Factions: The Many Sides of the Same Coin

People hate politics.  It is natural to do so as it is such a disgusting endeavor to attempt to separate others into disparate groups for the intent to use them to further one's personal ambitions.  Now, unless you live in a parallel dimension, you know that's basically what most politicians do.  And what possesses people to tolerate this level of retched abuses of their minds most haven't the slightest clue.

It all begins with the idea that you aren't going to get what you want driven into you by your parents and the rest of society as a byproduct of your cultural upbringing.  Eventually, after a long time, you begin to believe it.  One day you wake up hating everyone who has everything that appears to come to them for free because they had it "luckier" in life than you.  Yet at the center of all this resentment stands an unconscious acceptance of a message of lack that you have made your best bosom buddy on the Earth because you haven't had to time to really sit and think.  Well, I've done it for you, so I'll cut to the chase so that we can get clear on why everything you think about what is real is most likely a crock of shit.

We are constantly trained in our societies that somewhere out there is the one.  No, not the one you have been waiting for you to sweep you off your feet and pay all your bills for the rest of you life, the other one.  You know.  The enemy.  That son of a bitch.  The one that has been conspiring to fuck you up because he or she had it on his or her mind to get you.

It appears to everyone with any intelligence on the question that the job of the politician in this world is, essentially, to decide who the enemy is.  The enemy, also known as the black sheep, is the one who everyone points their finger at and says "it's their fault that I didn't get what I want".  Interestingly, because people are cowards, they almost never actually point the finger at the one causing most of the problems because they are usually well armed and less than inclined to allow themselves to be easily blamed for anything.  As a consequence the social game of musical chairs is usually played at the expense of the defenseless disempowered people or countries that make for easy targets to beat up.

This is the nature of the beast in all its mighty glory.  For the sake of cowards do all the world's atrocities get committed.  People who cannot face themselves in the mirror in the morning because they have never really been honest with themselves about how they really feel and what they really want.  That is what a coward is internally.  Fear destroys us because we cannot face the demon inside that is destroying us.  This is what creates the demon outside when too many people think they haven't gotten what they want for too long.

And from this experience of loss comes the great outcry.  We want what we want now!  And the politicians rush in to provide the glimmer of hope that they can be the ones to deliver the cherished thing that everyone wants.  But you have to see it's all an act that just like a mask that we wear to hide our shame of being seen as the demon that is dreaming of another win in the devil's game.  People who give up on what they want in this world become monsters.

It is from this state of denial that the great division grows.  People believe in the idea that their group is being attacked by the other group.  But it is all just a projection of the inner beast that they create for themselves.  This is the ugly truth of people.  The darkness within is that which makes us become the monster that we hate.  It is because we give up on what we really want that the politicians come to give life to the lie we tell ourselves secretly in subtle ways that even we have forgotten how we do it.

When we give up on our dreams we become our nightmares.  This is the real secret that keeps the engine of destruction humming all over the world.  We ask why is it happening to us?  But we already secretly know that we have agreed for it to happen.  It is our faction.  It is our fate.  When we gave up on what we wanted in life, the nightmare swooped in to take it's place.

We always have a choice to believe in our dreams.  Deep inside there is a place that we can still find before it's too late that can save us.  We can still walk away from the great lie that is being constructed of everyone else's projections of failed dreams.  If you ask me what evil is, I will say it is giving up on yourself and what you want most.  I would scream you out of that place if I could.  I've seen what giving up does to people.  You have to understand that there is only one faction: rage.  And it is you who allows it to exist.

Eradicating rage begins within your heart.  You face it honestly.  You're angry.  You have a right to be angry.  That's certainly what the world says.  But you are angry because you believe that you are never going to get what you want.  And if you are never going to get what you want, then you are always going to justify your anger.  But, of course, anger can never really bring you what you want.  You should feel anger none the less.  You should feel all your anger.  You did not get what you needed.  But you will get what you want.  There is a rhyme and a reason to it all.  There is a justice in truly feeling it all.

Now you cannot be alone.  There is a world that is angry about not getting what it needed.  It is angry about not getting what it wanted.  And it is under the same illusion that it will never end and that it will never get what it wants.  But that is impossible, of course.  The fact that we are so angry is going to guarantee what we want.  Isn't it?  Perhaps we should try to just to believe that our feelings aren't worth it again.  No, we have been down that road.  Our feelings are worthy.  We are sure that we have the right to feel.

Yet for those who cannot get this far, they will be trapped in the end game of their own choosing.  It is hard to convince someone who has given up on their dreams that they should not go out and destroy everything that reminds them of this fact.  It is hard to convince someone who has suffered in this world immensely that the answer does not involve some degree of preemptive action or justified counter action.  There are, after all, many people who have harmed many people.  As such, the terrible logic of it all seems to have it's own weight.  We will have what we want it seems or we will have armegeddon.

