Cosmic Amerika: The Republic in Peril Chapter 2

Cosmic Amerika:The Republic in Peril

 by Chris Freely

A story from the Mendelbrot Universe

 Chapter 2:  A Poetic Lesson in Political Philosophy

Christian Matreya was pacing in his office on the top floor of the Tetragramatron Building.  Above him as he paced was the statue of Apollo Salividor, the great Spaniard, and a great sign that read the quote Apollo was most famous for "Without art, there can be no Life."  It is a testament to the idea that art is what made the Republic, what allowed it's ideals to flourish.  But the ideals must beat in the heart of woman and man.  It is the very breath and beat of the heart that allows these truths to exist.  This was the idea of the idealists, who created their party to protect the principles themselves.  The League of Idealists had about 0.2% of the vote, but by the law of the Amerikan Democratic Republic, this was enough for seats in the House, the lowest house of Congress of New Washington.

Christian Matreya had backed the League with his considerable fortune in order to ensure its survival.  The League had held strong and he was determined to make it stronger to ensure that everyone had a chance to defend the principles of the universe and ensure culture remained safe from the forces of anti-culture.  Indeed it was the forces of anti-culture that he found most disturbing about the times he lived in.  What was this thing that wanted to erase all traces of art from the world?  It was there, he knew it, almost as if a great mob of angry hateful people wanted to create a party dedicated to the destruction of all art itself.  Who was leading them?  He wasn't sure, but was determined to find out.

Things were edgy in the great Cosmic nation.  There was far too much debate for what would be considered a healthy situation.  Factionalization was rampant.  The Republic is filled with various factions vying for power.  And a great crisis was brewing slowly threatening the very foundations of space itself within the core regions of the Republic and it's old rival as well.  

This was termed the dimensional etheric crisis.  It was in a very early stage, but scientists had warned about the great risk of not addressing this problem quickly.  The overuse of dimensional dampeners is causing a runaway etheric buildup in the West side of the Outer Cloud away from the Cosmic Tree. This is causing an ecosystem transformation and altering the periodic table of the elements too fast for many systems to cope with the changes.  There is considerable worry among astronomers and eco scientists that this may trigger alterations in the ability of ships to travel through Human Core Space including the possibility of making it impossible in the worst case scenarios.  While the worst case scenarios were quite far off in time, the local damage of these technological mechanisms were already effecting some larger systems.

Those that insist upon the complete banning or highly regulated control of dimensional dampeners and dimensional siphoners are called the Greens for traditional environmental parties.  The Greens are part of the Green Party who insist that the dimensional dampener and siphoner problem must be addressed as the core priority of the Republic.  There are similar groups and parties in all the human cosmic nations.

Fear of dimensional dampeners had spread throughout due to worries about the types of creatures that may emerge during such times when these sorts of technologies began to alter the very fabric of reality.  Legends abound of dark times when creatures descended from the stars to destroy the civilizations of the planet born natives of the cosmos.  These creatures, among the most feared in creation, as generally simply referred to as Fire Creatures.

Other legends about space monsters arriving during such times are also known.  There are great skeletons of massive creatures found throughout known space that testify to the existence of such creatures, though it is generally thought that they are extinct by most experts.  However, there is another school that doubts this very narrative and insists that space monsters are very real.   Cosmic dragons, the largest of the known natural creatures in the cosmos, are a testament of that fact, though they are highly manageable being intelligent.  Some of these are considered space monsters by the ignorant and fearful.

Other creatures that have risen at times of etheric density change rise from the cores of many planets.  These creatures are often called Lava Creatures.  Many in Amerika don't even believe in these ideas although there are many documented cases in ancient history and in the annuals of other civilized sentient species.

The greatest fear in the Cosmos was of a strange magnetic type of bacteria called Fire Bacteria that could wipe out half the Cosmos if the etheric disbalance between regions became too great.  It was the Fire Bacteria Plague that kept even the great Arkalkian Front on guard.  There is nothing worse than a fire Bacteria Plague.  In the worst ones literally everything dies from stars, to planets, to normal bacteria.  Very few believe in these things among humans, though, again, our ancestors tell us of the last times these things happened.  But science has been rejected for a long time to the point where the savage ignorance of the current generations threatens everyone.

