Hidden Costs: How to Spot And Fix Waste in a Society of Liars, Thieves, Rapists, Murderers, and Torturers

If you ask me the easiest way to get rich, I would give you a Polish proverb.  A rich man entered the pub to get a drink.  The bartender, noticing how he paid his tab out of a large wad of bills, asked the filthy rich Pole how rich he was.  The rich Pole proclaimed he was worth over 10 million Zlotys (the Polish currency)! The bartender, amazed at this achievement asked how he became a millionaire.  The rich Pole replied "I stopped buying pastries".

It's an interesting job figuring out how to become wealthy.  It takes a huge amount of effort to dig up the facts on the matter.  But a few free pointers given to you, by myself, should suffice to wet your appetite as to how it's done.  The first trick is to look around and pay attention to where you live.  Pay attention and notice how wealth is created.  Most people have no idea of how wealth is created.  The vast majority of them think wealth is paper printed by the local treasury.  Others, obsessed with the archaic fixed notions from the ancient past think wealth only comes in the form of shiny metals.  Crazy people think wealth comes in the form of lots and lots of weapons.  Fat controllers think wealth comes from title and deed issued by the local branch of the government.

I will now disappoint you all by pointing out that all of these ideas, are in fact, utterly wrong.  And the reason they are wrong is because wealth cannot be found at all through any fixed idol or concept external to the whole of the wealth creating process.  It is the process of wealth creation that manifests abundance, not the desire for abundance, or the deception of fixed notions of wealth.

In my experience it is actually far easier to increase wealth by eliminating that which destroys wealth rather than attempting to accumulate it.  This is the reverse of the process that is sold to you if you go to business school or you listen to the mediocre millionaire give a speech on how he made it "big".  Those speeches are all garbage.  The amount of money you possess or the amount of property you own do not make you wealthy.  What good is it to be "rich" if you aren't free?  I'd say you can't be both wealthy and a slave at the same time.

The hallmark of wealth is free time.  Every time you, as a person who is interested in wealth, goes out to grab a piece of the pie you lose wealth.  The wealth grabbing process costs you more wealth over time than the elimination of waste and inefficiency.   The system generates inefficiency as a byproduct because it is trying to sell you waste.  This is why laissez-faire capitalism doesn't work to make anyone wealthy.  Every time you step out your front door to get a piece of the pie, you've already lost.  The game is over before it begins.

Most waste and inefficiency is internal.  This internal barrier to wealth creation is caused by the fact that your mindset is designed for poverty.  Wealth, is thus, a state of mind.  A woman is wealthy if she is free to go out, breathe the free air, and not worry a day in her life.  That particular type of wealth, freedom from worry, is actually the true measure of wealth.  Can you measure the flow of your life through dollars, euros, or yuan?  Nope.  If you sell your flow to purchase lies, then you have already lost.

The purpose of wealth is to teach you abundance.  It exists as a demonstration of mastery.  You went out and picked some fruit from a tree because you were hungry.  You notice there is plenty of fruit for a whole season.  You eat some and can the rest.  As soon as you have enough to eat for a year, you should feel wealthy as long as you have a roof over your head, a warm bed, some clothes, and a mate or musical instrument to express your creativity.  If you're an obsessed writer you can substitute a laptop.

Everything seems right with the universe in that moment.  But then something happens.  Another person shows up and says, "well, you are on this land that belongs to the king".  You don't know what a king is, but this intimidating and frightening looking character tells you that some guy "owns" this place because "god", who you've never heard of, said that the king had the "divine right" to claim this land as his own.  And now he gets to take 35% of your fruit because he rules.  In case you have any objections, of course, the burly fellow with the sword will shortly demonstrate that "ownership" in fact means that if I have a sword and you don't, I own you.  Or as they say on most online multiplayer games, you just got pwned punk!

As a consequence of this state of affairs, things go from being a paradise and nice, to becoming extremely complicated for the average person.  Now, we have to account for the fact that the king wants 35% of our fruit.  Another fellow will show up sometime later from the county and demand another 5% also probably with a sharp pointed instrument to demonstrate "ownership" which we should probably just refer to as pwnership from now on.  But it doesn't stop there!  If only there were just two freeloaders on our scenario.  Nope!  It only gets worse from here on out.

Another individual arrives from the thing they call the church and says that if you don't give him 10% of your fruit you will now lose something called a "soul" to eternal hellfire.  He makes a really great case for himself by vividly describing the eternal anguish that will await any who fail to dole out the required 10%.  In addition some shiny fellows in armor show up with more pointed things and say in the name of "god" we requisition this fruit or something to that effect.

Another person shows up later and offers to "sell" you some shiny metal that you have no need for.  This guy, dressed in very colorful clothes, insists that it would be a good deal for you to deal with him.  He says that shiny metals are a good way to impress ladies or something to that effect.  So you agree to trade with him some fruit for some metal.  Later on, though, this guy jacks his price up to double when he comes around the second time.  Says something about cost of labor or some other mumbo jumbo.  When you tell him no, he gets all huffy and puffy and leaves.

