Flu Philosophy: Another Day At The Office

Why are we here?  It's the sort of question we ask when we aren't too busy making the 1% another fat paycheck, giving our time to useless government bureaucrats, or letting the glitterati take us on a another tour of their "so much better than yours" lives.  What about me, our sad inner voice cries out? 

On days like today, wracked with the excruciating pain of a rather disagreeable flu, I must say that there's no answer to pain.  The only thought ringing in our heads on days like this is what the hell made me choose to exist in this God-forsaken dimension of suffering?  I better be getting a really fat karmic paycheck for it, but there's just no way the damn paycheck is worth this level of bullshit suffering. 

In any case, here we are again!  The other school of thought on the matter, the school of this life is someone else's fault, will immediately ring in with the fact that you are a created being, created by your parents for 15 minutes of pleasure.  That's it!  You're pathetic life of suffering is only worth 15 minutes of pleasure.  Makes you really think this is all a goddamn setup.

Now I've met alot of "spiritual people", as you can imagine, who insist that the transdimensional wonderworld of the dreams of psychics and hallucinogenic trip fans is as real as this one.  I, of course, believe that fully, but when death and pain comes a knocking, belief goes out the door real fast.  So it makes you sort of think, what's the whole goddamn point of having beliefs if one trip through flu hell makes it all worthless.  A virus, a miserable tiny dot of RNA and some external proteins for protection brings the whole of the superconscious and hyperconscious sea of thought to it knees in an instant.  So much for philosophy and metaphysics.  This is the world of the virus and the bacteria. Here they own you.

Now, I've not been a particularly practical thinker in my life, but a few too many experiences with the shit turn someone from a happy go lucky believer in the light into someone who hates everything and wishes they had been a practical but intellectually void individual.  Is it any wonder that people see enemies around every corner?  Not really, as any practical realist will tell you, the son of a bitches are out to get you and your pie.  I mean the planet seems hellbent on killing all of us too.  Perhaps it's because we spewed too much CO2 into the air, but I think, unless there is some spiritual vision silver lining to this as promised by the high and mighty gurus sitting on their consciousness hills, that our lives are just miserably inadequate expressions of what life should be.

Now, I take this dim view today mostly because my bowels are wracked with excruciating muscle spasms of an odd nature.  But, it seems to be as though someone somewhere should have come up with a better human body before throwing us into the sea of wretched aches and spasms.  Someone should also have come up with a better human being before throwing us into this sea of assholes too.  None the less, here we are, for better or for worse.  At the end of the day it seems, we have nothing but our wretchedness to keep us company.  Time to join the Adam's Family.

So then why are we here?  Hopefully its not just to suffer or to unconsciously give birth to another generation to suffer the same way as us.  Is it to act as some divine pawn in the game of gods, goddesses, and archons, as some of my writings have suggested?  Surely the answer on that question is yes.  But today, my body's pain is quite sure that the spiritual world doesn't even matter one damn bit.  And to add argument to that theory there are others who believe that this world and this world alone exists, or rather this cosmos as the case may be, and that only religious dreamers come up with fancy notions such as gigantic cosmic cycles of time built on transdimensional theories and reincarnation reasoning.   Metaphysics, though, isn't religion, but instead a way of reasoning that asks the fundamental questions of existence to determine what is real and what isn't. Try convincing a realist that such a thing even matters, for you are arguing with all his or her headaches.

Intellectualism, at the end of the day, takes a back seat to the pain of living in this world.  Life on Earth is a drab, humorless, disgusting experience that has few redeeming qualities outside of the short term joy of love and having children.  Art, in its current modern incarnation especially, is mostly a dead end egoic expression of someone desperately calling out "I'm here" to the uncaring night, though it might be useful for getting dates and stuff depending on other factors involved.  It won't save you from the pain of flu, fascists, or other things that go bump in the night, so it's as good as intellectualism at the end of the day. 

Over time, as humans evolve, the human body will evolve too, and we will have a different experience then.  As to the question of what the more advanced psychics see and hear, I haven't met any who came up with a version of the cosmos as sophisticated as mine, so it suggests to me they only at best have partial vision into the nature of reality.  And, if you follow the reason, you will see it's all there in my writings somewhere.  The psychic, if he has true access to the transdimensional, that is the true ability to transcend the experience of the pain and death of the body, would obviously have my respect.  I've yet to meet anyone who could claim such a truly desirable state of being.  Perhaps it isn't even possible.  And certainly for every 1 that claimed that they had achieved it another 100 are lying about it.  None-the-less most who try to find this experience usually get lost on some drug trip somewhere. 

