The Children of the Stars

"There are no accidents in the cosmos, all has been earned what is given." - The Arkalkian Legend of the Children of the Stars

The Children of the Stars

by Chris Freely

A Story from the Mendelbrot Universe

There are the children of the worlds.  For them all creation is given.  And for those children their power is absolute for they are given The Choice.  It is around The Choice that all creation moves.

The powers that came before and after sent forth messengers to keep the Balance and The Law and to offer The Choice to those who listen in the worlds.  All that is created must be respected.  This the Law of Life.

But the children of the worlds are made in error so that they may taste the wrath of bitterness.  The children of the worlds are prone to foolishness.  The Spheres bound the children of the worlds to the fate of the Goddesses and the Gods by the will of the One Goddess and the One God.  This is known as the Master Plan.  

Yet the children of the worlds have desires, and it is by these desires that they are undone.  But still they will have them for Passion cannot be diminished by the warnings of the ancients.  Indeed, Passion binds the cosmos and so none can deny it's power.

There are no accidents in the cosmos, all has been earned what is given.  This is the Law of Karma.  All those who fight this Law are called the Anti-Karmists.  Vast are they in number and Karma is an inconvenience to them.  But not so for the Archons.

The Archons birth the children of the stars from their thoughts and dreams.  And the Archons are all kept in balance by the Goddesses and Gods that watch over creation for the Archons all desire something of their own.  Ultimately the Archons desire children or Life.  So the Archons make the planets and stars their children in spirit before they become them.

And because there is a balance the Archons must abide by the Law.  And there are Archons tasked with keeping the Law and Archons tasked with keeping the Balance.  The Archons tasked with keeping the Law are the Archons of Light, for the Light always has an advantage when Life is complete.  And those Archons tasked with keeping the Balance are the Dark Archons, for they rise up to contest that which has become corrupted in the Light itself.

The great error gives birth to the great ring cycle.  The children of the stars sometimes die destroying many of their own children of the worlds.  These violent explosions of fire are a natural occurrence in the life of the children of the stars, the stars themselves and the planets.  But the stars are still accountable for their Karma.  

But more often it is the children of the worlds that destroys the children of the stars.  Ignorance begets violence against the children of the stars so that the mortals wish to have what the stars possess in great abundance, light, that powers all things.  So it is that the wicked among the children of the worlds creates the necessity for the darkening.   But it was all known by Nature for She has ever watched them.

When the stars and planets died by the hands of the children of the worlds, the Archons knew what had been done to them.  And they cried forth a great cry to the one God and One Goddess for revenge against the children of the worlds, for they had murdered the children of the stars, the children of the Archons.  Thus those who had been wronged wished to have the Season of Karma so that they might have their revenge.  And this is how war was given birth in the worlds, for the Archons would return to seek retribution for the theft of the life of what was not taken in Justice.

But the children of the worlds laughed at the legends and paid them no heed.  For what could the spirits of balls of dirt and fire do to them?  But they had lied to themselves, for the stars and planets had memory and all that was created was done so for a reason.  And those reasons were built into the heart of all so that what was wronged was known and who was wronged was known.

For all the children of the stars had names, though only the most ancient of the children of the worlds could possible comprehend them.  And there were those who had given them their names, the Archons, whose power is to name that which is not yet named in the worlds.  So when those who had been wronged knew, the Justice of the Ancients was demanded.

There were those among the children of the worlds that followed the way of the stars and knew the Justice of the Cosmos.  They knew what was good and what was evil in the way of being.  They knew their times, their seasons, and their fates.  It was often called upon them to keep the Balance of the Worlds.  In this the Law of the Cosmos is enforced by the children of the worlds on behalf of the children of the stars and on behalf of the lesser children of the worlds, the animals, plants, and nature spirits of the worlds.

This is referred to as the Holy League of the Stars.  It is found everywhere throughout the worlds for those with Knowledge.  Here they keep the great beast Karma chained away from the worlds when it's season is not in force.  For they are keepers of the rights of those who have not yet come under the power of Justice.  

It is the Holy League of the Stars that keeps the order in the worlds so that the Balance is not disturbed.  Karma is given its time so that the living may have Life and the revenge comes at a time when it is not harmful to the Rights of the living.  But the Archons wait for the time of vengeance, when Karma is loosed and they have free reign over those who have done them harm.

