is the nature of the monad?
    Spirit or breath is the key to understand the monad.  Each cycle represents one expression, followed by an impression.  The monad is called the atman, spirit, and sometimes soul.  The spirit evolves soul bodies over time, discarding them into memory as it evolves, but also reacquiring them in new lower plane incarnations as required.  This is compared to a snake shedding its skin in spiritual texts.  Spirit evolves through souls which expand until they are they are completely mastered and then after which a new soul emerges in the spirits journey which it must now master as it has the previous soul expressions .  
    The individual is part of the all, the individual is part of love.  This is true even if the monad/individual does not know this.  The individual is a spirit.
    Spirit separates as much as it unifies.  It is the hardest and darkest part of all, it is the one of the all in you.  There are no other words to describe it.  It is one with all in all, but it is separate from all in itself.  It is the core of any one, but is complete in its connection to all.  It is the unique "hole" in the cosmos that you occupy.  It is empty because you are separate, but it is linked to all other separate spirits as a complete web of life.  At the core, no thing is separate from the all(love), because love recognizes its separation and knows it.   Spirit separates (through divine judgment apparently), but the spirit (life) itself is not a separation, it is that which separates one life from another.  Life as a whole is lived through separate experiences of the many, but the whole of Life which is an inherently infinite dimension of Love sees no separation in anything because it ultimately knows that all Life receives the same basic true spirit which is to become one with Love and Life as a whole.  This goal, while impossible to achieve in any absolute sense, is what drives the development of all the infinite number of spirits of the cosmos.  They are all striving towards the same goal which is unification with Love and Life to achieve their purpose which is to the become the creators of their own universes.  Once they have remembered their purpose, the meaning behind their existence as spirits, then they can choose to be the creators of whatever they have mastered in terms of understanding and knowledge.  Life exists within every spirit through its separation.  Its unique expression is the life in it, and what it knows of life.  It is the separation that allows Life to express through us, because Life is not about the separation between spirits, it is about the unity of collective spiritual expression through which the separate spirit finds its meaning in the context of the larger Life around it.  Life is always bigger than our spirit/separation, but the greater whole offers us a chance to redeem our separation through embracing a wholeness in the Life around us and thus finding a place to live in the midst of separation.  Through this separation becomes completion through our own choice to embrace completion.  The cycle is then complete, and each life following the one before offers us the same choice.
Mind - Power - Mask (A concept I learned from my main spiritual teacher)
Ego - Self - Consciousness
Soul - Love - Belonging
Spirit - Breath/Life (Rising/Becoming) (Condensing/Descending)
Heart - Soul/Spirit Integrated(see complete Tree of Life Diagram and the 6th Sephiroth Tipareth)
    Soul is the environment of the path that spirit takes, and the spirit walks that path through its self and mind.  Each spirit travels along a different path through Soul.  As a spirit evolves it takes on greater paths in greater Soul bodies.  While Soul is unified, Soul bodies are divided from each other by veils.  These veils are the mind and the self which guide the spirit along the path through the Soul.  This is the journey on the path that spiritualists and occultists speak of.
    Soul expresses itself through self and mind in expression and in unfolding spirit in development.