Now I've met some psychics that did have some powerful abilities for reading the pain and suffering of this world.  I, at this point in my own wonderful journey through Earth, have achieved a reasonable degree of intuition in this same dark regard through pure discipline that I'm quite proud of, even if I'm still a little behind some of my teachers in their abilities.  Let me let you in on a secret.  We intuitive types also suffer from flu and other horrible experience, and if we are focused on this world, we get to feel all the wonderful pain in everyone else.  They call this "empathic", although if you were to experience it more feels like living in hell.  As a result, we envy the average closed down dummy because they don't suffer until they end up meeting their doom.  We are better at avoiding doom at the price of suffering more earlier.  At this point in my journey, I have major doubts as to whether it is worth it at all.  If a dummy has a dummy girlfriend and he is happy for 40 years of his dummy life, then it's better to be the dummy, unless he or she is surrounded by fascists or other fat controllers.  The only argument the hard working spiritualist has is karma and his rewards in his future lifetimes for which he must have full vision proof in order to truly feel rewarded at all times in such a manner that it overcomes and overwhelms the experience of existing as himself in his painful life.  Is it a trap?  Sure seems it!

But, since we don't choose our parents, physical appearance, and other factors after we are born regardless of whether we choose before we are born as some theories say, it's hard to say that choice even means something.  I mean when flu comes along, it doesn't give you a choice.  You are then presented with a series of rotten choices and the inability to remove yourself from your own situation!  But, that's the way life works on Earth, until some genius comes up with a transdimensional method that sucks a person into heaven so they can exist in heaven and Earth at the same time and allows you to overwrite the "Earth program" with the heaven program in simultaneous dual state superconsciosness, something I incidentally refer to as metaconsciousness.  You get your karma later, but belief in karma won't prove karma to you, and suffering won't prove karma to you either!  It's a bit of a pickle, these theories we create.  And they are all meaningless in one way in that our original desire in life was simply, for the most part, to be loved.  If the world had provided that love to us, we wouldn't invent theories later on trying to explain to ourselves why we aren't loved, or trying to find a way to justify having to wait for love until our next lifetime or the lifetime after that.

See the injustice?  Karma is just an excuse most of the time for saying, I don't deserve love now, I'll just agree to be loved in my next lifetime!  You've just sold yourself out for nothing.  Now the world, of course, didn't bring you a lover, which makes you double angry when you realize it.  That's liable to bring on some full tilt hate.  What else is anyone supposed to feel?  Hate is rejection, rejection is hatred.  It's the same side of the same coin.  You can't not hate the world when you realize it.  Later on, the world will insist, you get over your hatred.  Logically, one can't construct a life from hatred, but there's no way around the process.  You can't think your way out of a box by not thinking your way out of a box.  Some people just try LSD or ayahuasca instead hoping that one of those two or any number of other substances will do their thinking for them.  But, at the end of the day, you've got to go back to work on Monday.  You've still go to find that source of money.  You've got to still "keep on keeping on" as they say.  Now, that sucks, I'll agree, but it's the rotten way of the world.

Realism is the basis of the sound and just reasoning.  It's the basis of what we call wisdom.  Life here on Earth is short term.  It's grim.  It's ugly.  It's unkind.  There are no second chances for your life, even if there are second chances in some future life.  But you can't live that future life right now, so it will never offer you the same satisfaction as living this one.  And last, but not least, all words must be thrown away.  It's a spiritual principle.  We love quiet.  And we love quiet nothings whispered between lovers.  These are the things that sustain us.  As a consequence of this truth I recommend that no one take up a course in metaphysics until they are in a healthy loving relationship and are at least 35 years old for special circumstances (gifted seeking specialization) and 40 years old for everyone else.  This is the old way of those who wished to study Kabbalah.  I did things the other way around.  Now, that's what we call doing things backwards.  No one told me otherwise, so I just did what I did.  Practical spiritual psychology, is, of course, exempted from this rule as it is a psychological set of ideas.  Metaphysics, on the other hand, can ruin a young person's life.  Mamas don't let you babies learn metaphysics before they are 40 (unless they sure that's what they want to do at 35 - 39 and display special talent).

I'd love to give you guys an idea that life is going to turn out grand.  But I know I'll be arguing with your flus, your headaches, your cancers, your heart attacks.  So I won't.  For those who want the full measure of my light, I've written plenty on my visions of the cosmos scientifically, metaphysically, and philosophically.  I can't argue with your dark.  You are all going to believe what you are all going to believe based on your flu philosophy.  I've seen the power of the flu philosophy, and why you can't argue with it.  You've all convinced me that the power of the flu is mightier than the pen, but more specifically the flu convinced me.  One flu to rule them all?  For now it seems we are all doomed to acknowledge the truth of the misery of the human experience.  It is the one unavoidable fact of our lives ever reminding us that we are trapped here under unacceptable circumstances and will be for quite some time to come.  Until someone comes along to make it better.