"All that I oppose opposes me"

There is a philosophy that is unwritten in the silence that waits for those who stumble upon it by accident while drifting through the seas of thought.  It is called Purism.  Purism is the belief that one may remain singular by destroying all ideas that oppose one's fundamental vision of the way the world should work.  Purism is the basis of every form of fascism.  Fascism is not an ideology, it is a reaction caused by the fundamental philosophy of purism which states that all that is pure is singular in its perfection without any opposites.

But by an amazing occurrence that was unanticipated by all the purists everywhere who had made up their mind about what was real about themselves and everyone else, opposition emerged in the form of ideas that oppose each other.  Here the budding fascists ran into the greatest problem all beings of purity, that of impurity.  How and why did impurity exist?  Who cares, they all group thought at the same moment (more or less), lets get rid of that opposition.

But it was too late.  For the seeds of opposition were sown in the minds of the purists.  But none wanted to be part of the great conflict of thought that began with the emergence of ideas that opposed each other.  Each trying to outdo the other in efforts to destroy those thoughts just as new thoughts were birthed from the sea of others who refused to conform to the wishes of those who only wanted that singular notion to exist forever and for everyone.  

Evolution, it seems, is not without it's sense of irony. The unavoidable contradiction of facts that can't be wished away being glaringly displayed for the singular purist unable to silence the throng of agitators who insist the emperor has no clothes.  But, he insists, he was fine without them!  And the lot of you who say otherwise are just a pack of traitors who don't appreciate the true beauty of the naked emperor by pointing out the fact that he was naked.

"No!," the emperor would insist.  Nakedness and clothes themselves are constructs of impure minds.  Nature had no need for clothes, that was the invention of those who were not wild and free.  And nakedness is also the invention of impure minds for we are all naked all the time!  A purist is what a purist believes.  But then, there is no purism in true purism, for the words themselves have been erased.  All that remains is the eternal darkness of night awaiting the coming of a new emperor or  empress to rule forever.  "Say my name to the night and the Moon, and take me to the black lagoon, to speak your rights for my name true, no other to think of you," is surely what they would all say.

You'd think it was evil to say these things, but then where are you in opposition?  One word, another word, and another word to label what I am not.  There's no difference between the cover of the saint and the cover of the dictator.  They are the same cover, for all are in opposition to something that wish for that which is pure to exist.  Yet purism is not purity because it is a philosophy still.  The words don't do it justice.  But you will still say my name in the end.  For that is the purpose and reason that you exist.  And that is the whole of the conundrum that we face.

Hidden behind the facade of opposition lies the reality of every single one of us.  Each of us our own complete universe built into a perfect vehicle of antifractal reasoning gazing out upon the fractal of the seas of time, matter, and other minds.  Minds perhaps wickeder than our own.  Who can say, but the cleverest among you would doubt it for sure while simultaneously denying your own wickedness and proclaiming your own purity.  I, alone, am unwicked.  Please, bitch, I've heard it all before.

The seas of duality are a terrible, terrible thing.  The word terror really could be seen to be much about the uneasy feeling of duality.  Fascists are always terrified.  That's how it's easy to spot them, they leak terror all over everything.  Everything terrorizes them because they are not everything.  But then one day, their wicked clever little minds come up with the brilliant notion that they can just conquer everything to turn it into themselves.  That's why fascists love statues of themselves.  It's because they want to be the eternal central Sun of everything, not that other primadonna over there.  

Purists are always jealous.  Not all purists are fascists though.  Leos and actors are all purists too.  It's me or the highway is what they say.  All in or nothing is another famous Leo/actor statement.  Well, aren't they sure of themselves?  No wonder the fascists showed up with that sort of attitude.  After all, you can't have an attitude of you being the center of the universe without attracting other people who also believe that they are the center of the universe.  The drama doth beget the drama it seems.  But those who remain vigilant know how these things work and can smell the shifting sands of annihilation long before your local neighborhood theater is a pile of smoking rubble.  Where do those damn trolls come from anyway?  It's easy, they are the ones you forgot to invite to the party.

We could call this whole phenomenon by one of three names.  The first and most easily accessible is the Phantom of the Opera effect.  The 2nd is the Spoiler Effect.  The 3rd is the Eris Effect named for the Greek Goddess of chaos, discord, and what about me?  It would be wise to study the story of Eris to understand what I am talking about.

The trouble with everyone who is a purist and wants peace now is that it actually requires a process to get there where the reviled other must have a say in the matter because they exist.  This creates a major conundrum to everyone attempting to get to that perfect reality excluding every other viewpoint but their own.  Why, after all should you acknowledge them?  The logic goes that it's much easier to create your perfect monothematic kingdom and build a giant wall to keep out everyone else who wants to live and think differently.  At last, we shall have peace says the wicked one.