Our Senses: From Five Senses to One

    Senses (really one sense, touch) detect vibration.  Yet the body is composed of vibration.  How could a vibration detect a vibration?  Vibrations are transparent to other vibrations, they blend.  Consciousness, must thus also be a vibration, and consciousness can blend with other consciousness.  
    The physical quantum electron, itself the basic vibration, creates secondary vibrations in the ether around it.  These echoes are the real electron in the same way that the higher self in the human being, the angelic self, is the real human.  The non-physical dimensions are able to expand and create through their reception of the physical expansion which impresses the matrix of ether and higher planes beyond.  This has complex effects which are invisible to us currently.  
    The physical quantum electron represent a sort of metaphysical flux point which regulates the entire cosmic field in which we live.  The physical is kept at a certain rate of expansion into the ether by the operation of much higher planes of which we have no direct knowledge.  We originated as beings from these planes, though different spirits originated from different planes depending on their nature before they choose to incarnate as beings on Earth.  
    Occult parapsychology is the study of non-physical vibrations, often the remnants of human psychic fields detached once the higher self of the human soul has detached itself from the lower components.  These lower components retain a vibrational coherency independent of the soul as they have an independent existence free of the body and free of the higher self.  These vibrations continue to exercise effects on their environments and can be interacted with to a limited extent in accordance with whatever residual intelligence might still be harbored by the vibrational shell.  
    Living vibrations are the shells of consciousness.  These shells constitute the planes upon which occult metaphysics is based.  Each object in physical existence is a vibration immersed in vibrations in a sea of consciousness centered on successively higher vibrational fields based on the fields below them.  The idea is like a set of spheres, each producing its own vibration, passing through other spheres, creating vibrations of vibrations of vibrations in enlarging cascades of harmonic incorporation.  

Cosmogenesis in Religion and Spiritual Development

The Evolution of the Mind, Self, and Spirit Through Heart and Soul

What is the purpose of mind?
"You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it."
    Mind is designed as a tool of consciousness that allows consciousness to empower itself.  What we know, our knowledge, represents the tools of self expression and creativity needed to create a greater sense of self.  This sense of self is our consciousness, which we use to define ourselves.   Our consciousness is our identity because it is what we are conscious of that determines how we view ourselves and the world.  Mind is what consciousness uses to know itself and express its self.  Mind, thus, represent the power of consciousness.  With mind, we master our reality, and so if we have good tools we are successful at our lives, but with poor tools we are forced to pull back and reexamine ourselves.  Though the mind is not consciousness itself, it is required for consciousness to function and master its reality.  
    Minds evolve.  As the mind evolves, the soul evolves.  When a spirit transitions from one mind to a higher mind, the old soul body is transcended, and a new soul emerges.  Each transition from one great level of consciousness to another involves this process.  
    Beginning with the reflective mind we can trace this process.  In the reflective mind of the plant soul, which is in a state of reflective "sleep"/dreaming, a slow process of accumulating knowledge occurs during the long eons of evolution of the planet soul.  As this process continues, the future instinctive mind takes shape.  When a plant spirit evolves into an animal spirit, the instinctive mind activates, and the plant soul is transcended and the spirit now acquires an animal one.  The old plant functions are now taken care of by various systems of the animal's body for it.  These remain in a reflective mind state of being, while the animal itself is now expressing the instinctive mind.  
    Now that the instinctive mind is developed, the reflective mind continues its work of absorbing knowledge.  As the instinctive mind processes and develops over eons, the rational mind and rational ego develop clearly until they are fully formed.  They begin developing at the dawn of the instinctive mind, just as the instinctive mind begins developing at the dawn of the reflective mind.  The rational ego and rational mind become more prominent in higher animals, though they are still weakly developed compared to humans.  The rational self/ego and rational mind perform reasoning functions and rational self imaging.  The rational ego is a system of consciousness capable of reasoning; the rational mind is a mental program of intellect that allows ego to function as the seat of consciousness for the human spirit.
Rational Mind
Rational Ego
Represents "Lower" Soul in Humans
Represents "Lower" Spirit in Humans

    The soul is beyond the mind and self of consciousness in a body alone.  Spirit and soul are higher aspects than mind and self.  As the mind evolves though, the soul continually emerges.  As the self expands, the spirit rises upwards in evolution.  The spirit, when a soul evolves, leaves the old soul (level) and inhabits the new soul (level) while retaining activity on the lower level.  Spirit migrates upwards in this manner.  
Lesser Angelic Mind
Lesser Angelic Ego
Higher Mind
Higher Self
Spiritual Program
Spiritual System
Higher Power
Higher Consciousness
Represents "Higher" Soul in Humans
Represents "Higher" Spirit in Humans