Humans tended to prefer their ecosystems mostly manageable.  The human space nations have kept large space creatures in controlled and regulated cosmic parklands.  Space Dragons had reservations designated for them.  Their natural habitat is limited to regions with lower etheric density because of their requirement for different types of hyperdense elements in their pressurized bodies.  The etheric dampeners were shrinking their natural habitat in some areas while etheric siphoners were expanding it in a few areas too. 

The threat of etheric siphoners was considered even greater than that of the dampeners by many scientists as it could cause severe damage to certain older core systems.  The unregulated use of siphoners had gotten out of hand in a few border regions of the Outer Cloud.

While dampeners used energy to change the properties of matter temporarily, siphoners created new energy from the etheric field surrounding the third dimensional space of objects which are all made of expanding electrons.  Siphoners drain the etheric of pressure while dampeners drain the physical universe of energy.  In a way the etheric field can be considered a type of storage of energy but in the vast majority of space it has so little that it is effectively useless to attempt to siphon.  However in older developed regions of the cosmos where expansion pressure is high, especially at the outer edges of large compact systems, siphoners can be used to gain large amounts of energy.  But the cost of this technology is high if overused as it can change the stable periodic table downwards to the point where the region becomes exposed to mass field shifts.

A mass field shift happens when there is too high a difference between the etheric pressure and the higher level flow of harmonics in an etheric field.  The results is the emergence of microbes (such as Fire Bacteria) that specialize in gaining energy from the difference in etheric pressure resulting in the shifting of etheric energy around.  It is this that allows for the emergence and evolution of Fire Bacteria.  Most of the time these types of bacteria are only found in the cores of supermassive stars and dark quasars.  But if there is a natural or unnatural shift in the etheric fields between two systems, or critically many systems, the results can be a fire bacteria plague which burns everything to residual ash.  Sometimes nothing is left but a void filled with shattered planetary and stellar remnants, the biggest example of which is the Bonazza Void.

The Green Party opposes the use of etheric siphoners and calls for the regulation of all etheric dampeners to coincide with natural conditions.  It is supported in this by 95% of all scientists who have signed the Green Manifesto demanding the banning of etheric siphoners and the strict regulation of etheric dampeners for spiritual purposes only.  

The massive changes that could be caused to the entire cosmos centered on the area called "The West" were being witnessed in some of the large compact systems and in even more in the spread out lower density systems from the dampeners.   The Green Party was determined to end this process.  The Idealists and Artists were still uncommitted to whether the crisis constituted an immediate emergency.

The Artist Party, lead by a Spaniard obviously, Juan Cordova II, was about to put a vote to its members about whether or not to back the Green Party in its policy suggestions.  Christian Matreya wanted to ask the leader of the Idealist Party, Borisov Vladamich, for a vote concurrent with this one.  The meeting was today and he needed his new translator because Borisov's relatives and a few of his staff didn't speak NeoEnglish, the language of the Amerikans.  Unfortunetly his old translators were all now graduated interns and had all left to go on a Cosmic Wave Journey throughout the cosmos after their 100 year service had expired.  Not that Christian blamed them at all, but luckily he had found a competent candidate in Xal Mezdeck.

Xal showed up that morning ready for work.

Christian Matreya: Xal, great to see you, welcome to the company!

Xal Mezdeck:  Thanks Mr. Matreya, I am eternally grateful to you for this opportunity.  I look forward to doing my best to represent you and the company with quality work.

Christian:  I think you'll do great.  So, I've got Borisov Vladamich coming over for lunch in a couple of hours and he's got some people with him that don't speak NeoEnglish.  I need you to start right today.

Xal:  Sure thing boss.  I'm ready to do whatever.

Chrisitan:  Great, great.  I knew I could count on you.   Samar Muhammed was singing praises to me about your qualifications.  Can't argue with him.

Xal:  Is that THE Borisov Vladamich?

Christian:  The very same.  You're right in the thick of it.  Sorry we didn't inform you about this earlier, but I think you can handle the pressure.

Xal:  Yeah, yeah.  That's alot to take in.