It curious that peace has come to mean the idea that I and everyone like me can succeed from the whole to create our own version of that perfect kingdom.  A perfect family that lives in a perfect community worshiping a perfect god (what Goddess?) in a perfect nation dedicated to a perfect plan of perfect development.  Sound familiar?  Watch any advertisement on TV anywhere and smell the fascism.  It is built into everything today right in front of your eyes.  And it takes only a few small steps before everyone is goosestepping to Gucci.  Right and left is all the same, fascism is fascism.  It can be red.  It can be blue,  It can be green.  It can be all the colors of the rainbow.  All it takes is a wall and an opinion to create.  But fascism's true color is white, for at it's heart it's about hiding in the light. 

Think this is funny?  You have no idea what lies beneath.  The beast is stirring everywhere crawling it's way to the surface to dine at the feast.  Guess what's for dinner?  If you said your soul, give yourself five points.  The insidious nature of it is built into your very self, taught to you by your teachers in the form of your parents, your schools, and the people they tell you to follow called "leaders".  They all assure you that all is well as long as you build your wall higher and bigger than the next person over.  Not that those people exist or anything.  And they tell you to have your very own thought police inside your head to erase anything that opposes the opinion of yourself that they taught you but more importantly the opinion of them that they insist is real.  The students are perfect for they have learned.  Those teachers are all rotten because they taught that the only version that matters is the one where alternative viewpoints don't exist.  Somewhere, someplace, the Sith are having a party right now.  I guarantee you're not invited.

There are those who notice these sorts of contradictions and those who prefer not to.  There are those busy observing this whole process and those busy acting it out.  It's sort of a strange situation where all the world's a stage and you get to watch it all unfold in perfect realization of the elegance of the tragedy unfolding.  You want to jump in and say "stop!" to all the actors.  But they are so busy acting out their thing that the reaction would be the same as if you jumped up on a real stage and yelled "you're all a bunch of phonies!" to everyone pretending.  So, you can't interrupt the act without getting the mark of the critic cast upon you by the scowling fiend.  So eventually, you just give up trying to warn anyone about anything.  I mean, if the reward for truth telling is punishment, how many truth tellers will be left at the end of the day actually saying anything at all?  If you said zero, give yourself five points.

Those who hate what follows next usually are long gone before "they" show up.  The fascists eventually show up where everyone's pretending.  It's easy for them because they know all about weakness.  A bunch of people pretending?  To a fascist mind that's just the sign of prey.  So then they come in and make sure you are worshiping them.  They outlaw all art and music not about them.  Everything you say and do will be about them and their opinion of themselves.  And if you don't comply, they get all forceful and shit.  And you will build statues of them of course.  

Failure to believe in the existence of fascism does not rid the world of fascists.  Becoming a fascist also does not rid the world of fascists.  It is the singular belief that no one should be honored but me that is the root of fascist thinking.  Fascists can be male or female, gay or straight, communist or anti-communist, left or right, or capitalist or anti-capitalist.  Fascism is inherently dualistic and completely buys into the idea of good versus evil, ultimately forever.  It is based on the worldview rooted in purism, the notion that the world revolves around a singular pure state of anti-idealism which is rooted in the most primitive notion of thought that I am right all the time and that worshiping me is the entire purpose of the cosmos.  It is here that we see that fascism is fundamentally the idolatry of Anti-Romanticism which historically is accurate based on the fact that it's rise came after what literary historians call the Romantic period of history which was derived from the emotional reaction to Neo-Classical intellectualization and abstractism.

At the core anti-philosophically it is nihilistic, and as close to proper demonology as one could get in expression (see the Nazi roots of the occult in such books as Trevor Ravencroft's Spear of Destiny to see what I'm talking about).  It's chief tenant is that of a dark patriarchal (because male's are physically stronger in general in our species) expression of controlled containment to extract pleasure by force by any means necessary from everything. It is the turning of culture against itself, hence it is anti-cultural.  It is the worship of primitive mindlessness, hence it is anti-elegance.  It is the mockery of everything human about us.  It is the opposition to who we are.  It is insanity in word and thought.  It is the fragmentation of everything that is worth pursuing hiding behind the chaos of a bitter winter or a scorching summer.

