The Art and Science Of Outcomes: How To Win

For every set of outcomes there exists an exact measure of the process by which those outcomes come into reality.  Hence all outcomes are based on a predetermined truth that underlies their very existence.  No thing can happen unless these preexisting conditions are met a priorii to the manifestation of that outcome into reality.  For every set of possible outcomes there exists a layer of choices that make those outcomes exist.  In order to know how these outcomes came into being one must know how creation manifests and in addition one must know the intimate details of the personal processes that make these creations manifest individually.

The universe is not made of an empty equation filled with random variables.  Every thing that happens is a part of the past that is made manifest today to make use of universe as it is.  Without this truth we would assume that the universe was a random assortment of events that had no relation to each other.  But this is not the case, for everything that exists must exist for a reason.  It's very presence is proof of its necessity, and yet whose necessity is not always clear still everything must be present for a reason none the less.

The things we want seem to be so far from us now.  Our world creates the illusions, reinforced by the presence of control, that we cannot have what we want.  The resulting distortion created by this message repeated to us by those who choose not to create for us is that we choose to believe for a long time that we don't deserve to have what we want.   Yet this is impossible.  What we want is essential to our very nature.  It is only a matter of time before we realize that not only do we deserve what we want, but that we will get it too.  But a great struggle takes place within before we realize that we have been holding ourselves back the whole time.

It is our nature to win.  We are born to overcome.   Yet time and time again we have been disappointed with the false message that we are never going to get what we want by others who are serving the purpose of enforcing negative messages that originate in society to suppress our desires.   Eventually we begin to form complexes as we grow older that reinforce the negative messages of society to suppress our natural desire to want more than what we are offered. 

This is the source of the great conflict we find ourselves facing.  Our enemy is ourselves.  We are the ones holding ourselves back.  We are the one's that will not grant ourselves the thing we want.  We play a great game delaying the inevitable victory, but in the end we will not win at beating ourselves.  How can we?  It is, in fact, impossible.

Every form of oppression known is based on this singular process.  In this process you believe that you do not deserve to have what you want because an authority figure outside yourself has threatened you with the idea that if you have what you want you will be punished.  This lie, which you believe, is the source of your problem.  You have given up on your desire.  But, you are destined to get what you want.  That is what you do not understand, what you have chosen to forget.  You have forgotten this because to believe in it fills you with fear.  Yet, I must insist, you will actually get what you want in the end.

How is that possible?  It is not only possible, it is inevitable.  You were born to receive the truth of who you are.  In this, the outcome is already predetermined.  It is only the uncertainty of the moment that has confused you and made you doubt the truth of your inevitable victory over the conditions holding you back.  This world will reinforce the message of your unworthiness to receive what is your birthright because that is this world's nature.  It exists to resist the truth of who you are until you are certain of who you are.  In this power alone, knowing who you are, you can overcome the lie and rise above what is being sold to you by those who have no interest in your victory.

This process is called the process of victory.  We step towards victory because we choose to.  We do not go back once we see the path.  It is a path laid out for us by the light within.  We walk forwards because we are free to do so.  The hatred of the onlookers who see someone who has broken away from the pack of mediocrity is inevitable.  They cannot abide the idea that someone has chosen to create something that reminds them of the fact that they have created nothing.

All outcomes are predetermined by the consciousness that creates them.   With consciousness it is possible to build anything so long as one remains conscious of the process of that creation.  It is our very spirit that is poured out into our creation.  This expression is original when done this way as it is an expression of us.  True art arises from our struggle to overcome our own tendency to reject our deepest desires.  When those desires come into focus, the power of Love becomes manifest through our art.  In this we become immortal.  This is the immortality of greatness that overcomes all doubt.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, as so many have said.  But beyond the mediocrity of the repetition of this message by so many who do not understand the depth of the journey necessary to truly crush one's own mediocrity is a place where you are the immortal creator shaping the universe in your own image.  Here, in the fires of your passion, it is all yours, and everything revolves around your personal vision of what that is.  This is the taste of power, the power of the creator.

It is, as my greatest teacher has always taught, mostly a dark journey in this world.  But there are few greater experiences than realizing that you will get what you want in the end.  The world looks alot different when you get that.  Suddenly, you are really the master of your universe.  May you find your own light at the heart of your darkness to taste this realization for yourself.  When you do, you can join us and shape it with us together.  We will be waiting for you.