How To Properly and Correctly Deliver A Message

The trouble with most people is that they don't think before they speak.  This inability to be quiet when it is necessary is, in poker terminology, termed a leak in your game.  Revealing you are an idiot is bad for your game.  The most correct process known is to listen carefully first.  Let the other person talk on endlessly about their stuff until they have spent their leak, and then and only then cut in with your message.  This is both morally and karmically correct.  It also shows you are the authority, which is much better than talking.

When one speaks one must say something.  Energy should never be wasted on blah.  Communication must serve a purpose.  Messages should be delivered effectively and clearly.  Thought must be delivered with a cutting edge to it.  In order to possess such thought it would be necessary first to think.  One thinks alone, by one's self.  This is the key to building thought.  Without thought, the mind is full of noise.  Noise is bad for the will.

Messages must be on target.  That is unless you are a comedian or bullshit artist.  If you are one of those things then by all means continue your pathetic efforts at self expression.  They will be long remembered in song and dance. 

Ideas matter despite everyone's efforts to ignore them.  The power of thought is still undiminished despite the fact that most people lack the discipline to properly construct them.  Dedication to ideas is rewarded with more of them.  Understanding what constitutes an ordered and properly sequenced set of arguments constitutes a disciplined approach to message delivery.

Most messages are delivered as demands.  Demands are simple to understand and direct.  The easiest and most profitably way to do business is to satisfy demand.  This would constitute a good business message.  The only message in business should be yes, I have that thing you are looking for.  The worst message in business is to argue.  Do not argue if you are in business.

If you are not in business, your messages should be in the form of demonstrations of mental mastery.  The first message is to shut up, as I have said before.  Listening before talking helps immensely to building credibility.  Everyone who has no idea of what is going on is always the one doing the talking.  If everyone is talking at once, then it is wise to leave.  Breathing beats bullshit every day.

When one knows what one is talking about, one must first determine if one has the attention of the person.  This is easy.  Establish mental contact by speaking standard greetings until it is clear they are ready to listen.  Speak clearly and directly at them once you have eye contact after this.  You may also sense that you have their attention and deliver said message to them.  Messages should be polite in general, but not specifically; decide on a case by case basis.  A safety check is usually preferred before rudeness is initiated so as to determine the risk of escalation.  Rudeness is nearly always a leak in your game so keep it tight and don't risk position in a argument to rudeness.

Command is demonstrated by breath.  If you can take yourself out of the situation mentally you have position.  Breathing allows you to step out of the emotional trap of fill-in-the-blank.  If an argument is required, state your argument set clearly and without hesitation.  If a threat exists in the environment cease all argument and withdraw.  Argument is a gift.  If the opponent is not receptive to learning, retreat.  This allows you to maintain the value of the message and the greater value of the messenger.  Knowledge should never be taken for granted.  The teacher can walk out at any time at the cost of the student's right to learn.  That right is subject to reciprocal respect at the least.  The teacher doesn't have to take your shit.

Once a message is constructed, it should be examined for consistency.  Consistency is the hallmark of a sound mind and a good messenger.  Evidence must be demonstrated within the argument if it is philosophical and externally if it is a claim of scientific proof through examples.  The key point in this message delivery is that the idea is delivered effectively to the mind in question so that the person in question can decide what they wish to believe.  Once you have done this you have performed your duty as a messenger.  If they choose to believe you or not, it is their decision.

A perfect message cannot fail.  It always changes the person who has heard it.  Do not doubt that your message has been heard.  It is always registered even if it is on the subconscious level.  Eventually, if one is persistent long enough with a powerful message, delivering it day in and day out consistently throughout one's life then real change occurs.  The power of thought is greater than that of all the other vehicles of expression because it is the bedrock and foundation of greatness.  With great thought comes poise and the power of listening to understand the nature of the thought of others.

It is also the purpose of messages to make us think.  The greatest messengers can do this with ease, as they already understand the mind.  This is an idea that is called the mind of God is one.  In this understanding all mind functions seamlessly to reveal itself as a unified field of consciousness internal to thought itself.  This is called divine mindedness.  With this power one moves the mind through the principles of polarization.  In this opposition is connection.  If one is opposed to your idea, they are already one with it.  It is impossible to stop this thing I speak of.  When it starts it sweeps everything right along with it.

Argument is the beginning of the storm.  When an argument happens a connection has been established and a force has been unleashed.  The weak retreat.  The strong join together in the bond of singular thought.  Agreement is forged in the fury of argument.  It is an art long lost to our time as everyone has sought the comfort of cheesy, but meaningless me-too-isms.   It is not enough to be a me-too-ist.  Integration is essential.  Intimacy is purification.  We must forge our souls together.

There is no way back to the old ways once the message is delivered.  There is no way back to the old world, it is already in ruins.  Words, like so many arrows, pierce the shallow discomfort.  And the dispassioned flay in futility.  It is the mindstorm!  It is the divine message!  It is Love itself delivered through the emotion of the messenger into the minds of the receptive.  Thus do the worthy find their way into the arms of the divine.  If only they could see Love, they would drop their defenses.  And if your message isn't about Love ultimately, then it could be argued that it is not worth delivering.  So it is we must all surrender to the divine messenger.  Meaning is the place we all must meet to find ourselves, and yet it is a place full of people who are at one with you.

At one with you.  It's what we all yearn for.  It's the reason we deliver our messages.  All our messages at their heart are about Holy Spirit, the longed for unification of all being into a singular fused essence of wholeness.  Words cannot truly convey what this place is.  It is somewhere you arrive at long last after a long journey and you know you are there because there are people there with you who love you and want to be with you because they are whole with you.  And they make that clear so there can't be any mistaking this place for any other.  It is a personal experience.  You are either there or you are not there.  And yet it is our reason for pressing forwards to arrive at that place where peace exists for all.

We all have our messages to deliver.  We know if we have delivered them properly if we arrive at the place where we are seen, heard, felt, touched, and known.  That intimate place is what we call home.  Sadly few have really experienced what that is in our world.  When you arrive home you know you are there because Love is no longer a wished for longing that is a distant promise of an empty dream but the full breath of Light within your soul reaching out and into all those who you have seen, heard, felt, touched, and known and who have done the same to you.   And you are really one with them.  And thus it is Love that is breathing you.  That is what we call heaven.  And when we truly can be there with each other, we can have it at last.

And so all you would be messengers out there have a loose idea of what it is you trying to do I trust now.  So use your voice wisely and always seek to find that place of wholeness where you and your opponent are integrated and intimately sealed together through emotion into the blinding light of justice through divine judgement into infinity.  What is the measure of knowledge through thought?  Not even the wisest can tell.  But in their hearts they are all sealed to their destiny none the less.  The day of the messengers of the divine is not far off for our world has come to darkness.  And it is from the darkness that arises our need for the messengers of the light to return.  Perhaps that messenger is you.  I most sincerely hope so.  We most desperately need it to be.