    The lesser angelic spirit is the current human spirit.  It is between the lower aspects of rational mind and rational ego and the higher aspects of lesser angelic mind and lesser angelic self.  These all function to assist the human spirit (lesser angelic spirit) in its development.  All spirits rise towards their source.
    The angelic mind is the complete rational soul.
    Mind is somehow a fixed field of relation which fixes the atman (monad) within a framework so that the atman (monad) may experience a separate field of mental experience apart from its higher self.  Mind is then the externalization of soul and how soul integrates experience outside of itself into itself.  Mind (mental monad) is a program of the soul (vessel of love) which is interpreted through ego (consciousness monad - self) so that spirit (cosmic gateway?, that which experiences, vessel of life) can advance its purpose.
    (Where does the heart come into play here?  Traditionally Kabbalah has taught that the seat of the heart was in the sixth sephiroth called Tipereth.  From Tipereth it was possible to view the entire self except for Kether itself.  )
The Matrix of Mind and Ego
    (The mind at its core is programming which runs the system of consciousness we call ego.  Ego is the seat of spirit, though not spirit itself.  Spirit, in the course of evolution, must overcome the lesser program of its mind and the lesser system of consciousness of its ego in order to rise above according to the higher program of its development of a higher system of consciousness which is a higher sense of self that is more expanded that the lesser self consciousness of the lower level of understanding.  )

Levels of Spiritual/Soul Development and an Overview of the Planes of Existence

Quantum Electron and groups of QEs up to about 100 billion total (size of smallest light clusters) Physical Plane - Quantum Spirit (Mind/Soul?) - (Highest level is Elemental "Spirit")
Photons (Quantum Electron Clusters) and Chains of Clusters (Light Beam)/Subproton Size Quantum Electron Clusters larger than about 100 billion - Symbols(Forms)? - Physical Etheric Plane - Photon Spirit/Mind/Soul- Vibration - (Highest level is Lower Fairy "Spirit")
Protons/Neutrons/Magnetic Field Sheets/Atoms/Molecules/Rocks/Crystals/Organelles(except plastids, mitochondria, chloroplasts), Elementals in Incarnation- Organized Atomic, Chemical, and Organic Systems- Physical Etheric Plane - Elemental/Mineral Mind/Soul - Thoughts- Communication - (Highest level is Higher Fairy "Spirit")
Elemental "Spirits" - Cells - Eukaryotes (bacteria, archea), Higher Single Cell Life, (Crystals?? and Other Advanced Molecular Assemblages Higher Function - in reference to Reflective Mind), Lower Fairies  in Incarnation - Middle Etheric Plane- Reflective Mind/Habit (Plant) Mind/Soul- Ideas - Identification - (Highest level is Angelic/Divaic)
Elemental "Spirits" - Tissues - Plants/Fungi/Multi-Cellular Protists/Animals Without a Central Nervous System/Higher Plants Lower Functions, Lower Fairies in Incarnation - Upper Etheric Plane- Reflective Mind/Habit (Plant) Mind/Soul - Relation/Intention
Lower Fairy "Spirits" - Organs - Higher Plants (Trees/Kelp) Higher Function/Animals With a Central Nervous System Lower Roles and Higher Fairies(in incarnation) - Astral Plane - Instinctive Mind  - Animal Soul - Instinct - (Highest level is Archangelic/Archdivaic)
