Deepining Into The Dark

Once upon a time years ago when we were young and full of youthful hormones and all the flowery promises of easy to use cheap and abundant fossil fuels, we had the idea that life was meant to be a perfect rose parade of wonder ending in the certainty of an easy abundance filled free lunch.  If only we followed the simple instructions of the local head of the New Age temple of all is good if you think it's good, then our apparently hope filled instructors assured us that all would turn out well for everyone.  Avoid the negative bad vibes of those nasty energy vampires looking to sweep down from their decrepit perches to ruin our free "love" parade.  This was the second instruction we received from the church of abundance.  If we failed to find paradise then, then surely it was because of some deep seated negativity within us.

And yet, the nagging doubt must have somehow entered into the mind of the perfect students who always worked hard to impress their perfect teachers with the talents of their mindfulness meditations and recitation of the verses of the holy one's perfect prose.  What went wrong?  Those energy vampires must be at it again!  The fiends!

Well a peaceful would-be light warrior can't very well turn to the dark side simply because of a small cadre of dedicated haters can they?  No, we must redouble our efforts at finding the perfect crystal to match our perfect vibration and seek a deeper state of inner harmony to find the light within blazing perfectly bright at the center of our being.  Moodiness was never considered part of the picture, much less the inconvenience of aging bodies and deepening wrinkles spreading slowly across the withered faces of once immaculate skin made moist by the finest cremes made by "the conscious ones" or so they named themselves.

But somewhere between the wars and approaching shadows of the coalition of energy vampire parasites the glimmering promise of a quick and easy birth of new consciousness was put out for most of the would be believers.  Most of those I met in the movement are now simply waiting for a sign of something better from the cold and increasingly dreary reminder of a world drenched in its own self destructive spiral towards certain doom.  If the answers come from within, now what?  I suppose at least some of you can at least manage to breathe and fewer still to breathe consciously, though things are getting so dicey for many that even that appears to be a luxury few can afford.  Perhaps some of you can keep the dream alive by teaching breathing like the real yogis at least to future generations if you survive the coming collective lesson?  I'm not holding my breath on anyone's competence any longer (save a few select special people) after the pitiful excuse for awareness and receptivity I've encountered from the nearly self proclaimed best and brightest.

Well, if you bother to read this website, you'll see I'm cleverer than any New Ager you'll meet with one exception that I can think of depending on the day.   The answers do come from within.  But it takes alot of reading and alot of suffering to get there.  Sorry, the free lunch is a lie.  There is nothing free in this world except misery.  That's the only lesson you can learn from waiting for your free lunch.   If you've found yourself at the end of the line, then it's because you didn't understand the way the game is played.

I've always, in recent times, advocated for a complex yet direct approach to the troubles of the spirit and the world.  When in doubt, charge.  If you've been waiting, attack.  If you've hesitant, press forward.  If you're afraid, rush in.  Engage!  Engage!  Engage!  Spiritual warfare is the practice that must be honed.  In this world you are in spiritual warfare against everything that is holding you back.  In this world you are in spiritual warfare with everyone who is holding you back.  If that is the case, then the way forward must be clear.  Get on your horse and charge.

This is as true now as ever.  The time for waiting is over.  If you haven't gotten it yet, you are about to be bulldozed by those who do.  Spiritual warfare has come to planet Earth.  The rise of the dark forces now gathering all over the world is no accident.  It's always been planned this way.  The war has always been about to start.  There has never been a collective state of being on the verge of peace on this world for the last 6500 years (with some geographic exceptions in the early years. Details, details).  This was the lie (that we were on the verge of peace) that was bought at the price of the planet with the blood and flesh of the Earth (oil and coal) that is burned to provide everyone with a cheery lie that covers up the fact that every one of us is a climate criminal destroying the future of ourselves.

You must drop your comfortable illusions.  There is no middle ground.  There is no acceptable compromise.  There is a struggle for the future of our planet.  The sooner you wake up to this fact, the sooner you will have a chance to have a soul on this planet looking forwards into a future that you built.  The alternative is to die a failure.  There are no safe spaces.  Your soul is your safe space.

War has come.  The days of the fake peace are over.  Your planet is dying.  Your soul is dying.  Your future is dying.  There cannot be a compromise with this.  Compromise is death.  And death is the end.  This is the truth of the human spirit.  This is what must be integrated into your waking self.

There are a million types of bullshit that keeps you from being aware of the danger you are in.  Fear, you have been told, is the enemy.  The person who sold you that message is lying.  Fear is what keeps us alive.  Fear is what says, hey that hungry lion over there is going to eat me for breakfast, maybe I should be careful.  Fear is what says, global warming is going to destroy us all unless we stop it.  Fear is what says, nuclear reactors are dangerous to all life on Earth because radiation kills people and leaves land useless for as long as tens of thousands of years.  Seems like something someone should have looked into instead of playing pictures of Beyonce's ass on T.V.

Most of you will nod your heads, and say yes to everything I'm saying and then go promptly back to sleep for sure within a few hours.  It's late in the game.  The pieces are in motion and the stake is everything.  The comfort you have is an illusion.  In your lifetime the heat is coming.  The droughts are coming.  The famine is coming.  The war is coming.  The chaos is coming.  And the learning will begin.  I'm so sorry friends.  But it seems that it is the only way to teach people what this is all about.

Be conscious or die.  And just be clear about that: And the whole of the law shall be "watch your back, Jack!".  You can quote me on that.  Alister Crowley, eat your heart out.