If we could let go of the lies we tell ourselves, it would be so much easier.  If we could just open our hearts again to each other.  Or have we truly become so factionalized that no effort at reconciliation is possible?  Are we so hurt?  Is the light so far away?  Or is that just another lie we have invented to justify our descent into nothing?  I suppose it all depends on where you stand and what you think and how you feel your life to be.  In that way, we are all together in this coming storm to decide the fate of our world.

There is only one faction.  It is rage.  And there is no way around it.  And most oddly of all perhaps, we are all the same in our rage.  It is the one thing that interestingly enough we can all agree about.  There is certainly an equality to it.  And, of course, it is our rage that is relatable.  Anyone can relate to anger because everyone experiences it.

Can we tame the beast inside?  Should really feed the rage beast within by encouraging it?  Is that really going to make us better?  Should we really be helping rage along in others?  When you read the media blogs and articles hating on the other half of the world or turn on the tv, how much of that is just the media helping the rage out to another helping of your soul?  Yet running away from that horrid process seems to have become just about impossible.  You have to live far from civilization on an island or a mountain with your own shack to avoid a good part part of it.  At this point you'd have to be just about 100% self reliant lest you accidentally get raged on your way down from your shack of solitude because you need groceries from the corner market that seems to be staffed with some very rude people as of late.  What happened to humanity?  The world seems to be the answer.

Maybe this is the future as far as we can see it for now.  The bitter factions staring each other down across the sea of rage knowing that the other is out there getting ready to wipe them out because of whatever reason it is they conceive to be necessary and proper in their version of what they tell themselves in their heads.  I like to call this effect the war machine vs. the ghetto queen.  It's one of those conundrums of conflict that doesn't look like any sort of compromise is possible.  Let's be honest, rage isn't one of those compromising emotions like, say, happiness.

There has to be a reason for rage, otherwise we wouldn't experience it.  There has to be a justification to the faction that isn't really popular with the other faction.  Now, I have contradicted myself apparently by saying there are two factions now!  That's liable to heat up some anger of some of those who believe that one should never change one's mind about anything.  I suppose life on Earth is full of bitter pills one has to swallow just because you happen to live here in some capacity and are forced to adapt to the harsh realities that irrational people impose upon us all.  Yet trying to keep rational about all the pain, hate, and suffering doesn't seem to be working quite as well as most would hope regarding it.  Those damn feelings are always in the way of our next sunny day full of dreams, hopes, and would be smiles.

I could give you a long speech about reincarnation theory that is likely to upset and anger many of you of the more obtuse notions of consciousness, but I wouldn't want to spread the fans of rage too much.  But, just for the record, you'll likely incarnate as everything you think you hate at some point in the your universe.  I've always thought that this idea would be the easiest for everyone to get the concept that we are all the same internally in the end anyway.  But, it seems to make many people angry instead, so I tend to keep it to myself or preach it to the half conscious New Age locals.  Woops, I've gone and insulted my last half listeners.  I should be angry about that, but I think I might be too tired to care right now.  Nothing washes out rage like being exhausted, let me tell you.  When you're too tried to be angry, you're probably going to get a good rest at last.

The rest of everyone seems quite hell bent on making as much noise as possible most of the time I've been hanging with people recently.  People need noise nowadays to drown out that inner voice they don't want to hear anymore.  So everywhere you go in the US, and apparently just about everywhere you go in the world, you'll hear some idiotic loud American music playing in the background.  It's been epidemic actually in the last year or so for me.  If I want quiet I have to go to the park, and usually one on the far outskirts of anything resembling habitation.  Nature has been the only place that the endless efforts of the projection factory of the factions in everyone else's head can finally be removed long enough just to hear what I used to hear all the time: peace.  There I can return to my source.  There are those who are probably angry about the fact that I even can.

So how long can it go on for?  The lies about the nature of who we are?  Probably for longer than those of us who finally want to return to a divine place really would like.  The choice to breathe consciously even is hard to practice on some days compared to years ago when I could always count on it to take me out of the dark for a moment.  I've talked to others who report much the same problem, even people who I never believed would be having this issue.

There is one silver lining I can think of that might calm some of you down for a moment.  This is really a one time occurrence in a way.  Right now our planet is approaching the maximum number of souls that can be on it.  That number, if I am to give full faith to my spiritual teacher, was 8.88 billion.  Now some of you might feel a bit of woo-woo about this since it's a weird little fact that isn't standard intelligence and sounds like something a new age cult might come up with.  But, the fact of the matter is there is a carrying capacity to the planet's resources and it probably lines up with that figure at some standard of living people would consider bearable.  Now from a metaphysical point of view, for those of you who like reincarnation ideas, it means that right now alot of relatively new souls are here for their first day at the office.  And you know the first day is the worst right?