Higher Fairy "Spirits"- Sentient Life Forms Lower Psychological Roles/Animals Higher Roles - Human/Sentient Rational Mind/Soul - Mental Plane - Masks/Egos or Rational Mind and Self - Reason/Thinking -  (Highest level is Terrestrial Archon)
Human Life Forms Separation (Human Spirit) - Child - Human Spirit - Self Reflection
Angel/Diva - Human Life Forms Higher Psychological Roles - Plane of the Angelic Soul/Buddhic Plane - Angelic/Divaic Mind/Soul - (Highest level is Celestial Archon)
Archangel/Archdiva - Plane of the Archangelic Soul/Atmic Plane - Archangelic/Archdivaic Mind/Soul (Highest level is Stellar/Planetary Celestial Archon) - Tribal/City Consciousness?
Terrestrial Archon - Plane of the Semi Divine Soul/Adi Plane - Semi Devine Mind/Soul - State/National Consciousness? - (Highest level is Galactic Archon)
Celestial Archon - Divine Plane - Divine Mind/Soul - Religious/Civilization/Stellar and Planetary Consciousness - (Highest level is MetaGalactic Archon)
Solar Archon – Stellar Plane - Solar Mind/Stellar Soul - (Highest level is Domain Archon)
Galactic Archon – Galactic Plane - Galactic Mind/Self/Soul - (Highest level is Dominion Archon)
MetaGalactic Archon – MetaGalactic PlaneMetaGalactic Mind/Self/Soul - (Highest level is MetaDominion Archon)
Domain Archon – Domain PlaneDomain Mind/Self/Soul - (Highest level is HyperDominion Archon)
Dominion Archon – Dominion PlaneDominion Mind/Self/Soul - (Highest level is UltraDominion Archon)
MetaDominion Archon – MetaDominion Plane - MetaDominion Mind/Self/Soul - (Highest level is (UltraDominion +1) Archon)
(HyperDominion Archon – HyperDominion PlaneHyperDominion Mind/Self/Soul - (Highest level is (UltraDominion +2) Archon)
UltraDominion Archon – UltraDominion PlaneUltraDominion Mind/Self/Soul) - (Highest level is (UltraDominion +3) Archon)
And on up the infinite number of planes
    The basis for the existence of the nonphysical planes is the lowest level of the etheric in which etheric waves propagate as matter (quantum electrons) expands in the ether.  Just as matter is expanding vibration in the etheric field, the waves created by matter in the etheric themselves create waves in each subsequent field into which each lower plane field is imbedded.  The number of the individual planes that apply to us (the total number of planes is infinite) is not known by science at the current time, as the theory is too new in the Western mind, however the ancient Egyptians had developed a system consisting of 42 subplanes within 7 major planes (John Gordon's Egypt: Child of Atlantis).  
    The major planes which we may deal with at the present time are:
The Physical Plane (level 1)
The Physical Etheric (Sub)Plane (Lowest non-physical plane and level)
The Etheric Plane (6 sub planes and 19 (+1) levels )
The Astral Plane (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels)
The Mental Plane (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels)
The Plane of the Angelic Soul - Mind (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels)
The Plane of the Archangelic Soul - Mind (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels)
The Plane of The Semi-Divine (Terrestrial Archon) Soul - Mind (7 sub planes and 20 (+ 2) levels)
    Each plane consists of 7 sub planes (except for the physical plane which is singular in nature).  Each plane also consists of 20 levels plus 2 levels which signify the plane above and the plane below.  

