God of Sarcasm

As I sit here and breathe into my lungs, an understanding slowly dawns upon me about the nature of the beast that is humanity.  Without consciousness, without breath, man and woman descend into the most barbaric sorts of notions about reality.  The idiocy that spews forth from the thoughts of everyone from the lowest to the highest born amongst us prove the uselessness of the egoic way which is everywhere, saturating every thing.

You think you're above ego?  You think you've reached a state of mind where you can truly say that you are the master of your self?  Yet, if you can't shut up for five minutes, don't you just prove just how wrapped up in ego you are.  You can tell whose a self absorbed idiot quickly after you meet them in this regard.  Self absorbed idiots love to talk about themselves and their ideas, yet offer nothing more concrete in terms of advancing knowledge than the certainty that they are right.

The world is full of big headed thinkers who have thought their way into a box, though I use the term thought in the loosest possible sense.  It's rather an incredible thing really how many "experts" we have in this age.  They are paraded before us on shows run by big shots to tell us the next big thing every day all dedicated to selling us another plastic version of reality wrapped in mediocrity.  Has thou not heard, the answers are within?  But what's inside now but the brain train to nowhere, a endless tunnel of cell phone streams to nothing.  What's at the end of that promised paradise but another false face with a false promise and a fake thing for us to grasp onto for five minutes before the next dose of mind numbing gets us back on track to reach back into nowhere.

It's an amazing thing the perspective one gets when simply breathing and feeling, and all the world doesn't do it either.  It's like you're in a different universe inhabited solely by yourself and all the knowledge in the universe.  You get to bask in your own personal pocket dimension of feeling, and the rest of humanity is like a transparent sea of illusion.  You know you've gotten it when you see it.  Then, suddenly you've become the God of sarcasm in your own personal hate space dedicated to burning off the ocean of stupid.

You've got to understand the dedication it takes to walk the path of redemption.  You've got to believe in yourself enough to see that brief glimmer of light between dealing with the people who are shadows.  They reach out from their unconscious near undead state of wanting, wanting, wanting forever trapped in their pettiness.  It's a madness for sure that afflicts the modern lost human wandering the deserts of their own thoughts.  Each day brings a new distraction to take them further and further away from their souls which are found in their breath and in their feeling. 

The cell phone is arguably among the worst inventions in human history, having successfully zombified an entire generation of young people.  It would be glorious to see the damn things banned forever and we just go back to land lines.  I'd sign up for that plan in about 20 seconds.  Sadly, I think I'd be one of the few.  You know back in the day there was this thing called the sky we looked up into, and there were these things called people who we would look at and talk to.  You've gotta understand how insane it all is.  The only cure is to see it.  The only cure is to remind yourself that breathing, feeling, talking, caring, and looking at nature is your ticket out of the zombie zone.

It's not something that is meant to last.  You see the state of humanity, and you know this to be true.  Deep down, you know what is happening is wrong.  In your heart you have to know it.  Otherwise what good is having a brain?  Surely, something has to be done to stop the slide into indifference and more cell phone staring stupidity.  But, we'll just sit around and watch a generation be destroyed by technology instead.  I suppose someone will figure out how to profit from that too until they too are destroyed by the nothing they create.  It's a vast thing that destroys everything that isn't awake.  It's called life.  You'd be wise to try it sometime.