Just imagine a planet full of angry first time newbies that probably haven't been in physical bodies for many billions or trillions of years and have forgotten everything about what this place is like.  That's one way we like to look at things in the metaphysical sense.  No one seems to remember that all the factions are the same because they are only focused on what they think they don't have and can't have right?  Well with reincarnation you can have anything.  That's one of the ways I get around the problem mentally.  I know I'm going to get what I want eventually.  The problem is that the price is total.  If what I want is to be someone else I have to cease being me to become that other thing that I want to be.  So thus the other half is that you have to accept what you are now.  Otherwise the rage and resentment lead you down dark paths.  If you can see yourself as a transdimensional being capable of doing anything in your imagination, it opens things up on one level.  If you can't, then you have to deal with the factions.

Rage brings with it an understanding.  It is an inevitable side effect of being human.  On one level it protects us from being abused.  On another level it can destroy us if we don't control it.  No one is above rage and feeling it.  Not even transdimensional beings are immune.  They have rage too!  Since every one of them has to incarnate, it is an inevitable byproduct of existence.  Since everyone is transdimensional in cosmic actuality, this is already implied.   Everyone and everything is the same because all experiences are the same because all experiences repeat in time.  And they do so again and again and again.  We will always be here in this place we don't want to be.  The only escape is to acknowledge it and understand that our destiny and our faction are part of the process and are part of the nature of who we are.  If we can see our greater natures it is possible for us to reach out.  But in order for this ultimate step to true world peace to happen we must see what happens if we fail.

That is what is happening now.  We are seeing failure in motion in the world.  We are seeing the prophecy of the external, the lesson of the collective.  This demonstration which exists in all systems of consciousness, what we call a world living on a planet, is part of the basic program of the universe.  Every world is born like this.  Every.  Single.  One.  And they either master their existence or they die.  That's it.  Yet destroying a world isn't that easy luckily so that whatever the fruits of rage are for the collective they constitute a lesson of what happens when we fail in this world.  The outcome is what we call tragedy.  It is the byproduct of evil, that which is unconscious within us that we did not understand enough to avoid experiencing failure.  Pain is the important teacher of suffering to the world so that we know that the world is real and not the product of our human imagination.

Thus we must respect pain for it shows us that we should not neglect ourselves and our purpose.  Harmony can only emerge through the overcoming of the limited perspective of faction and understanding the necessity of choice and compromise about everything that isn't about immediate planetary survival.  It is actually an ugly truth in this regards, but a necessary one because one does not build paradise in an instant in a world that has lost it's paradise.  Those who lack wisdom will make critical mistakes in this regard and consider their position above compromise.  As disturbing as this sounds, there is a necessary compromise in all external relations without exception.  Another way of putting this is that it is necessary for the greater good that some be sacrificed.

Everyone in the universe as some point will have to make this hard decision that no one wants to make.  It is the choice about who has to pay for the mistakes of the past.  It is the decision of maturity.  The wise make it.  The unwise lack the maturity.  The mistakes made in these tragic decisions are the one's that haunt us if we are leaders.  They are the things that become our demons that we wrestle with and that keep us awake at night.  While it is possible to continue and find completion past these tragic moments of time, healing is often slow.  In the battle between factions there will be many such moments.  The good suffer and the evil don't blink an eye as though indifference is their shield that keeps them well inside.  It is odd that the selfish often seem to suffer much less than those whose hearts are soft for the feelings of others.

It has been my observation that the indifference and callousness of people in our factionalized age has fallen on me disproportionately in my own life in terms of how much I have had to personally carry in terms of personal injustices to my feelings of being Loved as I understand Love.  Most simply don't have time to feel.  As a consequence my own personal feeling nature has been used against me.  Others who just assume because I am a husky muscular male have no realization of my extremely sensitive nature to even the slightest hint of emotional distance and sleight.  I have been disincluded in my own understanding because I represent something that certain others find threatening, which is apparently my masculinity.  But none of those people has the slightest clue about my masculinity or what I am like internally.  If they do, they tend to assume that my feelings are less valid than theirs.  I pick up on this instantly, which is why I am easily hurt.

This ability to feel down to the core of the hidden messages being relayed to me openly simply by people's attitude towards me as a barometer of their own inner mastery of Love as reaching out to embrace the other or opposite has taught me the true meaning of masculinity.  In our world of factions, the true measure of a man is lost.  Men have become the disposable tools of the other factions used for their ability to project power.  Yet all of this is an affront to what I am and what we are.  Men are born in fact gentle harmless creatures from the womb but are twisted by our world of rage into the agents of the war machine.  It is hard for a man to return to his true nature because of what the world says men must be.  It makes it that much harder that women fear and distrust men.  It makes it that much harder that society uses men as their workhorses and hired bullies but offers them nothing of what they truly want.