Introduction to the Hierarchy of Spirits

    The Angelic, Archangelic, and Archon Hierarchy
    The spirits of the cosmos are organized into a hierarchy of understanding by which I mean each spirit is capable of evolving beyond its current mastery but at the same time it is limited by its current maximum development.  As such spirits which are growing towards higher development are organized based on their current maximum development.  Here is a basic list of the developmental levels of various spirits and the Kabbalah based Trees of Life I have devised to show their self same experience as individual entities based on my current knowledge of the levels of mind, self, and soul.  This list only shows the "light spirits", but there are also "dark spirits" which I will explain shortly.  Each spirit is unfolding its spirit at a certain level of development beginning at the level of the Instinctive Spirit.
Elemental Spirits - Unfolding Instinctive Spirit
Lower Fairy Spirits - Unfolding Reflective Spirit
Higher Fairy Spirits - Unfolding Angelic Spirit
Angels/Devas - Unfolding Archangelic Spirit
Archangels/Archdivas - Unfolding SemiDivine Spirit
Terrestrial Archons - Unfolding Divine Spirit
Celestial Archons - Unfolding Solar Spirit
Stellar Archons - Unfolding Galactic Spirit
Galactic Archons - Unfolding MetaGalactic Spirit
MetaGalactic Archons - Unfolding Domain Spirit
Domain Archons - Unfolding Dominion Spirit
Dominion Archons- Unfolding MetaDominion Spirit
MetaDominion Archons- Unfolding HyperDominion Spirit
(HyperDominion Archons- Unfolding UltraDominion Spirit
UltraDominion Archons- Unfolding (UltraDominion +1) Spirit
And on up)
Below is a list of the above spirits in incarnation and what spiritual level they are developing at:
Type of Spirit – Example of Type of Incarnation on Physical Plane - Plane of Spiritual unfolding
Incarnated Elemental - Organized Atomic, Chemical, and Organic Systems - Unfolding Reflective Spirit
Incarnated Lower Fairy - Cells/Plants - Unfolding Instinctive Spirit
Incarnated Higher Fairy - Animals/Human without Conscience - Unfolding Rational Spirit
Incarnated Angel/Diva - Human with Conscience - Unfolding Angelic Spirit
Incarnated Archangel/Archdiva- City - Unfolding Archangelic Spirit
Incarnated Terrestrial Archon- Nation - Unfolding SemiDivine Spirit
Incarnated Celestial Archon- Religion/A Planet - Unfolding Divine Spirit
Incarnated Stellar Archon - A Star and Solar System - Unfolding Solar Spirit
Incarnated Galactic Archon- Galaxy - Unfolding Galactic Spirit
Incarnated MetaGalactic Archon- MetaGalaxy - Unfolding MetaGalactic Spirit
Incarnated Domain Archon- Domain - Unfolding Domain Spirit
Incarnated Dominion Archon- Dominion - Unfolding Dominion Spirit
Incarnated MetaDominion Archon- MetaDominion - Unfolding MetaDominion Spirit
(Incarnated HyperDominion Archon - HyperDominion - Unfolding HyperDominion Spirit
Incarnated UltraDominion Archon- UltraDominion - Unfolding UltraDominion Spirit)
    The same spirits in incarnation unfold at a lower spiritual plane than at their highest level of spiritual development.  As such an angel incarnated as a human does not unfold on the Archangelic spirit level as a human, but instead on the angelic spirit level as though it was a higher fairy spirit.  This is important to realize because while in incarnation as a lesser vehicle, the experience of that lesser expression is vacant at the level of the complete spirit until that spirit has completed that lesser evolution.  What this means is that the higher bodies essentially "fall asleep" while a spirit is undergoing a lesser spiritual expression in an incarnation.  
    Why do spirits choose to go down into incarnation when they could remain "on high" in their highest vehicle?  There are two primary explanations.  First is that in the highest vehicle only certain expression can be realized as the highest vehicle is not the vehicle of creating but the vehicle of emanation (according to Kabbalah), which offers primarily communication with other spirits and review of past works over the ages and eons after which a spirit must once again prepare to create again in the lower planes.  From "on high" the whole Great Work of the Ages is visible, but the future Great Work of the Ages is still not complete.  Essentially a spirit does not grow simply by observing and knowing, it must also express and work to continue its own development.  The 2nd explanation as to why spirits cannot remain at their highest continually is that in order to realize an evolutionary development by creating an experience a being must descend into that experience in order to develop itself through that experience.  Also, it is through descending continually into incarnation in lower planes down to the physical that spirits are able to grow in their highest body and vehicle.  This is another application of the Hermetic Law of "as above, so below".  The word spirit means breath so that there is an in breath and then the out breath.  The first returns one within, the second expresses without and this is the essential nature Life.  Each time we return to our highest vehicle of mind and soul we have complete a great in breath and each time we go out into our expression and experience it is an out breath of our complete spiritual life cycle.  
    Mastery is demonstrated in the application of the principles of creation, by being God.  Completion, on the other hand, is the fulfillment of experiencing a complete creation successfully developed, the essence of Goddess, who gives birth to the work and receives its fulfillment within. Every time we go out into incarnation we enter on a masculine path of God to create, construct, and build, and in returning to the feminine as a completed work we receive our fulfillment.  In truth it is the Goddess that is the Master Architect and the God that is the Master Builder; a subject I will delve into later.