Christian:  Relax, relax.  We got a couple of hours.  What do you think about the League of Idealists?

Xal:  They're a great party.  Really liked the Liberals actually.  Parents supported the Liberals so I do.  They are the best party we have.

Christian:  Interesting, is that party of your heart though?

Xal: I guess.  I mean you know Clint Maestorm was the best president we have had in eons.

Christian:  He was a good administrator I will give him that.  Where did you grow up?

Xal:  I'm from the California province. Grew up on Baja 11 by the grid speak.  Locally we call it Baja the western sunset planet of the golden galactic beach, way past the place where the Kaelog meet the time..and you know how the rest of that goes..

Christian:  Yeah the whole name takes a few million years to say to say right?

Xal:  I don't even know the whole name.

Christian:  That's what you get for living in a colossal cosmos.  What's the shorthand among the local youth?

Xal:  We're from Baja in the Cal Ripkin Galaxy.

Christian:  (laughs)  Oh my, there are like a trillion of those.  Best stick to the local neighborhood with that idea.

Xal: Well the dialect gives away our exact location to anyone who is over a million years old.

Christian:  Yes, but you have to be a million years old to know.

Xal:  You testing me out boss?

Christian:  Na, just talking to you on your level Xal.  It's not at easy being over a million you know.

Xal:  Well that's very polite of you.  I assume you've got me figured out then.

Christian:  (laughs)  I would never presume that.  I do like having translators around I must say.  How good is your dialectical precision for the slavic languages?

Xal:  About as good as it is for Neoenglish.  You sound like you grew up in the Georgia province probably around Atlanta 300ish or so.

Christian:  Oh my, you are good.  Let's see if you can get closer.

Xal: Well I'd say probably the early 300's which fits with your position in society being a major company head.

Christian:  Good go on.

Xal:  I'd also say based on the inflection of your "o"s that you probably are from 311 or 319.  Maybe 333, but I'm thinking the only way that would be is if you were born in the northern suburbs.  Do you know the poem of the Epic Southerner and can you recite it?

Christian:  Upon my soul I gave my hand.
To every heart under the sand.
To lift out the withered bunch.
Who sat there fearing the mindless crunch.

I row and row upon my days
And endless rhythm to the old and grey.
I swear upon that sad old dream
Which dried up on the river stream.

Upon the Shanandoah we marched in stead
To hold off the dirty old Lincoln and his head.
We said no to him and his dark maze
But gave upon the dreary river a stand.

Oh Shandandoah..many ways we see.
A liberty for you and a liberty for me.
Oh Shandandoah..many ways there are.
We die for her, we die for him, and in all the ways we saw.

There we stood all bunched around.
The old bunch who still lived above the ground.
We knew our days were numbered still
And we fought for the Republic which we knew so well.

Xal: (laughing)

Christian:  Hold on now I'm not done.

All is one in our hearts when we gave our lives.
We knew what we fought for and died.
It was one Republic, one Republic true.
Not for me and not for you.

For the stars and the worlds and seas of the loves
For the dreams and the thoughts and sounds of our turns
We knew there was only one Republic true
It was our republic not the red, white, or blue.

The greys we stay in true philosopher's way
We live and breathe by the Socratic creed
But we go down by strength of Spartan need
And in so we grip our steely resolve

And our poison be our muskets volley
Into the hearts of those who would take
Our rights to be free, our rights to be we.
No, no.  We charge into the night.

Xal:  Do you know the Northern Retort too?

Christian:  Slaves, slaves a million slaves
They built their lies on the back of blacks
Philosopher poets with a dark underhand
Oppressing their beautiful human hands.

They lie, and lie, and lie some more.
Millions crushed underneath the bore
Of a million haters burning strong
Behind the banner of a false and bitter song.

Oh humanity, Oh Amerika.
One Republic true to her heart.
We stand by the warriors of love
To shatter the shackles upon the hearth.

Our hammer true, our faces grim.
We face this demon with a mind for Him.
We break these chains for the good of man.
And to free our Republic, our one Republic.

By the red, white, and blue
We are all true.
None can stand by and watch.
We must all join in in the battle hymn.

Love, love for the one Republic
Hearts of the one turned to Him.
All of the worlds are watching and watching.
And waiting for the stream of lights.

