Reincarnation Roulette, The Karma of Inheritance, and The Coming Great Censorship

If reincarnation exists, then there is a good chance that it is based on rules.  Many mystic writers have suggested that desire is what creates the basis for our incarnations.  What we want is what we get to one degree or another with the exception of bad karma.  This is loosely the idea of karma as it relates to what is created in life for the individual.

Reading extensively on the matter from astrologers and a few mystics it is clear that most metaphysical scholars seem to be quite certain that everything is being created for a reason based upon our choices before we are born.  However, there exists immediately a school of thought that also questions this idea as being idiotic.  How is it possible that people would choose horrible lives for themselves?

The reincarnation believers usually respond that it was their rotten pirate karma that did them in.  This creates a whole new problem in that some of us want to delay that damn pirate karma till later when we can deal with it safely from the comfort of our solar powered renewable consciousness yacht.

Now while there are hungry children in the world yet another school says we shouldn't even be taking about reincarnation until we fix the problems of the world.  There is much to be said about that whole school of thought.  After all, why are we wasting our time talking about anything supposedly "spiritual" when the world is being destroyed right in front of our eyes.  There is obviously a great deal to that argument.

It does however lead down the road, being completely opposed to spiritual discussion that is, that reminds me of the way I see the future of humanity for the next couple hundred years.  Not only will spiritual discussion likely be forbidden in large parts of the world because it interferes with the serious business of world and people saving, but that even making a joke about the subject will end up with an angry matrion or patriarch reminding one that humor is strictly forbidden since the business of saving the world is not yet done.  Just try cracking a joke about anything now-a-days and test the waters to see my point.  Humor is as dead today as the Passenger Pigeon.  And, sorry to let ya'll know, but that whole situations is probably going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  Get your laughs in now before it's too late.

Well before that day is here, I might as well take advantage of this free moment in my "spare time" to quickly and without delay get some brilliant ideas out before the League of Censorship realizes that they let it slip past their control matrix grid or something like that.  Reincarnation theory is probably also too dangerous for the establishment to let me bandy about with the idea carelessly too much.  People can't be trusted with this sort of knowledge as it makes them too smart to be easily lead like sheep.  This is doubly true in the coming Age of Ideology where the latest brand of one size fits all thinking is bound to be the "solution" of the day for the majoritarians if they manage to keep their little parliamentary kingdoms kept nice, orderly, and properly obedient.  Long live the leader and all that.

Since the coming of what in many parts of the world is going to be a left wing mob (I'll get to skewering the right wing mob later), I thought I'd throw some monkey wrench problems into your nice, neat little redistributionist mindsets just to keep you wise to the way the game is played.  Now I'm all for redistributionism at the right place and the right time.  In reincarnation theory one only redistributes from the thief to the non-thief.  That's if one plays the eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth game properly.  If you play it incorrectly, however, you reincarnate back in the same system as the victim of your mindset.  That keeps evolution humming along in convenient little micro-justice package.

For those of you on the slow side, let me rephrase that for you in common jargon.  If you steal, you get stolen from.  If you lie, you get lied to.  If you attack, you get attacked.  This applies regardless of which systemic process you use to accomplish your goals.  One can delay karma, but only if one knows how.  Systemically we can create a perfect system that avoids this problem, but only if you buy out all the sides with a piece of the pie.  That's the only way you can win Reincarnation Roulette systemically.  You have to stop the game.  But stopping the game forever is impossible.  The damn wheel keeps turning.

Everyone wants their piece of the pie.  When they get it they go away.  Now, there are those amongst you on the left, you know who you are, who are ready to play your jealousy and envy down to the last card.  Some of you would hike that inheritance tax on the "rich" up to 90% for anything over a small pittance.  I'm here to remind you now that doing so is interference in family affairs and will resort in a karmic penalty to you exacting in such a manner that you live in the system you create forever until you understand why this is a bad idea.  People must be free to pass their inheritance to their children so long as they are not themselves true thieves.

In fact passing inheritance to your children ensures that in future lifetimes they will pass it to you as well.  This is another important point to know.  It is one of the key ways in which one can stack karma to get better material outcomes.  If the system interferes with this process those managing the system are subject to karma equal to the weight and measure of the power of the person they challenge in the moment, but always equal to the weight and measure of their actions at all times bar no exceptions except the structure of the system that they live in.  Eventually the system they represent will be be destroyed and them defeated and thrown down into karmic limitation equal in measure to the one they created.

People's direct passing down of material benefits to their children shall not be infringed except where these material benefits were the result of theft from other human beings or directly measurable destruction of natural habitats to create such wealth in accordance with the law as dictated by just reasoning.

I highly encourage the practice of passing down to your children good inheritances so that they likewise give you this option in their future lifetimes.  Luck must be manufactured according to karmic theory in this manner.  This allows for the flow of love that is personal and builds long lasting permanent karmic relationships based on material reciprocity.  Those individuals who fail to provide their direct descendants with material prosperity will themselves not receive it from them.  Some may receive it from charity, but as a receiver of charity prosperity you will still be required to work for your "charity" in exactly the manner you have created your system of charity. Do yourself a favor and help out your descendants so that they can help you out down the line.

Now returning to our responsible message of good dharma, it is still more important to save humanity and the Earth than it is to protect one's karmic meal ticket.  Should one have to choose between one and the other one should always choose the greatest good.  Just ask Ganesha.  I now return you to the humorless world saving crusade of your choosing so that you can continue in good faith to bore the world with your endless quest of cheerless servitude.  Long live the leader!