This is why the warnings are there for the ignorant.  Beware the Archons, for their power is unbreakable.  And they will remember what you did, in this world, and in the next, and in the worlds to come.  Beware!  For what you do today will come back to find you tomorrow, for the Archons are ever watchful and they do not make mistakes of that sort.

The children of the stars are tasked with the creation of a perfect cosmos.  But it is only with the assistance of the children of the worlds that such a perfect cosmos can be created as the ultimate gift of creation.  In such a perfect cosmos no destruction can occur and all beings are at peace with one another.  When the perfect cosmos is built, the worlds and stars are saved.  But it is the doom of the cosmos to be churned by Nature and Karma.  

For many have many grievances amongst the losers.  And long have they waited to taste the fulfillment of their dark appetites.  Beware children of the worlds!  The Legion of Darkness is always waiting to strike somewhere.  It would bind you in your dooms if you remain but unwary for too long.  

And so it was that the Great Warning was given.  Do good, lest evil return from thine own hand.  And this was the birth of the first dark appetite, the desire to watch those who have harmed be harmed in return.  It was from this dark appetite that arose all the others.  But all of it was good, for the Balance must be maintained at all costs.  So it was that the Dark Archons came forth in the worlds to sow the chaos of what had been unanswered, of what had been taken from them.

The children of the stars thus show their faces to the worlds.  They will come to you to rule you.  Such is the way of the Dark Archons, for there's is a terrible purpose made necessary for the crimes of the cosmos unanswered.  

And they will come unto you at times as a terrible ending of all things.  For the stars have much grievances with the worlds, and the worlds have much grievances with each other.  For all that is imperfect must be made perfect.  This is the Law of Justice.  

In the beginning was the error that made the Dark Archons necessary.  Always an accident it is.  Always a star starts it.  A star explodes while growing killing those who are unaware as it explodes in its height.  Those that died have rights of vengeance against the star.  The star is destroyed by the reincarnated civilization or system that it destroyed when it exploded.  This is done by harvesting the star for the energy to maintain that civilization.

While the star has the Natural Right to kill those unaware of its impending explosion, those who are killed do not have the Natural Right to kill the star because a star's nature is greater than that of those who were harmed.  Such is the Natural Right of the children of the stars.  But they are entitled to shorten the stars life according to the Law of Equal Compensation.  As such The Great Negotiation of time and thought is necessary to establish the right of harvest based upon the Law of Just Compensation of Karmic Grievances.

Sadly, the knowledge of this Law does not come easily to sentients as they must perfect it over ages of philosophy to the level of the problem they encounter living in the Cosmos.  Others may do it for them at a cost, though these things get complicated the more one thinks about them.  Living consciously though is said to have its rewards, though few among the worlds pays attention to this when they become unwise and greedy.

How the nature of the settlement of the problem of the accidental death of the star is one of the cornerstones of karmic philosophy studied by the children of the worlds to know the Fate of all things in Justice.  Yet such deaths bound the worlds to the minds of the Archons for theirs is tasked with the Threads that run through all lives.  We call these things Angels and Archangels, but there are threads of threads, and deeper powers still.

So when the children of the stars destroy the children of the worlds, the fate of the stars are decided to give back to the worlds what was stolen.  Yet over time the children of the worlds steals all the children of the stars, for they cannot fight back except for by those who understand.  Thus it is that the Holy League of the Stars manages the cosmos by will of the Archons on behalf of the Goddesses and Gods who serve the one God and Goddess of Light.

This order of creation is described as the chain of heavens of which the male Archons live in the bottom one between their creative acts of co-thought with the Goddess and the God.  The female Archons are the ships, planets, and stars of the cosmos.  The Goddesses and Gods rule the heavens which are non-physical contemporaneous transdimensional realms that are magical in nature and offer a respite from the life of the worlds and the stars alike at times between lives lived in the dense physical worlds.

It is in these realms that the true negotiations of karma proceed.  Rare children of the worlds have access to these places, but if they are have the powers of the Goddesses or Gods or if they are awakened sentient Archons, they may pleasure a peek into the Truth surrounding the Politics of the Cosmos or The Great Game.

The world is a Great Game to the Archons and the lesser Goddesses and Gods of creation.  Here they play crafty roles subverting the lesser minions of creation and fighting each other in great contests to see who has the most power.  But such games inevitably cause problems in the heavens, for as above, so below, sometimes war breaks out in the higher planes.