Shattered, shattered we all are so.
Brother against brother, why must it be so?
Why are they blind, why are they sick?
Why do they fight for what must be a dick.

Xal: (laughs)  I forgot that line.

Christian:  Hey now you're interrupting.

One Republic, one Republic strong.
Held high in Liberty's song.
Underneath the Prophets, underneath the Saints.
Now we go to join them for the name of Him.

Beauty and honor is all we will know
Our blood the tears of widows
Our pain the pain of orphans
Our sacrifice the sacrifice of martyrs.

Our great howl is the cry of "no".
There shall not be a slave.
There shall not be a breach.
There shall not be a separate moment.

Our Republic will be one Republic
One Republic strong
For the liberated dreamer
For the honorable throng.

And that horrible beast, the demon greed
By our hand will it cease to be.
We will drive it from the land
We will drive it from the sea.

If we must drive it from the stars
Then so it must be.
We will fight in the fields
We will fight in the sands.

But we will not let the darkness
Hold down our brother man
In shackles and in terror
In silence and in lust.

No harm to woman
No harm to any of us.
By our blood we are champions
We make our mark strong and true.

We are warriors of liberty
We are warriors of the red, white, and blue.

Whew.  And it goes on from there.

Xal:  You're definetly from Atlanta 333.  No doubt.  In fact I'd say you're from Marietta prefect specifically.

Christian:  Now you see why we hired you Xal.  Excellent job.  What gave it away?

Xal:  Your perfect inflection of verbs and the fact it sounds like someone likes poetry in that part of the universe.

Christian:  (laughs)  Indeed.  So it is.

Xal:  So then who was right?  Isn't that the question?

Christian:  Oh you're a brown noser aren't you?  Well what do you think?

Xal:  The moral cause was on the North, so they won.  The South made valid philosophical arguments but missed the big picture.  They probably should have just ended slavery back on Earth in that time period.

Christian:  They certainly got caught up in their greed didn't they?

Xal:  You know it's very much like the times we live in.

Christian:  Do you know about anti-federalism?

Xal:  You mean like what.

Christian:  Think about it.

Xal:  Like anarchy?  The Anarchist Party position?

Christian:  Close..

Xal:  Well I assume you're talking about the idea that localities should have a greater share of power than the central government right?  Sort of like what the Spiritual Private Party advocates most of the time.

Christian:  Well they pretend to in any case.  Roughly what they support in their confused muck partially.

Xal:  So then anti-federalism is opposed to any federal structure?  Like succession from the Republic?

Christian:  Not precisely but you're getting closer.  Secessionists are definitely anti-federalist if they don't form a federal structure of their own afterwards.

Xal:  Oh right.  Yes I guess one could technically succeed from a locality to join a federalist system or create one of your own.

Christian:  Yup.  You'd have to have a pretty good reason I would imagine though.  (smiles)

Xal:  Do you support anti-federalism?

Christian:  It all depends on the circumstances Xal.  Everything depends on the circumstances.  Something I think you'd be wise to learn.

Xal:  Well boss..

Christian:  Call me Christian, no more of this boss nonsense.

Xal:  Yes Christian.

Christian:  Now, now I expect you to think for yourself a bit.  Yes I'm technically still your boss.  But look at this as a learning experience instead of you joining the military you know.

Xal:  Right.  A little nervous.

Christian:  You'll be fine.  Breathe.

Xal:  (takes a deep breath)  Whew.  You're right I forgot.

Christian:  Happens to all of us.  What bothers me Xal is that there's a crisis brewing.

Xal:  You mean the dimensional heating and cooling of the etheric?

Christian:  That's just part of it, the core part of it.

Xal:  Yeah I can see that.

Christian:  Think about the whole political picture and explain it to yourself with all the parties as representatives of that crisis.

Xal:  Well the Liberals represent the majority consensus for sure.  They have the largest share of the vote around 40% most of the time.  The philosophical parties get like 5-10%.  The Spiritual Private Party, the SPP, gets like 35% support, but sometimes the people give them the majority once in awhile.  Then the ruling coalitions are formed with the philosophical parties like the one you like the Idealist Party in league with the majoritarian coalition parties.