Awhile later some lady comes along and puts on her charms so you decide to give her the shiny metal in the hopes that she will agree to hang out more.  She hangs out for a bit, but then demands more and more metal from you!  She says you don't "love" her if you don't give her more metal.  When you ask her to clean up after herself in return, she calls you a pig and leaves.  Thus we are introduced to the concept of romance.  Perhaps we should call it pomance as in you've been pwned.

Later on, the lady and the colorful man return together and demand you pay them something called restitution because you hurt their feelings.  Oddly enough, your feelings don't seem to have a monetary value attached to them.  They threaten to tell the king that you've been humiliating them and because they pay the king lots of shiny metal and fruit they get from you they believe the king will order you chopped into little bits.

So of course, the king shows up.  And you explain to him that you were on the land before you knew there was a king.  And you do something that no one ever does to the king.  You ask him a question!  "Why your majesty such and such and so and so, do you claim 35% of my fruit?  I need this fruit to eat!"  Well the king, being regal and all, says something to the effect that he needs a huge army to defend against some evil guy living in France probably that wants to take the place over.  The king needs food to feed his hungry hordes.  "But" you say to the King, "No offense your majesty, but my farm has nothing to do with that!"  The King, being a diplomatic sort of fellow as luck would have it, then decides that because you are so good at asking questions and being polite that he wants to "hire" you, as they say, for a "job".  In return you get your 35% fruit back!  And that is how slavery is created people!  But in return the king also offers you protection from those with claims against you.

As a result the lady and the colorful man are full of resentment because now you are assistant inquisitor to the king.  And you, of course, would rather just be collecting fruit on your quiet farm like a good human hobbit type person.   But the damn king is the damn king, so you have to go along with the damn plan that the damn king came up with.

The king then begins to complain.  This, of course, annoys you even further since why is this man who owns everything complaining?   But, in fact, the king complains constantly.  And his subject complain constantly.  Dear God, even the damn clergy people complain constantly.  And your job, as assistant inquisitor, is to ask them what the hell they are complaining about so that someone else can fix it. 

You might wonder now whether I have lost track of my original thesis.  No, I have brought you through this dialogue to prove a point.  I have shown you what waste looks like.  You see, nobody actually knows what they are doing and why they are doing it!  They lack purpose.  The only person with a purpose here is the narrator because I understand purpose.  And of course, by extension, the fool, our character in the story, also has purpose.  The purpose of the fool in the story is to show you why you do not mess with the fool.

Now, returning to our now de-paradised fool seeing the world for what it is.  The fool looks around and sees the world and takes measure of it.  The fool concludes that he was better off in field in the woods with his fruit than he was being an assistant slave..er..inquisitor to the idiot..er..king.  None the less, we make due with what we have, not with what we wish to have.   But you see, the fool has been robbed!  And there is now way around that fact.  The whole social system robbed the fool.  And the fool, being a wise fool, knows it.  This is because that fool tasted freedom and knows the difference between being free and being stuck on stupid.

Now, its going to get even wackier from here on out.  As unjust as the social system above as described seems to be it pales in comparison to the injustice of the modern social system.  In our modern social system the fool has to take into account that the king wouldn't even hire him without an effective thing called a resume that must be typed precisely as thousands of academic bureaucrats called "experts" demand.  There is no rhyme or reason to this damn resume, but if you fail to follow the instructions perfectly, you won't even get the slave job to begin with.  And the guys who run things now don't even allow you to be a comfortable slave.  They demand like 60 hours a week of constant vigilance and self sacrifice.

On top of this another set of nosy arrogant bureaucrats tell you that you have to smile all the time.  Yes, they give good fruit up just to feed people who tell other people that they must smile or die (by starvation after being fired obviously).  This is what is described as improving morale of the workers.  Failure to perform may or may not result in your slow and agonizing demise on top of that.  So all this nervousness causes stress because stress is the only possible response to an impossible situation. 

As a consequence, because the social system has become so unfair, no fool in their right mind would even attempt to become an inquisitor in such a social system.  Oddly enough, there are no inquisitors from the government of our lands that attempt to determine why the people are angry and to send real competent people to go out and fix the damn problem.  That is because the government has become a giant inhuman bureaucratic leviathan which only spreads waste everywhere.  The new "kings" are now called "capitalists" and rule through something called "money" which they think is wealth!

It's gets even nuttier the more you try and wrap your brain around it.  These new "kings" behave as hoodlums and basically lie constantly to their own slaves..er workers..to increase something called productivity who they have specialized idiots called economists that measure these abstract "facts" through a process called "financial analysis".  Financial analysis actually means justifying my bullshit.

The most critical institution in this menagerie of failure is the bank.  The bank is not somewhere you store your food or your animals or hide your children in a society that prized actual wealth.  In fact, for the most part it no longer really functions as a safe deposit area for shiny metal either as in the old days.  No, even this level of deception had to be exceeded for the modern rube.  No the bank does only one thing now-a-days.  It is a computer storage facility with some minor sub-minimal storage of colored paper.  The governments, if you read well enough, are trying to get rid of that damn colored paper so that the world can live inside their computers where they can watch what everyone does all the time with the numbered digits in that computer world.