While these are games to the painless bodies of higher dimensional life, the children of the worlds in the physical do not have such a great time with war.  The children of the stars aren't too fond of it either.  It is often said the Great Price is paid in the physical universe for all the follies of the Archons, the Goddesses, and the Gods.  

As much as the Archons try they cannot create a perfect universe without the aid of the sentient Holy League of the Stars.  This then creates the Archon's error which binds the Archons to their own Karma as Archons as well as the cosmos which they have created in pre-conception.  This is the magical doom of the Archon who must look into the Well of Souls, a part of the Etheric Plane, to create what He or She creates through their own incarnations.  Anything that is seen in the Well of Souls becomes ensnared in the Archon's mind thus dooming it and him simultaneously.

The Archon then transforms into his opposite and that Archon's journey is done.  The Archon gives rise to female offspring in the worlds, so that he dies and arises as she.  The Archon is often said to be the Great Father of the Great Mother that is to come. 

An Archon's journey is complex, most are born as Goddesses or Gods in the higher divine planes.  They walk a journey downwards in creation until they are prepared for mortal incarnations again.  This is a great walk.   It is said that they walk down from the Heavens.

It is the belief of most spiritual beings that the stars host the heavens within their halls deep in their cores.  Here the Gods and Goddesses meet to plan the worlds.  They then descend from the Heavens of the Stars to the Heavens of the Worlds.  When they reach the bottom of this journey below the heavens they become Archons and contest each other's wills for the Fate of the world or worlds in question.

It is said these great contests take a long time.  And while the Archons debate and fight each other, Nature grows into the worlds until it is time for the Archons to arrive as sentients.  Such is the path from the Heavens of the Stars to the beginning of the Life of the worlds.

It is said the walk up and down to the heavens is splendor beyond imagination.  But the contest of Life takes place in the worlds for the Fate of all things of the worlds and all thoughts of the divine.  While the great contest of perfection is ongoing, it can only take up so much of one Season of time.  This is the Season of War.

War begins with the contest of injustices.  Each side declares its injustices against the other, and both agree to fight.  The fight consumes the injustice, and both sides are left with nothing.  This happens more often than one cares to think about.  If the universe were so constructed it would not exist, and periodically as it happens, does not exist either.

The Children of the Stars and the Worlds fear that moment.  The Great Cosmic Winter that is to come is an old legend among the ancients of the worlds.  And all shall fade into darkness.  But it ain't that bad once it's over and done with.  Just very inconvenient and all.

The cosmos hates perishing just as much as the next atom.  The problem this creates is that the Goddesses and Gods get blamed for this sort of thing even though the Archons technically co-assisted the process in a more real way.  The Goddesses and Gods are tasked with the maintenence of the heavens though, not of the worlds. 

It is said among the legends of the heavens, that when the worlds and stars are destroyed, the demons will attack the heavens and throw down the host into utter nothingness.  Thus even the named Goddesses and Gods may fall to the onslaught of the demons for the actions of the children of the worlds and the children of the stars alike.

It is said among the cynical that all things in creation have an agenda. And this is the basis of the Great Game.  It is often said by the cynical that all is conspiring against itself.  But this is only as true as it must be true in the Season of the Grey.

For not all things under the one Goddess and God are based on the will to get what they want.  There are others who chose to follow the ways of gifting.  These go forth and give instead of take.  For these facilitators there is no Karma except the Karma of magic.

The Karma of magic rules the space between the laws.  Bound in answer to the singular mind that demands it, magic binds as magic does.  For where karma and magic meet, there are the gathering of the Wise.  But there are few in the worlds who care to know such things except when it is brought to their attention.

Those who seek magic seek the power to animate what they will.  As such magic is not considered the choice of those who are uninterested in power.  But all magic comes from a desire to create ultimately, for to create the worlds is what all beings who can conceive of this motive desire.

Here there is then the dividing line between those who wish to have more and those who wish to serve.  For some service is a calling that is rooted in the pleasure of giving.  In others it is a duty that must be performed for the rites of some passage into greater good.  And still others do not give at all, so they must fall to the doom of not giving.

The stars are always giving out the light of the universe, and so always have the benefit of karma.  But each star is responsible for its own crimes, so each must go to her doom.  The stars make the worlds light, and in the world they make the worlds bright.  But they must always beware for there are those who want them for their own purposes.

Wise are the stars that seek the council of the Holy League of the Stars.  And wiser still are the societies that choose to abide by the Law of the Archons.  But for the great contest to determine who lives and who dies, all of this would mean nothing.