Christian:  Yup.  Go on.  Why do you like to be a majoritarian?

Xal:  Well it's practical and pragmatic.  You get a governing party with a platform that offers alot to alot of people.

Christian:  But what does the Universe get in return Xal?  The Universe doesn't get a vote in those platforms.

Xal:  Well that's the Green Party position.  The rights of non-sentient animals and the rights of sentient animals and what not.

Christian:  Yeah.  When was the last time the Dragons got to vote in our elections?

Xal:  Well it's never happened.  But they have rights.

Christian:  Guaranteed to the by sentient races, especially us humans.  How convenient for us I suppose.

Xal:  I didn't know you liked the Greens.

Christian:  Ha!  Well, I like the Green position most of the time, but their leadership are a bunch of clueless hippies.  It takes more than wishy washy stuff to make it all work.  As an Idealist I totally understand the Greens, because they represent the ideal of compassion and survival.

Xal:  But there's the Survivalist Party covering that end.

Christian:  Survivalists are too individualistic.  They don't consider the greater good most of the time.  They had some good leaders awhile back when they scored big in that one election.  But they are too focused on me first usually.  Now when they talk about collective survival, that's when they make philosophical and common sense.  They are often like the anarchists because they don't know what comes next.  Try talking to most of them about federalism vs. antifederalism and you'll inevitably get the attitude that you can't have any sort of consensus about how to run everything.

I want what's mine is the typical attitude of the Survivalist Party, and then I want to blow everything up is the typical attitude of the Anarchists.

Xal:  Yeah that's why I didn't vote for them, they seem a little imbalanced.  The Syndicalists are much more reasonable.

Christian:  Syndicalists get that Anarchy and Survival are not the best ideals.  You know the debate about ideals right?

Xal:  Yeah which is the greatest ideal?  I think it's consensus for the good of society.

Chrisitian:  That's why you're a Liberal.  That's what Liberals believe.  But is consensus for the good of society really the best ideal?  What about the Universe?  What about the rights of non-sentients?

Xal:  Well you could then say the greatest ideal is what is best for the Universe?

Christian:  Do you think that question should be decided by the mortal sentients of the cosmos?  Are humans the deciders of that greatest ideal?

Xal:  Oh you're talking about the Living Ideal.

Christian:  Yes. The Living Ideal is the only one that matters.  We call that Life.

Xal:  Are you a member of a church?

Christian: I grew up going to the Church of Good regularly.  Then I explored the Church of Knowledge.  I thought about it alot.

Xal:  So then is Life the greatest ideal?

Christian:  What do you think?

Xal:  Hmm.  I don't know really.  It makes sense, but at the same time it's too simplistic.  I mean what do we really know about Life?

Christian:  It goes on.

Xal:  Does it?  What about death?

Christian:  That's for some for sure, and all eventually.

Xal:  You know one of the dark churches teaches that Death is the ultimate true virtue.

Christian:  Oh my.  And how do you feel about that?

Xal:  I'm not too into that idea.

Christian:  Well we'll count you among the reasonable then.

Xal:  What do you suppose all that is about?

Christian:  It's one of the things that bothers me Xal.  There are some very disturbed beings in our Universe.

Xal:  So you don't believe in Heaven?

Christian:  Not as they tell it to us.  I've never experienced anything like what they claim is real.  Now if you try some Ayhauasca it might convince you that you have the answers for a minute.  But, in the end you know you're lying to yourself just more creatively.

Xal:  Hmm.  Never had that stuff.  Hey are you a member of the Temples?

Christian:  No.  I never bought into the idea that you have to pick one path and then master it perfectly in order to attain something.  It always sounded too good to be true in you know what I mean.  NeoBuddhism never appealed to me greatly.

Xal:  Never really studied the matter.  But I've heard of it.

Christian:  It's a long story.  A long time ago on Earth a master taught the 78 aspects of our emotional nature.  26 of these are the light aspects.  Some interpreted this to mean that each light aspect had to be picked as a path and the initiate was supposed to follow the teachings of the temple to achieve a perfect realization of what that ideal represented.

Xal:  Are those 26 ideals?