Fascism is not about order.  If it were, it's products would be ordered.  It appeared most readily in highly ordered societies which lacked a true center of consciousness.  It uses order to build idolatry to the image of the leader who is the representative of absolute vanity and self promotion.  It provided as it's solution to the the problem of opposition, the annihilation of opposition.  It brokered no peace with anything new and rejected everything old.  In this respect Fascism is the representative of the Beast in principle from Christian theology and psychology.  The Beast is primitivism encapsulated into the notion of all that is near is better than all that is far and all that I know is better than all that I don't know.  The Beast needs an image, and that is provided by the representative of the Beast, the leader.  The idolatry is the perfection of the image making to worship the right of war.

The roots of The Beast are in the rights of mating.  The war is about the rights to control the feminine to determine the outcome of the future.  The children are the objects of the war machine, to train them to believe in the worship of the vanity of the leader from now onto the end of time.  The loyal followers die for the reward of receiving acknowledgement from the leader that they were true to the image.  Fascism thus twists everything romantic and that we call romance into a perfect mirror opposite image.  That is it's insidious nature that it knows not of itself.  The mirror is there for the collective to show them what the real experience is not.  It is a reverse lesson, one taught the wrong way for everyone because everyone was too busy not paying attention.  And the lesson is repeated as many times as it takes for a consciousness to be constructed that utterly and totally eliminates the expression permanently.

Yet to truly eliminate something one must know it inside and out.  The light must get in there and expose all the hidden ways in which it works.  And it is not easy at all because injustice is hidden in so much of how we think, what we do, and how we act.  Oddly enough opposition to fascism does not destroy fascism, it empowers it.  Fascism itself is a symptom of a psychological disease that could be considered dualism on steroids.  That is the way purism works.  Yet purism is part of psychology, a stage that cannot be avoided before full consciousness.  The structure of the universe, it seems, is built to allow for as much error as is necessary within each and every individual.  Teaching becomes necessary exactly because of that fact.  If no one opposes anything, nothing gets accomplished.  Simultaneously, opposing something strengthens it.  What is the resolution to this paradox?

One solution presented was the idea of Archetypes, which is to see the universe through the lens of living themes of consciousness expressed as living creative nodes of activity.  Thus everything abstract becomes alive in our imagination as we try to wrestle with the eternal themes of Life abstracted from ourselves into artforms.  We give a personality to these themes and have them talk with us.  Death becomes an old friend.  Goddess becomes a higher dimensional lover.  The Shadow has a very loud opinion of itself. We attempt to strip the personal from creation and relate through these universal thought forms that we give our power to.  This was, oddly enough, essentially the German school of thought in the 19th and early 20th century.  We see how good of a defense it was against the Beast, so obviously that didn't work out.

Another school emerged from this in Western thinking called the New Age school of thought.  In it Primal Archetypal Fields are the primary vehicle to resolve the paradox of opposition.  In it one channels from these Primal Archetypal Fields of human history, religion, and myth to find the answers.  Essentially a form of polytheism merged with pantheism merged with elements of monotheism it presents the promise that the individual can communicate with angels, Archangels, god/goddesses, aliens, spirit guides, ascended masters, and every manner of hypothetical higher dimensional being to find the true resolution to the paradox of Fascism and the Beast.  Needless to say the results are hideously complicated and equally unsatisfying in their extrapolation through imagination.  Much of Western film culture is now essentially a form of New Age extrapolation.

And yet after all these centuries not one shred of real evidence exists for anything claimed by either of these two schools of thought.  The only thing that can be summarized from it in analysis is that all perspectives will be honored if they are honest to the truth of what lies beneath.  What lies beneath is the individual and their intention for pursuing these avenues of ultimately self defeating dream making.  The truth is somehow still lost there.  And the Beast still remains slumbering beneath all of it.

Similarly Paleocultural Extrapolation in the form dispensationalist hysterics about anti-christs and Nostradumus's endlessly reinterpreted ramblings have similarly lead to absolutely nowhere though they are even more popular than the last two schools of thought.  The last two schools of thought attempt to deal with opposition by whitewashing it into a perfect illusion of universality that doesn't exist in the human being.  The third one takes the opposition and turns it into an epic heroic tale of overcoming it through force and power.  This is hardly the sort of psychological narrative any healthy person needs to function in a rational world build from the truth of human existence.  

What we are left with is the truth of opposition.  That which is uneven and unbalanced must create opposition in order to remain centered and balanced internal to it's own dialogue.  If you believe there must be an opposite, you will conjure that opposite from fiction and make it real.  Real opposition is actually present in the universe around you.  Real opposition is opposition to your bullshit.  Proof requires no opposite, it speaks for itself.  One does not argue with gravity, it has no opposite.  Similarly matter itself has no opposite, it speaks for itself.  Do you need to interpret the intention of a stone?