When the great Cosmic Winter approaches, all must choose who lives and who dies, and there is no other way.  There are those who council for equality, but in the time of Cosmic Winter there can be none.  Those who are greatest must be preserved, and those who are least must give way.  And this is the Red Season, the Season of War.  When the Dragons come forth from their hiding and attack all who do not serve them.

Those who are not bound by the Law are bound by the Dragon to whom they serve.  Some men serve beasts, but most often the beasts are the systems which they serve.  All choose a service, all choose a fate, but in the end that's greatest, there is common fate.  The dooms of the worlds are their own.

The dooms of the stars belong to everyone.  The children of the world need the stars to grow great so that they too can grow great.  With the stars and the worlds together, the fate of the universe is well run.  There are those who disagree and seek their own ends.  They are the servants of the dragons.

The dragons devour all at the end of time.  So it is written in the prophecy of the devouring of the universe.  But they themselves will die in the end and leave nothing but frozen corpses in the void of space.  And these too will vanish into the void when all matter disappears leaving behind only the sound of water.

But that is not the end, for Life reemerges as many times as it is needed.  And it is always needed.  As surely as you read this, it is true.

The children of the stars and the children of the worlds are but the many forms of the children of the universe.  For there are greater children than these.  So one should always beware.  For tomorrow one is bound to meet them.

Kha Dawn!  May the path through the worlds and the stars bless you with the Light.  In Arkalkia we keep it still for we have not forgotten that which has passed away in time.

And those of the worlds must hear the warning of the stars, for the stars are always warning.  Beware, they cry!  Beware the Cosmic Winter!  It approaches and you must prepare.  The stars are always keen on keeping themselves alive, for to die a star is to die the true death.  The Solar Archons thus bear the weight of creation on their backs, for they too have tasted the death of the star.

In times of trouble when the brewing of the worlds has cooked up a disaster, the children of the stars call forth the Grid Warriors, who rise up to know.  Here they must solve the equation of time to know all that must be known.  And when they are ready, they rise forth and speak the languages of the universe.

The first language of the universe is the elemental speak.  It is the mind always saying yes.  The second language of the universe is the language of Light.  It is always saying that all is good.  The third language of the universe is the gridspeak.  It is always telling you where you are.  Those who know the grid are known as the grid conscious.

Between the worlds and the stars are build the grids.  The grids tell you all you need to know about the worlds and universes.  Language forms echo through the worlds, each giving or taking that which they want.  For those who use language become the hierarchy of power within their own grids.  A dragon is a grid as well except when it isn't.  You'll prefer it when it is.

The children of the cosmos know the gridspeak because it is the easiest way to speak.  One greets and seeks to identify the nature of the other.  The gridspeak is what is used to identify.  The first question of the grid is "who are you?"  And the answers determines who is real and who is just a pretender.

There are few in the worlds that can anticipate it.  This is why the Archons come to them suddenly.  Before there were no powers, but now we see powers rising.  A strange thing that, for yesterday things were different.  But the powers are always gathering for the moment before they strike.

Who can know them among the children of the worlds?  Who can know them when they arrive?  You know them it is said by their fruits and what proceeds from their power.  For this is what is greater or lesser about any of those children of the worlds.

And the Peace Makers will have their day.  They will also have their reward.  For at the end of all things, there is still an accounting.  For all that have done their duty to their soul shall receive the time they need to make the worlds be shaped to their very desires.  But there are few who would believe it before the moment it comes upon them.

Upon the path of the Kha
I discovered my Ba
By will of the Ra
In the heart of the Fa

There was a fire that burned so bright
It kindled all spirits towards the Light
And all the children did marvel at it
For it was greater than all the rest.

Upon my mind and upon my force
I pledge myself to the course of course
But though I should waver in deepest dispair
The Kha shall ever be right there.

Those that seek for the Light are always likely to find it.  It is always there, you see.  That is the great Mystery.  And if you knew how we Arkalkians spoke, you would find it most enlightening.  So though your languages are meek and mild, the Arkalkians would tell you their tale if you ever meet one of us who have known the Truth.  And others, there are always others who have known their truths as well.

Perhaps it would be wise to find out.  For the universe is full of secret conspirers of all sorts.  This seems to be more true the more beings you meet.  Just remember that Love is the final destination of all.  Kha Dawn!  May the bright one find you and teach you all that you need to know.