It really makes you wish we had a king again to complain to personally!  At least he was human.  A queen would be twice as nice, you can admire her from afar too assuming she's not a complete bitch.  None the less, "society" isn't done wasting your wealth yet.  Not by a long shot.  The menagerie of the stupid keeps on growing.

Now, because I have called the fictional would be queen a bitch, a host of angry ladies comes along and demands my head on a platter, either head will do we're sure!  What do these ones want?  Death to the man!  He made all our problems!  Well they've got some legitimate grievances for sure since many of them have been raped in our social system.  So much for paradise, we are now in an eternal rape crisis that the leaders of our nation can't seem to address or solve at all (did I mention the rape rate in the US is more than 10x the rate of many countries in Eastern Europe?).  But here are some commercials for cheetos instead, hope you forget about that rape problem.  Did I mention there was a murder problem too?  Yeah, there is.  Oh and they can't solve it because their computers are broken when they try to create more fake digits to print more fake money to hire more police to waste more public fake money on long and stupid trials and endless incarcerations for career murders, rapists, and torturers so that bureaucrats can collect a fatter paycheck of said fake money.

Let me explain something real quick so that it is clear.  If you can't solve a rape and murder crisis, then you can't solve any crisis whatsoever.  In fact, the whole purpose of government is to administer the public safety.  That is why it should be called an administration incidentally, not a government which is a word that means "to control the mind" from Latin.   So that means that the "administration" has been non-existent for the entire stretch of modern history!  That's a long time to go without peace and order for anyone as last time I checked recorded human history has lasted 6500 years.  You'd think someone would have learned something over all that time.

This is loosely referred to as Western "civilization", though we'll probably have to have a war over the misuse of the word "civilization" just to get it back from the barbarians who now live here.  In fact, the barbarians probably will not want to be associated with this horror either, so we might as well just name it nothing and start over before the barbarians declare war to get the right to call themselves barbarians from the savages or is it the shitheads instead?  This could take awhile to sort out without words, but I think shitheads is the appropriate term for this.  Did I mention our new leader that we just elected?  No.  No, I won't.

There is a place in our "society" called Wall Street, where hyper-communication addicts trade numbers in computers for other numbers in computers so that they have the privilege of calling themselves "rich".  "Rich" will become an insult in the future, as in "that's rich" or complete bullshit.  As you can see our social system has taken it's wealth and dumped it down the toilette.  The place has become so dirty that even the toilette analogy has no value anymore.  We are beyond the toilette here people.  We are in the throwing up with disgust stage of truth.  But you've got to look at the beast to take it all in and suck it all down in all its retched sickening stench.  And they will ask one day why everyone finally had enough..  Well.  I think we all know the answer at this point.

So, summary.  Our social system is poor.  It is so poor that I can't even call it poor because it is an insult to the poor.  So now, I have to say our social system is shit.  That is closer to it.  You can consider that an official downgrade from the credit agency of conscience as its temporary self appointed representative for this day.  This social system is downgraded from AA+++ whatever to shit.

Personally I'd like to be back on my farm gathering my fruit, but sadly, one can't simply unsee the things we want to unsee and unhear the things we want to unhear.  Not if we want to claim that we have a right to exist in this world.  I'd rather be napping for sure and it's all very tiresome indeed. 

Our system subsidizes liars, thieves, rapists, murderers, and tortures on stolen time from the average person using a complex system of manipulation designed to avoid any possible change in our behaviors so that addicts can run our social system for the purpose of acquiring highs mostly through primitive masculine sexual aggrandizement or the root addiction.  This incidentally is the root physiological property of sickness that causes rape and murder culture to thrive under the conditions of..extreme poverty.

As proof of this, all property in fact belongs to the system and you are it's property as well which will be proven to you if you ever fail to pay your real estate taxes for any significant length of time.  There are no property owners in America.  You do not own your home or business.  You are leasing it.

Your natural rights as a human being are not acknowledged.  You are nothing more than a cog in that system.  If you fail the system in any way that is noticed, you will be destroyed by death through starvation if one of the insane people who has gone mad from the injustices of their own experience doesn't kill you first.

Our social system talks about wealth, but doesn't have any because there is no peace.  Without peace, there is no wealth.  With all the injustices listed in this essay clearly spelled out for you, there can only be one inexorable conclusion.  Our rights must be restored to us completely and without hesitation by the disempowerment of all institutional forms of injustice through rectifying social action restoring the society of free individuals to its position as the decider of its own fate.

People themselves must recognize that the corruption is systemic and that the process itself is corrupted.  Following this reasoning it is up to each individual to challenge the systemic forms of oppression through resistance until the machine fails.  This will happen because people do not wish to live as slaves and abused.  So then, revolt is the natural response and it is an inevitable by-product of the complete analysis of what the real experience of our time in history demonstrates.  But by all means, feel free to do things the hard way and ignore everything that is happening if you don't believe me.  Just don't say I didn't warn you.