Christian:  Not really.  They are not really values either.   Take Love for instance.  You don't know what Love is through what you do or what you pick.  It's not something that can be explained to you.  You can't read it in a book.  That's the problem I have with the 26 Temples.  They think you can get there by doing things and reading things.  Life doesn't work that way.  The Mystery is bigger than the control we wish to have over it.

Xal:  Hmm.  Ok.

Christian:  They are all avoiding something, the core of the truth of who they are.  It's a clever ruse for sure, and one that is easy to make.  But in the end it's all a deception, the practice of a perfect practice.  That's why it's like all Buddhist traditions.  It's a more sophisticated way to spend your life safely in a temple with like minded people.  It's more a social club than a real teaching.

Xal:  What do you suppose happened to the real teaching?

Christian:  Don't know for sure.  Makes you think someone got rid of it doesn't it?

Xal:  Huh?  Like who.

Christian:  Don't know for sure.  It's almost as if someone doesn't want us to know something about ourselves.

Xal:  Christian, that's sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Christian:  Don't you believe in conspiracy?

Xal:  Not really.  I mean who would waste their time erasing the instructions for people to learn?

Christian:  Fascists.

Xal:  There aren't any fascists out there.  They were all wiped out eons ago.

Christian:  No Xal, there are always Fascists somewhere.  Just think.  What is Fascism?

Xal:  It's a military system usually.  It tends to have one guy or gal running it.  It demands conformity to the leader's opinion.  It crushes all opposition to that leader ruthlessly.  It's like the leader's personal loyalty club, a band of followers who do what the leader wants.

Christian:  In return for what?

Xal:  Power.  Getting more of it.

Christian:  Why?

Xal:  I suppose it's that power is addictive.  They like the right to decide the fate of others.

Christian:  Then how can you tell there is a Fascist system?  Do you think it's a coincidence that the word Fascist sounds very much like Face?  The Face of what?

Xal:  The face of evil?

Christian: (laughs) Evil is everywhere where it's not noticed.  Too easy Xal, too easy.  It's just not that easy.

Xal:  The face of the leader?  The face of someone's ego?

Christian:  Now you are getting it.  The face of someone's ego.  And?

Xal:  The loyalty to that one Val Needo's party, the Needoists.

Christian:  And what do the Needoists stand for?

Xal:  That Needo is always right by what I can tell.

Christian:  Well now.  What if Needo tomorrow decides that what is right is to sack New Washington and turn himself into a Emperor?

Xal:  Well he wouldn't do that.  He's a pacifist.

Christian:  Sure he is.  And I'm a librarian.

Xal:  You don't believe him.

Christian:  Any man or woman with a personal cult following that believes that their leader is always right and never wrong are headed for trouble.  Eventually that leader is going to want that idea validated in some way that is twisted.  It always happens in history that way.  Most people don't pay attention, but the wise are always paying attention.

Xal:  Wow.  I would never have considered Needo a fascist.  He preaches peace and love.  He says everyone should be nice to one another.

Christian:  And how many wives does he have again?

Xal:  I thought it was like 350 at last count.

Christian:  Yup peace and love for his dick.

Xal: (laughs for a prolonged minute)  I guess so.  But he's not going to take over with his band of hippies is he?

Christian:  You'd be surprised at what a band of armed hippies can do if they believe their leader is right and they have to defend him from other people who think he is wrong.

Xal:  What about the Communists?

Christian:  I can respect them as long as they are dedicated to the ideal and not the man or woman leading them.

Xal:  Oh I see.  Yeah that makes sense.

Christian:  That's what being an idealist is about Xal.  It's not about me.  Always remember that if you choose to join the party.  Let's relax a bit before Borisov shows up, enough talking for now.  Glad to have you here, you're a life saver.

Xal:  Thanks Christian.  You're really intense.

Christian:  I'll try and go easy on the philosophy for a bit for your sake Xal.  Let's eat something.

Several others join Christian and Xal in the company mess hall for a quick bite.  They then decide to relax in the office for a bit.  Borisov, of course, was late about an hour.  But when he arrived, there was a great discussion about what to do about the Idealists and the upcoming vote on the Green Party's position in the House.