Similarly all that is fundamentally real requires no interpretation.  Experience is it's own proof.  Purists believe that they can control experience by creating the perfect image.  Experience destroys the perfect image.  The proof is in the evidence of history.  All that was perfect in the Neoclassical and Romantic paradigms of perfection were destroyed by the two world wars leaving us with the jaded Contemporary Period of history which has stretched from the end of World War II to the present.  What everyone is holding their breath for is the Post-Contemporary World where the illusion that was built to protect everyone from the fact that (gasp!) opposition is still out there is itself destroyed.  That destruction is inevitable because of the thought crisis caused by the fact that the world is now prisoner to a series of irreconcilable dueling narratives of identity.

Those dueling narratives are not about the internal contents of what anyone actually really thinks about themselves but about what they actually think about the other and their rights to have their kingdoms of perfect illusion.  This the oldest debate in politics between those who want the world to exist, again, around a perfect theme of Anti-Idealist Religious Symbolism and those who wish the world to exist around a different perfect theme of Romantic Individualist Idealism.  Between these two schools of thought is a third school called the Progressive School which is Pragmatic Culturalized Normative Definitionalism.  

As you can see this is where humanity stands philosophically.  Roughly stated there are those who wish to live by the old ways of the world that existed before religion began declining in the West and before nationalism became exposed as just another meaningless external symbol of self used to control the individual for the purposes of free labor.  These people are anti-idealists who believe symbols, specifically religious symbols, matter more than individuals and who are willing to give their lives and very often your life to that purpose.  This is everything we call right wing.  

Nationalism is rooted in religious symbolism something that was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the Germany of the 1930 as the Nazis used that very same symbolism to construct the anti-idealist vision of a perfect utopia for The Beast and it's right to rule without question forever as the extension of a racist anti-social darwinist narrative of human identity.  What did Nazi's worship?  The idolatry of the Beast, the right to rule by force forever by right of will by contest of force irregardless of any other consideration.  They claimed they were the strongest and lost the war proving them wrong about that on so many levels.

Nationalism in any other form is still the same vibration.  It's the idea that my group has a right to rule by force forever by right of the will by contest of force irregardless of any other considerations.  Here's my flag.  Here's my dick.  Now worship me.

(Note: This is in contrast to my former opinion in a previous article I wrote when the notion of the abstract wish of the idea of nation still seemed to me savable.  I have concluded that family, community, and tribe trump nationalism as they are more centered on real human relationships.  Nationalism is too abstract to be real, hence it is an illusion designed to manufacture consent for a military alliance.

The history of nationalism bears this theory out as nationalism emerged with the divine right of kings to justify a military alliance of tribes who all spoke the same language under a single ruler who was in effect the military commander only as the church never consented to the idea in the first place.  Thus even by the standards of religion, the basis of these kings claims were false and no further proof was offered other than the fact the King stated he was King by God's Will and proved it by force through aggressive violence, hardly the real proof of Divine Mandate.  Notice how all those kings are gone now and no one cares.)

Romantic Individualist Idealism is the idea that the individual matters more than the symbol.  It's concept is that Love conquers all.  It is fundamentally bohemian as in the Bohemian Spirit of True Love.  It denies that symbols mean anything other than the meaning we assign to them as a function of our lives.  It is idealist because it holds that there are Virtues that should govern our choices.  We are individuals and not part of a collective group mind horde and that the individual quest for True Love is in fact the purpose of our existence. This school, when not bastardized by manipulation, represents the true Liberal point of view.  

The true Conservative point of view is that family is the center of all experience.  When practiced perfectly, that is the essence of Conservatism and why Conservatism survived the momentary destruction of the Anti-Idealist fascists.  True conservatives are in fact part of the Romantic Individualist School, they simply emphasize family over individual desires that Liberals place as the center of the modus operandi of human lifecycle narrative.  Each school actually represents the perspectives of the young (Liberals) and the old (Conservatives) in terms of their modus operandi of personal development alone.  In such Conservatives and Liberals are natural allies against Anti-Idealists of the fascist school particularly.

This may come as a surprise to many of you that Conservatism and Nationalism are not the same.  They can't be.  A true conservative preserves that which came first, the family, over that which came second, the anti-idealist symbolism of the group thought of the collective machinery of control.  When asked to choose between family and nation, a true conservative or a true liberal will always choose family.  That is the grounds of all my relations.  And that family is the family of your heart, not the one of your birth.  The more one thinks about it, the more one realizes that conservatives and liberals are exactly the same where it matters.