We are sold the idea that a man must be a sexual god.  This distorts his original state of simply wanting to be held.  He losses the sense of his true desire for real emotion and true feelings and begins to use sex as his drug.  In this he losses his ability to be intimate with his real nature.  He can no longer simply reach out and smile and be content.  Now he must continually practice what is called "masculinity" to gain the vague fake affections of women who do not feel for him and are not interested in his journey in spirit whatsoever.  It is society, of course, that creates the distortion.  It is so built into the expectation though that one walks around in the thick of the fake all the time.  It's a fake feeling built on a distorted image of power sold to us by a social narrative that provides idols to copy but no instruction on how to reach within to find real intimacy with one's own divine nature.

Now all this is bound to get some anger going in some quarters.  But this is a conversation that needs to be had.  The man suffers to try to get some money to afford the girlfriend that he thinks he desperately wants.  Yet his real need is to find meaning and completion in life through his process to find himself.  The struggle we men find is with the distorted conditioning of our sexual natures that is used against us, especially in the age of porn, which has done the greatest disservice to masculinity and femininity that can be imagined.   Yet here we are.  Since no one has managed to manage this problem exacerbated by conditioned denial in our social narratives on this subject, to what extent one can even be honest about this problem and have one, we see the decline in our societies as the inevitable problem that is both masculine and feminine at the same time.  This problem is the problem of emotional isolation in an age of fake hyper-communication. 

This hyper-communication addiction has created the byproduct that is the whole point of this essay which is exacerbation of factionalism.  Factionalism has created the distorted perspective that I, and only I, understand my point of view.  This idea in itself causes rage because it makes it impossible to  come together with others.  It is most certainly not a male or female problem because I see it in all the groups of people who I meet who have their own cliche set up to make sure no one even slightly different from them gets in to commune with their true selves.  This is, in my opinion, because they themselves have lost touch with their true selves and are now living a distorted factionalized version of the world where their cliche and its problems have become the universal narrative of their lives.  This immediately shows me that they are not reaching out to others who are themselves looking only for acceptance, intimacy, and a home to be fulfilled within.

It is this very same process that creates the dynamic we see today in the collective whereby groups of people who are different from us are now considered "the enemy" as our political cheerleaders make use of our fear to sow divisions between us setting us up for a massive collision that cannot possibly end well for anyone.  The war machine has shown up big time.  Yet in our little cliche worlds we cut off the people who need our Love and attention in order to feel human again themselves.  Perfect people, perfect bodies, perfect lives, perfect lies.  That's what that is.  What about the fat guy in the corner?  Does anyone give a damn what he feels?  Let's go for the quick fix chat with the cute thin guy 10 years younger instead.  This is what feminism and even parts of the LGBTQ movement is becoming right now if I am to interpret the complaints of some of my gay friends.  The message is read loud and clear, ye hypocrites.  Love thine enemy, for he or she is you.

There's alot more to all this.  But surely by now you can see the rage on the question.  It is something that is being fed by everyone's injustices, not just by the easy to spot political leader leading us down the path to ruin.  In your own life many of you have chosen to be shallow self absorbed miniature hate mongers in your own right.  And the reason you do this is because, as you know, you did not get what you wanted.  So, how much are you willing to destroy further to prove to yourself that rejection isn't going to help you win the Love that is possible if you reach out just a little further and actually care.  How much more has to be destroyed for you to accept your personal responsibility to feel again?  Will you breathe and open your hearts and minds to anything beyond your preconceived notions of our group, our cliche, our special brand of narcissism?

What makes all this so utterly sick is how easy it is to Love at a basic level.  You just open up, breathe, and feel.  You reach out with your feelings to the other person.  You hug them hard and warmly(for real not the fake bullshit alot of you try to pull).  You ask them how they feel instead of talking endlessly about yourself.  You look them in the eye.  You use their name.  You sense their problems.  You sense their state of mind.  You can always ask them if you don't have those senses developed.  Small steps like these will start breaking down the walls of rage, the faction, that is between everyone right now.

The alternative to doing this is to continue to live as isolated little islands of worry in a sea of collapsing options.  I've seen it in the future.  It's what will happen if we don't wake up in time to open our hearts again to each other.  What is coming is not pretty.  It is downright frightening in fact.  But, we must truly start to listen so that we can offer ourselves hope again.  Please, start listening.  I am so tired of feeling the tragedy of disconnection.  Just start breathing and listening.  Maybe then we can truly get together and work together towards a common purpose that would be just lovely.  I love you.