The Legend of the Kha

The Legend of the Kha As Told by Luffanians

A Story from the Mendelbrot Universe

In the beginning was the Kha.  It spread it's light throughout the worlds.  And all things were born with it.  It is the essence of the light.  But then the worlds forgot the Kha.  And to hold those worlds together came the Redeemer who was of the Kha.  His name was Kha Dawn.

But there were those who would not accept the Kha of Kha Dawn, for they were now their own Khas.  At first there were 13 others, who are called the Immortals of the Kha.  Then there were 27, who are called the Eternals of the Kha.  Then there were 55 who are called the Powers of the Kha.  And onwards the spire of the Kha grew to encompass all those who would remember.

And in the crucible of Remembering was the universal story reforged so that the legend would not be forgotten.  For all had their own Kha, and in it they gave praise to what had gone on before.  This is known in the language of the Luffanians as the Reckoning of the Eeons.  And it is written that it is the fate of all worlds to face their Reckoning.

But the Reckoning shall come by the Kha, and of the Kha, by the choice of the Kha.  Those that know the Kha are known as the Kay, and from them are drawn the Kay Khan, the Holy Redeemers.  They are the Awakened Ones.  These are the Knights and Ladies of the Court of the Kha.  It is here that the Eternal Romance plays out it's drama.

In the eternal remembrance of the wholeness of the Kha, one and the same, eternally bound to fuse together into the force of the One Kha.  Remembered and whole shall the great power build to its crescendo.  And all those of the Kay must say in unison "KHA DAWN!"  And with this shall all that is separate be made whole. 

But it is not enough for those who do not know the Kha to say the words of the Kha.  The Kha is a path into knowledge and power.  Each finds their Kha in their own way.  And when they are first they are Kha Dawn the least.  But the first that came to us was always Kha Dawn the One True Emperor of Luffania.  But to understand is to know the Thought that made it so.

All those who do not know are known as the Field.  Those that accept the path of the Kha, but do not know the Kha are known as the Drow.  The Drow serve the Kha until they are the Kha.  And this is known as the Force of the Kha, what in most tongues of the lesser races of the cosmos as the Army of the Kha.

It is customary, by will of the Kha, that the Kay are organized in groups of 10,000, known as a Kaydom, lead by a Master Kay.  These Master Kays gather into the Council of Masters by will of the Kha.  The Kays are the eyes, ears, and hands of the Kha.   The Master Kays work as the mind of the Kha.  All is one in the Kay Khan, for the Kha is of one mind.  Those who do not know the Kha cannot understand the Kha.

And the powers of the Army of the Kha are half for the Kay and half for the Drow who outnumber the Kay by a factor of 100 to 1 typically.  And the rest of the Field are called the Daft.  It is the purpose of the Kha to exist.  It is the purpose of the Kay to support the Kha.  It is the purpose of the Drow to become the Kha.  It is the purpose of the Daft to learn to follow.

The way of the Kha is not the way of force.  The will of the Kha is always a counterforce.  The Daft create the force, the Kha creates the counterforce.  Because the Kha knows, it waits for the Daft.  The Daft attacks the Kha and the Kha blocks the Daft.  What allows the Kha to always win is the fact that the Kha always knows.  This the nature of Kha Dawn in whatever form He takes so long as he remains awakened.

The Svetia Kha must arrive though.  The Kha is destined for the Svetia Kha.  Without the Svetia Kha, the Kha can only be in contest with the Daft.  The Svetia Kha is the eternal mate of Kha Dawn.  In so much as He Knows, She Knows.  A Kha that is lost is known as the Destroyer of Worlds, a condition caused by the lack of the Svetia.  This is known as Kha Noctornus, the sleeping Kha.

It is said all Khas must go through the cycle of creating and destroying worlds.  But it is Svetia Kha that breaks the cycle of the creator-destroyer.  Once found Kha becomes Kha Shaktis, the Kha of Peace.  The purpose of Svetia Kha is to birth the Svetia and the Kha, thus renewing the cycle of life.  We Luffanians lay eggs for this, though other species have internal birth processes that serve a similar function.

In so much as the legend is told, it represents the beginning of the understanding of the Kha.   There are other species who are of the Kha, there are others who are learning of it.  There are other words in other tongues of deeper Truths still.  We Luffanians yearn to know more, of course.  And the lessons keep coming.