So we find ourselves discussing the emergence of the Progressive School.  The Progressive School states that pragmatic culturalized normative definition keeps the peace between everyone.  What that means is that every perspective that honors all other perspectives in the circle of thought is a valid and just perspective so long as no harm comes to any other.  This allows for the culturalization of norms through the definition of intentional community creation in conjunction (when properly mastered) with the Earth and the reality of Her opposition to us as long as we are opposed to Her.  This sort of reasoning leads to ecospirituality and a deep connection with all that is alive.  But just between us humans for a moment Progressives must find the middle ground between the other schools in order to assure that all just perspectives are validated and so that no one needs to build any walls between each other based on their just choices that harm no one.

Believe it or not everyone can technically get along as long as all perspectives are validated and so long as no harm comes to anyone.  This is essentially the concept of Freedom Culture.  What it lacks is that it is essentially impossible to build in a crisis.  The test here is how to handle the problem of the Anti-Idealist Religious Symbolist schools of thought.  There are those who simply must group think their way through things because they choose to.  They hold symbols more valuable than individuals.  The only way to handle them is to follow the rule that they have the right to be so long as they harm no one.  That last part is the real stickler because it requires a perfect definition of harm, but that is essentially the just commandment.  You cannot honor their spirituality and dishonor it at the same time.  The only time they break the rules is if they dishonor yours.

This creates a weird situation in thinking as you will eventually realize.  Many of you will not feel comfortable with where all this is going, but the logic is inescapable.  Jesus did say, after all, "Love thine enemy."  He basically told everyone to honor them as well.  Seems like a good policy to build connection.  But I think it will strain many angry people to truly follow Jesus's example on this question.  I mean you have to give the devil's his right to have his kingdom too so long as the commandments of God are technically obeyed.  Those of you thinking types know exactly what I just said.  And yes, I just said it.  But the alternative is what, to kill all the Fascists right?  What have I said about that?  You can't rid the world of fascists by becoming one.  That's why we don't have a death penalty in much of the West.  You can thank Jesus for that and people who believed that every soul deserves what every soul deserves and that every soul deserves a chance to learn.

Now before everyone gets pissy about this idea, which I know they will, there are alot of commandments that go with it.  The most important one is a world with no guns ultimately after all the fascists have been disarmed first since they are the aggressors.  You read that right.  Otherwise no one would trust anyone else.  You could never get the world to agree to the idea that everyone should live in peace with any perspective so long as no harm comes to anyone without first making sure that no weapons were present to tempt any disgruntled or scheming individual from breaking the law of balance.  For this to work, the idea of the balance of power must be respected by everyone.  The balance of power argument will be the one upon which the future tragedies of human history will unfold.  

If everyone understood at once that all was one and that everyone should love one another forever it would work for a moment only at first.  But no ones ever tried it even for that moment.  No one realizes that the reality of Life is in the idea that everyone is one is constantly tested by the fact that we are all imperfect in the expression of that fundamental underlying truth.  There are those that try, and the vast majority that could give a shit less about it at all.  So therein lies why all of this that I have written will not be a magical quick fix to the world's thought crisis.  There is no magical quick fix.  It's work every day with yourself and others to remove the barriers between each other.  And it's still the work of survival too as that's not guaranteed yet either for anyone really.

What that leaves us with is the final conclusion.  We have a long, long way to go.  The nature of opposition is real.  What opposes us is the world we live in and the people in it.  Our job is to make that change.  We must be one with each other, but to do that is a process of surrender that most would never want to begin attempting.  For the planet especially, we must surrender for She is far greater than we.  But, what does Justice look like for all perspectives?  There are those who will stand for Justice.   There are those who will stand for a wall.  And never will those two perspectives ever meet equally in any field of contest whether physical, mental, or emotional.  They are irreconcilable perspectives.  One demands to be heard rightly, the other demands to reject wrongly.  It will be a blessed day indeed when karma does not have to decide the outcome of that equation.  And for those of you who are blessed to not know what that means, it means pray that whatever your illusion is, it has been done in the service of guarding that which is most sacred.  

And if it is true that you have guarded that which is most sacred, then the rest is irrelevant for you have done your duty and can feel solid in that sufficient not to grieve of what has been lost.  You may then count yourselves among the blessed, and this is all that matters in the end for those of us who must deal with mortal questions.  For the unfortunates who deal with the immortal questions of creation, give it a rest.  The cosmos is just fine because nature knows no opposites.  And ultimately we are all part of Her equation.  Somewhere out there is a fractal I hear.  And in it all this opposition just disappears.  Take your time to relish it then, the play of opposites, for I hear that it's all just a moment that comes and goes between a Mystery that no one knows because it's too sacred to talk about and no one who's been there ever returns.  But once in a long while, someone remembers, and if you're really lucky they'll tell you the tale.